Thursday, April 28, 2016

Bad Day For Karen.

SO, they "Follow" boot prints from the barn and it's Franco..only it could be a total fake out.  Not sure it's him. He tells Nina he broke down. Nina cries. They yell. She wants compassion and Franco just stares at her. Franco wants Nina to "Say Goodbye" ...they go their own ways. I'm NOT HAPPY. Bye my sweet, fun quirky Nico. BYE
It was well written and well acted. BUT I'm still pissed. 
That picture is what Franco drew after he was all nasty stoic face to Nina and she moved out. 

Maxie and Nate. Getting OUT of bed at least. She wants to know about his other wedding. He says "Just dont' cheat on me" She says "What if Claudette tries to find you"...which you know is gonna happen. 

MONICA IS NOW CHIEF of Staff!! Dr. O is demoted if she wants the job. She's mad. Then Mon and Tracy beg him to stay and he has demands and he decides to say ok.  
Dr. O goes to see Nathan and cries on his shoulder. Aww, nice scene. 

Sonny and Carly are the biggest hypocrites to Michael about Sabrina. Geesh. It's just a stupid convo so I'm not going to bother. 

Maxie and Sam are on.. Maxie wants Sam to find out about Claudette. Sam is like "NO".. that's not a good idea. Maxie is being nasty to Sam. 

Michael goes to visit Carlos. 

Carly is wondering where the kidney came from for Josslyn and tells Hammy Finn about it. 

Kassie tweeted this from pre-emmy fun! 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Why Write?

When you can just shoot somebody!!

Ah, yes...leave it to GH to have Julian back in the mob and then have a kid murdered. WHY NOT!? Sometimes this show pisses me off to no end Is it to destroy Jules and paint him into a corner?? Oh you better believe it. I have a feeling that he's the lead being let go that DC was talking about.  If he's not...why have him kill a kid? 
So, Julian goes into Alexis briefcase to find out the name of the kid to kill. JUST after telling her he'd respect her.

Aaron is here to test Krissy's gayism..or bi-ism or...omnisexualism... Morgan asks her if she's going to take the guy up on his advances. She tells him that Parker is a girl. He says: Huh, don't all girls experiment in college? 

Stables for JaSam. Which equals sex. Who's watching them? Don't care. 

Why write a scene with Hayden and Nikolas where he lets her have the bomb of Jason getting the stocks when you can have Hayden and CURTIS just dish about it after the fact in the Rib??
OMG! That could have been SUCH a good scene!! NOPE. 

Dillon and Kiki changing the tire. Please don't make them dull. 

Later, Hayden goes into Tracy's room. Tracy tells her "you're fired" they crab a bit. Then Hammy Finn comes in and sees Hayden and says "are you sorry about the misery your family caused"?? 
Seems his medical foundation was 'bled dry" by Berlin and he lost someone 'close to him". 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Sonny's Birthday

Looks like Spencer will pop up on GH sometime...Nicholas tweeted this today. 

Today's show was SO BORING!

If Jordan doesn't realize this is a Sonny set up then she's stupid. The witness? Happens to come in NOW? LOL 

Jason/Franco. VERY homoerotic. 

Nina and Dillon. Zzzzzzzzzz

It's Sonny's birthday. Carly is talking about Joss' kidney. Geesh ..okay then. 

Julian tells Ava he's back in the mob and head of the organization. He did it to save her and "their kids". Okay. Whatever. Alexis doesn't know. 

The stupid set up of the "eyewitness" by Sonny is so transparent. UGH 

UM... Sonny is having RIC look into Josslyn's kidney donation. 

Monday, April 25, 2016

Late to the Party

I came in at 2:40.... 

Jules and Nina? Just sitting there chewing the fat? Hmmmm?? He says Franco obviously cares about her...

Franco and Jake...yelling about the dog-- Franco says that Jason is "all about Sam...and he's a lonely kid"... "He reminds me of myself" Jason gets pretty mad. "He's nothing like you!" 

I missed new Jake was he? 

Alexis is telling Molly why she's defending Carlos.  Molly makes her cry. 

The baby IS at the Aunt's house. 

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sunday Surgery: A Blog Named Sue

20160422 0700(10)

Boy, it's getting harder and harder for me not to sound like a broken record..but here I go! 

There are a few things about this week that cheered me. Other things? Not very interesting to be honest. I do have a giant grievance to air regarding a main character, so hang on to those hats. 

It's Sunday and my parents were here to see STOMP last night. They guys all went and Mom and I watched Beyonce's Lemonade.  We loved it. Great artistry. 

Too tired to make any breakfast so, I'm just having my chai. 

Blog Title? Well, I couldn't think of anything and Wub Hub said "A Blog With No Name" and I thought Of Johnny Cash for some reason?? LOL..sooo there it is!! 

Friday, April 22, 2016

Puppy Love

Maxie and Nathan get thrown an engagement party. Felicia and Mac are there!  OMG, Maxie talks about Claudette and GRIFFIN walks in!! Hmmmmmm. Nate and Maxie kiss after he gives her a ring and Griffin drops his beer bottle (like a girl, I swear). 
Maxie is all "I HAVE to find out more about Claudette, I have to" !! 

Felix and Michael are in Puerto Rico, you can tell by the stucco decor and flowers. They talk to her Aunt. She hasn't seen her or the baby.  BUT there's a baby toy on the floor!! Aunie might be lying!! 
The only way this story would be interesting is if Felix and Michael came back a couple. 

Maddox won't say anything about Anna's mental state. I am going to say A LOT about this Anna "STORY" in Sunday Surgery, btw. 
Anna and Paul just yabber it up SO MUCH today. UGH.
Jordan is jelly of Anna when it comes to Maddox. She tells him she knows he has feelings for her. Then he kisses her. 
Scotty is hired by Felicia and Mac to represent Anna. He tells her to stop talking to Paul. 

Griffin got a hair cut.  He flashed back to being shot after he talked to Nathan. Hmmm. 

Franco got Nina a puppy..she's mad. It's not a replacement for a child!!  Franco is like "I was trying to do something NICE for you..geeesh" . She gets mad and walks away as the puppy licks Franco lovingly lol. She tells him either get rid of the dog or go live somewhere else. 


Thursday, April 21, 2016


OMG... Prince. What a icon he was in my life. I wore out 4 cassette tapes of Purple Rain. I wore the clothes. Not only did I listen to his 'popular' music, I really became a fan of his productions, writing and over all musical talent. He was so much more than a singer. 

So sad. I feel like my 80's soul is just being crushed. Feeling Old. All I want to do is sit and listen/watch his videos. 

It's been seven hours and thirteen days
Since you took your love away
I go out every night and sleep all day
Since you took your love away

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Heartbreak Hotel

SO, there was a great Laura/Helena flashback today. Both had big hair and looked fab. Laura remembers that Hells said because of what Laura did to Stavvy, she will do something to Lucky. 
Kevin found 2 words: Heartbreak Hotel. 

Lante......still in that damn shoebox of an apartment. MOVE THEM ALREADY!  They made love.
They have a fireplace?????? Huh

Felix, Michael and Griffin all discussing Sabrina, the baby and Duke. Griff finds out Anna tried to kill Carlos

Anna and Duke in jail together, yelling about whether or not Duke was good or mobby. She said she hopes he knows what it's like to be a parent and never see his kid. She tells him Duke has a son. 

THEN, Griffin runs in shouting (very weird scene) and says "it can't be true that you tried to kill a man"!! She says: YES, I SHOT HIM!!
Carlos is behind them both in his cell...
Griffin struggles to believe that Anna shot someone and Carlos is like: BELIEVE IT BUDDY.
That whole scene/dialog was weird. Griffin asks Carlos if he's sorry he shot Duke. Carlos says "NO" Griffin grabs him and says I HAVE To find a way to forgive you !!

Sam and Jason. He has a flashback to them being together in bed before he got shot on the docks.  She doesn't want anything to ever happen to him again. Jason says "It won't"
Meaning, it will! LOL 
Sam wakes up from a nightmare, Jason is shot in bed...and HELENA IS STANDING THERE!! WOOT! ahahaa! Nice. Helena grabs Sam and whispers the curse in her ear. heh!! That alone was worth the watch today.