Sunday, March 24, 2019

Sunday Surgery: A Wing and A Prayer

But Wubs Didn't WATCH LIVE?? WHAT?? 

Wing and a Prayer.... For the show AND for me.  For me, because I didn't watch a lot and for the show--well, ratings could be better. It does befuddle me a bit because as you know, I'm a huge harsh critic and I've been enjoying it lately. 

Well, you know what's famous here in Buffalo to eat besides wings?? SPONGE CANDY! SO pull it up and take several bites of it's deliciousness.

Friday, March 22, 2019


Hello All!!  Greetings and Salutations! I am still on my family mission... but thought I'd check in. I thought I could watch some GH but I've been unable to.  I did see a great clip of WILLOW giving it to Nina and Valentin. SHE WAS GOOD!! I loved it. I mean, she can  under perform at times but damn, she held her own.  

Roycroft Inn 

I thought I'd tell you a bit about the town I'm in...East Aurora-- it's in Western NY by Buffalo and is snow central down here. In fact, it's snowing now. Anyway it's the best little town. it's home of the Roycroft movement look them up, it's so cool.  Also has a little five and dime called Viddler's.. Also amazing. I'd love to live here!!

I will TRY to catch up for Sunday may be a fun, short open ended blog this week, we'll see. 

Hope you liked the blogs Dave and I did together. I'll read the comments at some point! Have a good one!! 

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Dr. Griffin is not rising from the ashes


I dont know how Karen does links or what she copies and pastes not to ruffles feathers etc. 

I'll just say that Dr. Griffin is leaving. 

If you do a google search, you can find out more information. 

I am assuming it was storyline dictated since he no longer had Kiki or Ava.

Anyway, discuss... 

Nurse's Ball - Silver Anniversary

This is the 25th anniversary of the Nurse’s Ball, as Lucy so graciously pointed out a few weeks ago.
I thought about doing a blog entry (otherwise known as a portal for Karen to use to open up on
a day when she is busy) on the subject. But then it dawned on me that every one of you could
just go online an do a search for the history of the Nurse’s Ball. And if all I did was copy and paste that would bore the hell out of all of you, so I decided to do something different. And after reading you can go ahead and comment and talk about today’s episode. Since it is the 25th anniversary, I am going to list the “25 things that should take place at this year’s Nurse’s Ball”.

Ok, not 25. There is no way I can come up with that many. But hopefully YOU can. Go ahead and leave some suggestions in the comments.


Revisit History. Felicia and Maxie are the only act that is intact from that first show in 1994. (albiet a different Maxie) Have the 2 of them perform the very same act they did back then and use flashbacks. Maybe a side by side?

Uncle Jesse...
Break the 4th wall. Ok, we know it is a tv show. We know some characters have gone and actors have left. Let any actor who has appeared on the show come back and perform if they want to.
Even if they are not in character. Case in point: I will gladly watch John Stamos or Ricky Martin perform as themselves and not their characters. Lynn can say "Please welcome a very special guest. He played Blackie on the show for several years (show a clip of him) Put your hands together for John Stamos." I can overlook it if it is too awkward to bring them in as their old character. (This includes Stone). I know I might be in the minority on this one.

Shirts. Remember the shirts the first few years that were sold online (possibly AOL?) Bring them back and sell them online. Resurrect some of the logos from the first few years and sell them as nostalgia. Make a special one for this ball. Write a commemorative book and put it on amazon. We want and will buy tchotckes.

No Red Carpet. This was silly the first year they did it and it has been silly ever since. (I expect to get some serious flack for this). I really fail to see the concept of this. You know the worst part tho? When they get inside this great big ball they are one of about 14 people in the audience. Unfortunately, it’s not a ball per se anymore.

Stone and Robin. Do something. I dont care what it is, you must work the 2 of them into the episode somehow and really honor the history of the ball and how it all started.

Would love to see her sing "Rose's Turn" from Gypsy.

Dr O. Must crash the ball. There is no exception to this.

Get him out of hiding and on the show.

Focus on the acts. I know that there is backstage antics that are as cringy as Oscar banter, and they have to be shown. There will no doubt be some kind of spy caper that will coincidentally run though the auditorium. A long-dormant storyline that everyone forgot will resurface. But limit the side stories and really just go all out and showcase the talent.

ONE. Bring back the number “ONE” from the original Nurse’s Ball. Have both men and women perform it like in the actual show A Chorus Line

Red Ribbon. The logo changed from red to purple. It is supposed to be a red ribbon for AIDS awareness. (Don't even get me started on this...). Change the logo back to a red ribbon, please.

Lucy. Absolutely ...and Christian Ceriano as the designer (Karen's addition!)

Brad and Britt. They should sell tickets to THIS event.

Flashbacks. Going into every commercial break, have a clip of a skit from one of the previous shows.

That’s all I got. If Karen has time and she thinks of any, maybe she will write some below. If not, we will send this off on a day when Karen needs it. Your comments are welcome and appreciated!


Lucy's First Ball Dress

IN 1994:  Pulp Fiction, Friends....Kurt Cobain's suicide, OJ Trial...Lisa Marie Presley married--Michael Jackson...Crazy, Sexy Cool.... Amazon launched as did Play Station.  My son was 2.  Life seemed way simpler! The Nurses Ball was so innovative and really something new. The whole HIV tie-in was also novel. A bit brave too, especially since they had a guy die from getting infected from a woman and his female lover then contract it via sex. 

Dow Jones: 
High: 3,978
Low:  3,593 

Movie Ticket: $4.80
Minimum Wage: $4.25
Forrest Gump tops and box office! 
Where were you in '94??!! 

PS. This nonsense doubles as the Thursday blog.
Feel free to post anything and everything. Have a good day Wubbers!

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Special Episode

ALL WOMEN EPISODE: Note, each is a short scene with no real wrap-up, letting the viewer imagine the ending. 

Scene 1: Maxie's Apartment 
The episode starts with Felicia and Maxie getting ready to watch a movie in the living room. One is making popcorn the other getting the DVD set. They talk about the movie being “The Women” and how it is a classic. 

Scene 2: Charlie's Bar 
Monica and Lesley at a table discussing Gail’s Will and and what it all means. "Why would Gail do this?". Lucy overhears this while walking by and joins them uninvited, saying:  "Gail was one of my closest and dearest friends". Monica and Lesley roll their eyes. There is food in front of them, and they start bickering like they always do.

Scene 3:  General Hospital Nurses' Station

Amy is with Epiphany at the nurses station complaining about having to work the night shift when there are perfectly good men waiting for her at the bars.  Epiphany says “Men, for sure. Perfectly good? You’d better think again".  Bobbie then walks in with Carly and asks for help.  Carly is having severe cramps and is worried about her baby. Epiphany sends them into an exam room and says a doctor will be with them shortly. Bobbie and Carly reminisce with  Bobbie telling stories of BJ and how Tony would have spoiled all his grandchildren.

Scene 4: The Dawn of Day House: 
Shiloh's followers are packing up the house and are getting ready to leave as they are fleeing overnight.  No one has told them where they are going. Alexis and Molly are driving and talking about going to try to talk to Kristina one last time about leaving the group and coming home. They get there and one of the girls is severely sick. Molly goes to find Shiloh and stall him (off camera) while Alexis tries to show Kristina that no one is getting medical help and people can die and Shiloh doesn't care. Alexis calls an ambulance with Kristina fighting her and yelling that Shiloh is handling it. Molly returns and says she couldn't find Shiloh and based on the office, thinks he ran off already without anyone and is gone. An ambulance is heard in the distance. Alexis tells Molly to go outside and wait for ambulance.  She then notices Kritsina is missing, the door wide open. Alexis realizes Krissy probably went to find Shiloh and warn him. Harmony steps out of the shadows and says to Alexis: You'll never stop him. He's a God. 

Scene: 5: The Docks: 
Anna is standing at the pier outwards at the water. Footsteps approach and she says “I didn't think you would show up”. The camera pans and the two figures face each other. It is Dr. O. Anna wants answers about Alex's time in the DVX and any connections to Victor Cassadine's experiments. Lesil tells her she will need something in return. "What could I possibly give you?" asks Anna  "Why your sister of course, we have much unfinished business she and I".... 

Scene 6:  Jerome Gallery
Ava is at the darkened gallery, pacing back and forth in front of a draped canvas. She's sipping a martini. "Always alone" she says to no one-- Her hand hovers over the sheet and she pulls it back with a mighty tug. There is a portrait of Kiki, standing in a field of sunflowers. "Franco" she whispers as she sips her drink. 

Scene 7:  Wyndemere
Nina, Lulu, Charlotte and Sasha are having a 'tea party'.  "More cookies, Sasha"? asks Charlotte. Nina praises her manners and says how wonderful it is to have both of her daughters under one roof.  Lulu's eyebrows raise a bit and she coughs.  Nina asks how Dante is doing (he's back in town) and Lulu tears up a bit. She says he hasn't been the same since coming home and is afraid something terrible happened in Turkey. "You mean he was living with the birds"? asks Charlotte. They all laugh. 

Scene 8: The Spa/Nail Place
Sam is laying back in a chair with her feet in a soak. Liz is beside her doing the same.  They talk about how it is to have kids underfoot all day. Liz tells her to just wait until they get into their teen years. Sam asks about Franco. Liz says "oh we are boring, I'd much rather hear about you and Jason"! Sam says "I bet you would "!!  Liz says maybe they should Grub Hub in some Chinese food and they laugh and laugh. Robin walks in and says "Well look at you two"! Sam "We are talking about Jason" .... Robin's eyebrows go up and down "Oh, I think I need to sit down...we have a TON to dish"!!! 

Scene 8:  Back at Maxie's apartment
Felicia and Maxie on the couch and the last scene of the movie is on the TV. They  make small talk about their relationships and the heartbreak of loves and losses.  Georgie will be mentioned and a flashback shown.  Maxie asks "I wonder what she would be doing if she were alive.   Felicia says "Something courageous and noble, no doubt"

Scene 9: (Fantasy Scene) at General Hospital 
Cut to the hospital. We see a pair of legs walking into Carly's examining room. Camera looks up and it is Georgie  in a doctor's uniform, telling Carly that everything is fine, and the baby is fine. She says she will fill out the discharge papers now. She walks to the nurses stations and asks Epiphany for the papers, and her phone rings. She answers and says "I'll be home soon. Tuck her in and give her a kiss for me. I love you".  Georgie walks to the elevator and gets in. As the door shuts, 4th wall is broken and she winks to the camera.  

Fade to black.

This episode was directed by Kimberly McCullough

PS. This is a work of fiction doubling as the Wednesday blog.
Feel free to post anything and everything. Have a good day Wubbers!

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Cookie Crumbs

Geesh, they didn't even TRY with Alex's hair did they?? LOL.. It's like, welp they ARE TWINS it. OMG what if Robin isn't Anna's!!?? I'd die. Just DIE. That won't happen but-- anyway. it would be a shocker. LOL 

Franco is all cleaned and shaven. They love each other but Liz wants to be all careful of the boys..She doesn't want Franco to come home. 

WOW... Drew and Liz scene was amazing. Billy was just so good. BILLY-WAS-SO-GOOD (yes, I said that!!)  "Did we use to be together"?? he laughs. Tells her to give Franco the benefit of the doubt and she helped him (drew) so much when he was having the worst time of his life. Nice dialog. Liz goes back later to talk to Franco

Carly and Ava..LET THE SHOW BEGIN!!! Ava is HAMMERED! ahahaa. Wants Avery. Carly tells her she's at the Qs making cookies and fell asleep.OMG OMG you have to watch. Carly is actually being mean to her but it's actually GOOD for her.
Watch THE SCENES! Heartbreaking and great.Maura and Laura were wonderful. 

Julian is going to pick her up

The Teens. Joss gets invited with the Volleyball Team to play at Duke and there's college recuriters there and she wants to go. Oscar is all: Let's GO!! When is it? Josslyn sees it's in AUGUST and you know, he'll probs be dead then-- and she and Cam cover it up by saying they have to check to see if they can go. 
Cam goes to give Franco a gift that Jake and Aiden gave him. He's not happy to be there. Aiden made him cookies and they drew him pictures. Cam says that all of Franco's past follows him and it disrupts his family. Which is what Liz said. 

Dr. Terry says the Tumor has grown. Oscar has a month to 6 weeks. The scene with he and Tamara made me cry. AND I DON'T CRY!! wow..  I just got all teary!! 

Oh yea. Sonny and Dante are on too. Weakest link today. 

SO hoping Ava and Franco get together. They are dynamite. BOOM!  Yeah, nope. SO, Liz finally tells him to come home. 


Monday, March 18, 2019

Monday, Monday

Who remembers that song?? 

TURKEY---Dante goes to shoot Sonny-- I'm like OK! WE CAN LIVE WITH THAT!! OMG! he DOES shoot him I think!! Sonny's down!! Dante knicked his arm.. and says "he's not worth it dead, he can move your product through Port Charles. If you kill him Jason Morgan will take over and HE WILL--KILL--YOU"!!  Of course, Dante was just faking it...Sonny's in a cell and he tells him he's undercover still and ..yada yada. Sonny is going to tell him about Lulu.  OMG he still thinks Franco stabbed her!  Anyway, Dante was going to get sent home by Raj but Sonny messed it up!! LOL Sonny says Dante will have to "kill" him so they can all get out of this. 

Alex is here!! She's blind. She tells Finn he smells good! LOL ... brilliant. Finn looks at her, then Anna and is like DAMN!! Alex flirts with Finn. Anna just wants to know which memories are which.  Alex is being all flirty with Finn.  Alex says she's not sure who's memories are who's but Anna doesn't believe her. 

Maxie, Lulu. They talk about Dante. Ryan. And Chet is now working at The Rib. She tells Lulu she had a crush on Chet in HS. Oooooo, interesting!! 

Sasha, Peter also at the Rib. They are talking the wedding. She thinks he might mess it up because he doesn't like Valentin.

Mike, Michael and Carly ALSO at The Rib. Mike wants to know where Sonny is. Carly finally tells him he's looking for Dante. She tells he and Michael that she's Pregnant. They are happy. 

Michael sits with Sasha and tells her Nelle was lying and destroyed his whole family-- Sasha feels guilty. Then leaves. 

Marcus and Stella. Yvonne took a fall. She's getting a CAT scan. She's ok. 

Jordan is getting out of the hospital.  She finds out Curtis wants kids, which might be hard to do with one kidney and a donor one.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Sunday Surgery: Hoodies UP!


Ok, so.. this was something someone made this on Twitter!! OMG!! It's awesome and look closely in the right hand side!! RYAN!! LOL!! 

I had a breakdown midweek about the show and how the Post-Ryan story was told. I'm still not happy-- you'll hear it soon!! Put your hoodies on and get comfy....

Friday, March 15, 2019

Light and Love

Sad Day for a blog... I know this is about GH  but hard not to think about the events in NZ.

That said, I'm in another meeting today--it starts at 2:30.  So.. have at it on this thread. I will have three shows to watch before Sunday! 

Thursday, March 14, 2019

The "So Sorry" Project.

Ok, so I had EVERY intention of doing the blog today but it's 60 degrees out and if you know Rochester, that's like HIGH SUMMER--so I had to go out. It's the new New York Beer Project, which expanded from Lockport NY. 

Swamky, great beers and I even had a pretzel. Now, I had to go at 2pm because it's been jammed since it's been open!! So..again. Sorry.

PS. I heard Willow has a tattoo of the Cult Club. Totally thought she was in it, remember? Now I have TWO days to catch up on! OY!! 

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

I Must Meet

I think I told you this time of year is meeting-central for me. Believe it or not, although school ends in JUNE we have our annual reviews now. Like the year is over--very frustrating. So, I won't be blogging today..which is probably a good thing after yesterday. I AM STILL LIVID! 

You know--when you watch a reg TV Show-- or even a min-series, they continue the story-- there's an ebb and flow. Yes, sometimes they jump but DAMN. Soaps are on my LAST nerve for this. Having Michael on ...taking Avery's LUNCH to school when his Mom was kidnapped and in the hospital is... um..??? And don't tell me Jason wouldn't have called him looking for Carly. He said to Willow "with my parents out of town"... Hello--Carly wasn't scheduled to be "OUT OF TOWN" so how does she know she's gone if not kidnapped and thrown into a ditch?? I also take it Sonny's unreachable in Turkey. They DO have wifi there... and you know he has a SIMS card. 

That brings me to MAXIE.  I do not have enough energy to yell about this at 7:45am. To have her trying to get some foolish DNA sample from Sasha with Peter is .well.. DUH. Did Lulu call Peter about the HUGEST BREAKING STORY EVER? Like, RYAN CHAMBERLAIN IS ALIVE?  "Um, Hi, yeah..I was attacked by a DEAD SERIAL KILLER--STOP THE PRESSES"??? Why the hell wouldn't Felicia have called her and the whole "old gang" recon at Bobbie's or something? Bobbie's not even IN this so.. I don't know what I expected.

I'm just really disappointed. I LOVED parts of this ending--- and yes the acting was brilliant but damn. So much was wrong with the "finale" too. I feel like there should have been a group moment with all this and instead we get the Metro Court Shasha Saga.  

PHEW! I feel better!! Ok, take it away people!! 

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Smoothie NOT Milkshake


Michael and Brad...and Willow...she looks at baby photos. MICHAEL IS LIKE "oh my parents are out of town" and he DOESN'T EVEN KNOW ABOUT CARLY IN THE HOSPITAL? What the hell? It's the next day!

Maxie and Peter...Dr. O has an interesting Letter for the Column. AND MAXIE DOESN'T KNOW ABOUT KEVIN/RYAN SWITCH??
What the HELL. ?? This is NOT ACCEPTABLE. 

Oscar and Joss...Oscar wants to go on the Maid of the Mist... LOL... is it frozen ?? But Drew and Kim say he has to go back to GH asap for more tests. He's like NO I want to see The Falls!! I'm dyin' man..can't I see the falls!! Drew is going to have the pilot go over the Falls. 

Carly and Jason...she is told that Ryan was Ryan since Labor Day. She's mad at AVA.  The baby is ok, btw. Jason explains how he found her with Laura's help...and that Ryan almost took Ava over the bridge but he saved her. Carly says "that was nice of you"...Jason says "I couldn't let Laura see her die"!! aahahhaha 

Valentin and Sasha...blah blah blah... and Nina walks up.  Blah blah blah... nothing much. They leave. Nina and Sasha go to Charlie's. 

Sonny in Turkey... befriends the stupid Pick Pocket Kid. (who's really BAD at pick pocketing).. 
He thinks he can help him find Dante. The kid is going to help. I wonder if Sonny's gonna like him and want him in Port Charles? know.. it feels like that might happen. 

Joss and Jason run into each other in the hosptial. Joss explains to Jason what happened with Oscar and Jason tells her Carly's in the hospital. Josslyn goes to see Carly..and they explain what happened to each other.  Carly tells her she's pregnant. Which I guess, Joss didn't know?? Joss says it's weird and it's going to take her a minute to get used to it. Carly says "You have nine months" 

Maxie talks to Brad about testing someone 'that's not someone elses' child".. he gets a sick look on his face. OF course Valentin sees her giving Brad the samples. 

Drew gives Oscar "the sex talk"... good lord, I didn't need to hear about all that. "Do you love her" "Being intimate ... intimacy"... :shudder:  Carly gives Joss the sex talk..kinda.

Jason and Carly should just have sex already. 

AND I'm off tomorrow and maybe for the whole protest over the whole Maxie and Michael thing. UNFORGIVABLE. 

Big happy day to the guy that's helped me out on this blog since OZ! So glad I asked him to do it! 

Monday, March 11, 2019

Bad Boys

I got in at 2:!5.. Today's theme: The women of GH vs Bad Boys

Finn and Alexis playing stop her from drinking. Like their friendship a lot. He has her take a foot bath in the vodka. LOL that's what he used to do. That and wash windows with it. Really good explaination about why she 

Ava is alive!! She won't believe that "Kevin is Ryan"... Laura explains the switch. 
Someone told me that Jason saved her from going over? 
OMG so get this..Ava thinks the switch JUST happened THAT morning!! She thinks "Kevin" JUST changed...Laura has to tell her it was months ago and she was NEVER with Kevin!! OMG!! Ava won't believe her!! WOW! She lays into Laura saying Laura didn't accept Kevin leaving her and choosing Ava. She's screaming at Laura.. Laura's face is so priceless. Pity for AVa knowing she's going to realize Ryan killed Kiki.

You have to watch the end of the show where Ava realizes everything. It's just---harrowing. 

Carly. Fell back down the ravine.  She up..she's trying again and ST. JAYSUS is there! "I'll always find you". 

Turkey. blah blah.. Dante...blah..Sonny gives Robert the slip ..whatever. 

Kidney ---the whole family got tested for Jordan. Nice Stella and Jordan talk. Nice Curtis TJ talk 

Franco and Liz. She tells him this time for the sake of the kids it might have to be over. He explains that Jordan came to him--and he did it for Kiki. He had to stop the killer. He stands by his choice. She says "Good, but I don't know if I can' and leaves. 

Jordan and Liz...Liz lays into her..BIG TIME!! Then Jordan says "we used Franco because of who he was... so if you don't want your kids around a serial killer, think about that"!! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!! 

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Sunday Surgery: Q and A

I've Seen the Light!! SHAWSHANK! 

HAPPY SUNDAY! It's that time again and I'm ready to go. Dave had a GREAT idea to 'interview' me this week. I had a good watch with the show so hopefully my answers will provide you with some insight.

We will have Tim Hortons in honor of Niagara Falls. 

It's Daylight Savings Time--- you up?? 
I HATE DST. I really wish we'd just leave it standard time. 

Friday, March 8, 2019


Sam and Krissy. Sam says she's taking the whole thing harder than Jason. I didn't listen to most of what they said. 

Robert and Sonny in the hotel in Turkey--or somewhere-- Sonny has his gun. Palm reading lady comes in. Yada, Yada...Sonny yells he 'WANTS TA GO FIND DANTE, NOW"!  Dante is captured by Raj. Robert tells him he will help because Robin will have his hide if he doesn't and it's kind of his fault 

Carly wakes up in the ravine. Hair/makeup perfection. She tries to crawl out. 

Nina and Michael ...Michael wants to test for the kidney donation. She wants to introduce him to Sasha. yada, yada.. OMG Michael tells her about..KELP FARMING. Today of all days? Really??? 

For some stupid reason, Maxie and Peter are in Charlie's talking about Sasha not being Nina's. WTF--There's NO WAY she'd be out and not freaking over Ryan Chamberlain. And she'd know, the police would let Felicia know too. Seriously. Maxie is talking about Dante and Lulu's baby mess with her. 

Alexis and Julian. He goes over to see her. She says why are you here? He says it's because Osar is in bad shape. She wonders why he's not with Kim.  Julian "Drew and Kim are the end game, just like you and I are"... Flirt Flirt.. this can't be real can it?? Hmmmm...oh they have WILD sex. WILD. But, it's a dream. Yep, Alexis had a giant Julexis Sex Dream. 

Jason and Laura get to the hotel Laura didn't stay in the car!! Its' empty. Jason knows the footbridge is only 1/2 mile away. they go
Niagara River Footbridge--Ava and Ryan. Ava wants to call 911-- Ryan's like WHY?? She says it's cold! Carly could DIE! Ryan says; "AND"?? She said she can't do it-- Ryan is trying to convince her. 
Ava says she'll go-- and they turn to go and Jason runs up and shoots Ryan in the arm! Ava's like DON'T SHOOT KEVIN! He's having a breakdown!! 
Laura: THAT'S NOT KEVIN, that's RYAN CHAMBERLAIN !! She tries to convince her. Jason shoots in the air...Ryan says: If you do that, you'll never know where Carly is. Ava tells them she's 5 miles back. He gets mad ....she says "you're sick".. and then he kisses her and jumps over the railing WITH HER!! 

NOTE: Wonder who's watching Avery. Joss is gone...Carly's gone...Michael's out and Sonny's in Turkey
Wow, today was ruined by way too much filler that made NO difference and not enough on the Ryan story.  IT needed to be Felicia, Mac, Lucy maybe Bobbie..(since Carly's missing), Lulu telling Maxie..Maxie going to her mom. Maybe some Kidney stuff.  Hell, even some Oscar dying . 

Thursday, March 7, 2019


Turkey. Robert and Sonny drink some yummy Turkish Coffee! They are waiting for Robert's contact to come. Some Turkish lady comes to do Sonny's "Fortune" using his palm. I think she's the contact, btw. She reads his palms and says he has a long life and someone he loves is in danger. She ends up giving Sonny a note when she pays him. IT's an address and they are going there. 

Laura and Jason She tells him he's driving too fast lol. "It's ICY"!!! They retell the entire damn Ryan story-- from when Carly was in Ferncliff!! Laura is giving orders out like  a BOSS TODAY lol. 

Kim tells Drew Oscar is in Niagara Falls and had a seizure. Drew says they'll take the company chopper to the Falls. Who even remembers Drew has Aurora?? LOL 

Ryan tells Cam he can't "leave"...Finds out that his mom isn't with him and says have a  good time . "I won't tell if you won't...wink".. Cam leaves.  They go to the hospital. Oscar tells Joss he's leaving his car to Cameron. She's like shut up!! 
Drew and Kim get there and Joss leaves them with him. He doesn't want them to be angry. They are furious but not going to yell at him. They all realize he's going to die soon. 
That actress playing Trina is good. 

Oscar is awake, Joss goes to see him. He's upset about the trip. Cam gets a call from his Mom. She said she's proud he got Oscar to the hospital but he'll be in trouble when he gets home. She has something to tell him about Franco. Franco is cleared of charges and Ryan Chamberlain is pretending to be Kevin Collins. Cam realizes he saw him at the motel and gives his mom the name of it. Liz calls Laura. Laura and Jason speed to the hotel. Spinell is going to hack into the computer to get Ryan's room. 

Franco is going to be OK says the doctors. 

Lulu finds out it was Ryan the whole time. She freaks out like only LULU can. BIG EYES, strident voice. 

Ava goes to open the trunk and DAMN IT but Josslyn comes in front of her! ugh They talk about Oscar and Joss leaves. 
AVA SEES CARLY IN THE TRUNK!!!!!!!! Carly starts to open up her eyes...Ava "What is this"" Ryan comes up: 'SURPRISE'!!!!  Ava is like "Was she here the whole time"?? He asks if she loves and trusts him. She says yes and he tells her to go to the room and he'll take care of Carly. SHE LEAVES!! LOL she looked scared but she still left!! 
Ava is in the room and starts to call 911. She thinks that Kevin is having another breakdown like he had years ago. He walks in before she can call. She asks why Carly is in the trunk.
"Isn't it OBVIOUS?? She's a WEDDING GIFT FOR MY BRIDE"!! :clapping: YES LOL such a great line. The tension is just amazing. Ryan tells Ava shes' everything he's wanted. 


Jason goes into Ava's room and no one is there (we could see that from the previews)

Carly's down a ravine!! Ryan just chucked her there. 
Lulu wants Ryan's name tattooed on his forehead so no one can mistake him for Kevin again LOL 

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Cascade Motel

Ok, we go:

Ava and Ryan find a remote motel-- it's to a footbridge to Canada...(which they do have)..and Ava goes in the room. Ryan gets the luggage and tells Carly "Now you can stretch out" LOL!! Slams the trunk shut.
Ava's waiting in the room for him naked "Let's start our honeymoon now"... She goes to take a shower and Ryan goes through his suitcase and takes out money, passports and tickets to Singapore. He has no intention of letting Ava get Avery. 

He showers. Ava can't find her shoes. Takes the keys to go see if they are in the car!!! SQUEE!! 

Anna and Finn tell Kevin about the whole Twin Study and blind thing. 

Kim is at Julian's bar... Flannel alert. She wants to have sex right in the dining room. It's closed so that's ok lol. OMG huge sex scene!! whoa.

The kids are watching a move (Cam and Trina) and fooling around (Joss and Oscar). Trina likes to play Candy Crush! Oscar and Joss are out of a YA novel. :eyeroll: OMG Oscar is DOWN!! having a seizure!! Joss is yelling. Ambulance comes. 

Jordan wakes up. Curtis tells her it was Ryan killing people. Jordan is going to have to start dialysis. Laura goes to see her. Jordan is afraid she'll have to resign. Laura says NO! NO ONE knew Ryan was alive.
Well, are going to find out that Kevin knew... Dun Dun Dun. 

Jason tries to find Carly and sees if she's been admitted to GH .
Laura is in GH getting checked out. Kevin's on his way and is going to be operated on to restore his eyesight. Jason finds Kevin and thinks it's Ryan but Laura tells him it's Ryan... Lordy. MESS.  Laura leaves to talk to Jordan. Jason gives Kevin shit about keeping Ryan at Ferncliff. 
Curtis tells Jordan she lost a kidney and needs another one. 

END: Jason goes to Julian's to find out where Ava and Ryan went. Thank GOD Kim and Jules were 'Done". Laura comes along and wants to go. Jason says "NO" She says "well, I've been friends with Sonny for a long time-- want me to call him"?? LOL so he takes her!!

Ava opens the trunk! Ryan is on his way to the car and Cameron smashes into him out of the woods-- after Oscar is taken to the hospital.

Joss calls Kim about Oscar's seizure. 

WHOOP lots goin' on!! 

TJ should have been on today, damn it. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2019


Shank and Krissy. She brings in a new recruit..some young girl ..maybe she's 20?? Not sure. Anyway, Bridget was living in the parking lot of Charlie's Bar for a few weeks. SHANK is so proud of Krissy.  Daisy comes out to help set up the seminar. He tells Daisy Kristina is going to help him, no her!! LOL Daisy is NOT happy. She has to go get the snacks!! ahahhaa. He says she has to do some thinking about her "steps" in the program and Kristina is doing her duties now. 
Daisy goes to Sam to tell her in person she's sorry to repent for her mistakes. Sam forgives her. Daisy bends over to pick something up and she has a GIANT TATTOO on her back!! She says she did it when she was younger and stupid. She gets all jumpy and leaves. Shank has that symbol on his iPad. 

JaSam Domestic stuff. Picking up toys...yada yada.  It's just banal.  They want to build a ROCKET SHIP as a family for Danny (yes) ..but think Shank wouldn't like it. Sam wonders if she should bail on the whole plan. She decides to stay doing it. 

Epiphany, Liz and Franco. Epiphany finds out Franco and Liz are married. Drew and Liz talk about what Franco said about Ryan Chamberlain. Chase comes around the corner and says: Oh, his body was never Liz is like "could he be alive"??? 
She asks Drew to find Kevin. He leaves.
Franco wakes up! Franco tells Chase he and Jordan had a plan to bait the killer and reveal himself. Franco doesn't know that Jordan was hit by a car. His memory is fuzzy about who was in the room with him.  Then he remembers and tells them all about Ryan. They aren't sure (See below) 

Kids are in Niagara Falls.  Car skidded into a bad pothole and they can't get it fixed until tomorrow.  The girls text moms to say they are staying at each other's houses-- and Cam doesn't care. Oscar says his Mom is working and won't notice. LOL. They get vending food!! Then Trina says "Cam and I have a present for you two...we're staying in the other room"!! Joss says: Um, I thought the girls were in here. Trina is like NOPE, I want some alone time with Cameron and you two need alone time. ahahaahaha. Cam's all @@ 
Trina and Cam go into another room. She's like "I'm not into you, I'm trying to give those 2 alone time"...They watch a movie. 
Oscar waxes poetic about the Falls, the Stars and we are "mortals"...they will be here long after we are gone. BUT! I think Joss is jelly that Cam is in the room with Trina because she thinks Trina likes him. 
Oscar thinks it's time to "Go all the way" he and Joss make out. 

Laura and Kevin. He won't go because he's still blind. He doesn't want to drag her down, he thinks she should go as quickly as possible. Laura won't leave without him. He convinces her to go. She crawls though and comes out, leaves. 

Laura goes to GH to talk to Jordan, not knowing she's injured. She tells Chase it's Ryan. Then, is awesome about telling him what to do!! Laura says to find Ava Jerome. 

Tomorrow, it looks like Jordan is awake. 

Monday, March 4, 2019

My Arms Hurt

Laura and Kevin. Yep, they are still in the broiler room.  Oh boy, Kevin's going to tell her he is the one that brought Ryan to Ferncliff. Nope, she finds the name "Danginzer" carved into the brick. They figure out he was a serial killer long ago locked in the basement and has left clues for them to get out. Escape Room from Mental Hospital! Cu for Copper is written too. They find a copper pipe. When Kevin turns it, it opens a secret door!! 

Felicia and Mac talk about Ava marrying "Kevin" tonight. Lucy overhears and drops stuff. Lucy's not happy. They talk about how Kevin hasn't been himself and he'd never do anything like this--not this fast. Felicia says he's not been himself for awhile. She's going to "do something about it".  Lucy is crying to Mac about Kevin..good scene. 

Carly and Ryan."I saw what you have there in the trunk"..oh she saw the suitcase not the box. Dang. She wants to know about the Patient in his room.  He gets mad. Carly thinks she saw Ryan at Ferncliff. "Kevin" says, no, that was me..not him. Carly is like "ok but I'm going to keep searching". 
OMG So.. he opens the trunk..then the next scene, he's getting blood off the tire iron and Felicia comes in "Kevin, it's about time I got some answers from you"!! So they talk and he says "Life and Death" at some point and Felicia's face changes. "I've heard that before..."
Ava walks in and Felicia leaves but knows something is wrong.
Felicia goes back to Mac and Lucy. She has flashbacks of RYAN !! SQUEEE!! 

Curtis and Chase. Curtis wonders if Chase knows who "urgent" is...Jordan's phone is passworded. Curtis tells Chase to call the PCPD to hack it. Curtis listens, hears Franco say Ryan Chamberlain is the killer! They try to figure out if it could be true or not. Anna and Finn come along and they tell them about Ryan/Franco. She says she's heard a dead man's name way too much lately. Hmm??

Sonny in Turkey. You can tell by the smoke, Turkish coffee cups, music, rugs-- LOL. hey, there's a hottie playing poker and Sonny wants in. He starts playing. Oh, the "Turkish" guy is hand-some. They think Sonny's a cop. So, Sonny is cornered and he flips the table over. He gets a guy on the ground with a gun. Then the Turkish guy gets him with a gun..then ROBERT comes in and gets the Turkish guy with a gun!!  Sonny asks about "his son" (Dante--which is stupid to tell them he's his son). The  guy doesn't know. They call it a draw and Robert and Sonny leave. Robert wants a dry martini...Sonny says "Why you doin' this"?? Robert says Sonny was there for Robin when he couldn't be and he repays his debts.  Robert knows something about Dante and will tell Sonny in the morning. They need their rest lol. 
I liked these scenes believe it or not! 

Anna calls Dr. Maddox to tell him about Jordan and to ask him about her memories. She leaves a message. Anna cries to Finn about her memories. She wants to know if her memories are her's and not Alex'. 

END: Ryan put Ava's suitcase in the trunk and we see Carly duct taped in there. Ava and he leave. 

MY ARMS ACHE WHEN I have to type so much up!! LOL... They just hurt in the upper part!! I live tweet too so I'm spent!! PHEW! 

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Sunday Surgery: Slowly We Turn...

SO, who's bringing the Twinkies and Red Bull? 



And if you don't know that Stooges routine, look up 3 Stooges Niagara Falls on You Tube!! Hilarity! I heard "Niagara Falls" so much this week I had to laugh. Every time I hear those 2 words, I think of this. People say it around here too. 

 What a week, eh? Things are coming to a Dr. Pimple Popper moment for Ryan!! I enjoyed most of the week--with a few exceptions (which I'll be glad to share with you later in the blog).

Friday, March 1, 2019


Ryan gets a "flesh wound"....Chase made him go to the hospital. He tells Ava Franco escaped.  Ryan has a fantasy about winning a hero's reward for 'catching' Franco and it's at the Metro. Ava kisses him but at the bar Felicia says "That could have been me". LOL
Chase tells Ryan and Ava they found Franco. Ryan says to Ava 'Marry me tonight"! In Niagara Falls Canada!!
She says yes. 

Mac and Flea come into Lulu's office. They talk about the longer list of victims she found. Mac calls the police and those "extra" ladies were missing their licenses' when they were killed too. They figure out Kevin was the only one that knew about the other 2 ladies. But WHY?

Nina goes to see Curtis at Jordan's room. They hug. Love they are friends. Finn gives an update.  She needs a kidney transplant for the remaining kidney. 

Franco GOES TO LIZ' house!! of which is WAY drama but why go there?? You're putting everyone in danger. Ok, I forgive him, he's not thinking clearly. He spits up blood, tells Liz to call the police and he was lying about killing those people. He says RYAN CHAMBERLAIN DID! She thinks he's hallucinating and says "Ryan's been dead for years'!! 

Carly and Jason...just blabbin' it up about Shank. Carly says that "Wilson" was Ryan's alias and the same name as the guy next to her in Ferncliff. Jason doesn't care because she's pregnant and should be taking it easy. 

Later, Ava sees Carly and tells her she's getting married. 

Robert, Anna and Peter. Talking about Klein---he doesn't know who the other guy was. Anna tells him about Alex and she may have had memory transfer too.  Anna's going to look for Dr. Klein (they guy that experimented on Jason and Drew). 

END: Carly is behind Ryan when he's at his car, going through the box in his trunk!! Ut OH!! 
Liz tells Chase what Franco said about Ryan Chamberlain
Nina finds Jordan's phone (she wanted Curtis' keys to get him a change of clothes) and says: URGENT VOICE MESSAGE, gives the phone to Curtis! 

Thursday, February 28, 2019


GOT HERE 10 min late--sorry!! End of month paperwork, you know the drill!! At least the hearings are CLOSED today so we can see our soap!! 

Franco and Ryan ...Franco is still pretending with RYAN!! I thought he'd for SURE tell him the truth. Franco is mad that Ryan sold him out to the cops.  UGH, nooooo... and then he shows him THE PHONE!
You MUST watch this whole interaction--way too much to type. But, Franco basically calls "the killer" stupid and Ryan gets angry. 
Ryan totally stabbed him!! Then Ryan cuts his own hand to say it was self-defense!! OMG!! The nurse comes in as Ryan is going to finish him off and Ryan says "HE STABBED ME, GET HELP" and she leaves...
Franco punches Ryan when Ryan turns back around and leaves, shutting the door behind him. Ryan FREAKS out at being locked in. Later, Nurse lets him out. Franco stumbles down the hall--calls Jordan and leaves the message that Ryan is the killer. 
Finds his way outside but is stabbed and not moving too well. 

Ava and Scotty at the bar... Scotty still won't believe it. Says Kevin is a hack who has a God-Complex. He finds out that Ava is marrying "Kevin" and he's NOT Happy!! 

Drew and Liz...Liz is reading the interview over again on her tablet. They realize Franco said he tried to kill Drew when they were younger, which he knows isn't true. They think he has a plan. 

Maxie and Lulu. Lulu flashes back to see the Ryan website before she got attacked. Lulu remembers names and that her mother saw the list in Kevin's office. 

The kids are at Charlie's, planning their roadtrip. Cam is still hating his Mother. Jax set Joss up with an "Adventure" fund. He said to use it on her own adventures-- he gave it to her when Lady Jane died.  So she pays for it all. 
They leave. Cam's like "I hope we never came back".

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Can't Get Soapier


Nathan Varni says today's show will be on tomorrow. Hope you're having a good one. It's the end of the month tomorrow-- so I have a ton of paperwork due!! 

EDIT:  Canadians who could see the show today say it's AWESOME--- (they didn't get interrupted there). 

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

LIVE Streaming

Alexis and Neil doing therapy. "What makes you dangerous"?  She tells him about killing Keifer with her car "He just ran out in front of me"!! and Alkazar...he ran into my knife"!! Dr. Says Oh, so nothing is your fault!! 
She then mentions Kat Bell ...and she says My Family is a MESS!! LOL.. He said your time is up. She is uncomfortable and he says that's where she needs to be. 
She goes to Charlie's bar..runs into Chase. She tells him Laura hasn't filed any divorce papers yet. 

Franco doing an interview on TJ.. Peter's there and so is Lulu . Lulu's like: Oh, Mom's missing but the police are on it. She's not even worried!! 
Lulu is interviewing Franco-- and it's live streaming.  Lulu asks about the murders. HE says he's going to take credit for them..well deserved credit. 
I bet Franco tells Ryan the plan because he thinks he's Kevin!! OY!! 
So, Franco sells his murdering --says it was for art. He was happy everyone could buy this "redemption" and how easy it was to kill people. 
He says Kiki was the best one he calls it "Girl in the Wedding Bed"-- and then the best thing: he says he wasn't a copycat of Ryan because Ryan was a 'poser" and "boring" as a killer!!! Wow.. He doesn't even know he's pissing Ryan off!!
GOOD INTERVIEW watch it, I'm not typing it all out!!  I don't get whey they aren't showing LIZ watching tho?? 

Lulu thinks the interview was "off" and weird...

Jordan is in surgery. TJ and Molly are on...TJ's in his hospital scrubs!! He's an intern!! FINALLY!  Jordan lost her left kidney.  I wonder if anyone else will take her job over? Anna ?? ROBERT?? 

Ava and Ryan in Julian's. Ava gets a giant engagement ring.  Chase comes in looking for Laura. Ava says Laura is Kevin's EX-Wife! Shows off her ring. Julian's eyeballs get bit. 
They all watch Franco's interview.  Ryan is thrown off guard.  He texts Chase from Laura's phone. He finally can't take it and has to leave. He says he's seeing a patient. 

JaSam kissing and SHank sees. She hauls off and slaps Jason. SHank buys it. Asks if she needs help. Krissy walks in at that time and Sam goes in the hall to talk to her. SHank is in with Jason. 
Sam tells Kristina that she's sick of Jason putting everything else first but her.  Sonny, his job and that Dawn Day opened her eyes.  Kristina says she's sorry that she didn't know how bad it was. She always thought Jason and Sam were the perfect couple. 

END: Franco is in his room and says to self: Take that, you murdering son of a bitch-- come and get me. Ryan bursts in and says "You've made a terrible mistake"!!

THINGS TO NOTE:  Jordan gave Franco a burner phone that only connects to her. Now that the interview is over, will he try to call her? Who has it? 

Julian bought Alexis a cup of coffee in his own bar. Cheapskate 

TOMORROW; Liz and Cam are on. 

Monday, February 25, 2019

The Blind Shall See

Jamie Ray Newman won an Oscar for the Short Film 'Skin". Some of you more "Seasoned" watchers may remember her as Kristina Cassadine, Alexis' sister on GH.  I've been following her for years and really loved her in "Catch Me If You Can'! 



Sam is with SHank waiting on both Drew and Jason's prognosis. He wants to know why Jason was following her and had a gun. She hedges. He finally leaves.

Both Jason and Drew can see...
Carly is with Jason.  They look like Gaga and Cooper LOL.. all moonie. Anna walks in to tell Jason what happened. Too bad they are not in the same room so I don't have to hear it twice. Carly tells Jason's she's PG. When Sam comes in, he tells her the news. They are happy. 

Drew is with Kim and Finn. He gets dressed to go talk to Curtis and say he's sorry about Jordan. 

Jordan is laying there..Curtis wants her to squeeze his hand. Stella comes with coffee.  Jordan has broken ribs and major kidney damage. Later, Stella says she's sorry to Jordan. 


Shasha and Valentin eating with Nina..nope, sorry, Nina picks up Sasha to get her ideas on the bridesmaids dress. Wants her to stay in Port Charles (Valentin wants her to leave). 

Peter and Maxie having breakfast know, that's all they do. Valentin comes over and wants Peter to be his best man.  He says yes. 

END:  Carly yells at Peter for his place in Jason's capture.  Maxie grabbed the wrong nail clippings--must have been Stella's because it was an AA female and she was in there first. Jordan goes into crisis, needs an operation. SHank sees JaSam kissing. 

Wow, pretty much a dull show. 

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Sunday Surgery: A Boilermaker, Please

Nothing says LOVE like a Kiss in the Boiler Room! 

So, another good week for the show! A lot of movement and some unexpected scenes. Great acting from so much of the cast. When GH is "on"'s "on"!!  

I just came back from Buffalo and brought you all Sponge Candy!! Do you know what that is?? If not...GOOGLE!! It's divine!! 
Oh, we are also having Boilermaker're welcome 

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Nothing is in Our Way!

FRIDAY'S SHOW!! I had people text me and say to WATCH IT!! SO I'm doing it on a Saturday to catch up. 

SHank and Sam. He's leading her to Brook Lake... Lake Ontario mention!! That tower is SO Shutter Island...remember that??  Jason's following her. 

Ok, Robert and Sonny aren't bugging me. ITS' TURKEY so you can't just GO IN THERE.  Well, maybe Brick Can!! OMG Sonny's going!!? Seriously?? 

Ava..all happy to go to dinner and BOOM!! Ryan's like BYE GIRL, gotta go get a signature LOL 
Ryan goes to See KevLar to get her signature. Laura says no..I'm not going to let you hurt you like me. He says he'll start slicing and dicing soon. 

Dr. Craven or whoever. Memory transfers!! Who's who on this show?? LOL!!!  Maybe Drew is Jason--- Anna is Alex and... we can keep going! LOL Ryan is Kevin!!? Oh, maybe Peter isn't Anna's??? 

Like Terry and Liz. Nice friendship. Kim would have been ok too but she's prob on vacation. Love she calls her Biz. 

Curtis is all "Well it's not the whole story" to Drew. Geesh, he's not the vault!! 

OMG! The end!! WOW... both Jason and Drew at the same time!! AND DREW HITS JORDAN!! She's the only one that knows about Franco, right?! Oh man. EEK. 

Friday, February 22, 2019

Shuffle Off To...

Another adventure for me today!! It's BUFFALO! Going to the Hotel Henry which is an old psyche center! Very cool (We went for Brunch last year) and so 'interesting'.  Yes, I'm hoping to find ghosts and ghouls wandering the hells.  Maybe I'll see the kids on their way to Niagara Falls!!? Ha ha. 

Also visiting The Albright-Knox Art Gallery which is so pretty! Of course, it's ALL SNOW now..but still!! 

So, 2 good days of the show. I was thinking about the Drew/Liz scenes and really liked them. Not as a "couple" but as friends. Billy seemed engaged too. So, putting them in scenes was a good touch. I'm wondering what this "TOWER" is.. maybe they take you, put you in a chair and zap your brain cells to 'follow" the Cult Club. Hmmmmm. OR maybe it's like Shutter Island? 

Have a good day-- see you for Sunday Surgery! 

Thursday, February 21, 2019


Yesterday's show was SO GOOD!! I just watched it. LOVED the new girl-- LOVE the fact they said the DMV wouldn't give Oscar a license. NIAGARA FALLS MENTION! 

FRANCO!!! NOOOOO!!! Also great. Poor Liz. Everyone, even Lulu was um HUH? 

KevLar are in the Boiler Room!! OMG SO good!! Jon is such an actor. I loved seeing Kevin again but man, I really love Ryan too. 

Ok, I'll shut up and get to TODAY'S SHOW: 

CarSon wasn't on yesterday, maybe that's why it was so good. AHAHHA. Joss walks in but Carly says it was just a check up and she has to take it easy at work. Joss asks to go to Niagara Falls. 

Franco and Ava ...awww.... Roger is such a good actor! Ryan is happy he plead guilty-- Lulu is still in shock.
Franco is shaken. Jordan's like, OH WELL.. Ferncliff!  He gets his outfit and changes into it.  Oh, I totally wonder if he'll think Kevin is still Kevin and his doctor, so he'll tell him WHY he plead guilty!! Hmmm!! 

Jordan wants Franco to do a TV interview to get the real killer angry. 

Lulu starts remembering the door in the office again and almost faints. Curtis catches her. She goes to GH to get checked out.

Liz goes home and almost smashes a photo. Drew is at the door. They hug. Oh, if Oscar dies, he can run to her while Franco is in Ferncliff. Drew thinks that Franco is doing it for a reason. Cameron hears Franco plead guilty. He's not happy. He lets Liz HAVE IT!! WOW, you must watch.  He leaves.
Liz says she KNOWS that Franco didn't do it. Drew gives her back her rings she left in the courthouse. Good scene. 

Sam and Jason on the docks..they were also not on yesterday..hmmmm... They were talking about some overdose. Did Daisy overdose? 
SHANK and Harmony.  Talk about stuff...didn't listen. I think the overdosing thing? Oh, some guy that tried to leave the Cult "overdosed".
Shank wants to take Sam to "THE TOWER" 

That Dr. Cabot has his eyes fixed. Will he tell Anna how she got the virus? He says that they studied Alex because she was a twin. They were hoping to get information about how twins are sympathetic with other twins so they could use it for the double agent things. Anna tho, thinks he's lying.. She says she doesn't remember doing a study.  He says you did it, but no, you don't remember. 

Robert has to talk to Sonny. Lulu's there too. Dante is in Turkey.  He went rogue. The WSB isn't keeping an eye on him anymore. Sonny's pissed. 

Ryan asks Ava to marry him. She says YES!! 

Wednesday, February 20, 2019


Today I'm finally going somewhere for my break-- ITHACA NY! Land of beautiful college campus' (Ithaca and Cornell) and many many gorges. My cousin actually lives there, so it's a day trip.

Alas, I won't be on for GH today. 

I'm still baffled by a few things:
Why start a new Sam Story when Oscar was diagnosed as having cancer and the Joss/Cam thing was going so well?  The Cult Club would have been a good angle first--then have this Sam stuff come out later??  I don't know. Just seems weird. Speaking of weird, why would Carly be pregnant at this juncture? Jax is back? Will she lose the baby and he 'be there for her'?? I can't figure it out.  Why all the desperate Franco-Mess when Ryan could have kept on for awhile without it? Having him attack Lulu was a good idea, but only if she was killed, imo. Having an eye-witness called for this contriving story. 
And not for nothing but dear DIALOG writers..please get more real with the child-care stuff. Monica is running a damn hospital. AT LEAST make it Molly--or some phantom care taker like Betty was. (Remember Betty? Tony Jones used that lady all the time!!) Plus, since when does the Mom not just say to the Dad--um.. here. ? Drew's just schlepping around town, have him carry Scout with him. Kim can moon over her. 
I'll save the rest of my mouth for Sunday Surgery!! 

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Have Some Ribs...or Not

Carly's in the OBGYN's office. And yep, according to the blood work,  Kim tells Carly she's pregnant.
Kim SHOULD be pregnant. Having a baby, losing her other kid. Dramaz right there.  A WTD with Drew and Julian. She has the baby and then she leaves with one of them. YEP. BUT it's Carly.  Carly should have been going through menopause and she's freaking out and Bobbie helps her thru it. 

Carly sees the baby as 'a gift'. She and Sonny hug. 

Kim is looking through old photos of Oscar, which she shows Drew. I think she wants a baby too. She wonders what it would have been like if they both raised Oscar. 

Jason and Drew talk about Shank on the Pier. 

Michael and Krissy at Kelly's. She's all smiling. Wants to talk to him about THE DAWN OF DAY.  Krissy SHOULD be trying to get Molly, TJ, AMY, That other nurse --or anyone else young in town to get in this cult. 
Krissy wants to borrow money from Michael to do her next level course with The Cult Club.  He says he'll lend it to her. 

Sam and Shank are at The Rib. blah, blah... didn't hear much. He wants her to 'go away with him"

Maxie is meeting Sasha at the mani-pedi place to find out about her. She had to say goodbye to Peter first.  She grabs a tissue to get Sasha's DNA test. 

Lulu is at home and DA lady comes in and wants to go over Franco's arraignment. Lulu freaks out. DA lady leaves. Peter comes in with flowers.  He also gives her back her laptop.  Maxie comes by after seeing Sasha. 

Stella runs into Marcus at Kelly's... he's got the Valentine's Day Blues. They hold hands, talk. 

SO, I guess the DA chick has been to Dawn of Day's workshops on grief. Wants to go to more. She tells Shank they are helping her with doing something to a friend. Explains that she has a friend's 'past" or something. His lightbulb goes off and you can see he thinks it's Drew. OMG she tells him they were on a FLASH DRIVE and actual memories!! AHAHAHAAA. And she gave them to the "friend" to keep. SO DA lady is SO STUPID she not only joins a CULT she tells the leader all this shit?? AHAHAHHAA 

SO, at Kelly's and The one ate and only DA lady had water LOL!! 

Monday, February 18, 2019

Passing Out

Hello! Went to Urgent Care today (so much easier than doctor's office). Have a sinus infection and a sty in one eye and a sore in the other, on the bottom lid. WTF!! My eyes are a MESS. So happy this is my VACATION for FS. ugh. So, I am going to blog a bit (I'm out Wed and Friday). but not sure how long I will last. 
I had a viral cold for 15 days, then it started to go into this ish. 



Willow and Chase. She keeps looking at Brad. Chase wants to know why. She dodges the question. He thinks she's brave to have given her baby up for adoption. Then he gives her a prezzie and they are nice gloves because her hands are so cold all the time. They kiss. 

Brucas.  Out on a Date. Brad talks to Julian about The BayBay 

Kim and Drew and Alexis is there. She says she and Diane were going out since Max was busy. Kim talks to her about being "cool" with each other.

Neil, Alexis' doctor walks in as she's walking out. (see below)

Michael is there too, waiting for a date. Geesh, who would that be? Oh MY GOD. Some chick named ZOE who he met on something like Tinder. She looks like a Davis girl...or Willow. Nothing DIFFERENT THAN EVERY OTHER CLONE on this show. Same body type, straight long hair. YAWN. She could have had really short purple hair or something and be of normal weight. But.. zzzzzzz. Zoe lied on her profile... she doesn't really teach migrant kids english, she likes to scroll through IG on her free time. Michael is not happy.  Zoe is on the phone the entire time. Then she tells Michael that he's her third date that evening-- and she has another one. 

On the way out, she sees Neil with Alexis and says "Neil"?? He doesn't know her. She said "oh you messaged me a few times, but you look way younger in your photo"!! ahahha. Neil goes to get a drink. Julian asks Alexis if they are 'seeing each other'. Alexi says yes. 


Laura gets stopped by the orderly. She says she's there on an unannounced visit as the mayor. 

Ryan goes into Kevin's (who's still blind) and says: HEY BRO, YOU LIED TO ME! Ryan is pissed off and tells Kevin he forced his hand with Laura but first he's going to deal with him.  Kevin says the prenup is real, it's in his safe behind his credentials in the office. Ryan doesn't believe him.
Laura is still skulking around.  Ryan leaves, locks the door. Laura looks in the window and sees the back of Kevin's head. Then he turns around!! She sees him!! She says "MY GOD".. They are going "Kevin..Laura"!! And she sinks to the floor. Ryan gave her the needle!@ SHE'S OUT LIKE A LIGHT!!!!!AHAAAAAA 


Nina and Char jump out to surprise her. She almost loses it. Spencer sees that Charlotte is there and wants to go, he said he called a car. Lulu tells him to cancel it.  NB is getting older, just turned 14 and he could be on the show again fuller time. Joss and the rest are 16, so he could be the Freshman to their Juniors.  I love his Cassadine Vibe.  Curtis finds out Nina is marrying Valentin again. 

Charlotte trolls Spence about his tampering with the election. 
Lulu's mad Nina's getting remarried to Val--so is Curtis. Nina says she thinks she got Franco wrong.


Jordan wants Franco to plead guilty so that the real killer will come out because they are jealous. Although come on --she didn't take into account the killer MAY be framing him for a reason?  The evidence was planted so....

ugh, they need Dr. Maddox who was a forensic profiler for the WSB. 
Franco is freaking out and says he won't do it. She keeps saying he has to. He wants to talk to Liz about it but Jordan says NO WAY.  God, I hope he gets something in writing. 
She tells him if he DOESN'T DO IT, he'll go to jail for the rest of his life!! The HELL!! OMG! He'd better get his lawyer in on this. This is bullshit LOL


I think Willow's baby daddy is SHANK

New girl is white, bland..she doesn't even have interesting hair. 

RUMOR has it that Neil is a Cassadine. (he was reading a book on Russian history)

General Hospital Writers win Writer's Guild Award

The Writer's Guild Awards includes all categories; from film to TV to new media. It's not just the Daytime industry giving itself kudos. Ergo, it is a pretty cool award to win and this year the team of GH took the prize. 

I know we pick the show apart inch and inch, I know we lament over what "could be" but I have to say from the Mike story to little Aiden,  GH really has deserved kudos. I'm happy for them and I hope TPTB let the writing flow without too much interference. This also helps keep the show on the air as well. Hooray!