Monday, December 4, 2017

Fast Track DNA

Alexis and Jason are both out wandering the docks, catching memories. LOL Alexis wonders where Sam is-- and he says "with my brother" . She says she's relieved.  Tells Jason about Sam trying to find him even after the search was called off...she dove in a wet suit. Alexis also says she's settled in a healthy relationship and loves Drew.  Jason said he never told Sam what to do and he's not going to start now. Alexis was so hypocritical there--geesh, she's basically doing the same thing with Jules!! 

JossCar and Michael. Michael tells them about Drew/Jason. Oscar hopes Drew gets his memory back. 
Stupid Nelle interrupts them. She wants to tell Michael she got a present for Joss and it came in.  It's an autographed photo of some ..singer? Actor? I don't know but Joss is happy and Michael is pleased. 
Oh, BTW--JossCar had a home DNA kit they have to send to the lab-- um..she says "you should know this time tomorrow if Drew is your Dad".  TOMORROW?? 

Liz and Robin talk about the Jasons. Robin finds out who's who and also that Dr. Maddox was involved. They talk about how much Jason hates Franco and she doesn't know what she'll do about Jake. Robin thinks Jake needs Jason in his life. She tells her about having to explain to Patrick how she was friend's with a hit man way back when.  Liz says she loves Franco and Robin wants to hear why she loves him. Liz gushes about him. Robin says she's glad she's happy. She's going to CA. BYE! 

Franco goes to see Andre in jail.  Andre apologizes for involving Franco. He says he was surprised Franco didn't tell.  He says Franco's secret is safe with him, but he should tell and unburden himself. 

Franco goes to GH. Liz is excited to see him. He's going to tell her the truth. Well, Liz says "Marry Me"... and he's so happy he says yes-- and of course, doesn't tell her the truth. 

Drew realizes his name isn't Jason anymore and needs a new license and credit card. "How are we going to tell Danny? He doesn't know him... he'll be scared and freak out...Do you want me there when you tell him?" Sam-- yes, I want you there, you are my heart and I love you".  Drew leaves. 

Sam stays at the PCPD and Alexis finds her. Sam's crying. Alexis begs her not to go back to Jason "He's not going to change". Sam starts not being able to breathe and runs out.  

THEN!!! Sam runs to the docks and sees...... JASON!! EEESSSHHHH!!! No matter what, seeing 2 old lovers see each other makes me go boom. I thought they were going to kiss! NOPE! Jason says "Sam, it's going to be ok, no matter what happens, it will be ok"...Sam says thank you. HEART BREAKING!! Sam is crying...Jason is leaving and he's crying!!  Think about Sam..she can't really celebrate Jason's return and she doesn't really know Drew's past either. eesh....

On the bridge, Oscar sees Drew. They both stand there, looking up. I guess it's a foreshadowing of something? WHAT COULD IT BE?????!! LOL 

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