Thursday, November 20, 2014

BLT Omelet

Nik ate a BLT omelet. Britt's all angsty over her "Dad" being murdered (maybe)--and is going to cooperate. 

Patrick and Sam talk to Lulu. Lulu says "it's unseasonably warm November weather" LOL.okay. Tell that to Buffalo!!

Ava found new clothes and hair products at Silas' house!

Dr. O turned around in Anna's chair. Looking like Mr. Grinch. EXACTLY LMAO....

Julian told Olivia that Ava shot her--and Lucas walks in. They jabber... Lucas is in love and wants his Daddy happy too. 

Nina and Franco are still in the cabin. She thinks she slept with him. LOL.but nope, he says NO WAY.  He's trying to get her to remember that the baby isn't her''s Ava's. Then he therapizes her and has her remember it all. She remembers Ava giving birth but think that she deserves the baby. She and SILAS. 
He tells her that they have to move on. She's like 'What are we gonna do about the baby"?? 

**ENDING: Anna says Faison is ALIVE! 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I Plead...

Lisa LoCicero is PG in real life!!  :) Congrats to her!! She has one son right now who's about 12 I think. I wonder if they'll write it into the story. Ned's? 

Ava has flown the coop. Michael calls Kiki an Idiot. LOL. Morgan comes in and tells Michael to "lay off her". They fight.  
Michael then goes to the court house to see Sonny being led off. 

TJ finds out that his dad was attacking Shaun because he and Jordan were having an affair. Shaun had to shoot him in self defense.  They thought TJ could be Shawn's and had a DNA test. TJ's dad found the results and knew they were having the affair. Looks like Jordan changed the RESULTS though---look at her face!! 

Bobbie is mad at Scotty. He says ok..."low bail for Carly" but the judge is like NO WAY--she won't grant ANY bail to Carly! 
Sonny pleads out so that Duke/Carly could get off.

Ava goes to Silas' apartment. Which still looks like a burned out building.  He agrees to hide her. 

Sam got the impression of the key to the safety deposit box. With Silly Putty. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I AM A Quartermaine!

Welp. Monica is happy. 

Kiki is not. Shawn said "I botched the job"-- like he ever DOESN'T botch the job.

I guess TIME JUMPED AGAIN?  AJ's Birthday? LMAO Okay then. 

Sam's BOOTS.

Anna knows Sloane.  Guess he does work for the justice department. Doesn't mean he's not on someone's payroll;

Paddy's got his job back.  

Monday, November 17, 2014

Kelly's Shakes!

Kellys: the kiddies are having milkshakes. Cam gets vanilla and Spence rags on him for it.  Spencer tells Josslyn Carly is in jail. She didn't know. WHOOPS 

Carly's future Jail Cell: Just like her house! 

Agent Kyle wants Britt to help him press charges against Anna for murdering Faison.  She says no, but stares at his card. He then goes to see Lesil.

Patrick and Sam take Cam back to Liz' (god only knows where Aiden is) and Sam sees Jake again. 

Michael is standing between his mama and papa in jail. He wants Sonny to give him the tape where Ava confesses to Connie's death so he can clear AJ's name. Michael then goes to the Q house. He wants to change his name to Quartermaine.

THE ONE thing you need to see today is the Anna/Dr. O interaction. Finola is just brilliant. Made my skin crawl!! WOW!!! Awesome.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Crowded Houses

20141114 0701(21)
Sleep Over! 
Well, It was inevitable. My roller-coaster of a wild ride had to wind down and go into the calm zone at some point. The calendar page turned to November this week in Port Chuck and the aftermath of the chaos unfolded.

This week wasn't all cranked down. Naw, when Carly ends up in handcuffs, you know there was some excitement! 

Let's eat that yummy breakfast that Nik and Britt left behind, shall we? I love Eggs Benedict! 

Friday, November 14, 2014

Jail House Blues

Carly and Sonny in the Jail...whining about crap AGAIN..whateverrrrrrrrrrr. "I lost him Carly, I lost our Son"...cry me a river. He thinks they should end it because of their situation. "I love you but sometimes love is not enough"

Kiki walks in on Michael and Purple Bra. "what are you doing" She asks. Michael says "Rosalie and I are having sex you leave and let us get back to it". But she would't leave. Rosie leaves. Kiki's all upset.

Jake recognizes Alan's photo on the wall at GH. He's going to Liz' house. That's all she does. ALL SHE DOES, wheel Jake Face around.
They look at Guza's wall of death and then go to her house where he sees a pic of himself and stares into space. 

SO, a newbie "Kyle Sloan" from the justice department is investigating Victor and his experiments while he was at the WSB. He wants Britt's help. Seems they are going to have a case against Anna for killing Faison. They can't find Robert. 

Duke goes to be arraigned. 

MICHAEL goes to jail to see Sonny (and it's commercial) end of show.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

ALERT: It's NOT Halloween anymore!

Donna Mills Is ALIVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! she survived the lamp hit! Nathan and Dr. O are in  her room. 

Good scenes with Ava freaking out and Julian. 

Alexis is going to represent Duke, not Sonny. Lucy paid for her. Sonny begs her to take his case. She says "Call Diane".

Michael wakes up with Rosie. He says he has NO-BODY so he's not sorry he slept with her. She says it's her fault that baby Corinthos is missing.  They do it 2x then..KIKI walks in at the end! Lahahahaa

Morgan and Carly..blah blah. "I'm here for you Mom" --whatever.  She gets ARRESTED AND IS in jail across from Carly now. 

Franco and Nina are in one of his hideouts. One he had after Jason shot him at the MOCA. Prolly in Canada? Not sure.  There are a lot of sticks in there. A lot. Hmm, maybe he was drawing sticks in his recovery. He got the phone from Nina. 

IT'S snowing really, really SNOWING. :sobbing: 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

"It's all the necklace's fault!"

Carly blames the necklace. For everything. Of course she does!! Dante--it was that stupid necklace.
Anyway, later, she gets the mail and Franco gave her a DVD that says "play me" with CO77x on it.
The DVD has Franco on the bed, taunting Carly saying he's going to drive her insane because she'll never know when he's coming back. 

Franco goes to say goodbye to Dr. O. Awww, she really likes him. 

Heather ends up in jail with Duke and Sonny. Hope no one has to pee in front of the other.

Nina sees Silas--it's a mirage though. Donna Mills groans and he disappears. 

Kiki and Morgan bond a bit.

Rosie and Michael bond but she tells him of Nina's plan for her to sleep with him and that she knew about the "secret" before he did.  Michael kissed Rosie. 

Jordan and Shawn are going to tell TJ The Truth about his father. Like anyone cares.