Thursday, November 10, 2022



Nina and Ava at the PC Grille. Having Martinis celebrating being roomies. And they talk about Willow and TJ. Ava says she should apologize to Willow about thinking she and TJ were having an affair. 

Michael and Willow still at GH. Hugging. Crying. Yada yada. Willow says not to tell anyone else she has cancer. Nina comes in to apologize to Willow.  Willow tells her to drop dead. LOL! ahahhaaa. Oh WILLOW. You gonna be sorry!! 

Liz is on the docks and Esme is hiding..she comes out. Liz says she's calling the police. She dials and then Esme lunges and Liz falls and cracks her head on the dock wall. Passes out. Then Nikolas comes out and liz sees him fuzzy--Esme says Liz fell. Nikolas gets Esme back to the tower. Esme says that Liz is going to tell the police about her and Nikolas will be found out. Nik says Liz won't give him up. 

Heather is at Kelly's... Cam says they are closed. She says "I hear the BLT is to DIE For" She talks to Cam about the times she chased the kids around Spoon Island being a 'monster". She also sees "Franco in his eyes".. the good stay with us, The BAD get what they deserve. THEN.. OMG Cameron actually MADE HER A BLT. He didn't leave. He didn't call 911. HE MADE HER A BLT AND SHES' EATING IT?????????? WHAT??????????  He finally calls Dante when he gets a soda. DERP. 

Something is skulking outside of Joss''s DEX..bleeding from his wound. Dex says it's just superficial and not to call the doctor. She's watching Wiley. She finds Willow's nurses kit (LOL) She stitches him up. If you've seen any movie or TV show with the girl/guy gun shot wound, you know how that went. Cutsie talk.. oh, and Dex wants to learn how to surf and guess what? Joss knows how to! 

Jordan tells Dante they found the original driver of the prison van tied up in an empty lot. Dante thinks Valentin did it...Jordan says she thinks Sonny helped. Then she leaves to go to see Liz...Liz says that Esme pushed her. "and someone else was there too" but she doesn't know who (she's not saying Nikolas). 

Dante goes to see Cam because Cam FINALLY got a clue and called him about Heather being there. Dante gets there and arrests her.. geesh. THAT was boring.  


There's a BOLO on Esme Prince and Victor tells Ava. Ava almost chokes on her olive. 

Joss covers for Dex but then finds a leaf outside that shows he's still bleeding

Heather leaves with Dante

TODAY felt crazy and all over the damn place. And just..weird. 


  1. At least there was finally a Heather / BLT comment / scene.

  2. I laughed when Heather took the menu down and said, "I hear your BLT's are to die for." lol and I liked her scenes with Cam. He played it cool, after all - crazy lady- with a knife. You can't assume you can over power her. Between Cam and Dante she's going to go back to hospital happy and telling everyone what a lovely time she had. lol

    I liked that we had several scenes intermingling with escapees, and victims. I held my breath a few times thinking the hook was going to get Joss, or Elizabeth, or Cam. But they all ended up fine.

    The scene with Joss and Dex was predictable, but good. She definitely knows how to keep her head in an emergency. Advanges to being raised with mobsters. lol Laughed at her calling it a Jason Bourne move. lol Nice touch.

    The other scenes mixed into the melodrama were fine. And the hated one wasn't on long enough to bother me or the onging escape plot, so I'll say no more about it. Don't want to lose my happy feeling.

    I may even watch it again.

    1. Today was an interesting show and Heather was my favorite part. You can tell it's Sweeps Month.

  3. Avery Pohl is the best younger actor on the show. her expressions are perfect.

  4. I agree witch she is phenomenal. Eden is a close 2nd but gets too self righteous lately.

  5. Dante bending down to pick up that Knife I thought for sure she was going to hit him over the head with her tea or something. Thought she would take Cam hostage or something, a way to get back at Jeff.

    1. "Linda says Dante bending down to pick up that Knife I thought for sure she was going to hit him over the head"

      Yeah me too!!!

    2. I was thinking why would Cam give her a knife with her meal. lol he should have at least used plastic. lol

    3. "Di says, I was thinking why would Cam give her a knife with her meal. lol he should have at least used plastic. lol"

      Yeah there is no need for a knife!! Hahaha. And yeah where are the plastic knives? Haha!

  6. could care less about mildew. too boring of a couple

    1. But they seem to have interested you more than anyone else in this episode.

    2. wrong. liked everything but them

  7. So many funny one liners today!


    Vampira and Liz: Okay this scene was so funny. Vampira didn't even push her. Just wanted to grab Liz's phone! ROFL!

    Vampira, Liz and Nik: Oh come on! She didn't hit her head that hard! If she had at all. BAHAHAHAHA! Does she have a soft head? Liz passed out! BAHAHAHAHA!

    Nik: Trust me.

    Trust you to do what?! What the hell kind of line is that? Why would he even say that. Did she tell him she doesn't trust him? I'm confused.

    Wyndemere tower:

    Nik, Repunzel, and muscle: Oh oh Repunzel is back in the tower again.. Geez Muscle you don't have to be too rough. Can't you see she got the preggers?

    Nik and Repunzel: Uh yeah Repunzel isn't the hook Nik..


    Cam and Heather: Heather is making love to the BLT sandwich! And the fries! Let's see if Heather was still married to Jeff, she would be Cam's grandma! :) Oh wait a minute she is Cam's step grandma! :D

    Cam on the phone with Dante:

    Cam: Cam Webber. Heather Webber. Kelly's.


    Cam, Heather, and Dante: Oh oh. Cam say no to her question about calling the police.. Oh hi Dante. Heather is being reasonable. Awww but she isn't sexually flirting with Dante. Awwww!

    Port Chuckles Grille: Oh I see the sign, but not in the building. ROFL! It really should be on the building.

    Nina and Ava: Love Nina's sweater!

    Ava: Oh God. Okay. Good luck then.


    *Ava high fives Nina*


    Ava and Victor: Will they have a fling or not?!!?! :)

    Nina and Ava: Oh hi Victor!

    "Karen says There's a BOLO on Esme Prince."

    I had to look up what BOLO is! Hahaha!

    The hospital:

    Mildew: Yes Willow no more secrets. You and Michael are a team. *Roll eyes*

    Mildew and Nina:

    Willow: Drop dead.

    Now now Willow. That is bad karma. That could bite you in the ass.

    Liz and Nurse: Oh Liz is okay. No amnesia and no her turning into a 15 year old. Damn too bad.. Oh hi Jordan. I love how Deana is so protective of Liz. She is a great nurse. :) That's her name right? Deana?

    Liz and Jordan: Is Liz lying to protect Nik? Or after Jordan left, Liz is remembering? I'm confused.

    Mildew's home: Yesterday when they showed the preview, I thought it was Heather in a cabin! Oh well look at that.. Dex shows up and Joss helps him. I knew she would help. Was Dex looking for Michael?

    Joss and Dex: I loved their scenes today.. Corny yes.. Stupid sure, but I loved it. I like their dynamic. Oh man when she said that his shirt was stuck and she would count to three, I cringed. I didn't want to hear it come off yuck! Oh glad I didn't hear it! :) Whew.

    Joss: Do you think you can stand?

    Uh I was thinking maybe he should lay down!!!! Then Joss wins the line of the day.

    Joss: You know what, maybe you should just lay down.

    BAHAHAHHAHAHAAHHAAHHA! That is what I said Joss! BAHAHAHA! After the stitches were done and he is cleaned up, they had eye sex. I thought they were gonna kiss.

    Joss and Mildew: Hmmm no blood anywhere! Hahahahahahaha! Michael was confused about the chair! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Outside: RA RO! Dex bled on a leaf. That poor leaf!!! Where did Dex go?!

    Throwback Thursday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to 1999* Luke and Laura had to identify Lucky's "body" Fantastic performance by Genie Frances! BRAVO!!!! She gave me chills when she saw Lucky's "body"

    1. Maybe not the line of the day, but I laughed when Nik thanked Dimitri and said he'd remember him at Christmas time. HAHAHAHHA!
      Dex and Joss were good yesterday but Joss is SO snarky when she's barking at him. Just like her mama.
      Personally I enjoyed Willow telling Neener to drop dead. That's what I would have said! After telling her to keep her big fat nose out of my business, lol!
      I agree with what was said below about Nik's "code" to Liz. She would never give him up, but when she sees him she's going to holler but good! :)
      Loved all the scenes with Cam, Heather and Dante. I was hollering at my TV though that Heather ended up with a real knife. The writers made Cam smart (the way he was handling Heather) and stupid (not calling Dante sooner and the real KNIFE!) all at the same time. Sheesh!

  8. sonya said: "Trust you to do what?! What the hell kind of line is that? Why would he even say that."

    *** I think it was a kind of code. He knew he was leaving her and when she woke up he wanted her to remember what he said and know he had a reason for it. They know each other well enough that she would know that he probably took Esme and she should say nothing about him to the police. That way they wouldn't look at Windermere. So she gave minimal information and she'll ask him about it after.

    I'm glad someone else enjoyed the scene at Kelly's as much as I did. lol

    Nurse Deanna Sirtis

    sonya said: "Joss and Dex: I loved their scenes today.. Corny yes.. Stupid sure, but I loved it. I like their dynamic."
    *** Me too. I really hope he turns out to be working undercover.

    1. "Di says, I think it was a kind of code."

      Ooooooo. I didn't even think of it as it being a code!

      "I'm glad someone else enjoyed the scene at Kelly's as much as I did. lol"

      Hahahaha. It was fun! :)

      "Nurse Deanna Sirtis"

      YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you! :) Oh and you know her last name too haha.

      "Me too. I really hope he turns out to be working undercover."

      YES! As an FBI agent! :D

  9. GH has so much potential. However, all the jumping around and bad editing really messes it up. It's dizzying. And some scenes are so dark we can't tell what the heck is going on.
    Why do they rarely end a story?
    Alley Mills is doing a good Heather. All I got from the scene was that I wish I had some bacon. lol

    1. "Zazu says, ll I got from the scene was that I wish I had some bacon. lol"

      Mmmmmm bacon!!!!!!!!!! :D

  10. Good Grief. Our word for the day - JADED.

    1. ROFL! I thought our word for the day is bacon! Hahahaha!

  11. Alley Mills is doing a good job as Heather.
    Don't think Heather is the hook, or Esme. I still think it's Emse's Nanny. IDK. Just get on with it is what I say. Losing interest since it's not any better than it is.


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