Sunday, September 22, 2019

Sunday Surgery: Meet Me in St. Louie

If you come with me, I promise to lose this accent. 

Well, I managed to watch the show for a full week. Yes, I missed a blog but I did watch the ep I missed !!
Was the week worth the watch? You decide! 

Since I'm back home, doing my normal routine I'm just having an espresso. I need it. 

Friday, September 20, 2019

Get Your Guard Up

Sonny left the trial early because he "couldn't stand to look at Shiloh's face"

Carly's trying to get Dev into boarding school I think lol --Bobbie comes into the kitchen. About damn time. Carly tells her she's having a C-section. Bobbie is like WHAT? God I'm so pissed Carly hasn't told Bobbie about the baby yet.
Bobbie talks about the baby...says "Well, if anything was wrong we'd know by now" 

Carly is going to tell her and SONNY walks in. Carly then says they know the gender but didn't want to tell anyone. SERIOUSLY????
Bobbie leaves. CARLY yaps on and on about Dev going to boarding school. Sonny isn't happy-- Carly says it's not good for them all, especially making Joss lie. OMG! Sonny tells her 'maybe it's better if Joss moves in with Jax for awhile" ahahahahaa OMG! Guess he doesn't hate Jax so much, huh?? Carly yells at him... THAT'S NOT GONNA HAPPEN! 

Dev is having a study sess with Joss at Kelly's. He's sad because he overheard CarSon talking about him. Sonny comes over, tells them to take a break from homework. Joss wants to finish before the weekend. She talks to Dev about Oscar. They talk about home. 
Joss leaves
Dev googles 'how to get to Montreal" 

Maxie and Lulu have lunch. Peter comes in to interrupt the fun. Lulu wants to do her crime beat again on the paper, not the pet section. He will help her.  Lulu realizes that Maxie wants to start her own mag. Maxie says it has to be online-- and she has a ton of ideas but she doesn't want to leave Crimson right now. 

Peter talks to the goonie guy who I think is clean shaven now and posing as a guard? I think he is. 

Shiloh takes the stand. He says he's a founder, not the leader of DOD. It's a community service agency.  Talks about Krissy and Sam's motives for going to DOD.  Talks about Sam's past with his Daddy. Yada, Yada...
The goonie guy goes with Shiloh and the real guard to the jail.
Shiloh escapes. 

END:  Bobbie is stopped by the police, but it's Shiloh
Joss thinks the boarding school info is for HER

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Wubs Wonders...

WUBSY's gonna miss me today!! 

So Tuesdays and Thursdays are my nightmare days. Three-year-olds coming for me from 9-2 and I can't do GH live. Ergo, blog may be late or no blog those days at all. 

BUT! I'm going to use today to ask you some opinions you may have on the current happenings!

1. Is Liz justified in locking up "DrewCo" or should have have free will even tho his mind is a mess? 

2. Do you think Kim will be pregnant? 

3. Pick the month you think it will be revealed that Hayden/Finn have a daughter.

4. Do you feel badly for Brad at all? 

5. What should Ava's story be? 

Ok that's enough for today! Answer some or all...

See you tomorrow! 

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Teacher Teacher


So..DrewCoKim are at the door, talking, Kim opens it but doesn't see Liz in the hall. Liz sees everything tho. DrewCo says he loves Kim 'probably now more than ever". He says he's sorry to Liz but he's leaving. 
Kim and Liz are alone. Liz notices the blankets and mess. "You slept with my husband"??
Kim is like, he's not Franco, in mind and heart he's Drew. Liz hauls off and smacks her. Heh. Liz says Kim took advantage of Franco-- Kim says nope, he's Drew and we both wanted it. "Franco's gone, and he's not coming back, just like Oscar"..

Jason and Sonny at the Metro Bar... they figure that someone wanted Maddox and Drew dead. Jason pulls out a sketch. Jump to docks, he's with Peter getting paid off. QUITE HANDSOME for a goonie. 
Jason gets a  call from Shank from Jail. HE tells Jason to read the Intruder tomorrow and Peter August did the article. "I think he's trying to tell me something"....They discuss whether Peter is good..or bad. Sonny suggests they ask Maxie and Lulu. LOL !! 

Maxie and Lulu talking about Dustin at the Metro Bar.  Maxie's mouth runs a mile a minute but Lulu shuts her up by saying she had sex with Dusty already  lol.  She tells her Curtis and her mom walked in. Maxie is laughing. Lulu feels badly because she's only been divorced for a "hot minute" . Maxie says to shut up, it's fine. 

Jason asks about Peter. Maxie's like : "he's a good guy now". 

Cam and Joss talk about Volleyball practice but she wants to talk about Oscar.  Cam listens, then she asks how he's doing. He says he spent too much time hating on Franco...and now he's gone. Joss goes in to order. Sees "Mr. Phillips"--Dustin. He says hello, I'm just reading your essay.  He says it was good but he was left "wanting more". Hmmmmm, it was weird...ooky weird. Was it? Or was it just me?? 

Franco comes by. Wants to talk to Cam. Cam's hair is got it's own wave thing going today lol. geesh.  Franco says he's sorry about not being the man he wants him to be and he's leaving PC. Cam wants to tell him about Franco.  Says he was a great guy and if it wasn't for him, "Drew" would be in his body now. 

Peter visits Shank in jail. Shank tells him he called Jason Morgan to put Peter on 'his radar' because he's not out of jail yet. 
Peter is going to speed things up. 

Kim and DrewCo on the docks, they are going to leave together. Men in white coats run out and inject Franco and drag him off to Ferncliff. Kim's frantic, calls 911. Liz walks out "I did this, you gave me no choice"
Peter wants the goon to kill Shiloh
Spinelli is on tomorrow 

Tuesday, September 17, 2019


Drew and Kim kiss...and more!!

Liz discusses the pros and cons of Franco's memory thing with Maddox and Finn. Only 4 things can happen, only one good but she thinks Franco would want his memories back. 
Chase tells Liz that Drew's search has gone from "rescue" to "recovery". Liz finds out Franco has his ankle monitor off and Chase says he's at Kim's house. Ut Oh...

Kim and Drew are in bed, after-glowing. 

Nina and Val set up Sasha at the Metro. Spoon Island is "too far away"... Nina goes out to get supplies and Vaentin tells Sasha to cool it with the truth. He's yelling at her under his breath. Nina walks back in. 

Michael talks to Chase. Willow tells them they are considering her for the pediatric teaching position at GH. Guess a tutor thing for sick kids. She notices Michael is mopey. Chase leaves. Why is Michael sad?? wahhh. She wants to know what's wrong.  She tells him forgiveness is the way to go. 

Then, just as Sashsa is going to tell Nina the truth, Michael knocks on the door.  He wants to APOLOGIZE TO HER!! Um, okay?  He thinks that he was triggered because of what Nelle did but Sasha wasn't like Nelle. 

Nina and Val go down to the bar..Dr. O is there. Nina asks Lesil to walk her down the aisle. 

Cassandra is in the closet on the Haunted Star... Curtis opens it and she has a gun. Tells him to tie up Laura and he together. She's looking for the Cassadine document too.  Curtis ties up he and Laura...they talk ..blah blah, then Curtis gets free, lunges at Cassie and the gun goes off.  Oh, no one is shot. Cassie gets tied up-- and Laura calls the PCPD. 
They get to the PCPD but Cassandra wants to talk to Laura alone. Cassie says she can bury Valentin Cassadine once and for all if Laura drops the charges. 

Brad and Julian..Julian couldn't go through with killing Dr. O. YEAH!! SHE LIVES!! 

NOTE: Sam from OLTL is on as the boyscout again, he just got his tonsils out. He wants to help other kids be brave. Finn and Willow talk to him. 
Willow gets the job as teacher for GH 

END: Franco wants Kim to come with him when he leaves. 
Liz is at the door and doesn't knock yet. 
Cassandra calls Valentin from the PCPD. 

Monday, September 16, 2019

Give me the LUSTIN!!

Lulu has fantablous SEX and HER MOTHER WALKS in with Curtis! LOL . I love Lustin already. Laura and Curtis leave. 

Curtis and Laura are great for escapades together. Good pair. Curtis tells her he'll find out anything she wants to know about Dustin.
Lulu walks out to find Laura and says it's none of their business if she's moving on. Laura agrees. Lulu tries to figure out what they are doing on board. They hedge and dance around the reason.  

Kim and DrewCo-- Franco still has that weird accent --it's a diphthong thing says your resident speech path. Kim's packing. 
"I'm way more Drew Cain than that other guy, he didn't even know you"!! 
Oh, Kim's going to fall for this!! lol 
He finds a snowglobe "he" bought for her. 
Chase comes over to Kim's. He says that the charges were dropped for Franco due to the circumstances.  He takes off the ankle bracelet.
DrewCo says he's free to do whatever--even go to San Diego with her. She says nope. 

Oh! So Sasha is going to be The Face of Deception. Glad they are bringing this back.  Dr. O needles Valentin about Sasha getting famous and her history being explored to the "T". Val tries to tell Nina it might not be a good idea but she's all over it. 

Dr. O scares Brad. She wants a favor. "reunite me with my daughter".  He says she'll reach out when she wants to. Julian overhears Dr. O threaten Brad. 
He goes out to tamper with Dr O's car. Her license plate says DR. O!! ahahhahaha!!
Julian DON'T DO IT!!  Looks like he's going to cut the break line? 

Sasha and Mihcael.. she's going to tell him "the truth"?? Oh, she does say "I'm not Nina's daughter"..hmmmm will he not "GET" it? She tells him she needed money for her grandmother's operation and the offer to play Nina's daughter came at the right time. "I looked like her" (AHAHAAHA well, you USED TO).  She tells Michael it was Valentin that did it all. 
Her grandmother ended up dying after the operation--then she got close to Nina and couldn't tell her. She met Michael and got selfish. 
Nina comes in and asks what is wrong. Michael says "nothing, we are done". 
Nina says Michael's a jerk for leaving her, they are going to put Sasha up in The Metro. 

END:Not sure if  Julian did or did NOT tamper with the brakes. Couldn't tell.  Kim kisses Franco just about when he's going to leave.

Wubs Writes GH

Title: "One More" 

Single Camera--continuous shot. 
Music: one piano note over and over (if you've seen The Favourite, you'll understand)

Setting:  Corridors of Wyndemere...

Dr. O carries a candle. She's dressed in an off white old fashioned sleeping flying behind her. She hurries through the maze that is Wyndermere, pausing now and then to listen. The single piano note plays over and over. She reaches a door...pushes it open..

Lesil: (sets down candle--crosses to other corner, pushes a button...door slides open). 

Helena: (dressed in  her white Ermine fur)  Finally!  How long does one need to come down 3 fights of stairs?

Lesil: I got heres as soon az I could.. you know Valentin..haz to have brandy after dinner.

Helena:  Do they suspect?

Lesil: Happy to say, not in zah least! 

Helena: Ah, working with the ignorant is such a pleasure. 

Lesil: I trust your flight and accommodations were up to your standards? 

Helena: (leans in...whispers) I may owe you my life but I don't owe you anything else, certainly not conversation, understood? 

Lesil: Yes.. understood. 

Helena: Where are they? 

Lesil: Scattered around per your instructions. 

Helena: Are we ready then? 

Lesil: (smiles)  Oh, we are ready...but is Port Charles? 

Helena glances out the window and pushes back the curtain...scans the dark night sky....

Montage Song:  (this is important) 

Cut to Franco walking down a road (a read road--outside) under the lit moon.. he looks up.... tilts his head....shakes it slightly and keeps walking. 

Jason rises from Sam's bed and goes out to the balcony. Stares up at the sky....puts his hands on the rail leans in... 

Peter is sitting in a chair, staring out a window with a drink in his hand.  Takes a swig... looks up at the ceiling....

Cut back to Wyndemere.... (Song still playing) 

Lesil: They all have no clue... 

Helena: (Laughs) Let My Games...Begin.... 

Montage shot of Peter, Franco and Jason----staring into the camera while song fades out. 

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Sunday Surgery: It's All Greek To Me! Part TWO

I tell yous Brad, dis story is still not going to end soon! 

Hello! I'm back-- what a week. Going away that far, and to a country where you've never heard the language OR know the alphabet is --well, different. I was overwhelmed by most of it when I first arrived. Usually when I travel one of my fave things to do is go grocery shopping because grocery stores are so diverse and I just love looking at all the products and cool neat new things. In Greece, it was VERY different! Some things were in English but most were not. The store I was in was also crowded and not being able to talk to people was also disconcerting. BUT! By the time I left I was ok and could relax more when in Athens. (Tourist area so... they were used to people looking confused!!) 

Temple of Poseidon-- we saw Helena behind a pillar!!

I watched ZERO television other than a Spanish Soap Opera dubbed in Greek (hilarious). I haven't seen GH-- so I thought I'd do a fly-by and see what I can muster up by just looking at photos.

OH! Other than my Sister In Law's Moussaka (to die for) fave thing I ate in Greece was-- Watermelon!! I am not even joking. I love watermelon..and have been eating it since I was a little kid. I don't know what they do to them there but damn, the best ever. Wowza. 

Friday, September 13, 2019

Welcome Back, Karen!

To celebrate Karen's return from Greece:

29 Fascinating Facts About "Grease" (1978)

1. The 1978 film was based on the 1972 Broadway musical of the same name, which originally ran for 3,388 performances and has since been revived twice on Broadway and a live TV version on Fox. 
2. Several changes were made for the big-screen adaptation—the "Burger Palace Boys," as the greasers were called in the Broadway show, were changed to the much catchier "T-Birds" in the movie.

3. Originally, producers had the idea to make Grease an animated movie—they settled on a live-action film with animated opening credits instead.
4. Four Grease film stars also appeared in the Broadway production: John Travolta (Doody on Broadway and Danny in the movie), Jeff Conaway (Danny on Broadway and Kenickie in the movie), Barry Pearl (Sonny on Broadway and Doody in the movie) and Jamie Donnelly (Jan on Broadway and in the movie).
5. The majority of the cast hadn’t seen the inside of a high school in quite a while: John Travolta was 23 at the time of filming, Olivia Newton-John was 28 and Stockard Channing was 33.

6. Henry Winkler was considered for the part of Danny but he turned it down because he didn’t want to be typecast after starring on Happy Days.
7. Linda Ronstadt, Marie Osmond, Susan Dey and Deborah Raffin were all considered for the role of Sandy. Marie Osmond said the script she turned down was much raunchier than what was filmed. When Olivia was cast, the character was changed from Sandra Dumbrowski to Sandy Olsen to accommodate the singer's Australian accent. 

8. John Travolta was initially star struck by Olivia Newton-John—he went to her house to convince her to co-star in the movie and was very impressed that she had a pool.

9. Elvis Presley was originally offered the role of Teen Angel, but he turned it down. It was played by Frankie Avalon in the movie.
10. Another Elvis connection: In the stage version, “Look at Me, I’m Sandra Dee” had a reference to Sal Mineo, but he was murdered in 1976, so the reference was changed to Elvis for the film. Elvis died on August 16, 1977, the same day the scene was filmed.

11. Dinah Manoff, who played Marty, couldn’t dance, so she was conveniently missing from most of the dance scenes.

12. Lucie Arnaz was the studio’s original choice for Rizzo. Reportedly when Allan Carr told Lucille Ball he wanted Lucie to do a screen test, she refused.
13. Gerald Ford’s son Steven was initially cast as Sandy’s jock boyfriend Tom, but even though the part had no lines, he decided he was too nervous. The role went to Lorenzo Lamas instead. Steven went on to star in the Young and the Restless as well as many movies. 
14. During the movie’s shoot, the cast reportedly chewed 100,000 pieces of bubble gum.

15. The hickeys on Rizzo’s neck in the diner scene were authentic, given to Stockard Channing by Jeff Conaway, who played Kenickie. Talk about method acting!
16. The song “Greased Lighting” was originally supposed to be sung by Jeff Conaway, but John Travolta convinced producers to let him sing it instead.

17. John Travolta was disappointed when the last shot of the song “Sandy” ended with a cartoon hot dog jumping into a bun. “He wanted a close-up [on him],” director Randall Kleiser told The New York Post. “But that hot dog was fantastic. I didn’t want to shoot the close-up because I loved the hot dog. That was a battle, but I won.”

18. Although he was taller than John Travolta, Jeff Conaway slouched when he was filmed with the star so he would appear taller.
19. Most of the dancers had character names like Sauce, Trix, Cee Cee, Woppo and Bubba, even though they were never used in the movie.
20. It was 116 degrees during the filming of the Rydell prom scene, which took two weeks to film in a downtown Los Angeles gymnasium. Several extras were treated for heat-related illnesses.
21. The late Annette Charles (Cha Cha), who had been in the hospital undergoing tests for pain, checked herself out to film the drag race scene. That night, she was rushed into surgery for an ectopic pregnancy.

22. The producers had hoped for a product placement deal with Coke, but it fell through. There are several shots of Coca-Cola products and signs in the scenes taking place in the Frosty Palace that had to be blurred out or digitally removed.

23. After the success of the movie, Paramount had plans for a Grease franchise, featuring three more movies and a TV series. But when Grease 2 flopped in 1982, these plans were put on hold.
24. Randall Kleiser originally wanted to direct the song “It’s Raining on Prom Night” as a Singin’ in the Rain-esque sequence with Sandy, but that was vetoed in favor of a new ballad, “Hopelessly Devoted to You.”
25. The actors behaved almost like real high-school students on set. "We were so bad," Susan Buckner, who played Patty Simcox, told People. "Almost everybody would come in two, three hours late. They had to bring us all in and give us a lecture."
26. Jamie Donnelly had prematurely grey hair, so she had to dye it black to play Jan.
27. Jeff Conway (Kenickie), later married Rona Newton-John, Olivia’s sister. They both passed away; Jeff in 2011 and Rona in 2013. 
28. Grease only cost $6 million to make, but has taken in $400 million internationally to date, making it the highest-grossing movie musical of all time.

29. According to her autobiography, Adrienne Barbeau, the original Rizzo from the Broadway show, didn’t audition for the movie because, at 32, she assumed she was too old to play a high school senior. When 33-year-old Stockard Channing was cast, Adrienne was so disappointed, she couldn’t bring herself to see the movie for decades. She did hear the soundtrack, however, and stated that she didn’t like the jazzy arrangement for “There Are Worse Things I Could Do,” preferring the simpler version from the play. We were lucky to get her on GH in 2010! 

This is the blog for Friday. Please feel free to comment on the show and anything else.

PS. This is it for me for awhile. The queen arrives at midnight.
(Sounds like some secret code phrase, doesn't it?)
I am sure she will have something cooked up for Sunday Surgery.
Thanks as always for welcoming me into your backyard!

Thursday, September 12, 2019

All Greek to Me!!

I'm trying to post from my phone and I have no idea if it will work!!!
Greece is amazing, friendly and FULL of food. I'll write more when I get back. Here are a few photos of my adventure and the wedding.