Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Real Women

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Olivia had her photo shoot at The Rib..No idea why. Maxie and Dillon were there. Dillon is SO boring as a photog/film guy. geesh.  She goes with Julian to the office to review the photos. He says they are all too much for Crimson. She says they are fine. They are arguing about her boobs when Alexis walks in.  Alexis sticks up for Olivia.

Dillon takes cheesy pics of Maxie. But, she IS adorable. 

Nate and Nina talking about their respective partners. 

Laura toasts the happy couple but... doesn't mean it.  When Hayden leaves she gives Nikolas her Mama advice *sigh*

Epiphany introduces Sonny to the new doctor.  Griffin talks to Sonny about his history and progress. Sonny hedges because he doesn't want anyone to know he's better.  Then Griffin asks Epiphany how he's doing in PT!! She told on him and when Carly leaves, Griff says "Why are you lying to her"?? 

Stuff about ELQ and the lawsuit for the shares. I guess Jason is suing Nikolas. Alexis is talking to Michael and Tracy. I don't get it, I guess I missed most of that but it was also on so long ago and not mentioned that I forgot.  Tracy tells Michael to leave when Hayden comes in. Hayden shows her her ring. Tracy smiles.  BUT! Then Hayden tells her she signed a pre-nup.  Tracy's mad. Hayden says she's got something on Nikolas-- BIG something.

SPENCER's absence is so glaring. Yes, NB is taping a new show but geesh. Like with Joss, just put them in boarding school already. 

Tracy had some kind of an maybe?? Rumor is she has a medical problem..soooo.... 

OH@@ Epiphany will be in Crimson too! 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

18 Year old Scotch

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Alexis and Julian got a giant sculpture from Ava for their wedding. LOL She shows them the 'model".  It's 12' high and she thinks it should go in the garden. Alexis was like: Ummmm. Thanks? 

Sam tells Liz Jake didn't push her, she fell. She's sad he got hit by a car. Liz is so happy Jake didn't push her but realizes that Jason/Sam are getting back to each other. She goes and sobs in the other room. Becky was exsquiste in that scene! 

Alexis rushes in. Really good scene there. Sam tells her about the ordeal. 

THEN!! OMG--Liz goes and tells Jason that she sees the connection he and Sam have built over the years!! She's basically like, yep.. you belong together. OMG the Liason train gonna implode!! 

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Nathan wants to move in. Lulu is there with Rocco. Why isn't she living in Wyndemere? I mean, Laura is there for babysitting purposes. Oh, Maxie says she doesn't live there because she has to take the launch all the time. Hey, that's plausible. 

OMG.. What if AVA worked with Anna to get Paul!!? That would be great!! She'd be off the hook and we'd get Anna and Jordan and Ava.
Anna talks to Paul, she's bamboozling him. He strokes her hair. ewwwww. He tells her about Susan, his daughter. 

The end was weird. Liz wanders around her wreckage of a house and over-audioed were Sam and Jason whispering to each other about their love/past. Weird. Weird. 

Will Becky Herbst Jump the GH Ship?

17 year Vet of GH 

Daytime Confidential has reported that Daytime Emmy winner, Rebecca Herbst has hit a contract snag and may walk from the soap. I've known DC forever and they don't report things unless they are in the works. Ergo, this looks way legit. Becky also has been tweeting fans a lot lately and recently posted a photo of flowers they sent to her saying "I need this right now". 

Where would she go? Well, word is that Days of Our Lives has an opening just made for her! 
This on the heels of Michael Easton returning and the hiring of 5 new people since November. 

Sorry, GH this is a disaster. You lost Jason Thompson, let Wally Kurth slip away and now this? SMDH.

I just don't get you.  Remember what happened in 2011 when you tried this? Yea, that didn't work so well.  

Monday, February 8, 2016

MOOB. (opposite of BOOM)

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That's them...falling out of the house. 

Wow. Strange show today. First off, Idiot Jason strolls around the house like he's looking for a lost wallet, not a person. Not really hurring, nothing. Then there's a fake out and Sam is hallucinating again. Then he finally finds her. Looks at her like he's a potato. He kinda runs down "are you here" "Sam, wake up" No urgency, no nothing. It was terrible!! He carries her out, (slowly), the house blows up and they are thrown into the snow. 
Jason: Sam? Sam?
Sam: We're alive

Jason: We are alive.
Flat as a pancake. FLAT.

Thank GOD RoHo was on with Becky. He hugged her, talked about Jake. Jake told her he killed Sam, but got it mixed up with video games.  

Liz gets a call from her neighbor. She says "the house blew up". Liz thinks Jake pushed Sam down the stairs. 

Jordan is going on a date but drops by Pauls' office in the most inappropriate dress ever--by that I mean Paul better get NO ideas about her! They literally talk about a 'case' we've never heard of...about a guy we never heard of. And he says she's doing a good job.
That's it.
It's bizarre.

Anna is talking to Maddox at The Rib. About the case. He "likes to listen to her talk" (yes, he said that) Jordan walks in later. Looks at Anna like WTH? 

Dillon goes in to talk to Paul. He says they are "Unfixable"

Carly and Sonny go to the Rib to talk to Michael. He wants everyone to see him in the chair I think. Michael wants to go to Puerto Rico. 

Jason CARRIES Sam to the hospital. Which is stupid..because he was just blown clear of Liz' house. No ambulance?
Anyway, he goes in to talk to her, they mumble and whisper. Yada yada. 

Yeah, today was just awful. Wow.  It was supposed to be exciting and Sam in the basement for 7 days and the rescue taking forever. Geeze. 

I guess the end was good for JaSam fans. Even tho they mumbled. Jason remembered saying "Run to Me"... 

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sunday Surgery: When Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

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I'm going with songs lately to describe Sam's falling into the void of the Webber Basement and staying there for days on end (real time, not soap time). 
I really liked the Nico scenes this week, they kept me going. If you're not a fan, sorry but at least Roger and Michelle seem to relish and have fun with every scene they are in. They do not PHONE it! We got a hot new doctor and a decent Friday show.
Of course, GH still suffers from heavy heavy cast and drawn out stories but, that's what we signed up for, right!? 

I really want some oatmeal today. Not sure why? Maybe the cold is returning to the area!

Friday, February 5, 2016

"GH is the Beating Heart of This Town"

Oh my gosh, Molly and Krissy at the Rib. LOVED them...Molly got Kristina's diary and read it! ahhahaa. She thinks "P" is a guy. Molly is going to let Kristina stay with her while she finds a place. Hope her dorm room is bigger than my kids was! 

Nina got an adoption brochure and Franco is like "Um, NO ONE Is going to give us a kid" We were crazy, remember!? 

Morgan and Kiki. VERY good scene. Seriously. (don't faint). I like they are doing the ramifications of meds and sexual dysfunction. It's a BIG reason that younger people don't take their antidepressants and bipolar pills. Realistic.  He leaves and throws them out in the garbage. Then drinks at The Rib. 

Great Carly Liz scenes too! Carly was telling Liz she was a good Mom. Very nice. Given the circumstances, Carly was very civil. ;) Becky Herbst can cry so beautifully. 

OMG NEW HOT DOCTOR! And he can act! WOW. I love him ..there are too many people on this show. Don't do this to me!
HE's adorable and has a saint's medal for AIDS patients. He and Sonny talk about life and God and saints.
His name is Griffin Munro. 

Or Hubba Hubba :) He knew Lucas in med school. 

Jake tries to tell Jason about Sam. Jake goes to the Rib and gets a phone call that no one picked Danny up from a birthday party. He's worried. Asks Kristina if she saw Sam. He says she was going to Elizabeth's. Cut to smoke, smoke alarm and Sam. He gets there and opens the door. Show ends. 

Thursday, February 4, 2016

On Fire

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I spent an hour in my unheated basement yesterday, I was fine. :) If the furnace is in there, it kicks off a bit of heat. But OH's a soap and we need another fire! RIGHT!!? 

I'm going to see Anomalisa today!! So I won't be here. It's nominated for best animated picture and is supposed to be superb. 

I hope to see GH when I get back or tonight! 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Reading of Hell's Will WUB

Setting: Wyndemere.... at Dusk 

Scotty: Come on, come on..sit down..geesh...

Laura: Well, I'm trying but my toga is getting caught in the carpet!

Tracy: Why did we have to wear these damn things anyway?

Nikolas: Grandmother wanted some extra Greek tradition to be present at her last will and testament.

Alexis: Isn't she from Nebraska?

Spencer: COOL! Look! Alfred made me a Star Wars Toga!

Laura: I just bought those for your bed! 

Spencer: but I look awesome, no? (flips sunglasses)

Alexis: Let's get this over with, shall we? This place is creepy.. 

Scotty: All right, is everyone in? Anna, close those doors... 

Robert: Heah, I'll get 'em for look fetching in that drape...

Scotty: Ok, ok..order! ORDER! Have a seat...(puts on glasses)

 "I Helena Elise Montgomery Cassadine being of sound mind and body"... hey! No laughing in the peanut gallery!! "I ...blah blah blah... leave the following: 
to my faithful loving grandson, Nikolas I leave Wyndemere and all it's catacombs under the condition he hold a bi-annual ball in my honor for all time to come"...

Nikolas: Oh Great. 

Hayden: A Ball! We can have a ball! We'll get a cake... and a...I know!! Let's have a black and white ball..won't that be fun!? 

Nikolas: No comment.

Scotty: Settle down. "Nikolas also receives the house in Greece, 13 goats, my postcard collection and the 4 Rolls Royces".  To my Great-Grandson I leave..

Spencer: HERE IT COMES!!

Scotty "I leave all the Faberge Eggs and shares in Pixar"

Spencer: NO WAY! YES!!

Scotty: Settle down there, Scooter.  "I leave the previous to my Great-Grandson as long as he officially changes his name to... Mekkos Slavadovich Panos Cassadine".

Spencer: Huh? Messkoss? What is THAT?

Laura: Just Helena's control from beyond the grave, dear...

Scotty: MOVING ON... "To Anna Devane and Robert Scorpio I leave the horse stables as I never could get that smell out after the planting of Faison under the floorboards..."

Robert: Wench... 

Scotty: "To Lesil Obrect, I leave.."

Dr. O:  Ya? Ya? Zats me!! 

Scotty: My entire laytex-mask making set including 2 used Duke masks, one slightly torn Faison mask and a rather horrific Anna Devane mess I have hanging in my cupboard in the kitchen on Prague".

Dr. O:  :clapping: Oh yes!! I am zo happy! 

Scotty: "And to that wretched Natasha I leave my entire wardrobe because I know it will never fit her,

Alexis: Figures.  But! Maybe there's a Hermes bag in there...

Scotty: "In the case of my Hermes and Burberry vintage bags, they shall be donated to the Greek Goat Sanctuary on Fillos". 

Alexis: Damn, so close. 

Scotty: To that black spot of a boil, Laura Spencer, I leave the frozen frog legs left in the freezer, and Stefan's corpse, which is frozen along side of them and my other precious son, Stavros, whom I refuse to leave to anyone. Laura at the very least, deserves my sub-servant son. Let her defrost him". 

Laura: Well, at least she lifted...

Scotty: "AND! Lest we forget the curse I put on your head shall outlive my death by 300 years..."

Laura: And..nope. 

Scotty: "That goes for you too Sam whom I also leave $450 to buy herself a pair of decent flats. You embarrass the family with your prat-falls my dear". 

Sam: :eyeroll: 

Scotty: As for the rest of it, she leaves everything else: ice picks, daggers, cloven hooves, jewelry, music boxes, snake skin wallets, giant portrait and slides of her African Safari to the newly formed Port Charles Museum of Helena Cassadine, to be housed at the renovated Brownstone on East Avenue. The curator to be Miss Tracy Angelica Quartermaine. 

Tracy: Oh, really? 

Scotty: It comes with a million dollar a year stipend...

Tracy...Oh in that case... 

Scotty: Now let us retire to the dining room for some feta sandwiches, uzo, blintzes and of course, blueberry pie. 


NOTE: Since we all know Helena's not really dead, all of this is moot anyway.