Monday, November 28, 2022


 Victor moves into Wyndemere!! AHAHAHA Nikolas is like DOH!! Victor says he's going to make himself at home. Gets a scotch. 

Elizabeth comes to check on Esme. Liz says she needs prenatal care and Esme says she's trapped what is she supposed to do?? Liz says she will do it. Esme says she'll be dead when the baby is born and Liz says she'll live on Cassadine Island in the lap of luxury. OMG I LOVE DARK LIZ@! woot! 

Liz sees Victor. He tells her he's moving in. South Tower (not the North because that's where Esme is and it's being "repaired") She leaves. Victor thinks Nik and Liz are having an affair. LOL 

Dante visits Heather, who's painting.  She kids him about modeling for her. She says she won't tell him anything until she gets a deal. He says no and leaves. She calls Scotty and tells him to come and visit. "I'll make it worth your while". 

Scotty goes to Heather's. She wants to sue the PCPD for her injury from the crash. Also, she wants Scotty to get her 'out' of the prison rehab. He says no, leaves. 

Mac and Kevin talk to Ava about helping to find Esme. Ava's like, I have NO clue. They say she knows someone that might. They want her to talk to Ryan to see what he knows. Ava says she will because she wants to save Trina from "the hook" (and thinks it's Esme) and will go see him today. 

Laura and Scotty talk in the square about Thanksgiving. She's worried about Martin. Holly listens from a hidden bench. Laura sees her and asks what she's doing. Holly says she has 'work". Scotty says 'YOU HAVE A JOB'? LOL!!  He leaves. Holly tells Laura her ride share isn't showing up. Laura says she'll take her wherever she needs to go. Holly hedges then says ok. She has the briefcase. They are driving and Jordan calls about Robert. Laura has it on speaker phone. Holly stops the call and pulls out a gun. Holly tells her to get off at an exit. Laura says no-- Holly says she has to ...

Ryan finds out about the prison transport crash.  Ava comes to see him and tries to get answers about Esme. She says that she'll be there for all his interviews and he can bask in her beauty LOL Ryan finally agrees to the interview. 

Robert is in GH sleeping "it off".. TJ ran a tox screen. Diane is there too. Robert wakes up and Diane tells him that his briefcase is gone. He says GET ASHFORD HERE !! He tells her about the necklace and she tells him someone took the briefcase he knows well. 

Holly steals Laura's car, leaves her with a phone on the side of the road (I think Robert and Holly set this all up)... 

Gavin can't find Holly--tells Victor she's gone

Heather Webber comes face to face with Ryan. HE stares at her-- big time. It's delicious. 


  1. There were a lot of funny one liners today!

    Rice plaza:

    Laura and Scotty: Awwwwwwwwwww! :) I like that they had a scene together.. :)

    Laura, Scotty and Holly:

    Scotty: You have a job?


    Laura and Holly: Oh yes. Take her where she needs to go Laura.. Laura is being so nice. :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Ava, Mac and Doc: Ooooo yes! Go visit Ryan.. That would be fun! :D

    The nice pretty jail:

    Dante and Heather: Flirty flirty Heather! :)

    Guard and Heather: Heather is so flirty now!!!! I think she is undressing Dante and the guard with her eyes! :D

    Heather and Scotty: Awww! Talking about BobTodd! :( Great scene.. Suing the police station?! Uh sureeeee Heather! ROFL! Scotty give her a neck rub! ROFL! Scotty wins the line of the day.

    Scotty: Nein Nein! My German girlfriend taught me that.


    Ava, Mac, and blinky Ryan:

    Ava: I don't care what he's blinking.


    Ryan and Heather: Ooooo creepy as hell!!! Yes Karen very delicious! :D


    Repunzel and baby Ace: Repunzel screaming again. Baby Ace don't like it! ROFL!

    Repunzel: Sorry. Didn't mean to wake you up.

    Yeah poor thing just wants to sleep and you are all screaming! Geez! Let the kid sleep!

    Repunzel and Liz: Yes Repunzel has to take care of baby Ace!!! Yes Karen love Dark Liz too! Hahahahaha!

    Repunzel and "daddy" She is seeing things.. Oh yes throw those pills away.

    Repunzel: If I hurt the baby...... I will lose my only leverage.

    Did you see the look on her face?! This baby is more than leverage to her!!! She loves little Ace!!! :D

    Repunzel and baby Ace: Keeping some of the pills!!! SEE?! She bonded with baby Ace and she loves him awwwwwwwwwwwwww! :)

    Nik and Liz: Oh oh they both are gonna be in soooooooooooo much trouble!!!!

    Nik and Victor: Man that shaky cam made me dizzy.. No reason for the shaky cam!!! It was weird and so unnecessary!!! Nik and Liz having a fling? BAHAHAHAHAHA!

    The hospital:

    Robert and Diane: Okay I guess Diane isn't in on the plan?! I'm so confused.

    Robert and Jordan: Still very confused. That necklace better be fake!!!!

    Laura's car:

    Laura and Holly: Teeny tiny Holly has got a huge gun! ROFL! I don't see her with that type of gun. I see her with a small tiny gun. :)

    Side of the road:

    Laura and Holly: OH! Glad Laura was able to call Doc! Glad Laura is safe. :)

    1. Can't wait to watch it later on Hulu.

      Sonya said "Teeny tiny Holly has got a huge gun! ROFL! I don't see her with that type of gun. I see her with a small tiny gun. :)" I guess Holly thinks size DOES matter. 😊

      Bring on Robert and Diane. I see them as becoming the Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy of GH.

      Can I just say that I love Heather Webber.

    2. "Gary says I guess Holly thinks size DOES matter. 😊"


      "Bring on Robert and Diane."

      YEAH!!!! Bring on Riane!!!!!

      "I see them as becoming the Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy of GH."


      "Can I just say that I love Heather Webber."

      Me too!!!

    3. Gary, so very true about Robert and Diane....Hepburn and Tracy! I love it!

      I was mildly surprised Scott didn't take Heather's offer (he's always doing something screwy) and I'm VERY glad he declined! And the line of the day was perfect, hahahahahah!

      I also love Dark Liz. Victor thinking she and Nik are canoodling is great, and yup, Esme has bonded with Little Ace. All good things! :)

      Ava's swagger with Ryan was a thing of beauty. I always think I can't love her more, and she proves me wrong every time! (little heart emojis here)

      I'm really looking forward to the Q Thanksgiving!

  2. lol Ryan actually looked a bit scared when he saw Heather. I wonder where they're going with this....hehe

    lol Laura's kidnapping was definitely a long way off from the "spoilers" version.

    So many twists and turns today. Loved it.

    1. "Laura's kidnapping was definitely a long way off from the "spoilers" version."

      Oh? What did the spoilers say?

      "So many twists and turns today. Loved it."

      Yeah it was great!!! :D

    2. Spoilers said When this hostage situation doesn’t work out the way she had planned, Holly leaves Laura in an abandoned cabin, and the cabin she leaves Laura in goes up in a blaze.

    3. "Di says, Spoilers said When this hostage situation doesn’t work out the way she had planned, Holly leaves Laura in an abandoned cabin, and the cabin she leaves Laura in goes up in a blaze."

      Ohhhhhhh. Well the spoilers were wrong then!!! :D

    4. I think the spoiler could still be right when Holly is trapped - still think she is going to be presumed dead ? or something so Victor can't use her....

    5. No the spoiler said she left Laura in the cabin. We all know now who was trapped in it cause it's a day later and we've seen it.

  3. Still think the necklace heist debacle was a set up? Who is Holly bringing it to? Is it Helena? Is it Luke? If it was for Victor why is she avoiding him now?
    Lots of characters today.
    I am waiting for the big reveal about Esme being Ryan's daughter. Maybe the baby will need something from a blood relative.

  4. Was Ryan looking at Heather like he had the hots for her? Could she be Esme's mother? Didn't watch yet. Still say this better be a "fake out" with Robert and Holly. Robert can't be this dumb; he just can't.

    1. No one can answer that but you. You have to watch. We all see things through different eye.

  5. Replies
    1. After the looks that Heather and Ryan gave each other today I think so too. They got some history there.

    2. I read Holly hides in a cabin, it catches fire while it is surrounded by police

    3. If that's true Esme is coo-coo for coconuts on both sides of her family tree. But I like it! :)

    4. lol I guess I was right when I said only a couple of people only read my posts.

  6. I think the writers started off with Felicia as Esme's mom though-----and maybe they are gonna change it????? No way Heather was the love of Ryan's life - LOL

  7. carly and heather could pass for sisters


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