Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Guard Dogs


Donna and Nina try to find out where Ava is.

Ava and Silas have a little "moment" about how great Kiki is.

Nate and Rosie meet up. He wants to know where Nina is. Donna Mills calls Rosie and says they "need to chat". 

Michael tells Kiki that Ava may have made Carrrrrlos false-confess.

Shaun tells Sonny that Franco visited Ferncliff and that he can break Heather out if he has to.

And..TJ was on. With Jordan.

I'm going to fall asleep. Seriously. Soooooooooo, Sonya, take me away! 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Roger Howarth Cast in Flash TV Show

The CW has cast a recurring role for Roger on it's series "The Flash" . Roger will play reporter Mason Bridge,
The Flash airs on the CW at 8pm Tuesdays. 

Lucas Went to Med School!

Ava gets a shot from Silas to stop labor. He did say however that if the baby was born now, it would probably be ok.
He had to put on his reading glasses while examining Ava. AHAHHAA....

Ava's labor stopped for now. 

Sabrina tells Michael Carlos took the rap because he was protecting Sabrina and her baby. Sabrina tells him he lied for AVA.  Michael's eyebrows went all over.

Lucas has been thru MED School! We knew that--Brad didn't. Bobbie and Brad bonded on the couch over wine.  Lucas doesn't want to be a doctor. (Mean Face)  "My father was Tony Jones... I can't ever measure up to him".  And he's afraid he won't be good in medicine.  He will talk to Dr. O about maybe working at GH. 

ALERT: Franco told Heather that his wedding was "Tomorrow" --you know "Halloween". AND HALLOWEEN IS 9 working days away!!!!!! ERGO one day is going to last...WHAT THE HELL?
OH no, come on. That can't be. UGgggggggggggggh.  Franco tells his mom he's going to break her out. After he leaves we see that Shaun is stalking Heather in the facility. 

Nina offers Donna Mills money for stealing the baby. Nathan comes home and Nina hides.  Donna doesn't tell him she's there.  He leaves. Then, Donna says she'll help Nina steal the baby. 

Olivia saw Heather with a knife-- Sonny thinks it's because of his plan.  Olivia isn't sure why she saw her. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Happiness Is...

Let us Pray...
Oh THIS is the Cartini build up I LOVE!!!! It's nutty, fast paced and moves so quickly I can't live tweet/blog all at the same time!! Yes, I am critical of the show sometimes--you all know that but this? THIS is DIVINE! Swoon. It's all leading up to the WEDDING and Fluke, Nina stealing a baby--and St.JakeFace coming out!!
Be still my soapy heart. The more weird shit going on, the better for me. And boy, was there some bananas stuff to watch!! 

I'm having peanut butter toast and 'naners in honor of all the cray happening and probably a shot or 2 of some corn whiskey. (yes, I was born in the country, I know what that is!) 

Hunker Down and get ready to REPENT!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Popcorn FRIDAY!

I'm ready for a fun day!!! 

OH SHE was GOOD!! LOL... Donna Mills. :) heh.  I just want you to watch it.  She almost impales her with those white deer antlers! Then, gets a brilliant plan on how her mother can make up for her killing her baby. 

Kiki totally forgot why she was at Silas' until 1/2 through the show. LOL GEESH...Morgan and Kiki are so stupid!!! GET TO AVA!!  Finally the go but Nathan shows up. OY!! Silas tells him Niaa is dangerous. 

Morgan to Ava;  "My little son or daughter or brother or sister..." Awwww only on a soap!! ahahahaha.
Silas finally gets there, btw. 

Sabrina wants to turn herself in. Felix is telling her not to. And she's off to tell Epiphany-and MICHAEL interrupts her!! DIE MICHAEL!! Michael wants Sabby to help with the clinic. Sabina ends up defending Carlos about "Killing AJ" 

Franco visits Heather. They talk about trying to kill each other. He gives her a BLT. Then, tells her he's getting married--but she was RIGHT about Carly.  And he tells her how she hurt him by sleeping about Sonny. Then he says he's going to get revenge and he wants her there. (at the wedding) 

CARLY tells Bobbie that the marriage is about Michael!!! BUT not the full story. 

Sonny and Shawn drink scotch and plot to have Heather take the fall for Franco's death. 

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Lucas, Bobbie and Maxie doing Carly's wedding stuff. Nice!   Maxie's dress is adorable. She's over-dressed but I don't care. I'm so sick of those hippy clothes. 
OMG..Josslyn comes out in her CORN costume and says she refuses to be in in her Mom's wedding. LOL 
Carly: Who would you rather have as  step-father?
Josslyn: Stephen King, Victor Cassadine, I'd even take Uncle Sonny...

Felix and Sabrina. She tells her her guilt over the pills. She thinks she's bad (yeah). 

Ava is hyperventilating and freaking out realizing that she's prolly in labor. She doesn't want Britt called, she thinks Sonny is having her followed. Kiki suggests Silas. 

Michael and Franco...Franco talks to Michael about AJ and closes the blinds.  He asks Michael to be his best man. OH! Michael brings up the rape! WOW...Franco asks him to put his feelings aside for his mother.
VERY Creepy SCENE. Eeesh. VERY creepy! 

Donna Mills was giving Nathan the backstory on crazy Nina. Seems like she was nuts as a kid and Donna wanted to have her committed but Nina ran away and married Silas.

Ok, so.. Silas and Nina are fighting and Nina goes nuts and yells at him -- and tells him all the crap he did to her. IN the end, Kiki finds him knocked out the FLOOR !! Nina did it. THEN, Nina goes to Donna Mills' and-- Wait until you see the preview for tomorrow OMG!! So fun. 

OH! And Franco goes to visit Heather (has a BLT with him) and Sonny finally decides to pin Franco's murder on Heather Webber. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Cramps Galore

Jordan and Ava gab on the phone. Whatever..

Brad tells Liz that Nik is with Britt again. Told her she's moved back into Wyndemere... Liz was mad. Ah, JakeSt.Face defends her to Brad. AWwwwwwww. Then Jordan walks in and tells Jake she was driving the car. He remembers Ava though. He's like "you're sure"??  He remembers Ava's voice. 

Fake Nik and Britt fight. Dream. LONG dream

Nina and Rosie. She wants her to come back to work for her. Well, actually she wants her to take the blame for the entire ruse she set up with Silas. Not sure how that's gonna work?  Nina says to do it or she'll spill Rosie's "Dirty Little Secret". Rosie says "Why don't I just give you Ava Jerome"??  And then tells Nina she could steal Ava's baby. 

Franco is watching CarSon tapes in the conference room and Silas is going to walk in! Silas does walk in but he thinks the sex on the TV is just "porn" --not Carly/Sonny porn. HAHAHA. Silas wants the deets on Nina from Franco.  Franco tells him about the list. 

Ava cramps again. Morgan calls Britt--she wants her to go into GH.  She won't go. Jordan finally tells her about the pills. She thinks she's in labor. 

Carly and Sonny. Sonny decided that Michael should come back form the island. He and Starr walk in and he says he's opening "The Alan Quartermaine JR. free medical clinic" on the waterfront.
Remember when Nikolas tried that? BOOM! 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


I'd usually not share this but hey, it's OCTOBER and national chestial celebration month. I am off to get my yearly MAMMO!!
SO...won't be here for GH.
Yes, I am brave. LOL..not really, I've had them for years. They don't even hurt a bit! 

HAVE FUN!! Let me know how the show is!!