Sunday, October 22, 2017

Sunday Surgery: Grave Consequences

I can feel your pain...

I really needed one of those giant bulletin boards like Carrie has on Homeland to sort out this week's show. Geesh--so much happened on so many levels, I could barely keep up.  I managed to watch the show live--and for the most part, I enjoyed it!  I know, don't fall over. 

You'd better get the whole brunch effect going because I have a feeling this is going to be a long one, folks! 

Friday, October 20, 2017

Floppy Friday

Maxie knows about Sam and Miller getting the media company. Maxie brought a dress for Sam to wear to their launch party. She wants a favor though, for Sam to put her back on as associate editor.
The dress is pretty. Maxie says now that Sam is going to be in the limelight, she should retire her leather jacket.  Aw, she was just kidding. Maxie leaves.

Ned and Olivia..they had a two month honeymoon. He's at ELQ. Michael's on the phone. Ned says he has something to tell him.  He wants to cut back on Michael's "Green Initiatives" -- he wants to focus on other things. HA HA. (if you know these  2 and their politics you get this) 

The American Doctor from the clinic is back with the goons. They are looking for Jason Burton. They have "high tech equipment" looking for him. 

Sonny decides to let Jason Miller go with him to the bridge. Damn it!!  Jason Burton is going to step out and he sees Jason Miller and...ugh. More waiting time.  Yep, Burton turns around to leave and one of the clinic goons has a gun on him. *Sigh* Jason fights him. The gun goes off and....
Jason Miller and Sonny just stand there. They do! LOL
Oh it's one of Sonny's GUARDS! Then Jason Miller tells Sonny to go back in the car and let him "Do His Job" . UGH..anyway, Burton is gone by the time Miller gets there. 

Olivia decorated the Q mansion for Halloween and Monica isn't happy because she didn't ask. They get in a little tiff. 

Michael finds out his phone and Monica's have been tapped (it's the clinic guys).

Ava and Griffin.... talking about priesthood. Ava just wants to fool around "no promises'. They have a hot scene. Zex. Yada yada. 

END: Sam puts on her leather coat and it looks like she's going to get kidnapped by one of he goons to lure Jason out. BUT~~ ABC put on a preview for Monday and Sam is with Carly--SO she doesn't!! LOL idiots.

This was NOT the best Friday show--especially after the stellar week we had. Nope. 

Thursday, October 19, 2017


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Martini Thursday

Oh.. Oscar's Mama?? I was sure he HAD no mama--but looks like he might. Twitter is betting on Tamara Braun who was reportedly coming on the show (not confirmed yet). I don't know if his mother is as important as his father? Hmmm.. I just hope it's not Sonny. Drew? ?? No idea. I don't really care. We've got enough going on without this OSCAR stuff, dang it! 

So, I was actually looking forward to getting home today in time for GH! Who knew?? What's happening?? 

NOTE: Disco Dave asked me about a scene yesterday involving Ava and Jason--I had left a part out. Just know I'm live tweeting AND blogging---so much is going on I couldn't get it all in!! SORRY!! I'm trying harder today lol.

Lante is at the Metro for date night. Laura comes in. Says she might be  engaged! Lulu's tolerable today. Laura is for sure Kevin might propose tonight (Which prob means he won't)!

Griffin tells the nurse on duty he can't talk to a patient in the 'capacity of a priest, only a doctor'. She says she'll get the chaplain. Kevin overhears and says: You're not a priest?  Kevin sits and talks with Griffin about everything says come and see me if you want to.

Kevin goes to the metro. Lulu is trying to wait to take a photo of when Kevin proposes -- Kevin starts telling Laura about Griffin. THEN HE TIES HIS SHOE!! ahahaaa. She thought he was going to ask her to marry him (of course). Kevin says "You think I'd propose to you in a restaurant"?? They laugh. 

Ava and Sonny argue. Sonny says she can't see Avery. She almost doesn't give him the note, then she does. HE's like WHERE did  you get this?  What did he look like. Ava says: Sorry, enough good deeds for today. He reads the note: "meet me where Stone's ashes are scattered" Sonny says: the only one that knows that is Jason. Then he CALLS MILLER'S JASON to have him come over.
Damn it. You'd think he'd know his BFF's handwriting!!  (See below for more) 

Later, Ava goes home and finds Burton's note saying thank you but good bye. Then Griffin comes over. He tells her he left the priesthood. Ava wonders what it means for them. 

IN the park!! Liz and Jake are walking--Liz takes a phone call from work. Burton sees Jake and whispers: Jake?... then MILLER COMES OVER and Jake is all 'HI DAD'!! UGH.. and Burton has tears in his baby blues.  Then...Burton flashes back to when he wanted the kidney donated to Josslyn and Liz slapped him. Great scene that was there. He watches Jake walk away. Confusion. 
Liz and Miller talk. She mentions FRANCO! He wonders what she and Franco were going to tell him the other day (Burton is still listening)  Liz hedges and then Jake interrupts. He has hot chocolate. He says that someone was behind the wall--but of course, Burton is gone. 

Burton goes to the bridge. About the same time, Sonny is drinking and having a flashback to when Sonny helped Jason after the car accident. He loaned him money. Awww. Jason is thinking the same thing. How cute.  When Miller comes to see Sonny, he says "the ashes were at the footbridge and you loaned me $40" (clues in the note)-- Ava's setting you up. Sonny says well, I have to go find out for myself.  Then Miller is all "this isn't me, so who is it" TOMORROW'S PREVIEWS: Sonny takes MILLER to the damn bridge with him-- and Burton is hiding in the bushes! Grrrrr!!! 

Interesting that Miller has those memories about the money and the ashes, isn't it? 

So, Roger Howarth was amazing today. He and Betsy talk about Drew. You have to watch it--it's done very well. She says that she felt she had to be with Franco more than Drew and "he could take care of himself".  Franco is terrified he pushed Drew down the stairs on purpose.  She says I'm not sure.  Franco asks where she took him. Betsy dropped him off at the "foundling hospital" -- and never looked back. Franco is torn. 

Later, in the park, Franco sees Liz-- he tells her that Other Jason is NO relation to Jason-Jason so there's no reason to tell anyone about the "twin" thing. So he lies about the whole deal. OY!!!

WOW! that was tough going because there was so much happening!! eesh!!! Sunday Surgery is going to be HUGE! 

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Typing as Fast As I Can

Griffin/Cassandra and Anna--she is like you two are so cute yada yada. Felicia comes in and is all "you two are a couple""??? She looks amazing btw. Geesh.  They lie to her too, Anna says they have to fool the whole town. Anna talks about Cass being a drug dealer? I must have missed that. I thought she was a jewel fence. 

Valentin talks to Cassandra later. He says he's really wealthy, but she wants him to work for her. She says she know he's itching to work with her.  She says he is ruthless and he can't chance.   "You are at your best when you were dancing on the edge, that's the only place you felt safe" Cass to Val

Valentin blasts Jason Miller for buying the media company.  Nina is all "keep me working here". Jason was going to ask her to stay.  This was the weak link today--just talk about Crimson. 

Oscar and Josslyn looking for his Daddy.  They are on the internet searching records. Carly wants to meet his mom. He says she works at Mercy Hospital. I still say that kid has no parents. NONE. They find someone on the net but he freaks out when Joss wants to pay to find out more. It's a dead-end. Josslyn wants to go search Oscar's apartment for clues. He hedges... 

Ava and Jason Burton. He doesn't react too much to the "Jason Morgan bought my brother's company" too much. He does want to see a photo of Jason, however. She finds a press release "here he is with my brother's daughter, Sam". Jason looks at the photo--stunned. She also says "you probably thought Jason Morgan was dead, right"?? Then SHE TELLS him how Jason "died" on the pier shot by Faison. Burton is all "FAISON"?? She said yes, he had a high tech Mission Impossible mask on!! LOL! Then she says "Helena fished him out and froze him at some clinic but he escaped and then got hit by a car". (Didn't mention SHE hit him!!) He didn't have a memory for 2 years or ID. He said, well, how did he know he was Jason Morgan? Ava says "Carly Corinthos figured it out"!! ahahahaa. 
THEN!! She tells him Carly stopped his marriage to ELIZABETH!! @@ and Sam said she loved Jason and they were soul mates.
THEN!! Jason sees a pic of Avery and says: Um, this was taken at Sonny's?? Ava tells him they have a baby together. PFFFFT. He wants her to get a message to Sonny. 
Ava goes to Sonny's house--yep!! He lets her in and is all pissy. She says better be nice to me, I have something for you. 

Franco is at his mother's-- he wants to know if Drew is really alive. She says no. He says Fine, I want to see his grave.  She's like.. um.. Ok, I lied. For all I know he's still alive.   She says he 'left them" ..."one day I was making dinner and I heard Drew screaming..he was lying at the bottom of the cellar stairs all broken and bloody". Franco asks how did he fall? Betsy said 'YOU PUSHED HIM!!' 

TOMORROW: Sonny has BURTON'S NOTE!! Burton is in the park where Jake is tomorrow!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Smell The Jacket

Scotty brings over Ava's check from the Art Show. He wants to know who she's Seeing--why she had a drink with someone. Oh, he's a little jealous!! Scotty's hair is just wild today..brown on top and gray on the sides LOL!! 

Franco can't find a death notice for Drew. She thinks he should tell "Jason" the truth.  He gets a call to go meet Scotty. 

OMG... So, Jason Burton is on the terrace-- and Sam is there and JASON MILLER comes in and they make out !! He's in SUCH PAIN!! OMG, then Miller starts saying a bunch of stuff Sam said to him about him being the only one she could ever trust !! And that a year ago, she told him she could be 'herself' around him like no other. 
OH boy. Oh boy.
Then, Sam talks about their wedding day!! Then they go upstairs to have Zex... and Burton leaves. 

Now, they should have been playing with Scout in that scene. Just my opinion. 
Alexis comes over later. She bitches to Sam about Parker and Krissy.  Then they tell her they bought the Derek Wells company (that was Julian's) She was kinda weird about it but says it was nice of Juilan to sell it to them. 

Jason Burton goes to the graveyard. Talks to Morgan. He says he feels lost-- and wishes he'd been there for him. Sad--good dialog. Then all of a sudden he stands up and pulls out his gun and spins around. Ava is there. I jumped lol She recognizes him from the clinic. She asked if he knew Morgan. He says yes, "how did he die"? She says it was an accident and he didn't have an easy life. She says he can stay with her.  They go to her place. She says he can use Julian's clothes lol THEN she gets a phone call and finds out Jules sold the company. and says OUT LOUD: Jason Morgan bought it!! AHAHHAA. Jason Burton is all HUH/ WHA// WHAT/?!! 

Griffin talks to Gopher about leaving the priesthood. Gopher tries to talk him out of it.  Gopher leaves. Liz finds out Griffin left the priesthood, she's not surprised. 

Monday, October 16, 2017

Can You Swim??

Let's see...OMG The little kid playing Drew is SO a little model!! He points at Franco and says "You killed me"!! And Franco woke up. 

Michael confronts Nell about her swimming ability.  She said it was really different in Maine and the water was choppy. She didn't tell the police she could swim because the police might not believe her.  I still say Nelle and Jessica Tuck should be related and Nelle helps her with jewel fencing. Would tie that miserable story together with this one. Maybe 2 would be a bit more exciting?? 

Brick comes to tell Sonny something. His phones are bugged with "high level software" Feds or Homeland Security. 

Jason is skulking around Port Charles. He gets in a fight with the goons. He takes their guns, knocks them out. Then he goes to Sonny's -looks at photos and starts tearing up. The guards talk and he runs out.  He goes to the PH. Picks the lock on the door. Sees Sam's leather jacket. Smells it. Has a flashback to a kiss. (he IS Jason -- that proves it right there). Anyway, Sam is on her way to the PH.  Jason goes to the terrace to get air because he's upset at seeing Danny's toys. Sam comes in. He looks at her through the blinds. SHOW ENDS !

Killy is sitting on the couch. I swear Jason Miller is going to wear BLUE tshirts and Jason Burton is Black! Hilarious.  They need CarSon at the Metro to tell them they bought the media company. Both Carly and Sonny are like: WTH??! LOL!! 

Awwww, Jordan and Stella worked together to help a dementia patient. OFF CAMERA but it happened!! So they are kinda being nice to each a professional way. Stella goes to GH and is looking at a death certificate. She and Liz talk a bit. Franco figures out he could look for Drew's death certificate. 

William DeVry is back taping GH this week. How did Jules get out of jail? Hmmmmmmm

I am not a JaSam fan...or Stecky or Killy  or Liason but my heart is going to mile a minute for Steve and Kelly to see each other!! EEK!!!