Saturday, June 15, 2019


A new Prime Time Old-School Soap to sink your teeth into!! Ambitions premieres on OWN this June 18th at 10 pm.  Why is this such an exciting deal?  Daytime Confidential's Jamey Giddens created and produced this gem, which is sure to make every fan of the genre clap for joy. If you've ever listened to DC's podcasts, you've heard his wit and banter. Jamey has always had great ideas for soaps (see The Rich and the Ruthless)  so I'm thrilled this has come to fulfillment for him!! Hit the link to listen to the shows creators dish on the new series.  Another soapy link? Michele Val Jean (Generations, Santa Barbara, General Hospital and Bold and Beautiful) is also a consulting producer. 

"One second you're having the best sex of your life, the next  you want to kill him"-
Stephanie Lancaster 

Starring Robin Givens and also produced by Will Packer, Ambitions promises to be one sexy, devious and juicy hour of TV.   Givens plays Stephanie Carlisle, wife of theMayor of Atlanta (portrayed by Brian White), who dreams of heading her families' law firm.  Political and personal intrigue surround the drama.  (as does sex, lies and crimes!!) 

From Soap Opera Digest--June Issue 

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Friday, June 14, 2019

Flashback Friday Fun; ANSWERS REVEALED!!

My parents are here giving me tender love and care-- so I won't be blogging. Not in the mood much anyway!! 

So, here are some trivia questions for you to answer. Hopefully not TOO google-able so they are a bit of a challenge: 

1. Who wrote Lila's Memoir and...what did Lucy Coe give them to help the writing process? (Hint: It hung from the ceiling) --
Felicia and she pronounced it "MEM-WAH" all the time. lol 
A Pyramid. Yes, Spiritual "Energy" Pyramids were all the rage then. Lucy of course, knew all about them! It hung over Felicia's desk at the old Scorpio/Webber home.

2. What did Jerry Jacks give Bobbie Spencer because she loved eating them so much? (this was the first Jerry-- not the mean second!!) 
A "Bouquet" of red licorice. When he first left the show, a long jar of the candy arrived at the nurses' station for Bobbie to remind her of their relationship. 

3. Who was this character on GH? Who was she involved with? She was one of my faves!! 

Venus..."V" who was with Jax for a time. I really loved Lisa's portrayal of her as a sassy and fun non-traditional soapy gal. 

4. What was the name of the other bar in Port Charles besides the Floating Rib? (which was more of a restaurant??)  Hint: BB is in the title. 

Quite a few knew this!! Bucket O' Blood . It existed around the time of Jimmy Lee Holt, Jake Meyer and Grant Putnam. 

5. Finally, what was on the necklace Johnny gave Lulu as their 1 year "anniversary gift"?? 

Lightning Bolt. 

ANSWERS posted tomorrow!! Hope today is a good show.. 

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Smidgen of Today

Lulu's on a date..doing her story. This is weird. 

Sonny has to be in on the whole Wiley thing, because SONNY.  Sonny dogs on Julian. Of course.  Sonny shouldn't be in this part of the story. I swear to god every other character has a back burner once and awhile but damn. I mean, Even Tony Geary took time off. 

Nelle and Ryan.  She's telling him she hates Carly.

Carly's mouth is blabbin about Ava--and why she doesn't want to have her on the cover. Chewing scenery all over hell. 

That's all I can do today, sorry.. I'm too out of it. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

PHEW. Painkiller Bloggin

I'd put a pic up of my nose but it's too gruesome. Just know I almost took off the entire end. I have to see the plastic surgeon Monday to see if I need it operated on. I'm not in a lot of pain because it was low enough it didn't get the bone. 
thanks for all your well wishes.!

Yesterday's Show:  Why the FK would Shank be calling the hospitals at a RESTAURANT. WHY. Oh, I guess so Sam could see him.
He's so smarmy when he goes to get records for Willow, that chick is right where he wants her. 

Willow: Her classroom is crowd-central--except for the kids. So they show Dr. Neal-- and then Willow talks about her Dad-- so you'd think it was him. BUT he saw her talk to Krissy at the cabin, right??? and Wills says her dad passed away. Maybe he got plastic surgery to hide his identity.  Plus, Harmony could have lied about her dad killing himself. 

They remembered Krissy is a widow! Holy crapolla. She married that Trey guy when she was doing Mob Princess.  She was a different actress then--remember that??! 

Sam and Jason talking about Franco. With all the recon they did on Franco, they drag this up? PLUS I can't FREAKING HEAR Kelly FS . Also, did they swank up Charlies?? With the wine on the table.. yada yada. 


Where am I?
Why am I in pain?

LOL!! Finn is like: "Um, that would be where we removed your kidney"!! AHAHAHA 

Jordan's Room: OMG-- so she wants to talk to RYAN to find out why he was so agreeable to Stella. Kevin says he's in a coma and she can't. She's like, um, get me up. Everyone is out in the hall. Valerie says that Ryan is awake. Curtis looks sheepish. Everyone is looking all over-- lol. 

Valerie says: Ryan is talking crazy, saying he never consented. Kevin "thinks' he'll try to use an insanity plea and say that he doesn't remember anything. Stella is like: he's fooling because TJ and I saw him sign that paper. 

Meanwhile, Ryan is trying to figure out how they got the kidney out. Finn's like "Don't you remember? Stella talked you into it" . The truth dawns on Ryan: Oh my god! It was KEVIN! YOU AND KEVIN conspired to STEAL MY KIDNEY! 

Jordan calls Chase about this whole thing. Says she wants him to keep it quiet. BLOOP! 

LATER: The whole story comes out. Jordan explains what she thought happened to Curtis. It's shown in black and white and DONE SO WELL. Liz, Franco, Valerie-- Kevin and Curtis. They met with Curtis. Finn gave him the drug..he went into a seizure.. they took him to Franco's art room (he told everyone it was a toxic spill and cancelled all his appointments). Liz redirected the custodians. Val was the look out. 
At the end, Jordan said she's not going to look for proof this all happened because if she knew who the ring leader was "he'd leave no proof".  

Ryan says "I will GET EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU... No jail can hold me. I will come and find you"..
Finn: You know what?? You sound crazy... 


THEN!! Someone comes in Ryan's room after Finn leaves-and they show her in the promo, it's NELLE!! 

They climbed that mountain quick! lol Kim faints. She's disoriented
So. Joss is texting Oscar... just to say "I miss you"..someone answers. Turns out to be Drew. He says that Oscar is on the summit, resting and they are thinking of her.
THEN Kim sees Drew crying a bit after texting and says "It's ok Oscar" AND DREWS' FACE IS OSCAR'S FACE! She talks to "Oscar" about his dad and how she wishes they could have been a family. Drew just sits there, letting her talk away.  She says she wishes he could have had a brother or a sister. Drew lets her sleep. She wakes up and doesn't see Oscar anymore. Seems better. But when Drew walks away, she holds her belly and says 'Brother or sister" OH COME ON..she can't be pregnant can she?? I mean..with Carly being pregnant? And all the babies on the show that DO NOTHING? please I hope not. Oh maybe she WANTS a baby and will try to get Drew to sleep with her?? 

Maxie and Joss hug after Joss tells her she never really said goodbye to Oscar because he fell asleep. Maxie has an idea.She shows her the Travel Guide to Port Charles and how Lucy Coe used to do the Seances. Maybe she could do one for Oscar. 

Jax and Joss..awww..and Ava's in to do the photo shoot. I thought we'd time hopped with the mountain climb but nope. 

Ava wants a ton of contract changes. Jax says: "Ironic you are caring about your rep and voice when you didn't care about Connie Falconeri's"!! OH SNAP!! "You shot her right here, in this office"!! THEN he brings up Morgan! EESH. Nina is about waving her hands: "he's not talking for me!!" 
He really digs into her. Ava says: I'm out! She leaves. Nina is convinced that Jax was trying to set her up to fail. Wants him to beg Ava to come back and do the issue. 

Veronica Cartwright to Guest on GH

WOW...the wonderful VERONICA CARTWRIGHT is coming to GH!! Why am I so excited?? I remember her in SO many things. She was a child star and I totally remember her from The Birds: 

Veronica was also in Alien as Lambert (was due to play Ripley but got bumped for SW), LA Law and... the X-Files.  Her IMDb is huge. She's NOT to be mixed-up with her 'more famous' sister, Angela who was in The Sound of Music and Lost in Space. 

Her character has a 5 arc show and she's seen in previews with Ava. Who could she be? Famous art buyer?  Someone's mother or grandmother?? Maybe something to do withe Nelle and the baby?? Hmmmm... let the speculation run wild.  By the way, I'm not angry there's a 'new character'--she's on for a guest arc. I think those add to the show!!  

PS. Thank you for the well wishes on my nose situation. I'll write more in today's blog if I watch live. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Hey You Guys...

Oh my nose!

Now, I realize that Karen might not think this is funny, but I needed to cheer her up and I thought this might be the best way possible. 

Karen is... how should I say... under the weather today and may or may not be able to put together a blog. Last night Karen took a tumble at her home and landed on her nose. Last count she had to get 22 stitches. Spent most of the afternoon and night in the ER. I'm sure she will be online asap to let everyone know she is ok. 

As for me...

Loving the show right now. Well, most of it. One thing that I noticed is the dialogue. It doesnt seem so forced and scripted. It is almost sounding natural. It's good. It has made a difference. And the pacing seems faster. I hope they keep this up. 

We still have the vets scattered across the screen. That is definitely a good thing. 

I dont think they are going to kill Shiloh. I know he deserves it and most people want him dead. And... when is the last time this show had a really good murder mystery? No, seriously, I am asking. When was the last murder mystery on this show? But Coby (love that name) is a really good actor and GH has let some good actors go that they shouldnt have. I think they will find a way to keep him. Either as a villian or as a rehabilitated character. Or maybe he will come back as a new character -- a very good natured priest. GH has a track record of bringing back evil characters as priests for some reason. (I can think of two)

The baby storyline is heating up and I am so lost. I mean, on paper I know whose baby is whose. But I need a flowchart to figure out who knows what, who is guessing what, who is after who, etc. Someone in this blog mentioned that they thought Shiloh will kidnap Wiley. I can see that happening. Somehow Nelle will play into this and let the cat out of the bag that Wiley is hers and Michael's. What I would love to see is Nelle going up against Shiloh. She would wipe the floor with him. But, unfortunately, I think Nelle will be relegated to Ferncliff and there isnt going to be a lot of scenes for her. But just enough to do her damage.

We need a Heather Webber sighting. Just saying...

Jax is a welcome edition. Being an art director in real life, I have to say that print is dead. It is. Entertainment Weekly is becoming Entertainment Monthly in August. Newspapers are all going online. Magazines are folding. I think the concept of Jax coming in and buying Crimson was a very good one. I hope they do it realistically and show the struggles and hardships currently going on in the publishing world. 

You know the way Karen feels about Maxie and Peter? Double for me. 

I kinda hope that Mac and Robert spend more time together. They are brothers and Robert is in town, so it would be nice for some brotherly bonding.

Ok. That's all I got. Karen might get home from the hospital and decide to wipe this whole thing out and write her own Tuesday blog. Who knows. Or, maybe she will just tack something on at the end of this and say hello to everyone. Either way. Happy Tuesday. 

PS. Loving Claws and Animal Kingdom more than life itself. Binge watched Tales of the City last night and also Fosse/Verdon two weeks ago. Anyone else? 

Monday, June 10, 2019

Baby: Lost and Found

THE GH CONVENTION WAS THIS's a great photo that was on Twitter! 

Diane is visiting Wills in her classroom. Love her outfit. Diane is mad that Willow let it out that she might have a baby. Diane says they'll never find out. Willow tells her the records got destroyed in Albany. Diane is all "OMG that's a total federal offense."!! Willow asks her to destroy her copies. Diane is taken aback.  "You're asking me to do WHAT"??! She tries to tell her that he won't be able to get a hold of them.  Willow doesn't believe her. 

Jason is at GH talking to Chase Ford about Shiloh. Chase says the DA had a "change of heart" and he's under arrest. 

NEWBIE Chick Nurse girlie is a DOD'er and you KNOW she's gonna get Shiloh OUT OF THERE!! He bamboozles her into getting him a list of all hospitals within 100 mile radius of there and Beecher's Corners. I think her name is Judy. Although she does look like my cousin Sally. lol
OMG ! HARMONY steps up and says SHE DRUGGED Kristina and it's all HER FAULT. OH!! and She also said she drugged SAM!! AND...get this!! In her last act as DA, Margot let Shiloh go and arrested Harmony!! lol CHASE tells Sonny and Jason and man, Sonny is gonna be pissed he didn't kill SHank!! 

Sonny's in the kitchen! Making a healthy salad for Carly. Krissy brings him some herbs and a hug awww. LOVE that kitchen "We're stubbon, hard-headed and good-lookin' Says Sonny. AHAHA. 

Nina and Ava ---Nina's trying to convince Ava to do the magazine.  Ava said she slept with Ryan and will look like an idiot. Nina says "you're not the only one that fell for a bad-boy" . Ava "yeah, like you and Valenin, WHO MURDERED NIKOLAS" ahahahahah. GOOD ONE! Such great chat--and so happy Michelle and Maura get one last cool scene together.

Jules and Carly. OMG Carly is being such a BLABBER MOUTH to Julian "You stay away from my brother" she says. Because Julian could hinder everything and the adoption. UGH she's a pain in the ASSSSSS. 

Jax and Bobbie..JZ is looking awesome. 


END:  Shiloh walks into Julian's and everyone freaks. Julian kicks him out. Shiloh starts calling all the hospitals in the area to find out if anyone gave birth at the right time...which is going to lead him to the baby. Diane finishes saying to Willow "he can't get a hold of a baby that he doesn't know exists"..meaning he will find out. 

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Sunday Surgery: Kidney Caper

I command you to give up that organ! 

This week was a delicious treat for true crime lovers!! FINALLY a twist that really was done well and had me guessing.  There was a lot of dialog to get through as well, so let's get to it!! 

What does one eat while watching someone in a coma? You drink a lot of coffee so get your cup ready!!  

Friday, June 7, 2019

Crimson Cover Girl

MAXIE has such a great idea for the cover of Sept Issue!! AVA JEROME!! yessssssssss! GLAMOUR... deadly intent...possible jail time... great past..evil stuff and AGAIN---GLAM!! They talk about Ava's past. Sasha says no because Nina drugged her and Griffin. LOL I forgot about that. Maxie asks Nina what she thinks of Ava. Nina says that her mother paid Ava to seduce Silas and then when she "had a psychosis" induced Ava's labor and stole her baby. AHHAHAA Sasha's face was like: WHAAAAA!!!
Maxie says that Ava is perfect for the cover. Sasha gets a call from Michael to meet for lunch. She leaves. Nina tell Maxie she hates Ava and she's not going on the cover. Maxie's like: You're nuts, it would be awesome. Nina thinks it would exploit Kiki's death. Anyway, Maxie finally says to USE Ava to make money. That convinces her. Nina goes to find Ava. 

Ava and Franco. They talk about Ryan going away ..and Franco says that they should ignore him because he'd hate that. She's not so sure. Franco says she needs to open the gallery back up. "Ryan's taken enough from you". 

Ryan still in the coma. Kevin talks to Laura and I think eludes to them switching out he and Ryan during the permission signing. BUT--he never really came out and said it. Very confusing. They talk about Ryan being abused as a kid and although that was horrific, it shouldn't have turned him into a serial killer. 
LATER: Liz, Franco come up to Kevin and Laura...Liz says Jordan is resting comfortably. Kevin says it was 'all worth it' --to get his signature. SO LIZ WAS IN ON IT TOO! :clapping: I love this twist! 
END: they wheel Ryan out in a coma. Kevin, Laura, Franco, Liz and Finn all watch him go..look at each other like: We did it. '
Good scene. 

News on Jordan: She's good... but Curtis is upset she had a DNR. TJ and Stella explain it to him. WHERE IS MOLLY?? 
Jordan is in recovery and Curtis goes in to see her. She wakes up. They are happy. 

Jax gives Josslyn a surf board. NOT LIKE YOU CAN SURF ON THE LAKE--?? WTH? Carly and Jax are bantering. A LOT. They decide to Co-exist as parents and be nice to each other. 

Carly goes to the OBGYN...newbie? She's getting her extended blood tests. 

Michael wants to take Sasha to Martha's Vineyard. Wonder if anyone will know her there? 

Thursday, June 6, 2019



Carly has a nightmare: Ryan is holding her baby--only..the blanket is empty. Even on kidney day, Carson has to be front and center. Carly HAS to have a Ryan nightmare. :Eyeroll: 
Ava's on her way up. She wants to see Avery to celebrate Kiki's bday. Sonny's all snotty and says they already did "on her ACTUAL birthday"..and Joss has her at the Zoo. "Call next time" OMG I wish Ava would stab him lol. She tells them why she didn't kill Ryan and then ended up stabbing him anyway. Sonny seems a bit impressed.

Waiting Area:: Franco, Kevin, Laura and Finn. Franco says the operation to harvest the kidney is taking too long. He's worried. RoHo is hilarious.  Finn gets a beep. 

Jordan's room: TJ, Stella, Liz... Curtis. Getting her labs in order to receive the kidney after Ryan is done. Finn comes in..KIDNEY IS READY TO GO-GO! Jordan wants to talk to Stella alone.  She has a DNR and wants Stella to advocate for her because she's afraid that Curtis/TJ won't. 

Kevin and Laura look in on Ryan who's post-surgery and hooked up to machines. 
Later, Finn goes in and he's not waking up. Franco and Kevin have a fun convo about killing Ryan with a pillow.Must see.  Finn says he may be in a coma and goes to get neurology. Franco looks longingly into the room.(like he wants to kill him). 

Charlies: Jules called Alexis to talk about Wiley's situation with Shiloh. Blah blah --they'll help keep Shiloh away from Wiley. 

Shiloh is pissed he's arrested DA Lady comes in. The actor that plays Shiloh is really good. He's slimy...scary..angry. Just good. Margot tells him she IS going to put him in jail. He's not happy. Margo says that she has evidence. Shiloh says he'll retailiate with the pledge..she SHOWS HIM THE PLEDGE. He says: Oh well, I have it up here and I'll ruin you. She says she's going to resign anyway (going to another show sooo...) 

Willow's Mama is harassing her to give up the baby. She yells and pleads but Willow says the baby is dead. They go around and around. Somehow Harmony figures out the baby is alive. Not sure how, I wasn't paying close attention. Willow tells her that they got the pledges back. Harmony is SHOOK!! She runs to tell Shiloh the baby is alive. 

Alexis is going to Carly to tell her brother to 'watch himself"..she tells CarSon Wiley is Shiloh's? WTF? SO she can keep an EYE on BRUCAS!! Oh that's stupid. 

Julian tells Willow to get court records from Diane and destroy them (regarding Wiley's adoption). She calls for an appointment. 

Jordan gets wheeled into surgery... end. of show.