Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Honey Trap

Nina's trying to get Griffin to tell Anna to back off. *sigh* He tells her she's insecure. She leaves in a huff. 

Yes, Valentin used this SPY LINGO to describe what Anna did to him. LOL She remembers nothing! NOTHING!! So long story short, she took info to the DVX that Val gave her and he got fired and it broke him. He cried. She also 'looked into his eyes" and saw "the real man he was" then she left him. He cries, she puts her hand on his cheek and in walks NINA. (see below)'s going to be Alex Devane that did this. See clip below. 

Nurse Amy is going on and on about something...whatever

Ned and Olivia are talking about Tracy and the Larry painting. Then he pulls out a giant ring. She cries. She still doesn't want to get married. 

Tracy paid Ava some $$ To find it-- some before, some when she finds it. OH! Ava actually GOOGLED it at the bar!! LOL..she found it and Tracy gave her another check on the spt! Ok then! Then Tracy pulled out her phone and tried to call the auction house in Turkey-- but no one speaks English. WELP, guess WHAT!!?? Laura comes into the Metro and SHE CAN SPEAK TURKISH!
yep. You heard it here first.
Laura calls, it's in a Monastery in Turkey in a remote location-- Laura says it could be dangerous! Tracy says come with me! 

Curtis and Jordan (in a tiny black dress) having dinner and she says: CONGRATS! You have a job at the PCPD--only now Curtis doesn't want it. ugh  I guess they are dating. 

Ava finds Lucy at Floating Rib-- she gives her checks. Lucy says it's not enough! Ava pulls out some head sculpture thing and says that's worth a lot...give me the pills!!! 

Maxie is looking for work "in the city" says Nathan to Dante. They'll see each other on weekends. 

Anna suddenly remembers who else it could have been with Valentine! She's gonna go look for her. SIGH

Hated it on AMC......will hate it now I'm sure.

OH..The Floating Rib gets held up at the end of the show. Ava's got her pills out, the bobble head is on the bar and Ned's engagement ring is on the table. 

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Bait and Switch AGAIN

Tracy might meet with Larry...she tells Ned. Then she goes to his hotel room.  Larry tells her about Turkey. The country. He went to an auction house there and there was a painting there, that actually it belonged to JL Holt aka "Your Father".  I guess Edward left for awhile in the 80's and bought this. The painting belongs to the Q family. Larry wants a finders' fee.  She says she'll find it herself.
She goes to Ava, who happens to need money for Lucy.

Dr. O has the file on Valentin for Anna. She goes to Dr. Maddox with it. Faison wrote an email... and I guess Valentin compromised a mission. He was a double agent and Anna turned over the information to the DVX, probably when she was a double agent.
Got it.
Do you care? 

She's now tearfully telling Maddox about her double agent history.  "Maybe they fooled both of us"!
She's probably Jason Bourne. You know, mind erased.

Big take away? Val said they slept together. 

Alexis is hoping Juilan was coming...but it was the wind.  She drinks.  This is just unacceptable. UGH. REDUX!! Valentin comes to the door. He wants to check on Alexis as "family'.  (For the Custody case basically) she tells him to get lost. He leaves. Knock at the door. It's "Julian" again! Alexis sees him all over..telling her to get rid of the bottle. He's a hallucination. Shocker.

Lucy is at CarSon's to tell  them about the pills. AND GUESS who interrupts? AVA. Yep...she barges in and wants to talk about "Avery's School". AND Lucy caves when Ava offers her money for the charity.

SO, Lucy tells them nothieng and LEAVES. Son of a bees wax---really? They'd better BURN those pills and NEVER EVER bring them up again! Seriously?  You drag this crap up again, have Ava all breathless again, bring in Scotty AGAIN..and..and??????/

CarSon is the same old sheeze. Carly finally leaves. Sonny throws a glass.  Whatever. 

Ned and Olivia....Olivia wants Ned to adopt Leo.  Ned loves him a lot-- but he wonders why Olivia won't marry him.  "I do want to spend the rest of my life with you...but why bother getting married"??  

Monday, March 27, 2017


Yes I got here at 2:28.  No, I wasn't really interested! 

Sonny and Laura Talking about Charlotte and Nelle. 

Scotty and Lucy Talking about the Pills. Scotty mentions Serena. 

The Friz- Jason yelling about Franco being near Jake. 

Carly and Sam Taking about Carly's marriage. 

Alexis and...hallucination Jules and then Real Ava. Ava's like: Don't be drinking after what Jules did for you (huh?) weird. 
Ava doesn't want Alexis to drink because Jules sacrificed for her and he might not be dead?
Okay then!  Alexis takes a giant swig of Vodka.

Alexis is drinking again!

Jason is bitching again!

Sonny's crying over Carly again!

Carly's crying over Sonny again! 

Scotty's trying to get the pills again! 

Ok, so the only decent thing that happened is that Lucy went to CarSon's house with the pills. "I have to tell you something". Then the show ends. 

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Sunday Surgery: You Have To See the Bay-Bay

When You're MOST Worried about the Lizard, it's a slow slow week...

Since today's blog can fit on one page, may I suggest fast food for breakfast?  

This week on General Hospital: 

JaSam really loves their baby. Danny gets to meet her for the very first time. Visitors come in coo and delight in the baby's birth. (no one brought Frankincense and Myrrh tho).  Think Seinfeld--but this baby is cute. 

Friz are alarmed that Jake is drawing stuff and doesn't remember. They tell Jason. Jason reacts badly. (if you are unsure what happened go back 11 months because it's the EXACT same story). Now we can wait for them to argue ad nausea about Jake being near Franco. Yeah, us !

Alexis is vexed by Julian's letter. Molly and Krissy find it. Molly strangely believes him! Kristina points out that Alexis sounds like she did when she was with Keifer. Alas, Alexis still loves her some Jules. 

Awwww, Hammy-Finn is detoxing. He's duct taped to a chair. He sweats. Hayden cares for him. Roxy runs loose in the hallway.  Wake me up when the Zen-Zen has cleared his system. 

We gotta talk about Us...!! Are we together? You love me! No.wait, I know I made a mistake and lied but..are you mad? Do you love me? Hard to stay away from each other. We have a connection. You lie!  Now guess... is this 2005 or 2017?? 

In came the doctor, in came the nurse, in came the lady with the alligator purse! Oh, it was time for one of GH's favorite devices: Stick someone in jail and have the parade of people stop by to bitch and threaten them. 

Whatever. If Tracy's exit story involves Larry then... it's an automatic fail. 

Dr. O has new bangs. She went to talk to Anna about Valentin. So did Maddox. That's about it because they didn't say very much.  The Val-Anna connection is about the best thing on the show for me right now, mainly because of the acting of FH and JPS. It's apparent however that Griffin will end up being Anna's son somehow--and I don't have faith it will make ANY sense. 

I'm hiring Nelle. I just met her but she's the best person and Charlotte loves her. Almost as much as she loves cocoa and cookies. So, back off. 

MOST EXPOSITION IN ONE DAY: Monday was a test of our patience, that's for sure. The entire week was a summary but Monday was just a killer. ugh

PROP of the WEEK: Liz gets a foot bath from Franco. Can't get a photo of it but you can probably look one up on Amazon. 

So... no real movement this week. I have to be honest, I skipped a day and I only watched 1/2 days because by 2:30 it was apparent that this was going to make me nap. I am glad they finally had on Molly and Krissy but why these 2 don't have their own stories is beyond me. They are the right age, good actresses and for godsakes, get them something to do.  So, there you have it! 

Next week? Get this: revisit the Ava Pill Morgan Mess.... Revisit CarSon angst....Revisit tired Friz/JaSam Jake fest.... not exactly gripping. 

PS. If you don't know Seinfeld you don't get my title. But, it's pretty hilarious. :) 

Friday, March 24, 2017

Night Drawing

Molly and Kristina are home, about time. Molly finds the letter Jules wrote Alexis. Krissy thinks it's BS, Molly thinks it might be true. Huh? Alexis admits that she still loves him.

Sam and Jason in baby bliss...I know their fans are happy but zzzzzzz. Curtis visits and is cute.  He tells Jason he thinks he's going to join the PCPD if Jordan lets him. Jason is a little sad. 

Friz..looking at Jake's drawings. He drew something last night that looks like Abe Lincoln if you ask me. He doesn't remember drawing it. Liz thinks it's time to tell Jason what's going on 

Carly and Sonny 'catch coffee' March. Sonny wants to TALK about their RELATIONSHIP because they haven't done it enough over the last 20 years. 

Finn is still all sweaty You'd think he'd be in a hospital if he's going thru withdrawls. I know he doesn't want to go, but she should call 911 at this point. He's yelling at Hayden. 

Ok, I made it to 2:25 today !! 

Thursday, March 23, 2017

I need Coffee

Olivia sitting in the PCPD while people coming in to bitch at her. Right now it's Jordan. 

Finn let Roxy wander into the hall-- he's in having with drawls.  He's babbling. She undresses him to get him in the shower.  NOPE.. he goes in fully dressed. 

Tracy and Ned at the Metro.  Tracy's all bitchy.  Tracy is mad that Olivia hasn't said yes to his proposal.  Larry Ashton comes in. 

Franco and Liz...Franco bought her a pedi-machine thing. Foot bath that's it.  He lights a bunch of candles. Better keep Cam out. 

Sonny stops by to see baby Scout.  Maurice is adorable with babies, we all know that.

I haven't watched in 2 days and I'm struggling to watch today. Wow..I'm falling asleep here. 

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

2017 Daytime Emmy Nominations

Congratulations to all the actors and actresses from GH who are on the list of nominations this year. 

From GH only:

Lead Actress: Nancy Lee Grahn and Laura Wright 

Supporting Actress: Finola Hughes 

Supporting Actor: Chad Duell, Jeffrey Vincent Price

Younger Actress: Lexi Ainsworth, Chloe Lanier

Younger Actor: Bryan Craig, Tequan Richmond 

Guest Performer : Don Harvey (Tom Baker) 

GH was also nominated as Outstanding Drama Series of the Year. 

The Daytime Emmys will not be broadcast this year, and no word yet on online watching. As soon as I find out, I will let you konw! 

Gong Gong Gong

Chuck ...oh Chuck Berry the guy behind the Gong Show is gone. I can't tell you the sheer lunacy of this show if you didn't see it at the time. My brother and I would jut die watching after school!! Everyone was either coked up or drunk. 

Anyway, I have a meeting at 2:00 so I won't be in for GH. Based on yesterday I really couldn't care-- so boring.