Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Special Episode

ALL WOMEN EPISODE: Note, each is a short scene with no real wrap-up, letting the viewer imagine the ending. 

Scene 1: Maxie's Apartment 
The episode starts with Felicia and Maxie getting ready to watch a movie in the living room. One is making popcorn the other getting the DVD set. They talk about the movie being “The Women” and how it is a classic. 

Scene 2: Charlie's Bar 
Monica and Lesley at a table discussing Gail’s Will and and what it all means. "Why would Gail do this?". Lucy overhears this while walking by and joins them uninvited, saying:  "Gail was one of my closest and dearest friends". Monica and Lesley roll their eyes. There is food in front of them, and they start bickering like they always do.

Scene 3:  General Hospital Nurses' Station

Amy is with Epiphany at the nurses station complaining about having to work the night shift when there are perfectly good men waiting for her at the bars.  Epiphany says “Men, for sure. Perfectly good? You’d better think again".  Bobbie then walks in with Carly and asks for help.  Carly is having severe cramps and is worried about her baby. Epiphany sends them into an exam room and says a doctor will be with them shortly. Bobbie and Carly reminisce with  Bobbie telling stories of BJ and how Tony would have spoiled all his grandchildren.

Scene 4: The Dawn of Day House: 
Shiloh's followers are packing up the house and are getting ready to leave as they are fleeing overnight.  No one has told them where they are going. Alexis and Molly are driving and talking about going to try to talk to Kristina one last time about leaving the group and coming home. They get there and one of the girls is severely sick. Molly goes to find Shiloh and stall him (off camera) while Alexis tries to show Kristina that no one is getting medical help and people can die and Shiloh doesn't care. Alexis calls an ambulance with Kristina fighting her and yelling that Shiloh is handling it. Molly returns and says she couldn't find Shiloh and based on the office, thinks he ran off already without anyone and is gone. An ambulance is heard in the distance. Alexis tells Molly to go outside and wait for ambulance.  She then notices Kritsina is missing, the door wide open. Alexis realizes Krissy probably went to find Shiloh and warn him. Harmony steps out of the shadows and says to Alexis: You'll never stop him. He's a God. 

Scene: 5: The Docks: 
Anna is standing at the pier outwards at the water. Footsteps approach and she says “I didn't think you would show up”. The camera pans and the two figures face each other. It is Dr. O. Anna wants answers about Alex's time in the DVX and any connections to Victor Cassadine's experiments. Lesil tells her she will need something in return. "What could I possibly give you?" asks Anna  "Why your sister of course, we have much unfinished business she and I".... 

Scene 6:  Jerome Gallery
Ava is at the darkened gallery, pacing back and forth in front of a draped canvas. She's sipping a martini. "Always alone" she says to no one-- Her hand hovers over the sheet and she pulls it back with a mighty tug. There is a portrait of Kiki, standing in a field of sunflowers. "Franco" she whispers as she sips her drink. 

Scene 7:  Wyndemere
Nina, Lulu, Charlotte and Sasha are having a 'tea party'.  "More cookies, Sasha"? asks Charlotte. Nina praises her manners and says how wonderful it is to have both of her daughters under one roof.  Lulu's eyebrows raise a bit and she coughs.  Nina asks how Dante is doing (he's back in town) and Lulu tears up a bit. She says he hasn't been the same since coming home and is afraid something terrible happened in Turkey. "You mean he was living with the birds"? asks Charlotte. They all laugh. 

Scene 8: The Spa/Nail Place
Sam is laying back in a chair with her feet in a soak. Liz is beside her doing the same.  They talk about how it is to have kids underfoot all day. Liz tells her to just wait until they get into their teen years. Sam asks about Franco. Liz says "oh we are boring, I'd much rather hear about you and Jason"! Sam says "I bet you would "!!  Liz says maybe they should Grub Hub in some Chinese food and they laugh and laugh. Robin walks in and says "Well look at you two"! Sam "We are talking about Jason" .... Robin's eyebrows go up and down "Oh, I think I need to sit down...we have a TON to dish"!!! 

Scene 8:  Back at Maxie's apartment
Felicia and Maxie on the couch and the last scene of the movie is on the TV. They  make small talk about their relationships and the heartbreak of loves and losses.  Georgie will be mentioned and a flashback shown.  Maxie asks "I wonder what she would be doing if she were alive.   Felicia says "Something courageous and noble, no doubt"

Scene 9: (Fantasy Scene) at General Hospital 
Cut to the hospital. We see a pair of legs walking into Carly's examining room. Camera looks up and it is Georgie  in a doctor's uniform, telling Carly that everything is fine, and the baby is fine. She says she will fill out the discharge papers now. She walks to the nurses stations and asks Epiphany for the papers, and her phone rings. She answers and says "I'll be home soon. Tuck her in and give her a kiss for me. I love you".  Georgie walks to the elevator and gets in. As the door shuts, 4th wall is broken and she winks to the camera.  

Fade to black.

This episode was directed by Kimberly McCullough

PS. This is a work of fiction doubling as the Wednesday blog.
Feel free to post anything and everything. Have a good day Wubbers!

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Cookie Crumbs

Geesh, they didn't even TRY with Alex's hair did they?? LOL.. It's like, welp they ARE TWINS it. OMG what if Robin isn't Anna's!!?? I'd die. Just DIE. That won't happen but-- anyway. it would be a shocker. LOL 

Franco is all cleaned and shaven. They love each other but Liz wants to be all careful of the boys..She doesn't want Franco to come home. 

WOW... Drew and Liz scene was amazing. Billy was just so good. BILLY-WAS-SO-GOOD (yes, I said that!!)  "Did we use to be together"?? he laughs. Tells her to give Franco the benefit of the doubt and she helped him (drew) so much when he was having the worst time of his life. Nice dialog. Liz goes back later to talk to Franco

Carly and Ava..LET THE SHOW BEGIN!!! Ava is HAMMERED! ahahaa. Wants Avery. Carly tells her she's at the Qs making cookies and fell asleep.OMG OMG you have to watch. Carly is actually being mean to her but it's actually GOOD for her.
Watch THE SCENES! Heartbreaking and great.Maura and Laura were wonderful. 

Julian is going to pick her up

The Teens. Joss gets invited with the Volleyball Team to play at Duke and there's college recuriters there and she wants to go. Oscar is all: Let's GO!! When is it? Josslyn sees it's in AUGUST and you know, he'll probs be dead then-- and she and Cam cover it up by saying they have to check to see if they can go. 
Cam goes to give Franco a gift that Jake and Aiden gave him. He's not happy to be there. Aiden made him cookies and they drew him pictures. Cam says that all of Franco's past follows him and it disrupts his family. Which is what Liz said. 

Dr. Terry says the Tumor has grown. Oscar has a month to 6 weeks. The scene with he and Tamara made me cry. AND I DON'T CRY!! wow..  I just got all teary!! 

Oh yea. Sonny and Dante are on too. Weakest link today. 

SO hoping Ava and Franco get together. They are dynamite. BOOM!  Yeah, nope. SO, Liz finally tells him to come home. 


Monday, March 18, 2019

Monday, Monday

Who remembers that song?? 

TURKEY---Dante goes to shoot Sonny-- I'm like OK! WE CAN LIVE WITH THAT!! OMG! he DOES shoot him I think!! Sonny's down!! Dante knicked his arm.. and says "he's not worth it dead, he can move your product through Port Charles. If you kill him Jason Morgan will take over and HE WILL--KILL--YOU"!!  Of course, Dante was just faking it...Sonny's in a cell and he tells him he's undercover still and ..yada yada. Sonny is going to tell him about Lulu.  OMG he still thinks Franco stabbed her!  Anyway, Dante was going to get sent home by Raj but Sonny messed it up!! LOL Sonny says Dante will have to "kill" him so they can all get out of this. 

Alex is here!! She's blind. She tells Finn he smells good! LOL ... brilliant. Finn looks at her, then Anna and is like DAMN!! Alex flirts with Finn. Anna just wants to know which memories are which.  Alex is being all flirty with Finn.  Alex says she's not sure who's memories are who's but Anna doesn't believe her. 

Maxie, Lulu. They talk about Dante. Ryan. And Chet is now working at The Rib. She tells Lulu she had a crush on Chet in HS. Oooooo, interesting!! 

Sasha, Peter also at the Rib. They are talking the wedding. She thinks he might mess it up because he doesn't like Valentin.

Mike, Michael and Carly ALSO at The Rib. Mike wants to know where Sonny is. Carly finally tells him he's looking for Dante. She tells he and Michael that she's Pregnant. They are happy. 

Michael sits with Sasha and tells her Nelle was lying and destroyed his whole family-- Sasha feels guilty. Then leaves. 

Marcus and Stella. Yvonne took a fall. She's getting a CAT scan. She's ok. 

Jordan is getting out of the hospital.  She finds out Curtis wants kids, which might be hard to do with one kidney and a donor one.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Sunday Surgery: Hoodies UP!


Ok, so.. this was something someone made this on Twitter!! OMG!! It's awesome and look closely in the right hand side!! RYAN!! LOL!! 

I had a breakdown midweek about the show and how the Post-Ryan story was told. I'm still not happy-- you'll hear it soon!! Put your hoodies on and get comfy....

Friday, March 15, 2019

Light and Love

Sad Day for a blog... I know this is about GH  but hard not to think about the events in NZ.

That said, I'm in another meeting today--it starts at 2:30.  So.. have at it on this thread. I will have three shows to watch before Sunday! 

Thursday, March 14, 2019

The "So Sorry" Project.

Ok, so I had EVERY intention of doing the blog today but it's 60 degrees out and if you know Rochester, that's like HIGH SUMMER--so I had to go out. It's the new New York Beer Project, which expanded from Lockport NY. 

Swamky, great beers and I even had a pretzel. Now, I had to go at 2pm because it's been jammed since it's been open!! So..again. Sorry.

PS. I heard Willow has a tattoo of the Cult Club. Totally thought she was in it, remember? Now I have TWO days to catch up on! OY!! 

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

I Must Meet

I think I told you this time of year is meeting-central for me. Believe it or not, although school ends in JUNE we have our annual reviews now. Like the year is over--very frustrating. So, I won't be blogging today..which is probably a good thing after yesterday. I AM STILL LIVID! 

You know--when you watch a reg TV Show-- or even a min-series, they continue the story-- there's an ebb and flow. Yes, sometimes they jump but DAMN. Soaps are on my LAST nerve for this. Having Michael on ...taking Avery's LUNCH to school when his Mom was kidnapped and in the hospital is... um..??? And don't tell me Jason wouldn't have called him looking for Carly. He said to Willow "with my parents out of town"... Hello--Carly wasn't scheduled to be "OUT OF TOWN" so how does she know she's gone if not kidnapped and thrown into a ditch?? I also take it Sonny's unreachable in Turkey. They DO have wifi there... and you know he has a SIMS card. 

That brings me to MAXIE.  I do not have enough energy to yell about this at 7:45am. To have her trying to get some foolish DNA sample from Sasha with Peter is .well.. DUH. Did Lulu call Peter about the HUGEST BREAKING STORY EVER? Like, RYAN CHAMBERLAIN IS ALIVE?  "Um, Hi, yeah..I was attacked by a DEAD SERIAL KILLER--STOP THE PRESSES"??? Why the hell wouldn't Felicia have called her and the whole "old gang" recon at Bobbie's or something? Bobbie's not even IN this so.. I don't know what I expected.

I'm just really disappointed. I LOVED parts of this ending--- and yes the acting was brilliant but damn. So much was wrong with the "finale" too. I feel like there should have been a group moment with all this and instead we get the Metro Court Shasha Saga.  

PHEW! I feel better!! Ok, take it away people!! 

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Smoothie NOT Milkshake


Michael and Brad...and Willow...she looks at baby photos. MICHAEL IS LIKE "oh my parents are out of town" and he DOESN'T EVEN KNOW ABOUT CARLY IN THE HOSPITAL? What the hell? It's the next day!

Maxie and Peter...Dr. O has an interesting Letter for the Column. AND MAXIE DOESN'T KNOW ABOUT KEVIN/RYAN SWITCH??
What the HELL. ?? This is NOT ACCEPTABLE. 

Oscar and Joss...Oscar wants to go on the Maid of the Mist... LOL... is it frozen ?? But Drew and Kim say he has to go back to GH asap for more tests. He's like NO I want to see The Falls!! I'm dyin' man..can't I see the falls!! Drew is going to have the pilot go over the Falls. 

Carly and Jason...she is told that Ryan was Ryan since Labor Day. She's mad at AVA.  The baby is ok, btw. Jason explains how he found her with Laura's help...and that Ryan almost took Ava over the bridge but he saved her. Carly says "that was nice of you"...Jason says "I couldn't let Laura see her die"!! aahahhaha 

Valentin and Sasha...blah blah blah... and Nina walks up.  Blah blah blah... nothing much. They leave. Nina and Sasha go to Charlie's. 

Sonny in Turkey... befriends the stupid Pick Pocket Kid. (who's really BAD at pick pocketing).. 
He thinks he can help him find Dante. The kid is going to help. I wonder if Sonny's gonna like him and want him in Port Charles? know.. it feels like that might happen. 

Joss and Jason run into each other in the hosptial. Joss explains to Jason what happened with Oscar and Jason tells her Carly's in the hospital. Josslyn goes to see Carly..and they explain what happened to each other.  Carly tells her she's pregnant. Which I guess, Joss didn't know?? Joss says it's weird and it's going to take her a minute to get used to it. Carly says "You have nine months" 

Maxie talks to Brad about testing someone 'that's not someone elses' child".. he gets a sick look on his face. OF course Valentin sees her giving Brad the samples. 

Drew gives Oscar "the sex talk"... good lord, I didn't need to hear about all that. "Do you love her" "Being intimate ... intimacy"... :shudder:  Carly gives Joss the sex talk..kinda.

Jason and Carly should just have sex already. 

AND I'm off tomorrow and maybe for the whole protest over the whole Maxie and Michael thing. UNFORGIVABLE. 

Big happy day to the guy that's helped me out on this blog since OZ! So glad I asked him to do it! 

Monday, March 11, 2019

Bad Boys

I got in at 2:!5.. Today's theme: The women of GH vs Bad Boys

Finn and Alexis playing stop her from drinking. Like their friendship a lot. He has her take a foot bath in the vodka. LOL that's what he used to do. That and wash windows with it. Really good explaination about why she 

Ava is alive!! She won't believe that "Kevin is Ryan"... Laura explains the switch. 
Someone told me that Jason saved her from going over? 
OMG so get this..Ava thinks the switch JUST happened THAT morning!! She thinks "Kevin" JUST changed...Laura has to tell her it was months ago and she was NEVER with Kevin!! OMG!! Ava won't believe her!! WOW! She lays into Laura saying Laura didn't accept Kevin leaving her and choosing Ava. She's screaming at Laura.. Laura's face is so priceless. Pity for AVa knowing she's going to realize Ryan killed Kiki.

You have to watch the end of the show where Ava realizes everything. It's just---harrowing. 

Carly. Fell back down the ravine.  She up..she's trying again and ST. JAYSUS is there! "I'll always find you". 

Turkey. blah blah.. Dante...blah..Sonny gives Robert the slip ..whatever. 

Kidney ---the whole family got tested for Jordan. Nice Stella and Jordan talk. Nice Curtis TJ talk 

Franco and Liz. She tells him this time for the sake of the kids it might have to be over. He explains that Jordan came to him--and he did it for Kiki. He had to stop the killer. He stands by his choice. She says "Good, but I don't know if I can' and leaves. 

Jordan and Liz...Liz lays into her..BIG TIME!! Then Jordan says "we used Franco because of who he was... so if you don't want your kids around a serial killer, think about that"!! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!! 

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Sunday Surgery: Q and A

I've Seen the Light!! SHAWSHANK! 

HAPPY SUNDAY! It's that time again and I'm ready to go. Dave had a GREAT idea to 'interview' me this week. I had a good watch with the show so hopefully my answers will provide you with some insight.

We will have Tim Hortons in honor of Niagara Falls. 

It's Daylight Savings Time--- you up?? 
I HATE DST. I really wish we'd just leave it standard time.