Wednesday, November 30, 2022




I MISSED The Thanksgiving DAY!! we go. 

Sonny's House: Awww...earrings. Dante and Sam are there too. Or they are just 'stopping by' and then Sasha and Gladys come in.  YEAH! Alexis arrives!! Sante make out the entire time/ LOL . They yell at Alexis about leaking the Esme info. 

Carly's at the Qs... I guess she's been with Jason, AJ and Drew so.... Millow are there, Leo (the rest of the kids are upstairs). Ned, Olivia, Chase, Brook.  OMG The turkey ... hilarious. LOVE IT.  Leo says "Mr. Gobble, I won't let you be eaten".. he's going to let him GO!! AHAHAHA. YEP!! Mr. Waddle is FREE! 

PCPD: Laura, Mac...Robert and Jordan and Alexis. Alexis did print some stuff because Jordy didn't give her an interview. Deputy Mayor is being kept around to see what "use" she can be.  Oh Felicia comes in with Turkey Dinner!! 

Holly in some cabin with the necklace. Has it on and there's a stove with fuel leaking. Oh, the PCPD find her in 2 seconds LOL. Some goonie guy does too. OMG the entire PCPD make it there in 10 minutes. Robert talks to her. Oh lord, the cabin BLOWS UP and.. she's on fire? And comes OUT? Will they save her and she'll go to a burn center for awhile? Get the necklace off her steaming body? 
That was... um.. dramatic. 

Gladys gambling makes sense. 


  1. Thanks kd. Glad you enjoyed the humor at the Q's too.

    My only pfttt moment was Sante. It's the way she is hanging off his shoulder when he turns that makes me laugh. Sometimes he even walks a few steps with her hanging off like a drooping ornament. It reminds me of Austin hanging on Maxie all the time. I think maybe they should put Sam and Austin together because I'm in hysterics just imagining the choreographers trying to get them to walk together as they hang onto each other...haha We'd be able to call them pretzel.

    And Holly seemed very interested in the leaking fuel, the papers and the fire. I'm sure she rigged that explosion. Just can't figure out how someone else got in that cabin, and she got out. I hope they show us that later and don't just let it stay off screen if that's what heppened.

    We'll know if it's her if the steaming necklace is around her neck. She wouldn't let that go.

  2. I really want it to be the assistant DA but they assume it's Holly

  3. sorry - meant Laura's assistant deputy mayor -

  4. It is so great to have the vets on air together,. Too bad this heist was so darn ridiculous. Wasn't Holly trying to save Ethan, or was that a lie just to get the jewels? I read an article about her stunt double so I do believe it is Holly on fire.
    KMo looks fantastic. All the making out is needless.


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