Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Did You Vote Today?!

 Just asking!! 

Felicia, Mac and Cody are at GH waiting for his DNA results. There's a backlog. 

Anna on her way to GH before going to Pentonville. She's getting a blood treatment first (thanks to Finn).Valentin tries to call Sonny but it goes to voice mail. Valentin is like: YOU HAVE TO MOVE NOW, Anna's going to Pentonville tonight!! Valentin then goes into Anna's patient room, dressed like a doctor with an ID tag that says: Hamilton Finn. He tells her the plan that Sonny's man is driving the van and she'll be let out on Rt 31 to make her escape. 
Felicia sees Valentin later and asks if it's all set. He says as long as Sonny does what he's supposed to do...

OH DEX IS DRIVING ANNA! THEN, A guy comes out and says HOLD UP! Another passenger. It's HEATHER WEBBER! PFffffffft!! The prison decided to do a two for one. Anna's annoyed. Dex is like :UM, well.. and Heather says: ANNA !! Looks like we are car pooling!! ahahahaha

Sonny is talking to Michael in the park with Nina. Michael accuses them of trying to see Wiley. Sonny's like WE WERE JUST WALKIN' IN THE PARK! Sonny takes a call. Nina tells Michael to be more respectful. Sonny comes back and Nina drops that Willow is turning to someone else. Michael is like: Shut up. Sonny says: YEAH I SAW IT TOO! ahhahaha PETTY! Michael ends up leaving. 

Britt calls her specialist and says she's having symptoms. Then Sam comes in and has info on the necklace. It's worth 35million dollars... Leopold Taub was the last owner in the 80s. It was in a Paris Fashion show then no one knows. Could have been bought or stolen. Oh the necklace gems are from THE ICE PRINCESS! 

Laura tells Victor she took Charlotte out of school and OH! Valentin's home too! ahahaha. Victor isn't happy. He leaves. Laura says that Victor could have started her mother's fire and framed Anna for Lucys' "Murder" 

Esme still trying to shimmy down the sheets. 

Lia and Finn at Liz' house. Finn isn't mad she didn't tell him the real reason for her visit. He hopes she got the answers she needed.  Then she says her Dad was seeing a doctor and she pushed her down the stairs and she died. "It was my fault" she says.  Finn is angry her parents tried to make her forget and sent her away for 25 years. 

Willow is in with Terry and TJ -- Willow needs chemo and a BONE MARROW TRANSPLANT ..really ????????? WHO KNEW?????? ahahhaa. Willow sobs. TJ hugs her. 


Cody opens DNA results but doesn't say what they are. 

Van gets in an accident after the first guard pulls a gun on Dex

Esme escapes

Michael sees Willow and TJ hugging. 


  1. I voted, but not today, instead at early voting last week. No voting (if you qualify to vote) = no complaining is my motto.

    Overall a decent show. Loved Laura talking to Victor and loved Vanna! Can't wait for High on his horse Michael to watch Nina save his wife and child's life. I do hate how they had Nina blurt out her suspicions though.. on the other hand I am a Willow/TJ fan (whether it be friendship or more). Willow actually showed more emotion even though she looks pretty dang healthy.

  2. OMG! What an episode. Didn't think the writers could surprise me but they did. lol Heather carpooling. Hilarious. I hope someone picks up Anna . (And maybe Heather's guard doesn't make it and Dex will get out of this bloody mess.

    And Heather is on the loose. As is Esme. Death cometh tomorrow....

    Both Finn and TJ were so supportive today. I'm not a Finn fan but I love how he supported Liz. Can't wait to see how he handles the news about Reiko.

    Anyone think maybe Cody says he's not Mac's son cause he wants those jewels? lol

    TJ is going to be scandalized when he realizes what Michael is suggesting. And maybe this is what Michael needs to take him down a peg or two, when he hears the truth.

    WHO KNEW?????? indeed LOL And now the intrigue begins.

    I'm not even going to mention anything I didn't like because I want to ride this high as they continue to wrap things up

    1. Exactly. Cody is a bad guy IMO. He will be Mac's son and say he isn't so he gets the 35 million dollar pieces of the Ice Princess

    2. "Di says, Anyone think maybe Cody says he's not Mac's son cause he wants those jewels? lol"

      Uh YES!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

      "TJ is going to be scandalized when he realizes what Michael is suggesting."

      Wait what is Michael suggesting?

      "lindie says, He will be Mac's son and say he isn't so he gets the 35 million dollar pieces of the Ice Princess"


    3. He walked in, scowled, and said, "What's going on here." What do you think? lol

    4. "Di says,He walked in, scowled, and said, "What's going on here." What do you think? lol"

      Hahahaha. Well, he hasn't accused him of anything yet. Michael just sees that Willow is upset. But go ahead Michael.. Accuse TJ and Willow of cheating. I dare you! ROFL!

    5. Why would Britt go around telling everyone she is in possession of 35 million dollar necklace. Does she want to be robbed?

    6. It's in a safe place. And I think she only told Sam and Cody, who was with her when she opened the safety deposit box. I'm hoping she gets the money and goes away for some experimental treatment.

    7. Absolutely Grody-Cody will lie. Greedy SOB, lol! I couldn't believe Liz told Finn the truth. So fast. Holy Cow! I'm the only one (I'm sure) that has sympathy for Michael. My detest for Nina (who needs to just shut up, forever) greatly outweighs Michael's stupidity. :) And yes, hilarious about Anna and Heather! HAHAHAHAH! What in the world are Anna and Dex going to do with her? You know those 3 will survive the crash. Looking forward to that mess!

    8. Maybe Dex will luck in and the other guard won't make it. Heather will run and Anna and Dex will walk away. Hopefully help is on the way... the right kind of help, of course.

  3. Pretty good today!!!!!!! Willow=stage 4 cancer= ya right. That is being so poorly done. The good cancer story lines were Emily's real mother, Monica, Robert. This is ridiculous

  4. Some funny one liners today.

    Liz's home:

    Liz and Finchy: I'm glad Liz told Finchy the truth. Yes yes 25 years.. Liz 40 and Finchy 60/70! ROFL! Finchy looks really good for his age.

    The REAL park:

    Nison and Michael: Oh I can see it now. TreeJ is coming! :) Oh and of course Michael throws their mistakes in their face. Like you never made a mistake before Michael. Michael shut up! Willow's appointment. Or did you forget? You dummy!


    Nina: Thank you for not seeing the worst in me.


    The hospital:

    Sam and Britch: So Taub owned the necklace, and Cowboy Cody wants it. So does that mean Mac isn't his dad? :( Yes Sam I don't believe in curses either, except the curse Helena put on Luke and Laura. :) That curse will never go away! :)

    Vanna: Doctor V.C.! Yum! Oooo Vanna kisses!!! :() <--- Kisses hahaha.

    Cowboy Cody and MacLecia: Now when Cowboy Cody showed up alone, I thought he was going to get the results and lie about them, but then MacLecia showed up! :)

    Cowboy Cody and Mac: Ooooo talking about the Australia outback! Since Cowboy Cody has never been to Australia, Take him to Australia Mac! :D

    Cowboy Cody and Britch: Oh yes. The necklace belongs to Cowboy Cody if Taub is his dad. Hmmm. Now why did you say that Britch?! Now Cowboy Cody will lie about the results. I mean cus he wants the necklace bad!

    TJ, Britch, and Willow: Man! TJ and Willow are hugging and holding hands like they are a couple! Foreshadow for TreeJ! :)

    TJ and Willow: TJ is so sweet to her!!! She is so skeered. She should be holding MICHAEL'S hand! Hugging MICHAEL.. Telling how scared she is to MICHAEL! Oh another TreeJ hug! :) Oh hi Michael. So how is this going to play out? He is going to confront them about the "cheating" and then she will lie to him about how they have been having an affair, all because she don't want Michael to know about the cancer? Oh and by the way, she looks great for someone who has stage 4 cancer. Make up department where are you?


    Georgette of the jungle: Oh boy! She is going to swing!!!


    Laura, Victor, and Nik: Victor are you disappointed that Charlie and V.C. are safe? :)

    Laura and Nik: Nik tell her that you made a porn video with Vampira, and that she is preggers with your baybay! :D

    Georgette of the jungle: WHAT?! We didn't get to see her climb down the window and swing? Oh that sucks!

    The jail van: Ooooo Dex looks hot in that outfit. Oh hi Heather!!! Anna looks skeered of her hahahaha. Heather wins the lines of the day!

    Heather: And I discovered when you stop trying to escape, people treat you better. Do you mind? I have a delicate constitution!


    1. Delicate constitution....hahahahaha! Oh Heather, you kill me! Really didn't see it coming, she and Anna in the same van. Poor Dex, he is so gonna have his hands full!
      Very disappointed we didn't see "Georgette" swinging in the wind. Sheesh, we ask for so little, lol!
      Loved Laura's interaction with Victor. You go girl! And I was snickering something awful about how careful Nik was telling his mama about cheating on Eva. Oooooh Laura's head is going to explode when she finds out it was with Esme. And she's going to find out in 3..2..1..!

  5. I loved the Vanna kissy-faced scenes too. So many good things happening so fast that I missed that one.

    And yes. Dex looked hot. lol

    Mac can take him to Australia but no climbing Uluru.

    1. "Di says, And yes. Dex looked hot. lol"

      Haha yup! :D

      "Mac can take him to Australia but no climbing Uluru."

      What is Uluru? :)

    2. Uluru also known as Ayers Rock, is a large sandstone formation in the centre of Australia. It is a sacred place to the aboriginal people. And it is a protected place now because it is over 500 million years old and millions of people treking up the climbing path are causing the area to slowly become eroded, changing the complete face of Uluru.

  6. Storyline Goof: Sonny appears very unconcerned for Molly ( his NIECE), despite thinking TJ is having an affair with Willow. Unless I missed an episode or two (which I have), the writers forgot this connection. Whoops...

    Why didn't Valentin have a goon pose as faux Dr. Finn? He is rich enough to the point, where he doesn't have to physically do anything in saving Anna. Better question, will Finn be drag into the sinkhole of Anna's and Valentin's relationship, like Martin and Lucy?

    While I'm happy that Kelly Thiebald is getting a new gig, I'm not looking foward to Britt's exit. They wasted her character on GH. They should of had Britt become pregnant with Jason's child, but she keeps it a secret after Jason's death. Britt doesn't want her kid to be raise up as a Quartermane + ELQ shenanigans. She claims Brad was a sperm donor. But after the Wiley situation, Lucas doesn't buy the story. And he tips off Sam & Carly....and they go bonkers over the news. The story literally writes itself!

    On the bright side, positive ups for Alley Mills as NuHeather. I laughed at her yelling "I HAVE A DELICATE CONSTITUTION!" In the prison van.

    1. When the fans come up with better storylines than the writers (like in this post), it's time to hire new writers.

  7. This episode was good overall and so much happened. I bet it was supposed to be a "Friday episode" before the various interruptions.

  8. Did Heather ever ask for a Kelly's BLT??? Did I miss it????

  9. BTW Steve Burton has another full time job. He's returning to Days of Our Lives. He's returning to his role as Harris Michael.

    Source : People Magazine Nov. 9 2022.

    You can stop trying to dig him out now....


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