Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Park Side Birthday

Laura sees Lulu on the net with Peter at the film fest. She wonders what's going on. Lulu's like: It's WORK, MA. Laura says "Make sure Dante knows you miss him". 

Spencer and Sonny....he knows Mike has Alzheimer's. Then he leaves... then Josslyn comes in. He saw on Social Media that she and Oscar broke up. I guess we will see Spencer with the "Grown" kids--still not being grown. Which I guess is ok by me. 
Josslyn: "Well, you haven't changed a bit".... Spencer "Well, you've gotten way taller" LOL 
He gave her a map of Paris...where he'd like to take her. 

It's Oscar's Bday, he's moping in the park. Cam comes around. He wants to quit the whole thing. OMG Oscar says he'll miss getting ice cream and going to the movies and COULD THIS BE ANYMORE BORING? This is SO DISNEY. I'm sorry but...angst is best served with Teens. As is Raw emotion.

Drew asks Peter "if I get my memories back, will I forget these last 5 years"??  Peter says I just dropped you guys off but probably.  Drew thinks he will forget too--and would forget Sam and Scout and Oscar...yada yada. 

Nina and Maxie. Nina's waiting to meet Sasha. She's afraid she won't come. 

Valentin wants to talk to Sasha. Shasha is like, I'm leaving..BYE. Val pleads Nina's case. Maxie overhears. Valentin pleads Nina's case. Maxie is all "awwwwww" in the shadows, thinks Val is being SO nice. After talking to Val, Sasha goes in to see Nina. Apparently, Valentin just said whatever magic words there was to say. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Business Class Flights

Port Charles International Film Fest! We have Nina/Maxie, Kiki /Griffin and Peter Lulu.  Maxie is totally jelly of Lulu and Peter. Geesh.

Sam and Drew at Sam's, he needs to talk to her. She said she'll always help him. 

Jason and Monica at the Q's

RAVA!! Ryan and Ava at the Metro. He said he'd LOVE to talk to her. 

Spencer is in town. Laura is made he left school..again. 

SHORT Day for me. 

Monday, October 15, 2018

Too Old for Dolls

Laura makes dinner for Ryan... and has on a nice outfit for once...I loved her leopard cami.. Ryan knew all about the wedding/Leslie coming and the blizzard. She wants to dance. HE gives her a  "LOOK"...she says "what have you done with my husband" . He makes up an excuse he has to leave. 
Charlotte visits Gram with Lulu. She gets a doll but says she's too old. Luckily, Laura brought her a book too. Some french thing.  Lulu whines about Dante

Ryan and Kevin together in Ferncliff.  Good stuff.  He makes Kevin think he's sleeping with Laura lol. 

Drew and Franco talking on the docks about Harvey.. and making them swim. They talk about Oscar. Drew wants to get his memories back to help Oscar.  He tells Franco that he would have to turn in Jason and Sonny to get them back. "Would you do it"?? He asks. WHY the hell wouldn't Drew just go to the WSB and say: "Um, DA chick has my memories on a stick"?? 

Jason finds out that Marino was really 'dirty"... like that should matter.  He bought a house in the Hamptons. Jason wants to know why Scully picked a kid to kill Marino. 

Courthouse. Nelle messes up and says to the baby "You've grown a lot since I last saw you"..Carly jumps in: HOW DO YOU EVEN KNOW THAT?  huh?? Nelle says she saw it on the internet. Then Carly gets mad she gets computer access in jail!! ahahahaa.  So Nelle pleaded no contest. Gets the max. 

Liz and Sam (I still would love them as a couple). ..Liz wants to talk about Drew.  She says that Oscar is pulling away from his friends yada yada.. and Drew is upset. Then Sam says Drew came over when Jason was there. Liz does NOT approve. Sam says none of your biz. Liz says that people get trampled. They argue. Liz wants to get along for "Drew's sake".  They are going to make amends to do that. 


Sunday, October 14, 2018

Sunday Surgery: Memory Game

Yet another thrilling week....

Are you sick of my blogs yet? I noticed the other day I've made over 4500 posts. Yep-- 4500.  Going all the way back to 2009. That's a hell of a lot of Sunday Surgeries!!  Forgive me if I get rather--redundant at times.  You all know that I love the show. You all know I think the acting is top notch. You all know I've learned a hell of a lot how the writing, pacing and tempo can be affected by management.  That doesn't make any of this any easier.  So let's go.  

I'll have what Ava's having

Friday, October 12, 2018

Court Date

Friday! I'm here for once!! I may not last the whole show because I slept about 3 hours last night.

I'm steaming some fun shows now to soothe my soul. I think I told you I'm caught up on "The Good Place". I just got into "Dead Like Me" --which apparently, I missed in the early 80's??  I love it! 

Michael and Carly in court. Nelle is there ...WITH super blonde hair!! LOL..seriously? Hightlights in Jail?  Nelle taunts Michael about Jonah's death. Michael says 'you mean nothing to me" Nelle says "I know something you don't and when I tell you it will change everything". 
Chase shows up too. Bitches at her--just like Carly. 

KELLY'S; Outside: Krissy, Sam and Alexis. Molly did well on her GRE's Kristina isn't impressed. She asks Sam about Jason. Brad comes along with the baby and WOW--but Krissy looks sick when she sees it and leaves quick. ANVIL? Sure looked like one. Did anyone else see that!!?? 
Brad has Nelle giving him Wylie flashbacks. 

Inside: Chase and Jordan welcome Valerie to the PCPD. They had lunch together. 

DOCKS: Valentine pays Curtis. Curtis looks very handsome-- Curtis tells Valentin that Nina is meeting with Sasha. Then tells him to not try to get back together with her. Weird scene.

PARK: Liz, Franco and Aiden. Liz is concerned about Aiden at school. You know, if GH thought ahead, Molly could be Aiden's teacher--and working on her masters. I don't think we know what she went to college for. It would have been good.  The teacher left a letter for Liz in his backpack. Liz wonders if that's why Aiden didn't want to go to school. He says yep. 

THE METRO:  Sasha and Nina. Nina asks about the necklace then basically insults Sasha's mom saying "Maybe she didn't want you to have it". Nina suggests they go to Paris together. Sasha says she doesn't want  a relationship with her, she loved her mother (who's dead now). Nina botches the whole lunch. Ends up crying and asking if they can start all over. They are meeting again tomorrow. Michelle Stafford was pretty awesome in those scenes. 

END: Brad walks into the courthouse with the baby and sees Michael and Nelle in the hall. I have no clue why he's there. He must have said but I missed it. 

Krissy and Valerie and walking in the park..Krissy is saying she feels like a failure. 

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Time Travel Thursday!

Oh yes.. taken from the DecloDave playbook! Hop in the Wub Tub Time Machine and rewind!  I'll be off today, saving the world from Articulation disorders!! 

Real friendships are few and far between on soaps anymore-- at least ones we see on screen for more than 3x a month if we are lucky. What's been some of your favorite friendships over the years? 

The one that really stands out to me is Mac and Kevin. This story was happening around the time that Bosom Buddies was popular.  Check out the You Tube where Felicia coaches them on how to behave like "ladies"

Mac had better be a BIG part of this story --right along with Felicia, Lucy and Laura. He should know Kevin.. down to his boxers! 

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

I was lucky...then...


Ok, so a bunch of people on Twitter said there'd be no GH today because ABC was doing all Hurricane stuff... but I SOMEHOW GOT IT around 2:03, enough to see Mike, Carly and Stella at Lunch..Drew came in too. 
THEN MY LOCAL STATION BREAKS in with a SHOOTING update. Ok, not for nothing, but we have multiple shootings a day. Come on, man... give me a break. 

Anyway, I guess I diagnosed Finn's dad with Lyme Disease!! Whoot!! I told you. I know my stuff!! I think Finn loved his Dad's wife and he was sleeping with her or something. I can tell.  I wonder if ChaseFord is his son!? Squee. 

Liz is talking with Kimmy about Oscar. Kim feels awful. 

Carly, Stella and Mike went to the daycare place, he liked it except for the food. 

Oscar is in the "park" in Studio City with Julian, Julian wants to know why he's not in school. Julian gives him advice. I'm glad they are 'really' outside but damn, that park is SO not Western NY....I don't even recognize half those trees. 
Cam comes over later and tells Oscar that it's stupid for him not to tell Josslyn. Oscar has a plan. So..later he texts Cam a picture of himself with another girl so Joss will see it. Josslyn is upset. 

So, Brainiacs Sonny and Jason discuss Spinelli's idea that they prove to the DA how "Bad her dad was" so ...she'll drop it? Huh? 

DA is trying to get Drew to turn on Sonny..."Just one memory and I can get a warrant". He says no. She said "What if I can help you get your memories back"?? Tells him about the flash drive. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2018


DA goes to the graveyard where CarSon is MOURNING MORGAN and puts letters on Daddy's grave. Trying to get the guilt going. Carly's having NONE of it. Oh, someone on twitter said she had her DAD buried NEXT to Morgan!!? HAHAHAA. 

Alexis and Laura!! WHOOTT! I love NLG-- and GF!! They have such history with the Cassadines.Alexis says she got her mom's watch fixed because it stopped at 1:11 or something (I missed the time) and it STOPPED AGAIN at that time after it was running!! Totally haunted!!

Oscar tells Josslyn he wasn't coming to see her, to get lost there is "no us". Josslyn keeps going on and on about Morgan dying and not having time!! LOL!! DERP!! He tells her to get lost. He didn't love her, yada yada. He did a pretty good job with pain, guilt and being "angry"... he really did. Credit for some growth.

Liz and Laura!! Laura says Kevin's been distant. Liz says Call him! 

Sam says she wants to take it slow with Jason--Um, what the hell they BEEN DOING??!! they are drinking wine and Drew comes in. Sam tells him Jason knows about Oscar-- because Oscar told him. Drew leaves. DA girl calls him to come over. 

Oscar talks to Alexis about minors' rights when it comes to medical treatment. Isays he's doing a school paper) She says there isn't many options, especially if the parents are acting in the child's best interest. Oscar says they aren't doing that. 

Joss goes to talk to Kim. She "knows Oscar is in pain and wants her to be in pain too--how can she help him"?? What ?? is Joss like 44 in this scene? Any other teen would be out sleeping with Cameron by now.