Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Nurse's Lounge

Sit back a bit and take a load off! I had a meeting until 2:15 so I was a bit late  I see the red carpet is progressing! Nina looked great-- Ava looked old Hollywood.

Where's Rocco? 

Where's Robin? 

Nina looked great.  Ava looked like old Hollywood.  Lulu looked..well...9mo PG and just like she was going to float away!!

Chimera necklace--DON'T CARE

Sonny and Maddox discussing DA PILLS. He spills them out and spies something in the very bottom.... a broke and crumbled pill. Maddox takes it to the lab.

Ava wants to drop a check

First number takes places in the Hospital-- they play a film to the Ball Audience-- we see it like it's live. Felix has a deep voice. Bobbie sings!

Of course there's no Cam or Aiden! 

Monday, May 22, 2017

Before The Ball

Kiki has her Nurses' aid certificate. Ava tells Kiki that Avery is spending the night at Ava's. You know THAT's not gonna last long, we know that. 

Carly and Sonny-- BLABBERMAMABLABBERDADA OMG, these two. Carly's mad Sonny cooked for "her lawyer". Martina is like "I quit"!!  They yell, Sonny mentions Jax..Carly gets all bitchy. 
Nothing new. 
Jax... Martina... TIT FOR TAT 
Carly leaves. Martina says "You can go after her" Sonny says: I don't go after anybody, not even Carly.
okay then! 

These two are boooooring lately. I know shippers love when their couples are all happy but-- eesh. Maybe the stupid Chimera story will put a fire under their butts  They are having Chinese Food and Beer...no kids in sight. He gives her a VINTAGE motorcycle jacket. 

Nina is still yapping at Valentin about Anna. Later, Anna walks in--I think it's her, she has black on but you know GH, could be switched up. NO idea. Don't care. 
Guess it's Anna. Nina tells her to go away and that watch "you gave him is a spying device" and Anna of course doesn't know about it.  Val walks in and yells at Anna 'What the HELL are you doing here"?? 
She tells him about Alex (She should have BROUGHT ALEX with her!!) 

Later, Nathan tells Nina about Alex.  Alex was taken away by the WSB. So is this the end of the story? How stupid--the OMG. 

Helena was in Jason's livingroom as a hallucination after he had sex with Sam. "I warned you" she said.

No Robin today.  IT was SUCH A FILLER SHOW. ugh

NEW RATINGS LOWS for DAYS AND GH: Soap Opera Network   Read it and weep! 

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sunday Surgery: A Dime a Dozen

This week moved like a snail--on Sominex. I guess they were so busy with the Nurses Ball, the stories just went out the window. I mean..wow.  I DID watch every show, so no yelling at me for that.  It was a chore though.  
BUT!!  I'll make it easy this week and give you 12 of the most important things to know: 

1. Julian is NOT a Rat. Sure, he may have murdered guys-- even roughed up and almost slit his wife's throat but-- HES NOT A RAT.  Oh, well, yes... he has been trying to get Sonny for years. Sonny has tried to get Julian convicted and Julian has done the same. They wanted to put each other in the slammer. BUT NOW? Nah...why would he do that? He's not a stoolie. No way.  Won't sign an agreement to get Sonny arrested.  BECAUSE HE'S NOT A RAT, DAMN IT! 

2. Even after laying in a hospital bed for weeks, Anna can still stab an evil bastard doctor in the neck when she needs to. 

3. Nelle's in BIG pain... in her KIDNEY.  That's right..her ONLY KIDNEY. Dun dun dun...

4. Rocco does NOT get chocolate chip pancakes on school nights!! That is, unless Charlotte sleeps over because it's oh so special. Oh, so very, very special. 

5. Laura gets an earful from Brad about Finn's pee being positive and tells him to take a hike. She also seems to have found some bright over-sized flowy summer frocks. 

6. Robin and Emma flew in from California in time for the Nurses Ball. They run into Alex (not to be confused with Anna who stabbed the doctor)  at the airport and Emma immediately knows something is wrong. Oh, and Robin? Yeah, she's still pregnant. 

7. Sonny once again used his dimples (and some pasta) to get Martina in bed. Carly walks in however, and well.. the jig is UP!   Like we haven't seen that 13,000 times before. 

8.  Finn's Pee Tests? Tainted by Brad? Oh no, silly rabbit, it's Ze naughty, mean Dr. O who's been in the lab mixing up "urine trouble" for Hamilton Finn.  (urine trouble, get it?!)

9. That F'king CHIMERA thing is in Jake's "Magic Box"-- and Alex and Anna are looking for it. They had a scene "together" on Friday. Alex paraded around her Chimera necklace for Anna to look at. *sigh* I could care about nothing LESS than this story.  It's supposedly a weapon. I hope it has biological agents in there to wipe out 1/2 of the town. 

10.  Lucy gets ready for the Nurses Ball next week...traditionally a pretty good ratings pull for GH. Many people tune in that haven't watched all year. 

11.  Hayden is pregnant. (I can't even remember the last time they had sex, can you?) Hayden decides she wants to have the baby... Finn is happy, I guess.  You know--hard to tell. 


12. Aiden is, indeed alive.  No Cam sighting but...at least this guy isn't working the coal mines this week. 

The ongoing PILL Switch story is still happening, I guess the "reveal" takes place during the Nurses Ball. I know people like Sonny with Martina but--what's the point?  Is Carly going to be jealous? Do we care? This couple has been divorced a BAZILLION TIMES. The Chimera thing?  Bringing back Anna's twin in this context is just--dumb.  This isn't a intriguing sci-fyi story, it's not a nail-biter 'who done it'. It's NOTHING.  Nina's thrown in there as the jealous wife-- tedious. Julian..?? What's going on there?  Finn's drug addiction? We know he's not addicted. We've lived through this lizard-serum story long enough. Hayden is now pregnant. Which, again, I don't care. This couple is so isolated that they sit in the damn hospital hallway talk most of the time.   GH has so many kids it's ridiculous. I bet they are going to throw a scare in there because of the medication Hayden was injected with. 
Will their baby be HALF LIZARD??? (Bearded Dragon!!!?)
Kiki and Dillon--dull, dull dull.  Jordan and Curtis? They are on the 2 week half-rotation choppy cycle. Valerie was on this week, giving Jordan the what-for.  I didn't even recognize her. 

Positive Note: I love the kid that plays Rocco. He's a natural-- camera loves him and he just delivers his lines perfectly. 

Side Note: I need to know from people that never watched AMC and who didn't know Anna has a twin.  Was this the weirdest? I mean, it was never presented to the audience before hand-- and it was basically 'revealed' when Anna woke up in London. So-- did you have any idea what was going on? It just seems like if I was watching and had no clue or backstory I'd be so confused. Alex hasn't been referenced in what? 20 years?  

So, next week is our Nurses Ball. Here's hoping it's fun and entertaining. Last year was the serial killer mess. (oh man, was that a disaster!).  
Oh, and I'm hoping and praying no one I like dies and gives their kidney to Nelle. Or even donates it. 

Friday, May 19, 2017

Finally Friday

Brad talks to Dr. O about Finn.  Later we see Dr. O-- NOT Brad tampering with the urine test. 
And we get a close up of the Finn pee--SO GROSS. 

Everyone is getting ready for the Ball. Jake is doing a magic act. 

Robin sees Griffin and tells him Anna "isn't herself" .

Sonny talks to Martina about MORGAN. wants her to 'stay with him'

Carly is trying to order Ava around in the park. Um, Carly--you get NO SAY in Avery's life!!! Later she goes to talk to Sonny about Ava and finds 2 wine glasses! What else will she find?! 

Anna/Alex talking about the Chimera -- blah blah blaaaahhh. Don't care...don't care SO DON'T CARE...

Thursday, May 18, 2017


A song for you today!! I heard this in the car--and I was JAMMIN'!! Such a summer song!! 

Ok, Brad was on.. Hayden looks like death today?? Don't like that makeup. She and Ham are trying to scam Brad about his PeeTest. Hayden's pregnant. She needs to make a decision--about having the baby.  She says she wants to have the baby now, he's happy. But his DEMONS are strong and he knows she may not want him around the kid.

OMG, Alex is tied to the stairs with the scarf--she's not dead. Hey, she tied PAUL up to that same banister, remember? 

Eyeroll. Whatever.  Dr. Evil calls Alex to tell her Anna escaped. 

Alex goes to the airport to escape before Anna gets to PC .  Oh! Robin and Emma are at the airport too!  Alex doesn't know what Emma is talking about when she mentions some graphic novels she gave her last visit. "Something's wrong" says Robin. 

Laura is on the hospital board because Tracy gave her her spot. Brad comes up to her and tells her that there's a "situation" at the hospital. He also tells her Monica and Tracy covered up for Finn.  She tells him about opioid addiction (PSA) and until Finn fails a drug test, he's fine. 

Lulu and the fam are eating. And...when Valentin comes in, the social worker pops up for a surprise visit.  They tell her about the arrangements they made for Charlotte yesterday. She leaves.  Lulu and Val argue. (surprise) 

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

It's 89 HERE! 89!! LOL

Lante playing Memory with Char and ...um...who is that? Oh Rocco. 

Nelle in the hospital and Michael is there and-- Nelle's KIDNEY is compromised. You know how I feel about that. 

So did Valentine really kill Alex? Hmmm..  His neck looks really skinny today to me lol. 

Oh the British nurse is talking Anna's side and kept it from the doctor that she woke up. 

Sony and the NuGirl, drinking scotch. Whatever. 

Nicholas B tweeted this today! 

Bobbie and Carly talk about NuLawyer (Martina?? )   quitting.  Carly's jelly.  *SIGH* 

OMG Maddox is calling some pharmacist about THE PILLS!! That's still out there--up in the air?? LMAO!! GEEZE. 

I made it to 2:27--tell me if Alex is really dead, ok? thanks!! :) WUB YA

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Watching the LAST 15 min today..change of tactics? Not really. I was busy, busy! 

Griff had no shirt on...sooooooo

Friz are all making out on the couch. 

Nina tells Charlotte to stay overnight at Lante's...I'm sure that's to piss off Val. 

Alex wants the Chimera. Cripes. Val says he's been addicted to "her" since the Academy.  Then he says he's going to end it and walks towards her with a scarf. Commercial. I guess we are supposed to think he strangled her because the next time we see him he's talking to Nina at the Metro saying "You'll never have to worry about Anna EVER AGAIN". 
Like they'd kill off Alex now. LOL Whatever. 

OMG I think Nelle is going to need a damn KIDNEY LMAO!! LOL  If I hear KIDNEY ONE MORE TIME@!!!! UGH

Jake talks to the beer can with the lion on it. 

Anna tells the nurse she's Anna NOT Alex... and that the doctor is in on it. 

Monday, May 15, 2017

England's National Health

Anna's in"LONDON"...which is basically Ava's old cancer room in NYC.  But the nurse tells her she's Alex. Anna can't talk, something is wrong with her speech. Oh, Call the speech pathologist! 
Alex is drinking wine with Val. He tells her Nina left him. She gets all giggly... he gets giggly. Oh brother. 
OK, So Anna got switched out after she said to Griffin "I have to go find/see someone" --that was the end of March.  So Anna has the cancer and she's in London right now. Alex has been in PC for like 2 months at least. 

Julian is on. He's offered a deal to go back home and help trap Sonny so they can arrest him.  Julian said NO. WHY???  Because Julian wouldn't WANT Sonny in Jail? That makes no sense.
Alexis is talking to Scott...blah blah blah. 

Jason is all bruised.  "The scarecrow was me" says Jason. He's telling Liz about the island. Zzz

Jake is in the park.  HELL...Aiden is there too! Am I seeing things?? Nope! He was allowed out today with a soccer ball! WOW
Franco and Liz are in the park.

Then,  Friz and JaSam are ALL in the park. Jason goes to talk to Jake about not being afraid of him or "the scarecrow". 

Watched until 2:30 today! 

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sunday Surgery: Chain-Smoking

It's Mother's Day and I saw GH one day this week. That means I get to play my favorite blog!! I go grab pictures off Twitter and see if I can guess the "dialog"!! 
I'm not missing the show all that much... they are on the cycle up of one story...cycle down of another.
BTW, I watched the day that Jason and Franco were chaining each other up in the scarecrow patch. LMAO. I pick them well. :eyeroll: 


Hey Dumkofs!! Knocks its off!!! You look like two lovers getting readys for ze zex! 

What is it? 
How did we see this in the pitch dark? 
Wanna chain me up? 

MOM! Tell her to stay away from me!! 
Stay away from my Lulu! 
NO way, she's a bitch, trying to take Charlotte away
Now, now..as a psychologist I must say...
All the Ladies: SHUT UP KEVIN!! 
Wub Note: Were Laura, Lulu and Kev going to a funeral?? because..um..

Oh..Mom, I remember the happy times...
Carly, that's a photo of Michael in a coma..
I know, but...it was so special...

And....I just flash my dimples and---BAM!  It's a gift! 

Oh? My cancer? Well... yes, I know. But..it's manageable.  I'm  coping. It's difficult. You know, with the memory loss...and..
Memory loss?? What memory loss?
Pardon? Um...oh, nothing.nothing. You look pretty today. Did I tell you that? 

Yah, well.
Um...what do you want to talk about? 

My urine? 
Ok, let's just sit here. 
Exciting, yes? 

Nelle! Why are you out here, don't you know it's dangerous? 
Well...I'm dangerous, Michael.
No you're not.
Ok, I'm not...but it's badass to stand here and talk.
Well, as long as you don't get ..I don't know, hit in the head or anything...
Don't worry.  Like that would ever happen...

COOL! Look, I got a magic set!! Wow.. what could this be?  It's a NOTE?? Did that creepy UPS guy leave it? What is it? Says 'TOP SECRET" must be really exciting...right? RIGHT? 

Oh, large, handsome body goon... you should have seen some of my other boys. One I even stabbed in the eye with an ice pick!  I miss those days...that and when we had real rocks on our set. (Coughs because of fog machine) 

Come on, Andre...look at me in my LuLuLemon outfit..don't you notice anything that's "off"?? Can't you see this GIANT NECKLACE I have around my neck? No? Here, let me play with it and have the camera give a close up.  Isn't it great to be outside on our one set?  Did you see my necklace yet? Did you? 

Why am I here? Well, I have to be on once a month to be considered recurring ..I think. I dunno.  Maybe to make you and Curtis more interesting? Aren't I interesting? 

Here is the beer can oh mistress of the island....
Oh my, it's much more than that my twisted henchman...much much more...
What? What is the beer can with the picture on it? 
Wait...wait for months perhaps years until I decide to tell everyone. 
Yes, master...I mean mistress...

Oh. My. God.  Am I gonna screw with my contract demands... like, BIG TIME! 

Between Jake's Magic kit and that Chimera thing, I'm waiting for ABC to offer decoder rings for us to order....only $45 plus postage and handling. 

Ok! That's it!! I GNFs about the Chimera story --NONE.  Don't care about anything this week. Sad. 
I suppose I'll tune in for a day or 2 of the Nurses Ball. 

Have a great Mama's Day to you mothers out there-- 

Friday, May 12, 2017

Spicey may as well..

join the cast of GH...LOL I didn't even know it was interrupted by the press briefing today until I flipped around. 

Poor GH...geesh..  

NEWS AND NOTES!! Told you I'd keep you updated! 

Oh! I did see Bradford Anderson is coming 'Back" to GH -- not back back..probably for one of his stints. Last time he was recast briefly, remember?  

Jennifer Bassey (Former Marian Colby on AMC) is joining GH as well. No word on who she'll be playing--her AMC character a new one.  I like her-- but ANOTHER PERSON!  Read about it on Soaps In Depth. 

Roger Howarth signed a new contract with the show. He had hit a "snag" ($$) but now is all set to keep playing Franco. 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


I get home and think--with all the news from last night, I'll just mindlessly watch GH--snark a bit and ..
WHO'S ON MY TV? UGH..ABC has to interrupt our soap for this? What? people can't watch it enough online or MSNBC or CNN? 

Cripes.  It came back at 3:25ish.

Helena is a flashback on the show. Thank GOODNESS. I couldn't deal if she was alive. Nope. We've had enough of that. 
Jason was getting beaten by a guard in a flashback.

OMG the set was SO cheesy..and the "rocks" AHAHAHAA. How embarassing. Oh and get this...Franco must be "mind controlled" too? He smashes Jake's head with a "ROCK" and -- oh hell. I don't know.  Franco seems to be taking over the role of the guard to "trigger" Jason's memories. He's beating him. 
And ..Jason remembers that Jake "Saw it all"
Franco lets Jason go--and JASON bashes HIS head in with a rock. WTF.  He chains him up and leaves him there to go to "Jake's birthday party". On the same DAY HE'S IN GREECE? 

They don't even try anymore LMAO 

Chimera mention. BTW, GH has no business writing whatever the hell this genre is. Leave that to shows like Orphan Black. You are just making us laugh with this.

The UPS guy delivers a present to Jake and says; Happy Birthday "LITTLE MAN" and Jake like snaps to attention. 
Oh the UPS guy is the guy that was beating on Jason in the CI flashbacks.  He got a Magic Kit that has a secret message in there.  IT's a lion drawing which is on Cassadine Island on a tree. 
Good Gravy.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

You may have heard..

There's a video going around--(Look on General Hospital's Facebook page) that has Helena standing in a cheesy set piece saying something about showing up. 
Me? I'm over it. ME! The biggest Helena fan on earth. All I have to say is she'd better be in flashbacks because if she's alive again it will be just too stupid for words. 

This cute photo landed on Twitter today---awwww...Spencer and Nate.. :) 

This is Sweeps?

Image result for gh 2017 nurses ball
OH, Mario Lopez is going to be at the Nurses Ball this year. 

I flipped to GH to see what was up since I last watched:  
Charlotte Custody
Carly blabbing about Sonny 
Sonny trying to cover his ass
Sonny bitching about Ava 
Franco and Jason on Cassadine Island. 

Wow......didn't miss anything, huh? 

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Sunday Surgery: Turkey Trot

What's left of the "Quartermaines"...now going down by another one. If you
count-- there are 5 left. Ned, Michael, Dillon, Tracy and I'm counting Monica. 

The writers and PTB on GH had at least a year to think of a creative exit and execution for the legacy character of Tracy Quartermaine. 

What do we get? A hastily thrown together short "story" about a painting in Turkey, in a monastery with a weeping woman in the wings.  Oh, and...lol, they even recast Larry Ashton. 
The ONLY thing good about this story was that Laura and Tracy went together.  The sets were cheap, the story was thin and it wasn't even on that much. 

Of course Jane played everything to the hilt. Of course Tracy's 'trial' was saved by her eloquent monologue. And yet. Who was in the scenes with her?  Scotty. Diane--Nathan and...Sonny. That right there says it all. 

The Turkey thing was just--cheap and sad. Even the set was cheesy and so "soapy".  I know they can't afford location shoots but geeezze. The Samira actress? Sorry but in ALL of LA, this is who you choose?  We are to think she's Edward's daughter...but..she's not. We are to think she has a daughter who was kidnapped....but she doesn't.  WELP! Thanks for 3 weeks of mind-numbing clues that led to-- nothing. 
In other words: A Turkey. 

Tracy should have been ushered out under something like Parkinson's or MS. A disease that is devastating and long lasting. Doctors and nurses at the hospital would have been directly involved. Tracy could have gone for treatment where we knew she'd be safe and that her loved ones could visit her when needed.  The build up of that would have been amazing. 

 Everyone is all giddy about the Monica Tracy scene at the end. "We could have been friends all along" (Feud, anyone?). However, if GH had half a creative brain, they would have had those 2 being all Frankie and Grace for most of the year.  Aging, loneliness....you name it. Why bother tho when you have newbies like Nelle to fill our screens 24-7?? 

How about a nice Pizza Wedding Cake!!? 
Another point. Why in the HELL didn't they give Ned and Olivia a wedding before she left? Invite 80% of the cast. Splurge a little. Tracy and Olivia could have clashed on the catering for awhile, gotten it all set. The day of the wedding, they find out the company burned to the ground the night before. SO? Tracy ORDERS PIZZA (see I can get that in there as well). 

The funniest thing about her departure was of course, TG's hair-do at the end-- LOL. No, seriously-- having her just see him there and ......? Well, I guess we use our imagination, which can be good in some cases. Although not so  good in this case because everything was so thin before that, it was just the cap on a crap ending. 
They could have at least put a hat on him. Seriously. Sorry.  By a hat, dude. 

One last note: Of COURSE we had to see Sonny having throw-away sex with some newbie that I don't care about.   Of course Tracy was only on two days during her last week. A lot of what I hate about GH was pointed out on twitter the other day. People were all giddy because Ava and Griffin had ONE scene together and they 'had chemistry'. OMG-like you'll see those two again in what? 7-8 days for a short scene..then again in a month? Look at Lucas. What a gold mine they'd have in him and his totally opposite devious husband Brad. But? Nothin'.  So-- until it gets it's messes straightened out I'll be taking the show off the DVR. I may watch now and then because I love soap twitter and you all but as far as enjoying whatever this is? Nope. I'm tired of being all happy to see one or two scenes a week that are 'good' or 'meaningful'.  

If you want to know how I reallllly feel about the show you can read THIS BLOG post from last week.  

We've gotten so much rain here I need a boat.  Spring seems far, far away. I really hope wherever you are it's warm and blossoming with flowers!