Thursday, October 31, 2019

Spinoff Thursday

Most of you know, that there were 2 spinoffs of GH once upon a time. Although they were similar in some nature, they were also very stand alone. Let's compare and contrast.

Night Shift

Night Shift was aired in prime time, with a total of 27 episodes over 2 seasons. It was aired on SoapNet and was Soapnet's first original programming. Many of the characters and actors crossed over from GH. Unlike GH, each storyline was finished at the end of the hour and not carried over to another episode so that it would be understandable to viewers who did not watch GH. Although, in all honesty, I cannot really imagine someone watching this show without watching GH. The show was supposed to deal with the relationships and the friendships among the staff on the Night Shift. 

Port Charles

Port Charles aired in 1997 as a half-hour show airing on ABC and ended in 2003. It started out as a show about the interns on General Hospital, but fast turned the storylines to the supernatural. Most notably, vampires. Each 13-episode arc was a "book" and was given a name for the arc. The amount of crossovers from the parent show was limited. There were many new characters, and as it turned out, some of the actors made there way on to the parent show. (Michael Easton and Kelly Monaco)

Of course Karen and I decided to jump into the foray 

and give our opinions for potential spinoffs.

PC Pet Detectives

Annabelle and Foster would be an animated 30-minute show which would chronicle the daily shenanigans of our beloved canines. Mostly, they would be doggie detectives, trying to solve the crimes that happen throughout Port Charles. Along for the ride would be Daisy, Jake's dog and also Sigmund, Lucy's duck. Humans would be present, for example, Lucky would be in some episodes, but at the age at which he first acquired Foster. And humans would only be seen from the waist down, no faces (kinda like Muppet Babies) 


That's right!! Bobbie would reopen the Brownstone she had so many years ago. Who would be featured tenants? Felix for one. We'd follow his Tinder dates and adventures as ER Trauma Nurse. Molly and TJ would move in as newlyweds, all excited for their lives to begin. Will there be trouble with the new nurse,  Emersyn who notices TJ in the hallway and can't get over how great he is?  Amy would also have a room and her brother Chet would visit frequently Bobbie would dispense advice, have her own romances and angst. Big emphasis on resident doctors, nurses and the odd hours they keep. Plenty of shower scenes. 

So, did you watch either or both? What are your memories of them? If you could take any characters now and create a spinoff, who would it be? 


  1. Michael was redoing the brownstone years ago! I wonder what happened to it?

    1. Yes, they missed a real opportunity there. Now everyone, including children meet in a bar. Lawyers also do their confidential work there. And when it's not at the bar it's in the almost empty hospital.

  2. Thanks for the B-day wishes yesterday.
    I loved Port Charles and in light of the recent ridiculousness on GH it may behoove them to go all the way and reinstate some blood letting.
    Karen has mentioned the rooming house/brownstone idea many times. I just wish the writers would read and use some of her ideas. So many story lines could come from something like this.
    Don't think I watched Night Shift. Maybe if there was something worthwhile going on now there would be a spin off thought. But not at this time.

  3. GH Night Shift was everything! Billy Dee Williams!!! i kept every episode on my VCR - now you can see it on youtube - the last episode when he is in surgery and thinks back of What Becomes of a Broken Heart ------ when he was young - is SOOO good. Jason and Spinelli look like children they are so young. It was great!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I loved it too! My favorite episode was when the ER got shot up by fighting gangs, and Jason rescued Robin who was being held at gun point. The music was fantastic and I've probably watched it on You Tube a gazillion times! There was no Sam, Sonny or Carly, such a nice reprieve, lol!

  4. Of course I watched them both, I never miss anything GH!

  5. I watched them both too. Liked scrubs Patrick and Robin

  6. What did everyone think of the new Nicholas???? I so hoped it would be Tyler C. but I am willing to give him a chance.

    1. I was just so relieved that it wasn't the last guy. He was more of a Lord Ashton type than a Cassadine. I'll wait till I hear him speak to make a final decision but I'm willing to give him a chance.

    2. Ditto. I liked him. I mean unless he talks like Donald Duck I'm willing to give him a chance. He's nice looking.

    3. Very handsome, but waaaayy too young looking, if I remember the Nicholas character correctly

    4. "Michelle P says, Ditto. I liked him. I mean unless he talks like Donald Duck"

      Donald Duck! ROFL!

  7. Recast Nicholas. Oh no. Horrible

  8. VERY confused because Hayden DID love Nicholas - now she says Finn is the love of her life.........WHY WHY would NIK go to a woman he hated who stole from him to help him regain his place as a Cassadine..............

    1. You can have more than one love of your life....

    2. true - but i hope they explain why Nik asked Hayden for help when he hated her and the whole diamond fiasco, etc.

  9. I watched Night Shift and Port Charles.
    Just finished watching GH, why did Nik get in a car with Cassandra?????
    New Nik is handsome but wish it were TC. I'm just happy the character is back, take that Val!!
    Good show!

  10. wish it were tyler christopher

  11. Haven't watched yet, but glad to hear Nik is back, sad that it is not TC . . . I met him while on the set of GH, he is spectacular, don't know if I ever can accept another Nik Cassadine . . .

  12. I’m incredibly disappointed. I met TC twice and he is the only Nik for me. Such a letdown, as is CW’s bulging eyes Nina today.

  13. Happy Halloweenie people!!! :) Wow so many great funny one liners!!!

    The shower: Oh a nekked mystery man taking a shower!

    Jail cell:

    Casssssaaaaaaandra and Sam:

    Casssssssssssandra: Oh cry me a river. You know you are not a part of their lives anymore. Cassandra pierce, but you can call me boss. I hadn't had a laugh since Brexit.

    Hahahahahaa. So funny! :) Nope she didn't win the lines of the day though. Sam don't mess with her!!! She can eat you up and spit you out. Oh look she has a knife! She must have hidden it!

    Metrocourt Halloween party:

    Nina, Michael, Sasha, and Willow: Oh Sasha shut up!!! Yeah Nina you tell her off!! Willow really? Sticking up for Sasha? Nina had 2 very good questions asking Michael and Willow If you find out 20 years later your child isn't really yours how would you feel? Well they will BOTH feel it eventually. So they can both shut up.

    Michael and V.C.:

    Michael: Well, enjoy it while it lasts, because I am running out of patience.

    ROFL! Michael would have won the line of the day, cus that was a good one. :)

    Mystery man and Laura: Bump into each other and mystery man is quiet! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA! He just walks away, and the look on her face! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Kendra and Molly:

    Molly: My mom is in the hospital.

    Kendra's thoughts: YIPPIE!!!!

    Molly: She is sick.

    Kendra's thoughts: Revenge!

    Molly: The doctors don't know what it is yet.

    Kendra's thoughts: HAHAHAHAHAHHAHHA!

    Molly: Could be flu or stomach bug.

    Kendra's thoughts: Or poison.

    The hospital:

    RayRay and Finchy: Come on!!! We all know Finchy is going to be the father of little munchin! Why the stupid suspense?

    Jax and RayRay: Awww Jax was worried that RayRay is in the hospital. So sweet. :) Yes Jax! The Helena painting is at Ava's gallery!!! Go fetch! :)

    Alexis and Finchy: Ouch she has a rash on both hands!! Yeah a flu doesn't give you rashes!!!!

    Alexis and Neil: Awwwwww!! They are adorbs. They are going to go on another date. :)

    The haunted star Halloween party:

    Lustin: MORE KISSING! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! :) Will they sneak off to do some Lustin sex? :)

    Jam: Oh no!!!! Now they are drinking uncle Scotch!!! Hmmmm boy they got drunk fast.

    Trev: Go Trina!!! KISS THE TURKEY BOY YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! :) Oh crap. He isn't into her!!!! Yeah that's because he is into Joss!!! Trina thinks so too!!!!! Admit it Turkey boy!!!

    Joss and Trina:

    Trina: Is Mr.Phillips kissing your cousin?

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Trina would have won the line of the day, but Joss wins it.

    Joss I may have had two much.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA! The way she said it, and the look on her face, made me laugh really hard. :)

    Jurtis: I agree with Jordan. A lot of people are pissed off at Jordan, but she is right. Molly is so young! As she gets older, what she wants now, may not be what she wants when she gets older. Same with TJ. I mean look at what happened to young Scotty and young Laura, and Luke and young Laura.. Of course Luke and Laura had a curse. ROFL!

    Jurtis and TJ: Damn of course she has to back down.

    Ava's art gallery:

    Mystery man and Ava: IT'S NIK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Recast though. Now Laura and Lulu can shut up about Nik being dead. Hmmm I thought Jason-Shane Scott, Will Rappaport from OLTL was going to play Nik.

  14. I used to watch Port Charles. PC Pet Detectives!! Haha I would watch that! :) I want the Brownstone back!!!! :(


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