Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sunday Surgery: General Guilt

Oh hello! :waving: how was GH this week for you? For me...well, it was a C- at best. Even though we got great post-Morgan death acting, the whole show was pretty flat. I call the the "Claudette Effect".
Everyone and his brothers are feeling the GUILT Over MORGAN's death. Geesh Louise. 

We have had such bad weather with rain and some snow in the south of the state I need some hot cocoa.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Twitter Alert!

Hell! Twitter is down for me!! What!!??? That's like a giant bummer. Someone hacked it this am for the east coast? Geesh, stupid hackers. I thought it was back up but nope. 

So, before GH I watched one of my fave shows: Hoarders: Buried Alive. I have no idea why I love these shows because I am a Virgo and organizer. This and ID Channel I could watch forever (no I'm not a serial killer either! LOL)

Sonny goes to Casa Carly's  to talk about the funeral.  Carly already scheduled it for NOVEMBER 11th.
HUH ? November 11th? that seems like an awfully long time, no?? Weird. Sonny is of course, not happy she didn't tell him. "You don't get to tell me I can't say goodbye to my Son". They argue. She keeps saying You killed Him. You killed him...

He wants her to come home. She's like, no way... so I'm sure Nellie will be available, right? LOL

Image result for east aurora
East Aurora 

Jason wanders around the PH ...looks a lot different than when it had the pool table in it, remember? GOD Can't they have the kids around once and awhile? Geesh. HE and Sam low-talk a bit about Sonny's guilt. Poor Poor Sonny. 
I swear BM acts like he's ill most of the time. Or has a cold..or something. He's also saying maybe he should leave Port Charles because of his old ties to the mob. (Like they are going to leave..LMAO)
They decide to go to "Aurora' (yes, there's a town here called Aurora..the more famous one is East Aurora) -- then Sam says "Oh the baby is kicking'! 

Felicia and Anna!!  Yeah!!  Anna tells Flea she was asked to go back to the WSB. Anna self created a job for being based Port Charles. 
Felicia can't find Maxie. She's worried and goes and tells Nathan.

Lulu and Nathan talk about the PCPD.  He tells her that Charlotte is not his daughter, she's Griffin's.
WHY WOULD ANYONE believe Claudette that Griff is her Daddy? You'd better get a DNA test ASAP.

Lulu and Dante are arguing over him doing the Morgan case. He's all pissy "I did nothing for him while he was alive".
OMG He has guilt too!! Jordan says maybe Dante shouldn't work the case. 

Later, Lulu and Laura get their nails done (gel's). And I bet anything they'll sell Wyndemere and Valentin will buy it. *sigh* Mark it. 

Claudette says we have to get out of town now. "Valentin knows we are in Port Charles" . Griffin is all "how do you even know". Claude says he 'tossed the room' last night. She parks Charlotte at the end of the bar at the METRO.  They then decide to ask Anna for help. Anna has a cold, you can tell. 

Claudette 'goes up to the room' but leaves basically. BYE!! SEE YA!! Oh crap Nathan sees her in the hall making the plane reservation. Damn it.  They go into the room. He finds something of Maxie's. 

Meanwhile Maxie is with Bearded Dude.  In a basement. He wants info from her---she says make me and egg white omelet and I'll talk. Yes, she said that. He went up to do it and she's getting out of her duct tape. She almost escapes. He's going to kill her. She pleads for her life. He leaves the gas on. 

END OF THE SHOW: Dante walks into Carly's and says he came from the crash site, 'we found something". 

OMG IT's raining so hard here--and has been since yesterday! I mean soaking. I'm cold. wah.. 

Thursday, October 20, 2016

1/2 day show

Sonny was dreaming that Carly was forgiving him. She hasn't.  Nell catches Ava..but Ava talks her way out of it AND gets the pills before Sonny or she catch her. 

Poor Charlotte kid--Here's your Daddy! Nope, wait, here's your Daddy! Meanwhile, Maxie is being held by Bearded-Bro. :eyeroll:  He thinks she's Claudette and she can tell him where Claudette is. 

Carly is trying to figure out what happened to Morgan the night of the crash. She asks Maddox over to talk.  She thinks there was something "different" about Morgan. She doesn't think he could have lied. WHY? Hmmmmmm. Because he never lied before? 

Oh! People 'coming back' to #GH For short stints (very short) Kim McCollough (Robin), Parry (Brad) and Ingo (Jax). Valentin is coming back as well. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Pill Drop

"It was the failure of his medications that killed him"  Dr. O to Ava. 

Ava later goes to Sonny.  She tells Sonny to get back with Carly for "Avery's sake"? WTH? She said that... Very weird dialog there. Ava HAS CUSTODY OF AVERY!! 

Hayden went upstairs with Slimy Guy. Finn is mad about it.  Hayden takes the medical deal and then has to sleep with him but..will Finn get up there in time!?  He goes up and kicks in the door.  The drunk guy is on the floor, passed out.

Nathan goes to talk to Griffin about the "Charlotte Problem" (ie; she's not his). Claudette admits Charlotte is Griffin's (Ha, who knows?) He wonders why she just didn't tell him since she said she really did want her to be his (I didn't make that up).

Later, Maxie goes to Claudette's room and gets in with a bootleg key-- and there's some rough looking guy. He grabs Maxie. :eyeroll: 

Maxie talks to Dr. O about watching Charlotte but tells her that she's not her granddaughter. 

END: Ava goes up to see Avery but goes into Morgan's room to get his meds. She drops one on the floor and Nell catches her. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Hi Mom!

OMG Heather is the reason for everything. Bobbie/Lucas ?? HEATHER DID IT"! We can just say that for the Brownstone, Clinic...half the cast that's never on. LOL "Heather's Fault"!! 

Anna's all cryin' again. I'm tired of her guilt trip. Why didn't she go to Planet Fitness instead of Sonny's gym?? Griff is all pissy too. He hits the bag. Punch Punch. 

Finn and Greens...same old crap about his medication. Some guy named Keith is on--I think he and Hayden are going on a date? He does medical grants. He's slimy. 

Franco goes to see Heather. She admits she tried to kill Bobbie and then Lucas came in instead. Franco wants her to tell the police so GH could open again. 

Laura sees Liz when she's coming out of Kelly's. She says she's gonna sell Wyndemere.  She needs cash to keep the other estates running. 
Laura gives Liz a Franco Pep-Talk. Kinda because everyone hated Luke back in the day. 

Franco got Heather on tape saying she was the Bobbie Lucas person. 

Again, NO ONE CARES about Charlotte. No one. So...go away story.  It's so bad-- Claudette wants Griffin now and may be leaving Charlotte with Maxie and Nathan because....not really because of Valentin, more about her not being a good mother. 

The new DNA test says Charlotte isn't Nate's.  Charlotte gets Griffin to kiss her. 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Rochester Mention

Best part of the show!? Yep.. you got it! Liz mentions that she might GO TO ROCHESTER TO WORK!! YEAH!! 

Lucy and Tracy talk. The hospital can't open due to the fact that Paul didn't try to kill Bobbie and Lucas and ergo, someone else is running around I guess. You know it was Heather that did it. She said she tried to help Franco because she though he was doing the killing. I know it was her. This story is just so bad LOL 

Carly still has her house!! Geesh louise. How weird. She's talking to Jason about Morgan-- and he says go back to Sonny 

Julian and Sonny having the same convo for the 900th time. NELLE is going to stay at Sonny's house to take care of Baby Avery. She over heard the conversation and saw Sonny throw the Fruit basket. 
Sonny goes up into the bedroom. Nelle comes in with Tea. OMG I totally thought they were going to do it LOL. 

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sunday Surgery: Faces of Death

It's another quickie for me this week! I'm on a mini-vacation in Skaneateles this weekend so I'm not even sure when this will come out. (Publishing on my phone sucks).

This week was a bit dramatic, no? Good stuff for all the actors, that's for damn sure. This is all about Morgan's Death. 

So, have some funeral food and sit on down. 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Everybody Sad

Everybody is so, so sad about Morgan.

Jason and Michael are sad. 

Maxie is sad...Lulu is sad.

Kiki is sad with Franco...

Nina is sad, she bought a fruit basket. Dillon's sad. But he's sad because Kiki won't be with him now

Jordan and TJ are on. In case you forgot, she's his mother. 

That's about it.