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I thought I'd start to keep a list of some of my favorite "other show" binges-- especially those available on Netfix or Amazon Prime. I absolutely love to binge watch and am so glad whole series just drop now!! I am partial to BBC shows and British mini-series in general . I also like gritty crime shows as well as quirky small town dramas. 

Some of these shows will be available streaming for the first few seasons and then be continuing on television (ie: Orphan Black). I will try to alert you to those!  I watch a lot of TV. Yes, I work, Yes, I have a life but damn, I do love television and it's honestly never been better than now! My TWO FAVORITE are at the very end so, keep reading! 

I found the best thing!! A streaming search engine! Plug in the show you want, find where you can watch. Go to Just Watch !

Shameless: (Watching Now) Netflix:  Such good, naughty,gross fun! There's a UK version but I hear this is the best of the two. Joan Cusack is great as is the whole cast.  There are 70+ episodes which will keep you busy. It's also one of those series you can dip into now and then without having to obsess over seeing the 'next one' right away. 

Bates Motel (Watching now) Netflix. It's running now in it's season finale on A&E.  It is the pre-Psycho story. Oh what a delicious wonderment this is!! And 40 plus episodes to binge! yeah!! Final season is airing on A&E now--so I hope to catch up soon,

Dr. Foster on Netflix. Only one season so far. This is a British import that ran on their "regular" TV (just remember that when you see all the sex!!) THIS SHOW IS A must WATCH FOR every SOAP FAN EVER. I can't recommend this show enough. I thought I'd seen all the twists and turns in dramas--but wow. BLEW. ME. Away! 

The Young Pope--HBO (awesome). Only one season so far. It's a bit bizarre and surreal but has some deep thoughts on religion and life. And Jude Law's butt! :giggle: 

Lemony Snicket -Amazon Prime. Great Fun.  Neal Patrick Harris does a superb job as Snicket (first done by Jim Carey in the movie). The kids are wonderful and there are quite a few surprising cameos too.  Tweens and young teens should love it as well. 

Sneaky Pete--New Fave Amazon Prime. Only one season so far.  This is about a guy that takes over another guy's life after serving time with him in prison. How can he do it? Oh, that's half the fun!!  The acting is just on-point and thrills galore. 

Spotless-- Netflix just about perfect --British crime show about brothers who clean up crime scenes.  Very twisty and also funny. I hope they have a season 2 but doesn't look like it. Ergo, you can just know it's one season and that's all you have to worry about! 

The Night Of: A+--Netflix. Super good show about a young man falsely arrested for murder.  Harrowing in so many ways. How our system can change people forever. You won't be able to stop watching. 

Good Behavior  A+ -- TNT. It should be on Netflix soon? Maybe Hulu? Michelle Dockery is unrecognizable as a con woman on the war path. You'd never know she was British. Raw acting and plenty of excitement. 

 The Paradise --Netflix. Period Drama that is a bit more intriguing that Mr. Selfridge.  Young shop girl, surrounded by a cast of characters that are all interesting on their own.  Only 3 seasons and it wasn't renewed so it doesn't take too long to get through. 

 Stranger Things:  (Netflix; one season)  Such a great new series from Netflix. People are talking about it all over social media. Starring Wynona Ryder and a cast of adorable kids plus Matthew Modine as a baddie. Nostalgic, and also spooky! There are a lot of Easter Eggs to find --espeically homage to old movies like "Stand By Me".  A lot of sci fi mixed with straight up good feels, it's just a great summer watch. 

 Bloodline (Netflix; 2 seasons). Starring Kyle Chandler and Sissy Spacek.  What is great about this show is that it combines good soapy drama with deep, deep character development.  While the series starts out slow, stick with it because there's a reason for that-- it's dreamy way to introduce you to this family before hitting you over the head with unbelievable twists and turns.  I seriously had to stop the show a couple of times in season 2 to have a panic attack before I could resume watching. 

 Orange Is The New Black:  (Netflix; 4 seasons) I finished binging the latest season and fell for this show all over again. The acting is top-notch and you never know where the story is going. This season is particularly moving, highlighting racial tensions and the failing jail system in America. It's the ladies that will grab you however, especially watching the back stories about how they ended up in Litchfield in the first place. 

 Orphan Black: (Netflix -seasons 1-4 Netflix, season 5 will air on BBC in June (Last season)   I am obsessed with this show. REALLY obsessed! I even call myself part of the 'clone club' !!  Tatiana Maslany is a revelation. She plays multiple roles that fit together seamlessly. Very Sci-Fi savvy, each main character is a clone of the other but they all have their own personalities. I seriously don't think of them as one actress. They are people. Can't explain it until you see it! Good soapy intrigue, villains around every corner and humor mixed on in. Just a JOY to watch. For those of you that know the show, I bet you can guess my fave clone. Hint: She's slavic and loves donuts! 

  Happy Valley: (Netflix; 2 seasons) I have been into British crime/police shows for awhile and was recommended to watch this by a friend that knows just what I like! A story of 2 sisters, one a police officer in a small Yorkshire town, the other recovering from drug use. A serial killer is in town (one with connections to the officer) and he's played by James Norton. Norton is brilliant in this part (those of you that have seen Grantchester won't believe your eyes!). Don't be turned off by the accents, after an episode or 2 you can catch the drift. 

 River: (Netfix; one season) Another British Police show that surrounds a detective that starts to see the dead.  Some of my friends have found it a bit slow but I really enjoyed the whole thing. 

 The Fall: (Amazon Prime; 2 seasons) A thriller (serial killer) starring X-files Gillian Anderson as a British detective who may or may not be getting a little too emotionally close to the murderer. The killer is played by the magnificent (acting and looking!) Jamie Dornan. I'm anxiously awaiting season 3! 

  Luther: (Amazon Prime; 4 seasons, one was short--series has ended)  Oh, LUTHER!! With the wonderful Idris Elba. This is the first British crime show I binged and it was glorious. If you like police shows that are gritty and just plain exciting, give this a try. One of the characters, Alice is someone you'll never ever forget! 

  The Night Manager: Amazon Prime. This was actually a show on BBCA  and I watched it by the week. (hard to get used to when things are available in chunks!) Tom Hiddleson is a guy that gets involved with a meanie mobster (Hugh Laurie) and must save everyone! The scenery is gorgeous and the story is tight and exciting.  This one season is a stand alone because it's based on a nove by John Le Carre. 

  Call The Midwife:  (Yet another BBC transplant that usually airs on PBS. You can stream from PBS or Amazon Prime; 6 seasons) This show is about midwives in 1960s London. They pay a lot of attention to atmosphere and history. Very moving and chock full of soapy moments. I usually end up crying every episode! 

 Doc Martin: (Netflix (comes and goes) Amazon Acorn TV; 7 seasons) I love my "quirky town" shows. This reminds me of Northern Exposure and  a bit of Gilmore Girls. Doctor Martin comes to a sleepy town in Cornwall and the drama follows him all over. Has a nice love story that develops over time. 

 Black Mirror: (Netflix; 4 seasons) Holy Moly...hang on to your hat with this anthology series! This is a modern twist on The Twilight Zone. Of course it's British (what isn't!?) -and it's just funky amazing. My favorite episodes are in 2013; Be Right Back and White Bear.  Watch those first. You'll thank me! Note: the first episode "National Anthem" in 2011 turns a lot of people off, I'd skip it. I liked it but it's pretty disturbing. 

 Better Call Saul: (Netflix; 2 seasons, started AMC) Even if you didn't watch Breaking Bad, this is a pretty damn fine show. Great acting and twisty plots. Jonathan Banks is amazing to watch as Mike the ex-cop struggle with just about everything in life. Saul is a lawyer who's brother has put him down his whole life. Great watch.  Note: Prequel to Breaking Bad. 

  Skins UK (not on Netflix now, but pops up, you can watch full episodes on You Tube or Amazon Video; 7 seasons; last season a 'pick up' of the future) This British show (not to be confused with the MTV series) is such revelation, I can't explain it. Following teens in the UK as they dabble into sex and drugs is just fascinating. Great soapy-goodness. Every season is a stand-alone, you really don't have to watch one to get into the other. Seasons 2-4 are my faves. 

 Lilyhammer: (Netflix; 3 seasons, series has ended) This is a quirky little show that just had me roaring with a mobular sort of way. Stevie VanZandt (yes, that Stevie VanZandt) is a mobster in witness protection in Norway. It was actually filmed in Norway with some awesome Norwegian actors. "Good Fella" out of water. As the series rolls on  it gets more humorous and the references to past gangster movies/shows add up. Some of my friends couldn't get into the series, I'm glad I stuck with it. 

. House of Cards: (Netflix; 4 seasons). Based on the British show (of course!) of the same name, The American House of cards takes the notion of a narcissistic politician to the limit! Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright are fantastic as the evil duo Frank and Claire. I personally count how many times Frank makes and cuts sandwiches. Not sure why...but he does it a LOT.  I love when they break the 4th wall--makes you feel all 'insider important'!  Season 3 was a bit of a let down but don't give up because 4 will rock you! 

 UnReal: (Hulu --season one, season 2 up in a bit; 2 seasons) Just finished watching the finale of Season 2 an WHOOP! If you like dark shows that are morally bankrupt, well, pull up a chair!! The main characters, Rachel and Quinn are so devious that well, you just have to root for them. A take on the Bachelor shows (which I hate and never watch), Unreal looks at the making of a reality show and was written by a former Bach producer.  It's yummy pop-corn good. 


Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders: (Netflix, 4 seasons)  Buckle up for one of the best family sagas I've ever had the pleasure to watch. Gritty doesn't begin to describe this crime drama set in post WWI Birmingham England.  I am usually left cowering behind a pillow trying to watch this show because it's brutal and very tense.  Cillian Murphy plays Thomas Shelby, the head of a part gypsy family that controls territory by using gang strength. Based on a true story! Oh and holy hell, wait until you see Tom Hardy. I hardly recognized him but when I did? Whoa. 

Breaking Bad:  (I don't see it right now on Netflix but it has been; you can watch on AMC on demand and ; 6 EPIC Seasons). SO much has been written about this show that I'm sure you don't need my input. Just know that it's my favorite show of all time and it stands alone in the writing and storytelling that unfolded. Just perfection. 


Christine Bellone said...

OITNB really is good but if you want to see something in the same vein, watch Wentworth. It takes place in an Australian women's prison. It is fantastic!

Also, Southcliffe is terrific as is Broadchurch.

So many great shows on Netflix!

LSV422 said...

Thanks so much for the list Karen! I am also a huge Orphan Black/Luther fan. I started Happy Valley and forgot about it but will go back and will definitely watch some of the others on your list that I have meant to watch. I would also recommend Grantchester, Broadchurch, Ripper Street (a little violent but the dialogue is unbelievably beautifully written) and Endeavor. I am also a huge Walking Dead fan and Fear the Walking Dead is pretty good, too.

Robin Little said...

Wow Karen, looks like we have the same tastes in shows, probably because we both love Brits! Breaking Bad is my all time fave too! I started watching Orphan Black thanks to your suggestion a while back and I am hooked! Also watched Stranger Things and LOVE it! In fact, I think I will have to watch again! Thanks for the suggestions, there are some on here I have not watched yet. Just started House of Cards a few weeks ago. Cheers!

LSV422 said...

Forgot about House of Cards- love it! I am a British mystery junkie, too.!

nance24 said...

I watch quite a few of the same shows. Just finished Stranger Things last night. I also watch Wentworth

Wanda Woman said...

Thanks for posting your list and everyone for adding their favorites, too. Once I get a little more free time in my life, I'll start watching.

Pat..... Sun..... said...

Thank you for this list... I have seen all of Call The Midwife and LOVE it... also, like you, I cry in every episode....

Have just started Mr Robot a couple of weeks ago.

But, now, thanks to you, I have a whole bunch of new shows to watch....