Friday, November 17, 2017

NPR Story includes General Hospital Shout Out

This story is wonderful. NPR aired it as part of their upcoming Documentary Series.  I RT this to my Wubs followers and now it seems he may be invited to the set! 

LINK:  Fandom : GH was the 'dope' 

We gave General Hospital a new name. We didn't call it General Hospital no more. We called it "The Dope" — because it was addictive. We walked down the hallway, they shouting, "Hey — did you see 'The Dope' yesterday?"...
Watching these love stories in a day room full of guys, you know they made the snide remarks of, "it's pretty much for women and females" or whatever the case may be. But we didn't care about that — because they knew the guy that was watching the soap opera probably can kick half of the cellblock he lived on's butt.
The soap operas really, it resonated a lot about missing home, missing the arguing you heard your mom and dad have every now and then. You miss the sisters fighting over the bathroom. You miss the brothers going outside shooting basketball in the backyard. So yeah, it resonated hard and heavy.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Pill Switch--again

Burton and Sonny talking about Perks and how Morgan was going to run it. Ugh, whatever. They also mention Faison and Obrect. Sonny will talk to her when she gets back from 'out of town'.  Sonny tells Burton someone messed with Morgan's meds. Burton's eyes are SO BLUE on my new TV set. Like jump-out blue!! 
CARLY barges in ugh. She tells Sonny she invited Oscar and his mother. Sonny is like OMG...cut it out. He and Burton share a 'what ya gonna do' smile. Awww, there's good chem between those 3!! 

Nelle is talking to some newspaper guy about getting Man Lander's story money since she knows "the truth". She wants all the money up front.  He gives her 3/4.  She spills it all. Says that Nina was involved too and Crimson knew when it ran the story it was a lie because that's her brother. 

Carly wants to invite Oscar and his mom to Thanksgiving Dinner. It has to be Tams because there's a promo of her sitting at Sonny's. 
And..Oscar's mother says she'll come to Thanksgiving dinner-- but he's afraid of what she'll think when she finds out Sonny's in the mob. 

Griffin and Ava. Ava's begging Griffin to fix her face. He says NOPE she says Pleaaaaze. Nope. Pleaaaaze. Later, they both go to the Metro. Burton comes over to talk to Ava and pay Griff back the money he lent him at the Abbey. Carly sees this and is furious!! "SHE KILLED MORGAN!!" Ut ohhh...and Burton gets angry. "He was my godson--I repaid you, now we are done".  Ava tried to explain why she did it but he's not having it. 
Carly rails at Ava, says she's as vile inside as out..and Griffin will find that out soon enough.

Amy rushes in to get Nate at GH because Chet is gone!! She's freaking out. 

Maxie is taking her pee stick test when there's a knock on the door. Chet is standing there?? HUH? WHAT?? Hmmm... I guess Twitter put out Man Lander's address out there so he went to the apartment. He wants to talk to Nate about his sister. Maxie is like "Don't you remember me from High School-- I was a cheerleader"!!! He like NOPE.  Chet says he wants to go away and not have Amy find him. Maxie calls him a coward. Tells him Amy paid for all his bills!! 
Then Amy and Nate walk in--that will be tomorrow. 


Hmmmm, they are talking about military people .and San Diego's military base.  Maybe Drew was a soldier boy. Remember Helena called him "Soldier Boy" . Well, Oscar and Joss find a "Oscar McSomeone" on My Face--and he was a pilot in the Iraqi war. They wonder if it's him--we see his photo and it's rando guy. We've never seen him that I know of.  JossCar kiss 

END: Sonny is texting someone and smiling. Jason is on the bridge!! Oh it's gonna be ROBIN!! Tomorrow she's on!!! 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Nelle is trying to get a job at the daycare center at GH. LOL! She has to interview with Laura. Lord, keep her away from the kids! Laura is like, why would you want to work in child care again? 

Nina and Cassandra--talking over lunch-- and Nina tells her some of what Val said. Nina says she understands and wants to be friends anyway. 

Alexis is talking to Valentine. She wants to know why he's connected to Olivia. OMG-- she says "Julian is being scapegoated for HER crimes"???? UM...I think Alexis really does have a brain worm!

Maxie and Lulu talking about Lulu's trying to write a column ... Oh! Maxie goes to throw up! We know what that means.

Scott visits Julian, Julian is pissed that Alexis came to see him. 

Ok, I have a meeting 5-7 tonight and have work to do. Kinda glad it's just filler. Sonya, you take it away! Thanks

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Q's Hug it OUT


This will be short and sweet. 

Val and Nina. Valentin 'explains' to Nina that Cassandra is an old business associate.  He says she 'very complicated'.. and he's going to "work" with her.  He tells her about the arrangement about catching Cassie in drug trafficking.  She's really not that thrilled that he's working with Anna tho. 

Monica, Jordan and Anna talking about Dr. Andre Maddox!! Jordan tells Anna they are looking for him because of Jason. Monica leaves and the two of them talk about DNA and twins and things.  Anna said she feels badly for both Jasons because she knows what it's like to have one show up. 

Diane is in the Metro and Alexis comes in to talk to her. Diane is NOT happy with Alexis talking about Julian anything.  Diane calls Scotty a "chowder head" LOL Alexis explains how bad off Jules is and badly beaten. Alexis won't be able to live with herself if Julian dies in prison. Alexis leaves. 
Diane is sitting there and Miller comes in and she has to tell him she thinks the OTHER Jason is Jason!! AND she's resigning as his lawyer!! OH LORDY!! 

Burton is at Sam's penthhouse-- it's a flashback or flashforward and he shoots Miller and wakes up screaming from a nightmare.  Carly comes to see him--and they hug.  She babbles on an on about how much he means to her. She's also trying to get him to figure out who he is. There's fingerprints but the federal ones may be compromised. 

Sam and Miller. Miller is going to FIGHT for his life. He's mad that Jason has HIS face.  Miller thinks that Sonny just wants the other guy to be Jason SO badly, he'll make it happen. He's afraid they'll have to go into court to fight for things like his SS# .  He leaves to interview a manager for the media company.  (who is at the Metro and looks so bland). AHAHA he asks Miller if he's "really Jason Morgan"!! "I've recently had a twin resurface" .... don't hear that every day!

When he leaves...Sam has a First Jason flashback.  She looks forlorn.  Carly comes over. She says "you know that Jason is Jason (Burton)... you know it" Sam just looks at her, doesn't say anything.  They talk some more. Carly tells her that the REAL Jason won't fight for her like Miller will. Because that's not the real Jason--he just wants her to be happy. 

Alexis goes to Valentin and asks him what his association is with Olivia Jerome. She thinks he's bankrolling Nora to be her lawyer. 

GAH!!  MONICA!!  I was so happy so see her at the door.  I got chills!! "I just want to look at you....I am so happy to see you".  "you've always been so independent"--- He says he was unfair to the family. She says it's water under the bridge. They love each other and hug. 

Jason goes to see Diane too--she explains how he can find out who he is (maybe). They need to get  his case files from 1993.

Someone with black gloves touches Andre's passport on a desk. Can't tell where. 

GOOD show...good Carly/Sam scenes. Good Monica/Jason scenes. 

Monday, November 13, 2017


Nora was talking to Bo on the phone and she wants a ROADIE'S BURGER!! Be still my OLTL heart!! Alexis goes to see her. NLG has a bad cold-- ouch.  Alexis wants Nora to talk to Olivia Jerome regarding Julian. 

Jordan: DNA MATCH!! Everyone in that room has on a black coat but Jordan. lol They figure out it has to be identical twins. Burton says Liz told him about the twins yesterday--and Killy say they knew too. Carly just about LOSES HER SHEEZE because she wasn't told! ahahaa. Anyway Miller calls Burton "Drew"...Burton just stares.  Jordan says Hells erased all of Original Jasons' fingerprints. They need to find Betsy Franco. Sam says "Let's go to the OTHER Franco"!! 


Franco and Liz....guess he's not told her the truth yet!! Scotty comes over. Tries to talk Franco into telling Liz the truth about the twins and who's who.  Franco thinks he'll lose Liz if he tells her the truth.  

OH WOOT!! Jordan, the 2 Jasons and Sam come on into the house!! Scotty is still there. Liz comes out of the kitchen from making cookies.  "SO Franco, is there something you haven't told us"??  Franco says that Dr. Maddox gave him the death certificate that's fake and when he went to look for him, he'd gone. Jordan says she'll put out an APB for Andre.  THEY LEAVE? HUH? 
Anyway, Franco tells Liz he's sorry he didn't tell her but he wanted a good night first. She's ok with that. Franco then BURNS THE PAPER with the evidence on it. 
Sam and the Jasons are on the porch and she tells them to get along because they are brothers and they have to solve this mess. 

Nelle comes in and sneaks around Crimson but Maxie catches her!! Lulu comes in too. After Nelle leaves, Lulu and Maxie talk about Man Landers. UGH. Lulu's jelly because she wants to work. Maxie says: WORK HERE!!  Then Lulu remembers Nina hates her lol. So there goes that plan!  Lulu says she's always wanted to be an 'investigative reporter like Jackie Templeton"-- LOL Maxie is like "GO FOR IT"

Michael is in Floating Rib, drinking. Nelle stomps in and they end up sitting together :EYEROLL: with drinks Nelle tells him she got fired because of Maxie. She lies and lies. Then--leaves. 

Amy and Nathan talking about pain killers and her brother. She wants Nate to try to talk to Chet. Nate goes in. He says he knows about addiction because he's seen it with people he's worked with that served. Chet tells them to get the hell out.  Nate talks to Amy about letting Chet push her away--give him some space. They hug.
Amy doesn't take Nate's advice-- she storms in and tells Chet he's living with HER..or she's going to put him in the psyche ward. 

END: NELLE overhears Maxie and Nate talking about Amy really writing the Man Landers blog. She looks all scheming. 

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Sunday Surgery: Papa Can You Hear Me??

Papa, can you help me.....not be so frightened?? 

Another pretty great week, if I do say so myself!! The whole initial giddiness of Burton entering the canvas is tampered down but there's still enough sizzle to keep me interested. 

I did miss a day this week. Everyone said it was filler (Tues) so I won't be covering that. I'm also going to try to cut down my usual super-summaries because writing them is exhausting! (probably exhausting to read as well). 

So--let's start. Lots of Monica !! --that's always a great thing! 

Friday, November 10, 2017

YOU ARE ......

Veteran's Day-- here's to Navy Men (my Dad!) .... Having the day off is nice, even if it's 22 degrees here and like FOUR with the windchill.
GOOD LORD I am NOT used to this.We had the best October!!

OMG! Guys, we were talking on twitter and I can't believe I didn't think of this: DENTAL RECORDS!! Screw DNA --MRIs whatever. You can't CHANGE TEETH--and teeth stay the same! Unless "Real Jason' had all his teeth pulled, right?? I mean, hell Monica should be able to tell by teeth. I am so disappointed in myself on this. I watch and read true crime DAILY and didn't think of this? Oy, I need to be fired from life lol. 

CarSon are at the "restaurant" Sonny owns-- Jordan comes in. She wants to know why Sonny posted bail for Klein. Sonny tells her he wanted to talk to him and that Klein's boss called from Port Charles. 

Alexis talks to Monica about the 2 Jason's --Monica says she's fine and to take care of Sam.  Then Alexis sees Dr. David he says he's sorry he missed the launch party. Hmmm, wonder if he was busy tracking down Patient 6?? 

Sam and Jason. Sam is kinda stunned. He asks if Miller is there. She says no--and then you can hear Scout on the monitor. Sam says "that's my daughter' and this time, it's Burton's turn to look stunned!  Sam brings down Scout. He says she's beautiful "Her name is Scout"?? Sam says "Emily Scout"...Burton says "After my sister"... He tells her he just wants her to be happy.  There's a ton more dialog including a little something where Sam talks about "Alexis and Julian" and "real love..." when she's really talking about she and Jason (Burton). See below for the rest. 

Ava and Kiki...trying to figure out how to get her face fixed. Kiki ends up taking the flash drive when Alexis comes over to talk to Ava about Julian.  She says Julian is in real trouble. Ava didn't know about it. Ava says that Julian won't let her visit or use the money she sends.

Kiki goes to GH. Both Griff and David tell her it's too risky to do the surgery because the method is not tested. 

Dr. Bensch is looking to invest in Port Charles real estate. I'm telling you HE'S THE BOSS! 

Miller goes to the Q crypt. Either audio has to fix it or he needs to STOP WITH THE LOW REGISTER GOD!! I'm not THAT old but I can't hear shit he says. LOL..Oh, Monica walks in. I can hear her fine.  She says she knows about the "other Jason"... but OH! that's right she doesn't know the twin story!!!  Miller tells her. She's all WHAT!!? That skank Susan Moore! LOL  She also flashes back to having talks with both Jason's. She says to "Alan" Wish you were here to witness this miracle. 

Ok, so...Miller gets back from the crypt in time to see Burton holding Scout. Burton was telling her about Lila and how sad Sam was-- anyway, Miller tells him to put 'his daughter down or he's going to kill him'.  Sam says we can't keep doing this. Then CARSON show up. (Because of course they do!!) THEN JORDAN shows up. BOTH DNA tests came back as "Jason Morgan' Ergo, they are identical twins. 
You can run DNA tests that go out further in the genetic chain but PCPD didn't do that (yet).

OH! Alexis calls to visit Olivia Jerome but has to ask her lawyer first!! Her lawyer? NORA Buchannan! She's on tomorrow! 

Thursday, November 9, 2017

You're FIRED!!

Miller thinks Burton might take Danny, he thinks they need more security. Sam is, no. Then he says "don't you think I'm Jason" or something like that. He went to see Betsy but she left. Sam tries to reassure him. They mope on the couch. Sam tells him to go for a "ride to clear his head". She can't go because Scout if upstairs. 

Oscar and Josslyn at Perks. He says he's found a CD that pertains to his Dad. They go to Sonny for a CD player lol... you know he has one! They get it and listen. We don't hear it-- because of copyrights I'm sure #$$$ but it's about people that can't be together. (they show Miller right after so?? Is he the daddy??) 

Klein takes the call from his boss--can't recogninze the voice because it's mechanical. Sonny says: MEET HIM! So Klein says they need a face to face. Boss says NO. Sonny says he'll leave it up to Burton to decide Klein's fate. Burton wants him to FIX THE REST OF AVA'S FACE!! ahahhaha. Sonny's not even in the room. Oh that's great. Klein gives Burton a flashdrive and then he puts it in an envelope with an address on it. He tells Sonny that Klein is "all his now" 

Cassie goes to Crimson to talk to Nina. She wants her to go out to lunch.  Nina can't, because of a deadline. Cassie leaves. She sees Valentin later and flaunts seeing Nina in his face. 

Kiki is happy Ava reopened the gallery.  Boy, Ava's hair is..... I like it so much better that lighter blonde!!  Geeesh, you'd think they talk about Avery? Just a little?  Anyway--Burton dropped off the flashdrive at her apartment. She and Kiki look at it and figure out it's notes on how to fix her face. 

Nelle is trying to blackmail Valentin with the photo of him kissing Cassandra. He's not happy!! He says NOPE. So, she goes to Nina and shows her the photo. She acts all upset like it just happened.  OMG Nina finds out by looking at the phone that Nelle took it a month ago and figures out she was going to blackmail Valentin or try to get Nina to give her money!! LOL. She yells at her and FIRES her!! Nelle stalks off. 
Oh, she's got no money, no Michael...No job.  You know it's a rampage next lol. 
Valentin tells Nina about Cassandra and knowing her back in his spy days. He says she's there to see Hamilton Finn about a medical condition. Then he says..."and there's something else" ...

PREVIEWS:  Burton shows up at Sam's door. Miller goes to Monica who reassures him. 

Sonny let Klein go. Brick found out that the cell phone pinging came from Port Charles so obviously, his boss is in PC.
I think it's MAX HOLDEN--Dr. David Bensch. Just a thought. 

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Get My Mocha!

I haven't watched yesterday's show, damn it so I may be spotty on this!! 

Steve and Laura had a fun facebook chat today-- Steve says he has FIFTY BLACK!!  T-shirts!!

Valentin changed his mind about helping Anna bring down Cassie. She threatened Nina and Charlotte. Anna is like: I have to trust you, right? They talk about things. Finn comes in later, Valentin leaves. Finn tells Anna HE wants in on the drug thing! LOL now she has 2 guys to help her!!  She says No though! "I already have a way in"... Finn figures out it's Valentin and he says "oh hell no"

OH! SO Amy's brother, Chris I mean-- um... what's his name? Chet ? Chad? Anyway he's addicted to pain killers. GREAT idea for the opioid story--so many vets are addicted because of physical/mental pain. Finn is treating him. He doesn't want to see Amy--she won't leave. Calls him a hero. Chet says "I'm no hero, the ones that didn't come back are heroes".  He tells her to leave again. Nate says to Amy; "Tell him about the money you gave him for his bills". She says no, it will hurt his pride and she'll never tell him. 

Michael isn't sure if Jason is Jason--but he hasn't seen Burton's face yet. Sonny's like: It's him. Michael doesn't want to explain to Burton why he thought Miller was Jason, he feels terrible about it. 

OMG!! ahaha. Maxie is acting like Nelle's boss!! You GO GIRL!! Nelle is broke, needs a raise. She storms into Nina's office. Nina's like: NOPE.  Then Maxie tells Nelle to go get her coffee. LOL Nelle storms off. 

Later, Nelle sees Michael at the Metro. She says I heard about the Jason/Jason thing. I can help you, I still care. Michael just stares at her. Nelle keeps trying "We can help each other"... Carly sees them holding hands. Michael tells Nelle to just go away. Michael then tells Carly they are broken up. 

Carly goes to Visit Burton. Tells him Franco is "reformed" and to focus on HIS life, not worry about Franco. Diane is getting bail for him. Sonny will pay. OMG. Carly bought Burton clothes. LOL She says to wear them when he gets out. Burton: CARLY!! YOU BOUGHT ME CLOTHES? NOooo. 

Klein is out on bail... he calls Valentin to say thanks. Val is like NOT ME, PAL...never call me again. Then, Klein is attacked. Oh! Sonny takes him into his office. Sonny" You're gonna tell me who's paying you for this"!!  Klein says he doesn't know. Sonny says they are going to sit there until the phone rings. 
OH!! Jason comes in later...he must have gotten out on bail! Carly bought him standard St. Jayus outfit; Black Tshirt, Levi's and leather jacket.  Klein insists he doesn't know who the boss is.
THEN THE phone rings....but show ends..dun dun dunnnnnn. 
Look at that photo up there: Bob the Badger helped out too!! 

SO...Nelle is strapped for cash, she can't even pay her phone bill. After leaving Michael, she runs into Valentin and he asks if she's ok. She says no "you may be the only one to help me"
I WONDER IF SHE'LL DEAL DRUGS!! Oh no--she tells Val he has to tell Nina to give her a raise or she's going to "blow his marriage out of the water".. She took a photo of him kissing Cassandra.  Valentin is not too happy with that. 

Wondering: Will Nelle remember Maxie's Mocha? 

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Wubs Needs a Day Off!

Sorry, can't blog today-- too many things going on! I will watch later however, can't miss GH anymore!!

Hope you had a good day--remember to vote! It's the 100 year anniversary of women's right to vote !! Did you know that Susan B Anthony is buried here in Rochester, NY?? She is! And people leave their stickers on her grave after they vote. 

Ok, take care. Thanks for visiting the blog--oh and if you're doing your holiday shopping, you can hit that Amazon link over there for me. It just takes you to your page but I get a little something for orders. xxoo 

Monday, November 6, 2017

Old Photograph

Liason Day!! it's your turn!! 
Liz questions him about Jake and the park. Burton says he knew it was Jake-- and he's beautiful. How is it possible? 
Liz tells him about Helena. And that Franco had a tumor and has changed.
Burton says he doesn't care, Franco had Michael raped in prison and made Sam think she was raped. "He hurt people". 
Liz uses the TUMOR defense---Jason doesn't care. She then drops the whole "you have an identical twin" thing on him! BUT Liz still thinks Drew is dead.  (which is stupid given that Miller has DNA that matches "Jason" and there's a Jason with the old face running around)
Liz tells Jason the whole Jake Doe story and how she almost married him. How she kept the secret. She says she can't forgive herself. Burton says "you should...and besides you knew he wasn't really me"...
Liz says she believed Miller was Jason and still does because of DNA. But she's crying hard-- she probably realizes that if Burton IS Burton Franco lied again. 

Finn tells Cassandra nothing is wrong with her. She's sad because she wanted to keep seeing him. She says she's staying in PC for business. (IMPORTS of all damn things lol). She wants to date him later.  Nurse comes in later and says to Finn-- Another bad Opioid death, the third this month. Ah, he might want to work with Anna on this after all? 

Anna gets in from a run...takes off sneakers then whips out her gun...Valentin is there drinking tea. He wants to know why Finn is treating Cassie. Anna hedges. Then Anna spills all. She knows about his jewel stealin' days. She says she also knows that Cassandra is dealing in synthetic opioids. He says she ASKED ME to join her but I'm no drug dealer! Anna wants Valentin to work with her on the case. I thought he'd say yes but the previews for tomorrow, doesn't look like it. 

Killy--He wants to hear her say HE'S JASON. Sam hestitates, Miller answers the phone. Curtis sends them the drawing Franco did of Jason's face. Then the death certificate. Sam says; that's your birthday. He says 'What's my mother's real name"?? 

Franco is looking for Liz. He goes into his office. Curtis is gone. Diane comes in and wants him to drop charges on Burton. He's like NO! He's probably and impostor, he wants him in jail. (leading me to believe he's the real Jason because Franco is hella scared of him). Franco realizes someone has been in his office. 
THEN! JaSam burst in and Miller pushes Franco and says: START TALKING, NOW!! 
Franco tells them the entire story except he says Drew died of heart failure around the age of 4. Miller demands the photo of Franco and Drew as boys. He leaves. Sam says to Franco "Jason is going to KILL YOU...." Franco says "Does your husband know that you think he's not Jason"?? She says: that man with the other face HATES you and will destroy you. 
Note: Franco worked hard to get Miller to think HE's the REAL Jason. 

Alexis and Scotty. Julian's been beaten up many times in jail. Scotty wants her to go give him some hope because he doesn't care what happens to him. "Give him a sliver of hope". Diane sees them talking and tells Scotty to beat it. She tells Alexis not to believe that Julian isn't manipulating her. 


Sunday, November 5, 2017

Sunday Surgery: Memory Maker

I know you are, but what am I?
Another fast-paced week for our soap! Breakneck speed can only keep up so long, right? Friday's show was actually a little bit of a nice break because I could sit and process some things!

I hope you read the Saturday Pre-Surgery WUB down there. You know it has to be a bitch for the writers with all this. Seriously. They also have to remember all the history, and try to honor all the fanbases that jump on things as soon as they are out.  I sure did enjoy the show though, no complaints from me! 

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Saturday Pre-Surgery WUB: Just Do It

Imagine if you will....


TPTB:  Burton's leaving.. sell it, he's dead. 
Writers:  No recast?
TPTB: Come on, it's BURTON we're talking recast. Sell his death. HARD.

Writer: Okey, dokey 


TPTB:  We recast Burton. 
Writers: WHAT??
TPTB: Yep. with it. 
Writers: Um.. well... 
TPTB: You can bring anyone back to life..,you've done it 56 times already.
Writers:  Yeah, but usually they are the same face.
TPTB:  Some have had different faces. Just do it. SELL MILLER AS JASON. HARD!!! 
Writers:  Okaaaay.... we have to take some liberty with memories and timelines and
TPTB: You think we care? Look at Franco, people buy anything. DO IT! 


TPTB:  Hello, twerps! 
Writers: (all throw their pencils) what NOW? 
Writers: Of course you did. So, Miller's out. 
TPTB:  Oh, you fools. Of course not,  we're keeping him too. 
Writers: So, Burton is a whole different character--like, um..Claudia was? 
TPTB:  No, that would be stupid. He's coming back as...Jason.
Writers: But you're keeping Miller
TPTB:  Yep. 
Writers: : But we sold Miller hard as Jason 
TPTB:  You think we care? Just do it. 
Writers: You can't just do it...
TPTB: Oh, other soaps have done it, don't even pull that one on us. We know. 
Writers: Damn it. Well, then, Miller has to be a fake Jason that doesn't know he's Jason, right? Then Jason comes back and people find out he's the real Jason and...
TPTB: Nah, that's been done before...we want something twisty. 
Writers: Twisty?
TPTB:  Yeah, make it real twisty. But stick to history and don't make ANY mistakes. Our fans know every detail that's happened. So, don't blow this. Just you know, do what you do. We're watching. 
Writers: Oh hell. 
TPTB: Have a nice day--oh, by the way-- Tamara Braun is back too. 
Writers: Hey --
TPTB: Don't worry, you won't have to work as hard on that story! Have a great week! 
Writers: We're fucked.  This is worse than Kidney-Gate.  Get some Starbucks. Now! 

Friday, November 3, 2017

Push Ups

AGAIN, this was hard to keep straight! Watch the show for the details --and characters' faces!

Diane and Sonny. Diane hasn't seen Burton, he was gone when she went the the PCPD. She says "He could be playing you though"...They try to figure who's who. Get no where, really.

Liz confronts Franco. He admits there's a twin Jason but says HE'S DEAD and gives her the fake death certificate!!  Well, why? Hmmm..Maybe he doesn't want her to think the real Jason is alive?? Hmmmm.

Scotty sees Jason Burton at the PCPD 'GOOD GOD"!! He won't even go in there! LOL he says: I'm out. Remember he helped Susan Moore with all this stuff--- back in the day so who knows what he knows!! 
He goes to GH and hauls Franco away from Liz. Franco tells Scott he can't tell her the truth because he tried to kill the twin Jason. DUH. Like when he was 3??? That's pretty weak. Scotty tries to talk Franco into telling the Jason's who's who. Franco is afraid. 

Burton is in the jail with Klein. He wants to know who took him to the clinic. Who paid them. Klein says he has no idea.

Diane goes to see Burton in the jail. She says Well, Well, Well... Then she says I KNOW you're Jason. I am a litigator, there's too many holes in his story. Your story fills him in. I'm objective. Carly and Sonny love you, they needed you back. I know that's you"....

GrAva..Ava's got strawberry blonde hair today.  They go to the Metro where Sonny is. Griff takes a call. Sonny wants Ava to tell him about Jason in the Clinic. He thinks she may be part of it. Sonny says to Griffin: YOU LEFT the Priesthood FOR HER?? lol he says he'll pray for him lol. 

Alexis and Sam---Alexis asks her "what if that other guy IS Jason"?? Sam says she loves her husband and he loves her. "He's Scout's father, the only Dad Danny has ever known and we've fallen back in love over 2 years"... 

Later Miller and Sam go home and cuddle. He says "You know that guy's a fraud, right"??? Right"?? Sam doesn't say anything.

Curtis is going to work for Miller to help him find out who the 'fraud' Burton is. Curtis goes into Franco's office and picks open the drawer to find the fake death certificate and the envelope that has the names of who who's in it. 

Monica says to Liz that she knows Miller is her son. (I think she wants him to be her son, since they got close and such)-- and she hopes they find out about the impostor person. 

END OF SHOW!! LIZ goes to see JASON! Monday will be a Liason day! 

MONDAY: Liason talk. Scotty says that "Julian was beaten to an inch of his life"....

Thursday, November 2, 2017


NOTE: WAY too much happened on today's show for me to even START to do it justice. You have to watch. JUST WATCH. 

Hey! Sam!! Guess what? You almost drowned but now you get to tell Danny that his Dad has his old new face AND tell Jason Burton that Danny is REALLY is son after all!!  She doesn't tell him. Jason says hes' an "old friend"-- Miller comes in and yells to leave his family alone. Burton says: I don't know what happened but I know this much: I AM JASON MORGAN!!
Sam is laying there acting like she's going to throw up. Nice scenes.
Carly takes Danny to play video games. 

Burton asks about Danny "He looks a lot like Jake"-- 
Sam says yes, Franco lied, Heather lied, he's my son with Jason (and she grabs Miller's hand!!) oh interesting!!  

When she comes back, Miller is yelling to get security to get Burton OUT! Carly says NO I won't call, I told him to come here!!  Miller says: YOU told him to come here"?? What? Then they hell and EPIPHANY comes in and sees Jason Burton and is all 'awww" but then realizes what's happening and makes everyone leave. 

OMG!! Burton sees Franco with Liz in the hall and beats the CRAP out of him!! LOL--I mean A LOT. He won't stop--then he stops and says to Carly "HOW is he still alive"??!! and then...goes after him again!!! Security takes him out. 

Liz figures out that was a  twin and that Franco knew all about it. She's not happy.

Miller talks to Carly. "How can you think that's him?? You talked me into what my identity that's all over"??? Awww.. Such a good talk, Wow.  

Klein wants Valentin to help him..NOW!! Those two idiots are on the shouldn't the police be there too? I mean...this is the PCPD but still. Valentin calls someone to come and get him. NO!! It's the POLICE!! 

Ok, so Carly and Jason Burton are in the PCPD.  She tells him about FRANCO'S TUMOR--she tells him she almost married him...and that he's not his twin (Heather lied)... Then Burton sees Klein who's come into the PCPD. Burton says don't call Diane just yet because he wants to be in the jail with Klein to get information.

Maddox goes to say goodbye to Anna. Nice scenes. They should have used him a lot more on the show. He gives Anna  little disco ball. Awww.  Great dialog about his work and regrets. Watch's really good. She says she's going to make some tea for them. He's gone when she gets back.

Maddox goes to the docks and BURNS ALL THE JASON FILES! Holy crap! Now how we gonna know who's who and switch them back!!?? DAMN IT you'd better have a flash drive!!

The Jasons WUB: What's Under There?

Some people love these, others hate them. I can't stop the WUBS when they come. This was in my head driving to work yesterday morning. They invade me. LOL. Hope you enjoy. 

Setting: Sonny's house...on a dark and dreary night, Burton carries in Sam: 


Carly: Oh My GOD! HOLY HELL!!'s it's...
Sonny: Yeah, I know.
Miller: Well, I don't know...what are you doing with my face...and my wife? 
Burton: Stare blink
Carly: It's YOU! JASON!! What the what...
Burton: Stare...
Miller: Look over here ME! With my OWN FACE look at me! Let go of my wife!!
Burton: Cocks head...looks at Sonny. blinks
Miller: And don't try that damn bink stare on me!! I started that blink stare, or at least I thought I did..Damn it!! Put her down!
Sonny: Jason.. put her..on the....couch.
Carly: Ok, ok...who's who?? I mean....Sonny....???
Sonny: It's not obvious?? 
Carly: Well, ok..ok, I can down your pants..
Burton: Blink...stare...
Miller: Blink...stare
Carly: Waves her hands--WELL I'll know it when I SEE IT! 
Sonny: one is pullin' down their pants here...
Miller: Come on Sam..wake up...
Carly: Wait, should that Jason be touching her...or should that Jason be touching her?  
Sonny: That's  Jason THERE and that's NOT Jason there...
Everyone pauses and looks at each other...

Miller: Hey, you....get my tshirt off...
Miller: Sonny, tell him to take my tshirt off...
Sonny: I'm not tellin' anyone to take any shirt Or Pants off! You are all crazy...
Carly: Jason---I told you to get a tattoo that one night we were at Jake's, I TOLD YOU! 
Sonny: Yeah, a tatt would help in this situation about now....
Sam: (waking) Um...Jason....? No wait.. Jason?? (Passes out) 
Miller: Look, we have to do something because all my clothes have "Jason Morgan" labels sewn on now...I'm not taking them off.
Carly: Seriously? Jason Morgan labels? 
Miller: Elizabeth did it for me...but don't tell Sam...
Burton: you have underwear labels? (smirk)
Carly: HEY! I know...I know...boxers or briefs? You first..
Miller: Boxers
Burton: Come on...
Carly: HA!! SEE JASON DOESN'T WEAR UNDERWEAR!! BOOM!!! DID IT!  Com-MAN-do. Totally. Jason--that's Jason. 
Burton: Stare.  Nod. 
Miller: Oh hell... whatever. I don't even care. I can NOT wear underwear too you know. But I chafe. 
Sonny: rolls eyes...ok... here we go.. I'm taking Sam to the hospital. You two stay here and work this out. 
Carly: Oh Squee!!  :claps hands: I can't wait until you braid my hair! AND I have about 700 photos to go through with you...and oh my god, Josslyn is such a bitch right now. Did you know that we found out who gave her her kidney? She's this awful girl who...(rambles on in the background) 
Miller: Hey...
Burton: yeah?
Miller: wanna sneak out of here while she's yapping and grab a beer? 

Burton: um...blink. Do we like beer? 
Miller: I dunno but I'm not listening to this much longer...
Carly: Oh! And what else...Spinelli moved with Ellie to raise Georgie and ...oh! We had a serial killer and...
Burton: Come on. this way...
Miller: Shhhh.
Burton: Oh she can't hear you..believe me. 

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

The Ol' Switcheroo

Maxie greets Nathan with breakfast. She wants him to be Man Landers for more time. Maxie invited Amy over to talk about everything.  Maxie is pleading with them to let her do the feature in Crimson.  Amy is yelling at Maxie "Stop making this about YOU...its' not"!! Maxie "YES IT IS--you took advantage of my husband"!! BTW, Chet is on his way to Port Charles. 

Maddox goes into his office and gets scared by Franco with a scary coffin monster thing. LOL Franco is like "Drew is alive, isn't he"??  Maddox is packing up his office.  Franco is ranting about Liz being shot-- and he overheard Monica talking too. He figures out that Maddox gave him a fake death certificate. Maddox says YES, Andrew is alive. Franco realizes that Jason's twin is in Port Charles right now. 
Franco says he's going to call the police on Maddox. "ALL RIGHT says Maddox". "I demolished a person's life--I tampered with his memory, tampered with his mind, and now two people think they are the same person".  
I found a way to use computers and memory mapping--I found a way to put one person's memories into another. The WSB was backing the project. They pulled out and he went to another financial backer. Then he got a subject from a shooting (Jason from the water).  Then he implants his memories. But who got the memories?
"They both think they are Jason".
Franco is all @@ WHAT?!!  Maddox says that he downloaded the truth to the printer and Franco can see it. Franco takes the paper and looks at it and says : "Oh My God" . 

Michael wants to see the guy who says he's Jason here. Oh! He's been released!!! Because we probably couldn't have had a Diane scene??  Darn it.  Michael says that he never "felt Jason was right-- (Miller_)" 

--Burton goes to see Carly.  Carly runs to him and cries and hugs him. She's shaking "I missed you so much"--"so much".  Carly says she grateful and happy to see his face again. "I told myself he was you--I forced him to believe he was you". Then she tells him that Spinelli did the facial recognition software.
"I turned him into you". They talk about Morgan...and cry. He also says he's gained Jake and Robin back. Carly tells him to go see Sam..he says: That guy who thinks he's me, does he love her?  


Sam's dreaming of Jason-- both Jason's... she opens her eyes and they are 'both' by her bed.  Big Blue eyeballs staring at her. LOL Of course, it's only Miller there, not Burton. Sam thinks Miller pulled her out of the water and she hallucinated his old face. "Sam, I didn't pull you out of the water. Sam, you didn't see me... this sounds crazy but there's a man who looks exactly the way I used to and he pulled you out of the water".  She can't understand what was going on. They talk.  Miller leaves.

LATER: Carly convinces Burton to go in and see Sam.  She wakes up and looks at Jason. "It was real... it is you"..."Yeah" says Jason. 


Laptop Malfunction

Oh it's a sad day, Wubbers--my laptop is dying-- and I can't watch the show where my desktop is so...the blog my be a bit delayed today--not sure. It will be up at some point!  Eat your extra halloween candy before Finn gets it! 

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

My Face, Is Your Face?

So Nina and Val are waiting for the launch when they hear a guy moaning in the shadows.  Val talks to him in French. Guys says he's working with Dr Klein. Valetin is all @@!!! Forgot about his Dr. Klein connection.  Later, Val gets a "help me" text from Dr. Klein and he ignores it. 

Ah..Andre (Dr. Maddox) and Dr. Klein freak out about all the shootings and things. Says they were only doing research. It 'went too far". So Jason Burton was a research project. THEN they say: A guy that goes home to a family HE BELIEVES IS HIS???/
HUH?? they think he's Drew but he's really Jason...or is he Drew who thinks he's JASON?

UGHHHHH Curve BALL RIGHT THERE!!  So --I guess other than Sonny being 100% sure, we are supposed to be baffled? 

Jordan and Dante talk about the "Skylight Man"she goes to find out what's up.

Anna and Finn. Finn is eating her halloween candy. Says Robin, Patrick AND Emma texted him and told him to be nice to Anna or 'else'.  They talk. He says he's done with the whole thing. He wants to go back to being a doctor. He's kinda 'breaking up' with her.  They are kinda cute. 

Kevin and Laura. Kevin told her it was an "Old Hollywood" glamour part but it was really . He's proposing.  She says YES...and he gets down on one knee with a ring.  Kisses

Sonny's house. Burton is there with Sam--Jason Miller is like "Put down my wife" HUH? Wouldn't you be all WHY THE HELL DO YOU HAVE MY OLD FACE??? Carly was pretty silent too. There should have been WAY MORE to that scene. A LOT was pretty much a let down.  Jason Miller yells CALL AN AMBULANCE --NOW!!! 
Jason Burton says It's too dangerous!!
Carly CALLS GH --lol
Then Jordan takes in Jason Burton for questioning. 
Carly's non-reaction to Jason Burton is baffling. 

Jordan is in the PCPD with Burton. He says he won't talk. CARLY CRASHES In and says "I called Diane" Don't say anything!! She knows he's Jason. They stare at each other.  Later, Jordan says she's going to run his fingerprints and Carly says "I know this is Jason Morgan"

Sam is at GH now. She tells the doctor "I saw him" then passes out again. Jason Miller is MAD at Sonny--"why is that IMPOSTOR with MY wife"?? Sonny's looking at him like: Hmmmmm, who you?  Dante is trying to figure all this out. Sonny just needs to open his mouth lol. Finally when Miller goes into see Sam, Sonny whispers to Dante 'that guy--was Jason Morgan". 

Miller at Sam's bedside says "I don't know what's going on...but I'm Jason, I'm YOUR Jason and we'll make it" ....

Ok, Even with the whole "Believes that's his family' I'm still saying Burton IS Jason.  Yep. there's some fun involved LOL. Maybe since Jason is Patient 6, there are FIVE MORE Jasons runnin' around? 


BOO TO YOU!!! I don't know who made this  PC Collage (I got it long ago) but thank you!

Monday, October 30, 2017

I Got You

Burton goes in to save Sam..She's stuck on seaweed!! He pulls her (this is all underwater cam)!!  He finally gets her out and does chest compressions. She spits up water. He says "Sam, Sam"..Sam opens her eyes and says "You're here"..  Jason "I got you"... they stare at each other. She passes back out. 

Sonny tells Carly it was Jason at the Metro.  She's all "but he took Elizabeth to GH"! He says NO-- not that Jason, our Jason. The Godfather to our kids, he's home. Carly won't believe it. He tells her when she sees him and talks to him, he'll know it's Jason. Sonny says he heard Jason say "Sonny'?? Carly says "You heard his voice" ?? and cries. BUT! When Sonny tells her he had his gun drawn, Carly says SEE it's NOT Jason! He'd never put a gun on you!!--and we have DNA!! and Spinelli's face when he saw Jason!! 
 Jason Miller barges in: "What the hell is going on, Sonny"??  SEE THE END OF THE BLOG for the END of the show...

Jordan is at the Metro trying to figure stuff out. Dante wants to see more footage because he's not sure that was Burton.  After she leaves, Miller comes in to watch the footage. Hard to see. 

Jordan goes to the hospital. Jordan questions her. Monica is like "it can't be.... I couldn't have seen what I saw"-- but won't say more. Maddox is listening. SO is Franco. Jordan leaves. Franco tries to get more out of Monica but she tells him to Buzz off. 

Monica goes to visit Liz. Tells her about Sam and that-- it looked like Jason that went after her! Franco overhears that...and then Monica says "But that can't be true unless there's two Jasons". 

Oscar and Joss are dressed up as Dragon Queen and Jon Snow--they are in Oscar's apt. I don't think that's his apartment, he's acting all cagey.  Joss wants to snoop for information about his Dad.  They find a letter in the Man Landers book addressed to his mother dated 2003. There's no signature. Of course there isn't! But he gave her a gift and they want to find it because it may have some clues. 

END OF THE SHOW: OMG...Jason Burton CRASHES THROUGH the back doors CARRYING SAM and Sonny, Miller and Carly are all there!! WOW..didn't expect them to all be there and NOT today!! eesh!! :clapping: I don't even care he didn't take her to GH first. LOL NOPE. Take her to Sonny's!! DRAMA!!

NOTE: HORRIBLE weather here and I have a migraine so forgive me if this is short and not really fun.

Speculation: Who's the Head Cheese?

I've been thinking about who could be behind the whole Jason thing and connected to the Opioid story. I think they may be related because of Valentin--because you know, Cassadines are basically behind most of the stuff that happens.
So find out after the jump: (for those who wants to be spoiler free) 

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Sunday Surgery: When GH is GOOD Again!

But First.....Let Me Take A Selfie!! 

Holy living ROLLER COASTER!!  What a great week. I can't remember when GH was this exciting and fun. So much was happening, it was just a delight to try to keep up. Every time I thought: Well, that won't happen for a week--it DID--and in about 10 minutes flat!! 

If you missed this week, you missed something special. New writer --new injection of energy in the whole place and a long time vet returning that has a kick-ass story line.  This isn't just another "Dead Guy Walks Again". Nope. We lived through the clinic scenes to get to the good stuff--and here it is!!

We need champagne!! We need lots of sugary delights!! Let's settle in and dish away

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Meet The Van Ettens

One Chris, Two Chris...Red Chris, Blue Chris!! 

I think you all know the story but I'm telling it again!! When Chris Van Etten was named co-head writer at #GH he wasn't currently on Twitter. So--when everyone tweeted "Chris Van Etten" (@cmvanetten) they got---this guy. When you google "writer at GH"..some photos will still come up as the wrong Van Etten.
They finally got together and took a photo-- and writer Chris is back on Twitter as @OGChrisVanEtten to interact with GH fans. (Lord help him...) 

Chris Van Etten (the one on the left) got noticed by the casting department after all this happened. He's a motivational speaker and champion of Vets causes. Since they were going to cast Amy's brother, they thought of him! How cute is that? 

SO...that's my Saturday post. I'm busy working on Sunday Surgery and boy, it's going to be a doozey. It's just been QUITE the week. 

Hope your weekend is going well!! 

Friday, October 27, 2017


WAIT A MIN......WHAT....

Party. Hmmmm, first scene they show is 2nd to the last scene from yesterday--guns aren't even out. Then they cut to Floating Rib. They have the other scene (Dante talking to Miller) before they get to the guns.  Dante is confronting gun man...looks like he gets shot point-blank...he goes down. Nope, he's up again (huh?) and they get his gun away. 
OH!! Elizabeth is SHOT!! EESH!! She's next to Nina and she reaches down and her hand comes up all bloody.  
Carly manages to text Sonny. He and Burton leave to go save everyone. Burton goes to the skylight on the from above. Sonny marches in, gun out, yells at the goon with the ponytail and tells him to DROP IT OR DIE!! Which, the Goonie guy does! LMAO !! Sonny says to Carly "You're not going to believe what I have to tell you". 

Meanwhile, Liz has to go to GH because she's shot. Griffin says they have to go. Sam tells Miller to go with Liz.  Billy Miller carries her out.  

HOLY CRAP!!! What has happened at GH?? Well--get this. Another guy comes in with the needle and stabs Sam. The only one that sees it is Burton up on the skylight. The guy goes to carry Sam out and Jason JUMPS THROUGH THE SKYLIGHT and everyone SEES HIM!! Holy Hell! It was slo-mo--but... IT WAS GOOD! Everyone Gasps!! Carly about passes out. Monica is all..WHA??!!! Jason follows guy and Sam out-- (with his gun drawn). Later, everyone wants to know who that man was that came through the skylight. Monica goes "ASK SONNY" ! LOL she knows HE KNOWS!! bhahahaa. Carly is still stunned. She asks Sonny who that was. Sonny says "We have to find out if Sam's ok first" . Dante questions him in the lobby-- and is like I THINK I know who that looked like tell me. Sonny says "we have to get Sam first". 

The guy takes Sam to the pier and to Dr. Klein. Jason surprises everyone and jumps out of the shadows with his gun. He shoots the one guy...and then Klein says "Save her or shoot me" and shoves Sam into the water (she's still groggy from the drugs).  Burton yells 'SAM"! 

Valentin and Cass are on the pier to talk Drug-Lording. He brings her a list of people that could run her operation. BUT..she wants Valentin and only Valentin.  Val gets a call from Nina to come and get her after the hostage situation. 

Felicia, Mac, Anna and Finn at the Floating Rib-- Anna and Finn are trying to explain how they 'got together" Felicia is all giggles. I think Mac isn't so sure about this.  Finn says he doesn't dance. Anna drinks another scotch.  They kiss. Anna kinda likes it! 

Franco gets the death certificate from Dr. Maddox. He's like HOW did you find this when I couldn't. Maddox says it was under Susan Moore's last name and he should drop the whole thing. Franco is skeptical.  Later, Franco sees Liz at the hospital and runs to her.  Griffin says she'll be ok. 

Monica takes Miller over to the side (he's still at GH) and tells him that Sam was taken. 

Sam's in the water, I think Burton will go in and get her. 
We see what Cassandra is blackmailing Valentin with--she has Claudette! 
Mac and Flea approve of Finn for Anna. 

GOOD SHOW..WHAT A DAMN WEEK! HOLY HELL!! I can't believe this!! It went SO FAST today!! Sunday Surgery is going to be something-- I'd better get my rest before writing it! 

Thursday, October 26, 2017

The 778,987 Person to Be Cast on GH!!

Laura and Wes worked together on the Guiding Light

Here we go...yep... TV Line announced that Wes Ramsey (Of Guiding Light and CSI fame) is coming to GH as a "mystery person". I thought he looked like Morgan, but he's 40 so-- Nope. LOL Who knows.  LOAD 'em UP! Just keep hiring people!!! :eyeroll: 

Pop Up Ads?

One of the blog readers has been getting pop up ads--which shouldn't happen on Blogger. Anyone else getting them?? If you could leave me a message--and if you do, tell me what kind of device it's on. AND if you're coming in through Blogger or Wubs.Net

Thanks!! :) 


NOTE: OMG--trying to live tweet and blog this is exhausting. The show is going so fast an there are a lot of clues dropping. Doing my best to bring it all to you but-- oy, it's tough. You may have to watch to get the details!! 

Party is starting!!  Alexis and Molly are there, Krissy is in Portland. David Bensch was supposed to come with Alexis BUT-- he's at #GH ....

Liz is all dressed up and ready to go. Franco doesn't want to --the thinks they don't want to see him.
Sam and Miller show up at the launch. The goonies are serving drinks. They look so out of place.  Everyone is congratulating Killy on the Media company.
GrAva walk in. Carly asks "Why the HELL are you here"? Throws them out. They don't leave though and listen to Sam and Jason Miller's speech about the new company. It's name is "Aurora" meaning new day. It's also the town they were going to move to when they wanted to leave Port Charles awhile ago. 

Griffin recognizes the Goonies from Russia!! He tells Dante-- Dante tells Miller to get the goons out of there. GUNS OUT! Everyone hits the floor!! Welp, that escalated!! 

Melle-- Michael is NOT Happy about the tickets to the show. He found out that Nina didn't get them for her. Nelle says she bought them. Michael then asks why his mom knows the are moving in together. She hedges, then says she told her that because Carly is mean to her. Michael says, you're a liar--and you can't come to the party!! He wants to break up with her.  Nelle gets really mad-- wonders if he thinks she killed her husband. Michael says no, but she lies all the time and he's done. She says "But you said you loved me". He leaves her apt key. Nelle breaths heavily. Looks a bit psyho. That could have been her trigger!! 

Maddox talking to Dr. Klein, He's all: "GET PATIENT 6 before anyone knows the truth!!  Franco is getting too close to the Andrew story!!"  So Dr. Klein says "let's throw him off the trail".  I think he gives him a fake death certificate for Drew. Then Franco barges in and says "Who's this" to Dr. Klein.  Klein says he's a patient and leaves. Franco tells Maddox Jake saw "Jason" and says Drew has to be alive.  Dr. Maddox says "don't believe a 10 year old"!  Tomorrow, he'll give Franco the 'death certificate'. 

Cripes Jason and Sonny all crying again. Sonny is saying ' a lot rides on this, my biz, my family (not sure what "THIS" Is.??) Then says "When Carly sees you, she's gonna lose her mind. Her Jason--OUR Jason..ALIVE"!!!  tears. LOL. It's pretty funny now. 
Jason asks about Jake--Sonny says yes, he's alive. Jason staggers back...asks how, he saw him! He was brain dead. Sonny says it was staged by Helena. Jason has to sit down. Sonny pours them a drink. 
Sonny says no matter what, welcome home. 
THEN, when he's telling Jason the whole kidney story and then about the clinic and how Miller escaped with Robin's help, Burton finds out ROBIN IS ALIVE! ahaha. His head is spinning. Sonny's tells him to take another drink!  Sonny tells him about Robin's ordeal but she's happy now.  Then they talk about Jason Miller. Sonny tells him why they all believed it was Jason.  He says he was with Liz when he first got to town as "John Doe"--- and that Jake thinks of him as his Dad.  Burton wonders if Miller could have been in on this since day one, along with Helena. Sonny tells him he doesn't think so. Jason Miller never wanted to be "Jason Morgan" or be in the business. He wanted to just be himself. He wasn't trying to take over Jason's life.  
Sonny says he has to tell Carly he's alive. Jason is NO! People are after me. Sonny is all "She'll kill me"!! (ahaaha she will) Jason doesn't want to tell Sam because she's so happy with Billy Miller. Sonny says she is but something is "off" and he has to tell her he's alive. 

PHEWWWW! I need a nap! 

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

YES, Tamara Braun is BACK... and so IS...

Daytime Confidential told us back in SEPTEMBER she was coming but I guess it's "confirmed" now by EW. They really need to get they act together and give credit. ANYWAY--she's a new character. Most think she's Oscar's mama-- I think she looks like Nelle. So/? Maybe sisters? What say you? I say there are ENOUGH PEOPLE ON THE SHOW, thank you very much. 

BREE the every POPULAR (ahahaha) Claudette, Charlotte's mother. Oh man. Why? I like Bree but her character was just horrible.  GH always seems to overload itself though, doesn't it?? 

Reunited and it feels SO GOOD......

"WHO are YOU"?
Sonny, it's me!!
"Well, someone else is saying they're you for 2 years'!!
Come on's me!! 
Sonny wonders where Jason has been all these years. Jason said it didn't feel like 5 years to him. "I woke up in a Russian Clinic, and it felt like 6 months"! I had no idea. Ava helped me call you.
Sonny asks who kept him there. Jason says I don't know.  
You have to watch it because it's too much to recap. Anyway, Sonny finally realizes it's Jason and they have a nice teary-eyed hug.

Michael tells Nelle he knows about her mental hospital time. She says she had a breakdown. She then gets defensive and asks if there's anything HE'S done he's not happy about.. He's says..well, um (I'm thinking killing Claudia?! LOL) Then he just forgives her...just like that. Later, Nina tells him she didn't get any tickets for the Broadway show-- Michael is all.hmmm.... now he's mad again! 

Maxie is in Nina's steam room. I think they bought a steam room set and have to use it?? LOL  Maxie wants to give Nina an exclusive on Nathan. At GH, Amy and Nathan are talking and her brother calls. We find out he has no idea she's paying his bills. He thinks it's the VA hospital. (We don't see his face yet).

Ava googles Old Jason--she sees Jason Burton's face. Griffin comes over. She forgot all about dinner!  She ends up confiding the whole story to Griffin. He wants to call the police. She's like no way. 

Miller getting ready to go to the party. Scout and Danny alert! They are on!!  Danny is all interested in the media company and wants to do a show on 'dogs'. LOL. 

Moinca tells Nate that his "fans are going to miss his column".  Nate hasn't told Maxie yet that he's quit.  At the end, he meets Maxie in the steam room. He tells her he's quitting Man Landers. She says "you can't!!" 

Later, Monica goes to pick up the kids while Killy are at the party. Olivia has agreed to watch them so she can go. She gives Miller a pair of Alan's cufflinks that are a snake eating it'self. Stands for "rebirth" .  

Tuesday, October 24, 2017


Burton is in some house/cabin I don't recognize. Looks like all the other house/cabins in PC. Maybe a safe house?? Someone said It's where he gave Sam the compass necklace. He goes to the cabinet and gets out gun cleaning kit. Ugh. We watch him clean guns. He hears something? 

Maddox is going to meet with the goonies. Can't see Jake now until he talks about the man in the park he saw yesterday.  "He looks like my Dad used to--Before" Ut oh, Maddox is all surprised.  They talk about the guy in the park a bit. 

Ava talks to Franco and thanks him for paying for Kiki's tuition. She wants to know what he's drawing.  She wants to reopen the gallery and represent him. He says no, he's not doing commercial artwork anymore. Ava sneaks a peek at the picture Franco's drawing. She's like I know this guy. HE says "of course you do, that's Jason Morgan with his old face". She's like @@

Melle..ugh, just hanging out in ELQ. She wants to live together. She got tickets to Dear Evan Hanson in NYC. Michael has the launch party but she talks him into going with her instead. Later, Carly is all mad he's not coming. Nelle is smirking. Nelle also tells her she and Michael are living together. 

Curtis goes to see Michael and tells him Nelle was in a mental institution for almost a year!! WEE!! 

Jordan and Curtis talking about taking a vacation in January. He wants to go to Fiji and he wants to go to the Alps. They decide on the Alps. Stella texts Jordan, she needs to see her at GH asap. Has to be about the opioids, right? Told ya they'd get all working together on that. NO!! It's about undocumented people!! There's a student that got turned in by someone at the hospital when she came in for treatment and now ICE Is there to pick her up! Stella wants Jordan to help her but Jordan is all "it's a federal offense".  Jordan goes over to the ICE guy. "Can I talk to you"? She says. She tells him that the girl is really undercover for their drug investigation at PCU!! Interesting!! Stella is impressed.  Jordan ends up calling the guy's boss and talks him into believing the student is really undercover so they all off the deportation! 

Diane goes to Sonny's. He wants her to get an injunction against the FBI for tapping his phones.  Sonny finds out when Max calls that someone used the old code to the safe house SONNY GOES THERE!!! he goes in...and...(commercial...)....

OMG WATCH THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whoot!!!! it's here!!! IT'S HERE!! 

Monday, October 23, 2017


Sam was ready to be kidnapped Friday and TODAY is all of a sudden AT THE METRO? Wow, that was a major screw up. BIG time. Come on, get it together editing. Cripes. Carly's talking to Sam about the launch party. They even have different clothes on. 

Franco draws a picture of Jason. Liz wants to see it but Franco won't let her.  Liz says Jake is home so she's taking him costume shopping. I guess Cam and Aiden get to wear paper bags? LOL They don't even TRY anymore, do they?? 

Sonny and Miller try to figure out the whole meeting on the bridge.  It's not really anything other than Miller thinks it's a guy out to get him and Sonny doesn't.  When Carly and Sam come in, they all think they are being tapped by the feds on their phones. (They aren't, it's the Goonies).  Miller says his phone isn't tapped. CarSon think they should stay away from the launch party because the feds might see it as linked to the mob. 

Griffin tells Anna he's left the priesthood. She's mad he gave up the church for Ava Jerome. 

Ava and Kiki zzzzzzzzz. Although Ava is getting in her face over not being able to see Avery. 
She tells Kiki she slept with someone, and not an escort.  Kiki guesses it was Griffin. 

Goonies are in the steam room talking about grabbing Patient 6. VERY weird scenes. They are like the old Ford Brothers from OLTL "Gratuitous Spa scene"

Franco goes to see Dr. Maddox for a psyche session. He's afraid he hurt Drew.  Now he's afraid he'll hurt Jake (no mention of Cam or Aiden LOL). Maddox is acting like he understands the whole Twin Jason thing. Hmmmm.   Maddox bought Franco's painting--huh, I missed that I guess. 

Liz and Jake. Jake tells her the man in the park had Dad's OLD FACE.  She asks him questions about the man.  Wasn't Jake afraid of the Old Jason on the island?? Right? Scarecrow??

OOOOOOOO!! Maddox is a baddie!! He's talking the the GOONIES!! 

2 of the Goonies are on staff  for  the Launch Party. 

Chris Van Etten is... Playing CHET?

Oh my gosh, if you know the backstory on this, it's pretty funny. So, when "Chris Van Etten" was announced as co-head writer of GH, THIS Chris Van Etten got tweeted to and also his photo was used by a number of places as being "the writer". He's not, he's a wounded vet who's a motivational speaker.  He got the part after casting saw him (he's so good looking!!) and decided to give it a go!
I think it's a fun idea. 

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Sunday Surgery: Grave Consequences

I can feel your pain...

I really needed one of those giant bulletin boards like Carrie has on Homeland to sort out this week's show. Geesh--so much happened on so many levels, I could barely keep up.  I managed to watch the show live--and for the most part, I enjoyed it!  I know, don't fall over. 

You'd better get the whole brunch effect going because I have a feeling this is going to be a long one, folks! 

Friday, October 20, 2017

Floppy Friday

Maxie knows about Sam and Miller getting the media company. Maxie brought a dress for Sam to wear to their launch party. She wants a favor though, for Sam to put her back on as associate editor.
The dress is pretty. Maxie says now that Sam is going to be in the limelight, she should retire her leather jacket.  Aw, she was just kidding. Maxie leaves.

Ned and Olivia..they had a two month honeymoon. He's at ELQ. Michael's on the phone. Ned says he has something to tell him.  He wants to cut back on Michael's "Green Initiatives" -- he wants to focus on other things. HA HA. (if you know these  2 and their politics you get this) 

The American Doctor from the clinic is back with the goons. They are looking for Jason Burton. They have "high tech equipment" looking for him. 

Sonny decides to let Jason Miller go with him to the bridge. Damn it!!  Jason Burton is going to step out and he sees Jason Miller and...ugh. More waiting time.  Yep, Burton turns around to leave and one of the clinic goons has a gun on him. *Sigh* Jason fights him. The gun goes off and....
Jason Miller and Sonny just stand there. They do! LOL
Oh it's one of Sonny's GUARDS! Then Jason Miller tells Sonny to go back in the car and let him "Do His Job" . UGH..anyway, Burton is gone by the time Miller gets there. 

Olivia decorated the Q mansion for Halloween and Monica isn't happy because she didn't ask. They get in a little tiff. 

Michael finds out his phone and Monica's have been tapped (it's the clinic guys).

Ava and Griffin.... talking about priesthood. Ava just wants to fool around "no promises'. They have a hot scene. Zex. Yada yada. 

END: Sam puts on her leather coat and it looks like she's going to get kidnapped by one of he goons to lure Jason out. BUT~~ ABC put on a preview for Monday and Sam is with Carly--SO she doesn't!! LOL idiots.

This was NOT the best Friday show--especially after the stellar week we had. Nope. 

Thursday, October 19, 2017


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General Hospital Spirit Day PHOTOS!

Maura and Hayley 


Michelle and Carolyn 


SUPPORT LGBTQ YOUTH! Today was wear purple in support--GH cast stepped up. Follow their @GeneralHospital IG account for more. 

Martini Thursday

Oh.. Oscar's Mama?? I was sure he HAD no mama--but looks like he might. Twitter is betting on Tamara Braun who was reportedly coming on the show (not confirmed yet). I don't know if his mother is as important as his father? Hmmm.. I just hope it's not Sonny. Drew? ?? No idea. I don't really care. We've got enough going on without this OSCAR stuff, dang it! 

So, I was actually looking forward to getting home today in time for GH! Who knew?? What's happening?? 

NOTE: Disco Dave asked me about a scene yesterday involving Ava and Jason--I had left a part out. Just know I'm live tweeting AND blogging---so much is going on I couldn't get it all in!! SORRY!! I'm trying harder today lol.

Lante is at the Metro for date night. Laura comes in. Says she might be  engaged! Lulu's tolerable today. Laura is for sure Kevin might propose tonight (Which prob means he won't)!

Griffin tells the nurse on duty he can't talk to a patient in the 'capacity of a priest, only a doctor'. She says she'll get the chaplain. Kevin overhears and says: You're not a priest?  Kevin sits and talks with Griffin about everything says come and see me if you want to.

Kevin goes to the metro. Lulu is trying to wait to take a photo of when Kevin proposes -- Kevin starts telling Laura about Griffin. THEN HE TIES HIS SHOE!! ahahaaa. She thought he was going to ask her to marry him (of course). Kevin says "You think I'd propose to you in a restaurant"?? They laugh. 

Ava and Sonny argue. Sonny says she can't see Avery. She almost doesn't give him the note, then she does. HE's like WHERE did  you get this?  What did he look like. Ava says: Sorry, enough good deeds for today. He reads the note: "meet me where Stone's ashes are scattered" Sonny says: the only one that knows that is Jason. Then he CALLS MILLER'S JASON to have him come over.
Damn it. You'd think he'd know his BFF's handwriting!!  (See below for more) 

Later, Ava goes home and finds Burton's note saying thank you but good bye. Then Griffin comes over. He tells her he left the priesthood. Ava wonders what it means for them. 

IN the park!! Liz and Jake are walking--Liz takes a phone call from work. Burton sees Jake and whispers: Jake?... then MILLER COMES OVER and Jake is all 'HI DAD'!! UGH.. and Burton has tears in his baby blues.  Then...Burton flashes back to when he wanted the kidney donated to Josslyn and Liz slapped him. Great scene that was there. He watches Jake walk away. Confusion. 
Liz and Miller talk. She mentions FRANCO! He wonders what she and Franco were going to tell him the other day (Burton is still listening)  Liz hedges and then Jake interrupts. He has hot chocolate. He says that someone was behind the wall--but of course, Burton is gone. 

Burton goes to the bridge. About the same time, Sonny is drinking and having a flashback to when Sonny helped Jason after the car accident. He loaned him money. Awww. Jason is thinking the same thing. How cute.  When Miller comes to see Sonny, he says "the ashes were at the footbridge and you loaned me $40" (clues in the note)-- Ava's setting you up. Sonny says well, I have to go find out for myself.  Then Miller is all "this isn't me, so who is it" TOMORROW'S PREVIEWS: Sonny takes MILLER to the damn bridge with him-- and Burton is hiding in the bushes! Grrrrr!!! 

Interesting that Miller has those memories about the money and the ashes, isn't it? 

So, Roger Howarth was amazing today. He and Betsy talk about Drew. You have to watch it--it's done very well. She says that she felt she had to be with Franco more than Drew and "he could take care of himself".  Franco is terrified he pushed Drew down the stairs on purpose.  She says I'm not sure.  Franco asks where she took him. Betsy dropped him off at the "foundling hospital" -- and never looked back. Franco is torn. 

Later, in the park, Franco sees Liz-- he tells her that Other Jason is NO relation to Jason-Jason so there's no reason to tell anyone about the "twin" thing. So he lies about the whole deal. OY!!!

WOW! that was tough going because there was so much happening!! eesh!!! Sunday Surgery is going to be HUGE! 

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Typing as Fast As I Can

Griffin/Cassandra and Anna--she is like you two are so cute yada yada. Felicia comes in and is all "you two are a couple""??? She looks amazing btw. Geesh.  They lie to her too, Anna says they have to fool the whole town. Anna talks about Cass being a drug dealer? I must have missed that. I thought she was a jewel fence. 

Valentin talks to Cassandra later. He says he's really wealthy, but she wants him to work for her. She says she know he's itching to work with her.  She says he is ruthless and he can't chance.   "You are at your best when you were dancing on the edge, that's the only place you felt safe" Cass to Val

Valentin blasts Jason Miller for buying the media company.  Nina is all "keep me working here". Jason was going to ask her to stay.  This was the weak link today--just talk about Crimson. 

Oscar and Josslyn looking for his Daddy.  They are on the internet searching records. Carly wants to meet his mom. He says she works at Mercy Hospital. I still say that kid has no parents. NONE. They find someone on the net but he freaks out when Joss wants to pay to find out more. It's a dead-end. Josslyn wants to go search Oscar's apartment for clues. He hedges... 

Ava and Jason Burton. He doesn't react too much to the "Jason Morgan bought my brother's company" too much. He does want to see a photo of Jason, however. She finds a press release "here he is with my brother's daughter, Sam". Jason looks at the photo--stunned. She also says "you probably thought Jason Morgan was dead, right"?? Then SHE TELLS him how Jason "died" on the pier shot by Faison. Burton is all "FAISON"?? She said yes, he had a high tech Mission Impossible mask on!! LOL! Then she says "Helena fished him out and froze him at some clinic but he escaped and then got hit by a car". (Didn't mention SHE hit him!!) He didn't have a memory for 2 years or ID. He said, well, how did he know he was Jason Morgan? Ava says "Carly Corinthos figured it out"!! ahahahaa. 
THEN!! She tells him Carly stopped his marriage to ELIZABETH!! @@ and Sam said she loved Jason and they were soul mates.
THEN!! Jason sees a pic of Avery and says: Um, this was taken at Sonny's?? Ava tells him they have a baby together. PFFFFT. He wants her to get a message to Sonny. 
Ava goes to Sonny's house--yep!! He lets her in and is all pissy. She says better be nice to me, I have something for you. 

Franco is at his mother's-- he wants to know if Drew is really alive. She says no. He says Fine, I want to see his grave.  She's like.. um.. Ok, I lied. For all I know he's still alive.   She says he 'left them" ..."one day I was making dinner and I heard Drew screaming..he was lying at the bottom of the cellar stairs all broken and bloody". Franco asks how did he fall? Betsy said 'YOU PUSHED HIM!!' 

TOMORROW: Sonny has BURTON'S NOTE!! Burton is in the park where Jake is tomorrow!!