Sunday, October 24, 2021

Sunday Surgery: Brain Games


Well, another week where I can say I was entertained and surprised!! Seems to be on a roll for me lately. When you like the stories and the dialog is flying, it's a good day. Production stepped it up as well. I think they must have had some money hidden somewhere for last quarter. 

Get a big breakfast or giant coffee ready. SO much happened, this will be another novel in the making. 

Friday, October 22, 2021

Kin For You


Kin was on Twitter showing off his Green Lantern socks!! I'm here to say that I will be OUT Today... last minute thing. So, please let me know if the show is worth watching and what you thought!! See you for Sunday Surgery!! 

Thursday, October 21, 2021

The PC Grille Breakfast

 Spencer's court appearance isn't going well. He has a public defender who's not doing a good job and even grabbed the wrong folder. Sonny comes in to "help". Esme leaves. Sonny tells Nikolas you don't use children in plans and NOT HIS CHILDREN ESPECIALLY. Yada yada.. he said Spencer messed up by getting caught LOL OKAY? He says he can't bail him out. Tells him Nik is addicted to Ava like his dad was to gambling. Hard to come second to that. Sonny leaves as Nik walks in. Spencer says he won't take the deal that if he accepts Ava and his father's marriage she won't testify against him. Esme is like: YOU crazy? JUST DO IT! 

Carly and Willow talking about Nina. Willow is afraid Michael is doing something stupid. Boring. Carly can yell about nina to Willow now. 

Austin is at GH checking on a patient and Monica tells him to get lost because he's on suspension. They talk in her office. He says Brook set him up and Monica is the only Sane Quartermain. She agrees. 

Maxie goes to the Qs to talk to Brook Lynn. Brook tells everyone her plan for Austin. People argue. Olivia overhears people talking about autism. She's mad, might want a divorce from Ned. Austin comes to the door. He says after his talk with Monica he's going to drop the whole thing and sign the papers to give up his portion. 

The PA DA guy comes to the Q door to talk to Michael and the donation he wants to make. 

Phyllis and Nina talking over breakfast. Phyllis doesn't want to rebuild the Tan-O without Lenny. Nina wants her to move to PC. 

Nikolas and Nina talking over breakfast. Same old Spencer BS. He leaves. Ava goes and sits with Nina and Phyllis. They talk about "Mike" a bit and Ava invites her to see Charlie's (oh I wonder why!!?) AND SONNY WALKS IN! 

Sonny and Ava talk about Avery. She wants partial custody, he says no. He says that Ava can see her more under HIS terms. Not the courts. 


Austin tells Brook that "this is not over"... 

The PA DA and Michael make a deal (off camera)

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Buckle up

 It's a day when 900 characters are on. 

Liz and Finn run into each other on the floor of #GH ..they are going to be a team for Trivia Night (remember that? LOL) .. OMG SEE BELOW FOR WHAT HAPPENS WITH LIZ 

TJ gets approached by that mystery man. He says he's sick and TJ takes him into an exam room. Guy asks a lot of questions about TJ's life. About Molly. When he graduated...and about his Uncle. TJ says there's nothing wrong. He's going to get another doc to make sure he didn't miss something but the guy disappears. 

Maxie and Austin talking outside somewhere. It looks new! Like a woody place but by a plaza?? Huh. Oh it's by the restaurant that Olivia and Ned are in: Port Charles Grille. 

Ned and Olivia out to dinner. He says it's been a YEAR since they were separated. WOW..a YEAR? She tells Ned Dr. Diamond also said that Leo needs to see a neurologist and she's pissed. Says not every kid comes out of the womb like Dante...or all social. Leo might be the creative type. Then Austin and Maxie walk in and Olivia goes off on him. Leaves. Ned says he's sorry. Austin tells him Brook Lynn has filed a complaint. Ned says that's not right and he doesn't agree. 

Carly and Sonny. Sonny tells her about the Elijah thing in Nixon Falls, how he helped the town. She wishes she knew "Mike". They kiss and Jason walks in. Jason says they have to talk about the 3 of them. Both he and Carly want to leave the 'past in the past' and Sonny FLASHES BACK TO NINA! Telling her HE LOVES HER!! SQUEE! Jason also says he's leaving for Greece. He tells them all about Dr. O and the whole thing. Sonny is like: Dr O and Scotty are an item? LOL Then BRITT walks in.. Carly @@ 

Britt tells Terry she's leaving. Terry is like WTF. Then Terry agrees to help and they make nice. 

Nina and Curtis are talking at The Savory. Just talking..yada yada. Talk about their "sins' Seems like Curtis thinks he left his behind. I think that mystery guy might take umbrage with that! 

Michael and Willow. Willow wonders if Michael can be Nina's boss still. (me : DERP, he's her boss? LOL). Michael thinks they should take Nina to court so she can't see Wiley. Willow thinks that's a bad move. Michael agrees because Nina will just hire a lawyer and fight them. Maybe she'll be too ashamed to see Wiley for awhile. 


Terry tells ELIZABETH HER FATHER CALLED ASKING ABOUT HER!! What!!!!!!!!!! He had called when Franco died and Liz never called back. He heard Terry was COS and wanted to find out how Liz was holding up. 

Michael makes a contribution to the PA District Attorney's office but wants to talk about a crime there...committed by Nina Reeves? Oh waaaaaaht? 

Guy sees TJ and Curtis go out to a midnight movie. 

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

A Night Out

 The whole bridge sequence is shown again. Drew over the bridge..Valentin crawls to Anna. Robert goes after Peter who runs. Robert comes back, no Peter damn it. Can't see Drew in the water. Val is bleeding. He's fading, tells Anna to tell his girls about him. He thinks he's going to die. 

Dante and Sam get Victor and want him to show them the way to Drew. He says someone else needs to be rescued. Dr O's cell is empty and a needle is on the floor. They say well, she has 10 lives lol. Sam goes off on her own to find Drew. She finds his cell and the word "Scout". Victor is telling them about Drew's conditioning and that Faison had a backdoor to it all. 

Portia and Curtis in the Savoy, toasting to the future, that guy is still staring at them. Dun Dun Dun.. Portia tells Curtis about Spencer's arrest and such. 

Ava goes and talks to Portia.. they talk about Trina and her liking college and also Spencer.  Portia isn't supportive of Spencer being arrested. 

Nik and Ava. She puts her rings back on. They toast their love. Britt and Jason comes in. Britt goes to Ava and Nik's table to talk about the Cassadine family.  She says her mother was taken to Crete. Nik says he knows nothing. She asks to talk to him alone. Britt thinks Spencer might listen to her because he still likes her as a mentor type person. Nik says go ahead and talk to him but he still doesn't think his family owns property in Crete, they sold it years ago. Britt still asks where it is and wants to go there. 

Curtis sits with Jason. They talk about the business. Curtis says you know how hard it is to leave but I'm trying. Cut to guy. I think that guy is someone from Curtis' undercover past. Curtis says he forgives Nina. Jason is like do what you want. Geesh, they are kinda snotty to each other. 

Mysterious guy asks the bartender about the live music and who books the acts. She points out Curtis. 

Anna and Robert go back to the tavern ... Sam and Dante show up with Victor. Victor tells them that Valentin is his son!! Anna's like: DOH!!  He explains the whole affair.  Robert "You'll have to excuse me while I throw up in my mouth over this" AHAHAHHAAHA


Anna calls Britt to give her an update on Liesl. She and Jason are going to Greece. 

NIKOLAS calls the BARTENDER in Crete! he's in on all this!! WOW!! 

OMG THE END!!!!!!!!!!! Dr. O is in the trunk of a car, drugged. Peter is driving and DREW IS WITH HIM!! He had on a Kevlar Vest and wow.. he's working with Peter!! WOWWWWWWWW didn't see that coming

Monday, October 18, 2021

Computer Virus

OMG today was such a FRIDAY SHOW!! wow!! 

 Britt tells Scotty that Jason is going to help them with Liesl. Jason tells Scotty he's not going to find Liesl, Scotty is. Oh Scotty was looking up Hungtinton's disease and Jason thinks that he got hacked and someone found out. Spinelli is coming to help. Scotty is like 'DON'T LOOK AT ALL MY STUFF" ahaahhahaa. Spinelli has to look at his browser. Again, Scott isn't happy. Oh Scott responded to a pop up ad about the private plane, that's how he got hacked LOL someone in Russia. Oh and he finds out it's came from Crete.

Curtis and Portia come to the Savoy from a date at the museum. Portia says she saw Aunt Stella. Oh no, Aunt Stella wrote her snail mail and she said she's sorry. Portia and Curtis talk about his family and parents. Curtis' father died suddenly and his mom couldn't get over it. That's when Aunt Stella came in and took care of them. Then, some guy shows up on the bar just looking at them. Must have to do with Stella since they were talking about her? 

Sante and RnA talk about saving Drew and arresting Peter, Victor et. al..not sure if they know Dr. O is there? Oh Anna won't let Sam and Dante go with them to the compound. She's afraid it will trigger Dante's PTSD and also Sam is a civilian. They leave. Sam and Dante try to get the WSB person to let them go. 

Drew and Dr O trying to figure out how to stop Peter from controlling him. She says to concentrate on something that's important to him to thwart the mind-game. He focus' on Scout. 

Victor is saying he's going to kill Peter. Peter pleads for his life. Victor tells the guards to kill him. DAMN IT... Peter has the guards on HIS SIDE!!  ALL the guards. Victor is hauled off to a cell. Oh no...just back to his room with Val. 

Valentin is in Victor's room, talking to a guard. Oh guard is Australian and his name is Russel. BUT Russel is also controlled by Peter. Peter tells Valentin and Victor he has a plan. Oh WSB STORMED THE GATES!! Peter goes to get Drew and 'activate him' but Drew is ready and says NOT TODAY!! 

EXCITING! Anna and Robert find Drew's cell and see "Scout" carved on the wall. Russel keeps Val and Victor hostage..then Drew (Dressed now) bursts in and shoots the guard in the leg!! He says Peter is running for his life. RUSSEL is down!! 
Then Sam and Dante find Victor (I guess the WSB agent let them go). Victor is like YOU NEED TO FIND PETER, HE'S THE DANGER HERE! 

RnA are on a foggy bridge looking for Peter. Anna says that she won't shoot to kill Peter but Robert says HE will. 

Then Drew and Valentin come over the bridge..Robert is like Oh it's just you.. then a shot rings out and Valentin is hit..then Drew gets sub-machine gunned and falls in the water. STUPID PETER DID IT!!!!


Sunday, October 17, 2021

Sunday Surgery: "Hat Trick"


Quite a week!! The dialog was pitch-perfect for the most part. It was hard keeping up with live Tweeting and the blog when it was all live. I guess I'll get a chance to digest it a bit more here.  Oh, and thank you to the GH People for having Sonny's office and my Badger Bob appear! 

Still in Greece, still filling up on Ouzo and lamb. 

Sunday Surgery: Brain Games

  Well, another week where I can say I was entertained and surprised!! Seems to be on a roll for me lately. When you like the stories and th...