Friday, November 11, 2022

Dorm Dreams


US Marshall guy takes over Anna Devane's case from Jordan. He says because it's a WSB agent and an ex-police chief. 

Vanna are at a safe house, Sonny drops by. They talk about Heather being at Kelly's-- then Sonny has to go and won't be back. 

Austin sees Britt drop change and then having trouble swallowing..he knows something is up. 

JOSS HAS DEX IN HER DORM ROOM! He wants to leave but can't...dizzy and he falls on Joss.. GOOGLY EYES. 

Cam and Trina talk in Kelly's ..he tells her Esme is around town. She freaks out. 

Laura and Spencer talk at Pentonville. She tells him Esme is back in PC but can't be found. She wonders what happened with Nik and him. HE says Ask your son...or ASK ESME! 

SORRY, my You Tube TV stopped playing.. 

I'll have to finish tonight! 


  1. Some funny one liners today.

    Joss's dorm room: HEY! They finally show the dorm rooms! YAY! :) WOW beautiful room! I don't see any Tribbles. Damn.

    Joss and Dex: Oh Joss found Dex again. I'm glad. Oh my! Eye sex again when he tries to leave!

    Outside Joss's dorm room:

    Joss and Adam: HEY ADAM IS BACK GREAT! :D Joss talks to him about rumors of bed bugs. Joss wins the line of the day.

    Joss: Google bed bugs. I think they are tiny black bugs in your sheets and pillow cases.


    Kiley the RA: What does she want? Did Adam tell her about the bed bugs? ROFL! She looks more like a college student.


    Cam and Trina: Cam has been trying to call Joss! Whoa! Trina didn't know that Vampira is back? Geez. I guess she doesn't have a vampira app that tells her that Vampira is there. She really should. Oh Joss calls Trina and tells her that there are bed bugs! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Wait Joss didn't want to talk to Cam! Oh oh..


    Laura and Spencer: Awwwwwwwwwwwwww! :)

    Laura and Cyrus: CYRUS YELLING YAY! :) Oh my! Cyrus doesn't want Anna in Pentonville and brought up Olivia Jerome!!! Olivia wants to bring out the red carpet for Anna!!! Ooooooooooooooooooooooooo! LOVE IT! :D

    Trina and Spencer: Spencer fixes his hair! Hahahahaha! He is so happy to see her!


    Vanna: Awwww Vanna love cuddling on the couch. Did they make the wuv last night? Hey that's the old Spencer childhood set! Hahaha. Sonny is there? I didn't know he knew where they were. Oh V.C. must have contacted him. Anna wants V.C. to leave! NO! :( He gives her his Casssadine ring. :(

    Jordan's office:

    Jordan and U.S. Marshall:

    Jordan: I don't give a damn if you are a Marshall, CIA, or the avengers.


    U.S. Marshall on the phone: Is he on the phone with Victor? Or the ADA? He is looking at V.C.'s picture and smiling. He is all mooning over V.C.! ROFL!

    The hospital:

    Britch and Pawtucket Holtster: Damn! Why can't they have been a couple. He is being very helpful to her. Great scene! Now kiss. :) No? Damn. :(

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go April 21st, 1999* Jason tells Emily that Lucky is dead.

  2. How could the writers etc. not see the chemistry between Britt and Austin?? Especially compared to the zero chem between them and their present 'others'.
    Love Trina's sweater but just a bit more zipped for our lovely college student.
    Nice ending today.

  3. Anna and Valentin are the best. So stupid that he left to go back. They should go on the run together. No fun with Anna being alone. Now that Marshall guy is going to torture our Valentin. Nooooooooooooooo

    1. It's funny how we all have opinions (some hate Nina, some hate Carly, and so many more comparisons) But Valentine" He's "ours" love it!

  4. So, how can Cyrus protect Spencer in prison and not Anna ?????????

    1. I would assume that the men and women are in different buildings. They don't usually house them together in prison.

    2. Guess Cyrus doesn't have a lady inmate friend to protect Anna

  5. I just read something that said Emma Samms is already done filming 😞

    1. She's been back home in England for a while now.

  6. If Dex got shot wouldn’t he have a bullet inside to did Dr. Joss remove that, too? Adam is kind of creepy looking. So much chemistry with Britt and Austin. Too bad they can’t get rid of Cody. Loved the Pentonville scenes.

  7. I liked the Pentonville scenes too. Genie is awesome. I loved how Laura told Cyrus to sit down and he did. lol

    1. lol And he sat down lickity split too.I loved that. I hope we get lots more laura now. ...And she needs to let Jordan know she's back so the deputy mayor cant keep giving orders in her name.

  8. i was hoping for a valantine/anna adventure

    1. I was hoping for VAnna adventure too. Now I wonder if Finola is going on vacation or something


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