Friday, February 23, 2018

Notes and News

TODAY MARKED 14K Episodes! 

So, my break is going very well- but I have sneaked on Twitter to see some things happening on the show. I am doing Sunday Surgery blind however, because it's too fun to just grab photos and try to imagine the dialog!! I did hear that Dante got a new partner. Harrison Chase. Or Ol' HARRY Chase.  I'll bitch about that later. Brad was on (sans Lucas natch)... um.. oh, the election was held (even tho I had no clue it was going to happen in 4.5 seconds) and Nedly won. People are still fighting about  JaSam and Dream.. ugh. WILL it never END?  

It's been a weird week. When you don't go on vacation you think you have all the time in the world until everyone starts visiting THE PUPPY-- and you have 900 errands to run and you're trying to do all the things you wanted to: 
and it's FRIDAY!  EESH, already?? 

Tillie is great and growing. Had her 2nd puppy class last week. She's the smallest of all the dogs and by that, I mean she's basically a rabbit next to massive hulks! Tillie holds her own though and LOVES playing with any doggie. 

OK! Hope you are well and not watching too much of the news because, let's face it, we could all just start drinking and never stop. 

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Feb Break Time

I guess I forgot to inform you that this is my break week-- I have so many people coming to see THE PUPPY, I feel like I gave birth! LOL... I have make-up sessions to complete this week as well plus a lot of things to do that hit the 2pm hour. So.... I don't think I'll be watching much GH This week! I'll try to catch up one night enough to do a Sunday Surgery. 

Hope things are going well for you. It's National PET DAY and that means you get a new picture of Miss Matilda or..."Tornado Tillie"!! 

I hope I'm not missing anything stellar on the show?? I haven't even been able to read comments. Tillie hates it when I'm on the laptop. OY! 

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Sunday Surgery: Foot Rubs

May all of our Mamas comfort us like Ava does Kiki

In a week where our show was interrupted by horrific news, I was considering not posting a recap today because it all seems so pointless. Acting as if yet another tragedy hasn't happened hardly seems right. Life never stops for these things--although it feels like it should. I'll be brief... 

Friday, February 16, 2018


Ava isn't answering Griffin' calls ... Ava is taking care of Kiki --she rubbing her feet awwww... Kiki goes to GH to do her shift. 

Mike is being "dragged" to GH by Sonny for a check up. Dr. David Bensch is there (I thought he was off the show--seriously it's been in forever) He wants to do lab work and tests. But I tells Mike it's probably Fatigue (I think to humor him and get him to do the tests).  Dr. Bensch consults with Griffin and Griffin asks Sonny if Mike was confused. Sonny thinks a minute and says yes. Griffin wants to do 1:1 cognitive testing with Mike.  Sonny's in the room while he asks some questions. Mike gets the short term memory ones wrong. 

Jason is at Carly's for Coffee. 
Anna is at law office for Faison's reading of the will. Killy walks in-- Anna's like: Wha?  Oh, over at Carly's we find out that Jason is also in the will. Diane comes in to get a paper from Carly and is all "YOU need to get over to the will reading". Jason says "I want nothing from him"! Diane tells him he needs to go. 
SO! Finally everyone is in the office.
Faison leaves the following:

Britt: "The sandbags that once lined the estate because you've been a weight on my neck for years" LOL...
Drew: The one thing you want the most "your past memories"
Jason:  Ok, this got tricky but it came down to the fact that each could get their memories back if one killed the other.

Nelle gets Monica on her side by telling her that Carly's been mean and making her anxious. Monica is very sympathetic. She goes over to Carly's and tells her to BACK OFF of Nelle.  Carly bitches, then throws Monica out.  Monica tells her she's throwing Nelle a baby shower. 

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Want some Coffee

Alexis and Silas--she's talking about Jules and he's talking about Anna. 

Anna and Maddox--she tells him she had a baby with Faison. Anna says she has to confide in one person-- besides Maddox.   We don't find out who that is. 

Drunk Kiki and Spinelli --she kisses him. OMG--Kiki has her own apartment now???

Ava waiting for Griffin She's got rose petals out.  BUT! Spinelli calls GH and Amy tells Griffin so you know he's going over there to help Kiki and Ava will find out about it.
YEP..Amy tells her that Griffin went over to Kiki's. Ava's furious.

Mike is working at Kelly's....he used to work there so-- he thinks he still does. Totally dementia/alzheimers. The poor worker is trying to get Mike away from behind the counter and Mike gets pissed. Mike drops the coffee pot.  The waitress is named Mara--someone found it on the TV description! She was the one that was snarky to Ava after Ava dissed her. I love her. :) 

GH interrupted due to School Shooting update.  I have no words on this.

Back to GH: 

Nelle calls Michael to tell him his grandfather is at Kelly's and in trouble. Sonny comes over an and smooths things. Mike says he hasn't been "sleeping well lately". Aw, looks lost/confused.

Ava's bitching at Griffin a lot she's at Kiki's "Why didn't you call me" yada yada...they make up.

At Kelly's Anna sees Silas and Alexis. Diane comes in and tells Anna Faison left her some of his estate. 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Thank You For Killing Faison

Says Robin... she's with Jason today. She also says she's surprised that Sam married Drew and she knows Sam loves Jason.

Sonny's home.  Mike's visiting, Sonny wants to keep an eye on him. Robin comes by and hugs Mike. Mike has a dizzy spell. She asks him when his next check up was. Mike thinks Sonny did it--set him up. Gets cranky mad. 

Friz might have their wedding at Ava's Gallery. Ava's giving it to them for a gift. Later, Nelle brings roses from Griffin. Nelle's all jelly--wish she had a man that loved her.  Michael stops by and tells her he's selling her apartment building. 

Later Friz goes into Kelly's with Jake. Jake won an art trophy. Jake asks Jason "Are you coming to the wedding"? Awkward.  Franco points out that Jason is a murderer too and it happened after HE had a head injury, just like Franco had his tumor.  Jason says, yeah, good try but you're still going to pay for what you did.  Liz comes by later and tells him everyone has moved on but him, maybe he should too. 

Kimmy gets Drew over to the apt to tell him about Drew's fight. That kid that's being bullied "Identifies as a girl"... I heard that  yesterday. If GH wanted to be cutting edge, should have been binary. But...?  Drew and she talk about when they met. She was getting roughed up by some guy in a bar and Drew swooped in and 'saved' her. 

Yes, I'm here

HELLO FROM PUPPY LAND!! OMG-- I am totally exhausted by 2:00!!  So... let me's GH after the funeral?

Sorry I'm absent! Blame that Tillie girl!! 

Oh, GH won The Writer's Guild Award for Daytime Drama. 

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Sunday Surgery: Heart and Soul

There's really only one thing to talk about this week and that's Friday's show.  The rest of the episodes? Meh.  Nothing to write home about, that's for sure! 

So, let's get started, it's mostly going to be some nice photos of the funeral and my praising the acting.  By the way,  my eyes were swollen all night and I got a crying headache!!