Wednesday, October 30, 2019

I need the Scotch

Molly is RBG and knocks on the door..Alexis is sleeping on the couch, not waking up. Molly uses her key to get in.  She's been asleep all day and Molly wants to take her to GH .  They get there and Finn is there.  He's going to check her out. She's been vomiting, sleeping and has stomach pain. A rash on her hand. I'm going with arsenic ? 

Carly and Jason get to recon the whole "how is Sam..yada yada"... they just gab and Jason says he won't dress up in a costume.

Metro Court: 
Nina and Val-- Antony and Cleo

Michael as Jon Snow (he wishes!)
Sasha as some superhero--Captain Lady America? Someone said Captain Marvel

Jordan: UM? Malificent? 
Ava: Cruella
Laura:  Queen of Hearts
Jax: Incredible Dad 

TJ is thinking of asking Molly to marry him.  Curtis is happy. Jordan is not. She thinks Curtis hasn't been out of Port Charles and has only dated Molly since HS and he needs to broaden his horizons. 


Hospital:  Finn tells Violet about Roxy. Hayden listens in. Finn brought her candy. She is SO adorable. She's making a fast and full recovery.  Oh, Liz comes to GH and Hayden is like: Um... well...guess what!?  Liz is so happy to have a niece. She thinks Violet is beautiful and "one hell of a surprise". 

Cam goes with Trina to the dance. They are meeting Devvvvvvvv and Joss. Joss is upset, she lost her watch. and SHE DIDN'T EVEN KNOW IT FOR 3 WHOLE DAYS! the horror.  Cam and Trina come in. Cam apologizes to Jason for going off on him. Later, Cam is alone and puts Scotch in his Coke bottle! OH CAM!! Really? Scotch in coke? LOL 

Michael bumps Ava, gun falls out of her purse.
Finn thinks Alexis should stay over night. 
Ava over hears Valentin talk about Helena's portrait. 

Pretty dull show for a halloweenie one


  1. Something off about today's show. Besides being dull.
    Laura was weird and had the same converse with Jax we have heard many times.
    Jordan was horrendous to TJ.
    Liz and Hayden are just gorgeous. Those kids Joss, Trina and Cam are so talented.
    Happy Birthday to Kristina Wagner today. And me too.

    1. Happy Birthday fellow Scorpio zazu! I'm on the 2nd! 😁 I share a Birthday I believe with Rachel Ames (Audrey Hardy). ❤😊

    2. "zazu says, Jordan was horrendous to TJ."

      No she wasn't that bad. :)

      "Happy Birthday to Kristina Wagner today. And me too."


    3. Happy belated birthday zazu!
      Every since she got Ryan's kidney, Jordan has been just a big old sour puss!

  2. Funny, I felt that yesterday's show was a little "off." And Happy Birthday to you and to KW!

  3. I'm about to watch but I forgot to mention the cutie pie playing Finn and Hayden's daughter Viloet, she was in a recent episode of Greys. Either last Thursday or the one before. I'm gonna have to rewatch it. I totally missed her cause she was bald in the episode.

    1. WHOA! That was her?!!?!?! :0

    2. Yep. Hard to recognize her right haha

    3. Was she the bald kid that had the skull surgery? She is so cute! Happy belated birthday Zazu!

  4. Jordan, TJ and Molly have been together longer than you and Curtis, so I don't know what in the hell you're talking about not realizing they were so serious. But then again, the writers love writing Jordan as an idiot, so I guess there we go.

    1. Her reaction was so stupid. So she thinks they both didn't sleep around enough to know if they're serious. They should act like most of the characters on tv today and just grab any person they're attracted to and pull them into a closet or an alley for a quicky otherwise they're not experienced enough for marriage.

    2. They have been living together for years, they are practically married . . .

    3. Can't stand Jordan - always looks pissed off. She should be thrilled for TJ.

  5. Exactly. And as for life experieces such as travelling, that's so much more fun when you're experiencing it for the first time with your soul mate.

  6. Alexis's home: Alexis is being poisoned Molly!!!!! Yes take her to the hospital!!!!

    Molly and Alexis: Alexis wins the line of the day.

    Alexis: Why do you look like Ruth Bader Ginsburg?


    Liz's home:

    Liz, Cam, and Trina: Wait the boys are going to sleep over Bobbie's? They aren't going to sleep over Gram's? :)

    Carson home:

    Joss and Carly: RA RO! THE watch is missing!!! Time to turn the house upside down! Maybe the Tribbles have it. It's been missing for 3 days and Joss hasn't noticed? That means she is healing!!!!! :) It has been 5 months since Oscar's death.

    Joss, Cam, and Trina: Trina has been carrying an outfit. I thought it was for Cam at first, but it's for Turkey Boy?!!? Why is she carrying his costume?

    Cam and Jason:

    Cam: I owe you an apology.

    Cam is such a good boy!!!! When he said that line, it made me cry! :(

    Cam and Scotch: RA RO! Will he be making out with the scotch all night?

    "Karen says Scotch in coke? LOL"

    ROFL! Actually he drank all the coke, so he could put the scotch in. :) So it's just scotch.

    The hospital:

    Finchy and Violetta: Violet is so adorbs!!!!! At first I thought she had an accent, but nope. She wants to meet Roxie!!! YAY! I hope they show it!!!! :) I hope she meets the tribbles too!!! Hmmm 2 chocolate bars? ROFL!

    RayRay and Liz: Awww Liz go see Violet!!! I can't wait until she meets her cousins!!! :)

    The Halloween party:

    Michael and Sasha: Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Laura and Jax: Man Jax is hot in his costume!!!! Shhh Laura you shouldn't of talked about Helena's portrait in a room full of people! Oh hi V.C.!

    Nina and V.C.: Oh NOW V.C. is interested in the portrait hahahaha!

    TJ and Jurtis: Yeah I get what Jordan is saying. They should have more life experiences.. How old is Molly? 21 right? She is so young!!! TJ is older than her. Like what 25 26?

    Michael and Ava: Michael seriously? HAHAHHAHAHAHA! No guns really? HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm done. :) I'm dead.

    1. Funny y'all were just commenting about how Bobbie should be watching the boys and not Gran, now she is. LOL!!

    2. Yes I can't wait til Violet meets the boys! I can't wait til she finds out Finn is her daddy and Liz is her Aunt and Franco her Uncle.

    3. Cam and his scotch....ugh! Hope Trina catches him and nips that crap in the bud, lol! Molly as RBG was awesome, and yup, I died right along with you Sonya when Michael got all sanctimonious with Ava. HAHAHAHAHAHAH!

    4. Sonya, what does RA RO mean? I am thinking that Cam is such a good actor that maybe they are going to give him a drinking SL. I think that there was some soda still left, LOL. It seems that he might have finished his loooong community service, they should have mentioned it if he did finish.

    5. "Michelle P says, Funny y'all were just commenting about how Bobbie should be watching the boys and not Gran, now she is. LOL!!"


      "AntJoan says Sonya, what does RA RO mean?"

      It's another way of saying oh oh! :)Didn't you ever watch Scooby Doo? :)

  7. I hope so too Julie!! That's the last thing he needs.



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