Friday, July 21, 2017

Fightin' Friday

Sam is talking to Hallucination Sonny. AGAIN.  *sigh* 

Laura is talking to Real Flesh Blood Sonny. Sonny tells her he'll find Spencer with his "connections".

Carly and Bobbie are talking about Spencer being gone.  

Nina posted bail.  Laura is going nuts when she finds out and yells at Nina in the PCPD. 
Laura follows Valentin out to the docks and confronts him. Yells, screams (good STUFF!!) He says he didn't do it. She pushes him...he pushes back-- and then turns around. Laura takes a shovel and WACKS him on the head LOL.. he's OUT!  Nope, he gets back up. then Jason comes around the corner and puts him in a headlock. 

Ava threw away all her make up and she's drinking. She orders a case of vodka to be delivered lol  She has to sign for it-- and the guy sees her face. She says BOO! 

Josslyn and Carly discuss Oscar-- who's apparently working at Lila's Camp. Carly says it's tough to be the mom of a teen. 

Sam goes to see Ava about ..?? not sure I think Avery. She thinks Sonny will be a bad parent.  Sam is telling Ava about karma and how much she's had to pay and Sonny hasn't.  She's being all weird.  The whole scene is weird. 
Sam goes home and gets a gun. 

So, in the end, Sonny gets a text with Spencer's photo. Monday, someone (male) shoots him when he goes to find out the source. IT's going to be GARVEY, the idiot guy we didn't even know from before. UGH 

Thursday, July 20, 2017

OJ ruled the Day..

I saw this: 

HayFinn finished Zex in the NuHouse just as Lucy walked in and...

Josslyn told Sonny and Carly about Spencer. Super Sleuth Sonny is thinking Valentin took him. 

Eden (Joss) is a good actress!

OTHER THAN THAT--it was all OJ all the time.I guess he's out in October... sigh. 

and RIP Chester Bennington. I loved early Linkin Park. 

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Party for the Pee!

I got about 4 hrs sleep last night so I'm REALLY tired. Not sure how long I'll last with GH today. 
I'll give it a go though. 

Monica needs to talk to Finn about this pee results.  He passed. There's a party in the break room for him. PEE PARTY! Oh, Finn and Hayden are so happy! Hayden tells Liz she's thrilled! Everything is going their way. ( you know that's a kiss of death) 

Julian wants Alexis to testify in his defense.  She's like NOPE. 

Nina and Nathan--are they on a LOT??   So boring. I guess Val wants to set up a "horse nursing home" to win back Nina LOL...
Dr. O comes in, wants to talk to Nina alone. She wants to write a medical column for Crimson. Nina says there's no place for it there.  Dr. O is sad. 

Dante isn't too worried about Spencer lol...because you know--it's Spencer.  Laura makes a case that Valentin took him. Later, Dante goes to the Metro Court to question him. 

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Mirror, Mirror....

Curtis is gonna break up with Jordan... because of Auntie's medical condition. 

Spencer is dumped in that basement they use all their captivities for lately.  He's trying to figure out how to get out. 

Joss called Laura to come and talk to Charlotte because she's still upset about what Spencer said to her. (It was a fake out, we were led to believe that it was a call about Spencer being missing).  Valentin and she argue -- and she slaps him hard.  He says Nikolas faked his death, he didn't kill him. 
LOTS of Nikolas mentions lately-- 

CarSon are going to bitch out Ava again --this time at Morgan's grave site. UGH... Carly has on this white slip dress (really skimpy) and Ava's dressed like it's October LOL...Sonny yells "TIME to RETHINK TO LET YOU LIVE"...just like that. Then he yelled more. 
Carly tells Ava her face is as ugly as her soul. *sigh*
They leave and then Ava talks to Morgan about how terrible she feels, how sad, how sick, yada yada. 

Carly talks to Sonny at the Metro about letting Ava go so they can move forward "Together".  

Later, Julian and Ava talk. Nice sibling stuff. Felix comes to take off her bandages.  It's hard for Julian to look at her. Ava tells him to leave and he does. She takes a picture of herself off the shelf and holds it. Then takes the blanket down from the mirror. She has like red marks/cuts all over the side of her face. -- 

NOTE: They tried to be SO obvious that Valentin kidnapped Spencer, it can't be real can it? I would be so dumb

Monday, July 17, 2017

Grave Digger

Ava doesn't look 1/2 bad I don't think! Maddox says he can treat her on an out patient basis but she says no, because Morgan was his patient. She leaves the  hospital but wants to stop by Morgan's grave. 
UT OH..guess where CarSon want to stop too? 

Spencer ragging on Charlotte lol. I don't even care.  "Your Dad Killed My Dad"!  Laura and Valentin argue. Then, at the end of the show, Spencer is kidnapped. 

Jordan is talking to Anna about Aunt Stella.  Nice friendship scene. 

Felix gave her some nice flowers!! (Aunt Stella that is). Curtis finds out she was engaged once to a guy named Marcus but she had to break it off because of 'him'.  She left college and Marcus because her sister was sick. Aww, Curtis is all melty. 

SAM AND SONNY LOOKING all MEAN AND BUG-EYED to each other. AGAIN. ANOTHER DAY. AGAIN. UGHHHHHHHHh. Griffin takes her to do some tests.  They took about 2 minutes.  

GRAVEYARD: CarSon narrating to Morgan about life--yada yada. Ava walks in or at least peeks in.  Tomorrow? Sonny will YELL AT HER..really LOUDLY because, you know-- WE HAVEN'T HEARD IT ENOUGH! 

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Sunday Surgery: Burn Notice

The Short Goodbye 

I know some people are out there reading this by my blog stats but I'm also sure you just might be sick of the ol' Wubby. I'll try to keep it fresh and light (unlike a certain show we all know (*cough*).

Hey, Sam... Sam...Sammy...Sam... Sam...
WHAT!?? Geesh, haven't you done this enough? 
Yeah..I uh... listen....I'm gonna keep appearing to you if you don't stop me.
Well, you might be in my mind but I know you had garlic for lunch! 

OMG... We finally got a fun scene together!! You real sisters!
Yeah, and you're going to have a baby and I can help you through it and...
Oh, Elizabeth... I forgot to tell you...
What? Can I give you your baby shower? Can I? I hope it's a girl..I hope...
No, Um..Elizabeth.. um... I'm leaving, they let me go. 
You're kidding me. Sarah, Emily, you? I can't catch a break !!

I'm home my little sweet drop of love..Papa missed you so! 
Oh I missed you too Papa I did! I did!! 

Dante, give me your gun. 
Lulu...I .. 

Well, here we are. 
Yep.. here we are. 
What are we talking about?
Does it matter, Sonny? Does it even matter ?

I'm locked up like the animal!! I will take the deal but I'm not happy abouts it! 
I'm glad you did, mother. Good choice.
Don't worry son, I won't kidnaps that woman of Dr. Finns dat I hates! Nope, not me! 

So, you're giving me this crummy ring instead of that giant house on the island with all the cool passage-ways and servants and stuff? I don't think so! I'm going to sue you! Just wait until Aunt Alexis gets a hold of you! Oh, you will rue the day you crossed my path, Valentin. Yes, yes you will. 

Yeah, my mom still sucks...your's? 
Pretty much.
Well.. should we sit down? 
I guess so. 
Hey, nice shirt.
Yeah, basic white Tee. Don't want to be too flashy. 

So, what are we talking about 
I don't know. 
Me neither. 

Flashback! (the ONLY one this week-)

You're so pretty.
No, you're pretty. 
You're prettier...
Aw, No YOU Are! 

Thanks Bobbie!! If you didn't call me, I'd never get any airtime. Now, you want me to get something on Nelle? Just like I did months ago?  Just re-read the scripts. Ok. Yep. Got it. 

Oh Serena!  I haven't seen you in..
Forever, I know!
Glad you could come to talk about your Grandfather.
Me too. 
Can you stay? 
Are you kidding me? I have 20 minutes to get in and out before they tow my car! 

Look, it's MOMMY! She's all burned up but that's her under those bandages....yes.... Oh and guess what? Your Daddy now has all the custody of you forever! Isn't this fun? Oh, are you sad? I'm sorry.. Bye Mom. Sorry to make you feel ten times worse but this just isn't your summer....
When has it EVER been my summer? I've been in jail...had my baby ripped from my womb... fell off a bridge, Died, come back as my own twin... 
MOM!'re making Avery scared! Come on, Avery, let me take you back to your good, kind wonderful father. 

Oh Man Landers, you are the bestest!! LIKE THE MOST BESTEST EVER...

Thank you Spencer, you made me feel so much better.. 
It is my pleasure and my wish that you heal inside and out! 

PS: If you didn't see Friday's show, this is the scene to watch!!! It was brilliant and so good. I tell you what,  Nicolas Bechtel will be missed. He's been a bright light in this dreary summer. 

Things to know about this week:
**Yes, there was a very brief goodbye to Lee Baldwin. It didn't include Bobbie or Monica (or even mention of Audrey) but..Laura did show up and we got a minute of Serena so...I guess be grateful? 
**Sonny wants to open a distillery as his legit business when he gets out of the mob. He wants Jason to help. 
**Anna's acting weird as hell. 
**The Man Landers story was on. Now they want Nathan to do a POD cast or something stupid.
**Hayden had cramps. It was nothing.

So, another uneven week at GH with a few good scenes and the rest? Meh.  Not a heck of a lot happened. (again). 

I saw some spoilers and it looks like Liz is "held captive" -- Sonny's getting  some ominous texts and Stone comes back (to "help" Sonny through a rough patch so it's not like he's really alive).  Dr. O is threatening to do some harm to Hayden so I think this is both their exit stories. Great...two characters I actually like (and both work at GH) gone. 

I started watching The Handmaids Tale which is just ....morose.  It's done really well and interesting but I may need some filler of Shameless to get my mood back up! Oh! And Claws is a really fun show too. 

Friday, July 14, 2017

Bye Lee

HELLO Serena! Yeah for Scotty and Lucy. Why can't this be the whole show?  Serena shows them photos of Lee in Florida with her and Gail. She can cry really well.  Laura comes over later.  Scotty is all upset that he didn't tell Lee he loved him more. Laura says he knew.  She leaves (that was a blink) 

Sonny tells Kiki he's got sole custody of Avery. Neener Neener... I love Kiki's dress. She says this to Sonny:

OMG I hate this show sometimes.
At the end, Kiki brought Avery to visit Ava but she's scared of her face. Ava never wants to see Avery again. 

Ava dreams her face is perfect--but she's arrested by Dante. She wakes up...and Dante walks in!  She's not confessing.
Dante goes to Sonny and says the case is circumstantial. The DA won't bring a case against her. Sonny's pissed. 

Stupid MAN LANDERS is going Cyrano de Bergerac on us. Oh HOW FUNNNYYYY get it? Amy will be the one REALLY answering the questions while Nate listens in an ear piece. :eyeroll: He goes off script. It's stupid. Later, they offer him a real job on the podcast for good money. 

Alexis and Valentin in the park.  I guess Spencer is suing him? YES! Civil suit for killing Nikolas! ahaha

Best Scene: Spencer goes to visit Ava to tell her he knows what it's like to be scared about being burned!! Awww so nice and genuine! They talk about Nikolas a bit and how much they miss him.  Spencer wants her to testify that Valentin killed Nikolas. She says I will..he was a hero. 

END: Valentin vows to "take care of Spencer" himself.
Photo of Peter Hansen. No flashbacks. Sad horn. 

Lisa LoCicero and Daugher on vacation! 

Lee Baldwin

He was my Atticus Finch! Here's his complete history on Wiki-- read it if you want to know the history of this legacy GH character. 

This is the time I started really watching GH: 1977:

Lee Baldwin returned to Port Charles in 1977 after his wife died in an accident. Lee found comfort in long, warm and platonic evenings with Dr. Gail Adamson. Lee and Gail were good company for each other. Sensing his devastation, Gail secretly contacted Scotty Baldwin, Lee's stepson, urging the young law student to get in touch with the only father he'd ever known. Scotty had left Port Charles several years earlier and was now living in New York's Greenwich Village. Gail's mission worked when Scotty showed up in town. She smiled with satisfaction as father and son reunited. Scotty, agreeing to join the "establishment", accepted a clerking job at General Hospital, where he met and became instantly captivated by young Laura Webber.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Wub Fiction: Summer Stories

Since I am yelling so much about the show, I thought I'd write down some things I would have LOVED to have seen this summer... I'm gone to a workshop all day so I won't see the show. Enjoy these instead! 

Brad and Lucas meet HouseHunters:  Our happy couple (strained a bit by Brad's bad choices) are looking all over Port Charles for something they can afford. All that comes up are expensive hipster lofts or run down townhouses by the railroad tracks and docks.  Then, Felix is talking one day on the phone and Brad over hears him mentioning the old Brownstone that was "fixed up but never sold" because of some legal issues. It's up for auction and he laments to his partner (forgot his name) how great it would have been to own the property (which is also reported to be haunted!) but it's too expensive. Enter Brad and Lucas.  They all buy into the Brownstone together and start renting out rooms as a way to pay the mortgage. Who moves in? Oh, anyone you want!! Maybe Kiki and Dillon-- TJ and Molly and then some GH doctor interns. Why? They could be around and test for roles on the show. We know good actors when we see them. Put in small storylines about not being able to get enough sleep, or having to grieve the loss of a patient. Think Night Shift only better. 

Dr. Maddox Summer Sessions: Think outside of the box here. We could have had a series of small therapy sessions with many of the GH characters. The writing was great when he met with Jake, and hell, you know about 90% of the people in Port Charles needs it!  The stories could vary and be surprising; Epiphany still grieving the loss of her son all these years later, Monica feeling that she's alone and aging out of her job.  If you have seen HBO's In Treatment, then you know where I'm going! 

Aunt Stella: Plastic Surgeon:  That's right, Aunt Stella dropped by Port Charles but not only to complain about Curtis' choice of women but because she's also a top plastic surgeon. Julian is using the families millions to have her consult on his sister's burned body and face.  We'd gain a great doctor who's attached to the canvas with family.  Maybe later, she could branch out and have some "botched" clients! 

Kelly's Diner--Time to Sell: Bobbie is ready to sell the place but can't find a buyer. Seems like Aunt Stella came into money recently and is a damn good cook. She managed a place in Baltimore for 25 years and is ready to have her own digs.  We need an older woman, full of advice on GH (think Ruby, Mertyl...etc) to guide everyone and keep up with the town's gossip. Of course TJ would continue to work there part time. The upstairs rooms could be rented out again as well. 

Joss Goes Goth: Ok, not exactly GOTH or EMO--but whatever the kids are doing now a days to get their angst out. I long wanted either Molly or Kristina to have an eating disorder storyline and this could apply to Joss as well.  I'm not talking DISNEY-FIED "teen" I'm talking raw, deep-web stories.  She could also have some grueling sessions with Dr. Maddox (see above).

Dr. Griffin:  anything Please. ANY story will do. The way they've wasted this potential is embarrassing.  

I could go on and on-. Point is, the summer is for exploring all things possible. Not rehashing months and months of recycled stories. I want to see the Quartermaine house become relevant again with Olivia and Ned.  I want Lulu to stop crying about Charlotte and pay attention to Rocco who has some difficulties with his development.  Get the characters interacting more and make the stories interesting. 

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

2:45 SORRY!

We are outside people!! IN the PARK!! Joss and ..Oscar are walking and talking about all the murders in her fam. LOL 

Carly and Bobbie talk about Nelle and how they are going to find the skeleton's in her closet then Michael will leave her. This is what Soap Mamas have done since time began (and fathers too). Break up the couple. 

Sam's still seeing Sonny. YAWN she pulled a gun on his hallucination. 

 I think Sonny and Jason were talking about the business. They are going to open a distillery, which is actually a good thing. We have new ones opening up all over Rochester. 

Nelle and Nina talking about Valentin and how Nina still loves him. 

Net Neutrality

WUBS net joins the hundreds of online sites that are protesting the FCC's attack on Net Neutrality.  We in the soap community have enjoyed unlimited freedom/access for years now.  Companies want you to pay more for faster speed, block content and have paid prioritization. This can also affect podcasts as well.  Take a moment to read about this issue: 


Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Hayley Erin Engaged!

From her IG account:  *hayleyerin13

Hayley got engaged to her long-time boyfriend Logan Vonluedtke on the sands of Hawaii while on vacation. Don't they look pretty!? For more Hawaii photos and other fun, follow her HERE: 

Floating Ribs

Dr. O's in Ze Pokey.  Nathan talks to Finn about her case. Finn goes in to talk to Lesil and says he and Monica might have an alternative for her besides prison. He wants her to resign, write to the board and clear his name. She says NO.  He tells her jail would be hard, and she might not see Nate.  She wants to think it over. In the end, she talks to herself about being free and then taking away "the thing that matters the most to him" ie: Hayden. So, I guess that's her exit story. 

Maddox finds Anna in Floating Rib, she was going to meet Flea and Mac but they didn't show up. Dante calls her and tells her Valentin got out of prison.  She calls Robert and leaves a message.  The WSB calls back and says since the weapon is outdated, they are embarrassed this happened so..why have a trial? Plus, Alex is gone and Hells is dead. So...Val is free to go (stupid) 

Valentine's OUT of Ze Pokey.  He's with Nina--the charges are dropped. Whatever. No one is ever really IN jail but poor Steven Lars LOL.  Nina tells him they are divorced. He tells her to leave Wyndemere. He goes to see Charlotte..Charlotte runs to him PAPA! PAPA~~~!!! They argue about CUSTODY of Charlotte...because you know, they haven't enough. 

Liz and Hayden talking about Dr. O being in prison.  They go grab a bite at FR.  Why DO THEY SHOW them now? Rebecca B is leaving the damn show!! UGH I hate GH so much.  Anyway, Hayden has pains and goes to The Hospital with Liz and Maddox. In about 3.4 seconds we find out she's fine.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Monday and I'm...

Yes, even tho we look the same age, I am your mother! 
Sorry to say I didn't watch today! Just had too much to do. After last week, I'm not too upset, I'll watch on the DVR and FF when I want to. Hardly seems like summer with these stories. 

What was your fave summer story? I'm not going with the traditional L&L one . I loved when Jesse and Jenny ran off to NYC together. They spent most of the time talking on the fire escape but I loved it. 

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Serena? Can it Be!?

Yes, it can! According to Soap Opera Digest, Carly Scheoeder is returning next week to play Serena (Lucy and Scotty's daughter). The show is doing a tribute to "Lee Baldwin" (Scotty's father) who was played by Pete Hansen. Hansen died earlier this year.  While I'm happy this is happening I guess I'm a bit puzzled because it's coming out of nowhere-- Lee's not been on in years and years. Scott hardly mentions Serena. This is what happens when a show leaves it's past behind then tries to 'honor' it in a quick way.  
I know, be grateful for the brief moment.'s so puzzling. I wonder if Audrey will be on? Gail? 

Sunday Surgery: Uno, Dos, Tres

Digital Diva 
It's happened again !! I sit here, ready to go over the week in my head to write about all the happenings and I've got...???? What happened this week? I can't even remember, that's how dull it was. I know we had a wedding Friday-- so that's something to dish about but--but? Hmmm, see this is where I have to go back in the blog to find out what I watched. *sigh*  It was only 3 days--maybe that's the problem? 

Ok, wedding cake it is! Mine was red velvet (in honor of lobsters of course) but you may have whatever kind you want. I even went to a wedding that had little PIES! So good.! 

Friday, July 7, 2017

Wedding Plans

Ask Man Landers story.. Sad clown. Don't care. 

Nelle doesn't have a good dress so Nina is going to give her one.  Its' a red skimpy thing

Tracy sent champagne glasses to the bride and groom and a nice note. 

Olivia's wedding... I guess Olivia got her picture in the paper while she was in jail.  Laura, Kiki and Monica talk to Olivia in her room before the wedding. She tells them what happened. They play dumb like it's not all over social media. Her dress isn't there yet. The van broke down on the way. 
Monica asks Nina to help with the fashion crisis. 
Olivia freaks out. Ned goes to talk with her--she says THE WEDDING IS OFF!  Ned talks her into getting married. Monica found a dress at Crimson.

Carly and Josslyn snipe over Sonny and their relationship.  She goes to get an earring. Joss answers the door to Sonny. She's lippy to him abut having her Dad deported He basically says it was because of MORGAN (grief) and he's sorry.
Joss goes and meets already recast Oscar at the bridge. THAT bridge. I could have sworn Joss said she was watching Avery?? 

Josslyn ends up crying about Morgan. 

Later, CarSon go to the wedding and see Michael and Nelle walk in. Carly's all "HELL NO". Michael says: Deal with it. 

WEDDING continues.  Vows are said.  Ned sings his.  It would have been more appropriate at the reception...but... Then reception happens. There are fireworks, everyone claps. 

Thursday, July 6, 2017

More Martinis Please!

WOW! In ONE Scene today:


HOLY MOLY! WOW... it was about Olivia's bachleorette party.  They leave and Dillon and the rest to play poker. They smoke cigars and start a small fire. LOL  Carly arrives with firemen, it was only a trashcan fire so nothing is really damaged. They have to check the rest of the floor. 

Olivia is getting smashed.  Laura helps her up to a room at the Metro. She passes out, Laura leaves...later a fireman comes in to check out the room (as per code) and she thinks he's a stripper. She yells, jumps on the bed and in the next scene, she' jail.  Later it looks like they think she's a hooker? Huh? Anyway, Dante comes to get her.  Much ado about nothing. 

Sam really didn't stab Sonny, it was a hallucination. Of course it was.  Sam bitches about Sonny taking Jason away from the family. Sonny's all confused. She then apologizes and asks him not to tell Jason she was there. Really weird scene.

Liz and Jason talk about Sam's being tired and not herself. Liz says having a baby will exhaust a person. It lasted about 3 seconds lol 

Stella is down, Waiting for the ambulance. Later, in GH, Griffin says it's good they got her right to the hospital. It's probably a minor stroke. He does say she's had a few small ones according to her medical history. Curtis and Jordan go to see her. She says she had a stroke years ago but has been ok until she came to Port Charles--then glares at Jordan LOL  Jordan talks to Griffin and she thinks Stella could have another stroke with stress so you KNOW she's going to break up with Curtis again. OMG this is going to go on all summer. 

Joss can't go to Aussie Land because Jax is in Abudabi. Joss is mad --the reason that he's there is because he can't do business in the US. She's all mean to Carly. After Carly leaves she and Oscar text....angst text. 

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Aunty DOWN!

Valentine calls Nina on a phone from 1970.  He thinks he's going to "disappear".. 
He writes a letter (in his head) to Nina. Mushy one. 

Anna wants nookie and Andre is like...Um, we're friends. Then Nina calls Anna about Valentin.  Anna then runs off to see Nina like she and Valentin are siblings or something. Ugh, I really don't like this "Anna Val connection that's not real" thing.  Finola is going on vacation so maybe this is her exit for the rest of the summer. 

Max Holden is examining Sam. She says there's something wrong. What's wrong? I dunno, my husband says something is 'off'. zzzzzzzzzzzz He thinks maybe PPD. takes blood.  In 3 seconds he says: Oh, Low Iron! Sam then "Sees" Sonny in the room. When Doctor leaves she fixates on a knife. 

Sonny and Jason. Sonny says he's giving up the territory. HAHAHA. Right.  Sonny said when that guy had a gun on Carly he said "if I survive this, I'm walking away".  Jason thinks Sonny wants HIM to take over the territory.

Aunty is talking to Alexis. Nice connection to make. Not that TJ and MOLLY are there, but ---it's the next best thing.

Curtis and Jordan are where they always are, in bed. 

They get up, get dressed and go to The Metro where Aunt Stella yells at them.  She then falls to the ground-- I think she had a stroke?? 

END: Sam goes in and Stabs Sonny. But I can't tell if it was real or not?? It was in that fish-eye lens so it could be her dreaming/imagining it?? 

Monday, July 3, 2017

GH: Another One Bites the Dust??

Welp, read Daytime Confidential and...ponder. I wonder how many contracts are going to be "stalled" or "up for grabs" to bring Burton back? I'm not saying he's not important but they are certainly getting budget ready to welcome the boy back! 

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Programming Notice

General Hospital won't air new shows on Monday July 3rd or Tuesday the 4th .... instead there will be reruns.  Have a great holiday! If anything happens in the soapy world, I'll post it!! 

Sunday Surgery: Disco Saved My Life

You can tell by the way I use my walk....

All she wants to do is...Dance. Which was the only and best thing about this week you should be concerned about. Seriously, in the history of dull, it would be hard to out-do whatever the hell took place on our screens.

All saved by a dance on Friday. Fun, flirty and fab. I hope you all remember that Finola starred in the sequel to Saturday Night Fever "Staying Alive" back in the day. She's a hell of a dancer. Anthony Montgomery held his own too!! 

Ok, so..I guess you want to hear a bit about the rest of the show.  I watched a total of 53 minutes live.   The rest I FF'd  through. Here's my best take: 

Welp...guess we're all that's left of the men in this household...
YES! To us... the last surviving Quartermaine males...
Um...should we be worried? (looks over shoulder) 

YES, Jason! I'm still crying, I'm still a mess over all of this..!! Why? I don't know! I just hate Sonny and the whole dangerous life. I mean, I get I loved it, and I totally didn't mind you in it. Who am I? Elizabeth? This is her story!! Not mine!! Right? Didn't she say the same things over and over? Jason? Are you listening? Jason? 

Well....actually I'm thinking about the fact my parking space now says "Reserved for the REAL Jason Morgan"...but..whatever. 

I'm just going  look uncomfortable..yet yearning, ok? I've done it for the past month, I can do it a bit longer.   

OMG...we're so fun and adorable!! It's like having kittens in my pants!! 
GIGGLE...I know! I know!! I feel all fluffy and like I want to squeal with delight! 

Yeah, that's right...there's gonna be a wedding!! What's wrong with you people? Just because Ned and I are on 1 or two times a month doesn't mean we're not gettin' hitched. I still expect presents. Lots and lots of presents. 

Oh. MY. God!  You are totally insane! Sonny shot Dante! He killed Michael's father!! He's a total crime boss-- he had my Dad deported! I mean geeze. I have one party and some Cheetoes dust gets on your couch and you go ballistic! Why did you send me to this kiddie summer camp anyway? Look at Grandma Bobbie's Face!! Even she knows you're just plain dumb! 
Bobbie: True, dat! 

OMG! There she is!! Don't move...Curtis, stay behind me, she's lethal! 
I know!! I took a Xanax before this scene! You think we can catch her messin' with Finn's pee?
I sure hope heart can't take this much longer. 

What are we even talking about anymore, Sonny??? 
I don't know, does it matter? We got airtime... 

You're so soft...and white...
Just like the sheets! 
Want some milk?  Some oatmeal cookies? 
Naw, I just want to lay here and look at your white teeth...

Um...blah blah blah...Man Landers....and blahblahblah!! Like blah!! Yadda Yadda! 

So... how long do we have to sit here and stare? 
Until Sonny's finished with his scene.
Get any lines today? 

A few... you? 
Yeah..a couple. 
So... how about that weather, huh? 

Look, kid...I'm not gonna eliminate your Uncle Val no matter how "loathsome and boorish" he is
But why not? You killed Michael's father....and I hear you killed a ton of other people! So...
So, nothin' really in it for me, ya know? 
But..but... if you can't go to an ill-reputed member of the black hand, who can you go to? 
I hear the kids use The Google nowadays with good results...

Housekeeping Notes: 
* If you're wondering where Friz are, Roger was negotiating his contract during this time and wasn't taping

* No, Aunt Stella wasn't on this expansion of her introduction to the 'town'. No movement at all 
* Emme Rylan had her baby girl...Name: Dakota Rose 

KS is back taping. Look, I adore her but ... you know what? At this point Maxie and Nathan could move to Seattle or wherever she was and I'd be like: Oh, they're gone?? 
*The most reliable speculation I've heard about JasonvsJason is that they are indeed twins and the "real" Jason appears. Billy Miller is due to sign--or not -- in August. If he leaves, he'll just take the twin face with him. If he stays? He'll just be JasonSquared.