Thursday, February 15, 2018

Want some Coffee

Alexis and Silas--she's talking about Jules and he's talking about Anna. 

Anna and Maddox--she tells him she had a baby with Faison. Anna says she has to confide in one person-- besides Maddox.   We don't find out who that is. 

Drunk Kiki and Spinelli --she kisses him. OMG--Kiki has her own apartment now???

Ava waiting for Griffin She's got rose petals out.  BUT! Spinelli calls GH and Amy tells Griffin so you know he's going over there to help Kiki and Ava will find out about it.
YEP..Amy tells her that Griffin went over to Kiki's. Ava's furious.

Mike is working at Kelly's....he used to work there so-- he thinks he still does. Totally dementia/alzheimers. The poor worker is trying to get Mike away from behind the counter and Mike gets pissed. Mike drops the coffee pot.  The waitress is named Mara--someone found it on the TV description! She was the one that was snarky to Ava after Ava dissed her. I love her. :) 

GH interrupted due to School Shooting update.  I have no words on this.

Back to GH: 

Nelle calls Michael to tell him his grandfather is at Kelly's and in trouble. Sonny comes over an and smooths things. Mike says he hasn't been "sleeping well lately". Aw, looks lost/confused.

Ava's bitching at Griffin a lot she's at Kiki's "Why didn't you call me" yada yada...they make up.

At Kelly's Anna sees Silas and Alexis. Diane comes in and tells Anna Faison left her some of his estate. 

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