Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Blogger Comments

This has been a pain in my side since day one of this blog... the COMMENTS!! Some people have no trouble commenting and others--- can't do it at all. I know if you come into the portal by wubs.net the comments don't post. Most use  wubtub.blogspot.com 

I did recently change the format for comments to try and get all devices so they could comment. Alas, that seems to have caused some more trouble! 
If you CAN comment, please do and let me know the engine you come in on (google, safari, etc) and the device (Apple --phone--laptop--android)

If you can't comment-- please go to the FB page   WUBS NET  where I'll set up a comment section and you can post there. If you don't have Facebook, email me at maskedrumors@aol.com (that's the WUBS account so don't think I'm an old lady for using aol !!!) 

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HOPEFULLY I can sort this all out. I really don't want to change from blogger as my entire archive is sitting here. 


Monday, January 21, 2019


Ava a Lucy are exchanging barbs. Lucy tells Ava she's "toxic and full of misery" and how great Kevin is. 
PS Laura tells Curtis that Lucy would win in a fist fight lol 
Damn, Lucy reminds Ava that it was she that killed Connie and "Tricked Sonny into killing AJ"

Oscar and Joss are in the catacombs.  Well, they try to get into them but can't find the opening. Oscar talks about being dead.

Lulu let's "Kevin" in. Ryan takes her license and tells her there are 2 more names Lulu doesn't know about because they were unsolved murders. He then puts her license in his coat pocket saying: "the license really captures the soul, doesn't it"??? Lulu: What are you doing!? 
OMG YOU HAVE TO WATCH how masterful JL is!! 

You're Kevin??
Knife comes out!!  Ahaaaaa!!
Then we see Lulu under the desk, stabbed!! Ryan is cleaning off his knife and she gets up! "he says: "I can't believe I missed"....
He goes towards her and falls..clutches his head. Stroke??
She limps out, bleeding and takes the elevator to the launch party and collapses. Laura cradles her. Lucas helps tend her.
OMG, wait..so Kevin collapsed like Anna did-- and is now BLIND!! what!!?? So he must have the virus too!! Interesting!! Who knows both Ryan and Anna?? OMG wait.
IDENTICAL TWINS! It's the twin study!
Ryan...Anna...Jasons.....maybe it's all connected!!? And the Cassadine that took Cassie probs has everything to do with this!! 

Anna can go home from the hospital now. She's responding to treatment. The virus could have been introduced at any time. Weeks, months, years ago.  Robert will be on to do the virus story tying this to Ryan/Kevin too! 

Willow and Chase Ford are in his apartment. She tells him that she's a grieving parent. She's only been with one man, the baby's father.  She says she gave her baby up. 

Michael started a college fund for Wiley. Lucas thanks him. Lucas is there and helps Lulu, btw. 

Curtis and Jordan find the knife and a bloody shoe print. 

Kevin's in the hospital ..he asks Ava to find out. Ava takes his shoes to exchange for slippers! ahahhaha SHE takes the evidence!!

END: Oscar has a seizure!! He's down in the Catacombs! 

Lord, I needs a drink after today!! Fast, good show!! 

This 'N That

Fancy a Fosters? 

I'm stuck in there all day and it's either I do my progress reports for work OR WASTE TIME with Tillie sleeping on my and visit you guys. Guess which I picked? Hey, Robert's back-- I guess I 'll be ok with Anna's one day blindness and virus story if it got him in PC!!  

The teens are gonna get stuck in the Catacombs which I really hope is both hilarious and gruesome. Bodies, Bones...maybe an instant rave or two? HOUSE PARTY! Maybe Oscar gets really sick down there and spends his last days under Port Charles lol. Oh, that's mean. 

I had a great idea for Griffin. Since Ryan's probably going to get caught soonish, Griffin needs to go all Dark Ex-Priest Ritualistic Killer to avenge God.  Why? I need my soaps to be murderous and I think Griffin could be a perfect character for this. He could even raise Caleb--who we know shape shifted into Finn.  Just think: A priest that knows rituals who's also a surgeon (good for cutting up the bodies) AND A UNDEAD Vampire walking around. Lordy! Lordy! I also think they never really sussed out what happened to Jake on Cassadine Island so throw him in the evil mix too. 

Anyone watch Marie Kondo on Netflix with the Tidying Up stuff?  It's a little weird at first but it does help you take ownership of possessions and THINK about them. I've gotten many a donation box ready! 

We are looking into cutting the cable. Right now either Hulu Live or You Tube Pay look the best. They'll stream anywhere, have some local channels and are $40 a month. We would add Netflix and Prime/Acorn to it as well.  When we started researching this we found there are tons of platforms now.  I really only want ABC, TLC and ID Channel. ID is only really available (live) on PlayStation VUE!! What the hell is that!!? Discovery Network needs to get it's act together for live shows.  It's been exhausting. 

Well, I should be here for the show today because let's face it--with 17" of snow, temp at zero and windchill at around MINUS 22 I'm not going far.  We would def have a snow day if it wasn't for MLK Day.  Hope you are warm and happy. See ya later! 

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Sunday Surgery: Sweet Treats

Congratulations Ms Mayor! 

All in all a pretty nice week. I had some good scenes to savor and a little drama at the end. There was plenty of cast around (and together) too!  Laura is looking great as Mayor and all is right with Port Charles. 

Not sure about you but we are up to our butts with the storm so get ready for a longer than usual surgery. May want to pop in the gift store and get some snacks. 

Friday, January 18, 2019

Too Much Information

Felicia and Bobbie are at the book event. Lucy comes in with 2 body guards. 
Special drinks:
Pic-a-Lila Martini

Spencer Special
Carnobic Snow

Lucy disses Felicia about 'attracting" Ryan Chamberlain to Port Charles in the first place. Felicia gets angry. Lucy wants to know if "Doc" is coming. Felicia says that "she doesn't know because his schedule is in her OTHER push-up bra". 
Lucy reads a passage about SONNY from her book. Of course-- then she reads passes out loud that pisses off almost everyone in the room.  LOL Cassadines, something about Faison and then a passage about BJs HEART!! Oh wow... she tells the whole story and people are crying!  She continues to piss people off, especially Felicia.  The eventually make up and Felicia tells her that "Doc" is seeing Ava and Lucy yells NO WAY! 

I need Ryan to hide that damn box better. PLEASE!! I mean that's just a bad "hiding" place. 

Carly made an appointment with Sonny and she to see Kevin about Mike. Sonny wants to go to the book thing but she's like NO! Ryan is in his office and Ava comes to the door-- she wants to stay while Carly and Sonny have their session. He says No way and she leaves. 

Carly and Sonny come in. Ryan locks the door so not to 'be disturbed"... he has a knife under his files. Oh lord, I wish it was a gun with a silencer on it or a machete. Anyway, they explain Mike and he says they are really upset they couldn't save Morgan. He said they should talk to Morgan to work through things, because that will help them work through Mike's illness. They go to the grave. Ryan picks up his knife (TINY way TOO SMALL). 

Laura's talking to Lulu in her office about the stalker story that Peter killed. She tells Lulu about the list she found in Ryan's office. 
Dante calls Lulu, he may be gone for awhile. He's tracking "Raj". Would you really say the guy's name??
Lulu tells Peter she wants to work on her Ryan story and Peter yells at her to GET TO THE PARTY AND COVER IT like he said!! But she calls "Kevin instead" because she's Lulu. 

Nina says she doesn't want to marry Valentin because it's perfect the way it is now. 

NOTE: It's Maxie and Nathan's anniversary.  

END: CarSon at the grave, we hear footsteps (I think it's Maxie)
Ryan goes to Lulu's office...she lets him in. 

Thursday, January 17, 2019


Alexis is going to read Gail's Will at #GHs. Scotty, Laura and Monica are there. Lucy and Serena couldn't attend and Laura's representing Leslie.  There's some stuff but the biggest thing is a trust set up for mental health at #GH 

Anna's wandering around trying to see the sunset.  She's trying to figure out who gave her the virus. 

Book Launch Day on GH !!! Nina is setting it up with Valentin. Willow walks in, Nina doesn't like her because of Charlotte. Lulu talks to Willow. Willow has an impromptu parent conf?? In the Metro?? Accuses Char of cheating on her history test. 
OMG--that would SO never happen.

Cameron is cleaning up. Laura and Lulu walk by-- they talk to him and encourage him to keep on a good path. If only he knew how they were as kids! LOL 
Joss and Oscar show Cam their bucket list. Mine would be sex, champagne--cake. He wants to see the Catacombs. Cameron says Jrs and Seniors know a way in, they should go. Oh, I am getting Huck and Tom Sawyer vibes off this.

Sam goes to the seminar at Hank's "unburdening your past" it's called. Oh wow, so Krissy talks about her night with KEIFER~!!! Oh wow, you should watch it..it's really good. Daisy kinda says it's because Krissy wanted attention, etc.  Sam stops them.  She says they are trying to blame her for the abuse. Kristina says they are helping her heal.  Sam apologizes. I think Sam was worried about blowing her cover. 

Drew wants a favor from Drew. Drew wants to find a way to help him at the end of his life. It's a REALLY stupid convo about Drew wanting Jason to talk to Carly about Joss and Joss not taking too much away from 'the end of his life' because she might be searching for miracle cures?  This was a strange strange thing... I swear it was supposed to be earlier???? 

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

When The Parents Come

Oh my Mom and Dad are up here to get a new car so I am going to lunch with them right around the time of GH! Sorry!!

I had a few more thoughts on yesterday's show I thought I'd throw out there.

First of all, I did a survey on Twitter and asked: If Ryan killed off ONLY ONE of CarSon who would you pick? and...

55% said Sonny
45% said Carly

Interesting!! I thought it was really interesting to see what people would do if one of this couple were to go. I'm not telling you who I'd pick. It changes daily!

That said, yesterday's show was so good because there was no CarSon, JaSam or Drew on--sorry, not sorry. I'm sick of all of them at the moment. It was so nice to have a day of "REST". 

Did you notice that lately Aiden and Cam are on--and JAKE IS gone?? His turn to work the coal mines?? 

It would have been fun to show Monica, Scotty and Lucy on the plane going to Gail's service. Or (if they drove--I'm not sure which) all piled into the car getting snacks and just talking about her for awhile. 

Hopefully, I'll see you tomorrow-- !

Tuesday, January 15, 2019


Oscar tells Alexis he wants to finish up his Will. She hugs him.

Kim tells Dr. Terry that she wants her to answer all of Oscars questions IN FULL and don't spare him. Um, ok, little late for that. Oscar comes in. His first question is: What is it going to feel like when I'm dying? Wow, start with the hard question right off the bat!! She says the longest anyone has lived with the condition that she knows of is 7-8 months. Shortest? 6 weeks. 

Monica and Michael talk about Gail, she's back from the funeral. She says that she's feeling that she has to do things in the 'now'. Michael invites her to go to a play with him in NYC to get away from it all. She said she'd love to but with Oscar, she can't. 

Willow is in Charlie's talking about Wiley. Oh, she's meeting Liz there to talk about Aiden. She says Charlotte isn't bullying where she can see it anyway but Aiden is still by himself most of the time. Liz wonders why. Willow says there's a 'pack mentality" and Aiden is finding himself. 

Aiden wants to make cookies from scratch for the "Save the Planet" Bake Sale at School. Liz says no time--but Franco says he'll do it. Awwwwwwwww.. Very cute scenes.  They shove chocolate chips in their mouths! Hes' a great baker. He learned on TV and in the library. He said kids laughed at him about it. 
Which is--very strange because now a days, kids are on TV cooking all. the. time?? Then Cameron comes home and sees "GAYDEN" on the iPad in response to Aiden's game playing. So there it is. 

Cameron is sleeping in the chapel... Joss finds him and tells her that he has to do drug couseling because he was busted for the pot. Wait, Joss didn't know? I guess not!.. Oh, and Joss tells Cameron that Oscar is dying.  Later, Oscar comes in and he and Joss plan on doing his bucket list. 

Anna has on bandages ...and Griffin is going to tell her about the damage done on her eyes.  The surgery went well but she can't take the bandages off yet. Hey, did anyone call Robin?
So...they are going to take off the bandages. That was like 3 seconds later? LOL  SO, they take off the bandages and she sees blurry and then PERFECTLY? Um.. one day blind story?? Wha? Weird.  Finn does notice strange markers on Anna's blood work. Maybe that's the story? Oh, it's a virus that he hasn't seen in North America! Oh boy, Anna thinks maybe someone gave it to her intentionally? 

Monica talks to Kim... Monica says it's tough because there's no manual for dealing with that. They cry a bit. 

Monday, January 14, 2019

Locked Box

Ryan tries to convince Ava to leave with him. "you'll be haunted if you stay here"... Maura and Jon are SO GOOD!! OMG tho, Ava says she'd love to go but Avery is here!! Ut oh!! Ryan wouldn't kill a kid, would he?? He said he forgot about Avery and maybe they can take her with them. She says CarSon would never say it was ok. He said I can 

Nina and Dr. O. Nina talks too fast and Dr. O doesn't tell her about Sasha being fake. But they do have a fun exchange about who's worse: Valentin or Fiason. Giggle.  

Sam and Alexis at the bar--waiting for Krissy. Alexis brings a present. Sam says she has no gift, just a warning. They talk about the Dawn of Day place. Kristina comes over and Sam tells her and Alexis about her past with Hank's father and she thinks he's targeting Kristina.  Kristina thinks Sam is making this all about HER -- and she doesn't believe it.  She wants Alexis, Sam and Jason to go to seminars that he puts on. 

Franco  rifling through Ryan's safe. Sees, the box, gets it out....and Carly walks in. He says Kevin is acting funny--she says she knows it, that's why she's there too. They talk about that patient at Ferncliff-- did he every paint with him? (Wilson Ritter). Franco says maybe the answers are 'in this box" (the locked one).  Carly says leave it alone. And he does-- and they clean up the office. Franco can't find his file, he thinks "Kevin" has a secret. Leaves. 

Jason tells Sonny about Hank/Shank-- because you know, SONNY.  Kristina comes in-- and tells them the whole backstory of Hank..and the charity. SaSon aren't convinced. 

Ryan finds Carly in the office. She asks him why Wilson Ritter isn't on the internet. He said didn't want to glorify him. "So did you scrub him off the internet"??  Ryan says that she's obsessing just like she did about Nelle-- and Carly gets mad. Ryan puts her name on his "list" when she leaves.  Damn, we know LW isn't leaving, so that won't happen.  Oh, after Ava calls him, he puts Sonny's name on the list too. 

Dr. O and Franco meet on the docks. I'm so happy!! He asks how she beat the charges..She says she knows other ppl's secrets. 

Ava sees Sonny and says she wants to move out of the country, can she have more time with her please? For extended periods? Sonny's like No damn way. 

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Sunday Surgery: Sudden Impact

MAMA, Can you See Me??
*Babs Streisand voice. 

Well, how could we get through a week without ANOTHER story happening!!? And to think I called LAST week's blog "blind"!! LOL... I could say that was foreshadowing but ... I'd be lying. I had no idea Anna was all of a sudden going to go BLIND. :handsintheair: 

I'll have a nice iced coffee today to go with our frigid temps. Brrrrrr. 

Friday, January 11, 2019


Nina and Valentin. Sparkling...and damn it, he's gotta be all lying about the damn daughter thing.  

Sonny and Griffin. "Faith is an illusion" says Griffin. Sonny is looking SO GODFATHER in this LOL.  I'm so not here for this talk. ugh. 

Dr. O is going to try to get her job back at GH!! Nope, Finn says Monica won't do it so she goes to Mercy. Damn it.  Oh, wait..she actually asks Valentin for a job at Cassadine Medical Group. 

Anna is blind!  Finola sells it very well. She goes to GH and finds Finn.  Griffin comes in and they are going to run some tests.  He's not sure what it is-- could be temporary.  They find out it was a hemorrhage. Not sure if it can be cured. 

Ava and Franco are on the pier. Franco wants to know why she's there. Ava's trying to lure the killer to her so she can stomp him lol.  Then Ryan comes around the corner.  They talk and Ryan basically tells Franco he's done with him being his patient and to get lost. LOL Franco's upset and leaves. 

Kim and Drew are having coffee in the hallway on that register bench thing. Talking about babies...and bringing in life to the world.  Sonny talks to them later and offers his plane. Kim says there's no hope. 

Peter tells Valentin about Anna? Huh? Weird. 

Franco breaks into "Kevin's" office to get his medical records!! Oh, then the editors ruin it by showing us Monday's promo with Carly interrupting him!! GOD!! 

Ryan asks Ava to leave PC with him forever. 

Thursday, January 10, 2019

The Mayor!

Waiting for election returns. Too close to call. I wonder if Spencer will ever get popped for sabotage?? Hmm Monica and Michael come in to the Q living room. Over at Floating Rib, Liz comes in and Mac calls Kevin (Ryan) to come and talk about his 'brother'. 
Ryan is leaving GH and literally runs into FAnna who are also going to the Floating Rib.

Michael says that if Ned loses he can come back to the family business. Monica wishes Gail would have met Michael. 

Maxie goes to Lulu's to pick her up to go to the party ...and PETER SHOWS UP.  Lulu and he talk about the Port Charles murderer. Lulu goes to the Floating Rib.

ELECTION RESULTS: Laura won. She's happy. Ned is ...sad a bit but he's glad it's Laura that got it. He's happy and great full for Olivia.  He goes to the FR to congratulate Laura. 

Laura makes her victory speech and thanks everyone. Says she's going to work with the PCPD to catch the serial killer. Ryan stands and applauds with an evil look on his face. 

Peter invites Anna to the coffee shop.  He saw the WSB file she gave him for Christmas but he says it's 'incomplete" he wants to know the real her.  He wants to know about her family and about her twin, Alexis.  She gets all teary eyed.  Then she gets a headache---she had her blood treatment today. Peter's concerned. Anna drinks water. She collapses and tomorrow says she can't see anything. 

Sam and Jason are on the docks..and Hank comes by and asks them if they could help him with something...it's a homeless guy he wants to get to the shelter.  They get him there and then talk about why Hank is in town. Sam says "you know I was married to your father". He says not true. It's fate. He said that when he was a young adult he blew through his trust fund and then went to get more and it was gone (because of Sam) and yes, he was angry.  He got better when he went to war and Drew saved him. It changed his life.  Sam's still wary. 
This is boring as hell, imo. This was done really slow and has NO excitement. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2019


Lulu's interview with Ned is on..it's election day. Ned will support Laura even if she wins. Cute scene.

Carly talks to Sam about Oscar's illness at the Floating Rib.  Laura is there too to see election results.  They talk about the patient in Ferncliff and his name "Wilson Ritter" Laura thinks it's an alias. 

Oscar's trial. He's got the bitchy judge.  Alexis using the "he's a minor, never in trouble good white boy" defense.  The dealer got 12 months in juvvy--why not Cam? asks the judge.  Cam reads his apology letter. Things are going ok and then LIZ jumps up and says "he didn't tell you all of it".  She tells the judge about the pot brownies. The judge then starts in on "are you a doctor or a nurse, how could you know if it would make it better"?? 
THEN DREW BARGES IN! "I have something to say, your honor"!! ahahaha. Throw them all out!! Drew says Cameron was selfless and a "hero". Judge adjourns to think about the verdict/sentence. 
Judgement: Delay in judgement for a year provided Cam doesn't get into trouble, does community service and drug counseling. Cam is like A YEAR ON PROBATION? Geesh, stupid kid. Liz tells him he needs a job to help pay for Alexis' legal fees. Franco laughs. Drew offers him a job. Geesh, I forgot he owns Aurora.
Oh! Cam still doesn't know Oscar is dying.

Sonny drops by Lulu's to check on she and the kids. Totally forgot Rocco was his grandkid. He has bodyguards on her (of course). 
Later the DA come in and talks to Lulu about the case.

Jordan is calling Sean Donnelly to talk about Ryan's murders. Unfortunately, he has Alzheimer's..Tiffany suggests they talk to Mac because he was involved with the investigation. They go to the Floating Rib to talk to him.  

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

The Bucket List

TWO days in a row!! Don't faint! 
Carly voted (for Laura) Joss asks her for Sonny's jet, some connections and money.  She wants to go to Mexico, Brazil and England to get drugs and treatments not available in the USA.  Carly questions her about the validity of them. 

Kim is trying to call all over the country to find somewhere to operate on Oscar's tumor. no one says yes. Alexis comes in. Alexis tells her that she didn't sleep with Jules. Kim doesn't even care (because of Oscar).

Cam's trial was ..I guess...over? I missed it? Weird. Oh, no, it's starting today. People are getting ready for it.  Cameron visits Oscar first. He thinks he's cured because he's leaving the hospital. Whoops.  He tells Oscar that he has a trial for trying to buy pot to help him get his appetite back.  Oscar never tells Cam he's terminal. 

Sam talks to Drew about... that Hank guy. YEAH, really appropriate. Did I miss a day? Did he tell her about Oscar?? I feel like the editing is off today.  It's all exposition about Shiloh and Hank and Krissy.  Oh, he didn't tell her about Oscar. She's all "Why aren't you reacting to MY news'?? WHY? Then Carly comes in and wants to talk to Drew about Josslyn and Drew tells Sam. 
That's was really strange. 

END: Judge Carson is presiding over Cam's trial. She's 'hard-nosed" Alexis says. 


Is The New General Hospital Intro A Health Hazard?���� || GH Talk

Oy Vey!!!

Monday, January 7, 2019


I'm here!! Get all happy...Oh first time I've seen that card shuffling opening thing. Weird. 

The trial is over, and Oscar has his appetite back. Dr. Terry says she wants Kim and Drew together when they get the results in. 
Krissy and Hank go visit Oscar and they tell Oscar about him knowing his dad.  Oscar wants to move back home tomorrow. Kim's happy. 

When Oscar and Joss are alone, he says he wants to go to Kelly's tomorrow and the 

JaSam... they talk about Krissy and Alexis comes over. She pretends it's ok that Krissy moved into "Dawn Of Day" but she's really not. 
Did I tell you I went to school with a Dawn Day??  LOL, I did! 
Anyway, I wonder if this group is like NXIVM... that thing that got busted for 'empowerment" but was really sex trafficking?? Remember that!!? That Smallville actress got busted in it. 

JaSam find out that the guy that filed the paper work for Dawn of Day is the son of one of her 'marks'.  (David Archer)... the mark was Henry Archer. 

Drew goes over to Charlie's and tells him he's a son of a bitch because he was mean to Kim.  I'm team Jules so..whatever.  Jules says he saw them kissing.  Yada yada.. Drew leaves because the test results are in. 

Test Results: The tumor is unchanged. Oscar's gonna DIE!! It's tangled into his blood vessels too. They can't give a timeline...not just yet.

Ryan and Laura at Sonny's Gym--good scenes, you have to watch. Creepy too. It looked like he was going to kill her but Scotty barges in. Tells Kevin hes' weird to wear a suit to the gym. LOL  Ryan isn't happy.  Scotty says Laura should take the PCPD self-defense class because there's a LUNATIC on the loose! 
Laura says she's sorry Gail died.  She says shes' going to take him to Kelly's and they'll get coffee and walk down the Elm St. Pier and he can tell her his memories. 

END: Drew and Kim tell Oscar and Joss about the trial not working. We see them through the glass and don't hear it. Just JossCar shaking their heads. 

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Sunday Surgery: The Bird Wub

Scotty and Gail... 

One of my most FAVE kind of blogs!! I'm going blind again this week and just getting photos to see if I can guess what happened on the show. I'll watch, then recap a bit at the end. We'll find out how well I did.  
There were 3 new shows this week;  I saw Monday's.

Let the fun begin!!

I'm on January Detox..which is the saddest month in my house. NO booze. Little Carbs. Much crying!! 

**Note: do you get the Bird Wub reference?? heh 

Friday, January 4, 2019

Woe IS Me.

This week SUCKS for my blogging!! I have a meeting at 1:30 which will last awhile. I can't say: Oh, I Live Tweet and Blog a soap, I must go!! They think I'm crazy enough!

One mention: I'm binging "YOU" on Netflix. I think it was on Lifetime to start? Anyway, it's so soapy and just really good. About a stalker-- there are many holes (you'll recognize them if you've watched daytime TV long enough) but very entertaining. 

So, a few questions and a space for you to recap today's show.

Who do you think will eventually bring Ryan down?  The one that finally figures out he's not Kevin?? I'm hoping for Laura...and banking on Ava killing him! 

Gail has a Will... what will it say? Was she secretly work millions? 

Do you like the cult guy, Hank? Shiloh? Shank?  I think he's the guy scamming Sam, btw

Do you think Oscar will die?  I know this, so I'm not saying. 

Thursday, January 3, 2019


Lucy flashbacks!! I got in late so this is fast--

Sonny's gonna give Chet a job at the gym. Chet talked to Mike all about being a vet and really engaged him. Sonny was happy. 

Marcus wants to take Yvonne home to care for her.  Stella has to tell Mike. 

Scotty and Monica!! Talk about Gail's death. 

Hank/Shiloh (I'm NOT calling him Shiloh)-- tries to explain to a JaSam how he funds the place. They are not having it. Sam asks how he could have a minor like Oscar live there. Krissy is like "Why are you being such a bitch"?? Hank says he bankrolls it himself, he is a 'life coach'. 

TRAVEL GUIDE DAY !! I see Sonny the money pockets in town, funded this?? Geesh, Of course he did! 

So, Pelosi was sworn in along with half the kids in DC !! LOL... 

I did see that Gail has a will that Alexis is going to read to Monica, Lucy, Scotty and "a lot more" people in Port Charles. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

2019 --- Let the Viewing Begin!

I'm hoping Santa brought Anna a Corgi!! 

Here we are!! First day of GH in the year 2019--and ..I have to get my Tillie Girl groomed!! Can you believe it??  What was I thinking!!

So, here's a place for you to nest and rest-- !! I'm hoping it's a good show and Ryan has somehow killed about 4 people off camera while we were gone. Their heads are to be found all over town!  :)