Monday, July 6, 2020

2008: Mobular Warehouse action

Megan Ward as Kate. Old Michael. 
Claudia, Johnny Z and Trevor Lansing. 


Oh this is where Michael gets shot in the head! Hmmmmm, middle of the Guza blood-bath years? 

Liz and Robin talking about Jason. OMG, Becky looks EXACTLY like she did in March. That girl does not age. Dang. 

Jax and Carly. Carly is STILL just running her mouth. ugh 

Luke and Lulu at the Haunted Star.

Claudia runs into Jerry Jax at The Metro. 

Michael is shot ... will be in a coma, then SORA'd. 

Yeah, mob talk.  I did not like this year of GH. BoRINg 

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Just a 2020 WUB

 Charlie's Bar... 

Julian:  We open at 5pm and I have masks for everyone right here... 
Krissy: Um, I'm not wearing this. 
Julian: Why? 
Krissy: It literally says "Maple Syrup saves Lives" 
Julian: SO? 
Ava: Julian.. you know it's bleach now... (sips martini) or..maybe Lysol. I'm not sure. 
Julian: Ava, put your mask on
Ava: All right, All right.. here. See? It's a Franco original.
Julian:  (squints) that the Leftist sign for...
Ava: Sure is! 
Door opens
Alexis: (rushes in) OMG you don't have one of these in YOUR WINDOW AND I DEMAND IT NOW! (waves paper)
Ava: Um, Alexis, is that a gas mask??
Alexis: Can't be too careful! SO WHAT'S THE DEAL JULIAN, DON'T YOU CARE? Black Lives MATTER! GET IT UP in this PUB!!
Julian:  I have one right on the door! Along with a pride flag...and a trans flag! 
Ava: That's what SHE said... 
Krissy: Oh My GOD Mom.. do you really need "I'll kill your redneck ass" shirt on? 
Alexis: Damn straight. Idiots. Oh wait, speaking of...
Jax: G'Day! 
Julian: Hey, put a mask on, pal. 
Jax: No, I don't think so, it's my right not to wear one. 
Ava: (looks him up and down) are you even an American? 
Jax: Doesn't matter, it's pointless anyway... they don't work.. 
Alexis: (gets out her phone) OH I'M GOING TO SHOW YOU ALLLLLL THE DATA! 
Jax: Look, I don't want any trouble.. just wondered if I could sell these here..
Julian: (takes box)..wait a minute..
Krissy: Um.. (holds up a tropical print) These are..MASKS. 
Jax:  That's right! Big sellers right now.. how many boxes you want?
Julian: GET OUT! 
Door Opens 
Sonny: Don't let that hit you in the ass, Candy-Boy 
Julian: Oh what the hell.. Sonny, it's my first day open, I don't need you around here being  pain
Alexis: Is your mask Al Pacino's face? 
Sonny: One and ONLY!  Listen, Julian...I need somethin' 
Ava: Hi Sonny... 
Sonny: Shut up, Ava... Julian I can't get your coffee this week because our imports are being strangled by customs..
Julian: So what? 
Sonny: I want my money anyway because Carly and I are going to Bezo's house next week and I need cash. 
Julian: They shut down your island? 
Alexis: yeah, I saw some arrests come out...need a lawyer? 
Sonny: Just get my dough ready, Jerome, I'll be back. 
Ava: EESH, you know he's up to his eyeballs in that situation.... 
Sonny: I'm in the process of getting ventilators for the hospital and literally saving this town so you know...
Everyone: Yeah, you'll be featured in 90% of the shows coming up... 
Jason walks in...Stares.
Julian: Um...Sonny, your dog is here
Jason: Blink Stare
Sonny: Wha ?? 
Jason: We got a situation... 
Sonny: And? 
Jason: Carly is freaking out because Mayor Webber is going to paint "Black Lives Matter" on the street in front of the hotel. 
Sonny: (eyeroll) Seriously? 
Sonny: Is it bad? 
Jason: She's eating all the cake she can get her hands on..
Sonny: Let's go... 
Lucas: (walks in, drunk) HAPPY PRIDE MONTH!! How ya doin? My husband is in jail.. I have nothing and I think I got COVID from a patient yesterday...
Ava: Um, you think we should tell him it's July? 
Julian: OUT! GET OUT!! Kristina, wipe down the door and  where his feet have been!! General Hospital: 

Liz: (on phone) Well, we have the patients comfortable and things are pretty quiet, Gran..thanks for taking care of the boys for months and doing their Zoom schooling. Where would I be without you?? 
Felix: I'm tired, girl.. I've been here three weeks straight. I get called in to do the Nurses Ball and I am. 
Liz: It's awful they aren't having it this year.
Lucy: You bet your bottom it's awful! 
Liz: Lucy! What are you doing here? Personnel only! 
Lucy: Oh, that doesn't apply to me, silly.. 
Felix: Um, yes, it really does. 
Lucy: Oh you're just joking... that sore throat I had yesterday is completely gone! 
Liz: You're going to need to come with us... 
Finn: (comes around corner, holding 2 swabs) Already ON IT! 
Lucy: (runs) 

At the Corinthos: 

Trina: (watching her phone) Oh my God, but Claudia Conway is hysterical... 
Dev: I don't think that's appropriate content for us to be viewing! 
Joss: :eyeroll: Oh, Dev, go watch Hamilton again.. 
Dev: Yes, it is now on Disney Plus and is my ticket to learning about American history..thanks Josslyn, daughter of Sonny. 
Cam: What do you have to eat around here? 
Joss: I don't know, mom always has Cheetos in the pantry..
Trina and Cam catch each other's eyes... laugh..
Joss: What's so funny???
Cam: Oh, nothing... laughs harder
Trina: Well, we decided your mom is the biggest KAREN in town!! 
Joss: Oh HA HA... don't you think I don't know that!!? Oh my GOD...
Trina: What??
Joss: LOOK! (shows her phone)
Trina: Girl, I'm going to just faint. 
Cam: What.. I um.. Kanye is running for president? What!!? This can't be true
Joss: But it is, Cam.. 
Dev (pops back in) Does that mean I can cast my vote for The Yezzy in November? 

At the Quartermaines: 

Ned: Oh, the stock market is looking fine! Just fine... 
Michael: Of course it is, we are on the right track! I'm feeling pretty good about my haircut and all that investment in the Hydrocholorquinine... 
Olivia: You believe in that hooey? 
Michael: Doesn't matter, we made 5 million on it just in the last.. um.. (looks at Apple Watch) 20 minutes. 
Olivia: (eyes narrow) Look, I'm hungry, anyone want to order from The Rib? 
Ned: Where's Cook 2? 
Olivia: Oh, she got those brain amoebas last week, she's at GH 
Ned: Well, ok, but don't use Grub Hub, they are the worst. 
Willow: Hey... I just got in from outside and... there is something really wrong in the rose garden. 
Olivia: Lila's roses! What about them? 
Willow: I don't know but I saw some really big hornets out there. Like the size of my thumb!

Sunday Surgery: Scheduling

Hello! Happy 4th weekend! Remember when GH was so into Independence Day? We always had a picnic in the park with everyone there.  

Next week on GH the episodes will feature Michael and Kristina according to Daytime Confidential.   The episodes range from 2008-2016.  Monday is a day when Michael (Dylan Cash) is shot and Claudia Z is on so I will probably watch then if I can. (That's the 2008 ep). If you want full details, hit the link. 

It's been strange getting off of work and not diving into GH like I usually do! I try to watch 1 or 2 episodes a week but I'm not really interested. With CA going backwards in the re-opening we have to wonder if the cast/crew will be back mid July? 

Meanwhile, I'm watching The Great on Hulu and Unsolved Mysteries (reboot) on Netflix. if 2020 isn't nutty enough, Kanye is supposedly thinking he can run for POTUS. This year. 

Anyone else just exhausted? 

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

GH "Schedule" Released

This is it according to TV Source Magazine. I guess they really might just stop trying? I mean? Who wants to see these?? 

I know Ratings have been low low...but at least you could tune in and see old characters and such. I'm also concerned that their Mid-July return to filming may not happen because of the increase in cases in California. 
Ugh, Mess. 

Today's show is the Kristina/Sonny therapy session. air date: June 2, 2010 

Here's hoping they change their minds on this: 

General Hospital episodes tentatively set to air July 13-17 are not themed. Though **SUBJECT TO CHANGE**, the plan is to re-air episodes 14532, 14533, 14533A, 14534 and 14535 which originally aired 5/6/20, 5/7/20, 5/11/20, 5/12/20 and 5/13/20.

Monday, June 29, 2020

Baby Josslyn


Josslyn's christening... Michael #2 (not Chad), young Morgan. LADY JANE! And baby Joss..aww.. Lady Jane got Josslyn a Maple tree for a present. Mercedes mention! 

Ronnie is on with Dante...they both met Alberta in Toronto.  They call Dante Dominick-- because he's undercover. LOL

OG Lulu with JJ's Lucky. 

Luke and Liz talking about her being with Nikolas.  She is sad she cheated on Lucky.

Oh, Ethan's on!! Robin and Patrick!  

Johnny Z!! 

This is the one Sonny SHOT his own SON! 
Great ending with the church vs Sonny 

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Sunday Surgery: Fill in the Blank

I WATCHED GH __________________ Times this week. 


Monday: Sonny shoots Dante (airdate 1/2010)
Tuesday: Sonny and Krissy go to therapy (airdate 7/2010)
Wednesday: Michael confronts Sonny about killing his father (11/14)
Thursday: Michael "Gives Avery back to Sonny"? (6/15)
Friday:  Sonny saves Morgan from jumping (2/16) 

Source: She Knows Soaps 

Looks like the week after that it's Sonny-Centric yet again. 

GH  is set to resume filming in mid-July. With numbers rising in CA, this may not hold ?

Have a good one! 

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Daytime Emmys

Were "on" CBS this year. I didn't watch for reasons of my own. Who won? Young and the Restless for Daytime Drama, Tamara Braun for Supporting Actress, Jason Thompson for Actor, Heather Tom for Actress and  GH got the direction Emmy.  

Tamara posted that nice message. No mention of Billy tho. LOL 

The sheer fact that neither Maura West or Finola won Best Actress? Another reason I don't watch anymore. Jon Linstrom lost to Jason Thompson (which I hear was deserved I guess) and guest actor went to Eva LaRue 

Here's a link to all the Winners: DEADLINE 

2008: Mobular Warehouse action

Megan Ward as Kate. Old Michael.  Claudia, Johnny Z and Trevor Lansing.  Max... Oh this is where Michael gets shot in the head! Hmmmmm, midd...