Tuesday, April 24, 2018

A Spot

Yesterday's Show: 
So...let's review: Anna seduced Faison by pretending to be herself but he didn't know it was her even though she was Anna---being ANNA.  What the hell? 
Fin and Tristan were good together. They were such babies in the flashback!! 

Peter and the model. Again HE HAS NO CHARM.  Some actors just shimmer in parts. This is just... DUD. 

My fave part of the show was when Ava heard Avery call Carly Mommy! AHAHAHAA.
Could Mike be arrested? I mean, he IS the gtandfather and he DOES have a medical condition? 

LOVE Maura's hair like this

Ok, Today's Show: 

Dr. Bensch is going to be a dick to Kiki now--yells at her for being on time and not 'early' --tells her to put her hair up.  He barks and growls. She answers all his hard questions. Yada yada. 

Ava wants full custody and Scotty just might help her!  Griffin thinks she's being unreasonable.  That she should have "empathy" (HA!)

Michael and Nelle are getting along nicely, no? 

Dante explains that Mike has to be held because judges got burned years ago by Mob Families using dementia as a reason for older members to get out of RICO charges. This is TRUE!! I read about it!! So, KUDOS to writers! 

Jordan has a spot on her lung... guess she's going to have Lung Cancer? Maybe?  This prompts Curtis to propose. 

Carly goes to talk to Kevin. You know, she should have taken photos of the stuff. Especially after the scarf thing.  Kevin wants Carly to go on anti-anxiety meds.  Nelle better not tamper with them because...that's been done TO DEATH. 

Oh, Scotty mentions Karen to Sonny. Remember when Sonny had her stripping for him and drugged her?? When she was underage? Yeah, we all got pasts on this show!! 

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Sunday Surgery: Crackers and Cheese

Yes, we are here from the 1980s to perform a historical con on you. Buckle up. 

I feel like I'm all crabby on the show again and I'm sorry but I just can't help it. When the stories are great, I say so--if I'm bored, well....you know me. I'll let you know. Boy am I bored at the moment. If you're looking for a rah-rah JaSam or Yeah Robert blog, this isn't it--sorry. You could move along to another site. If you stay, I promise I'll try to be fair, balanced and bring the sarcasm. It's the least I can do! 

Friday, April 20, 2018

Horse Hideout

So..Dante just found Mike in a BARN-- and they are ok. What a drama-less let down. Seriously. 
Good confusion and good acting on Max's part -- Mike breaks down and says it was Courtney. Dante tries to talk him down.  Then they talk about the old days about Mike liking horses. Dom was heartbreaking -- tearing up and being sad. 

Anna's pretending to be some parent (Mrs. Ashton) and asks a teacher about an older student. The teacher thinks they are the press.  She says--nope, I'm with the "Royal Security Agency" so talk to me. Robert is NOT happy she's talking to the teacher. AND OMG... he says "I have to talk to you in private, excuse us" and takes her literally 2 feet away and they talk in REGULAR VOICES! They aren't even trying again.  This is lazy direction. Anyway, they ask the lady about Heinrich and she said he was charming. 

Sam's pretending to be some rich chick. She looks the part-- but doesn't sound it, imo. Needs more inflection. Spinelli walks in, and says "you and your bank are at my mercy". Jason stands there like a wooden bodyguard.  There's some stupid thing about robbing the bank and the manager says "our bank has never been robbed" and Sam says "Until today".  Eesh. This whole thing is just... bad. 

Lulu and Peter --I LITERALLY DO NOT CARE. 

CarSon. I'd care more if Carly wasn't so strident and in a yelling mode. Sonny says "wouldn't be the first time you've had a breakdown" LMAO.. Carly's like STFU.   Sonny "I hope I don't have to send you away"... he wants her to go see Kevin. 

They get a phone call that Dante found Avery and Mike. 

Griffin and Ava have a little brown bag snack. She sees Avery and runs to her. Avery says "Grandpa wanted to see the horses" .  Ava's pissed off about the Mike thing. 


Thursday, April 19, 2018

The Day That Didn't Happen

Kim and Jules... they are so isolated. 

Ava and Sonny appeal to the public to find Mike and Avery. 

Josslyn and Oscar. Oscar should have been gender fluid. That's all.  He's so bland.

Griffin had follow up tests on Carly. A big BONG GONG goes off when he reads the results and he calls Carly. Tells her to come in with Sonny to see test results.  Sonny wants to stay at the PCPD so Drew drives her. Drew talks to Liz at the Nurses' station. Griffin tells Carly to 'sit down'.  BUT! It's nothing!! Nope, he found nothing. So he says he should see Kevin. She gets mad-- and leaves. 
Griffin you could have told her on the damn phone. 

Friz...they tell us all about they liked the sex they had last night.. Franco goes to "paint" but he actually goes into Betsy's room to confront her about not saying anything about the abuse and making him think it was his fault. Also for sending Drew away "how could you choose your boyfriend over us"?? He says he has a list and she could have stopped all those kids from being abused if she would have spoken up. BUT! he didn't really say that, he was imagining it.  THAT WAS SO STUPID because it was a really good scene. That never happened. 

Drew and Liz talk about Franco. Then he runs into Kim. They talk about Oscar.  He's going over for chili later in the week. 

Sonny finds out from Det. Ford Chase that Carly went to the graveyard and about the parking garage. He's not happy she didn't tell him. She said she could SMELL MORGAN on the GRAVE. Sonny gives her a side-eye and says..."yeah, ok...what did Griffin say"?? Heh. 

So: Carly still has nothing wrong with her and Franco never said those things to Betsy. I mean..today's show?  Yikes. The best part was Ava freaking out that someone may have kidnapped Avery and Mike to retaliate against Sonny and Julian tells her it could have been someone from HER past. LOL She freaks the hell out. And....Griffin wants to pray with she and Julian. Julian is all  @@@. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

22 Minutes

I could watch 22 minutes!! The end of the show...

Nice to have a woman tell a man "It's not your fault". Usually it's the other way around. Franco got a stylish  haircut tho. He had time for trauma, being in GH and a hair-do!! 

Emma got the stuff they needed She's such a SPY !! She got the information from figuring out some play. LOL--I didn't even understand it but you know she's a genius!!  Emma says: "it's in my DNA, I come from a long line of spies"! Yes, you do! 

I guess Nina is noshing with Peter and Maxie to "get to know him" better??  Curtis got some dirt on him. 

Kiki is mad Bensch won't give her the day off because her sister is missing. He's totally right to say no. Especially in an internship. Unless your ARM is hanging off, you work!!! She thinks it's because she "rejected" him. 

Little Capers

NEWS: Leslie C hurt herself (tripped on her dog, I get that!) and had to leave the show for a bit. Since her part was already scripted, they've temporarily replaced her with Patty McCormack of "Bad Seed" fame. (She was so awesome in that movie!!) Here's to a speedy recovery for Leslie and good luck to Patty during her "Monica" stint! 

I saw 15 min of yesterday's show-- and I shall reserve snark on the "Swiss Caper" until I see where they go with this. Who knows? I may be a delightful segment with St. Jaysus, Spin, Sam, Anna and Robert. 
But then again, I watch a LOTTA  TV and I am in the middle of the wonderful Sneaky Pete that does this type of thing with such ease and greatness, I'm not too hopeful. 

Ok, how hilarious was it to have Alexis fly to Switzerland just to sit on the couch and talk to Sam and then take the kids home. They should have had Sam out helping Spinelli somehow and just left the kids out of it all together. This was just funny. "We ran up and down the mountains"!!! :eyeroll: 

Spinelli sure forgot that he liked Drew, thought he was Jason and totally encouraged Sam to accept him. So... :shrug: 

Ava's acting like breathless nuts Ava again and Griffin doesn't know what the HELL to do. 

Kim and Julian...meh.  Doesn't bother me but..meh.  Lucy was fun. 

Ok, it's Wed and I'm not home until 2:00 so we'll see!! 

IT'S SNOWING HERE.  Damn it. I haven't gotten out of a turtleneck all of April! 

Monday, April 16, 2018

AHHAA..ok, so Jason happens to run into Sam...who left PC with "the kids" (both under 5) IN BERN, SWITZERLAND. Because that's where one goes when -- one wants to get away with kids. She said she 'spent the day running up and down the mountains with them"!! ahahaha. OMG.  She was in the hall getting ice and left the kids in the room. :eyeroll:  JaSam go into the room and drink a beer and talk about Heinrick. *sigh*

Robert is still delightful. All they do is talk about Heinrick *Sigh* 

Finn and Ford (ok, I'm calling him Ford) are in Charlie's Bar.  Don't care. 

Ava's at the bar waiting for Carly with Avery...Carly's at the graveyard because "Morgan" told her to "look" for him where she left him. Of course, Nelle sprayed his cologne all over the place.  Carly smells Morgan all over.  Officer Ford Chase comes in and startles Carly. He tells her she can't be there because of the earthquake (the ground is unstable). She says she got a note to go there and shows him the Noodle Buddah menu--but the WRITING IS GONE!! Dun Dun Dun DUNNN.  Ford Chase thinks that Carly's been drinking. I guess Nello got invisible ink. 

Nell goes to Charlie's bar-- Sees Michael.  He mentions some parenting class. Then he leaves. Nelle and Ava sit down. Ava goes to order and Nelle looks on Ava's phone. She sees the DNA tests that Griffin ran. But there's no names so... Nelle asks Ava about the medical info. Ava's like: Oh Griffin wanted a back up. Nell knows she's lying.

Michael tells Sonny to call the police because it's urgent. Carly comes in with Officer Chase. He tells him what happened. So, the police put out an amber alert--and Ava gets it!! LOL  The whole town gets it on their phone! 

For some reason Kiki was trying to see what Griffin's doing.  Griffin has Carly's test results and Finn consults and agrees that nothing is wrong with the patient (Carly). Kiki finds out she'a  in the shadow program with Dr. Bensch.  She goes to tell Epiphany that she can't do it but then decides not to say anything. Kiki then goes to see Dr. Bensch who basically tells her to stop being such a baby about shadowing him. 

Finn calls Anna.  He's concerned and wants her to be safe. 

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Sunday Surgery: Swiss Cheese

You didn't think I'd let you have ALL the fun, now did you? 
Thank you to the SOAP GODDESS that Robert showed up yesterday, right? Geesh, the week was going to  be a total melt-down loss for me and then he popped up! I was like: WHO cares we're in a "SWISS" Hotel and Emma's on a "mission" that could be dangerous!!? HURRAY! Grandpa Scorpio is here!! 

You know what we are eating today don't you? Yep...get the CRONUTS out.