Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Look this town up--amazing..I'm a little scared LOL 

I'm off for a 3 day jaunt that hopefully will include a much needed SOCIAL MEDIA REST!! My brother has a pool, my nephew doggie, snacks and scotch. It's all I need baby!! 

Today Sam is going to shoot Sonny, then she kicks him with her giant boots into a HOLE! Can you believe I'm going to miss that? Dang it!! 

Oh, Speculations on Twitter have Oscar being: Dantes, Garvey(thug guy Sonny shot) or Sonny's kid. Who do you think will be his Daddy? I personally don't care but-- ?? I will try to find out at some point. 

Have a good one.  OH! PS thank you for continuing to order your Amazon stuff through here. It really helps. Even when it's not holiday time!! 

Monday, July 24, 2017

Fake Out.

So the BIG news today is Carly has on Jeans and a long sleeved top! Holy moly. Almost fell off the chair!! Joss is bitching about being grounded. 

Jason is torturing Valentin...Water....then he gets out a knife. Valentin still says he doesn't know.  After awhile, Jason believes him and lets him go. 

Sonny gets a text with Spencer's photo. It says to go to the Black Duck Distillery with 200K or Spencer DIES. Sonny goes. He gets shot and we see the hand is a man's. Sonny falls to the ground. Sonny's faking! He shoots Garvey when he goes to get the money... Fake out! He had on a vest I think??  Yes, a bullet proof vest. 
Sonny asks where Spencer is. Guy tells him...then Sam shows up.  Whoops.  Garvey tries to get up. Sonny shoots him in the knee cap.
Then, Sam pulls out a gun and threatens to shoot Sonny! Oh lovely day in PC!! 

Oscar comes into the PCPD with Valerie to talk about Spencer.  it's his post it note with Spencer's famous person on it for a game? SO weird. I guess there was a footprint. ??  Then he texts Joss. Carly grabs her phone and says she wants to meet Oscar. 
Oscar comes over with 2 things of flowers and is wearing a tie. Carly is snarky to him about the party and drinking with Joss. We get a nice lecture about underage drinking. 
Oscar plays the piano! He doesn't know who his father is! (Please let it not be Sonny lol) It's probably Garvey, right?  
Carly ends up liking Oscar and thinks he's "So cute"!! 

Mac's on..eating at the Floating Rib.. random. He and Nate talk about marriages and how to keep them 'Fresh". Too bad they can't put Flea and Mac together.  OMG Mac has been reading "Man Landers" LOL. Geesh. 
Maxie surprises Nathan by coming in! Of course Mac left by then!  Kirsten looks good. 

OK, that's it! I will be off for 3 days.... see you Friday! 

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sunday Surgery: The Eye of the Beholder

**Who knows the reference to : Eye of the Beholder?? 
Ok, I'm going to caption again  because I can't deal with the show being what it is right now. Between Sam seeing Sonny for the 3rd week straight and the Spencer kidnapping, I'm at my wit's end. Now we'll have some Valetin torture scenes next week.  This COULD have been the summer of a shake up and maybe having some younger romances--but....GH. 

Hope you don't hate me too much for doing the blog this way. Believe me the summary of the week would just be flat out boring. 

Friday, July 21, 2017

Fightin' Friday

Sam is talking to Hallucination Sonny. AGAIN.  *sigh* 

Laura is talking to Real Flesh Blood Sonny. Sonny tells her he'll find Spencer with his "connections".

Carly and Bobbie are talking about Spencer being gone.  

Nina posted bail.  Laura is going nuts when she finds out and yells at Nina in the PCPD. 
Laura follows Valentin out to the docks and confronts him. Yells, screams (good STUFF!!) He says he didn't do it. She pushes him...he pushes back-- and then turns around. Laura takes a shovel and WACKS him on the head LOL.. he's OUT!  Nope, he gets back up. then Jason comes around the corner and puts him in a headlock. 

Ava threw away all her make up and she's drinking. She orders a case of vodka to be delivered lol  She has to sign for it-- and the guy sees her face. She says BOO! 

Josslyn and Carly discuss Oscar-- who's apparently working at Lila's Camp. Carly says it's tough to be the mom of a teen. 

Sam goes to see Ava about ..?? not sure I think Avery. She thinks Sonny will be a bad parent.  Sam is telling Ava about karma and how much she's had to pay and Sonny hasn't.  She's being all weird.  The whole scene is weird. 
Sam goes home and gets a gun. 

So, in the end, Sonny gets a text with Spencer's photo. Monday, someone (male) shoots him when he goes to find out the source. IT's going to be GARVEY, the idiot guy we didn't even know from before. UGH 

Thursday, July 20, 2017

OJ ruled the Day..

I saw this: 

HayFinn finished Zex in the NuHouse just as Lucy walked in and...

Josslyn told Sonny and Carly about Spencer. Super Sleuth Sonny is thinking Valentin took him. 

Eden (Joss) is a good actress!

OTHER THAN THAT--it was all OJ all the time.I guess he's out in October... sigh. 

and RIP Chester Bennington. I loved early Linkin Park. 

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Party for the Pee!

I got about 4 hrs sleep last night so I'm REALLY tired. Not sure how long I'll last with GH today. 
I'll give it a go though. 

Monica needs to talk to Finn about this pee results.  He passed. There's a party in the break room for him. PEE PARTY! Oh, Finn and Hayden are so happy! Hayden tells Liz she's thrilled! Everything is going their way. ( you know that's a kiss of death) 

Julian wants Alexis to testify in his defense.  She's like NOPE. 

Nina and Nathan--are they on a LOT??   So boring. I guess Val wants to set up a "horse nursing home" to win back Nina LOL...
Dr. O comes in, wants to talk to Nina alone. She wants to write a medical column for Crimson. Nina says there's no place for it there.  Dr. O is sad. 

Dante isn't too worried about Spencer lol...because you know--it's Spencer.  Laura makes a case that Valentin took him. Later, Dante goes to the Metro Court to question him. 

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Mirror, Mirror....

Curtis is gonna break up with Jordan... because of Auntie's medical condition. 

Spencer is dumped in that basement they use all their captivities for lately.  He's trying to figure out how to get out. 

Joss called Laura to come and talk to Charlotte because she's still upset about what Spencer said to her. (It was a fake out, we were led to believe that it was a call about Spencer being missing).  Valentin and she argue -- and she slaps him hard.  He says Nikolas faked his death, he didn't kill him. 
LOTS of Nikolas mentions lately-- 

CarSon are going to bitch out Ava again --this time at Morgan's grave site. UGH... Carly has on this white slip dress (really skimpy) and Ava's dressed like it's October LOL...Sonny yells "TIME to RETHINK TO LET YOU LIVE"...just like that. Then he yelled more. 
Carly tells Ava her face is as ugly as her soul. *sigh*
They leave and then Ava talks to Morgan about how terrible she feels, how guilty..how sad, how sick, yada yada. 

Carly talks to Sonny at the Metro about letting Ava go so they can move forward "Together".  

Later, Julian and Ava talk. Nice sibling stuff. Felix comes to take off her bandages.  It's hard for Julian to look at her. Ava tells him to leave and he does. She takes a picture of herself off the shelf and holds it. Then takes the blanket down from the mirror. She has like red marks/cuts all over the side of her face. -- 

NOTE: They tried to be SO obvious that Valentin kidnapped Spencer, it can't be real can it? I mean..it would be so dumb

Monday, July 17, 2017

Grave Digger

Ava doesn't look 1/2 bad I don't think! Maddox says he can treat her on an out patient basis but she says no, because Morgan was his patient. She leaves the  hospital but wants to stop by Morgan's grave. 
UT OH..guess where CarSon want to stop too? 

Spencer ragging on Charlotte lol. I don't even care.  "Your Dad Killed My Dad"!  Laura and Valentin argue. Then, at the end of the show, Spencer is kidnapped. 

Jordan is talking to Anna about Aunt Stella.  Nice friendship scene. 

Felix gave her some nice flowers!! (Aunt Stella that is). Curtis finds out she was engaged once to a guy named Marcus but she had to break it off because of 'him'.  She left college and Marcus because her sister was sick. Aww, Curtis is all melty. 

SAM AND SONNY LOOKING all MEAN AND BUG-EYED to each other. AGAIN. ANOTHER DAY. AGAIN. UGHHHHHHHHh. Griffin takes her to do some tests.  They took about 2 minutes.  

GRAVEYARD: CarSon narrating to Morgan about life--yada yada. Ava walks in or at least peeks in.  Tomorrow? Sonny will YELL AT HER..really LOUDLY because, you know-- WE HAVEN'T HEARD IT ENOUGH!