Sunday, August 19, 2018

Sunday First Aid Kit

I'm still interning with Karen so, no surgery for me yet! (But I'm practicing.) These are my observations from the show this week. 

Being in Vegas, I will hit a Brunch Buffet at one of the casinos. Sunday brunches have unlimited mimosas and well, you know... Vegas.

It is really weird to see Robert and Jason working together, but I guess Robert realizes that Jason cares about Anna because she is Robin’s mother. 

The new Cameron kinda reminds me of Adam Rich from Eight is Enough. The guy can act. I hope they utilize that. How old is Cameron? The character was born in 2004, which makes him 14. Is he 14 on the show or SORAS?

What kind of earbuds cost $165? Go to $2. plus shipping.

It’s awkward seeing Liz be a parent. I mean, she has only been in the same room with her children what, 3 or 4 times tops?

Why is Oscar wearing a tie? Is this the new “look” for his generation? Weird.

The WSB needs to update their logo. It’s dated.

I like Alexis and Scotty going up against each other in court. They play off each other well. Over the past few years, court cases on the show have been minimal. Its nice to see something with some actual dialogue and substance.

Maura kicked butt on Monday railing into Griffin. Good for her. She is such a phenominal actress. Then with Kiki. Wow. Great scene and great acting. It should be another Emmy nomination year for her. Hell, for both of them.

Is that Elevator Thug guarding Anna? Is there any way they can have him strip with Magic Milo at the next Nurse's Ball? Maybe once the bad guys lose, Sonny can hire him as a permanent guard. Does anyone have the actors name?

I'm calling it... right now... Ava is going to shoot Dr. Creepy and kill him.

You know, with the new high definition you can really see all the makeup that is used on the actors. There is a lot. A lot.

Isnt a jury supposed to be 12 people? Not 6?

I see Griffin and I cant help but think of Ross from friends when he was yelling "We...were on...a break!!"

Max Gail should get nominated for Guest Star Emmy. He is really good in this role. 

Seeing Carly playing with her hair... if they ever make a Jamie Lee Curtis biopic... I could see LW doing it. The resemblance was there (for me anyway)

Margeux was a little too obvious with Julian and Kim. We get it, you are interested in Sonny. Could it be because you are related to someone Sonny knows and you are out for revenge? I have a feeling that Dawson isnt really her last name. Could it be... Lansing? As in Trevor?

Speaking of which, I really dont see Julian and Kim as a couple. Does anyone?

The Stella/Michael scene was kind of awkward and unnecessary. 

Everything is brown in Port Charles. Inside Sonny's house, Inside Alexis' house, inside bars, inside restaurants... Did sage green and tan go out of style and nobody told me?

Liz' transgender friend is Mike Webber. 
(ok, it's not. I just wanted to see if you were paying attention and read this far.) 

Kevin/Ryan spoilered a week ago Friday. They havent been seen since, have they? They forgot about them already? As Karen would say, "well... you know... GH"

Oh look... it's Billy and Chloe from Y&R

A few weeks ago Nina was saying how much she loved kids. In fact, other people were saying how much she loved kids. Now her mother Madeline is back on the show. Gee... what are the odds that Nina finds out her daughter isn't dead and is very much alive? Maybe even in Port Charles? 

Donna Mills looks good. And very believable as Nina's mom.

Looking through the episodes this week, I noticed there were more conversations involving family and things that families talk about. Parenting, alzheimers, friendships. Limited mob stuff. And scenes with more than 2 people. And extras in the bar. (Karen would have picked up on this, so I thought I would too). The writing was good. It was about relationships and there was realistic dialogue. And people. There was people. It was a good week. It figures, the one week Karen decides to go on vacation...

Even I thought the party for the baby was stupid. But then... plot point so I get it.

I didn't see any Disney stuffed animals with the baby. Shame on ABC for missing an opportunity for a shameless plug. 

Sam is the godmother? I'm surprised. I thought we would get a guest appearance by Britt Westbourne for that role.

Julian hates Sonny but "proudly serves Corinthos Coffee" in his bar?

Ok, it is time to speculate. Who is the birth mom? Will this be done off camera or will we see her? Is it someone we know (from the past?) Are they hiring someone for this role? Is it Lila Rae, SORAS from 12 to 21? 

I hope everyone had a good week, and I will see you all tomorrow.  PS. I did a web search for a First Aid Kit from Australia in honor of the wubqueen. This is the photo that came up. Kinda dark, isnt it? No red? 

My father had early alzheimers/dementia. I was his care giver for 5 yrs. Towards the end, we needed him in a care facility. The storyline with Mike and Sonny is so very well done and very believable. (and well acted) 

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Binge Worthy


I know Karen has a separate section on the blog for her Binge worthy shows. I thought I would do the same, as I enjoy a good binge now and then. I read hers and there are a good 2-3 we share thoughts on. The rest? Well, I guess we all have different tastes. Take a glance at my list of “required viewing”. Laugh, cry, comment. It’s Saturday. No show today and no Sunday Surgery, so that makes it a good binge day indeed!

I cant pick which show is better or more brilliant right now. It has been a very long time (Lost, Sons of Anarchy, Dynasty) since I sat on the edge of my couch and counted the days until the next episode of a show was on. CLAWS is just fun. Most of it is unforeseen craziness that you dont see coming, but that you sit with a “WTH?” look on your face following by a “you go girl”. All the cast is spot-on in their roles. I only knew Neicy Nash from Reno911 and knew her for her comedy, but she nails (pun intended) this character so fiercely. As for ANIMAL KINGDOM. Well, this is great drama. How Ellen Barkin has not been nominated for an Emmy for this role is beyond me. What an oversight from an inspired performance. Week by week I follow the storyline, waiting for the next shoe to drop. There is always a cliffhanger making you want more. Both shows have such great acting, which always carries a show. I cant believe I have to wait until 2019 for their return.

Now, in absolutely no order:
I remember seeing the previews. It looked stupid. I’m being honest. It looked like a LOST ripoff and that it would be silly and cancelled within weeks. I was wrong. It is cute. I know, that isnt a word to describe a show, but it is. The writing isnt dumb at all. Maybe I can call this a “fluff” show without being too offensive?  I normally watch this on a Saturday when I am laying on the couch hungover, (I live in Vegas, remember) or when I am cleaning the house and need something entertaining in the background I can listen to and catch with one eye open. This is that show. Mindless fun, but fun nonetheless.
There are so many shows on Cable that I never heard of before. This is one that I am glad I stumbled across. Really good writing on this show, like a classic sitcom without the slapstick or laughtrack. Plus, the actors. Sam Elliott and Debra Winger are Gold. I love when shows bring back actors from previous shows who havent been on TV for awhile. Wendy Mallick? I worship her. I could watch her read a phone book. She needs her own show. She is brilliant in everything. Kathy Baker and Sharon Lawrence also had guest spots. Another 2 actresses who are TV gold. And Ashton Kutcher has had guest stars from both Two and and Half Men and The 70s Show appear. Overall well done and well acted.
Ok, I admit I didnt have high hopes. The whole reboot and remake craze is getting out of hand. (although Murphy Brown and Facts of Life have both caught my eye. And Designing Women will if it is done the right way) I cringed when I heard about this because I grew up loving the original. It turns out, the only thing the same was the set design and the premise. The writing is spot-on and the new cast is perfect. (Just give Rita Moreno another Emmy already. What a legend). In the first season finale, Elena couldnt get everyone’s attention so Rita yells “Hey. You. Guys”. Just like she did on the Electric Company. What a great reference and nostalgia for the older viewers. Oh, and in season 2 there was a quick reference to West Side Story. I love stuff like that. Nostalgia. Easter Eggs. I want more. Norman Lear still has the midas touch and picked good writers and actors for this one.
Sheer brilliance. There is a reason why William Macy keeps getting nominated for awards. This is the perfect example of a bingeworthy show. Once you start you cant stop. Episode to episode, season to season, you just keep hitting the play button and watching it go. And you are along for the ride and have to see what happens without turning off the tv. It just goes and goes and gets better with every episode. Very gritty and "real" it doesnt shy away from any topic. And the heroes dont always win.
Catherine O'Hara. Enough said.
Elizabeth Hurley was born to play the Queen of England. This show has all the family drama like Dallas and Dynasty did in their prime. Very good storylines. It shows what "could" go on behind the scenes at the palace. It is not all pomp and circumstance and tea and crumpets. A lot of drama, well written and definitely well acted. Elizabeth is fantastic as the Queen and William Moseley (who was in Narnia) does an exceptional job at the prince.
I couldnt tell if this was a parody or not when I first heard about it. It is shot like a mockumentary, but it seems a little more like there is a seriousness involved. The premise? Someone at a high school is drawing penises on cars in the parking lot with paint. I know, right? WTH? Anyway, this goes through the suspicions of who done it, to the arrest, to the doubts if he really did it, etc. Amateur teen sleuths use their computer skills to find the answer. There are twists along the way. Interviewing everyone with the phone camera. Its a sendup of the crime shows out there, but done in a really entertaining way with twists and turns. It really does make you want to keep watching until the end to see who really did it. This was a surprise find.

Friday, August 17, 2018

Aunt Ruby

The Wub Tub Time Machine

This scene is where Ruby met Lucky for the first time. (link below) Lucky was on the run from Frank Smith and took refuge in the diner. What I took from this scene is that after Ruby (Norma Connolly) met Lucky and realized he wasnt with his parents, she immediately went into a protective "mama bear" mode. She never talked down to lucky or treated him like a kid. She had a very calming presence to let Lucky know he was safe and she would protect him. I dont know if it was meant to come off that way, but that is how I saw it. 

What a great lady she was! She was such a rock for so many people. When Ruby liked you, she would treat you like family and would give you the last penny in her pocket. (and a free cup of coffee). But if she didnt like you, boy, she let you know it. (She slapped Kevin once. Hard!) And she was big on finding the good in people, like Jagger and Liz after a bad first impression. She had a built-in "bs" detector and could see right through most people. She was gruff, but with a heart of gold.

Ruby was at home at the diner dispensing advice in her no-nonsense way. She lent a ear if you needed it (and sometimes if you didnt). She had a colorful background, coming from Florida with Bobbie and Luke, first as a prostitute and then as a madam. In PC, she worked at GH and then took over Kelly's. 

Karen has often mentioned that Aunt Stella would be great as the new proprietor of Kelly's, and I always thought that would be a great idea. The show needs someone to dispense advice, handle exposition and move stories along smoothly. And Aunt Stella, though not a replacement, would be great at talking to everyone who came into the diner and giving people her opinion. (and boy does she have one)

Most of us have an Aunt Ruby in our lives. Someone who is not a blood relative, but we love like a family member. Who we look up to for advice and who love us unconditionally. The world needs more Aunt Rubys.

PS. And since it is Friday, that means it is time for another "Daytime Dilemma"!!!
(click below)

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Have a great Friday everyone! 

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Robert's 80s Reunion

The Wub Tub Time Machine

This scene happened on Night Shift, not on GH. Although I really wish it did air on GH as more people would have seen it. To set the scene, Robert was in a coma at GH and Anna and Robin were at his bedside. Robert then had a dream that he was back in his old townhouse from the 80s. What is remarkable about this is the set design. I swear they had this entire set in storage and just dusted it off. It was so eerie how perfect everything looked. For those of you who watched the show in the 80s, you will agree. 

Robert was being thrown a party and the attendees are all people we remember. Luke, Anna, Robin, Mac, Sean and Tiffany. This episode was much more than just nostalgia and a reunion. There were a lot of tongue-in-cheek jokes, easter eggs, breaking character and flashbacks such as Robert and Anna's wedding and the day Robert met Robin. It was so good to see Sean and Tiffany again. The chemistry was still there with everyone and you can tell the actors were having a ball with this scene. 

Remember when groups of characters actually left the soundstage and went on an adventure? 

If you loved GH in the 80s or any of these characters/actors, you owe it to yourself to see this scene again. And if you havent seen it before, it will be a welcome surprise for you. 

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Monica and Lesley

The Wub Tub Time Machine

Years ago, the soaps had lead actresses who were front and center and carried major storylines. (for example, Susan Lucci, Erica Slezak, Robin Strasser, Jeanne Cooper to name a few). On GH, we had Monica and Lesley. For a good part of the glory days of the 80s, these two actresses simply shined in their performances. Usually they were at each other’s throats (and justifiably so). But they carried their storylines well with their leading men. (often times with several leading men at the same time, but I digress)
To my knowledge, this is the last time Leslie C. and Denise A. were in a scene together. (included in a link below). Lesley was trying to get some information in the hospital computer regarding Luke and Monica caught her.
And it was brilliant.
On several levels and for several reasons. First, this scene brings back 30+ years of nostalgia between the two of them and truly honored history. The writers did their homework and it showed. Second, the backbiting and snide remarks were just spot on between the two of them and totally in character. And, lastly, you could just tell the two actresses truly liked and respected each other off camera and there is admiration between them. (at least I get that...)
The two of them, together and separately have acted in some of the biggest and most memorable storylines on the show. I can go through wikipedia and list dozens of memorable events between the two of them. They are more than just vets and history. We dont have lead actors and actresses anymore. (Go ahead, debate and discuss this, that’s why I threw it out there...). Oh, sure, actors submit their reel in the appropriate category, but the show is more of an ensemble now. Some actors get more air time than others, but overall it does feel more like group effort. At least compared to when the cast was smaller.
When I see the two of them together, it makes me think about the line in “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?” when Bette Davis says “You mean all this time we could have been friends?”

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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

I'm Caroline

The Wub Tub Time Machine

Recasts have always been hit or miss, whether it be on a soap, sitcom or a drama. GH has had its share of recasts, (Lucky, Nikolas, AJ, Frisco for a split second...). One of the most notable has been the character of Carly. Four actresses have played the role. Laura Wright, the current Carly has truly made this character her own. When Carly came to town, she was a vindictive, vengeful girl out for revenge against her mother (Bobbie). Now she is a strong woman and though she has her flaws, she has become a force to be reckoned with. Two of the actresses who played Carly returned to GH in different roles. And although I do enjoy what LW has brought to the role, I will never forget watching live - with no spoilers - the day that Carly squared off with Bobbie and fessed up to her lies and deceit. Sarah nailed the vulnerability in this scene, almost apologizing for all the hate she gave to Bobbie through her voice and mannerisms. And once she realized she wasn't going to get her way, she got defensive again. And Sarah was just perfection throughout. You never knew with Carly if she was manipulating you or if she was genuine. But it was Jackie Z who brought her A game to the table and owned it. She stayed somewhat reserved and “steely” and maintained composure in a scene where Bobbie could have otherwise really laid into Carly and gave her hell. The entire time Bobbie thought that this was just another one of Carly’s stunts until Virginia Benson confirmed it, and then you saw the terror on Bobbie’s face when she realized that Carly really was her daughter after all. This is one of GH’s most memorable scenes. Powerful writing in this scene as well as the acting. Its also a testament to the characters that were created that they are still on the show today and that they grew and evolved into a loving mother/daughter relationship.

PS. There are several links to the scenes. I'm listing the first two. You can just keep watching on Youtube to see everything. I ended up watching about 12 videos from this scene. 

part 1

part 2

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Monday, August 13, 2018

Hello Brother...

Double Your Pleasure

Double Your Fun

Ok, now that I have all of you singing that commercial jingle, I’ll give you some food for thought. Here is a list of Twins on General Hospital. (I am including look-a-likes because, well, you know…close enough)

Drew Cain (Billy Miller) and Jason Morgan (Steve Burton)
Anna Devane and Alex Marrick (Finola Hughes)
Emily Quartermaine and Rebecca Shaw (Natalia Livingston)
Kevin Collins and Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lingstrom)
Carlos and Joe Rivera (Jeffrey Vincent Parise)
Bernie and Benny Abrahms (Richard Fancy)
Manny and Mateo Ruiz (Robert LaSardo)
Nikolas Cassadine and Connor Bishop (Tyler Christopher)

A lot of you are long-time viewers. For those of you who arent, there is a Ryan/Kevin twin storyline brewing right now. This is not something new, it happened decades ago. Some of you speculated it and on Friday it was confirmed. Ryan was the first character on the show, and then they introduced his twin Kevin. Instead of copying and pasting a bunch of wikipedia notes (Ryan kidnapped Felicia, stole Georgie, there was a bomb at a wedding... you know, typical everyday stuff) I am going to include a link to a recent article. It is very well done, concise and to the point and will fill you in if you weren’t around when this started, or if you forget a little of the details. 

I am totally on board with this storyline, for several reasons. 
  1. With Nelle gone (or at least going…) we need a good villain and Ryan definitely fits the bill. 
  2. Jon Lingstrom is a fantastic actor and has proven himself over the years to bring the best he has to his performances, especially when it is a dual role.
  3. All those complaints about the show not using Vets can be put to rest. Here you will not only have Jon, but I assume Genie (Laura), Kristina (Felicia), John (Mac) and since this involves Kevin, there is always a good chance Lynn (Lucy) will be on board. This is a great collection of Veterans and formidable actors who have continued to shine over the years. Now the writers need to give them a great storyline and let them run with it.
  4. We have to wonder at what point the Ryan/Kevin swap took place, if it did at all. Was it before he married Laura? After? While Laura was in town or after she left? How long has this been in place? Who is the doctor and who is the patient? What are Ryan’s motives? What is his endgame? Who is involved and who will be affected in the future? 
Here is Ryan’s supposed death. GH always did love their explosions, didn’t they?

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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Sunday Bactine Spray

I’m going to be interning for Karen during her vacation. Since I am not as experienced as she is with Surgery, I can only offer Bactine Spray. Does everyone remember scraping their elbow when they were kids and their mother getting out the Bactine Spray and saying “this is not going to sting at all” and then she sprayed it and it was the worst pain you ever experienced and you screamed and cried? I did. I couldnt wait until I was a parent and could do that to my kids. Do they even still make it? 

What I intend on doing is keeping the blog open and available for everyone, everyday. I live in Vegas and work everyday and do not get to watch the show until late at night (the days that I do). With the time zone difference, I cannot conceivably post a blog recapping the show and offering comments until after 10pm Eastern time. This scenario doesn't serve anyone. Agreed? This is my game plan: Every morning before work (around 9am eastern / 6am pacific) I will open a new “portal” for everyone to use. At your convenience you can jump in the Wub Tub and post your recaps and comments throughout the day. 

I am also going to activate the “Wub Tub Time Machine”. (not to be confused with the Hot Tub Time Machine) This is where I will fill the blog with a particular memory or scene from the past 41 years that I have been watching this show. For most of you, it will be something familiar that you have already seen. If not, it will be a good chance to check it out and see something new. I hope to bring back some memories of days gone by that made this show special to me and has me still watching to this day. Plus, this will give you something to talk about and comment on if it is a boring show day. 

Oh, since it is Sunday and I know Karen always does a food suggestion, I am feasting on a toasted egg bagel with cream cheese and fresh lox. I miss east coast food more than anything. Yes, we have buffets here in Vegas, but you simply cannot get a decent pizza, cheesesteak or italian sausage sandwich with peppers and onions out here. Nowhere. But I did find a NY Style deli and on weekends I like to get my egg bagel with the lox and cream cheese. Probably the only thing out here that reminds me of home (Jersey).

For better or worse, I will see all of you tomorrow. Enjoy your Sunday.