Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sunday Surgery: Good Vibrations

Oh. GH. I don't even know where to begin. I have all 5 episodes sitting on my DVR and I so don't want to watch them all.  But... I will for you.  All for you. 

Today's breakfast is in honor of my sister in law coming from England! Scones...clotted cream- some fruit? - 

Friday, June 24, 2016

OH wow, Ghost shocking

Image result for carlos on GH

NOT! WTF...LOL he gets so much more airtime as a ghost than as himself. Jules and Anna have the same visions. BHAHAHAAA. I think he's trying to get Julian to kill Alexis 

Thank GOD For Diane. She's just great. And Alexis face cracked for a min there.
Anna is trying to get Alexis to find some other evidence against Julian. "You can

CarSon is so repetitive. Carly, shut up. She is mad Michael might raise Teddy? When Sonny raised Michael? WTF. UGH I hate her. 

Felix and Sabrina. I like Felix. That's about it. 

Finn and Tracy-- Jane looks so GOOD with her hair cut and decent clothes on!! Hammy says she's made a 'complete recovery". Something is wrong with Baby Teddy though. They take him to the hospital. (that baby just laughed and giggled thru that scene LOL!!! ) Sabrina is all "What's the matter with my baby"?
Maybe this will be when he finds out the baby is his? 

Welp, Mayor Lomax is still on the show. 

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Implant Consultation

NOT THAT KIND!! a TOOTH implant! We speech pathologists get asked to do all sorts of cool stuff. This one happens to be at 2pm, then I have to go to calling hours. So, no GH again today! 

I did hear that TJ wasn't on  yesterday--but Nina and Maxie had time to dish about vibrators? SMDH. I get we need some levity but for cripes sakes, PACE YOURSELF people!!

Here's a photo courtesy of my friend Nancy who saw JJ at the Rusty Rudder last night.

Have a good Thursday..I think I fixed the spoilers page up there. I took the Wub Awards down. Let me know if you can see it. It's not Fancy yet (no photos) but it will get there. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


again's my last week of work before summer break and I have meetings. know how to self-blog! 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


I can't seem to get the page to publish and when I try to create a new one, it won't show, I guess I'll have to put them IN the blog for now. Sorry. 


BREE WILLIAMSON IS COMING AS CLAUDETTE (Via Daytime Confidential) She played Jessica on OLTL **"Temporary re-cast" for Tyler Christopher as he is in contract 'negotiations' **Emergency re-cast for Kirsten Storms. Hit that Daytime Confidential link up there, they have all the details! 

UPDATED: June 18th

 **Crimson gets a package...but what? 
**Griffin isn't sure he should give Maxie advice 
**Michael shows off Baby Teddy to his Mom and Dad 
**Diane vows to help Alexis 
**Jason and Sam go to Nikolas' rescue 
**Morgan isn't happy about Kiki and Dillon's new relationship
 **Finn goes to the Quartermaines ...will he have to explain himself? 
**Jax is back the end of July 
**Kristina might like Aaron but has feelings for her old love...
**Maxie thinks she will never be happy 
**Hammy Finn needs his life saving medicine. Can Tracy help?
**Kevin finds another clue
**KEEP an EYE on Dr. Mayes (Crabby Pants)
**Julian tries to manipulate Alexis 
 **Nina still thinks about Franco..a lot! 
 Will Liz and Franco's spying on Hayden lead to valuable information? 
 Hayden's Mom has more than meets the eye Diane has her own suspicions
 Will Hammy fake his drug test? 
 Morgan thinks about his life when he gets out of rehab 
Michael and Sabrina try to repair their relationship 
Will Olivia think the worst of Julian and Nina?
 Paul tries again with Anna Maxie is not ready to forgive and forget 
Claudette will make a big entrance 
 Joss' Kidney Trail will lead to something big 
 Kristina and Aaron find out they have a lot more in common 
Dr. O finds out some dirt on Dr. Finn...the odds are in her favor 
Krissy starts work at the Coffee Office Who's Aaron--really?

Monday, June 20, 2016

Spoiler Page? Wacky?

Why can I see the spoiler page and no one else can??? Weird, it's all updated and it looks ok on my computer but people are saying they can't see it??? 

TODAY's SHOW:  ( I only caught 1/2 of it) 

Hayden going to get Hammy's works from the locker.  Lizzzzz comes in. They verbally spar--- 
She goes to the hotel room. He wants HIS NOTEBOOK!!  He tells her he's dying. 

Nina wants Sex with Franco. Just straight up Sex.

Nathan/Maxie/Priest. Don't care. They want him to marry them. 

Sonny says he was with Alexis when she killed Carlos, plus how could she do it? Alexis won't talk. Anna tries.

Olivia. Hey, there..Olivia. Talking to Jules. Sonny walks in. Tells Julian that Alexis is arrested. 

Franco is shirtless and Liz sees him in the locker room. 

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sunday Surgery: Snakes On A Plane

20160615 0755(23)

Getting my toes wet here, trying to come back to Surgery. I watched every day..but not always the whole show. These will be a BLAST of impressions instead of in-depth analysis because I didn't watch any of the prior week to this. (So my snark has to be cautious as I may have missed something).

House is still sad, quiet without my Gus. Can't believe how much of my day was spent with him. Kind of 100% when I wasn't at work or out!!  It's going to take awhile.

Breakfast is FATHER'S DAY...and Wubby Hubby chooses beans on toast and sausages like a good Brit would.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Cop Corinthos

SONNY is all up in the PCPD telling Paul his IDEAS on Julian!!? WHAT!?
OMG AHAHHAAA. Because you see--Sonny isn't just  A MOBSTER, he's a police consultant!!!!

And, get this: Anna tells Paul they may as well tell Sonny the evidence they have on Jules because "he finds out everything anyways". SMDH

NuNik. LMAO Thought it was Sean Kanan for a hot minute. JUST when I get to liking Nava this guy shows up.
The whole Huxley stuff? Falling Flat, imo. All I can think of this is a Helena set up, right? 

JaSam go to the hotel where Nikolas is. They ask about him and hey, the book was left out telling them his next flight info! 

Curtis is doing a hot photo shoot with Nina. Thank you for the shirt lift.  There was a bunch of stuff with Nina and Julian. Nothing big. 

Spencer knows that Nikolas is alive. He called his phone left a message. 

Yes, adorable. Kevin could just talk all day to Kevin and I'd watch.  Oh Kevin told Laura he 
had info on Helena's mystery but she was all "nope, cant' concentrate now" LMAO

AND...Alexis gets Arrested for Carlos' murder.