Monday, March 30, 2020


LOTS going on today!! 

Mike is reaching end-stage. He's just laying there. Portia talks to Sonny. He's not using his legs. He's scared of falling. Wheelchair comes with Liz pushing it-- but Mike won't get in. Sonny realizes he can't help him. Cries in Joss' arms.

Jordan has to go to internal affairs to throw her team under the bus. She talks to Jason about what she's going to say. THEN SHE goes to her office and gets out a SECRET PHONE!! "I know I'm not supposed to call you"... I SWEAR IT'S TAGGERT!!!!!!! I think she's asking him if it's ok to do this. 
The internal affairs guy comes in. Sits. Jordan is going to tell him everything.

Trina goes to talk to Ava at the Gallery.  She's trying to talk to her about Cam. She thinks Cam loves Liz, not her. Ava says that she shouldn't be second best. 

Portia and Curtis: She tells him she's sorry she had an affair with him and didn't tell him she was married. She also said that Trina will be so happy and proud to see her Dad's award at the PCPD. She thinks he's a hero (dun dun dun) . Then she tells Curtis that Taggert  told her some of the things he was working on with the DEA-- and Curtis gets antsy knowing what Jordan is going to bring up. 

Sam and Molly in the park (we are "outside" in California now LOL) We have NO leaves until like May here. but ..okay! Weren't they just ice skatin!!? 


Franco and Cam in the park talking about his appointment and tells him he kissed Trina. He likes Trina now!! 

Willow, Carly, Bobby, Michael Sasha waiting for Wiley to get out of surgery. 

OMG!! LIZ goes on the ROOF AND Nelle is under a tarp to keep warm and she's all blue and passed out!!  She wakes up says she was locked out ALL night. Liz wheels her down and she sees Michael. Nelle: "Bitch tried to kill me"!! 
Chase is there, she says arrest Carly. He says why? She tells him what happened . He said, Oh security must have locked you out there. Bobbie says: Anyway, I saw you down here after you talked to Carly.
Nelle: What? 
Bobbie: When you signed the consent forms!
I'm so team Nelle on this. Carly's a damn bitch 
Bobbie goes to find the permission slip-- and it's NOT there! MISSING!!
Monica comes out to give an update. She says he's doing well but will need another procedure in  months to put something in the heart to stim growth. Nelle flips out. Says there is no consent form. Bobbie shredded it!! (we see it in a flashback!)

Monica covers too in a way, is like Oh well, too bad...and she and Bobbie fist bump at the end. 

Nelle calls someone--she's got a plan. Michael says he will do whatever it takes to get custody. Which I think means marrying Willow. 


Sunday, March 29, 2020

Sunday Surgery: Double Vision

My Life.... The World... My Daughter's Shirt.... 

Here we are! I'm day 16 of  Stay Home-- and it's getting really taxing. I have far far more than some people and I'm starting to freak a bit. Hope you are doing well yourself. If you're from a state that has been insulated from this for the most part--rejoice. Do all the things ..because we sure can't! 

How was the show? That also depended on my mood for the day. I did end on a positive note Friday for me as I really enjoyed the stories and dialog. Small steps! 

I have enough to eat for everyone this Sunday. I mean, like EVERY-THING ..I'm really going to need bigger pants soon. 

Saturday, March 28, 2020

John Callahan dies at 66

The soap vet, who played Edmund Grey in All My Children, died of a massive stroke at the age of 66. I loved him on AMC. Loved he and Maria... such a soapy couple. So sad for the soap community.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Today is a Good Day ..(for Me)

Yesterday was just TOO MUCH for me... this whole thing is throwing me for a loop. If you can't tell I'm QUITE the people person and love my job. So... eesh. 

I did watch yesterday's show and Sam is going to get thrown under the bus Sunday. She leaves Alexis IN A BAR? While she's so upset? UGH I hate her. I hate her outfit. I hate her perioD. 
Also, I thought Nelle was bringing up some valid points and if people weren't so quick to be vicious to her she may have listened. 
Like Kevin and Neil together. 


CarSon at the hospital. Watch out Nelle! Oh they are there to see Mike who fell. 

Nelle and Michael...on the roof, she's trying to call someone. He pleads with her to sign. She says no. Her operation left her with lifelong pain. He says he'll talk to Diane. 

Ava and Nikolas.. he's in the room where Franco is going to paint her. Franco comes in and Nikolas won't leave. Kinky! Nikolas finally goes. 

Cameron is at GH to see Dr. Neil for therapy. He's not happy about it. But he goes in anyway and Neil tells him to tell him what happened in the shootout. 


Alexis takes another drink. BUT she doesn't drink it. She tries to Call Hammy Finn..goes to voicemail. Same with Molly.. she tries Neil next. OMG SHE CALLS JULIAN! HE comes to get her and drives her home!! She tells him about the fight with Sam. He figures out it's about Neil. Its' a great scene. She talks about her choices.. she said calling him to drive her home was better than having a knife to her throat @@~!! He takes her to a meeting. 

Finn and Anna order purple stuff for Violet's Bday. He leaves for GH .... Anna goes too. She sees Britt at the hospital. She's startled. Britt says her mom deserves to be locked up. She says she and Peter kept in touch all these years. Hmmm.

At GH Portia introduces Britt to Dr. Neil. Britt thinks he looks familiar. 

Portia is Mike's doctor.. he broke his wrist. He hasn't spoken since he was brought in. No one knows what happened to him. 
Later: Sonny goes in to see Mike..Carly sees MICHAEL and finds out about Wiley. Carly stomps up to see Nelle on the roof!! OH NO!! NELLE might take a header!!  Carly tells her to sign, if she doesn't she tips her hand if Wiley dies. Nelle says that Carly would be happy if he died then she'd have no hold on Michael. Carly balks. They argue. "Rotten people can have good children" She says to Nelle ahahahaa. 

Sonny sees Michael, finds out about Nelle. Wants to go on the roof but Michael says Carly's taking care of it. 

Liz and Nikolas talks and she says that he's going to be lost and broken if he doesn't get this out. Like she was after her rape. "He's been through 2 traumas in the past few months" ...meanwhile Ava and Franco are talking about her being a mom, Kiki and Trina. 

After dropping off Alexis to a meeting, Britt gets in the car! LOL Julian called her for a booty call!! AHAHH JUST SEX PLEASE!

Carly ends up locking Nelle up on the roof! Nelle's cell phone is out of juice. I think Carly might forge her signature!! 

Cam likes the Session with Dr. Neil. 

Outside scenes on Monday. 

GOOD SHOW... great dialog

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

One TJ for One Cyrus

Nellle got the job at Crimson. I swear she worked with Nina long ago..right? They went to India together?  YES, Carly said "I can't believe you'd make the same mistake twice" 
Nelle leaves-- Carly just BLABS BLABS AND BLABS to Nina ABOUT how BAD NELLE is but Nina has a plan to 'turn the tables' ...She said that she will testify against her at the hearing LOL  They talk about getting Nelle. Nina shows Carly the necklace she has-- (I'm sure Carly will see it somewhere). 

Jordan tells the gang about TJ. Sonny says to set Cyrus free so he can "Be taken care of". Curtis is on board. Jordan doesn't think so. Of course she has to say that. Jordan is like no, I'll go to jail. Curtis says there has to be a way to find TJ.  Jason has a plan to have Jordan "find out" about the set up of evidence against Cyrus and tell the feds her team (not her, the dead guys) framed him. She can say she was totally unaware. Jordan doesn't want to tarnish their memories. Sonny says that's what Taggert would want her to do. 


Sam meets with Dolores. Spinelli follows her when she leaves. Then, Molly comes in all upset about TJ. She's all  upset. You know. Sam traces TJ's phone again and it's at Jordan's apartment complex. 

Monica welcomes Portia to GH who was at Mercy. 

Wiley is sick. Monica is like "chill..lets get him in for tests". Michael is worried.  The hole in Wiley's heart didn't close on it's own. He has to have an operation. Michael is worried. Monica tells him he had his operation when he was younger than Wiley and he's ok. Michael is worried. Because it's an elective surgery Nelle has to sign off too!! 

Molly saw SaSon leaving Jordan's apartment.. She's going huh? 

Spinelli got caught following the Council guy and parole lady heh
Nelle refuses to sign the surgery consent. Wants a non-invasive procedure. 

Trina is at the Gallery ..lord she skipped school for this! The school called Portia! Portia comes in "what are you doing here'!! ?? She's mad..and angry at Ava for not knowing it's the middle of the day. Ava's, can we communicate? Portia says her daughter was just kidnapped the other day and her father was murdered. 

Spinelli follows Dolores to The Rib... she's with a city councilman !!  Ohhhhhhhh, interesting. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Taking it Easy

Greetings! I'm taking a break today. I just need to stay off the net for a bit. You'd think I'd be able to watch, just tweet and blog without looking at anything else but I know myself too well! 

It's all surreal...and my being laid off with husband working double-cylinder on medical supplies is just exhausting. 

Hope things are good where you are.

Monday, March 23, 2020

Text messages

Jordan still isn't telling Curtis what's going on. Sam comes over.  Asks about TJ. She says nothing. She and Curtis are going out to breakfast. Jordy will stay home. Sam asks if she found TJ while Curtis gets ready. She says no, he was gone. Curtis and Sam leave. Harmony texts her and comes over. Tells her that Cyrus is happy but ..he wants her to do more. Really? Who didn't know that? I guess Stupid Jordan didn't..hasn't watched a mobular movie in forever? Cyrus wants Jordan to get him out of prison. 

Sam and Curtis go to the coffee corner. Curtis asks Sam to back off with the TJ stuff.  She's getting suspicious. 

Curtis comes back home. Confronts Jordan about the Sam/TJ thing. Begs her to tell him if anything is wrong. 

Sonny and Jason can't figure out how Cyrus' drugs got through his territory.. (um see Jordan)/, In record time, the figure out a police person has to have done it.  Jason JUST figured out that TJ/Jordan are the KEY! OF COURSE THEY DO . You know who SHOULD be figuring this out? MAC and Robert..but you know, GH

Ava and Nik having nosh at The Metro... NOT having sex like they should be..bickering. She says he should find Hayden. He says he can't. They decide to spend time with their friends: Franco and Liz, but apart. Trying to get each other to have an affair. 

Peter is at Anna's interrupting a perfectly beautiful morning with Finn and Violet. He leaves. Anna says she wants Violet in the wedding. She says "no thank you, I don't want two mommies".  Finn has a smooshy convo about how big your heart can get. Aww. 

Britt and Franco eating breakfast in Kelly's... Franco isn't convinced that Lesil is guilty. He doesn't understand why she'd jeopardize her relationship with James. She thinks she has big motive. IN WALKS PETER! :hands up: He sits down. Cripes, I JUST got rid of him at Anna's!!!  Franco is pointing the finger at Peter a bit. Peter's like: Sorry, not me bub. Britt sure believes her mama did it. 

AT GH ... Felix is there with Liz, they are worried about how much Lucas is working.  Then Britt comes in. Felix: Britch is back? They can't beliveve she has her medical license back. THEN NIKOLAS WALKS IN! They see each other..he whispers "Britt"... she goes over. HOT HOT.. then slaps him "That's for Spencer".. Nik smiles. 
AVA IS HAPPIER THAN HELL!! LOL GREAT scene! Even Liz gets her nose in there!! Loved it. You have to watch it. 

Sonny and Jason go to Jordan's they know Cyrus has TJ

Franco is suspicious of Peter 


LOTS going on today!!  Mike is reaching end-stage. He's just laying there. Portia talks to Sonny. He's not using his legs. He'...