Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Teenage Wasteland


THESE TWO got MARRIED 41 years ago?? What!!? So long ago and yet so close. Boy, did I wait for that wedding for MONTHS. It didn't disappoint; such a great location shoot and beautiful clothes and some surprises! 


Nina sees Carly goes into Brick's hotel room! (to get the antibiotics) She goes and tells Sonny. hey are kinda flirty. Sonny says they were always like that. Then they try to eat dinner. Nina says won't it be weird if they date? Then he decides to go up and confront Brick. 

Liz comes into Finn's office, tells her Dad to leave. Finn has to go because of a page. Liz tells her dad her name isn't Lizzy, it's Elizabeth and all he does is ruin things.  They talk about the last 25 years. Him abandoning her and Sarah too. "I wasn't perfect like Sarah". He says he felt closer to her...she says why. He says she's her own woman. Anyway, he leaves. 
Liz talks to Finn...turns her phone off. Wants to know if Finn wants to stay with her. They talk then she goes to Wyndemere. Finn thinks she's blowing him off. 

Joss tells Dex he's hot..he says "SO ARE YOU" ahhaa. get it? She says no, your fever. She tries to find out why he works with Sonny. He flashes back to Michael telling him not to tell her he's working with him. They banter. He likes the Georgia Bulldogs. Carly comes in with the antibiotics. She says his fever should break by morning. Tells Joss "Dex is DANGEROUS" lol 

Drew tells Willow he can help with her finding her bio parents. LEO finds a phone (Dex's) and they have to charge it. Michael figures out it's Dex's phone. 

Drew tells Willow he will take a reporter from Aurora to interview the commune people to find out about that time and Harmony. 

Nikolas gives Esme a bag to pack and says they are leaving where no one will find her. She says she's not going.  Then she fakes cramps. Dimitris runs in. Nikolas says she's faking it. Then he calls Liz.. she doesn't answer his voice mail. Then she switches her phone off. Oh, she ends up picking it up and going to Wyndemere. 


Liz and Nikolas go into the room and Esme is ON THE FLOOR!! 



  1. If the goal is to make Nina as annoying and obnoxious as possible, they have succeeded. She has who she wants why would she continue to badger Carly. Dumb.
    I hear a humming sound when Willow and or Michael speak. Not interested at all.
    Funny how Elizabeth has been running from place to place. Girl needs a break.
    Kind of OT: Tyler Christopher has been talking about his struggles lately. Seems to be doing well. He did say he's available to fill in for MC when needed. That would have been wonderful.

    1. I like Nina, but she really is becoming a busybody

    2. I was thinking the same thing. Stop making her the Gladys Kravitz of Port Charles.

    3. Gladys Kravitz! Perfect, lol!

    4. LOL Gladys Kravitz was the first name that came to me. I figured not too many here would know her.

    5. I would love for TC to come back. This TempNik is really good - has the grit of the original Nik, which MC does not. Nina is a big nosybody - almost as bad as Drew. How does Dex get to the bathroom, since I am assuming the dorm rooms don't each have their own?

  2. nina needs to stop, mind your own business nina. could care less about carly jr. and her new boyfriend. I would love for TC to come back and be nik.

  3. hear me out----Nina's character is changing drastically (so annoying) which makes me wonder if the writers are doing this deliberately --------------- with the end game like February sweeps getting Sonny and Carly back together and people would accept it more?

    1. They have changed so many characters. Nina is probably next on the list. I'm not too sure that the writers think that far ahead these days.

  4. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY L&L!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

    Some funny one liners today!

    Joss's dorm room:


    Joss: You are hot.

    Dex: So are you.

    ROFL! Awwwwwwww! :)

    Joss and Carly: Carly can see Joss is interested in Dex!!! Carly isn't dumb or blind! :) Carly didn't even bring up Cam once!

    Carly: It's like I'm looking in a mirror.

    ROFL You think?!!?! :D

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Nison: Nina is such a busybody!!! Hahahaha. I don't know about you all, but if I was on a soap opera, I would want to be a busybody! That would be so much fun! :D

    Sonny and Brick: Sorry Sonny Brick can't say anything to you! ROFL!

    Outside Mildew home:

    Michael and little uncle Leo: Dex's phone!

    Little uncle Leo: Can I have it?


    Mildew home:

    Willow and Drew: This conversation is just a waste of time! The truth about Willow's cancer can just come out, Carly can feel guilty, and then talk to Nina and tell her the mama truth!

    The hospital:

    Liz and Jeff: And where is Smiley Caroline? How come she didn't come to Port Chuckles? I still want to know why she was smiling after Liz left! And Jeff, did you and Caroline apologize to Terry for ditching her at the coffee shop?

    Liz and Finchy: Oh please let it be over!!! Liz had on a cute coat. It matched her sweater.

    Wyndemere: Yesterday when Repunzel let out a frustrated sound, I thought she was going to throw herself on the bed again. Glad she didn't.

    Repunzel, Recast Nik and one Recast Nik's men: She is SO faking the pains! I thought she was going to hit Nik's men on the head.. Come on Repunzel! Stop that. Little Ace is going to wonder what the hell you are doing!

    Nik and Repunzel: Nik wins the line of the day.

    Nik: As memory serves, you make sex tapes of your friends.


    Nik, Repunzel, and Liz: Oh oh Repunzel is down. Is she still faking this? I hope so. I don't want little Ace dead!!! :(

    1. Another good day for 1 liners. Nik's line cracked me up, lol! So did Carly's. At least she noticed. :)
      Neener is the queen of busy bodies. Is she really that insecure or does she just want to cause trouble because she feels "wronged"? Pooh, to her!
      Totally agree about Willow keeping her leukemia a secret. I'd be telling everybody! Better odds of finding a donor.

      Hope you're feeling better! :)

  5. I don't remember how I watched L and L wedding. I know I did. I was working and in high school. No VCR for my family back then. It was so excellent of a wedding

    1. Also my 2 cents. Luke was many things but would never have cheated on his Angel Laura.

  6. Good grief, 41 years. I can't believe it! I was in college, we all skipped class and gathered around my little color TV with a wire coat hanger acting as an antenna, lol! (You youngsters wouldn't understand that!) Probably 20 of us crowded in my room. What a great episode! :)


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