Monday, October 21, 2019


Well, this weeks previews shows Franco in court.... Hayden and Finn's daughter all sick in GH  (could be a dream sequence) -- and Ava stalking. 

Nina at Crimson. Jax is wondering what's up, Valenin comes in. Jax is surprised. Nina tells Jax they are back together. Jax is like "Well, that's dumb" .  My take away from all that was that Nina is playing Valentin. YOU? 

Sasha and Michael are at The Metro...Carly is too. She picked up presents from the staff, tells Michael to put them in the car and she'll talk to Sasha.  She lays into her. Calls her a "con artist" Sasha tells her she came clean with Michael because she loves him...yada yada. Carly tells Sasha about her and what she did to Bobbie and she pretended to be someone else. "I made it through because I had someone standing next to me who cared for me, who am I to judge Michael" ?? SO, Carly is forgiving Sasha! Wow. Okay

Lucas wants to know who Brad's flowers are from. Brad doesn't know. He called the florist and he can't find out who sent them.  Julian walks in with Ava and tells Lucas and Brad Ava "fainted at the Metro Court"?? HUH?? did I miss something? 
Ava thinks she's just dehydrated. 

Julian asks about the flowers, says Brad better not be cheating on Lucas. Grrrrrr.

Ava gets an IV, she's dehydrated..she 'fainted' over the Ryan news. Lucas asks her if she drinks a lot. YEP SHE DOES! LOL. They bring in Dr. Neil. Julian says NOW Ava thinks someone is "watching her".  They think she's having a nervous breakdown.  She's like: I'm not going to Shadybrook. She leaves and she won't let Julian stay the night with her. She's in her apartment.  He leaves. Ava gets a drink and goes to the balcony "I know you're out there, I don't care what anyone says".  She gets a lock box out and takes out a gun. 

Brad tries to cancel the therapy session with Lucas but Lucas won't have it. 

Hayden and Liz talk about life at that corner coffee set. Recon on the Franco situation.  Liz thinks she'd make a 'good mother" 

Curtis and Finn...Finn tells him he thinks Hayden had the baby. They talk about the possibility. 

FELICIA got a hair chop! WOW... she and Robert talk about Anna and her not "coming home anytime soon--" (Like December) Felicia says that Finn wants her home and she's worried it's messing with her engagement to Finn. She talks about Being married to Frisco and how hard it was. 

Ava goes to sleep with the gun under her pillow
Finn tells Hayden they need to talk


  1. Felicia's hair chop is exactly like Ava's but it just does not suit her nor does the clothing she has on. Making her look older than she is.
    I too hope that Nina is playing Val. No telling yet.
    So I guess Sasha's arrest scene never did happen. Even though it did. I liked her with Carly today.

    1. I guess they'll be keeping Sasha if Carly has accepted her.

    2. I swear that I remember Sasha getting arrested, it was in the MetroCourt. Or am I going crazy? Also, Ava did collapse in Julian's arms when she heard about what Ryan had done . . .

    3. I loved her hair and yeh at first I was like Ava? Haha! I think Felecia looks good. Like the hair and clothes, I thought it made her look younger, I'd wear it (I'll be 50 in a couple wks and my hair was short like that til I recently started to grow out for Fall).
      I think Nina is playing Val too, turn the tables on him for a change. See how he likes being played.
      I too liked the conversation between Carly and Sasha. Glad she didn't go all hypocrite on her.

  2. I commented yesterday when i saw the previews- do not like Felicia's hair - i LOVED her long hair - just gorgeous.
    Nina has got to be playing Valentin - yep....
    WHERE is Hayden's little girl? as in what state and did I miss the part where Hayden has lots of money for the nanny? Didn't she leave PC as a poor person?

    1. Maybe the actress preferred it shorter and keeping it long for a once a month job wasn't worth it.

    2. I agree Di. I love it. I'm sure tptb had no problem with it and it looks great on her!

    3. I like the haircut! Maybe she got tired of those extensions she was wearing. My hair is similar to that cut, too. Always good to see Felicia and Robert scenes together.

  3. also the Anna timeline makes NO sense - she posted in early August that she was back at work - and that is 5-6 weeks according to the GH time line - she should have been back WAY before mid-October.

    1. I know! Makes no sense! I remember posting myself cause I follow her on IG and I know GH goes dark for 3 wks but I also thought they taped like 3-4 wks in advance so still...she should have been back already. UNLESS the writers have to tie up these stories first before they bring her back???? Which is stupid!

  4. Central Perk:

    RayRay and Liz: Karen I'm surprised you are not talking about the plants on the wall!! :) Poor things are droopy! Someone is not taking care of them. Oh they are the Tribbles cousins!!! :) Awww sisters bonding. :)

    Crimson offices:

    Nina, Jax, and V.C.: Oh yeah Nina is DEFINITELY playing V.C.!! Wow the way she was acting today, YUP! :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Carly and Sasha: Oh Carly was doing great confronting her, but then got all understanding and sweet.. NO CARLY NO! What are you doing?!?!?!?! GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I'm surprised she didn't hug Sasha! UGH!

    The hospital:

    Brucas: Flowers flowers.. Wonder who sent them. Maybe the tribbles did, but I don't think they met yet. Hmmmmm. Who sent the flowers.

    Brad and Julian: Julian wins the line of the day.

    Julian: Did you win a pageant?

    ROFL! Oh Julian, Brad isn't cheating on Lucas!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!

    Curtis and Finchy: Keep digging Finchy!!!!

    Ava's private room: Oh dehydration. That's why she "fainted" Too bad she isn't pregnant with Ryan's baby. That would be so SWEET!!! :)

    Police station:

    Robert and Felicia: Yikes! I hope Felicia is wearing a wig!!! ROBERT YAY!

    Ava's home: Ava is sleeping with her gun. Who has been watching her? Nik? Maybe the Tribbles? Or the droopy plants that were hanging at Perks!!!

    Previews for this week: Did anybody see it? RayRay telling Finchy that the girl in that room is his daughter?!!? She is adorable!! It better NOT be a dream! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

  5. Ava pregnant with Ryan's baybay would be soapy heaven. And I'm sure if there some time inconsistency it would be totally ignored. But all that vodka.

    1. "zazu says, Ava pregnant with Ryan's baybay would be soapy heaven."

      It sure would be!!! :)

      "And I'm sure if there some time inconsistency it would be totally ignored."

      Yeah I don't care. I can overlook it. :)

      "But all that vodka."

      ROFL! He could escape prison, her and she can have sex, he sneaks back to prison, and 2 months later, she got the preggers!!! :)

  6. I am not a big fan of Felicia's hair but maybe she was sick of dyeing it. It looked gray. Just glad she was on! Really hope they are setting up for a Nicholas return with this Ava thinks someone is watching her idea. I have a question about Pentonville. Who besides Sam, Harmony, Ryan, and Nell are there? Sean, Johnny Z., Matt,( Patrick's brother)????? It could be a big reunion.

  7. I thought at first it was Ava but quickly realized it was Felicia. Her new hairdo suits her - she is 8 years older than Ava.Once she speaks you know right away it's Felicia because she still has the baby girl voice that can be annoying at times.It looks like those plants on Liz's wall are stapled there - maybe they are cousins to the green monster in Carly's kitchen.

    1. That's not her kitchen. That's a cafe or restaurant.
      I too thought for a split second it was Ava. Til I saw Felecia's face.

    2. I call it the dead plant cafe.

    3. "Di says, I call it the dead plant cafe."


  8. The plants on the wall are Staghorn Fern. They grow on pieces of log and need no dirt or water. Just a pritz of moisture on the wood now and then. I had one for years and it fascinated me.


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