Monday, September 27, 2021

Yuri at Charlie's

 Have you recovered from reading Sunday Surgery yet?? Did you need Visine? LOL Wonder how this week will go. 

Chloe is in the hospital in Crete, Valentin and Anna are there waiting for her to wake up. They figure out it's probably the Cassadines. Chloe was in a car accident and wandered into a village and collapsed. Valentin lets the info out that he left Cassadine island at 6. 

Liesl and Victor..she still has a knife to his neck. You think Victor will be Valentine's father? OMG FFS, PETER comes up behind Liesl with a gun. Damn it. He tells her he set the bar and Nina on Fire. HOW THE FK did he get from Nixon Falls River to Crete or Greece in less than 8 hours? AHHHAA so weird. Somethings take WEEKS and this is ..BOOM!!  So Vic steps between Dr  O and the gun. Liesl tells him she'll do anything if she can just kill Peter. V says he'll think about it LOL And says NO!! Damn it!

Sonny and Nina. He's still trying to say Mike isn't him.  He's trying really hard!! "Mike was an ILLUSION"! He's not yelling. He tells her that they 'were great together but it wasn't real". She thinks it was. They talk about Mike vs Sonny. Good scenes.  He realizes that when Nina was facetiming with Wiley that she dropped the call because his family was in the background. Sonny also says he doesn't think Nina did all this out of malice. She got into something and it kept going. Oh, he still likes her, his eyes say it ALL. 

Carly and Jason wonder what Sonny was doing about his bipolar disorder while he was gone; if he was doing anything at all.  They think if he knows about their real feelings it might send him spiriling.  Jason says if he asks, he'll tell him the truth; they were going to have a real marriage. But they didn't because he came home. They didn't do anything wrong.  Carly says yes, they'll tell him the truth about their feelings if he asks but she hopes he doesn't ask LOL. Jason says "We have Sonny and He has us".. they hug. Um.. yeah, Carly sure looks like she's NOT over Jason. 

Maxie, Brook are in Charlie's . Yuri the guard is there and 2 plainclothes cops are outside. Brook brought Louise. Josslyn is there too and tells Brook about Sonny being alive. Maxie pipes in-- Joss asks her how she knows. Maxie says: "Oh from people that" LOL doesn't want to mention Nina! Joss tells Maxie that if she has any other info to talk to Carly. 

Some "Trivia Night" fliers are up around the hospital. I think Finn wanted to ask Liz to go with him but chickened out. Chase asks him what's up with he and Elizabeth. He said they almost kisseed. Liz tells Terry she likes Finn but she's not sure if he likes her. Finn tells Chase the same thing. :eyeroll: They think it might be too soon. 


Liesl gets taken away (I think she ends up with Drew)

Maxie goes with Joss to talk to Carly (WHY????)

Yuri got an avocado toast to go for Monica awww

Jason meets Sonny at the graveyard. 

The doctor in with Chloe calls Victor to tell him that Vanna was there to visit. 

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Sunday Surgery: Clickbait


"Clickbait"- like the type you get on Twitter trying to get you to a juicy story that turns out to be nada. NOT "Clickbait" the series which managed to be pretty twisty.  Disappointed doesn't begin to cover my feelings for this week. Thank goodness Friday's show was well done, had great dialog and was compact. I felt better after Friday!! 

I almost wish I did a podcast so you could hear my inflections but it's too much work.  Maybe I should try to do an audio reading like Kindle does. This is going to be a biggie. It's also going to be difficult to get everything in I need to say. 

Let's give it a go. Sonny's Sauce is 1/2 price at the Nixon Falls Fire Sale and Carly wants us all to try the amazing coffee he made. 

Friday, September 24, 2021

Coffee and Chit Chat


Ok, here we go go!! 

Sonny yells at Nina at the gravesite. He won't ever forget what she did to him. Yells. yells.. yada yada. "You stole my LIFE FROM ME"!! She tells him she was getting back and Carly but really loved him. Nina makes the case about Mike being such a great guy. Sonny says he could have helped Lenny with his debt. Nina says the other stuff was more important. Nina's making a good case for herself actually LOL ..she wanted Sonny to be happy. Sonny says she kept him from his life. OMG Nina says she's really sorry about letting Sonny "Fall in love with her"!! ahahahaha. 

Jarly--so HAPPY Sonny's home..but what now? Carly tells Jason what Sonny did the night before. He says he slept back at his apartment. She says he hasn't been there in a long time. He said she and the kids needed him and now they don't. "the whole town was happy for us'! Carly said it was nice. Jason says they never would have gotten married if Sonny was alive. Carly says she can't help but thinking about what their life would have been like if they did. "It would have been happy".. Jason thinks so too. Carly says the coffee was good in the morning. She doesn't want to lose Jason and wants things to be like they were. They say that they'll be there for each other always. 

Joss is at the gym. Esme comes in. Tells her she can't leave. She wants to talk. Joss tells her Sonny is alive. Esme is all of a sudden like: BYE! 

Trina and Cam want to talk to Joss but she's at the gym and wants to finish her workout. Trina warns her about Esme being in on a plan. When Joss comes they figure out that yeah, those two probably DID do everything. Trina admits to kind of liking Spencer. 

Nik and Spencer play chess. Talk about what a great girl Esme is. Esme stomps in..tells them about Sonny. Spencer is SO HAPPY. She's not. Nik says he thinks Ava will come back because Sonny will protect Avery. Esme doesn't want them back together. 

Maxie is telling Scott and Britt what info she has on Liesl. Tells them that Peter found Nina and told her Liesl is "handled".  Scotty found out that Sonny is alive. They all figure out that the plane didn't crash and Dr O is probably alive. Scotty says he'll save her. 

Victor and Dr. O..he basically wants to just have her heart back. She just wants to get back to Britta. He says help him with a research project and she can ... if she doesn't she'll stay there FOREVEAH!

Nik wants Trina to help him find Ava to tell her that Avery is safe now

Carly hug and promise to be there for each other forever.  Jason is going to call Diane

Oh, Sonny flashes back to kissing NINA!! Oooooo!! 



Thursday, September 23, 2021

Spinnin' Wheel

 Next Day in PC:

Jason is boxing at the gym. Britt walks in. This is going to piss me off SO badly..I may not be able to write this. WHY? I can't explain it all here. 

CarSon having coffee in the kitchen. Carly is happy because she loves his coffee. Oh he slept in the guest room. He goes and puts on a suit. She saved them in the attic. Oh, Ava walks in. SONNY???? She's out of breath and shocked. Sonny's like HELLO. Ava (deadpan) They talk all normal about her stalker. He freaks the HELL OUT when he finds out that Avery's bear was tampered with. SON OF A BITCH!!  Ava wants to say goodbye to Avery..and asks CarSon to go up with her. She says goodbye off camera. Leaves. Is grateful that Avery has Sonny and Carly. She wants photos sent to her. 

Trina and Ava in Charlie's... AVA STILL SAYING GOODBYE! They talk about... not sure. Then Cam comes in and tells Trina that Sonny is alive. Oh, Kristina isn't there of course. She was probably on for ONE DAMN DAY. UGH 
Trina tells Cam she knows who Ava's stalker is and has to prove it now. Cam listens and realizes yeah, it COULD be Spencer. 

Esme and Spencer move to Wyndemere... Kevin brings them over. Esme and Kevin are alone. She mentions Kevin's upbringing? Okay? She's interested in "psychology".  Nik likes her. Kevin thinks she's a handful. 

Vanna and Jax in Nixon Falls. Nina left already. Why is Jax there? No idea. He tells them Sonny is alive. Valentin says he can't judge Nina. Anna goes to call and tell Robin he's alive. Valentin tells Anna he wants to kill Peter. 

Nina goes to Maxie's. She's upset. Maxie says she can 'feel Peter is alive".  Then Nina tells her that he was going to kidnap James if she didn't go along with his plans. OMG Well, she tells Maxie about Sonny too. And that she didn't call 911 at first because she was in love with him and Peter would have blown that. And Maxie is like OH WELL!!!!! I can see you're upset. THE HELL????


Nikolas is still holding his ribs a lot..hmmm. Will he end up in the hospital? 


Sonny goes to the graveyard to see his grave. Nina's there. 

Jason goes to talk to Carly at Corinthos' house.

Anna finds out Chloe is alive and found in Crete. 

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Daddy Wub


Setting: Poolside at the Metro 

Joss: (runs in) Oh my gosh! You guys, guess what!!!?? 

Esme: You finally shaved your legs... 

Trina: You are a cow. 

Joss: Stop! I just found out...Sonny is ALIVEE!!! 


Joss: DID YOU HEAR ME, HE'S ALIVE!! I mean, he's home and everything. He looks like a lumberjack but he's there.. throwing stuff any minute! 

Spencer: Yawn. Like, big deal. (smirk)

Trina: Gotta agree with "Spence" over there Joss, no biggie. I mean my Dad just came back from the dead not too long ago, remember? 

Joss: Well, yah but like we thought he was DEAD DEAD. And Mom got engaged and...

Cameron: Seriously? Want me to tell you about MY mother? Lucky and Jason were dead. I can even one up you...

Joss: HOW? 

Cameron: I had a BROTHER come back from the dead after being run over in the street AND donating his organs!! 

Trina; WOW, I mean who got his organs? 

Joss: (Raises hand) I got a kidney...

Esme: Wait, you got a kidney from a kid that wasn't even dead yet? 

Spencer: Don't ask her about her other kidney... 

Joss: Ok, ok, I get it but Sonny.. I mean.. he's Sonny..and..

Spencer: Come on, my father did the same thing. Who's father hasn't in this town? He's not even your real father, right? It's not like your own biological DNA came back from the dead...

Joss: Well, um.. he did that too but that's not the point!! Jason and my Mom are married now...

Cam: You mean like Sam was married to Jason then to Drew who she thought was Jason but Jason-Jason wasn't dead? 

Esme: This town is a blast!! 

Trina: Oh shut up. 

Spencer: We haven't even gotten to my father, uncle and grandmother yet... 

Britt: (saunters by) wait.. are you talking about dead back to life fathers? Hold  my beer.... 

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

What Mess? What Chaos?

 What will SONNY do? He's so back to being Sonny it's painful. No transition no nothing. Geebuah.

Ok, So Carly's undressing A BUTTON on Jason and Sonny comes in. Carly faints. Damn it--they weren't kissing...they weren't anything.  Carly wakes up, she and Sonny hug. He tells them what happened... they hug. Cry. Jason and he hug..cry. Oh FFS. Really? This is the PAYOFF? They talk about the kids. Sonny is happy Jason and Carly had each other. Jason tells him they got married. They talk about how it happened, Franco dying and Jason being framed, yada yada. They explain Carly taking over the biz... yada yada. Then why they got married. Sonny: "good strategy" ...and that seems to be that. 

Maxie tells Austin to take her to the Q house--because 'of the baby". She runs to the Qs where Brook is talking to Chase about how much she loves Bailey. She's like PETER IS BACK! She and Maxie talk. She thinks she should move into the Qs. Maxie thinks no.

Anna has a gun on Peter..Peter has a gun behind him in his pants. They talk..he pulls out the gun. Anna shoots him in the shoulder off camera.. then Valentin comes out and SOMEHOW both of them look away like idiots and he LEAPS !! Seriously? He jumped in the river. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

Finn, Liz, Britt and Terry talk about why they stayed in that night at the hospital. (filler, big time) Scotty shows up to talk about Dr. O. Liz and Finn find out from Austin that Peter is alive. 

HUGE Let-Down today. Like BIG TIME.. between Peter and Sonny's calm, I was just@@ Oh yeah, and let's have some MILLOW BORING TALK go on as well. W 

Monday, September 20, 2021

Excitement Galore


So, Jason says Spinelli and Brick "redirected" the bomb to the other guy's limo. They are toast. They talk to Ms. Wu and thank her, then head to the reception. 

Spinelli tells Diane to get ready to be on retainer lol ...all the guests talk. Nothing huge... Millow Kiss. Gladys wonders where her date is. (Um, dead LOL)

Garden it the Q's?? Hmmm I think? yes, it is!! And Brook and Chase are inside? Weird. Maybe they are at the Metro?? ANYWAY, Jarly gets there and they dance. Michael makes a speech. Willow catches the bouquet. Jarly leaves. Very short reception. 

Brook is talking to Chase in the foyer of the Q house, holding the baby. He's missed Bailey. He holds her. OH MELT. They are so going to be a couple. 

OMG SONNY SCREAMS at Nina "YOU DON'T LOVE ME, YOU LOVE MIKE AND MIKE'S GONE!! I'm going home to MY WIFE"!!!!!!!! Jax offers his plane and Sonny says "I'll take it, even from you". OH he's mad. MAD MAD. 

Valentin comes in. Is so sweet to Nina. GAH I love him. She tells he and Anna that Peter did the fire. Anna wonders why she didn't call the police. Nina says he was blackmailing her.  Anna wants to know why. She wont' say. Jax says it's not the time to get into that. DAMN IT!! UGHHHH anyway she tells Vanna to get to Port Charles because Peter is going to be gunning for Maxie. 


Sonny's in the foyer...Jarly are upstairs!!!!!!!!! Carly says she was in love with Jason then and she's in love with him now. He says he loves her too. They make out.. SONNY GOES UPSTAIRS!! AND.......END for today. 

Anna has a gun on Peter in the woods!! 


Yuri at Charlie's

 Have you recovered from reading Sunday Surgery yet?? Did you need Visine? LOL Wonder how this week will go.  Chloe is in the hospital in Cr...