Monday, November 21, 2022

I'll burn your clothes


Robert grills Holly about working with Victor.  She says she is but not by choice. She can't tell him because he'll have a target on his back. He says there already is! She has to tell him EVERYTHING!! She tells him she was captive at the casino, called Robert but then Victor came in with her sister Paloma and shot her right in front of her!! Her sister died.  They put her body out for Robert to find and put her wedding ring on. Also.. Victor falsified her dental records.  Holly tells him she shot Lucy but didn't kill her, Lucy's alive. 

Holly explains she shot Lucy with a rubber bullet and she fell back. She then fired the other bullet into the water to leave a trail. Victor's guards picked up Lucy and took her. She wore an Anna mask. Then Victor told her she still had more work to do and she has to do it because he has Ethan. 

Britt is going to meet with the Huntington's consultant and wants Austin there too. The Dr Lady basically says Britt has probably been having symptoms for while and possibly has stage 2 Huntington's. The doctor wants to do more testing.  The doctor examines her. She's in stage 3!! She could live 5-15 years but also need around the clock care as early as 18 months. 

Scotty meets with Cody. Cody wants legal advice because he might come into a LOT of money. Cody explains the whole inheritance chain. Scotty tells him to stay away from the Ice Princess (curse)  

Sonny meets with Brick to tell him he's really NOT happy about him meeting with Carly. Brick texts Carly. 

Drew goes to run in the square. Carly finds him. They say they need to be careful about who sees them. Then Olivia pops out. Carly gets a text from Brick and leaves. 

Carly goes to Sonny's office to set him straight about Brick. She says she asked Brick to cover Drew and her digital tracks because of the insider trading. Sonny says he "approves" of Drew LOL. Carly finds out Nina told him about her being in Brick's room. She's pissed. Then Dex walks in "Where the hell have you been" ?? says Sonny. Carly leaves. 

Olivia tells Drew that Leo has been talking about the cell phone he found non-stop. They tlalk a bit more, not about anything special. Olivia knows that Carly and he have to keep their 

Joss and Dex. Dex's fever is broke--but he still hurts badly. He wants to go back to his apt. but needs new clothes.  She gets them, helps him dress.  Joss is going to take all of this stuff to Sonny's "fire pit" to burn it. OH!! Dex grabs her and they make out!!!! Joss loves it! WOOT! Then Dex has to leave. 


Brick and Sonny both doubt Dex's story

Britt trashes her office and picks up the necklace. Cody walks in

Victor thinks Robert might be on to Holly...tells her there's another assignment for her. 

Carly is going to help Joss burn Dex's clothes 



  1. Either Eden is really that good of an actor or she kind of enjoyed that make out session! As much as I hate to hear of Cam getting hurt, I see the difference. It's like sweet Colton back in the day with Felicia vs. Frisco. (Obviously F&F were the favorite back in the day!)

    I hope the actor that plays Ethan comes back to bring the story full circle. Victor is so likable; I hope he stays on somehow. Jail scenes with Cyrus could be pretty funny..

    1. "Either Eden is really that good of an actor or she kind of enjoyed that make out session!" LOL, I noticed the same thing.

  2. Anyone else think Victor didn't really kill Paloma? I only ask because they are truly making it so Victor will have to leave the show/no redeeming him? Firing in close range? I dunno - seemed weird since we have never seen him kill anyone...
    Sonny tells Carly that NINA told on them was stupid....LOL...
    Love Brick----
    Great day of Holly confessing all to Robert-----
    So sad about Britt - Austin's character TOTALLY different with her - BUT I don't think I saw the doctor doing tests????
    Jex is SO good!!!! on State of Mind with Tabayana = Maurice said we don't have many young couples like Sprina and we need more...............BINGO we have another one!
    ---Did Brick not know it was Dex that needed medication?

    1. sorry - the doctor did do tests - I missed that completely!

  3. Joss's dorm room:

    Joss and Dex: Doesn't Cam wonder where Joss is? Joss wins the line of the day.

    Joss: Are you going to sit down, or am I just supposed to watch you fall over.


    *Dex grabs Joss and kisses her*

    My first reaction: There ya go! Oooooooooooooooooooooo!

    I did not expect the kiss, but I love it!!! Joss did too cus she kissed him back!!!! :D When he left she smiled!! :D Time for you to break up with Cam Joss! It's the best thing to do.

    Joss and Carly: Yes yes burn those clothes in the fire pit. Then give the Tribbles a hug. :)

    Sonny's office:

    Sonny and Brick: Isn't anybody going to say hello to Badger Bob? Today is world hello day!!

    Sonny and Carly: Carly aren't you going to say hello to Badger Bob?

    Sonny, Brick, and Dex: Is nobody going to take hello to Badger Bob?!!! Poor thing!! :(

    The pier:

    RnH: Of course Lucy is still alive!!!! :D Where are they keeping her?! Well, Robert is right. Everyone has a target on their back!! Wait her sister Paloma? Didn't she die along time ago? Hmmm.

    Holly: Not what. Who. My son.

    And Robert's son.. Go ahead Holly say it.. :D

    Victor and Holly: I'm glad Victor doesn't know that Holly told Robert everything!!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Cowboy Cody and Scotty: I love that the ice princess is still cursed!!!! :D

    The hospital/Britch's office:

    Huntington's specialist lady, Britch, and Pawtucket Holtster: Damn too bad it's not fake!! Pawtucket Holtster is so sweet and caring! He touched Britch's arm!!!! *Swoon*

    Britch and Pawtucket Holtster: THEY NEED TO BE A COUPLE DAMMIT!!!!!!!!

    Britch and her office: Throwing everything in her office! Well except the computer.. Yeah you don't want to break that!! Wait the next time they show her, the computer is gone! Where did it go?!! Was it scared that Britch was going to hurt it, so it walked out?

    Cowboy Cody and Britch: Britch you gonna tell Cowboy Cody the truth about the Huntingtons? Hmmm?

    Town square:

    Crew: Any kissy kissy? Nope. Too bad.

    Drew and Olivia: Olivia is not dumb Drew. She knows you and Carly are together!!! Don't play dumb! :)

    Sidenote: Where is Piffy? Did she pass her Mcats?

    1. Thank you for saying "Robert's son! HAHAHAHAH! It's true ya know! Holly's confession was great, and I have to say I totally forgot about Paloma. I was bumbling around going Paloma who?
      Joss and Dex's smooch was pretty nice. :) But she had better NOT string Cam along.
      Really, everyone should have greeted Badger Bob. What's wrong with folks?
      And Sonny telling Carly that Neener ratted her out about Brick?? Seriously, was he hit with a stupid stick?

  4. No redeeming Victor. He murdered Brighton O'Reily. Robert should be talking about that - non-stop. But, the current writers know nothing (or care) about history.

    1. Eh, there's a long list of murderers in the town who are not outcasts.

    2. I just want Charles S to stay around!!

    3. We can love to hate him like we did Helena.

    4. I loved O'Reily. It was sad when she died. Loved her relationship with Robert.

    5. Di, I like your idea. Make him the new Helena. But, don't redeem him. Victor has always been a pure evil Cassadine!

    6. Gary, I so agree. I remember when O'Reily was there for Laura when Laura found James Duvall's body in her apartment. Alexandria Quartermaine had smacked Duvall over the head with Ice Princess and killed him. Laura found his body and flashed back to her accidentally killing David Hamilton. Those were great scenes and I remember O'Reily comforting Laura.

      Then, O'Reily is gunned down in the phone booth, by Victor's orders. Was gut-wrenching. And Scorpio vowed that her death would not go unavenged.


    7. Would be nice if the writers remembered that Victor killed O'REILLY. I didn't remember myself.

    8. Some of those writers may not have been born when O'Reilly was killed.

  5. Replies
    1. He should be per me and Sonya, lol, but the writer's say he's Luke's!

    2. Somehow I totally forgot that.


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