Saturday, April 19, 2014

Sunday... er Saturday Surgery: Bloody Mess

 SURGERY is ONE DAY early due to Easter tomorrow.  I figure you are all busy so what the heck. Here is it today:


That's me pulling on my gloves because I'm going to be elbow deep in a blood bath when I dish on the show this past week.
Between NotCreepsterLuke, Levi the GURU and Dr. O just waltzing out of jail, it's been a hellofaweek.

Let's get going...and here it is almost  EASTER SUNDAY! I wish I could be more cheery about the show!! Maybe having some Peeps and cramming a chocolate bunny in our mouths would help. 

Friday, April 18, 2014

WHAT A MESS!!!!!!!

WTF with NotLUKE! This is STUPID! Dave, you are right, his ass needs to be in JAIL! They'd better out him soon ..because not only is it riduculous it's getting boring as hell.  I know he's NOTLUKE--- but given REAL Luke's history it's so wrong.  What a mess of a story. BTW, it wasn't CUTE or funny in ANY way, shape or form. 
Kristen Alderson pulled that scene with Morgan off just wonderfully-- she was perfect; all shaky and upset. Good job. 

UM... I don't know what to say. ahahahhaa. Carly and Franco. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz They just review everything for people to catch up. LOL And hes' going to jail so he can talk to Carrrrrrlos.?? Oh, brilliant. (she says rolling her eyes) Hope Donna Mills isn't in there too. How would they all pee? 

Could they get a MORE boring "driver" for Spencer? GEESH!!!  MilkManMoo. With all the character actors in LA --they get HIM!???????

Get Felicia and Mac on and Lucy/Kevin..maybe a scene at Floating Jake's to all see Maxie?  NO, let's have her stand in her apt for three days talking to WoodMan and Levi. @@ 

SONNY..and AJ and Spencer were great. Only part of the show I liked. SK is great!!   I do wish they'd make that blood look a bit more real but hey..

Ava is going to kill Sabby and the baby if Carlos doesn't take the fall. Interesting. That actually fits and makes sense. 


I'm headed there today!! It's a gorgeous little town on one of the Finger Lakes. I was going to watch GH last night and just couldn't bring myself to do it! Someone (DAVE) told me Tracy bought NotLuke's crap about no pre-nup. WTH. Come on now. So, that made me mad and I decided to wait until I have to do Surgery on Sunday to watch yesterday/today. 

Have a good Friday--we can feel the warmth here finally. I can only hope it lasts and we don't have snow later in the week.  
And..Good Friday to those that observe. Easter's coming soon!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Watching Later..

I'll be watching the show later and I'll update when I do!
Too nice out to be inside...FINALLY! 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

And Jordan is..

A dealer! Kingpin..not a druggie mule. That's good, I'd rather have her be that than the other. That shirt tho..
Julian thinks Jordan is a narc. She could still be one, we won't know. She does a strip tease for Julian to show him she's not wearing a wire. She stomps out the gallery with her shirt open. LOL

Anna takes Carlos in for questioning and "roughing up Dante" (she just wanted to frisk him lol) NO WAY would Carrrrrrrrlos sit there with no lawyer. 

Luke is SO NOTLUKE...there's no humor there, and Tracy doesn't notice!! Ned wants a pre-nup. No way is Luke gonna do that. Tracy tells NotLuke--oh yes you are!! 

SONNY THREW that glass. I would think Olivia could see Dead AJ?...huh. Dead AJ sniping at Sonny is awesome.  Sean K was having a blast. Olivia got yelled at --wow!!  She left him, told him to get help. He calls Ava.
Let the games...begin!! 

Duke and Shaun: Blah, blah...blah...Jordan's a drug dealer, jail time..Hey, Shaun, you have BLT orders piling up!! 

Dr. Chu said she was assisting Dr. Pacabra with a double delivery.

OMG..that's hilarious..get it? Chupacabra??  ahahaa. Patrina will find out their baby sex..and it's a ..BOY O'BOY! 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Luke Disses Edward

Edward's portrait!! GOOD LORD... Tracy is just delusional. COME ON...BUY a clue. YEAH Ned is back. Get rid of 10 characters, get him back and recast Dillon. Get the families back on track.

Duke's back.
Yeah, Duke who? And that criminal was fast to turn over, wasn't he? Although kudos for mentioning the new NY state gun laws! 

Boston Marathon Interrupt. Which was fine. SO sad. 
Sweet Martin... Krystle RIP... and Lingzi. Salute to Sean. #BostonStrong remembering all those who were affected.
Moment of Silence

Recasting Betty?



Steven Bergman
GH has sent out a casting call for a role that sounds like a recast for Sabrina, whose portrayer, Teresa Castillo, is slated to begin her maternity leave soon. The actress would begin taping in May in a part described as "Hispanic. 27-33. Beautiful, passionate, dynamic. Originally from Mexico [Sabrina, it should be noted, is a native of Puerto Rico], she has come to Port Charles to pursue a career in medicine." While the show is seeking a recurring player to fill the role, the casting notice asks, "Please only submit actresses that are open to the possibility of a Contract Role as well."

GH Viewers React to Storylines! readers have the best comments!! So, if you didn't have time to scroll and find them, I'll highlight a few here. Even people who disagree with me..LOL. I'm not scared of that!! If you already read the comments, feel free to skip this post. I am on a break from work all week and am concentrating a bit more on the site/show. Forgive the indulgence. 
THANK you to all that leave comments, hit sponsor buttons and also those that just read and lurk. You're all part of the Wubber Fam! BTW, my Sunday Surgery posts get double the hits that the daily ones do. Guess people love a round-up. 

Here we more after the jump! 

The ADD editing is distracting, creating false climaxes. We don't need every 30 sec clip to end with a contorted face in mid-speak. Also, have a conversation be deeper and don't cut from it. Allow the cameramen to use the camera to imply things. Cinematography is an art- USE it. Use music better. The 80s were loaded w character themes songs- the villains' were great.

KinderCawley said...
I agree with most, the show is a mess. But, I stick with it. I was a big fan of 90s GH, so i can see where the show is so completely different now. But, with so many old favorites back, I can't turn away from the show, even if it's sort of disjointed. It would be like turning my back on an old, it's my guily pleasure ;-). I enjoy reading everyone's comments, keep 'em coming!