Sunday, December 10, 2017

Sunday Surgery: Heart Strings

A week of emotions and some old-school great soapy moments to warm my heart. I was busy on 2 days but couldn't wait to watch the shows when I got home.  That has happened in years!  It was another big week as far as things happening so let's get started. 

I had lobster ravioli last night which that so yummy. I"m still full! Just coffee today. I still have Christmas shopping to finish up.  It's coming too quickly!! 

Friday, December 8, 2017

You HAD a Son--You HAVE a Son @@

I watched yesterday's show. Trying hard with Post-Tumor Franco no?? Just once I'd like to see a soap guy give a girl a crappy ring! Or at least TINY LOL 

Maxie and Lulu outted Nellie!! YEAH!!   

I guess Dr. Kim is working at GH as an OBGYN. Nice, jump right in. Good to get her mixed into the canvas. What IF she's in on the whole Jasons switch? She knew Drew, she's a doctor-- she came to PC. Hmmmmm. maybe?? 


SaSon goes to find the burner phone location and they go in an it's BRITTA!!  She says Faison is gone, left a few hours ago.  Jason tells her about Danny and tries to pull her heartstrings to give them information.

Idiot Oscar wants Joss to delete the DNA test from her phone. (they came in).  He wants to give his mom "another chance to tell him herself" .  

Drew is out--Jason convinced the Navy guy to let him go because of what happened.  He's not happy Jason helped the situation. Later, they walk home and run into Friz (see below) 

Carly is donating to Toys for Tots. She runs into Dr. Kim. They talk about Joss and Drew. And the Jasons. Joss comes in with Oscar to talk to his mom. Carly bitches her out because she's grounded and walking around all over. 

Friz is going to take boys to see Santa. Franco wants to marry Liz on Christmas.  Carly stops by to yell at Liz. Liz is like DUHHHHh weren't YOU going to marry him? "Just wait until Jason finds out" says Carly. 

In the Park, ONLY JAKE shows up with Friz (of course) and Drew and Liz explain the whole mess to him. God, that kid can CRY!! wow...he was so good.  He's upset, doesn't want "the other Jason" as his dad. Meanwhile, Franco and Sam are exchanging barbs about Jason
Franco "I bte you want him back"

Sam "I bet your're afraid he'll go to Liz"  Something along those lines. lol 

At the END:

Kim confirms Nell is PG-- they tell Carly "Congratulations Grandma" says Nellie LOL 

AND..OMG Dr. Kim just goes to Killys and STRAIGHT UP TELLS him Oscar's his SON! geesh!!! No build up, no NOTHING!! ahahahaaa. WELP. 

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Time for Teeth!

I won't have a blog tomorrow--I have a tooth appointment right at 2 and I know I'll be too tired to to much of anything after (I usually get a migraine after!) 
We are also due for some "real snow" soon! It's been a VERY mild winter. Hope I can endure it/.

Christmas in the Park

Navy: SO glad they are doing this!! IT's very true to life. They don't mess around!!  Killy are all sad. Navy guy don't care. Alexis tells him to stop it and has a judge's order. Navy guy goes to talk to the judge. Alexis thinks they are in trouble. The WSB might be able to save him if they are still looking for Faison. 

Carly .."But Drew has to know we are still friends" LMAO ...ahahhaa. Oh, good try. She also says Jason needs to fight for his money and life.  So... 2 sides? 

Julian at the Qs.... he hears Leo call Ned Daddy on the baby monitor. Olivia tells him to beat it.  Then she feels bad an invites him to see Santa in the park. 

HELLO ELF NELLO!!  You've got your "Danger Red" Lipstick on geesh!! 

HELLO MAC SANTA!! "Christmas in the Park"-- kids are there. Nelle says to Carly she's going to change her outlook on her being with Michael. (She's going to say she's pregnant!). Julian jumps in all the Leo photos LOL. 

What are Maxie and Lulu doing? Oh they are in the Invader and looking to see got paid for the story. They find Nello's name!! Then they get arrested for being in there lol. They are adorable in those suits. They get out because the Inquisitor guy isn't pressing charges. Not sure why? 

Tuesday, December 5, 2017


Oh boy... I have a terrible cough and just feeling not all "here' . I just watched most of the show today and am...
THRILLED with the Ned/Michael exchange---and Jimmy Lee Holt Mention? What the wha!! Was that on today? It's a clip that running around on FB and Twitter?? I can't get the clip up here but they are  talking about 

AND--Drew was arrested! I was just saying on twitter, um,,,the Navy just doesn't let you walk around if you've been AWOL!! Glad that happened. Kind of like the paperwork mess. And maybe the marriage mess??? 

Anyway, tomorrow is another long long day. I'll try to blog in a more timely manner.  At least I CARE when I miss a day!! 

Monday, December 4, 2017

Fast Track DNA

Alexis and Jason are both out wandering the docks, catching memories. LOL Alexis wonders where Sam is-- and he says "with my brother" . She says she's relieved.  Tells Jason about Sam trying to find him even after the search was called off...she dove in a wet suit. Alexis also says she's settled in a healthy relationship and loves Drew.  Jason said he never told Sam what to do and he's not going to start now. Alexis was so hypocritical there--geesh, she's basically doing the same thing with Jules!! 

JossCar and Michael. Michael tells them about Drew/Jason. Oscar hopes Drew gets his memory back. 
Stupid Nelle interrupts them. She wants to tell Michael she got a present for Joss and it came in.  It's an autographed photo of some ..singer? Actor? I don't know but Joss is happy and Michael is pleased. 
Oh, BTW--JossCar had a home DNA kit they have to send to the lab-- um..she says "you should know this time tomorrow if Drew is your Dad".  TOMORROW?? 

Liz and Robin talk about the Jasons. Robin finds out who's who and also that Dr. Maddox was involved. They talk about how much Jason hates Franco and she doesn't know what she'll do about Jake. Robin thinks Jake needs Jason in his life. She tells her about having to explain to Patrick how she was friend's with a hit man way back when.  Liz says she loves Franco and Robin wants to hear why she loves him. Liz gushes about him. Robin says she's glad she's happy. She's going to CA. BYE! 

Franco goes to see Andre in jail.  Andre apologizes for involving Franco. He says he was surprised Franco didn't tell.  He says Franco's secret is safe with him, but he should tell and unburden himself. 

Franco goes to GH. Liz is excited to see him. He's going to tell her the truth. Well, Liz says "Marry Me"... and he's so happy he says yes-- and of course, doesn't tell her the truth. 

Drew realizes his name isn't Jason anymore and needs a new license and credit card. "How are we going to tell Danny? He doesn't know him... he'll be scared and freak out...Do you want me there when you tell him?" Sam-- yes, I want you there, you are my heart and I love you".  Drew leaves. 

Sam stays at the PCPD and Alexis finds her. Sam's crying. Alexis begs her not to go back to Jason "He's not going to change". Sam starts not being able to breathe and runs out.  

THEN!!! Sam runs to the docks and sees...... JASON!! EEESSSHHHH!!! No matter what, seeing 2 old lovers see each other makes me go boom. I thought they were going to kiss! NOPE! Jason says "Sam, it's going to be ok, no matter what happens, it will be ok"...Sam says thank you. HEART BREAKING!! Sam is crying...Jason is leaving and he's crying!!  Think about Sam..she can't really celebrate Jason's return and she doesn't really know Drew's past either. eesh....

On the bridge, Oscar sees Drew. They both stand there, looking up. I guess it's a foreshadowing of something? WHAT COULD IT BE?????!! LOL 

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Sunday Surgery: Truth Or Dare

And then......POOF..... I was He. He was Me. 

What a week! We got our Jasons Reveal --and I think this is going to stick.  It makes sense (to me) to have Burton slip back into the Stone Cold role and Miller create something new that's just his. I've already seen a huge change in Miller since a year ago. You know I have no love lost there-- but his acting has been great these past weeks.  

So, settle in! I have a big frosted cookie from Panera I'm eating. No, that's not a plug--its' just saying that I can NOT pass up a good frosted sugar cookie. Yum. This is a mitten! 

Friday, December 1, 2017

WILL the Real Jason Morgan.....

So, Diane questions Andre to avoid having to haul him into court. Everyone agrees. Maddox 

says that he was doing research for Alzheimers for WSB and they shut him down. Then, he got a mysterious backer who paid from off shore accounts.  The subjects came unconscious and sedated and he experimented on them. "Jason Morgan lost nothing.....his memories were copied like a Xerox machine".  "Drew lost his memories and past life, he thinks he Jason Morgan".  Then, Miller attacks Maddox for doing this to his family.
Diane says 'TELL these men who is who"@@@!!! (Commercial) 

THE REAL JASON is.... Burton.  Miller is Andrew. He flips out an accuses Sonny of paying Maddox off to say he's not Jason. Sonny's like: Yeah, NO I gots nothin' to do with this. Then Spinelli says HE has proof that Miller is Andrew. He shows a photo of Andrew Kane (looking like Jason) in Navy uniform. Andrew went AWOL in 2012 and no one knew why. Spinelli tells Jordan to look up the Navy fingerprints and Jason's from prior to whenever they weren't messed with.  At first, Miller doesn't believe it but then Curtis basically says: Well... you are Drew and that's ok, man. Killy goes into the interrogation room to look at the photo and talk. 
Diane, CarSon and Spin go out for a drink. Jason has to stay there to do paperwork for the not-trial he's having.  

Looks like Drew is accepting he's not Jason a bit.  He's scared the media company will be taken away. Sam says not to worry, he goes out and tells Jason "I don't care what the DNA says, you are not my brother". Jason is like: Meh, whatever, have a good life.  He leaves. 

Other Junk happening today:  Ava HAS ON THE WORSE DRESS EVER ugh. Julian is home.  Griffin comes in and gives flowers to Ava. Julian is all "You still a priest? you sleeping with my sister"?? Then Ava says Griffin saved her life. Griffin is pissed that Julian is out of prison . TOTALLY Forgot he killed Duke and Duke is Griffin's father LOL!!  Well, he ordered Carlos to kill him I mean. 

Alexis and Dr. Bensch --she tells him the entire Julian Story. OMG FILLER I DON'T CARE!! MOVE OUT OF THE WAY!! Get to the Jasons!