Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Frozen Ground

-Here we go! Another week closer to the FLUKE REVEAL! (If you care). I do have to say that GH has a hell of a powerhouse cast. It's huge--but the actors are just awesome. I do enjoy watching them work every day, even if the stories lag and drag for a bit. 
20150123 0734(17)
Where's MY BUDDY!? 
It's been a long 5 days, imo. Long long long. The Haunted Star is back out of storage, Naxie spent hours in bed again, Jake had a head bump, Carly found a gun, a grave got dug and of course, the days of wine and phones at the state pen and mental hospital appeared. 

I'm having Greek Yogurt in honor of the Cassadines. Ouzo anyone? 

Friday, January 23, 2015

You Sunk My Battleship

Sonny has a plan. Franco wants in. Franco says to Sonny: "hey, you and Julian close? Julian, does he call you Carly"?? AHAHAAA 
Franco calls Nina. 


Nina plays Battleship with Heather. Heather gets mad at her when she finds out the connection with Franco. Heather isn't letting on she's Franco's mother though. Now Heather is acting really nice to her. Wants to be "her mother in Miscavage". She tells her her name is Diana Taylor LOL.

Donna Mills is back in jail. Taunts Ava. They look a LOT alike. Ava gets threatened by a guard with a knife.  

Kiki and Morgan with baby Coco at Kelly's...she's still ADORRRRRRABLLLLLE. Lulu offers Morgan a job on the Haunted Starr. 

Luke has the Bat at the Haunted Star..and Lucas and Michael are there too? You think he'll KILL THEM?????????????? YOU THINK????? huh? HUH? I mean it's so thrilling.
Yeah, right. Zzzzzzzzzzz. No, he's going to let them have the house and he's going to THROW THEM A PARTY TOO! wow! Michel gets mad because Lulu asked Morgan to work at the Star. So he doesn't want to have the party. Luke tells him to suck it up. 

Later, Fluke goes to the basement. Toys with Luke. Tells him "don't worry about who I am, worry about what I'm gonna do". 

Shawn thinks Jordan is a cop. She says NOPE. They are going to dig the grave up (I think it's sunset?) but gab about Fluke/Bill for awhile.
Shawn digs and 2 minutes gets to the coffin and opens it.


SEE you Monday! 


YEP...Daytime Confidential has all the details. Some chick from YR coming to GH. I'm telling you what... 
My reaction? Pretty shocked. I get we may need a girl this "age" on GH but there are TOO MANY CHARACTERS ON THE SHOW. Ergo, I was kind of like "ONE DOWN!! 10 to go"!!!!!!!!! Kill her off, murder mystery style :) 

Nope  Kiki Lives.
And you know me. Grumpy PANTS when it comes to having to get used to new people. 


Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Phoenix In the Snow...

20150122 0647(21)

Oh How you tremble so....
Little Phoenix in the snow....
Looking, watching waiting...
always hoping, anticipating. 

ALERT: AS OF 2:57PM/EST today, Lonesome Phoenix has been found...I repeat...found and put into the pocket of Lucas Spencer--The Younger. Not to be confused with Fluke the Illegal Impostor aka and or Hallucination of the Ancient Mountain Top.  Recon has determined that Phoenix may end up in the hands of a relative of the Asian Quarter. 
**Note ALL fundraiser activities for location have been cancelled. Free BLTs from 7-8pm this evening. 

story unfolding.... 


Naxie spending a ton of time in bed--and now they are talking about Maxie and Johnny's past. 

Carly finds the mask and gun in Jake's bag. HE's like that's not a gun. Maybe he thinks it's salami. Carly figures out he probably did kidnap Sam but won't tell 

Alexis and Sam at lunch talking about Patrick's schlong. AND THE PHOENIX!! THE PHOENIX! 
Long story short, Lucas finds it, puts it in his coat.

Shawn is going to dig up Bill Eckert. That should go well. In January.  Jordan catches him. Yawn

sOk, I've had it with this jail shit. If you are going to have "Jail" stuff, at least TRY TO make it 2 or 3% real. Jules and Sonny are like in a cafe somewhere, chatting on the phone. I get it's a soap. But this is insulting and stupid. Either put Sonny away or don't. Don't half ass it so badly I want to scream.


And..Sonny and Jules are gonna BUST OUTTA HERE!!!!! ahahaaha 

Thursday National Report

In these times of deflated footballs, we must ban together to avoid the national horror that will follow.  It's just so so upsetting, I can barely function.


Seems a lotta people are watching Empire! My Twitter Feed Exploded 

Can't wait for "Call Saul" ... Eeeeeeeeee!! 

Can't wait to see "Cake" 

Giving Downton Abbey a B+ so far, tired of Mr. Bates being under suspicion again.. I mean, really. I also think that Thomas killed that guy. Not sure why, but that's the soap in me. Also? Edith could go live on the farm, don't care.  Oh, and PS. how bad WAS the sex with Tony, Mary? LOL!! 

Love Obama's mic drop moment during SOTU address 

The lady for the GOP response? Priceless Bahahaha!

It's still colder than hell here like REALLY COLD

My flu is better but I'm still dizzy. 

I'm still in love with Twitter. 

Just read a good book; Gods of Gotham about the early NYC police force. Fiction but great 

When you're sick you don't care but now the house looks like a wreck that I must sanitize

GH Thougths: 

1.  Is giving me hives
2. Sam acts like she didn't boff Silas for the past how many months. 
3. the Phoenix thing cracks me up (can you tell?)
4. So GLAD Ric's "Back" 
5. Sonny's  TV in his cell isn't digital, wonder if he got a converter box 
6. Sam has a housekeeper? 
7. I really hope Luke does something like walk around in his underwear soon because Zzzzzzzzz
8. MIA this round: Nina, Franco, Ava  but! Lucas has some airtime ..go figure
9. Why do they bother having Molly and TJ on at all? 
10. Can we hope Kiki gets killed in something that involves spiders or maybe a free fall from a plane? Or, she goes bat nuts and decides to join a cult? 
11. I'm not gonna make it until sweeps. Not. gonna. 


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Words With Friends.

Yes, we learned Fluke is playing a fake game of WWF with Robert, and Robert outscored him with the word "Sheila'.

SIGH........seriously.  :eyeroll:

Jake went to GH on a stretcher-- with his bag but not the phoenix of Sam's. It's in the alley. 

Sam notices it is gone. She's like SOMEONE TOOK IT! Wouldn't you totally be like: DANNY? did Danny put it in his mouth or play with it on the Fisher Price Farm? 

Michael won't listen to Sonny. 

Carly whined to Shawn ..I WANNA SEE SOOOOONY..Please tell him to SEE ME SHAWNY!
Alexis comes in and tells him he's got a restraining order against him via Michael Quartermaine.

Little Phoenix in the snow, where will you end up, where will you go? 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


And. Jake sees himself with Sam..ergo, he's not gonna kill her. Let alone Paddy. SHOCKER!!!!!!! Giant SHOCKERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!
SamTRick go into the shower ... Jake pokes around, sees himself on top of Sam in a flashback and finds her wedding ring beside the bed in a cup.  He sees the Chinese Dragon thing on the sideboard. He goes into the shower and....
cries and leaves. 
Goes out side, has vertigo and falls down.

I think Nikolas is totally setting Helena up for a fall. He'll get the Q shares and thwart her plans.
This Luke convo is ridiculous. Like right he'd team up with Helena after she's tried a million times to kill his entire family.

Best part of today? Johnny and Maxie..and Brandon and Kirsten.awww. They talked about a "planned baby" and if he had a baby girl, he'd name her Harper!! TOO CUTE! KS looks so good. Remember right before she left for a bit? So worried about her. Now look at her!! She's just in such good health. 

Lulu and Olivi and Dante and Nate. Blabber ..exposition of yesterday.

Sonny and Julian figure out he might be Bill Eckert. Sonny explains Bill would hate him too because of his involvement with Frank Smith. He's going to prove it's Bill. 

Bradford Anderson is back for a bit on GH. Hope for a good long while. Georgie will be home too!