Sunday, November 22, 2020

Sunday Surgery: Let's Go Out With a Bang...

Wubsy Reaches Her Limit 

I usually take about 10-15 days off from the Blog a year and of course, because of COVID haven't done that. I'm really liking the show right now and think it's doing a great job. I just need to refresh my brain a bit before continuing. 

I've decided to take a break for a bit from the show, Twitter and the blog.  This will be my 4,960st post since I started the Blogger and  as most of you know, I was running Wubs Net for about 10 years before that. 

Lets just have some champagne and get to a brief recap...very brief 

Friday, November 20, 2020

It's Tricky

 Yesterday's Show:
Sasha's going to make it? Why? Unpopular opinion: We don't need her. 

Scotty and Laura. Talking about her court case from 40 years ago. 

Dante and Lulu. See, Dusty hasn't been on enough to even make him a "thing". 

Britt and Brad!! He validates the Cyrus Renault thing. 

Peter and Maxie. UGH 

"Why Britt Westborne? Everyone hates her."? Asks Carly
Jason "Everyone used to hate you too"...

Carly knows about Taggert


I can't make it again- but I will do a Sunday Surgery. See ya then! Use this space to comment 

Wednesday, November 18, 2020


 Michael and Willow try to come to grips with being manipulated by Sasha and Chase ..Willow is SO much better with Chase. LOL Michael gets mad that Carly didn't tell him. 
Yada, yada...yada yada...

Nik says he put a hit out on Ryan to protect "his wife "..aww. Sonny doesn't believe he could get Ryan killed in jail. "I'm a CASSADINE" LOL  Sonny's mad Ryan lived. It was a fun exchange. 

Cyrus and Julian. Cyrus won't believe him that Taggert is alive. Julian says he won't kill Jason-- and to give Sonny the letter. He'll be long gone. Cyrus tells him his family will miss him. He tells Julian he was a fool for most of his life and he has no one to blame but himself. 

Jason asks Britt to help them get Cyrus. YES! I am loving BriSon!! YEAH!! She says she can't because she's chief of staff. He tries to convince her. 

OMG BRAD IS WHEELED INTO THE ER!! Brad!! It's BRAD!! Cyrus had him beat up because he knew about Julian's role in the baby switch. 

Today's show was pretty slow for the most part. Just a lot of talk that didn't go anywhere.  BUT!! Brad shocked me! LOL 

Tuesday, November 17, 2020



Cyrus and Julian: Cyrus tells him it's time to pay up.  He has the letter from Nelle that Ryan had. Must have gotten it when he had him stabbed. Julian is like: WTF. MAN!!  Then Cyrus tells him to kill Jason. "Maybe like you arranged that car crash your son and his husband got into" OH! SNAP!!! He knows about that too lol Anyway, Cyrus wants Jules to take a package delivery and then he'll get instructions. I guess it's a bomb for Jason. Julian wants to offer

Britt is angry a patient dies over an OD. Jason sees her upset. He goes to talk to her.  She says that GH has had increased ODs since she got there, both coke and opioids. She thinks Sonny is bringing them to town. Um, duh. Don't you know Sonny is a GOOD Mobster? 

Chase, Michael and Willow talk about Sasha laying in the hospital "How did we not know"??!  Willow and Chase talk. Carly comes in to console Michael. Will she tell him that the whole "sex" thing was a lie? Not so far. Chase comes close...hmmm... 

Carly doesn't tell Sonny about the necklace. He tells her about Sasha tho.  Ava and Nik come over to pick up Avery. Sonny talks to Ava about Ryan. He thinks Ava had him stabbed. She's like NO! Nik tells him to leave Ava alone. 

Portia is walking about the hospital. Taggert is actually dressed up in scrubs and a surgical hat/mask, spying around. LOL! He can't stay home. Epiphany catches him and hauls him into a room. "What the hell are you doing here"? She yells at him. He says he's protecting people. She mentions her son, Stan! Remember him? She said he got killed in mob violence. She wanted to help Taggert because of it. 

Franco tells Cam that he has an inoperable brain tumor. Cam won't accept that. He gets upset and leaves to go study with the kids. 

Dev's trying to apologize to Trina and Joss. They are all studying for the SATs. Joss tells him he was a jerk for being nasty to them. Her feelings for him have changed. Cameron wonders what is going on. He says they all need to be friends because it's senior year. They agree. 


OMG, Carly confesses the Sasha plot to Michael at the same time Chase tells Willow!! LOL!! 

Julian tells Cyrus that Taggert is alive. 

Nikolas tells Sonny that he had the hit ordered on Ryan. 

Briana Lane Exits GH as Brook Lynn


Briana Lane exits GH as Brook Lynn. She sent out a tweet last night thanking fans and cast/crew of GH. She will be missed. She replaced Amanda Setton who left to have her baby. Interestingly enough, when Brook was leaving, she had a pregnancy test with her. I thought Briana did a great job, she will be missed. 

Monday, November 16, 2020

NuLucas Alert!

 Here we go... it's MONDAY!! 

Carly figures out about Nelle's necklace. Avery tells her she found it outside the cabin. Carly calls Jax to come over.  She shows Jax the necklace. He says yep. Looks like it. Carly says Jax shouldn't tell Nelle, it was be bad news. Jax thinks he should. Oh geesh. 

Olivia, Sam at GH. Julian walks in "is it Leo"?? I must have missed something? AND THERE'S A NEW LUCAS APPARENTLY! that's him up there! WHAT? I don't think he'd be a replacement (temp) because why bother to put him in? He's never there. If Ryan DID leave, why not announce the reacast?? Strange???? Anyway a kid fell needs a tetnus shot.  Lucas tells Julian he's a terrible parent basically. 

Sasha still on the floor. Cyrus tells Brando to get her out out --so Brando takes her out and calls SONNY?? lol Then at GH, Jason calls Michael to go to see her.  Um, ok? Lucas says she OD and the coke was "super coke" (well something like that LOL) . Cyrus shows up and goes to turn off the breathing machine and Michael hauls him out of the room and yells at him for being a scum drug dealer. 

Chase has a beer at Charlie's... Willow texts him "I think we should talk" Willow comes to see him. 

Valentin and Tad Martin talking about Charlotte and custody. Val then asks Nina to be her guardian in case anything happens to him. 

Brook and Ned talking. The apologize to each other. Brook is still leaving--to "get clarity". And-- I think so the old Brook Lynn can come back. 


OMG so, Brook says goodbye to Valentin at the Metro Bar. He walks away and she PULLS OUT A PREGNANCY TEST!! 

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Sunday Surgery: Wet Paint


So, there I was, complaining on Friday that the show was boring (that day) and BOOM! All hell broke loose!  People coding, Alex sliding away-- seizures, drugs, sex and almost some rock and roll! No wonder Chase has a headache! 

Pancakes. That's what I want. 

Sunday Surgery: Let's Go Out With a Bang...

  Wubsy Reaches Her Limit  I usually take about 10-15 days off from the Blog a year and of course, because of COVID haven't done that. I...