Monday, November 18, 2019

Clean Up Day


Julian is sad about the estrangement from Lucas. He deletes Kim's number from his phone. Brooklyn comes in and orders a Black Russian. I love her already. She just fits into a daytime show--the acting is perfect. 
Brad comes in later. Threatens him with "telling Sonny" lol yada yada.. things happen. Julian throws everyone out of the bar. 

Lucas tells Brad he cut off all ties with Jules. Brad looks scared. Jules says he doesn't care about Julian anymore at all.  Dr. O runs into Julian in the hall. He tells her he knows Brad was blackmailed by her to change the DNA results and it's not COOL. She says that Brad's a liar and he'll find that out sooner or later on his own. OMGOMOGOD!! THEN-- Dr. O says to Lucas "I will be forced to tell you about your husband and Wiley's real father"##!!!!! 
Brad interrupts them OF COURSE!! 
Lucas knows something is up tho and says to Brad "There's always another lie, Tell me about Wiley's father"!!! 

Liz lets Finn know she knows about Violet and that Anna's home. Finn then goes to see Anna. They get labs back and realize it is Thallium poisoning. They give her Prissan Blue dye which is a cure to flush it out of her system. They are trying to figure out where she could have gotten it. She tells them she eats out most of the time. Dun Dun dunnnnnnnn

Alexis can't figure out how she got rat-poisoned. Finn says it COULD be that..TJ's right but Thallium has been banned for years. They talk about the restaurants she's eaten at. SHe said she'd think Helena was doing it but she's dead. 

Bench trial-- Spin, Jason and Diane are there. The Fed guy hasn't shown up yet for it.  Too bad--he comes in late.  Looks like the white-haired guy from Mad Men but he's not him. HE says Shiloh was a wonderful person who saved so many lives. Sam deserves to be punished.  They do the witness testimonies. BO--RANG. Rehash of the boat fight--jason's fights with Shank..Jason's arrest record.
All you need to know is the judge was going to read the verdict and it was the end of the show. 


Franco is going to DUMP KIM!! He wants the procedure. She's like ..we can stay here!! He says if he doesn't get it, he's no better than the man that did it to Franco in the first place. She cried. He goes and talks to Liz at GH ...nothing was said today yet.

PREVIEW: Oh, Hayden is going to move into Kim's place!! 

Podcast Number Nine

Coming down Chicago Line (anyone remember that song?!) 

That's right, "Character Growth" is the title of this newest podcast and you can hear me gush over the show if you so choose. I AM the Pollyanna of the group, that's for sure. 

Check here OUR TAKE MEDIA and listen there or  on iTunes, Google or Spodify. I think on Sundays I will ask for your rating of GH from 1-10 and include the "Wubs Blog Bunch" on the show. 

Have a good day. GH will be on today, but probably not Tues-Thursday due to the hearings. I will have a few posts up to ponder however, and may have some up if the episodes are available on Hulu. 

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Sunday Surgery: Redemption

What I live for on soaps

What a week.. between my loving the show and the interruptions, it was wacky!! Redemption: Hayden to Finn... Valentin to Anna... Sonny to Ava... Jason to DrewCo.. and a little bit of Lulu and Val too. 

The show flowed again this week, scenes were a bit longer and we even got a little action on the docks. Dialog was the best I've heard in a long time and it was consistently good. 

So, a feast is in order!! Grab whatever you can (I'm having a bagel and cream cheese for carb strength. 

Friday, November 15, 2019

A Little Bit of This..

So I watched yesterday's show and I guess part of GH was on today. I got in at 2:35. Next week is sure going to mess with everything!! We'll be seeing holiday stuff deep in January!! 
NOTE: Today's show started late. ABC said you can see it on in it's entirety. East Coast 3pm people will see it in full as will Central and West Coast times. 

I LOOOOOOOOVED YESTERDAY'S SHOW!! It was amazing. Ava and Sonny? Finn and Violet? damn! 



Cam and Sonny. Sonny yells at Cam about drinking...driving..being an idiot. Reads him the riot act.  Nice scene with Sonny and Liz when she picks up Cameron. They leave with some of Sonny's homemade sauce. 

Hayden and Liz. Hayden tells Liz that Finn told Violet he was her daddy and it was "magical". Then Anna came home (sad horn lol) . Liz tells Hayden not to hurt Finn again, he had a hard time getting over her. Hayden says that she's not going to come between he and Anna.

Alexis and Neil--waiting for her test results.  TJ figures out it might be rat poison.

Kim and Jules. Shes' trying to blame Julian for her trying to rape Drew.  She tells him he never was "her Charlie and he's just the man he always was"... says goodbye. 

Franco and Jason look at the water.... Franco realizes his body is Franco's. LOL ..welp! Okay then! 

Anna and Finn..she says that she's sorry she found out the way she did..but it's not his fault. She says you'll make a "wonderful father" ..and "Hayden knows it too" BOOM.

Jason goes to GH to check on Monica....they hug awww..

Kim goes to the empty apartment and waits for "Drew" ... he comes to the door and looks serious. 

OK, look for SUNDAY Surgery. I'll catch up on all the episodes and have my thoughts. I think that the week was pretty good but interruptions will suck the life out of any show. 

Have a good Friday! 

Thursday, November 14, 2019

So, that GH Thing...


Wednesday's show will air today.  Canada got it yesterday and I know that Finn tells Violet he's her Daddy and it was pretty cute. Robert also sees Anna. 

Today is my day off from GH so I will catch it on Hulu-- and then it's off again Friday. Just when the show is getting really good and I'm enjoying tweeting again..BOOM!!

On the Days story--- I'm hearing from people in the 'industry" that it's really not a huge deal and it's to save some money and the show WAS "picked up" again. They tape so far in advance-- and this way they can offer actors something at the time of taping. I'm not going to pretend to know what's happening, that's for sure. The writer, producer/actors are on twitter saying calm down, TMZ is sounding the funeral bells and fans are left scratching their heads. 

It's almost the holiday season...maybe order the Port Charles Travel Guide from Amazon or Maurice's new book for a fave GH fan or yourself?? I really wish GH would step it up on the merch front. I could use a fun hoodie or something. 

See ya on the flip side! 

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Days..and Quick Fire GH

DAYS NEWS: (Copied from TMZ) 

PodCast: Our Take On GH !!

Our Take Media has on the latest podcast for last week's show!! Take a listen and also if you have any questions or comments, leave them below and I'll try to get them on when I next tape!! 


Monday, November 11, 2019

OH NO...Here comes the SNOW

Well, we were predicted a foot and now it's sure snowing like that will likely be the case. Dang it. It's TOO SOON! We were lax at getting in the deck stuff too and our table is covered. LOL.  I'm just not ready. Tillie's even hunkered down! 

We will have a podcast to put up soon. We had fun doing it and it ran long because we were excited about the show!! YES! I said Excited! As soon as that's up, I'll let you know. 


So, Finn is at Anna's..they show her roses, bulldog and Union Jack. He's eating a sandwich and the doorbell rings. Is it ANNA? NOPE....womp womp, it's Hayden with Violet. Dang.  I mean, I just wanted it to be Anna!! I guess in the preview she comes home and sees Hay and Finn on the couch!! UT OH. 

Laura had Valentin and Nina hauled down to the PCPD for questioning on the disappearance of Cassandra. Valentin is like WHY ME?? Laura said she was his first phone call from jail.  Valentin turns it around and demands to know HOW she escaped. 

Lulu notices Charlotte is gone. They freak out.
Cassie is on the docks with Charlotte's phone. She turns off the tracking device. 

Lulu calls PCPD and tells Jordan, that she probably just wandered off. Then the police come, show pics of Cassandra. Brad thinks he remembers seeing her there. Lulu freaks out when they show her the photo. 

On the docks Cassandra tells Charlotte she is going to use her Daddy's love for her to get him right where she wants him. 

Lucas tells Julian to buzz off and he was a jerk when he told him he was gay and even though he's less 'homophobic now" he's still a liar!! Julian says he did stage the affair but he's going to tell him WHY. He said Brad did "shady stuff" but he knew Lucas wouldn't believe him if he told. Lucas tells him he's done. BYE Julian says What if I tell you something that will make you understand??
Phone rings..It's Brad telling Lucas about Charlotte/.

Jax is really pissed at Nikolas about breaking out Cassandra from jail "She's a REAL CRIMINAL" lol.. then Jason comes over. OMG Stupid Nikolas rented the van with JAX'S COMPANY CREDIT CARD!! ahahaahahaa. Jason says he didn't think Jax had anything to do with the escape-- but that his card was stolen OR did JERRY HELP?? Perfect use, because Jason would think that!! Jax is like NOPE. Jason goes to leave and sees muddy footprints! Who's are these? 
Nikolas is just fking up ALL OVAH! lol He must have hit his head HARD going down that cliff lol. 
Jax says it's the construction worker's mud. Jason says he can tell he's holding back and they've not always been on the same side but he help him, no questions asked. 

Dr. O finds Brad in Kelly's..asks him what he's done to cover his tracks with the DNA tests.  He said he had to because Lucas was suspicious. 

Ok, a TON happens during this show and I didn't get it all in. WATCH IT. Great movement today and just a lot going on!! 

Cassandra calls Valentin, Nina bitches at Lulu, creating a diversion so Valentin can talk to Cassandra. She asks for stuff...he said he would do it. 

OMGOMGOOGOGOD!!!!!!!!!!! Charlotte kicks Cassie and tries to escape. Cassandra says "I know how to hurt little girls" and GUESS WHO STEPS OUT TO SAVE HER?? UNHAND THAT GIRL!!
it's ANNA FREAKING DEVANE!!!!!!!!!!!!! GAH!! :clapping: 

Brook Lynn Comes Back To Port Charles!

Amanda Setton --Nu Brook Lynn Ashton 

SO... lookie here-- BROOK LYNN IS BACK, KIDS!! We are getting a Q in the house!! Interesting, no?? 
Check out TV Line for the whole skivvy, but I'll give you a little background: 

Adrianne Leon--Most remembered for playing Brook Lynn 

Brook Lynn Ashton is the daughter of Lois and Ned. She was feisty and could belt out a tune with the best of them. She aired first  in 2004.  Leon also wrote songs for the show behind the scenes and performed them as well.  She was on until 2006, then reprised the role in 2010-11.  I really liked Adrianne in the role. She got an Emmy nod for best younger actress as well. She is currently a chef and doesn't act anymore according to Source Ryan which is why she may have been recast. 

Things to know: She dated Diego Alkazar
                             She was Maxie's Roomie at PCU
                             Left Port Charles to go live with Lois to get her music career on track

Fun Fact: Ned and Lois named her Brook Lynn a place special to them. At the time it was quite the unusual name. 

The actress taking over the role is 33 in real life (I think Brook Lynn would be late 20's early 30's) and has been on OLTL and The Mindy Project. Good actress and she must be able to sing? I hope this gets Ned and Olivia on more. You know she's around to cause trouble--Brook Lynn wasn't a wallflower!! Now, get that Q household on more. We do have a ton of characters on this show but Brook is a "legacy" character and I think will add some good stuff to the canvas. 

What say you? You ready for another Q/Ashton? Who do you think she'll be paired with? I'd go for Krissy or Chase if Willow finds her way to Michael. (She's Michael's cousin so they won't go there, I don't think!!) See you at 2!