Wednesday, February 26, 2020


Ava and Carly. Ava was seeing Avery. Carly asks when she's going to introduce her to her new husband. She also tells Ava she knows her marriage is a sham because Nik only loved Emily and Ava is nothing like Emily. 


Cam is getting ready for the dance. Nikolas comes over. He and Liz talk on the porch and he wants to give money to GH and wants her to help him figure out where. He wants her to be his friends actually. She says, don't buy me with charity money, find my sister. He leaves. Trina comes over and looks stunning. Cam's like Um..huh..hi...Liz takes pics. Trina wonders where her Dad is. 

Sonny and Jason talk about Nelle--the baby yada yada. Taggert comes to the office and says they have a mutual problem. He wants to work together.  He tells them he was on the DEA team that took own Cyrus. 

Julian still tries to put off Brook. She says Sonny will believe her. She wants Julian to threaten Linc, her producer so she gets out of her contract.  He says there could be another way.  Ava and Nik come in. Brook and Nik go talk at the bar. (they are old friends). Julian tells Ava that Brook knows about the whole situation with Brad. She says keep her happy; for now. 

Laura's hospital room. She's going home. She wants to know who starting a mob war.  Jordan tells her about Cyrus. 

After Taggert leaves Sonny, someone is following him. He thinks he's sneaking up on the thug but doubling back but the thug has a PARTNER AND IT'S 2 AGAINST ONE!! OH NO!! Later he's in GH..and he said he got jumped but got a shot off and they ran. They dropped a needle, they were going to OD him!!! 

Laura goes to Sonny and basically says she's going to be involve in all of this too to help Port Charles. YEAH!! Put her right in the middle. She seems strong and ready for a fight! It's not just Sonny and Jason!! She basically tells Sonny their war is in low income neighborhoods and people are scared. Not happening on her watch. She says he needs to take care of it and she'll do what she can.  Also tells Sonny she won't hesitate going after him if he messes up. 

Carly tells Joss she can't go to the dance because Of the mob threat. Joss leaves with Dev anyway. 

Carly trips over Dev's backpack and she finds a bullet in there!!! 

The UBER driver for Cam and Trina is a MOB GUY!!!!!! EEK!! 

Tuesday, February 25, 2020


METRO COURT:  Olivia tells Ned she can't go home because Brook never showed up. Then Brook runs in, said she booked a recording studio and can't work but needs her paycheck LOL . Ned's like You worked ONE SHIFT! LOL she says she has to record her music. He tells her she can't because of the contract. Brook says she'll listen to herself, but she has to keep making music. Dustin comes in and says he'll listen to her.  Brooklyn gets a call and the studio is double booked. She wants her paycheck and a good schedule-- Olivia fires her LOL ... Ned says she can work at ELQ.  She wants her trust fun opened. Ned says NOPE.. get a JOB.

Over on table 3, Sam tells Alexis about Wiley. Julian wanders by and asks Alexis if she'll represent Brad! Sam jumps up and is like: OMG after what he did to Lucas!!?? Julian says Brad is still his son in law. He just wants a referral... and tells them that Nelle is telling everyone that it's all Brad's fault. They know Brad is telling the truth and not Nelle.  Alexis says he and Nelle are both responsible. He leaves. Then ALexis tells Sam she has to stay away from Neil for 2 years. "are you going to" ?? says Sam. Alexis is like: YESSSS! Sam "well, I'm not going to stay away from Jason". LOL. ALexis makes Sam give her a dollar and then says she's her lawyer now. "Tell me what you're planning". Sam says they want to find out if Dolores has done anything illegal and then they'll get her fired. Alexis rolls her eyes. 

Later: Brook talks to Julian at the bar. She tells him she remembers seeing Brad and he arguing when she first got into town. She figures out about the whole brake thing on the car. "The police never found out about that, did they"?? Oh I think she's going to blackmail him. That's a "Job" right? LOL 

Michael, Wiley and Jason..all looking like the same DNA pool ..they talk about Nelle and Jail. Jason talks to Wiley and Wiley has a giraffe, which is what Michael used to hold when HE was a baby and Jason talked to him!! Doh! 

CORINTHO'S KITCHEN:  Joss tells Cam and Trina about Wiley-- They want Joss to go to the Winter Formal because Cam wants to date her. Or know, Teen Stuff.  I guess Dev is in boarding school. ?? That was fast. 
OH! They finally get Joss to go to the dance after she finds out Dustin is going as a chaperone! OH WE HAVE A total CRUSH! 

JAIL: Carly comes in to yell at Nelle ..Nelle tries to tell her Brad ripped her baby out of her arms. Carly's like: Save it. You're never going to see Wiley again!  They argue..Carly basically tells her if she get out of jail, she'll be killed.  Nelle says she learned a lot from Ryan Chamberlain! LOL Carly leaves, Chase comes in to talk to Nelle. 

Josslyn is at the Q house and happy to be an Aunty. 

Jason said going to visit Nelle was dumb and Carly played right into her hands. She can't threaten her. 
BrookLynn tells Julian she'll tell Sonny if he doesn't help her out. 
Dustin orders a ton of Pizzas from the Metro (?????) for the school dance. 
Chase pulls out the passports Nelle had on her to leave town. Ergo, she found out before she heard Brad. 

Monday, February 24, 2020

Paint Me

Time for the SHOW SHOW!! 

Michael tells Monica that Michael is his son. Great, another kid she has to take care of LOL Wiley giggles. Jason comes over later. He and Michael talk about the docks explosion.  Later, Monica comes back and they take photos. OMG such a cute scene!! Really cute. 
Oh, Jason tells Michael Nelle can be "taken care of".. dun dun dun

Corinthos Kitchen:  Giant MOSSS on the  counter . It's bigger than ever. Carly's talking about the explosion on the docks.  She says Lucas wants to be left alone. OMG we aren't going to see him until 2021 are we?? Jason leaves. Carly talks about ME ME ME and how Nelle is mean to her.  Sonny tells her to let Michael handle it. She's like "You know Michael, he wont' do anything". Sonny's being very rational. Tells Carly to stay out of it. AHAHAHA. GOOD LUCK

Willow wants to go to work. Chase thinks she should take the day off. She says she has to keep working. She starts crying because Nelle shouldn't be a mother and she should.  Tells Chase she wants to be alone. She leaves. 

Brad is in Jail..with a new spiffy denim shirt on and Jules thanks him for not saying anything. Brad's like: I can STILL blow you in, you know.   They argue. Brad says I bet you're happy we had that car crash.. Julian said it was the worst day of his life and Lucas "never should have been in that car" OH! WHOOPS! Brad is like WHAT? WHAT do you mean!!? Julian covers by saying he meant thank god both of them are ok. Brad tells Julian that Nelle is changing the story to make it look like HE did everything. Julian says they have to work together on this.  He says if he keeps his mouth shut, He will make sure he walks out of jail. 


Ava is getting her portrait painted by Franco-- she and he watch Nik and Liz talk at GH in at the nurses station. He's jelly--she's grinning. They go to paint... and Ava tells her that Nik and Liz had an affair. Oh! Then Nik tells Liz Ava and Franco had an affair years ago. 

Nik and Liz talk some more. They kind of make up a bit. both smile at each other. Cute

Ava still can't believe Nik and Liz had an affair. Franco's trying to draw her and says "look happier or people will think you're Helena Cassadine" LOL  I love Franco and Ava. Nik sees them through the window and is like: Hmmmm, will they have an affair (I hope?) 

Willow went to her baby's grave. She's sad.  Liz comes in and hugs her. Chase told her what happened and she figured out she'd be at the cemetary. 

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Sunday Surgery: Time's Up

I even gave you a silver cup for him!! 

You know you have a good week when your hands are all crampy at the end! LOL I was typing like CRAZY Thursday and Friday and I didn't even begin to convey all that was happening. I hope you watched!!! 

Photo: Thx to Visit them for more! 

Friday, February 21, 2020

I have Carpal Tunnel

OMG SO MUCH is happening!! My typing hands are going to need some motrin lol 


Jordan and Taggert tell Cyrus about their undercover ops. That 2 of their team are dead and they are in danger. Curtis tells them to call Anna. They say NO! HE thinks they are still hiding something-- Jordan says they are!! She gives Curtis Cyrus' folder. Said she visited him in Jail. Both Curtis and Taggert freak out. Taggert eventually leaves. 

Lucas takes Wiley in for a snack and he chokes up.. gah!!!!!!! Michael says it's not his fault. Also tells Carly to go in and be with Lucas now because he's going to need her. gah. Michael talks to Sonny about Wiley only knowing his Dads..Sonny says he'll know Micahel and Michael loves him because he's his father. Michael says "we aren't blood and you loved me". Michael is concerned taking Wiley away from Lucas right now if that's the only home he has known. OMG MICHAEL So mature !! Such a NON-CORINTHOS answer!! You are not a Corinthos for sure!  Sonny tells him he has to "claim" Michael now--yada yada. Michael finally agrees. The scenes where Lucas gives up Wiley are just.......:SOBBING: 

Brad and Nelle are in jail together. Nelle says to Brad "You are despicable" .. she's going to try to gaslight him!!! She says that HE took her baby out of her arms and left her there. This is for the benefit of the guard standing there. She keeps saying she was alone. Brad reminds her that Dr. O was in the woods too. She says she doesn't remember that. The guard is listening --she tells the guard that Brad is antagonizing her and to remove him. The guard believes Nelle and takes Brad out! !

WILLOW.......oy vey. WILLLLLLLOW. Here we go go. "Wiley isn't your son, he's Michael and Nelle's"..She screams and backs up.. cries, falls to the floor. Chase tells her the rest of the story. She says she remembers when Michael told her about giving up the dead baby. She thought she knew what it felt like giving up her baby--now she knows what it's like to grieve him. WOW Katelynn does a FABULOUS job with this dialog. She talks about her baby being alone and dying and Brad trading him in. OMG. Heartbreaking. Really good suff. 

Julian and Ava.. he explains it all to her. She realizes Brad is in huge danger from Sonny--and also figures out Julian knew the secret too. HE also tells her that he cut the breaks on the car. Ava looks horrified but then says they have to make Sure Brad keeps his mouth shut now. 

Thursday, February 20, 2020


Things I forgot yesterday

Gia is Trina's Aunty!! That makes good sense since they look alike! Yeah!! Who is her mama tho? Tagg's first wife he divorced when he was younger (not the one Jordan knew?? ) hmmm...

Chad Duell rocked it ..yes I totally admit it. Actors often suprise me and he did. His cool rage that started to build was just chilling.


Jordan and Cyrus.. "CALL ME CYRUS LIKE YOU USED TO" ........squeeeeeeeeee!! He says Jordy was his "right hand man'. These scenes are GOLD!! WOW.. He says she was great at her job and how are the 4 people she worked with. She says '2 are dead'... "you overdosed them".. Cyrus: Not my drugs, I was holding them for a friend." OMG he tells her she won't die but if karama comes for her it will BURN DOWN EVERYTHING she holds dear!! 


Michael spits at Brad "you WILL PAY"!! Brad realizes he told Nelle where Wiley is!! Chase and Michael leave. 
Everyone yells at Brad.. He tells Lucas NO ONE else knew about the switch....letting Julian off the hook. I think to keep him around to blackmail later? They call the police!! Bobbie says "it's kidnapping" Um, Bobbie, you kinda did something similar with Lucas but... whatever. Sam bitches at him. Lucas says they are done.. he can't LOOK at hi. 

Nelle has Wiley, Wills is still knocked out. OMG nelle is counting clothes, looking at the passports, JUST GET OUT! Geesh!!  YEP she waited too damn long because Chase and Michael come to the door as she's leaving. Nelle tells Michael that BRAD basically switched the baby and she didn't know. She was delirious and couldn't walk. Woke up with a dead baby. Mihael doesn't buy it. He finally gets Wiley back (Wiley smiles so cute). No one is finding Willow yet LOL 

Jason tells Sonny the deed is done. They talk about Cyrus. They figure out he's in town for more than jus tmoving drugs, must be personal. 

At Kelly's Cameron meets Taggert "um yes, sir, no sir'.. Taggert warns him about messing with his daugher. Great scenes! Taggert sees Curtis looking at him through the window, he confront him. Curtis is like "you and my wife"! Jordan walks up. She and Curtis go to her office.  

NOTE: OMG Taggert knows Elizabeth and he TOTALLY KNEW ZANDER, Cam's daddy!! Oh I hope it comes out!! 

Curtis out and out asks her if SHE'S TRINA'S MOTHER!!!!!!!!!! WHA?! LOL . She's liek "YEAH, I have a kid with EVERY man I've even been undercover with"!! SHe's like NO Taggert and I never had a relationship, it's all work. Then Taggert walks in and says they should tell him the whole story. He needs to protect himself. 

LOOKS GOOD!!! Willow finds out and Nelle tries to gaslight Brad in jail saying he "stole her baby".. 

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Catching UP : Tues/Wed shows

Yesterday's GH:

From Twitter 

Oh Snap!! SAM!! LOL. didn't expect you to see Nelle!! "how's it going with Jayyyyyyyyyson"??? Says Nelle. Pfffft. 

Wiley has a cold... Willow is watching Wiley-- Chase is there.  They talk about her being guardian. 

Bobbie, Carly-Julian waiting for the party to start. 

Aw, "I sleep better when you're there" ..and STUPID Peter shows up to get beween Anna and Finn. 

Curtis and Taggs. Curtis asks Taggert about his wife an he says "ex-wife"!! Jordan calls aggert about the guy from NH that OD'd on the docks. 

Something somethig about Cyrus. Some warehouse thing--take over by Sonny. Yada yada. 

Awww, TJ getting the engagement ring.  Later he goes to the Metro and MOLLY IS THERE! bitching about her friend's wedding. LOL, being in your early 20s and everyone getting married is the pitts. She says wedding are commercialized LOL. 

Nelle shows up to the party at Corinthos! LOL .. love it .  She's my reason for living lately. 

OH! Curtis overhears Jordan and Taggert talk about the dead guy. Thank you for making Jordan interesting. I REALLY miss Vinessa tho. 

NOTE: Sam looked awful today...



TAGGERT AND MAC!!!!! Jordan can die-- and Mac move up-- and then Taggs be chief of detectives! 

Jordan and Curtis: he wants to know what's going on.. She won't tell. 


Sonny and Cyrus "Who says I'm going to sell your merch"?? 


Wiley with Willow. ALone because Chase goes to the Corinthos. Nelle comes over. Her hair is magnificent!  Fight Fight!! OMG.. it was glorious. 

Lucas spills it. Carly makes it all about her. LOL of course. 

Lucas!! LOL.. And Carly's all.."let me talk to him"!! Shouldn't your MOTHER ..the NURSE. She was SUCH A MOUTH TODAY-- She ruined the reveal for me.  HATED IT. 



Ava and Carly. Ava was seeing Avery. Carly asks when she's going to introduce her to her new husband. She also tells Ava she knows her...