Sunday, October 6, 2019

Sunday Surgery: Smokin' in the Bathroom

WHAT THE??  I only came in here to sneak a vape!! 

So, I enjoyed most shows this week, and really felt a lightness I haven't from GH in awhile. I loved the whole ensamble hen/bach night out with all the characters mixing it up. I mean look at Ava and Hayden! Great little scene, all because they were in the same place needed to pee!

Friday happened and I got furious with this show again. Good lord, someone needs to strangle the editing department and tell Frank that 5-15 second scenes suck the life out of drama. 

Let's have some ribs and dish, shall we? 


WUBS' HAPPY FACE OF THE WEEK: Seeing Michael E Knight again in any way, shape or form made me fan-girling all over the place.  He looks wonderful and look how easily a soap vet just slips into a role. That's an actor. LOVED. And put him with Nelle? Ok, you sold me. 
Almost forgot: If Cady McCain had been tapped to play Nina? THINK about it!! OMG.


INTRIGUE OF THE WEEK:  KevLar explore Wyndemere and Helena's portrait. Finally getting it's due after Nikolas getting it on the Reading of the Will.  BTW, Charlotte bugged the heck out of me. The whole "languages" and perfect "I'm doing a book report" stuff-- ugh. LOL


SET OF THE WEEK:  I'm not sure we've seen the inside of a bathroom on GH as much as we did The Rib's!! Well, actually we've hardly EVER seen the inside of a bathroom on GH! 


SHIRT CHOICE OF THE WEEK:  Polos, Polos everywhere! PS..great to see Chet at The Rib and that he's sill concerned about Maxie. What did you think of Karaoke Night? I say let more people sing! 
NOTE: Did you realize they were going to be playing NIGHT GOLF? :giggle: 


ANNOYING CHARACTER OF THE WEEK: I need Maxie to just go on a vacation. Geezus.


RUNNER UP: Perfect Charlotte doing her Perfect Disney Acting. :eyeroll: 


COP-OUT OF THE WEEK:  Baby Donna is ok? After all that...she's going to be FINE? This better be the false start to a heartbreaking, harrowing story about a family coping with disability or, I'm thinking the entire team at GH are cowards. I said it on Twitter and I'll say it here: COWARDLY.  CarSon have enough kids between them that we certainly didn't need one more. Carly's older--which didn't really have much bearing on the whole thing. The baby was given a condition; one with the potential of being pretty severe. I thought: hmmm, finally a challenge Sonny can't FIX! Sonny can't throw money at!! Yes, she'd get medical care and attention but it would still be there--all. the. time. 
So-- she's.. FINE? Small operation ...and FINE? 
It could have been so much more. SO Much.. but now, we'll have another baby that basically isn't seen at all and taken care of by an invisible nanny.
Gee, thanks, great drama there, huh???  They went the same place they did with Charlotte's bullying. 
Quick Fix--done. 
This is called "Plot Point". And in this case, ESPECIALLY this's just lazy. 


TRIBUTE OF THE WEEK:   CarSon's baby was named after Donna Messina,  the long time head of make up at GH. Everyone loved her and if you listened to Sonny's describing why his daughter got her name, you'd know why. I loved it. I liked the birth scenes too. Then? Well, Donna's FINE so I'm just going to forget about her like they do every other kid on this show.
Bitter: Table for One. 


TOO MUCH TRIBUTE OF THE WEEK: So, it was touching when it first happened. Then? The Donna story was repeated over.
And Over
And Over
Was this story about the NAME or the Spina Bifida because--guess what. It's gone from half-way intriguing to snoozing.


GIFT OF THE WEEK: Karaoke anyone? 


BITCHY OF THE WEEK: Um...Jordan. Geeze. Okay. We get it, you're Big Pants Commish. But--? Really? We had Sam all let go, now she's front and center again. Gee, thanks. WHERE ARE ROBERT AND MAC?

A serious and wide-eyed Jax standing in front of a window with blinds.

EDITING SIN OF THE WEEK:  GH has become infamous for their short scenes. The drama builds and--- um... next scene up. No rhyme or reason. I tell you what, if I was a writer and my words were being chopped to bits, I'd revolt. Case in point? Joss and Jax. She finally tells him the truth about Dev. 
NOPE..I watched this twice because I honestly thought I was blogging or tweeting and missed it. 


**Loved having Michael, Krissy and Josslyn all in to see Carly 
**Mr. Gray
**Joss and Nelle sparring in the park
**Lesil's Maid of Honor Dress 
**Dr Terry tries to talk sense into both Kim and Franco 


**You have a huge party going on at The Rib... and Karaoke night but no Felicia? Perfect opportunity to get her in there. 
**You let Chase drop his towel but we don't even get a top-shot of them embracing? 
**You let Carly have her baby and Bobbie isn't anywhere to be found? She was just in GH recovering for cripes sake! 
**Not having Ava just haul off and smack the shit out of Michael. 


Baby Donna born, operated on and is fine
Baby's Middle Name is Courtney (for all 2 of you Courtney lovers out there)
Laura and Kevin find a clue in Helena's portrait
Lulu hears Sasha's secret 
Golf got rained out
Bridal Spa was ruined by Chillow
Sam was arrested by Jordan for the pre-meditated murder of Shiloh
Dev outs Peter as the money carrier for Shiloh
Dev writes Turkish on his card to Carly
Joss "tells" Jax the Dev truth

Mike's memory is surprisingly great 


INSTA OF THE WEEK:  Eden posted "Productive Friday with my Unc" LOL!! I love her on IG and Twiter. She's great. 

OK, that's it. I was actually enjoying the entire week until Friday when I just lost it. Between the editing and Sam stuff, I had had it. Maxie was annoying as all hell and I feel like this Sasha secret isn't any big deal. I really don't even care. Don't care about Sasha and Don't Care about Val and Nina. 
Well, there ya have it!! 
See you next week. I Think I'm doing another podcast tonight, if so--I'll let you know when it goes live!! 


  1. kd said...**Not having Ava just haul off and smack the shit out of Michael.

    *** hahaha I laughed out loud at that.

    I've often felt the same about Maxie. I know they want comic relief but they don't know how to use it. She's not funny. She's just irritating, and speaks so fast that you can't understand what she says anyway... which is also a clue that it doesn't matter. They just have her do it because they think it's funny. I want Peter exposed and Maxie so shocked that she's catatonic for a few episodes. Then have her hang out with her mom and Chet at the bar for a while and he'll help calm her down. (We all know that won't happen because they'll have to find another BAD boy for her. Felons are king on this show.)

    And thanks once again for another great Surgery. You're the best!!

    1. Maxie USED to be ditzy and fun--now yep, she's just annoying. SO annoying. Plus her voice kills me

    2. like nails on a warp speed.

  2. Ditzy&fun worked for Maxie's character when she was young(er).Now that she's matured & a mom of two, that personality just doesn't cut it anymore & yes, agree that it is so irritating.The writers/directors have to tone her down somewhat.

  3. Well, I was very fond of Courtney . . . Karen, Joss DID tell Jax that Turkey Boy is not her cousin, you didn't hear her say that either time?

    1. I also heard her say it. Maybe what Karen is missing or wanting to hear is an explanation. Which Joss didn't give, but yes, you and I both heard her tell Jax Dev isn't her cousin.

    2. "AntJoan says, Well, I was very fond of Courtney . . ."

      Oh! You were 1 of the 2 that like her! ROFL! :)

    3. There was another person besides AntJoan who liked Courtney?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Great SS as always! Just read that the last ratings were lower than Days which should be a major concern for the show runners. I have to admit I fast forwarded all of the CarSon baby stuff. Nice scenes here and there like Hayden and Ava and always Liesl. So tired of those secrets. Valentin has a great voice but this Nina is miscast. Whoever decided to change real Drew’s nice and kind personality with the Franco obnoxious interpretation is helping kill this show, as well as CarSon, Jason and Sam, Peter, Dev, and I could go on. If only the show was as great as the SS.

    1. I agree about Drew. He was always a nice guy. Making Francos Drew this way, out of character....I can't imagine Navy Seal "real" Drew Cain was such a jerk.
      As for CarSon the only reason I've even enjoyed their scenes is because because of Donna. She is adorable.
      I must be the 1% who likes this Nina, I wasn't a MS fan. I like CW. So that helps.

    2. "I must be the 1% who likes this Nina, I wasn't a MS fan. I like CW. So that helps."

      I like CW and MS as Nina.

  5. This "Drew" doesn't make any sense. The other Drew Cain was a really nice guy. So the old Drew was a jerk????

  6. Love everything about this SS. Totally agree about the short scenes. Very aggravating.
    Yes, wth are Mac and Robert? And how long will it be before MEK is back on air?
    GH really needs a trimming. There are so many secrets it's hard to keep track. A story is started and either dropped quickly or goes on eternally. Why on earth can't the darn Shank story be over. Completely. No reason at all to pull Sam/Jason back in.
    Agree with LindaV...if only the show was as great as the SS.

  7. I agree Maxie is very annoying! I like the new Nina. She should wear Make-up like that every day. Please give Michael his baby. Michael Knight looks like a s slimey lawyer. get rid of Nell...and fix Franco

  8. Ratings still in the toilet. For the week of Sept 16-20 GH lost 110,000 viewers from the previous week and 332,000 viewers compared to last year. Only 1,990,000 tuned in which is a NEW LOW for them. This is not good people.

  9. SS was extra good today, thanks!! Your 1 liners had me laughing out loud. Bitter Table for one, and those 2 Courtney lovers out! You were on a roll!

  10. "WHAT THE?? I only came in here to sneak a vape!!"


    "Seeing Michael E Knight again in any way, shape or form made me fan-girling all over the place."

    Hahaha me too!!!!!!!!!! :) SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

    "ANNOYING CHARACTER OF THE WEEK: I need Maxie to just go on a vacation. Geezus."

    I know!!!! We need a break from her at the moment. Don't get me wrong, I love Maxie, but sometimes she can be too much!! Sometimes she can be very annoying. Lots of characters can be annoying!! :) It's Maxie's turn.

    "GIFT OF THE WEEK: Karaoke anyone?"

    TIME FOR DR. O to sing!!!! :) She can sing with Jax! :) I want more scenes with them!! I want more O-Jax!!!! :)

    "Baby's Middle Name is Courtney (for all 2 of you Courtney lovers out there)"


    "You let Chase drop his towel but we don't even get a top-shot of them embracing?"

    Karen you wanted to see more than just a top shot!!! :) ROFL!

    OH HEY! Sebastian Roché on Batwoman tonight!!!! I've been planning to watch Batwoman, but I didn't know he was going to be on it! YAY!!!! :)

  11. Am so disappointed with the Donna storyline. How does Spina Bifida just go away after an operation? I thought this was a lifelong condition, no matter the severity. Why even bother mentioning this at all?


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