Wednesday, September 20, 2017

LATE I'm Late

Wednesdays are HORRIBLE FOR ME!! 

Why is Carly all Nutty about NELLE NOW? I thought she didn't care!!? Did Michael and Nelle have a talk about all this off camera or did I miss it?? I must have. Anyway-- Michael doesn't care about the whole "kayak" thing at all ,  she was a scapegoat.  He believes her and doesn't think she killed the guy.  Carly is in full NAGGING YAMMERING mode right now. UGH, I'm not even hearing her. 
When she leaves Kelly's Zach Grant's sister either texted or emailed her (couldn't tell but she was reading her phone) and says she needs to talk to her about "Janelle Benson". Meanwhile, Michael calls someone to 'check something out' ( I think Nelle) 

I see Jessica Tuck is on. Anna put something in her drink and Finn ran in.  I guess we are in Monaco. He "Saves" her.  She is interested because he's a disease or allergy guy.  At the end of lunch, she gives him a note to visit her at home to say thank you. Anna is ecstatic. I love Jessica Tuck. 

Dante asks about Ava's business with Valentin. Kiki asks if it's  police matter. Dante says it's not, it's about the custody battle. Isn't that totally wrong??? Kiki SPILLS in like 2 seconds flat!! Geesh. Don't count on her for loyalty!! She tells Dante Ava went to get her face fixed and Valentin probably paid for it, ergo the not testifying at the court custody thing. 

Later, Nelle storms into GH and Kiki asks her what is wrong. "CARLY" she growls. Kiki tells Nell that Carly can hate you but then turn around and forgive you. She knows because of the Morgan stuff. 

Krissy and Molly. Kristina makes up a story about having to talk to Molly after Parker's class-- just so she can see Parker. Molly is not amused. Krissy  wants to tell Parker that Valerie isn't her girlfriend. DAMN IT. I love them! Ugh... not good. I think since Krissy is bi-- then they can make Valerie bi too and fall for her. HEAVY MAKE up in this scene!! Either that or the lighting is awful.  Yeah, Kristina tells Parker she was trying to make her jelly. UGH

Shriner's spot-- Bailey is getting her spin looked at. They mention a spine app. They have apps for EVERYTHING!  Bailey's mom calls Valetin and Lulu "Mr. and Mrs. Cassadine"! LOL  Lulu is sorry for what Valentin went thu when he was a kid-- "I thought you were a monster" she said. Now she doesn't think so because of how he is with Charlotte.  He tells her his past. He was sent to boarding school at 5 to hide him from Helena. He says there was "no money left over for medical care"?? HUH?? Weren't the Cassadines like totally wealthy?????? 
Just when Lulu is liking Valentin, Dante comes in and tells her that he may have made a deal with Ava. 

ALERT: Remember Cassandra Cassadine? She was Helena's daughter-- Helena shot/killed her. It would be cool if Jessica Tuck's Cassandra is really her and she's Hell's kid. Just a thought. 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

New Faces at GH ! Updated 2x!!

Because it's GH I have two more announcements to make today! 

First, Jessica Tuck, who played Megan on OLTL (but has done a LOT since; she's on TNT's Proof right now) is coming on tomorrow. I'm thinking she's going to be that Shriner Girl's mother.  BUT! Twitter people are saying CASSANDRA, the lady Anna and Fin are after. Don't think it's long term.

PS. I Loved her on Judging Amy 

Secondly, Barbara Bloom is joining the "writing staff" -- and Daytime Confidential has the details on her. Doesn't sound great. 

AND......HOLY SHIT: Tamara Braun is in talks about COMING BACK!! I can NOT TAKE THIS RIGHT NOW!   Read it on Daytime Confidential. 

AND--- HERE WE least this is a good one-- Brooklyn Silzer's sister Londyn is playing Charlotte's Shiner Girl friend!! I Bailey I think??

Blue Eyes at 2:58

Nina and Val having Champers, celebrating their WUB.  Talking about Charlotte. 

CarSon talking in the GH Hallway outside Jason's door-- Alexis and Sam went to check out the facility. They talk about how Jason isn't really acting like Jason anymore.  "Look how fast he got out of the business".

Lante making out on the couch, talking about Charlotte's custody. UGHHHHH.. Charlotte comes in and wants money for some girl at school with spinal scoliosis  They go to visit Valentin, I think for money? Anyway she asks him about it. Is that what he had??  Yes, that's what he had!  Val is going to try to help Bailey's mother to help her through this since he went through it.
Kudos for tying the Shriner's story into a character that already had something. Good job. This will be good for Valentin. 

Ava with Hoodie Boy. Why the hell would they let him sit like that if he's so damn dangerous? I mean..DUH.  She's just yabbering on and on. Oh, when she mentions Nikolas Cassadine, he reaches out and grabs her. 

Scotty is trying to convince Franco to leave the whole Photo thing alone -- Franco thinks it was his "friend" leaving that turned him into a nut. Scotty says it was the "TUMOR, SO CUT IT OUT." He doesn't want him to follow Betsy. 

Some rando chick comes to the Art Show and yells that Franco killed her sister and all she got was a million dollars. Then she pulls out spray paint. We don't see her spray it--but later Liz is seen with red paint on her. She protected the painting!! The sister yells and said he killed Lorainne.  Dante is going to arrest her but Franco won't press charges. She says "Burn in Hell" . Franco and Liz leave the Art Show to go see about Jason (???) --Scotty is frustrated. 

Liz goes to see Jason (Billy Miller) in the hospital. Franco slips in alone. He says that he has to wake up "So I know who I am"..whatever.

Carly later confesses to Sonny: "I've been grieving for myself because I don't have that connection with Jason like I used to..." (paraphrased) SO.. ugh

END:  JUST Like the EW spoiler video they put on FB and Twitter yesterday, at 2:59pm/est The HOODIE BOY removed his glasses. Looked at the camera. Steve's eyes. 
That was it. 

Monday, September 18, 2017

Come To Dinner

Alberta wanted shrimp in this photo and @AgentScully on twitter got it DONE!! 

Ava talks to "Patient 6". Yammers away-- The Clinic Lady runs in and grabs her -- yells. Then Ava's phone goes off (which the Clinic Lady has in her pocket, it's Griffin). Then "Fix Your Face Doctor" walks in and introduces himself.  Patient 6 hears "Cassadine" and balls up his fist. 

Sonny and Curtis make a deal...Jordan is not happy she heard that.  Sonny leaves. Jordan wants to know what the hell they were talking about. He says "oh just bein' friendly". LOL She doesn't buy it.  She says it will look terrible for her being police commissioner.  She says either you have a relationship with me or with Sonny. 

Scotty and Liz he wants to know what her 'intentions' are about Franco. He says that Franco is impulsive.  
Franco's Mama-- says "Be careful what you ask for, you might not be happy with the answers" Then Mama says how do the boys fathers feel about Franco raising their kids? Liz says well, they do except for Jason... and Mama says "JASON ..JASON MORGAN"???? "YOU'RE RAISING Jason Morgan's CHILD"?? Then Liz invites her to dinner. She says yes--- and leaves. 
Franco tells Liz he hates the Art Scene and leaves to go talk to Mom at the Metro.  When he gets there, the door to her room is open. She's gone. 

Franco's "Friend" Painting sells online. Lady says IT'S A FINAL SALE. 

Sam on the phone waiting for Jason to wake up and his finger moved.  She finally feels him squeeze her hand. She runs out: JASON IS AWAKE!! Sonny and Griffin look at her. Griffin goes in to examine him. Ut oh...only spontaneous movements he says. Sam won't believe it.  She wants him home. Sonny says ok. Then he talks to her about what she'll have to tell the kids and what they'll see. He knows because of Michael. Oh good advice actually. She decides to put him in a clinic. 

Anna blackmails Finn with his drug transactions.  He says OK he'll go meet Cassandra. I still don't get this. AT ALL!!  Griffin sees that Anna is leaving--with Finn. She said she'd get info on the clinic for him. 

TOMORROW IS THE BIG DAY PEOPLE!! I hope I can make it 

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Sunday Surgery: The Man In the Iron Ski Mask

  I like his mask so much more than mine!! 

Oh boy-- just when you think the week is going to be boring, there's a big ol' curve ball sitting on my plate! Nikolas? Jason? --- When will we see "The Real" Jason? Now that the "Known Jason" is waking up!!? Why is Ava looking at some guy that could be on the cover of Antifa Magazine in the clinic in Russia?  Those are just the sane questions. A whole lot of other sheeze was flapping in the wind this week too. We'd better settle in! 

Yesterday was my son's birthday so it's blueberry pie that's left over for me! 

Friday, September 15, 2017

Come on, Bobby!


Love Maxie's outfit!! 

Sam's dream shows Jason in the fog on the docks... will it come true??

Nina and Valentin zzzzzz

Art Gallery:  Franco's BIG PICTURE CAN'T BE SOLD. (it's not even that good). Maxie wants to do a story about her one night stand with Franco but he won't comment on it. Franco's adoptive mama comes to see him.  She sees the painting Franco did of he and the blonde kid. Then he shows her the photo. "You deserve the truth" She says. (then the show ended)

Finn's acting weird?? Anna is talking to him about a caper. Then he goes to see Liz-- to tell her Hayden's gone. She has to go to the Art Gallery.  She gets there and runs into Franco's Mama. I love her dress. Franco's Mom is a nurse too! 

Finn goes to Anna's after she fakes an emergency. She hands him a folder and says "now you are coming with me, right" This is about Cassadra and the diamond? This is chopped up and I don't understand what the story is. 

MONICA! MONICA! MONICA!! "if Jason Dies you have the blood of BOTH of my sons on your hands"!! She's yelling at Sonny. Yeah! Then Alexis totally interrupts her rant. Thanks for nothin'. 
Oh crap, Monica was all mad then she backed off and was like "well, it's not all YOUR fault, Jason wanted this life"..blah blah blah. UGH 

Spinelli wants to talk to Det. West. Then he goes to see Sam and Jason. He talks Spin-Speak to him. No change for Jason. Alexis and Monica both go talk to Sam about them (nice touch). They tell her no difference. Monica says he can't stay in GH forever, he has to move to a facility. She can't even pull enough strings. Sam says I want to take him home! We have the means so I'm getting all the equipment. Alexis says: What about Danny and Scout? Sam's all: I don't care!! 
Spinelli talks to her a bit.  He says it may be for the best. She hugs him and Jason's hand shakes. 

Rando Curtis and Jordan filler scene on the docks. She leaves. Sonny comes up and they talk about Jason. Is Curtis getting ready to fill in for him?? Yes, they shake on it and Jordan sees them around the corner. 

 Thank you I said HER NAME WAS Karen on GH ---no one believed me. It's Betsy. UGH. WEIRD! she was named after me, damn it lol. Oh, the recast Mama called Franco "BOBBY" LOL that was fun.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Like a Jelly Donut.

Spinelli and Amy--hmm interesting. He's there for Jason. Of course since St. Burton is coming back, he may follow?? Spinelli is reading MAN LANDERS -because of course he is 

Dr. Bench. I'm still not into this--if it's supposed to be all SCRUBS? Well, not even close. 

Nina and Valentin-- he tells her that he got Ava to sign the papers.

Griffin is talking to Anna about the clinic.  She's like? are helping AVA JEROME? huh? 

Maxie and Nate talking about Man Landers.

Ok, I let my kid watch what he wanted because... it's ALL FILLER. I Will watch tomorrow. Promise. 



UPDATED!! OMG...look what showed up at the CLINIC with Ava!! Can it be Jason OR is it Nikolas?? 

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Wub Free Day

HELLO.... I have work today-- so I'm not going to be here for it. I'm sure I won't miss much PRE-JASON return.  Spinning wheels right now or what? eesh!!

Thanks to DISCO DAVE for the photo!! He's a photoshop master.  Behave. BeKind. YOU  BE YOU.  

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Dr. O and Franco--my reason for tuning in today I see. He shows her the photo.  It comes down to the fact that Franco didn't have a twin, so Jason must have. 
There I saved you a lotta work.

Kiki talks to Griffin about Ava. Sonny leaves (because of course we can't have 3 people talk together) They figure out she went to St. Petersburg. RUSSIA

Sam is damn nuts with her Carly loves Jason junk. Ugh. Weird Has nothing to do with anything and-- ugh.  Anyway-- they fight, then Sam says "I love you" and talks to Alexis. Carly leaves (can't have 3 people there). 

Michael and Nelle on the bridge. He talks about being shot in the head because of Sonny. He says he doesn't want to go into the business because of the danger. She's happy Michael works for ELQ and not his Dad. 

Ava is on the plane with some chick who says she had scars as well and is now cured! Oh she works at the clinic. She's going with Ava to keep her company?  God she's a bad actress. I'm callin' it like I see it. With all the talent in all of LA--you get this?? 

Last thing I saw was Sonny telling Carly HE'D be the one to decide if Jason has to get off the machine and HE'LL DO IT.  Good God. :EYEROLL: 

Monday, September 11, 2017

TO Hell and Back

Well, it's 9/11 and every year I'm reminded that GH was off the air for weeks due to all the coverage-- rightly so, of course. At the time, I didn't think I'd ever watch "normal tv" again. The story of the hour when everything changed was "The End Game"--Cassadine-Spencer feud. The ending was changed because of the climate of the times and it felt for awhile anyway, that the anchor of GH was just blowing in the wind. It was also when I was first on the net, in the AOL folders and no one could believe what was happening. There wasn't any Twitter-- or Facebook, we only had these boards to talk on. Soap Zone was up so there was a lot of discussion there. Big Brother 2 was going, and a few places were chat rooms for that show. Just scary times. 

Heroes All....


Rocco's birthday. He and Charlotte are on. Olivia comes over with Italian food.  Dante is worried that Valentin will take her away.

Lulu sees Ava sign Val's paper..wants to know what it is.  UGH we are going to do this Charlotte crap even MORE?? Lulu lays into Ava. Ava lies about what they were talking about. She says a tapestry is being sold to him for Wyndemere. 

Carson is at GH-- Sonny says the 5 Families are so happy he's still in the mob! It's a good "Balance of Power"!   They are talking about moving in together but Sonny's worried about security. 

E damn it!! Jason--of whom we don't see his face. I think Miller was doing his contract at this point.  She finally goes when Grffin says he needs to be alone with him to do an eval.  Sam gets all pissy with Carly about Jason's condition. She seems to think Carly knows more than she does? HUH?
Griffin comes out and says the longer Jason is unresponsive, the more likely he wont' recover. He suggests long term facility. Sam freaks out. She's mad at everyone. She lashes out at Carly and Liz.

Sonny takes Griffin to the Metro to ask him "spiritual questions"..."Why was Jason punished and not me"? 

Kiki brings over the poster for Franco's art show. (Title: TO Hell and Back)  He's going to go see Heather though. He is all upset that Jason isn't waking up. "We are connected" he says. 
When Franco goes to see Heather, she won't see him.  He gives the guard the photo to show her an the BLT he brought. She still refuses to see him. 

Ava tells Kiki she's going to a spa. 

OMG. this is just like PULLING TEETH zzzzzzzzzzzz

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Sunday Surgery: Lame Duck

Seeing Double Ducks? 

Why do I feel like these last ending weeks of Jean P's leaving as GH co-headwriter are just...well..not much about anything?? We know St. Jaysus is do back on Sept 18th (or 19th depending on who you read) so it just feels like giant limbo.

That makes my job easy! I'm back to school, and have my first cold so I'll keep it short. 

We sure aren't having duck this Sunday so maybe some Malt Duck? Who remembers that? :giggle: 

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Punching Bag

IT's Thursday and here we go! I'm home at 2:00 so let's see how it goes. 

Curtis lost ROXY! Oh no!! They look for her. Sexual tension ensues. They kiss. BUT! Jordan pulls away because, you know. Gotta keep this see-saw going. 

Jake talks to Franco. May as well just kill off Cam and Aiden at this point. It's just a joke. Franco talks to him about Jason being in the hospital. Screw you Cam and Aiden LOL. Jake pulls out a photo of Old Face Jason saying how different he looks now. Later, Liz and Franco talk about what it would be like if Jason lived with his old face and this guy showed up. It was confusing but obviously in there for a reason.

Liz talks to  Sonny--filler. OMG for ONE line...then Michael comes along and Sonny can be all guilty with him.  Then Sonny leaves and... Bobbie comes in to talk to Michael. I take it they can't have everyone in one place? 

Carly talks to God. HE Is even bored up there in heaven. I think I've seen 900 chapel scenes in my lifetime. 
Sonny comes in. He's all mumbly and his BIZ and Jason and how now he has to stay in Da Biz. Carly is all cool with that and wants to be by his side..even if she has to protect everything. 

Ava and Griffin. "Don't go" says Griffin to Ava.  Ok, I'm not seeing any sexy in his voice. Seriously.  Maura is selling this 900% but boy Griffin is just flat as a pancake here. Not feeling this!! 
Griffin says he's still honoring his celibacy vow. Huh?  Ava leaves. 
Later, Sonny comes in and punches the bag as well. Ava is gone. 
Ava goes home to call Valentin to get the face-fix 

END: Jake gives Franco a photo of Jason as a kid..looks just like his imaginary friend! Ergo, I would think if the FIRST Jason was with Franco then Jason 2.0 and Old Jason are identical?  Not that I care. 

Chris Van Etten is not listed as co-head writer yet. Still has Jean on there. 

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Back to School!

LATE!!  First day back to work and holy heck, I'm tired!! LOL... 3-5 year olds take it out of you!! 


Griffin pulled away from Ava-- he wanted her to "heal" not kiss her, geesh. Ava is horrified. Poor Ava. Who says no to MW's charms? Ava reads Griffin hard-- "you won't let anyone touch you"!! "You are the one hiding"!! They need to have Matt C just be the hot sex man we know he can be. I can't stand him like this. 
Oh her face make up is awesome. 

Krissy and Parker. Lexi looks really good--now get Valerie back on here. YEAH! She comes out and Parker is so jealous!! 

Carly and Michael talking about the VIO-LANCE.  Carly blames herself about the five families and the shooting of Jason.  Michael says No..Jason wouldn't want that. They go to GH. 

Sam cryin' to Jason not to die.
Whatever. I think Sam has been at "a Jason's bedside" at least 30x in my viewing lifetime and he's been to hers 22. UGH. Weren't we JUST here? Wasn't Sam having a damn viral attack? God those kids aren't going to know their parents. And I hope they have great insurance.  Molly comes in and says Danny wants to see his parents. YOU THINK? 

Sonny in Jason's his bedside "I think I know what I have to do" he says. (Stay in the mob, right??) 

Dante is in the chapel.. thinking about Jason. HE wishes Sonny liked him as much as he likes Jason.  LOL. Lulu thinks Sonny might get out of the mob. AHAHAHA. Yeah, nope. 

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Last Rites

Oh WHO COULD have stolen that necklace? Oh, Valentin has it to Nina in front of the Security guard. Probably all paste now LMAO 

Anna is talking to Maddox about the jewel heists. NICE to remember he was in WSB. Thank you. 
So, I suppose the Valentin being a jewel thief COULD be good if they write it right and exciting. (stop laughing). COULD HAPPEN! 
Maddox wonders why Anna wants to do the diamond thing. She doesn't want revenge on Valentin, she wants to follow the case. Valentin sold jewels to this "Cassandra" person.  She's the one that would market them.
I am speculating that Valentin is also Cassandra :)  LOL

Griffin and Dr. Dave-- they are talking about Marasol. She's paralyzed. Her parents are crying. "What can you do for her Dr.""??  He calls the hospital priest to give her last rites.  Griffin comes out crying--he yells at Ava.  Marasol is dead.  He goes to the gym and works out his upset on the boxing bag. Ava sees him shirtless. Swoons. 

So, Kiki goes on a an observation with Dr. Dave. He asks her what she speculates is wrong. She is hesitant, he is gruff. She says the patient's tremor could be due to being nervous with Dr. Dave. He's all gruff again. Calls her JEROME-- as in "Hop to it, Jerome"!!  He says later she has empathy and is doing well. 

Curtis doesn't have Hayden with him. Finn is bummed. Curtis found a trail and it led to LAX and then Hayden called him. She told  him to go to a hotel room and there he found a suitcase. (but no Hayden). Hayden wrote a letter to Finn.  "forgive me but forget me'. Um, you got his baby in there, girlie. SO...NOPE. 
OH! Wait...Hayden writes she lost the baby-- Finn cries hard. So does Hayden (in another frame). Is she lying or???
YEP She is..they show her later, standing up, still pregnant. LOL I knew it. She'll return at some point with a kid in tow. As old as time, that story! 


Kiki calls Dillon..I think he might have a fever? Is he sick?? 

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Sunday Surgery: Singing the Bluesberry-Jam

It will come out! Use some soda water and baking soda!! 

The weeks are FLYING BY! Now it's September and the 'end' of summer on soaps. If GH had any sense (and the money and 1/2 the cast) the Morocco jaunt COULD have been a fun August fling. Little adventure, intrigue--Cassadine shennanigans. But.. you know. Nelle was there so...sad horn. Giggle 

You know we are eating jelly donuts, right? 

Friday, September 1, 2017

Squirt Guns

I totally forgot about Silas and Anna LMAO-- hee hee. WELP.  They are all upset about A) the diamonds and B) Hayden.  Guess who's worried about who.

Diane and Alexis are on-- yeah!! They are at the Floating Rib.  Diane says Sonny's going legit. Alexis laughs "yeah, that worked out really well with Julain, right"??  Diane explains why Max is better than Julian. Doesn't lie to her, respects her yada yada. 
SUCH GREAT dialog about Julian and Alexis fighting her feelings for him. I can't get into it all, but Diane is mad that Alexis is compromising herself and Alexis is explaining her feelings. Nice and felt very natural. CH and NLG did a great job. Bravo. 

Jake and Franco playing Squirt Guns. Jake finds the Bro Photos. Jake wants to find more. Franco says no.  Jake is so into Franco's 'imaginary friend'! 

The kids are at Monica's... Sam is waiting for the surgery.  CarSon brought food for her. Awww. 
Then CarSon talk about the damn shooting a million times. OMG, get this Sonny says he HAS to stay in the mob because everyone ELSE is so nasty!! Yep. HE's gotta be the good one in there. OMG AHHAAAA
Then Carly says that Sonny getting out was a stupid idea. She knew who he was, and shouldn't have asked him to do that!! She's so sorry. (Barf) 
Later, Franco walks in. The boys (I guess Cam and Aiden were home in the attic) are with Lindsey. He finds out Jason is shot. Says he's sorry to Sam. She says "get out of my face".  Carly yells at him too. He goes and pouts. 
Sam texts Alexis about Jason. Alexis leaves and goes to GH.

Anna and Finn are visiting RayHay's Dad.  They argue a lot. It was kind of strange.  Then they talk to her Dad. He says no way is the Montenegro diamond from that necklace. Not his. Nope. He says he doesn't know where Hayden is. That's it.

SO..if the diamond and necklace is gone-- maybe Valentine did both? He's an international jewel thief?? 

OMG my cable went out at 2:54!! I DIDN'T SEE THE VERY END! On a Friday!!? Seriously!!? GEESHHH!! Sorry. Someone on twitter said at the end Curtis texted Finn and said he found Hayden. 

The summer is sure winding down, no?? WOW.. Labor day is coming soon!  Oh, "Squirt Guns"... why that title? Jake was hosing down Franco with one! 

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Jason's Chest

LISA ran into DOM at Disneyland!

Getting tired of Ava's face. 

SO, Nell is some kind of killer? Whatever. I hope they make her so unpredictable and just OUT OF CONTROL evil under cover. She eats baby mice for breakfast nutty. Then, she dies. 

Griffin has a patient who's back after the bomb scare (???????? seriously) Marasol and her headaches are back. She's afraid she's going to die. Griffin is going to run tests. BUT! Dr. Bench already did (Max from OLTL). She's gonna die. Griffin TELLS AVA ALLLLLLLLLL about it. Nevermind HIPAA. 

Sam is covered in blood, Liz sees her...Liz says Jason will pull through.  Sam tells Monica that Jason was shot. Carly and Sonny come in. Sam sobs. Carly hugs her.

Dilly says Nell is ready to be a model after some photos he took. She flips out. 

Nina and Val sex.  Something something..yada yada..OH! The necklace is missing. She asks Nelle about it since shes' seen wearing it in a photo. Nell is all: YOU think I stole it, didn't you? 

Bobbie shows Carly the article about Nelle. She was suspected of trying to kill a guy in a boating accident. Carly doesn't care.  

Sonny is LEGIT TALKING TO DANTE at the PCPD about HIS TERRITORY!! I mean, come on. I know you think we are stupid-- but really? IN the PCPD!! 

I think Dr. Bench is going to turn out to be a perv. You wait. He's going after Kiki.  He's acting so weird. If I didn't know JPD as an actor I'd think he was terrible. 

OK: So this kid Marasol must be dying so that Jason gets her heart or something?? Because WHY BOTHER with this? 


Wubber Ginny DID THIS!! ahahaha she just upended it. 

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Off For the Day

Crazy day! As most of you know that have read this for the past bazillion years, I'm a speech pathologist and when Sept hits, I go back to work!! This week is scheduling (oy vey)-- and I'm not home today for GH. I try to cram in so much stuff (ie: Eye appt, doctor's check ups) at the end of August, it's maddening. 

Let me know if Jason 2.0 dies. Ha ha. Ok, we know he won't.  

Also, I was up at 4am and saw live tweets from people getting flooded in Port Arthur Texas in real time. Begging for help/rescue. Heart wrenching. I personally think the best place to donate is the RED CROSS -- who will use funds in a wide spread area. If people know of reputable LOCAL charities (ie: women's shelters, pet rescue) let me know. I do have contacts in the Katy and Houston area. If we can get even one person the stuff they need, it's a start. I found with Katrina and Sandy, this will go on for months and years. 

Take care all! Hope you are high and dry. 

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

More Morocco

Sonny and the 5 families. If I was a writer? I would have totally surprise popped Brad in there as the head of the Asian Quarter!! He could have been all--what? what?? LOL So, Sonny says he's out. Max and associates are taking over and he wants protection for his fam and Jason's. Looks like they are going to agree, they all shake and leave.  Jason goes to Perks to see Sam. 
And...... the Russian guy comes storming in with Max by the collar, threatening to kill him. *sigh*  Jason tries to call Sonny--no answer so he goes back. Russian guy wants more territory. Anyway, gun fight and Jason pushes Sam out of the way and gets shot. This will have something to do with Jason 2.0 right??? Don't they wear bullet proof vests? DERP

Ned tells Olivia he's taking over for Michael while Michael is in...

MOROCCO! We can tell by: Rugs..Hookah's.... Nell has on a flowing robe. Looks like Pier One.  They need to smoke opium. GOD SO BORING.  Looks like Nell will have some nudes out there in cyberspace (when you see the show, you'll get hit in the head with it). 

Olivia got a Pizza Oven! LOL To cook the Thanksgiving dinner with!! HAHAHA. She didn't get Cook back, even tho Monica said to.  Later, she finds out Monica hired back Cook 2 and Cook didn't want the pizza oven and sent the workers packing. Ned is mad that Michael went to Morocco to WORK--but he's sending selfies to everyone of he and Nell. 

Sam is at Perks talking to Dr. Maddox. He says her anxiety is probably still up there.  She takes his card. 

Felicia tells Bobbie she's got the goods on Nell....Bobbie runs to tell Carly. Carly is, whatever. I don't even want to know now. 

Felicia leaves and on her way out of the Metro she sees Nathan and Amy going upstairs.  She's intrigued.  When Amy and Nate talk to Mrs. Colby (forget her name) the publisher, she has a giant cut out of "Man Landers" with a hat over his face. THEN she says he has to go to the Press Release party.  He's not happy.

Maxie's home. She's moving back to PC.  She's going to let Spinelli take Georgie (which is stupid...just leave your kid 3,000 miles away) ugh. Maxie looked at the Man Landers Blog-- and she likes it, but still wants to find out who he is. 

Nate spills coffee on his shirt so when Maxie hears them, Amy says "Button your shirt and this is our little secret". Maxie is all @@~~~ !!!!
Felicia gets photos of Nell on her phone...Bobbie is there.  Bobbie says Carly doesn't want to know anything. Felicia says: OH? I bet she'll want to know this!!  She says Nell is a murderer!! 

Monday, August 28, 2017

MORE Anvils

I am going to tweet/blog GH today but also want to say I'm thinking of everyone in the storm's path--dealing with the flooding, rain-- wind damage etc.  Maybe you can get to a device and read my summary and not think about stuff for a min! 

Sam and Krissy--Kris wants Sam to go out. Amy (her roomie) is busy and she has NO other friends. GEESH only in PC-- Krissy leaves, Alexis comes in.  

Griffin and Ava, having drinks in her apt. HE's afraid he's gonna get sued by the reporter. Ava says not to worry.  He touches her, she doesn't want anyone to care about her!! :eyeroll: 

Lucy says she can sell PaZOOLOS...Sonny's restaurant. He's distracted.  She leaves. Jason comes over and they discuss his retiring and what he has to take 'care of' in the next few days.  He's going to meet with the 5 families and needs back up. Jason tells Sam about it later, she's not happy.  She says he should go because then it will be over quicker. 

Franco is moving into Liz' house. Jake is there. Of course, Cam and Aiden are NO WHERE TO BE FOUND. Jake loves the painting of the 2 boys. He thinks it's about Brothers (anvil sound) . Franco says no--- just imaginary friend. Later, Franco finds an envelope with a photo of a dark haired and light haired boy. (That's another anvil)

Scotty is drinking at the Metro.  Carly finds out about Jules' sentence. She says "the bastard finally got what he deserved".  She comps dinner for he and Lucy.  Scott gives Lucy a letter from Gail, Lee left it to her in his will. Aw, it's a nice letter!! He left her his office in PC. 

Sonny and Carly have champagne at the Metro and Alexis comes over all upset.  They fight about who's worse: Sonny or Julian? You know that song and dance.  Alexis wants a drink. 

Val goes to Jake's with Kristina. She's like Is this GAY night? Then decides to stay. Krissy said she wanted a wing-woman. Oh, and guess what? PARKER IS THERE!!  She comes over to say hi to Kristina. Kristina tells Val Parker dumped her after sleeping with her. Val decides to make Parker jelly and makes out with Kristina ! HHAHAAAA. Parker has some woman with her Not sure if that's her wife or?? Kristina liked that kiss lol. 

Half Moon Cookies

Here in WNY, our Half Moon cookies look like the above. Most places make a chocolate or a yellow vanilla cake cookie. They are as big as the palm of your hand and have buttercream frosting on top. 
NYC's black and whites have a shortbread cookie, not a cake cookie and are smaller.  Ours were started in Utica, NY in 1925.   Most people here in Rochester like Wegmans' Half Moons better-- I think it's the frosting, not sure! 

You can get a recipe here:  In a Pinch Recipes. (for the Chocolate kind). Well, this was off topic but maybe Kelly's will start selling Half Moons some day!! 

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Sunday Surgery: ACME Anvils

Yes, this is our Visual Anvil... 

Slacker--that's what I am!! Last week and this week have been hit and miss for me on the show. Thank goodness not too much is happening right now. I'll give it my best shot for Sunday Surgery. I have one more week before I return to work again Sept 6th. I'd better get my sheeze together! 

This week was full of anvils falling-- if you didn't see the show it was all about Jason not really seeming like..well, Jason.  He's now not the Not Jason. Even though we spent FOREVER finding out he WAS Jason.. when we  thought he was Jake. *sigh* 

What about half-moon cookies in honor of the past solar eclipse this week? Not sure if you have them in your neck of the woods--they are 1/2 white and 1/2 "black" ; vanilla or chocolate. Cookie can be either vanilla or chocolate! 

Friday, August 25, 2017


Ok, so..

Dilly shows Kiki his Willy-- by taking his towel off LOL . Later, Nina tells him he has to go to Morocco on assignment. 

Michael yells at Ned about ELQ. Ned game money to Mayor Lomax and something about Fracking. Michael hates fracking! Ned says "well, you should have briefed me"!! Oh, I'm totally here for a nice ELQ struggle. CRUSH him NED!! Crush him!!  Oh, dang, they stop fighting and Michael offers him a job....VP of "new business". 

Emme is back and looking so good after the baby. GEESH.  She's all dressed in a Yankee outfit to tempt Dante. They make start to make ze love on the couch and-- door bell.  Val is there with Charlotte. He's like, got dinner with Nina--BYE!  Val is giving Lulu an option with Charlotte; if he stays in PC (if Nina and he get back together).they'll have shared custody. 

VERDICT IS IN: Guilty, Guilty, Guilty..not sure all the degrees but he's guilty of all charges. Julian wants to be sentenced now, not in 4 months.  Judge gives him max 20 years, with 15 having to be served. Alexis cries.
**Remember, this was done before WDV re-signed his contract so... how will Jules get out this time?? 

Nina is going to meet Valentin for dinner and wants to look good. She tells Nelle (UGH) to get her a dress from the Crimson racks. She has to look perfect.  Then a crisis!!  She, Nelle and Dillon are going together to solve it. Nina  goes to tell Valentine she's leaving for Morocco.  I think Valentin is trying to go too.

Michael wants to go to Morocco with Nell. Who's going to run ELQ while he's gone? hmmmm.... Yes! Ned agrees. And says "Don't worry, NOTHING WILL HAPPEN". I hope he fracks Beecher's Corners while he's gone LOL!! 

After the trial, Ava is talking to Griffin and the press storms in "this is the courtroom where Julian Jerome was convicted, have any thoughts, Miss Jerome"?!  Griffin hits the camera man. 

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Two for One!

SO, I FF thru yesterday's GH to catch up. Didn't bother yet with Tuesday's..whoops. Oh well.

Nexis!! yea! I was a huge Gatekeeper's fan. Miss them..she should have been at his wedding. 

The trial is still going on? Geesh Louise. British Bad-Boy thug gets more airtime. 

Sam told Carly she shot Sonny. it's a BIG DEAL.  AHHHAA.  Trying so hard to drum up drama with these 4. If she had stalked and shot Carly and then Jason/Sonny covered that up, then ok. But this? DERP.

Oh, wonder who Franco's 'imaginary friend" could be???????? OBVIOUS


Charlotte comes to dance for Nina at Crimson.

Anna goes looking for Hayden and Finn is in her office. He finds an ultrasound pic and keeps it. He tells Anna that he has no clue where she is. 
Anna and the diamonds. Like anyone remembers or cares about this sheeze. 
Lucy comes in and asks Finn if he wants to back out of the house deal.  Finn says he's buying that damn house.  Anna's like: erm... sorry. Didn't know about all this. 
Anna explains about the diamond. Finn thinks it's Nikolas'. She's not so sure.

Carly's still bitching.  You lied to me!! OMG YOU LIED!! YOU LIED!! You lied..wahhh.  Jason is like "too bad, shrug"  AHHAA.  Carly's all : we were friends for 20 years? whaaa. Why you so mean? 

UPSHOT: Carly has no idea why Jason would lie to her. Sam doesn't know why she didn't trust herself to tell Jason about her hallucinations. 

HMmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. WONDER WHY? lol.  #NotJason ?? 
OH!! And Sonny wonders why he wasn't all gung-ho about the Distillery. 

Julian's trial: Alexis appears upset that the British thug may have dug Julian's so called grave.  Julian testifies in his own defense.  Alexis seems to be buying his sheeze.  "I'm sorry for all you went through" she says to him.


Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Broken Everything

Maxie and Kiki---Behind the Scenes at GH 

Well, today I had no internet and no TV!! Geesh-- I'm telling you, I'm falling farther and farther behind. 
Looking at the promos of "Sonny's angst at getting out of the mob"--I'm not so sure I care!!? 

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Sun is Open!

Yep.. it's over! I was where it was 75%--my son, hubs and dad went to KY and saw the entire thing. They had a great time and were with about 60 other people around a lake--!! That's it! So no huge traffic. You noticed GH was a rerun yesterday. So....

Today is a new show but I'm still at my parents. I won't be doing it today-- and might just pop in and out the rest of the week. Busy time because I start up work the 6th of Sept.  and have to get my schedule ready. 

Hope you had a good eclipse day!! :) SEE YA!! 

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Sunday Surgery: Lust and Liniment


So, I'm off this weekend and I'm uploading something for Sunday Surgery because I'm nice like that!! Let's see what I can get done.  

LIKE TINA, I'm having sheet cake! Dig in! 

Friday, August 18, 2017



FRANCO IS BACK!! CO77x! ahahaha he's painting and listening to "soap alternative grunge" music! Man, people that hate Franco are going to go OVER THE EDGE! AHAHAHAA. OH CRAP on a cracker!! He's destroying his old paintings!! Damn it! I just wanted dark James Franco back. Poop. He's taking all his street art CO77x paintings and just wrecking them. :sobbing: 
Franco rails against the art world saying his stuff was only bought because it was dark and bleak. NOT because he was a great artist. He's just a "basic psycho" . Kiki comes to check on him. Since he's moving into Liz', she can have the apartment. 
Kiki says he shouldn't destroy his past-- that this was a phase. She thinks he should give it to Ava because you know, her inventory burned up. 

Emma gives Anna that diamond that Spencer gave her. Is it real? Could it be? She asks Liz! She's not sure! Wow, is it a REAL ONE? zzzzzzz She almost faints and Liz gives her OJ. Guess they remembered her blood disorder. Then, Anna goes to the Metro and has the jeweler examine the stone IN THE METRO LOBBY. WTF? the LOBBY?, way to hide it. 

Val and Nina are blabbing at the Metro SUCH A BORE. Ut oh...Anna came in!! Nina's all huffy. Valentin says "I'll just ignore her"! 

Ava wants to make out with Griffin but --you know--the face. Kiki comes over. She takes Ava to GH because she got stung by a bee and has a fever. It's actually the flu. Griffin wants to take her home but she's all NO! NO! (because she was having sex dreams of him). Ava goes off in a huff in the elevator

NOTE: Liz and Griffin should be together. Ava and Franco need to do some damage in PC. Just a thought! 

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Say Goodbye to YET ANOTHER Quartermaine!

According to Daytime Confidential, Robert Palmer Watkins was 'blindsided' when he was told he was being let go from the show.  Now, I don't think they've written well or very exciting things for Dillon but having another Q leave is just not cool. Just when we were getting Ned, Olivia, Monica and Dilly all interacting.  I'm hoping he goes off to do a film and not killed. That Q crypt is full. 

Dr. O under Fire

Stephen Nichols tweeted: MY LONG LOST SON! (both on DAYS now) 

Mac is worried about Anna finding out about their naked tryst in the park. Anna comes in with Emma. The new baby is named Noah Robert Scorpio Drake. 

Curtis and Finn still trapped in HayRay's office. Curtis won't look for Hayden because it was her choice to leave. 

Dr. O gets a lecture from Franco.  Liz then lectures her too.  Then Finn comes and yells at her. 

Maxie  is talking to Spin about maybe moving to Seattle. They are wondering why Nate won't move.  She wants him to find Man Landers (sigh) he says he LOVES Man Landers! He grew his beard because Man said women like it. She wants him unmasked. 

Nathan is with AMY talking about MAN LANDERS.  Nothing to see here, move along. 

EDITING JUNK: Liz and Franco were literally talking to Dr. O, turned around and left. Finn came up and started talking. NEXT SCENE? Liz is changed, home and ready to zex up Franco. ugh. Liz wants him to move in. Funny-- I thought they already lived together?? 

NEWS come on about Barcelona. So damn sad. This world is just so damn sad.   Be kind to one another.  Love will win.  It has to. 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


New TJ Maxx opened up about 2 miles from me, so forgive that I'm late by 20min!! Sure I didn't miss much! 

I know any of you aren't Franco fans-- I'm a Roger fan and was glad he was back. Just because he seems to have a relaxing fun time on set.  Dr. O has fun too. 

Curtis is STILL LOOKING YUMMY-- just had to mention that.  Finn has angst. Finn will probably have ANGST for months.  He was going to beat Jared up right there in her office. Curtis hit him first. 

Lighting in the park is pretty--- kinda bland banter with Parker/Krissy tho. REALLY bland. I guess they haven't been on in a damn year so they had to expound. 

Ava's still feeling horrible. Griffin's still talking to her. She has a dream she's all fixed and Griffin and she kiss.  SO, Ava is RICH, right? Griffin knows all sorts of plastic surgeons RIGHT? She has the card VALENTIN gave her right? SO.... I don't even get this. 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Parker in the Park

Griffin is so kind...and so right.  People don't know what to say, if anything and -- they feel uncomfortable.  Later, Ava rubs his shoulders and he's 1/2 naked. Sparks flyin'

Sam thought Carly was going to kill her ass! ahahahaa!!! 

I see they are still shoving NELL in our faces. ugh

Ashley Jones is back as Parker today--should we care? Will this be yanked back? I'm STILL waiting for Curtis and Val's blind-date. 
You know she's Oscar's Mama if she's going to the police station. 

Carly and Sonny just narrated for the whole show. some cop stole the gun from the evidence room because he owed Sonny a favor. Jason took it and is going to throw it off the bridge. 

General Hospital: Some Notes and a little News

CURTIS, you look FINE! 

So I watched yesterday's show and here is the BIG PICTURE take-away: 


1. Sam shoots Sonny--and the big thing that happens out of months of Sam's hallucinations is that she had a brain virus and now there's a "OMG I shot Sonny" secret.  Um, why is it a secret? If she was ill, why would she be charged? Why didn't Sonny just say she shot him accidentally at the pit? He saw she was delusional--right? This is basically NOT a story. They are going to keep this 'big secret' from people (Carly) and then they'll get all mad and....??? Break up again? Seriously? If the police DO find out will Sam GO TO JAIL? Hahahaa. AHAHAHAAAA. Nope, so again--NO Story. 
Oh, and I see they are going to blame Jules for 'telling Sam' to "get rid of Sonny".. Because of course they are. 

2. Dr. O and Finn revenge. Hello--knock knock--writers? Dr. O has been very sparsely since I don't even remember when. I guess she was switching pee samples all along but it was like she popped out of the closet towards the end and BOOM!  Now she's messing with Hayden and Finn like she's been on all year and is a giant villain. Welp. You knew Becky was being let go, so why make her pregnant? Why not just have it found out she really DID smuggle some money and was complicit all along in her Dad's schemes? The Feds come and haul her away. There. Done. 

Sliver of light? Monica was really used well in all this mess--the pee reveal, the wedding and the fraud. Now, please don't just not her on for months. Thx/ 

3.  Ok, the good? More stuff seems to be happening at the Q house. Please let us hope this keeps up.  We know WK is on another show so?? hmmmmm. I do like Olivia and Monica together. 

4.  MORE GUYS COMING (I think short term? )
Inspector DesRoches

AND...this guy is one of the Five Families. 

Ok, See you at 2 today. I'm home because my car's air con is broken. UGH..what a pain. So, I'm cleaning and doing paperwork today if I can get out of this chair lol. 

Monday, August 14, 2017

Yep, I'm Napping!

Ok everyone--sorry but I'm taking a break today. I'm turning off the TV and the computer and I'm going to read a book. Just a fluffy, no thinking book. 

Have a great one! 

Let me know if Val and Curtis go on that "blind date" -- that's about all I want to see lol. Just that fun stuff. 

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sunday Surgery: Al Fresco

Wait, isn't this a Disney movie? 

Everyone SIT DOWN and cozy up. This is going to be one of those blogs where I just gush --then lose my sheeze all over the place!!  Sort of a buffet of everything you can think of. That's what we are eating--EVERYTHING. So get a turkey leg and some marshmallows --- here we go! 

Personal Note (added late Sat night): I just want to say that with all the horrific things going on, I am glad I can come here and lose myself for a bit in "our story". I'm grateful to all of you, and the fact that we are bonded in some weird bizarre way.  Just needed to send out some positive vibes today. 

Friday, August 11, 2017

Looks Like DeVry is Staying

SO.... this happened:

Great news-just in time for the weekend!! Will DeVry is staying in Port Charles. Deets to follow

Friday Frustration

"Can't have any more selfies without Will" Says Nancy. He's basically off the show
due to breakdown in contract talks. 

Trial:  Alexis tells about Juilan shooting her handcuffs off. Scotty gets her to say Jules was essentially a hero.

Sonny and Carly: "I know you'd never keep a secret from me again".. UGH whatever. WHY THE HELL wouldn't Sonny TELL CARLY about Sam? WHY? She had a brain virus-- I mean. I DON'T EVEN. IS this to be all "CarSon is together--- now "Split apart" by Sonny's "lies"!! We JUST did this!! COME ON!! 

Sam knows it's not a dream. Big deal.  She's so upset. Jason tells her not her fault, she was sick. She doesn't care. She cries. 

Dante and Nate are figuring out there was another shooter there 

Finn wonders why Hayden called herself Rachel. She tells him she typed in the wrong name. He doesn't believe her, asks what's wrong.
OMG--just tell him for F sake. He lied to you forever about being a junkie so--

Ok, I can't do it. I'm going to leave at 2:22. Maybe it will be better if I can FF through all this. 

Have a great Friday. See you Sunday for Surgery! 

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Take a Stand

Molly, Kristina, Alexis out to lunch. Talking about rotating Danny and Scout with MONICA. LOL They don't want her to testify for Julian.  They list ALL his sins.  Kristina is registering for PCU and I BET Parker is going to be a professor there now.  YEP! I was right!! 

Oh, that's right... Julian is having a trial LOL. Scotty says no jury, just judge. They don't know which way Alexis is going to testify.  She comes in. She basically says that Julian never warned her about Olivia. 

Kiki and Griff want to take Ava to lunch.  She's like NOPE. Then, Kiki guilts her into it and she goes. 
Charlotte and Valentin are at the Kelly's eating lunch-- she is concerned Spencer will take the horses. 
When Kiki, Ava and Griff walk in Charlotte yells "THAT LADY" and points at Ava. To be fair, Ava has on about 900 coats. lol Ava goes outside while they order take out.  Charlotte goes to apologize. Val uses the opportunity to remind Ava to call that plastic surgeon. 

Hayden and the bank thing-- she snaps at Finn and Liz when they ask questions.  Liz and Hayden talk and be all sisterly. Later, Finn goes into Hayden's office to give her a cactus -- and throws away the box. He finds the visitor badge to her Dad's.  She does a song and dance around it. 

Jared comes and gives Liz a card to give to Hayden. 

awwww. Genie tweeted this today !