Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Head Injury

Franco finds Dr O losing it on the docks... he says "I'm here for you". Franco says he knows that she has Peter. He finally convinces her to leave town and then he'll call the PCPD and they can find Peter. She agrees, says thank you, then hits him over the head with a bottle. 

Nina tells Peter the best place for him is behind bars, and then her Aunt can't get to him.  Peter finally agrees. 

Valentin recognizes the bartender/actor guy that Maxie knew from yesterday. He thinks he knows him. oh! HE's the guy Nina hired to be the West Nile guy at the pier!!  Valentin finds out that Nina hired him. He goes to Spoon Island to find her. 

Sonny and Jason talk about ......CARRRRRRRLY. Yada yada 

Michael is going ahead with his plan..would that be WISE after what Carly did just to stop the wedding? I mean, if she thinks he's dead... ummm. Micahel tells Nelle he's going to see Alexis to change his will. Chase goes in and plays her paranoia like a fiddle. 

Michael tells Sonny his plan--Sonny tells him all that could go wrong. Michael is like: Trust me. 

Julian comes over to give Sonny the photo of Mike and Charlie. Sonny says he wanted to buy the bar because Mike felt 'comfortable' there. He then uses Mike's disease to make Julian feel bad. LOL. Oh Sonny. 

Sonny calls over Chase to "talk" to him about the PLAN. Sonny says he better not screw it up. 

At the hospital, Michael goes in and he and Jason talk, making Nelle think he's going to divorce her and get full custody of the baby once it's born. 

Dr. O comes in the stables with a Molotov cocktail and threatens Nina and Peter. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

I WISH a Virus would come...

Maxie saves Nina when Nina screams at the copy editor. Maxie wonders what is wrong! 

Peter is in the horse place, blabbin' it up with Dr. O. He blames her for Nathan's death. She's all hysterical. She runs out. 

Drew and Curtis having a meal-- Curtis brings up Sam. Asks Drew how it went seeing her. Curtis thinks Drew needs a new woman.Then they cut RIGHT TO the new DA talking to Jordan LOL!!

Jake invited FRANCO to go to the ballgame with he and Jason!! WAY TO GO KID!! Franco tells Jake he has to work, and to go with Jason by himself. He sees him all the time at home and he needs to 'share". Awww.. Jake goes by himself with Jason. The game was cancelled due to electrical grid failing. Oh! Guess what? Jake invited Drew to come instead of Franco! ahahahaa.  Jake asks Jason how it feels to come back after so long when so much has changed. Jason said it was hard. Jake said it was hard for him too. Now he and his brothers are like a team! He's so glad he has 2 Dads-- because they are all family, after all. :eyeroll: from Drew and Jason. 

Valentin goes to see Finn. He wants to be tested for West Nile Virus. So--who's going to get it--Peter or Dr. O?? OH! Nina told him that to get him off Spoon Island!! DERP

Curtis and Sam take that stupid video tape to the PCPD for enhancement--which they should have done like a WEEK AGO? Finn comes in and says he has something to say about the case. 

Meanwhile, Franco is telling Liz he thinks Dr. O took Peter.  Then they cut between the 2 telling the same story to Liz and PCPD.  Jordan sends people to the cabin. 
You know PCPD too little too late

SO, Drew leaves the "ballpark" and while he's walking, feels mustard squirt on his back--WELL IT'S THAT NEW DA, Margot (and I'm not spelling it the other way, takes too long) -- AND THEY MEET. 
OMG. Written for 12 year olds.

Ok, so 45 came on to interrupt GH.
I have no words.
I refuse to watch. 

see ya

Monday, July 16, 2018

Marriage with Bedpans

So as we know, Carly stomps in to stop the wedding. Ava gets right on her phone LOL Is she calling 911?
Jason is all "UM..DON'T DO THIS"!! Sonny is all "WHAT YOU DOIN"??? She begs Michael not to marry Nelle. Yep. Ava called the police. Chase says he has to take her in. Sonny's like: Don't involve the police. DERP, SONNY...HE IS THE POLICE!! Chase said someone already called it in (everyone looks at Ava). Carly says she'll leave and Sonny goes with her. Before going. Carly yells "Nelle didn' do this alone, she had help" (everyone looks at Ava).

At the police station Jason and Sonny beg Jordan to let Carly go. "She didn't hurt anybody"--then Jordan tells them she injected Mary Pat --whoops!!! 
Jordan later says Carly has to go back to Ferncliff. Um..would they send her to a place where she assaulted the nurse?? 

Nelle goes to GH, she's ok--- she wants to get married in the hospital bed. Michael says OK! Let's do it. Josslyn is at GH and Jason is going over. Ned makes it there too.  Chase shows up in the doorway. He leaves after Nelle says she wants Michael and only wants Michael. They get married.  
They exchange rings and get married. Ned signs the marriage cert in the invisible ink pen??!! 

Nelle overhears Joss tell Micahel that she saw Chase kiss Nelle. Michael says "no big deal, I have everything under control" 

Brad gets a call about he and Lucas' baby. The baby and mama are fine and they'll have a healthy baby soon. 

Drew and Sam take Mike home. Mike makes them drinks and asks: So, how did you two meet? AHHAA. Drew said they used to be married. awkward. 

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Sunday Surgery : What's That Smell?

Yes, I Should be a SORA'd Aiden but no one thought of that in time...
Well, we got moved from the "remote cabin" to the Wyndemere stable. Gross. Maybe it was because Peter smelled like a horse? 

Ok, it's Sunday-- and it's hot so... I'm going to have a watermelon slushie. How good does that sound? 

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Vinessa Antoine to leave GH

So, that's why there was a casting call out for someone who sounded JUST like Jordan! Vinessa Antoine has gotten a prime time gig on the show Diggstown, to be seen on CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Co) in the fall and winter. She's the first Black Canadian actress to be featured on a prime time show on legacy broadcasting. 

Antoine is a native of Toronto, and is currently dating costar Anthony Montgomery (Curtis). She explains that she will be leaving GH and is not sure how it will affect the wedding of Jordan and her beau.  *Note: the article erroneously states theirs would be the first black couple nuptuals on GH--Brian and Claudia were the first. 

The article appears in the Toronto  Star  and is a really nice one about she and her family. Congrats! 

Friday, July 13, 2018

Here Comes the Bride.

So Nelle's prepping for the fastest wedding in the west. Joss brings her a hair comb Carly gave her that was Bobbie's lol. Okayyyyyyy. It's JUST to borrow tho. Nelle has to take a pic to send to Carly. 

Sam and Drew chat ...Sam wants Oscar to see Scout. Oscar is taking photos for the wedding. 

Lulu snarks...Ned says he's ok with it because he wants Michael happy. Bobbie shows up in head to toe black. 
Brucas is there--- Brad give Nelle a necklace and she says he's the only friend she has. 

Carly is going nuts in Ferncliff... and the nurse calls Kevin to say she needs to be sedated. He says no, he'll be right there.  She goes off the rails. Kevin says she should have something to calm her down. Mary Pat gets a needle. Kevin leaves. Oh, Carly was faking it--and grabs the needle from Mary Pat. 

Ava smells Oscar. Says, that's the cologne. Griffin says "yeah, that's funny--Carly smelled it by Morgan's grave too". 

Chase comes to try to get Nelle away before the wedding. He says he loves her.  The ONLY way this could have even have been 1/2 way interesting is if WE DIDN'T KNOW THIS WAS A SET UP. Kind of like "The Sting". Would it have been anything but DULL if we knew what was happening? NOPE. 

Joss sees Chase kiss Nelle. Nelle acts like he's attacking her. 

Jason asks Drew to keep an eye on Michael.

Joss comes down the aisle.  Kevin sees a body in Carly's bed--covered in a blanket. You know that's Mary Pat.  Carly interrupts the wedding and says Hell no..she will NOT be marrying my son!  

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The Interrupt by the WORLD CUP!

NLG in France... 

Oh, Wub Hub has to catch ENGLAND this afternoon and it starts at 2. I can't watch on the laptop and blog at the same time so I'm watching later. After yesterday, I might need a break for awhile anyway. Did you know that GH is "dark" for 3 weeks? The set is closed. I saw a ton of actors photos on Instagram on vacation and a lightbulb went off. I think they've been off a week and 1/2 now. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Root Cellar

Carly is playing cards with Kevin. She feels like her 'old self again'.  She just blabbers on and on and onnnnnnnnnn. The thing she FINALLY realizes is that she was vulnerable to Nelle's wiley wavs due to Morgan's Death. Morgan death talk goes on for--evvvvv--errrrr. 

Jason and Sonny try to tell Michael not to marry Nelle.  Jason is against...then Sonny says Michael can do it--he has faith in him. A bunch of weird stuff about AJ? (no idea why). Jason is SO upset that Michael is doing this. 

Todd and McBain going to save Peter.  They get to the cabin--in 2 mins and find Dr. O. They break down the door...Peter's gone. Must be Nina let him go.  There are restraints on the bed so they want to know where Peter is.  Dr O says she was having Kinky Sex lol!!!  They leave (Franco kinda bought it??) Nina comes out and says: Are they gone? She said Peter's in the root cellar and they have to carry him out.  They get him up out of the root cellar... and it was so weird. Then, they decide to move them. Not sure where. 

Finn left a message for Anna. 

Nelle and Chase in Metro... Chase is trying to convince her not to marry Michael.  Chase says he wants Nelle to leave Michael for him. (part of the plan). He says he loves her.  Then, Michael walks back in. Nelle says "I'm so glad you're here'!! Chase leaves. Michael wants her to sign a pre-nup. 

Sonny goes to Ferncliff after Kevin leaves and tells Carly that Michael is getting married "tomorrow".  They TALK ABOUT MORGAN.  Aaaaaaaahaaaaaaaahahahah

Sam and Curtis sat there the entire time looking at Video footage to figure out the person is wearing heels.