Monday, September 28, 2020

Drink it UP

 HELLO! GH is only on Monday and Friday today!! Because... BASEBALL!! Because ... BASEBALL. UGH  So, I'm not a baseball fan. I was a stats girl in HS but.. come on, it's boring. 

SO, apparently A LOT happened off camera over the weekend!

Tad Martin Gray was mugged, goes into GH . He said he was attacked from behind and his briefcase was stolen (Had Nelle's letter in it about Julian). Didn't see anything but tells Chase that Julian was just asking about Nelle's stuff then he got attacked. 

Julian is shown with the envelope from Nelle and Cyrus comes up. He wants to Buy the bar. Jules says no thanks.  Chase comes in to task him about Martins' mugging. You know anything? The, Cyrus gives Julian an alibi saying he was at the bar at the time of the mugging. Oooo!!!! 

Joss is getting ready for Homecoming at Jax with he and Nina. CarSon comes over. They tell Jax and Nina Nelle's body was found ON THE PENNSYLVANIA SIDE OF THE RIVER ahahahaha. OMG. Nina goes to help Joss with her hair.  Jax is like, ok, Sonny are you going to lay into me about the secret? NO! Sonny thanks him! 

Dante is given 'new orders' when he goes back to Port Charles. YES! It's to get Peter August! He's triggered by a clicking pen, btw. The doctor did it and Dante said "complete the mission". 

Olivia is busy setting up a room for Robert at the Metro to go home right away (same dress on)


Val and Ned fight, Chase breaks it up. Val leaves with Chase to see Martin at GH and Ned goes to the bar.  Ned and Alexis talk about their woes. Alexis "I went to bed with Mr. Right, woke up with Mr. Dead" LOL  She wonders what happened to them "We weren't smoldering and tormented like SOnny and Brenda or Fabulous like Jax and Brenda but we were smart and whitty and the people  loved us" !! OMG Ned "we were the gatekeepers, a power COUPLE" OMG You have no idea how this makes me feel. I LOVED Them. So they are going to take a car home. Ned doesn't see Alexis drinking her vodka because it's on the rocks in a water glass. She chugs it. He says "hey, let's go somewhere else"! 

Lulu talks to Peter. She hasn't found a reporter yet.  Lulu talks to Olivia. She tells her she went to Switzerland to see Dante. Lulu asks how he was.. she says she didn't see him. She begged yada yada but he wouldn't let her in. 


Dante leaves Switzerland... the doctor goes in to talk to someone IT'S DR. OBRECT! SHE'S SENDING DANTE OUT TO GET PETER! WHAT?? OMG! !ahhahahahaha!!! YES!!! 

AND..Nelle didn't leave the envelope with said "I knew you'd do this Julian..I gave it to someone else" and she sent it to RYAN CHAMBERLAIN!! omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sunday, September 27, 2020

Sunday Surgery: Kiss and Tell

There were a LOT of characters on this week. COVID? What COVID? lol..which is great for us and I'm glad they've figured out how to do the show that appears almost seamless. They didn't even use rubber dolls! LOL 

Oh, Pennsylvania played heavily into this week's show so I'm going to go get some Amish donuts for us all. You'll thank me later. 

Friday, September 25, 2020



SASHA orderin' them drugs!! Chase comes up to her..Hey. Tells her about Nelle. She gets all frantic (drug like) and almost passes out. Says 'it's all over' . Then  Chase thinks they should tell them but Sasha thinks they are falling in love. 

Brook Lynn and Ned kinda make up. She tells him not to worry about Olivia. 

Neil's Memorial: Valentin goes with her. Neil's brother is there. They talk and then he tells Alexis that he wished Neil had never met him and she ruined his life. She's the reason he OD'd. He throws her out of the funeral. Val takes her to The Rib. Then Ned shows up!! Drinks. I think he might hit on Alexis. 

Cam and Joss out for coffee. But they have water and iced tea. Nope they should have some fancy coffee drinks. It's 2020. Cam's getting a part time job to help out at home. Joss finds out Nelle is dead and found: ON THE PENNSYLVANIA SIDE OF THE RIVER! ahahha wah? Why do they KEEP saying this?? 

Plane: Ethan, Robert and Olivia coming home. Ethan's like, um.... what's the deal with you and she? Robert is like: we are friends, she's married. Ethan: Has that ever stopped you?? LOL THey talk about Holly and her legacy. 

Franco, Liz and Scotty. Franco says how did it go with the 25,000? Scotty's " I asked for 125K--each"!! Liz freaks out..Franco's like: DUDE! YES! Liz is still horrified. Scott says they have 24 hours to pay up. 

END:  Valentin and Ned fight outside..Alexis orders a double vodka inside 

Cat's out of the bag: Kim Delaney is playing Jackie Templeton. Remember her??! 

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Weird Day IN Port Charles

HELLO! It's nice here today and although fall is in the air, it's warm. Bugs are out LOL 

So, Genie decided to stay home from the set while COVID is going on. Not the writers fault!! 

Liz is mad at Franco, not sure why. He has a plan to get money, she says NOPE. Maybe it's the Scotty scam? 

Scotty and Ava. He's blackmailing her for the photos! $135K! HE said he's mad she didn't call him back. She says he won't publish the photo because it will hurt Franco. Scotty says I don't think it would be that bad. 

Nikolas and Martin Gray...Nikolas is going over the prenup with him. The prenup could be in jeopardy if Nik was found "Emotionally attached" to someone else and someone had proof (like a photo) 

Ned and Brook Lynn. Ned gets a phone call. A hotel in Monaco asks about his credit card and says he's "on his honeymoon" LOL!!  Ned is going to call the credit card company. Brook tells him to wait a minute. She tells him she deleted Olivia's message. 

They "Found" Nelle's "Body" says Jason. Sonny's happy.."May she rot in hell"  Jason said she was found on the PA side of the river.. 

Carly tells Jason and Sonny what happened with Nelle. While she cries, Chase rings the doorbeell and wants to talk to them.

Julian finds out that Nelle is dead though Martin Gray. 

Hey if Nelle is dead do Michael and Willow need to stay married? 

Nikolas got blackmailed by Scotty on the docks too. 

OMG SO, Franco and Liz were PRETENDING TO FIGHT THE WHOLE TIME!! They go to see Scotty in the art room, they set it up to get money from Ava AND Nikolas!! ahahahaa!! 

Wednesday, September 23, 2020


 Breaking News cut into GH today. Not sure there's a show. I'm sure they'll talk about this for a long time. 

Oh 1/2 the show is on.

Molly, TJ and Stella. TJ takes a phone call. Stella realizes that Molly probably lost faith in TJ when he was kidnapped. 

Ava and Nina and Jax.  Ava's going to the pier. She runs into Nik. He wants to talk about what happened the other night. Bow chicka BOW BOW 

Jason knows Carly is lying to Sonny. She wonders if she should tell him. Jason's like YEP. Carly goes to tell them and Jason's phone rings. 

Lulu and Sonny talking about Mike's gambling addiction. 

Ned and Brook Lynn.. it seems so weird because she's so..old LOL . 

Bobbie and Scotty. "You're a lousy boyfriend" she says. 


PCPD found Nelle's body 

Tuesday, September 22, 2020



Not sure how log I'm lasting... I have a haircut. Dante needs one LOL 
Dante is starting to remember I guess. 

Sam, Maxie and Brando at the garage. 

Cam at GH looking for Liz. He sees Franco. They talk about girls. 

Liz and Lulu eating together. Trina comes in and says hi. 

TJ and Molly eating together. He imitates Sonny she laughs. Then she flashes back to kissing Brando. 

Nina and Ava eating together. Ava talks to Nina about Nikolas at the cabin. 

Valentine and Alexis at her house. She's upset.  

I have to go.. see ya. 

Monday, September 21, 2020

A Cast of Thousands


Molly sees Alexis' wrist with a bandage at GH. She's wondering what is wrong. The doctor calls Alexis and Molly goes too.  She has osteoporosis. Possibly due to post-menopause, hormones, Vit D and excessive alcohol consumption.

Peter and Maxie ..Peter wonders if it's a boy or girl. Maxie said they should wait and find out. She is glad Robert is away because he doesn't like Peter. They go to talk to Lulu and Sam. 

Cyrus bugs Lulu. Sam butts in. "What do you want"? (At the Metro). OMG Sam ..looks ...weird. WHAT does she have on? LOL Anyway, Lulu wants to know why Cyrus is so interested in her mother.  Peter, Maxie and Lulu talk a bit. Maxie leaves. Lulu and Peter talk about finding dirt out on Cyrus. Lulu wants to let a "national press person" know. 

Brando is in the garage, Sonny's men cleaned it up for him. Jason wants to talk. He shows Brando the hidden camera. Says he passed the test. Jason has a plan for he and Brando. WE don't hear it. 

Then Dev comes in to see Brando, he wants advice about a girl. Damn it. I wanted him to be Asexual or Bi or Trans --ANYTHING!! HE LIKES JOSSLYN ugh. BORING.

Carson's house. Dev and Joss play checkers to remember Mike. Ava and Nikolas drop off Avery. Ava tells Sonny she didn't tell Avery that Mike died. Sonny is going to tell her but doesn't know how. 
He finally does and it's cute/sad. OH! She drops the 1/2 necklace, Sonny picks it up. 

Nina and Jax have breakfast he goes to see Joss.

Joss and Jax talk and hug. Then Jax goes to talk to Carly while Sonny tells Avery about Mike. Sad scene. 

Curtis and Jordan. He thinks that it was probably Cyrus that killed Neil given how he died. She's not so sure. (because she's stupid). STELLA comes in!! 

A TON OF PEOPLE ON, not a lot going ON.

Drink it UP

 HELLO! GH is only on Monday and Friday today!! Because... BASEBALL!! Because ... BASEBALL. UGH  So, I'm not a baseball fan. I was a sta...