Saturday, January 16, 2021

First Scene Saturday: Ned and Monica

I never got how Auntie Monica didn't recognize her Nephew Ned. Didn't Tracy ever share a photo or two over Christmas eggnog? How could Monica not know that the boy-toy she slept with was her nephew? 

It was a storyline that did take some risks and paid off with some really good fallout. Kurt McKinney initiated the role and passed it on to Wally Kurth. During the Dorman trial, Ned had to go on the stand and admit in court to the affair. If you ask me, I can see Kurt's boyish Ned with Monica, but definitely not Wally's. It was kind of uncomfortable to watch the court scene. 

What do you think will happen when and if Olivia finds out? (I am so crossing my fingers that this happens someday. Are you listening writers?) NOTE: A NIV fan on Twitter told me he already told her when they started dating! I don't remember that but it happened! 

NOTE from Karen:  THIS Was the times--LOL. Women had affairs left and right on soaps. Younger men? Who cared? 

Friday, January 15, 2021

Pennsylvania Bar


Sam and Olivia try to figure out if Alexis was back at the house or not the night Tracy said she drove.

Michael and Chase have a beer at the Metro Court. OMG they are so in love LOL 

Sasha and Willow chat at the Q house.  Sasha tells Willow that she knows what happened between she and Michael. Willow says she still has feelings for Chase... Sasha says she has feelings for Michael. 

Tracy talks to Finn at the hospital. She wants to take him to dinner. He says he's busy. They talk about Alexis. Then the wedding. Then Jackie Templeton (she knew her back in the day). He tells Tracy they slept together. Tracy advises that he shouldn't tell anyone about it.

Cyrus wants a truce with Jason and talks to Brick about it too. They are making him more compassionate, did you notice? Jason thinks Cyrus killed all the Novack people at the pier. Cy says no. Oh he DID kill them as a "favor" to Jason. He wants his mother back in payment.

OMG Sonny's story is a TOTAL HALLMARK movie. LOL! The kindly nurse takes Sonny under her wing. Gets him a place to stay at her husband's bar. I mean, seriously. Not diggin' it. This is 2021. Wouldn't work.  Anyway, hubs is cranky, doesn't like Sonny. Phyllis makes him be nice to him.  omg omg OMG!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH Sonny is going to work in the bar's KITCHEN!! AHAHAAHAHA. OMG I called it. I said bakery or hospital cafeteria but..damn. same. If he falls for the nice waitress I will DIE LAUGHING. 

Some rando guy walks into the bar... he goes to rob them with a giant gun LOL Sonny sits there

OMG What if Nelle works at the bar? IT's the PENNSYLVANIA SIDE of the river after all .


Giant anvil about Finn maybe being Finn's son. 

Thursday, January 14, 2021



This was on Twitter..can you tell who they are?? Answers at the end! 


Sonny is at some hospital. Phyllis Caufield is his nurse! She was the one that knew where Nina's baby ended up, remember? He has on a Julian Jerome plaid shirt LOL The nurse loves to take care of people and she encourages him to eat. She's a good cook she says.  She notices he has a wedding ring on too and his coat was from a store on 5th Ave NYC. Stupid part of all this is she says that "there's no reports of missing people fitting his description". 

Jason and Brick talk about Sonny's death. Blah, blah....catching people blah..They go check out a storage facility. Bunch of dead guys in there from a gun fight. 

Alexis gets home, finds a bag from Ava with something from Julian's effects in there. It's a photo album/scrap book. She can't bear to look at it. She drinks. 

Cyrus talks to Sam, tells her to tell her boyfriend to give back his mother. Sasha overhears it. Cyrus is all upset about his mother and says he only does what he does to take care of her. 

Olivia tells Sam she's concerned about her mother. Sam's concerned too. Olivia thinks Tracy might have lied about driving off the road.  They visit Alexis. I tell you NANCY IS FABULOUS. WOW..Sam is figuring out that maybe Alexis wasn't driving that night. 

Amy checks out Brando's abs? Weird segment there.

Laura tells Cyrus about The Gray Family.  He's stunned. She tells him about her past. Now she has to find 

ANSWER: TJ, Peter and Brando 

Wednesday, January 13, 2021


 Watched Tuesday's show. HOW can any of these people EVER believe anyone is DEAD ON THIS SHOW?? Loved Joss's shirt. Loved Ava's face when she brought Avery home. Like "Bitch, I had to, didn't want to..but had to" LOL Carly "Yes, you're Avery's bio mother and legally she's yours but ME ME ME"! 

There are at least 30 characters that were presumed dead one or more times: Robin, Anna, Robert, Jasper Jacks, Jerry Jacks, Julian, Helena, Stefan, Stavros, Liz, Lucky, Edward, Frisco, Taggert, Sonny, Carly, Jason, Jake, Luke, Laura, Franco, Nikolas, Ava, Brenda, Duke... Nikolas... Kat Bell, Holly, Ryan 
I'm sure I can keep going.... 

Sasha acting like she's been clean for 2 months instead of 2 weeks. 

Ok, yesterday's show was frustrating. Just not interesting to me-- 



AGAIN! I know this is important but..ughhhhhhhh

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Vaccine Update and Do-It-Yourself Tuesday


Morning! My arm is sore, that's about it. A little more so than when I get the flu shot but nothing terrible. I wasn't any more tired than usual either. Second dose in Feb! 

Today I am subbing at our company preschool for the afternoon! I get to see the cherubs in their natural habitat instead of the computer for once. I'm so happy. I'll be taking my bat house to show them all. MISS KAREN IS EXCITED! 

I'm still giggling at the show yesterday. Maybe Sonny's scenes were back in time?? Him laying there that long kills me. LOL. Having him with no memory is fine by me. Let him be a chef at his defunct restaurant. Jason and Carly run the mob.  Nelle could have been the one to find Sonny. She takes him to her remote cabin, they fall "in love" and return to Port Charles as a couple. Hahaha. I had the same idea for Morgan but this works too.

Have a good one! 

Monday, January 11, 2021

On The River Bank

OMG SONNY Has been LAYING IN THE DAMN SNOW (mashed potato flakes) for THREE WEEKS? ahahhhaha . Oh he wakes up and sees MIKE!! Dead MIKE! Oh, Sonny's in purgatory. Mike covers him with his coat. He says he's not sure if Sonny is ready to "travel" the last part of the journey. Mike gives him a pep talk and Sonny stands. 

Olivia is crying over Sonny.. Tracy almost spills to her. WHOOPS. Ned and she talk about Ned adopting Leo. Ned is waiting for the "other shoe to drop" about his affair. 

Everyone at the Corinthos' house "mourning" Sonny. :eyeroll:  They drink his scotch. There's a Dante Sam chem test in the works. Then Olivia comes in with pasta and to see Dante. 
Sam and Jason see each other.  Yada yada. 

Jason yells at Brando for messing up the whole Cyrus thing on the docks. And Brando tells him that Cyrus knows about Dev and will go to the feds. 

CARLY finds out they can't kill Cyrus because they will out them about Dev ot the feds. 

TJ and Molly shower scene.  COVID Shower (lots of steam) then TJ sees Brando at GH and decks him. 

A hiker finds Sonny. Sonny doesn't even have stubble LOL. And I think he lost his memory. :Eyeroll: 

A remarkably clunky show after 3 weeks of stellar material 

Goodbye John Reilly


  R.I.P. Old Friend  

Memories by Dave 

It's been awhile since John Reilly (Sean Donnelly) was on our screens in a regular basis. John passed away last weekend at the age of 84. He was a big part of the 80s storylines on GH and interacted with many people. He was a very strong leading man, and I want to mention the 3 scenes in which I remember him most.

This is my favorite wedding on the show. I know, there is a couple named L&L, but this was, hands down my favorite. Sharon Wyatt held it together in a way that should have won her an award. And John clearly had a good time. These two were such a great couple and worked well together in an adult relationship.

This was on Night Shift, so not everyone might have seen it. Robert was in a coma and he had a dream where he went back to the 80s with his friends and family. Everything was tongue in cheek and we got to see the old Scorpio house which was recreated meticulously. This was one of the best nostalgic episodes I have ever seen and everyone just had a blast with it. If you remember these characters during the 80s, you owe it to yourself to look this scene up.

He returned in 2013 for an episode. It was great to see him, but the script, to me anyway, was out of character for him. He would have been glad to see Luke and Holly. It was great to see him one final time. And meet Anna Donnelly. I always wondered at the time if the wheelchair was for the show, or if it was for him in real life. 

If I wrote the show, I would have Anna Donnelly (the fireball daughter of Sean and Tiffany) come to Port Charles and meet with Robert and Anna and tell them of Sean's death. She has with her a piece of paper Sean had with him when he died, and on it was some cryptic symbols that Anna D. could not understand and wanted to know if it meant anything to them. They look at the paper, then look at each other with a knowing look and say "Yes..."
(adventure begins)

Karen here. Yes, it is a sad day to see this man go.  He was always so dashing with his dimpled chin and sparkly eyes. Funny and kind as well. He also was on As The World Turns as Dr. Dan Stewart from 1974-76. John was a great character actor and was on many shows in the 70's and 80's including The Love Boat and Magnum PI. He played Bill Taylor on Beverly Hills 90210 as well. 

If you want to see magic on GH, look up the Sean and Tiffany wedding that Dave mentioned. Pure comic gold. 


First Scene Saturday: Ned and Monica

I never got how Auntie Monica didn't recognize her Nephew Ned. Didn't Tracy ever share a photo or two over Christmas eggnog? How cou...