Tuesday, September 1, 2015

GH Director Moves to Days of Our Lives

Scott McKinsey 

Although I don't pay attention to directors on the show, it's disarming that a vet would be leaving at this juncture. Read all about it over at Daytime Confidential.  By the way, GH has also lost 2 writers, one script and one breakdown in the past 2 weeks. 

^^UPDATE 10:30pm: Scott will be directing for both Days and GH.   Just thought I'd put this out there-- Sorry about the Hoop-De-Doo.
Oh the SOAP World. LOL

My phone buzzed more than anything tonight and I was watching the end of The Fall !! (Spectacular if you like gruesome crime stories!) 

Jail House

Getting ready for the wedding. You know what's going to happen right? It's not a surprise but there's a SHOOTER THERE! Shocking..not. UGH. 

Nico are still in jail. Why are they still there? I don't get it? Oh, it's 'too late at night' to let them go.  Michelle told periscope she's on vacation. Figures, my fave part of GH will be gone. Yes, I like Franco and Nina. They were so adorable today.  

Day SEVEN of CarSon talking about Morgan...who's out talking to Michael.

Kiki and Ava-- Underwhelming. VERY underwhelming. 

Maxie yelling at Donna Mills was good.

Michael talked to Morgan about the possibility of bipolarism.

Juliexis had sex. 

Tommorow: Anna's back, Emma/Spencer go to school and Morgan cries like Justin Bieber 

Monday, August 31, 2015

Bradford Anderson Back to GH

RUMOR HAS IT: Josslyn will be SORA'd 

As per SOD on Twitter. No idea how long. Probably going to bring Georgie?! Rumor has it he's part of the Jason reveal.  Wonder if I'll still be awake by then. 

THE MOVIE: Good Gravy. There's only 2 people in it? I don't mind if Maxie gets the part, she has nothing to do anyway. Going to be a pretty boring movie unless they step this up.  Lulu finally buys a clue that the whole thing might be about her.  Maxie gets the part. The 3 of them talk about "recasts"...get it? They are ALL recasts. 

More off camera Donna Mills/Silas stuff.  Looks like she did it.  Yep.  Not sure why she did that-- when she was going to forge his signature anyway. But whatever.  She admits it and Ric is wearing a wire. So, there's that. Nathan arrests her. 

Carly and Sonny talk about Morgan. That's five days out of six. Zzzzzzz
TJ tells them Ric was taken into Custody. Sonny leaves to go find him. Jordan tells him he's wired to catch Madeline. 

Morgan and Kiki. I wanted her to slug him. Instead? She plays like she doesn't know about her Mom and him. Then she says yada yada..."I believed you" and hardly twitches. Says Franco told her. Then she finally yells and, well.. you judge for yourself. Ouch. 

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Of Mice and Mania

20150826 1423(4)

"Nisi unitatum iteratio potius est insania onesself ambitiosius id existimans, exitus erit different. "

I thought that if I wrote the blog in Latin it would be something different.  I am sure you are sick of  reading the same things over and over again.   Kind of like the definition of insanity.
Instead of that, perhaps I'll just recap the week and keep my comments to a minimum.
Oh who am I kidding? 

I'm having shots of tequila. Because....you know--GH .  By the way, I will also demonstrate that GH went dark during filming of 'this week's' shows just by using hairstyles. I think the gap was Wed, with the 'new' shows being aired Thurs/Friday. 

Friday, August 28, 2015

Ratings are TANKED

Can't get much lower, people...down to 350K for 18-49 demos. OUCH. Read all at We Love Soaps
Interesting because all the PTB and some actors were all gung-ho for this mobular boot-up. When will they learn?
I really need GH to make Nina a Quartermaine (Either Alan's or Ed's daughter) and sue them and move in. Start tying some stuff together. They also HAVE to get some young people. They have to get a guy/girl/girl/guy against all odds 'love or die' story. I'm telling you, that's what ropes people in !


Franco gave it up, he told KIKI! Kiki won't believe it at first because she's basically an idiot. Then she thinks Morgan may have killed Silas. 

Carly and Sonny agree to have Morgan see a psychiatrist. Sonny says he 'doesn't want it to be true' (about the bipolar). 
Morgan walks in all shaky and humming with energy...good scene. They all did a great job.  Hard conversation to have with your kid-- and it rang true. 
And this was UNDER RC's writing...so why the hell would MB and BC crap on Ron when they had this material? GEESH... makes no sense. 

Nina didn't get bail. And Donna Mills, NLG and Michelle were all in one scene together! I was in heaven!! 

Ric got out. I think he's working for the PCPD. Yep, Donna Mills went to see Silas to get a signature before he died.
She did it. 

Ava's all sad. Jules talks to her. 

The movie. Dillon thinks Lulu should do it. Lulu thinks Maxie should do it. OMG I LOVE Maxie's dress. She's been in such great outfits lately. 

Thursday, August 27, 2015

You are under arrest.

Franco's hair grew about 8" overnight. Seriously, they didn't catch that? 

Um..Morgan talks to Ava. I wish she'd flash him. 

Kiki talks to Franco. Franco may tell her about Morgan/Ava...? He almost does but the show ends. 

Carly and Sonny...talk about Morgan and his wub for Ava. 

Maxie and Dillon on the HS about the movie. He wants her to do costume design. She wants to get "Reeves" 

Nate, Dante and Jordan think they know who killed Silas but won't tell us (it's none of those 3). 

Ric and Julian. Just talking. Posturing. Ric leaves... Jules goes to get the flash drive. Jordan walks in

AND RIC gets arrested for Silas' murder. He's all confused. I love how Nate was all giddy about solving the mystery.  Is it "solved" though? Seems tidy. Maybe Donna Mills did it and they missed something? Maybe they faked Ric's arrest to get him to give info? 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

August 26th


Thank you for all the birthday wishes.... Sad today about the poor reporters and chamber member in VA. What the hell is going on? AND the guy had on a Go-Pro? UGH, just ugh. Seems like I say that a lot. 

I did watch GH at 2:30am today. (My GUS got me up... grrrrrrrrr doggie).  It was ok...better when you can FF. I still don't know why they are directing Morgan the way they are. He's certainly not making any emotional sense. But whatever. Carly's hugging him to her bosom. 

Glad Todd/Nina are across from each other. I do love them! Yes, they are separate from the show in a way-- although both involved in the murder. I am hoping that will change soon! Also enjoyed Paul and Tracy but if they are only going to be in a room with just them and Dillon once and awhile...bore. 
Dillon and Lulu--who didn't see that "Script Reading" coming?! Eyeroll. 

Embedded image permalink
From Brytni's Twitter today..a HAPPY Picture. I need it. 


MORGAN hurled a BARWARE glass! HE's officially SONNY now!! WOOT~

Sonny and Denise...Sonny doing Sonny for the 100th time. Good lord so boring.  He calls her an "incubator" ... Says Carly's going to raise Avery. Ava goes ballistic. She taunts Sonny about Sex with Morgan. 

Franco and Nina in jail are just divine. :) Juice-Box Bonding!!

Donna Mills is mad that Nina is in jail and not enjoying Taco-Tuesdays at the home lol

Alexis and Julian, still talking about the same ol' same ol' 
Morgan is acting all manic-- (I think that's what that is)..wants Kiki and he to move into a new place together. 

END: Nathan thinks he knows who killed Silas.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

My New Theme Song!

Here we are--Look what I found. Now, yes, the ending is a bit tragic but this is the best theme song for me--EVER. 

Since it's my birthday, I shall be taking a GH break today--lunch and fun with my parents. Have a great one! 

Also born today:

Sean Connery

Tim Burton
Gene Simmons
Elvis Costello.

Now you know why I'm a little weird LOL