Friday, February 16, 2018


Ava isn't answering Griffin' calls ... Ava is taking care of Kiki --she rubbing her feet awwww... Kiki goes to GH to do her shift. 

Mike is being "dragged" to GH by Sonny for a check up. Dr. David Bensch is there (I thought he was off the show--seriously it's been in forever) He wants to do lab work and tests. But I tells Mike it's probably Fatigue (I think to humor him and get him to do the tests).  Dr. Bensch consults with Griffin and Griffin asks Sonny if Mike was confused. Sonny thinks a minute and says yes. Griffin wants to do 1:1 cognitive testing with Mike.  Sonny's in the room while he asks some questions. Mike gets the short term memory ones wrong. 

Jason is at Carly's for Coffee. 
Anna is at law office for Faison's reading of the will. Killy walks in-- Anna's like: Wha?  Oh, over at Carly's we find out that Jason is also in the will. Diane comes in to get a paper from Carly and is all "YOU need to get over to the will reading". Jason says "I want nothing from him"! Diane tells him he needs to go. 
SO! Finally everyone is in the office.
Faison leaves the following:

Britt: "The sandbags that once lined the estate because you've been a weight on my neck for years" LOL...
Drew: The one thing you want the most "your past memories"
Jason:  Ok, this got tricky but it came down to the fact that each could get their memories back if one killed the other.

Nelle gets Monica on her side by telling her that Carly's been mean and making her anxious. Monica is very sympathetic. She goes over to Carly's and tells her to BACK OFF of Nelle.  Carly bitches, then throws Monica out.  Monica tells her she's throwing Nelle a baby shower. 

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Want some Coffee

Alexis and Silas--she's talking about Jules and he's talking about Anna. 

Anna and Maddox--she tells him she had a baby with Faison. Anna says she has to confide in one person-- besides Maddox.   We don't find out who that is. 

Drunk Kiki and Spinelli --she kisses him. OMG--Kiki has her own apartment now???

Ava waiting for Griffin She's got rose petals out.  BUT! Spinelli calls GH and Amy tells Griffin so you know he's going over there to help Kiki and Ava will find out about it.
YEP..Amy tells her that Griffin went over to Kiki's. Ava's furious.

Mike is working at Kelly's....he used to work there so-- he thinks he still does. Totally dementia/alzheimers. The poor worker is trying to get Mike away from behind the counter and Mike gets pissed. Mike drops the coffee pot.  The waitress is named Mara--someone found it on the TV description! She was the one that was snarky to Ava after Ava dissed her. I love her. :) 

GH interrupted due to School Shooting update.  I have no words on this.

Back to GH: 

Nelle calls Michael to tell him his grandfather is at Kelly's and in trouble. Sonny comes over an and smooths things. Mike says he hasn't been "sleeping well lately". Aw, looks lost/confused.

Ava's bitching at Griffin a lot she's at Kiki's "Why didn't you call me" yada yada...they make up.

At Kelly's Anna sees Silas and Alexis. Diane comes in and tells Anna Faison left her some of his estate. 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Thank You For Killing Faison

Says Robin... she's with Jason today. She also says she's surprised that Sam married Drew and she knows Sam loves Jason.

Sonny's home.  Mike's visiting, Sonny wants to keep an eye on him. Robin comes by and hugs Mike. Mike has a dizzy spell. She asks him when his next check up was. Mike thinks Sonny did it--set him up. Gets cranky mad. 

Friz might have their wedding at Ava's Gallery. Ava's giving it to them for a gift. Later, Nelle brings roses from Griffin. Nelle's all jelly--wish she had a man that loved her.  Michael stops by and tells her he's selling her apartment building. 

Later Friz goes into Kelly's with Jake. Jake won an art trophy. Jake asks Jason "Are you coming to the wedding"? Awkward.  Franco points out that Jason is a murderer too and it happened after HE had a head injury, just like Franco had his tumor.  Jason says, yeah, good try but you're still going to pay for what you did.  Liz comes by later and tells him everyone has moved on but him, maybe he should too. 

Kimmy gets Drew over to the apt to tell him about Drew's fight. That kid that's being bullied "Identifies as a girl"... I heard that  yesterday. If GH wanted to be cutting edge, should have been binary. But...?  Drew and she talk about when they met. She was getting roughed up by some guy in a bar and Drew swooped in and 'saved' her. 

Yes, I'm here

HELLO FROM PUPPY LAND!! OMG-- I am totally exhausted by 2:00!!  So... let me's GH after the funeral?

Sorry I'm absent! Blame that Tillie girl!! 

Oh, GH won The Writer's Guild Award for Daytime Drama. 

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Sunday Surgery: Heart and Soul

There's really only one thing to talk about this week and that's Friday's show.  The rest of the episodes? Meh.  Nothing to write home about, that's for sure! 

So, let's get started, it's mostly going to be some nice photos of the funeral and my praising the acting.  By the way,  my eyes were swollen all night and I got a crying headache!! 

Saturday, February 10, 2018

John Gavin has died

John Gavin, Constance Towers husband since 1974 has passed away in their Beverly Hills home his manager has confirmed.  John starred in "Imitation of Life" , "Spartacus" and "Psycho". He later became the US diplomat to Mexico under then president, Ronald Reagan.  Thoughts and wishes go out to Connie and her family. 

Friday, February 9, 2018

Friday Funeral -- Amazing

Nice opening sequence with close ups of people/places while Valerie says "Last Watch" -- 

Everyone goes to the funeral-- Spinelli is there. Frisco "Couldn't get away"... Maxie wants a minute alone in the apartment. She looks at the blood spattered photo of the ultrasound. FLASHBACK to first time she saw Nathan. Damn, Ryan P is gorgeous! 
OMG!!!!!!! GEORGIE Shows up!! She 'comforts" Maxie. Tells her she doesn't need anyone to save her, she has the inner strength. 

Nice Dr. O Franco scene--and Anna and Nina one too.

GAH.. Nina's eulogy is HEARTBREAKING!! Wow, Michelle was stellar. I haven't cried like this for a soap in years. The whole thing was done SO WELL. wow.  Dante folding the flag,reading the "final inspection" poem.  Presenting the flag to Maxie.  Amazing Grace on the bagpipes!

The graveyard scenes felt so raw and real. Geesh. I'm a mess. MESS HAVE TO WATCH THIS. I'm not spoiling the ending just yet but I did sob. 

At The Floating Rib Spinelli sings "Danny Boy" chokes up and Amy helps him finish. 
Lulu finally goes over to Maxie and Maxie tells her she should be sorry because "you killed him". Ut oh..
KUDOS to GH because that was a remarkable show. I straight up sobbed and I really don't do that often.  I'm exhausted.  

Kristina Wagner tweeted this--"Ryan takes the cake"!! At least they gave him a great send off! 

Thursday, February 8, 2018

WUBS update

Oh boy--so I hear that Valentin knows some stuff about Henrick. Not surprised. Don't care-- but not surprised. 

I'm still on a semi-break because of darling dimple dog Tillie. It's so great to not watch TV as much (and you know I watch TV!!) It's also the time of year my reports are starting to be due so I'm busy  right after work. 

Here are some of my thoughts: 

**Kevin is in the whole Mind-Mapping Ring, may even have the disco-ball. 
**Mike has Dementia
**Nelle will end up living at the Qs. Just a feeling. Monica will encourage it

Things I don't really care about: 

Julian/Kim/Alexis/Finn musical dance
Ava (sorry) and Griffin
Kiki and whatever
Started to not care about the mayor thing. I think they had to re-write a lot because of Genie leaving so the momentum is gone. 
Henrick and Anna--I don't care. Sad, but true. 
Whatever Lulu is doing
and...most of all:  I DON'T CARE WHO SAM CHOOSES.  UGH tired story

Tomorrow is Nathan's funeral, I'll try to watch that.  Mike's story could be intriguing but it should have been Bobbie or Monica.  Drew's past memories also interest me as does Nelle making Carly cranky. 

Other Stuff: 
I saw 32 Pills on HBO--good documentary if you like those. Finished Season 2 of the Travelers. Light fare for NetFlix but I enjoyed it a lot.  The only shows I'm watching on regular TV are The Middle, Blackish, The Alienist and VersaceSneaky Pete is back next month on Amazon. yeah!! 

Some News/Notes: 
Ron Hale is retired from acting so didn't want to come back to GH, so-that's why there's a recast 
Kim McCollough reported she is back home after the devastating fires in her area of CA. 
Kirsten Storms IG'd that she's NOT pregnant in real life. 
OMG we are getting a LOBSTER Emoji with the next update!! Alberta is thrilled. 

Ok, Enjoy the day!  Thank you for the Amazon orders over the holidays! I hope I can catch up on this week  enough to do Surgery on Sunday. 

Tuesday, February 6, 2018


Robin's home!  She's there for Maxie but is glad Faison is dead. She sees Anna looking online and is curious. Robin says she hates Obrect but she gets why Dr. O gave up Nathan. Robin says there will be 'peace' now. Robin wonders where Finn is. 

Alexis has a smear commercial out on her by the opposition--all about her private life.  Alexis takes Finn to go register to vote. Please keep these two friends ONLY! Thank you.  But they go out to lunch after at the Rib (ugh). Guess who walks in? Jules and Kimmy! 

Mike says he dropped off the money -- Sonny doesn't believe him. Maybe Mike has dementia? Sonny's going to help Mike and make some phone calls.  Sonny tells him not to work for Caruso. They have a scotch.  Mike talks about Courtney--instead of Carly. YEP!! He's got dementia!! :) NICE. I want Sonny to have it (like The Fear) but this will do.  You know, if Bobbie had it, it would involve a LOT MORE people and we'd care. 
So, Mike goes to get the guest room ready for Sonny and Sonny finds the money in Mike's Cuban cigar box. He thinks he's lying. I think Mike forgot. 

Dante is cleaning out Nate's desk. Aunt Stella got arrested. She was seen assaulting a man--she says he was trying to steal her purse. He says she attacked him when he tried to help her when the streetlights went out.  So, Jordan calls Curtis to clear it up you know the PCPD.  Jordan tells the guy to not press charges because he's on parole and not a good idea.

END: Dante keeps Nathan's Yankees Mug (Thank GOD he wasn't a Mets fan)!! Anna and Robin go to Floating Rib and see Finn with Alexis. 

General Hospital: Could It BE?

OK, so that's the phone on the left that was shown when the disco ball was hidden-- and that's KEVIN'S DESK. Hmmmmm, Thanks to Angela on twitter for the pics! I said before, any guy walking around with a brain in the JAR might be suspect.
Kevin also said the words "disco ball"yesterday--so... ??? Hmmmmm.. 

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Sunday Surgery: Brainiacs

YEP.. it's Faison's Brain in a Jar. 

This week's GH restored some faith although I'm still mad at the entire Genie thing. (I'll get to that later) With my new puppy watching is interesting lol. I get home some days just as the show starts to I have to get her and play and and do all that stuff!! Having a puppy is exhausting!! 

Ok, enough about my adorable dog. Let's get to the show!! It was an emotional week that had me using kleenex left and right. Phew! 

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Friday's GH

Maxies' dream. Sad--- when you wake up and realize it's REAL!! ughhhhh. Kirsten is doing so well. I liked she and Nina too. I'm glad Ryan wanted to leave on his own too and wasn't just let go.  Nina and she yell, cry..hug. ugh... 
Naxie flashbacks..gah

Loved the waitress at Kelly's!! OMG she was perfect! When Ava acted all high and mighty to her she just had the best faces!! Yes, I do think 

Nelle and Carly!! WHOOT!!!  Loved the fight--good old school stuff. The shove they gave each other at the end was priceless. 

Mike is gambling-- Sonny's gotta go get Mike!!  WoJo is going to be on!! 

Drew.. LORD. Angry boy...he's just always angry.  He's driving me a little nuts. They have to find that disco ball flash drive to get Drew's memory back. 

Nelle and Ava having an Anti-Carly talk. OMG I'm going to have and Anti-Carly talk. She's just a mouth. LOVE SAM! TAKE JASON WITH YOU! You were in a MENTAL HOSPITAL. Um, Carly YOU WERE IN THERE like 2x!! MORGAN was in one! Geesh!!

Are they trying Michael and Kiki again?? Hmmmmmmmm.. 

Friday, February 2, 2018

Important WUBS News!

Most of you remember Gus. He would watch GH with me daily, star in my Periscope GH videos and had a great IG account.  It's been a year and a half since Gus has been gone and we finally decided to bring a new joy into the house! 


Introducing Matilda "TILLIE" !! She's 2 months old, a rescue and a Bischon Maltese mix (Multshon) that we adopted yesterday. She's just wonderful and getting used to our family. Having a puppy again is exhausting! She's been here less than 24 hours and I'm ready to have 8 Tylenol and sleep for days! 

She will be a big addition to the blog and to my life. Who knows if she'll let me watch GH when I want to! If updates are spotty, blame Miss Matilda!  That's my news-- hope to see you later! 

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Brains For Lunch

Franco and Scotty..eating and talking in Kelly's about the wedding and Franco's bad self-esteem. Adorable. 
Then, Franco goes to GH and feeds Liz those little cutie oranges while they talk about Ryan --Kevin's evil twin. WAY TOO MUCH RYAN TALK LATELY!! 

Sam and Jason talking about Faison dying.  Sam tells Jason she grieved him forever... and ever here he is. She feels sorry for Maxie. Then DREW comes back. 

Nelle gives Joss the Cartulo dress she wants. Carly is mad. Carly knows Nelle went to a mental institution and taunts her. Um, girl--didn't YOU go to Ferncliff like 2x?? 

Kevin going into the morgue while some guy cuts into Faison's skull so he can study his brain?! HUH? LOL.. YEP....he takes a brain away in a jar!!! Later--OMG, Kevin walks into his office, leaves the brain on his desk while he eats a burger!! Then Franco walks in, and says "Um, there's a brain on your desk" ! "That can't help the Yelp ratings"!!!  Franco tells him he started murdering when he was 3 lol. Kevin "hold all my calls".

Anna and Sonny argue about how to handle Heinrick-- he wants to basically get the info out of him and Anna wants to "debrief" him first. Sonny senses it's PERSONAL with Anna. UGHHHHHH
I hope they don't go there!!! 

END: Anna's in the morgue with Faison. JUST WATCH IT. I'm not saying anything. Nope. JUST watch IT.