Friday, October 18, 2019


Corintho's Kitchen: Michael tells CarSon about the Nina Val wedding and Sasha's lie--and she's like YOU LEFT HER, RIGHT??/ Michael's Carly just yells at him. He says well "she told me weeks ago what the truth was" . Carly gasps!! "We raised you better than us"  LOL!!  Michael said he didn't want Sasha to say anything because Cassandra's trial is coming up and Sasha's credibility would be undermined. 

Jordan Curtis...Curtis is just reading files.. yada yada.. Chase goes to the jail to check on Bryce who wants to make a deal. 

Sam... Alexis is like DIANE CALLED ME, thanks A LOT SAM!! Jason comes in and says: Oh, BRYCE (Jesus Goonie)  can help us! He will get you out!! 
welp.  That's a NOPE
They tell Alexis that they think it's Peter August behind all this. 
Jordan comes in and tells Sam her "ride is there" to take her to Pentonville!! 


Ryan guts Bryce!! Blood all over the place. Ryan apologizes to Ava's picture for making the cell messy. LOL. Then yells for the guard!!
Chase  shows up and the body is taken out. "If you don't look too close, looks like it's self-inflicted".  Ryan just lounge on his bed LOL They talk about whether or not Bryce killed himself. Ryan says "he disrespects women" Chase sees Ava's photo. Takes it down, and says "I bet lots of men would love to disrespect Ava all night, EVERY night" OMG!! Ryan jumps up and the guard stops him


Charlie's Bar: 
Jules found out that Brad is seeing Neil for therapy and he tells Brad not to see him. He gets mean a bit. Old JULES comin' out!

Ava and Laura... Laura is telling Ava to be strong. Someone is watching them. Nikolas?? Ava feels like it's Ryan watching. 
Laura talks about loss and how hard it is.. 
Jordan calls and tells her about Ryan ... and Laura tells Jordan to call Julian because his sister 'needs him'.  Laura tells Ava about Ryan killing someone. Julian comes and Ava's upset because she thinks Ryan is coming after her next. Julian wants his fearless sister back ..I think he's going to tell her to go to therapy. 

Curtis finds Lucas..they talk about going to therapy. Curtis says it's tough. Then Brad comes in-- Curtis says: Do you know anyone that would have tampered with Sasha's DNA? LOL.. all innocent like. Brad is like...umm. He says I didn't help her!! I'm done with that. They are like "We didn't think you did"!! 

Even tho Ryan killed Bryce, they are taking Sam to Pentonville. LOL BYE!!! 
Brad gets flowers with no card. Hmmmmmmmmm!!! 
Chase takes the magazine cover, Ryan is pissed. 
Julian tells Ava that Ryan killed his cellmate "for her" she collapses
Sam goes to Pentonville... the guard tells her that her cellmate will be back soon. She 'PUT SOMEONE'S EYE OUT".. Sam is like: UMmmm and the guard says: EVERY DAY IS A NEW DAWN!! 

GREAT SHOW TODAY, right up my alley.!!!!! 

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Recast Thursday

So, Karen and I were talking about recasts, most notably a certain recent one that almost got married, and it got me to thinking: What recast in GH history really "nailed" it. Now, it doesn't have to be my/our/your favorite. But rather it needs to be the one that "worked" and was done really well. Here are the ones Karen and I picked. There is no need to tell you who picked who. You ALL know who Karen picked!

I will always hold dear the performance of Sarah Brown as Carly. Probably one of the best scenes ever in GH history was the reveal of Caroline as Bobbie's daughter. When Karen went to Australia, I did an entire blog about that episode. Sarah Brown brought a vulnerability to the character, along with a vengeful streak. She never took no for an answer. She knew what she wanted and she went for it. At times, she was a manipulative bitch and she worked the character in her favor. 

Enter Laura Wright. Instead of working off her 3 predecessors, Laura made the character her own. The only thing she really had in common with Sarah Brown's portrayal is that when she wants what she wants, she goes out and gets it. She also doesn't take no for an answer. However, Laura brought less vindictiveness and she is more of a businesswoman first. She owns the Metro Court, has established actual friendships with other citizens of Port Charles and has become a well-wounded individual. She has made the role of Carly very believable and somewhat likable. She has so grown into the role that I am sure that some viewers forget there were 3 other Carlys. A very successful recast indeed.

Well, you can't replace Elizabeth Taylor right? I mean, she's an ICON. Turns out, you sure can!! Enter Constance Towers-- my favorite recast of all time. She came on to GH and made Helena her own. Ice in her veins, class in her words and a cunning that is unmatched. 

Whether she is loving too much on Stavros or hating too much on Stefan, shes is magnificent. Every time you thought she was gone, she'd pop up again to darken our screens with mayhem, blackmail and murder. Although the last time she was shown was in an flashback, I'm still not sure she is dead-dead.   

How about you? Your favorite recast of all time? It doesn't have to be on GH--pick any soap. I think the trick is that the actor embraces the character enough to keep their qualities but changes it to make it their own. We all know many, MANY disastrous recasts and it takes something special to get it just right. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2019


Here we go!


Alexis is in Charlie's ordering a lot of stuff...because you know, SAM'S IN JAIL .. wtf is this? UGH 
Kendra the trainer comes in. Alexis said she had her GP look at the ingredients in her protein drink. The doctor gave it the all clear. She says it helps her sleep and she feels good but 'needs a refill" DUN DUN DUN ... Kendra's face is like Heh heh heh.


Nightmare of Brad's: He dreams Nelle tells Michael about Wiley at her parole hearing. Yells, wakes up Lucas. He shows Lucas his meds from Dr. Neil. Lucas wants to know when he started seeing a therapist. Brad texts Julian, panic mode about Nell's parole hearing. He tells Lucas Dr. Neil wants to see them both at therapy. Lucas is like SURE! 

Later, Lucas goes to see Julian and says Brad yells "Michael" in his sleep. PFfffffffffft! 

Kelly's... Michael and Sasha..she says she didn't tell Nina about Valetin because she didn't want to hurt her more.
Maxie and Lulu: What is Michael DOING with her???? Then...
Valentin and Nina walk in, all 'back together"...Valetin wants to get married in City Hall..
OH WOW! WAIT.. Chase comes in and arrests Sasha for fraud, identity theft and burglary! What!! Nina did this!!
Oh she'll probably end up in Pentonville with Nello!! LOL!! 

MAXIE Is being so bitchy! LOL She lays into Lulu about turning in Sasha and what a mess she made over it all.  She really gets on Lulu's case for 'ruining Nina's life"... Lulu finally says: LIKE you wouldn't tell if YOU knew!???? 

Sasha is in the PCPD "Visiting room" with Michael. She wants to plead guilty. He tells her to bargain with Valentin information. Alexis walks in, she's her lawyer. 

Real parole hearing. Nelle tells Mr. Gray that she'll be out by evening. He's like: don't count on it. Even if they "let you go" it could take months.
Oh, more time to shank Sasha ahahahha
Tad tells her to 'act nice and sweet,  like when we first met, not like you are now" ... 

HEARING: Chase is there, Brad is there...Michael isn't coming because of an "Emergency" ...Parole people come in. Opening statements happen. 
Mr. Gray says she's a model prisoner. Nelle says she's taking full responsibility for her crimes. She talks about training a therapy dog and working at hospice and how she needs to do better and she THANKS the parole board for "making her a better person".. Laying it on thick.

The parole board decided not to release her. She cries. Slips up while talking to Brad and Tad and says "I'm missing so much of Wiley's life" ... Brad says he'll send pics. 

Michael says either HE will get Nina to back off or he'll tell the DA his  involvement. 
Kendra's at Keifer's grave and mixes poison into ALexis' protein stuff. She said Shiloh told her about Kristina's confession. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Is Tamara Braun OUT at GH?

Daytime Confidential's rumor patrol is hearing she may be done! They have a pretty good track record so-- I tend to believe it. What do you think? Will you miss her? Kim's not a well liked character, that's for sure.  Tams has her fans though, and she is a good actress. If she's leaving then "Drew" will probably flip back to Franco. 

Morgan's Gone for 3 Years

Sonny's at MORGAN's GRAVE. Yada yada...he is angry but is trying to be a better person for Morgan. yada yada. 

Jax is talking to Carly, who's being discharged today. She thinks if they stayed together, Morgan would be alive (true). 

Now, Sonny AND Carly are at Morgan's grave. "He loved Halloween". Note they don't talk about him being in miltary school :eyeroll: 

Joss and the gang are carving pumpkins..Dev doesn't know what that is lol. He wants to take Sonny's car. "you know what happened to my brother when he took a car that didn't belong to him? It BLEW UP WITH HIM IN IT" 
ahahahhaa!! She's mad that Dev brought up taking a car when Morgan's been gone "3 years today". Joss storms out.
Dev asks Cam and Trina about MORGAN. They tell him allll about Morgan. 

Finn and Alexis. Finn is lonely, eating donuts, Alexis wants to help. He misses Anna and he thinks that Hayden is lying to him about "honey bun" and the "finger-painting". He wants Hayden to be lying and have been lying all along. He thinks she may have had the baby! 

Peter is being all pissy to Dr. O 'You can't write your column overseas-- are you feeling GUILTY about Sasha"?? HOW DARE HE! Go away Peter.  Lesil tells him to be nice to Maxie OR ELSE. 

Nina comes to Wyndemere and asks Val where he's going  'aren't you even going to try to explain"?? 
Val says that Charlotte loves Lulu but "NOT LIKE YOU" huh? DUHHH!! So, she loves NIna more according to Val.
Val says doing the Sasha thing was the only way to get Nina back. He spills EVERYTHING to her.  Tells her about talking to Madeline and trying and trying to find her daughter. EXCEPT he doesn't-- because he says he didn't know because he didn't vet her enough and it was the lawyer's fault. Not his. :eyeroll: 
AND Nina believes him.  She says she forgives him and wants him not to go to Greece. 


Sam's off to PENTONVILLE, will she look good in orange ? Um, Alexis is just casually talking to Finn at GH so I guess she didn't know about ANY of this? WTF? 

Sam leaves for prison. The kids are at the Qs (of course). 
Alexis still doesn't know
Finn calls Anna and wants her to come home. 

Monday, October 14, 2019

Blame My Brother!

So my little brother decided to visit today, leaving me GH less and you with your own blog to play with!!

Have fun, be nice and let me know if I should watch the show today!

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Sunday Surgery: DNA (Daughter Not Accurate)

Does this mean no wedding cake? 

So, it was the week of another wedding that wasn't. What did you think? I am still sad that Michelle left because I would have loved to have seen her playing these scenes. Not that CW didn't do a good job, I just saw Michelle's "Nina" fall in wub with Sasha so...
Oh well. That's ShowBiz!

On to the surgery. There is a lot to dish about --both good and not so good. I do think there's some wedding cake left so..let's eat! 

Friday, October 11, 2019

This is Friday?

Steve put this pic up of "Tad" on Twitter--I think they call him that as well!!! Great photo...


Alexis give Sonny a "Corinthos Coffee" Sippee Cup for Donna!! awww THey talk about the sale of Charlie's and that Olivia wants to sue Julian.

Brad/Julian. Jules still has his flannel on... Brad is scared about Nelle. He wants Julian's help. Julian is like NOPE! Brad says well "Sonny knows you're helping me...he can tell and what is Lucas going to say"?? Julian grabs him by the throat "are you threatening me"??
Ava walks in: Now, Now, would Brad's husband like that? 

Brad leaves.
Ava talks about Nina's wedding... she's gloating but not too much because she's "grown" .

Alexis walks in. 

Brad goes to see Dr. Neil about the  baby thing. He wants prescription meds. Neil is like, no you have to talk. 

Nina goes to Wyndemere with Jax... she's going to pack. Valentin isn't happy.  Yada, Yada..Jax leaves..Nina leaves. Valentin is sad/mad. 

Michael and Sasha...she's sad. Packing up her desk.  Sad Sad. Lucy comes out of the elevator asking her about being the face of Deception.  Sasha tells her that she's not Nina's daughter and it will be in the tabloids. Lucy is like YEAH!! SCANDAL! I LOVE IT, we'll sell millions!!  Sasha's like NOPE!
Nina walks in and tells Sasha to leave. Lucy's like "Don't be so hard on her"...

Sasha says it was ALL HER FAULT about the ruse.. Oh brother. (I'm sure she wants to spare Nina "Pain"). Lesil says that the lawyer that did her adoption called her and after he heard from Curtis, and wanted to split the money. Nina doesn't believe her.  She throws everyone out. 

Devvv and Joss are on the porch doing homework. Zzzzzzzz. Can he at least VAPE? Do some HOOKAH?? Get a nasty ass'd tattoo on his forehead?? ANYTHING?!! 
OMG they have the MOST AWKWARD SCENE EVER!!!!!!!!! OMG! WOW cringy.
Jax says that he'll not turn in Dev. In a series of weird same day flashbacks, they show Sonny and Jax talking. It was strange. Jax says he wont' say anything but if the feds come, he won't lie. 

Ava takes Scotch in to drink with Ava in "Solidarity"... 


Thursday, October 10, 2019

Wedding Crashers

The NON-Wedding of Valentina got me to thinking about all the weddings on all the soaps that have gotten interrupted. First I was going to try to count them all--then I didn't want to stay up all night so I chose my fave and asked David to do the same!! 

One Life To Live

WEDDING: Cord Roberts and Kate Sanders

INTERRUPTER:  Tina Lord Roberts

REASON:  She was presumed dead after falling off a waterfall ..but was taken care of by Palupe Indians.

STORY: Juicy! Tina comes in with a baby, saying it's Cord's. Only GUESS WHAT! It's NOT! Their son is in the JUNGLE and his name is Milagro. It's all twisty fun but know this: When Tina and Max go to marry, Tina says "I take the Cord" (FRIENDS, anyone?) and Max calls it off. 

OH THE DRAMA!! When Tina walked into that wedding I yelled!! I had no idea. Such a great, soapy moment and there were not many 'back from the deads" to know it was coming.

 Fun Fact: Much of the previous action when Tina 'died" took place about 40 miles from here in Letchworth State Park! They had the waterfalls to do it with! 

November 27, 2013

General Hospital

WEDDING: Sabrina Santiago and Patrick Drake

INTERRUPTER:  Robin Scorpio-Drake

REASON:  Robin was presumed dead and was back in town

STORY: Robin was held captive but managed to escape. She went to the church to see Patrick and Sabrina get married and get a glimpse of her daughter Emma. When she got to the church and saw Patrick and Sabrina about to get married, she decided to walk away and let Patrick be happy. Of course, these things don't always work out as planned (thanks to precious Emma). 

WHY THIS WORKED: Back-from-the-dead storylines rarely work. The fans have to always suspend their disbelief and go with the writing and performance for the sake of the storyline. However, this one was believable. The writers were true to the characters. And the backstories were plausible. Robin WOULD walk away and let Patrick be happy. She was never one to be a drama diva and raise a raucous. And Sabrina, upset as she is, eventually let cooler heads prevail. And Patrick? Well, he was always a bit if a cad to me.  Theresa Castillo brought her "A" game and made all of her emotions in this scene and subsequent ones very believable.

BONUS: Robin reuniting with Anna. Robin Reuniting with Mac. Robin reuniting with just about everyone. Did anyone have a dry eye in the house? So worth it.

What is YOUR fave "Wedding Interruptus"?? SO many to choose from-- Leave it in the comments!!

Wednesday, October 9, 2019


SO, I've had a minute to digest yesterday's show and even tho it had it's faults, I was still entertained. That's all that counts right now lol!! 
He finds some stuff with the frequencies and the tape can't be authenticated--or debunked meaning ti can't be used in court. Charges are dropped. 

Spin is diagnosing the audio tape and has to use the PCPD's equipment to do it. 
OMG.. FFS, Robert interviewed DAISY OFF FKING CAMERA. I hate everything. Seriously?????

Cortinthi's kitchen....talking about Devvvvvv and Peter and I hope the coffee wakes up Sam.  They don't say anything ...but that MOSS IS HUGE 


Liz and Scotty talk about Franco and technically he has a brain injury...but Scotty still doesn't know how they'll convince the court. Cameron says "Let me on the stand". "I saw Franco leave his body" THey talk about the trial. Liz says to use Kim's "state of mind" against her. She says all is fair in love and war and this is war. 

Mr. Gray goes to Kelly's, talks to Kim about her case to get Franco free. He says they have to create a PR circus and everyone will believe he's Drew Cain. It's all about identity. Gender identity, racial identity... and he believes he's Franco.. yada yada. He should have to have this proceedure

Maxie and Peter try to reach Nina and Valentin. She says "no woman wants to be betrayed in the name of love". She says how can she lie so easy. Peter's like: UM, duh. She then says she did lie to Dante and Lulu about Georgie and it was the worst mistake of her life. 
Jason questions Peter about his being on the docks... Maxie said it wasn't the gym he was going to, he was walking around with a bag of money! 

Monica goes to visit Franco. Franco thinks she's part of the plan to lock him up. OMG She talks to him like he's DREW!! She even says "You're tough, after all, you're a QUARTERMAINE"!! 
OH ..Geesus.  IT goes on and on... she really thinks he's Drew. She goes on and on about the family and how they would have welcomed him if they knew. You wait: Monica will testify on "Drew's" behalf. 
OH YEP, Franco says he knows someone that "would testify for him". 

ROBERT tells Monica Drew is going to be declared dead. Monica cries a bit. Sonny asks Robert to tell Dante he has a new sister. 

END: YEP, Martin asks Monica to testify for Franco! 

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Shooting the Messenger

Well, here we are!!
This has been a box-standard "Soapy Reveal" and yet-- I'm not satisfied. Maybe it was TOO MUCH by the book? Not sure but yesterday didn't put the Thrilla in Manilla! 

Willow and Chase to go Kelly's and see Brad and Wiley coloring. Willow's probably going to want Wiley back since Sasha's gone, right? 
Nelle calls Brad and needs him to come see her NOW. He says he can't because Lucas is gone ..she says "GOOD! BRING WILEY"! He's like, nope, I'll find someone to watch him. 
CHillow watch Wiley. YEP..Willow's getting attached. 

Wedding: NO one believes Lulu. Nina wants Sasha to tell everyone she's her daughter but never lets her answer. They all trash Lulu. Even Maxie is like "Lulu, don't ruin the wedding"!

They go round and around. Finally Sasha says "I'm sorry Nina, I'm not your daughter"..She says. 
Good follow up scenes, you need to watch. Nina slowly realizes Sasha was faking it. She's getting angry --and talks between her teeth. Valentin is still playing stupid. "I think Lulu's lying but ask Sasha what's going on"!! LOL derp. 
OH WOW......CYNTHIA BRINGS rips off the necklace and yells at Valentin and runs from the church..into JAX's arms ! (he's just getting there) "Take me away from here" she yells!! 

Curtis is like: Um, I vetted her! Jordan is like: well, she had help! 

oh NOW Maxie says this!! NOT when Lulu needed her!? 
They find out Michael knew and he takes Sasha out.
Maxie bitches to Lulu about what she heard "Sasha NEVER SAID that Lesil and Valetin knew".. GOD !! Then when Dr. O comes in Maxie asks her but then Val storms back in and bitches at Lulu too!! 

Dr. O tells Maxie she didn't know and goes to find Nina. Maxie tells Peter "There can never be any secrets between us"
Valentin STILL bitches at Lulu "You ruined my wedding, Charlotte doesn't have a step mother now"..YOU WILL REGRET THIS FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!! 

Ryan and Ava. He asks what happened to her hand. She says a broken glass. HE says "you have nothing on me" LOL Cause his hand is gone, get it?? Hand jokes ensue. She puts up a bunch of letters he wrote her and tells him to stop.  I LOVE these two. I don't even care he's a serial killer. 
Ava says that she can't make him stop and the law says it's his free speech. He's like, yet here you are, yourself--telling me in person. Hmmmmm..
They talk, Ava tells him about the online trash talking and how it's killing her. She wants him to stop. He says he understands her like no other, not even her new therapist. She looks terrible and when she was with him..she was GLOWING and ALIVE! 
She leaves.
Ryan sees Nelle in the hall. She tells him she has a good lawyer and should be out soon. He says when you get out, remember me, I may need a favor. 


Brad goes to see Nelle. Nelle says she found out that Michael is seeing Sasha and Carly texted him a photo of her with Wiley and THAT CAN NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN, GOT IT, BRAD?? She wants him to write a letter saying her hormones were all over the place during that time and she had behavioral changes. He's going to do it! 

Oh I think my soapy veins detect that she's going to get out!! 

NOTE: Varni tweeted that the new Head Writing team's stuff starts showing up in November 

Monday, October 7, 2019

White Wedding

New Podcast-- OUR TAKE GH ! I'm with Jonathan and Tina. I had a blast this week. It's Ep 3--hope you enjoy.



JaSam They figure out Peter was going to pay Shiloh. Sam tells Dev to go home and not bother Carly, she's had a long day. 
CarSon talking about Donna...Donna Donna.  Sonny says they don't know enough about the recovery process of SBifida to go home. "It's amazing the resources at our disposal"... Sonny leaves, Carly sleeps. She has a dream. Bobbie is there when she wakes up. 
BOBBIE. Remember her? She asks Carly why she didn't tell her about Donna's condition. "Because of your TypeII diabetes" ..

JaSam go to see Spinelli to tell him about DONNA and to find out dirt on Peter paying Shank. They talk about burner phones and money trails. They hacked into Peter's account and saw Pete took out a lotta money. 

Lulu stops Nina at the door to 'tell' her the truth. Interruptions, Nina yelling... Michael coming over, everything stops Lulu. 
Maxie hauls her to the side. Says "Don't do whatever you're going to do, it's not worth it to ruin this for Nina..I know you don't like Valetin. but BLAH BLAH BLAH" So, Lulu stops.
Maxie's a pain in the ass. 

Lulu cops out and doesn't tell her. 
The ceremony starts. Nina goes on and on in her vows about how Valentin saved her life by finding Sasha..yada yada. Val cries during his. When the priest says "If anyone has any readon why these two should not be married"...
and Lulu stands up "I have something to say" Michael tries to take her outside. Nina tells her to leave but she won't.
This is REALLY anti-climatic. WOW..I mean, usually I love reveals. This is so flat. 
So, Nina doesn't believe her. Wants Sasha to tell her if she's her daughter or not. End of show. 


Jax and Joss... the whole DEV thing. EVERYTHING. She's not a real DNA pattered Mobular Daughter, you can tell LOL When Sonny gets home, Jax tells him he hasn't changed a bit. Growl. 
Sonny tells Jax he can't send Dev back to Turkey with a bounty on his head. Jax freaks out "DO YOU HEAR  YOURSELF"????? DO YOU???! 
"Well he HAS fake ID" says Sonny.
Jax is like:I want him out of this house.  They argue, fight.. 

This should have been a great show.
It was not. 

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Sunday Surgery: Smokin' in the Bathroom

WHAT THE??  I only came in here to sneak a vape!! 

So, I enjoyed most shows this week, and really felt a lightness I haven't from GH in awhile. I loved the whole ensamble hen/bach night out with all the characters mixing it up. I mean look at Ava and Hayden! Great little scene, all because they were in the same place needed to pee!

Friday happened and I got furious with this show again. Good lord, someone needs to strangle the editing department and tell Frank that 5-15 second scenes suck the life out of drama. 

Let's have some ribs and dish, shall we? 

Saturday, October 5, 2019

The 2019 Launch: General Hospital Lip Gloss Collection

So..I'm totally into the Shane Dawson/Jeffree Star docuseries. I think it's the soaper in me--there is NOTHING more drama right now than the Beauty Community on You Tube!! SQUEE! I mean--REALLY DRA=MATIC!

Anyway, Shane is launching a cosmetic line and in the process of naming his 5 launching lip glosses. Names like "Are you filming" and "Cheeto Dust"...which are things he says or are in his life.

SO--YOU KNOW what I have to do:


You're Dead To Me Red
Shattered Barware  Silver
Coffee Bean Brown 
I Miss Morgan Mauve
Bodyguard Blue 

Whisper White 
Chinese Take Out Red
High Boot Black
Carry Me Pink 
Scout Who? Scarlet 

Cheese Fries Taupe 
Shopping Cart Silver 
Crying For Morgan Blue
I Hate Ava  Alabaster
Jason Lust Lime 

I Miss Oscar Orange
Bridge Lock Blue
Straight Hair Don't Care Scarlet
VolleyBall Vanilla 
Teen Angst Tangerine 

Martini Olive Green
Gallery Grape
Magnificent Mango
Crying Over Kiki  Pink
Connie Is Dead  Red 

Egg Salad Yellow
Serial Killer Scarlet 
Tumor Taupe
Flying Monkey Fuschia 
I Love Brownies 

It's My House White
Picalilia Peach
Rick or Alan Red
Childminder Chili
All Alone Alabaster 

Motorcycle Black
My T-Shirt Black
Stare Black
Blink Black
Sonny Bromance Black 

Dead Girlfriend Green
White Bread
Basic Brown
Mopey Mauve
Africa Book Blue

Good Lookin' Grape
Good Lookin' Red
Good Lookin' Peach
Good Lookin' Clear
Good Lookin' Taupe 


NOTE: Also Launching in 2020:  Scotty Hair Gel Line;  Dead Kiki Eyeshadow Palette;  Liz Lip Liners and many more!! 

Friday, October 4, 2019

Wedding Day

Jordan tells Curtis that she HAD to arrest Sam..yada yada... Diane yells at her, especially about not posting bail.  BUT;..bail IS posted...and Sam is out and comes into the PCPD. That was weird as heck. Diane spends eons yapping about the charges. To Jordan. To Curtis. To JaSam. 

Mike and Sonny are at the house. Mike questions Dev about "his grandmother" (who's Mike's cousin).. Sonny's like Um, you talking to Gladys, Mike..Mike's like sure! On the daily! Dev leaves. Sonny tells him about the baby and naming it Donna, Mike remembers her from the old hood. He also remembers he has 7 grandkids because he's been "working on it during their memory sessions". 

Hospital: Joss and Jax visit Carly. Joss delivers something to Carly from Devvvvvv.Dev wrote a card out "Children make the kettles whistle" ... or something like that. Carly's says "I've never heard that but it's so nice" JAX GOOGLES IT and ahhahaaha it comes up as a Turkish saying!! pFFFFFFFFFFT. 
Jax is going to Nina's wedding. 
I really like CarJax, have I said that enough? 
Sam goes int to see her late and fill her all in about the charges. 

Jax and Lulu go to the house. Dev is there. Jax knows something is up and asks Josslyn to level with him. (After Dev leaves) WOW it sounds like Joss is going to tell Jax!! Then, a weird thing happens. Back from Commerical... Joss says she likes Dev because she thinks about something else besides Oscar dying. Jax then says "Thanks for telling me the truth about him"

WHEN THE HELL DID THAT HAPPEN? Was it off camera? Or?? Did she not tell him the whole truth or? 
OMG that was bad. UGH

Wedding: Bridal Suite at Metro: Dr. O looks great in Emerald Green. Maxie's in a dowdy black number. Sasha's all pouty over her necklace gift (guilt). Nina has on giant hair extensions. LOL She shows everyone the necklace Val gave her. Maxie says: BAD LUCK! Val brought it to you the night before the wedding! Don't wear it. Nina's like, you're kidding. I will wear it. Then she says a year ago today, she got the courage up to call Sasha and tell her she was her mother. 
Curtis comes in to give Nina his blessing: Two DNA tests prove Valentin did right by you. "Three, if you count the one Maxie did" says Dr. O. They all hug. 

Church: Lulu --in HOT PINK like, blinding PINK, tells Valentin she wants to talk to him. He says unless it's about Charlotte to save it.  She actually hesitates and says "yes, it can wait". She doesn't want to say so because he murdered Nikolas and gets away "with EVERYTHING" stomp foot. She yells all about Val's sins to Dusty. Geesh. YELLS IT !! Charlotte comes over with Maxie. Lulu wants to tell Maxie but Maxie keeps interrupting. Then Charlotte says that Mr. Ashford came to see Nina and reminded her that last year on HIS wedding day, she told him to always tell the truth. "That's what you taught me, right Mommy"??????????

Dev tells Jason he overheard Shiloh call someone about money

CarSon tells Mike they named the baby: Donna Courtney Corinthos


Thursday, October 3, 2019

Thursdays: Wubber's Choice

So, As I said, Thursday is my heavy day and I'm not in until 2. I have Tillie and paperwork then I have to nap or I'll explode. LOL So.. it's up to you to have fun with the blog! 

Today's question has to do with the Nina-Val wedding. How would YOU have it go? 

My scenerio would be to have Lulu blurt out that "SASHAISN'TYOURDAUGHTER" right before the vows--having her POP like a balloon!! Everyone gasps...Shasha looks stricken but tears up. Dr. O screams 'YOU SHREW! YOV'S RUINED EVERYTING"!! Michael standing up.. Nina looking around, and...fade to black. 
She opens her eyes in GH ...where she's in bed. Says to Valentin "I had the strangest dream...." and he looks at her like "um.. sorry sis.. no dream"...and the show ends for the day..

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Ladies Room

So, there's supposed to be a presser today at 2:00 I'll be here until they break in! 

PRE-WEDDING DAY.... I'm watching for the Maid of Dishonor, Lesil and that's about it. I'm also hoping that Sasha comes out with it as well. Let's get moving on that, please. Charlotte asks if she can go to the party and is wearing the "Daughter" necklace with the 1/2 heart. 

Valentin and Nina... Val has on a polo which I don't think I've ever seen him in? 

Maxie is in Crimson and PETER walks up. Gross. HE has on an electric blue polo...they talk about going to Nina's and Valentin's parties.  Maxie wants to find a place to live with Peter because he's SUCH a good guy-- and SUCH a hero. (BARF) 

OMG ok, so I started to notice that Peter had on a polo, Val had one on. Then, at The Rib... Curtis had one on and so did Michael. FINALLY Finn comes in and mentions a GOLF PARTY for Valentin AHAHAHHAHA I thought wardrobe was messing with us about "Casual Wear"!! ahahahahaa.

Finn, Curtis and Michael are in Floating Rib... they toast baby Donna. Finn complains about golf. Chad is bartending. Asks if they are there for Karaoke Night. OMG are they gonna sing? YEP, it's raining so they can't play golf-- I BET THEY'LL SING. 


Kevin, Lulu and Laura have coffee ... she's going to Nina's party and Kevin and Laura are going to take care of Charlotte. 

Willow and Chase are in The Rib too but Chase has a surprise for her and he has to take her out to get it. I HOPE IT'S A PUPPY!! 

SO, Everyone leaves Wyndemere for the parties. Kevlar come in and Laura wants to play Hide and Seek (get it???!)  Charlotte talks a lot about The Trophy Room and says "Papa moved HER out of there", and shows them the portait of Helena...who's middle name is SOFIA!! Hmmmm. ok, not sure I knew that.  Laura talks about the painting and when Helena gave it to Nikolas at the Will Reading. 

AT THE SPA: Nina is happy..they will have a nice spa time then dinner. It's Lesil, Lulu, Maxie and Sasha. The spa lady comes in and says they are double booked and they can't use the steam room. Maxie freaks out.. says they'll miss dinner. She says to kick out the couple in there-- the lady says no. Nina says she will and she barges in; it's CHILLOW!  They argue about who's going to say or go.  Nina decides to leave. Tells Willow "Oh, and Charlotte LOOOOVES her new teacher"!!  They leave. 

AND OF COURSE, ALL THE LADIES end up at the RIB with the GUYS because. And they all changed clothes? I guess at the spa?? Um..weird but OK.  Nina wants Val to sing to her. And he does. A show tune? Because I've never heard it--he has a high voice. I would think it would be low. Huh. 
He is a good singer but not my kinda song. 

In the bathroom, Dr. O finds Sasha crying. She tells her to get out there and be NICE TO NINA--- Dr. O wants her happy. She VILL NEVEAH FINDS OUT YOUR NOT HER DAUGHTAHS!!" 

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Wedding Bells?

It's HOT-TOBER HERE!! GEEZE!! It's like 91degrees out there! Warm Warm... and all the Stink Bugs are having a field day lol. I see there's snow in Montana so..I'll take it. 

Finn/Hayden. She's playing Frisbee in the park, runs into him. She said that she sees "kids can be fun" ....Aiden gets a pretzel. Hayden supposedly tells Finn about their baby but it looks suspicious. Yeah, it was a daydream. She didn't tell him

Laura/Curtis. They talk about Spencer and the Cassadine codicil ? They are looking for. Valentin skulks in the corner of the Metro and spies on them. He goes over and says his wedding is tomorrow?? HUH? Laura tells him Cassie isn't going to the WSB, she'll be on trial in PC and "who knows what secrets she'll spill on the stand"?? So, it's Val's bachelor party tonight and Charlotte was supposed to go to Laura's for a sleepover but Laura wants to stay at Wyndemere (probs to look for the codicil) 
Jax comes over. He tells them he's doing someone's bidding to take over Cassadine industries. 

Jax/Nina in Nina's office. Jax wonders if she's trying to avoid him. They talk about work, blah blah blah. He accuses her of drugging his drink at the party-- and that Hayden drank it. Nina invites Jax to the wedding (you have to see it). 

PCPD: Diane is bitching at Jordan about arresting Sam and that nurse is 'hear-say" and Jordan whips out a tape of Sam saying she wants Shank dead. Diane is like WTF, Sam! This could be premeditated murder! Sam says that's not her voice on the tape, it's fake. 
Jordan tells Diane that Daisy gave it to her. Jordan is acting like a bitch-- I mean, DAISY gave it to her?? Um, okaaaaaay Jordan has audio forensics run it (in about 2 minutes LOL) 


Liz goes to Charlie's ..tells Julian to get KIM OUT OF TOWN! He's like, Nope, no can do. She yells at him that Kim is sick and  needs help. He said he can't help. Liz says EVERYONE knows who you are, and how you'll get your hands dirty so you WILL HELP ME"! OH WOW, great scene For Elizabeth. She ends up leaving without his help. 

Kim talks to Franco, they say they love each other and it's 'real'. Kim hangs up and Dr. Terry is there. Kim wants Terry to tell her BFF Liz that Franco is Drew now and knock it off. Terry tells Kim that she's using Franco as a "Drew" replacement for Oscar. Kim's not happy with that!! 

Kim goes to see Drew. She calls him Drew. He says it's not Elizabeth's fault...he gets it. He looks into her eyes and sees her pain. Kim says: THEN LOOK INTO MINE!! OMG she's so sabotaging this!! Feeding into Franco's thoughts that he's DREW! 

Dr. Terry goes to see Franco. She warns him that Kim is going to lose herself completely. She's mourning Oscar and doesn't' know what she's fully doing.  Franco says she does too and Dr. Terry has no idea what it's like to pretend to be someone else (ah ha) 

END: AUDIO tape is not altered, it matches Sam's voice print and she's booked for Shiloh's murder. 

I GUESS Nina and Valentin are having a wedding!!