Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Save the Animals!

So, I came in late and saw Carly and Sonny drinking in his office,  Ned and Olivia on the couch watching a movie and Ava and Franco talking about taking Sonny down.

Ned is so cute!! And SUCH a nice guy!! did you see the ANIMAL commercial? We always make fun of it on Twitter. Too funny. She calls the ASPCA and is going to adopt a ton of animals to put in the hotel.  AHHAAHA 
 Olivia "I turned into the next Brenda Bot"  GOOD stuff today 

Oh, guess no one got hurt ...and MOLLY AND TJ and Danny went to..SAM'S? WHEN? I mean, I was sitting here, saw the bomb go off...
I'm so confused. 

Oh, Ron told me on twitter that they, LEFT during the COMMERICIAL and got the truck. Seriously. So ok then.  There goes the Lake House!!

Mickey and Jordan. She's got a gun on him and BOOM! Julian walks in and PLUGS HIM! I mean like BOOM! wow... 

MY PLAN: I want Shawn to find out that Jordan is undercover and look at her and go: ME TOO! "I've been close to Corinthos all this time to take him down"!
How cool would that be!? 

Monday, July 28, 2014

Raining..Pouring The Old Man is Snoring...

Well, this happened a few towns over this morning. It's just been raining horribly here. Still going and going...

What are you watching this summer? I'm watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix. I like this season--although "Jail" is starting to feel like summer camp with lots of sex. LOL The back stories are why I'm keeping up.  Finding out about each inmate is good. 

That's about it for me! I think we might try that "Quest" show--which looks like a real-life nerd cos-play but it could be good.  I will tune into the RHONY reunion just for the catty crap. Not interested in RHONJ anymore. All the reality shows are going "naked" have you noticed? Dating, Surviving-- and now Real Estate. Good Gravy. Is nothing left?  

Today is actually a Friday show because of the airliner interruption, btw..so a lot will happen.

Ariel better not be in that BBQ Grill.  Someone put a bomb in the mailbox at Alexis' house. Alexis, Danny, TJ and Molly all walk in. SOD mention Molly missed her soaps while she was in General Hospital . heh

Silas drinks the magic potion.  Ugh. Have him turn into Caleb, please.  She gets him on the couch--massages him. Sam then knocks on the door. LOL...No pants interruptus!  Sam opens the door and thinks that Silas is doing it on purpose. 

Olivia goes to drink with Ned. She wants Carly to evict Sonny but Carly won't. Olivia goes on and on about how much Carly and Sonny are meant to be. 

Sam looks at the DVDs... but not after Sonny and she talk AT LENGTH about Nina and Silas. SNOOZE. She sees the door open on the roof---but can't see whos' doing it. 

Ava was at her brothers' and all she had to put on was some weird-caftan. EESH Alexis and Julian are just giggly. 

AND BOOM goes the bomb. 

Mickey walks in on Shaun and Jordan. Jordan plants a bug. Mickey finds it right away. 

FRANCO: Pasta's good. CARLY: Do you have a magical connection with it? Best line ever.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Stuck in Neutral

Kinda of a neutral week. I don't have a lot to write because I don't think that much happened. It will be another short, sweet blog for you! 

Why don't we join Spencer and get some Pringles and other fun stuff and pig out!!?? I need a coffee, that's for sure. 


This will be the bookmark for the spoilers/news! I am putting a page break today for those of you that are spoiler free. (cause I'm cool like that!) Please book mark this page and I will update here. Thanks! 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Wubs Exclusive: Interview with NEW GH Star!

Giving a helping seat to undercover agent Jordan 
Everyone's buzzing about him on Twitter... he's been featured numerous times this summer...it's 
THE PARK BENCH!! Here's an exclusive:
Undercover action 
WQ:  Mind if I sit?
Bench: No, please go ahead, that's what I'm here for!
WQ: So, how has it been to work on GH this summer?
Bench: Awesome! I've had the nicest tushies rest on my seat. I can't tell you how great that feels!! Everyone's been so nice. No jumping on me!! 
WQ: You've been featured in a major story line this summer. How do you prep for your scenes?
Bench: I usually do some deep breathing and chant some James Woods words of wisdom.
WQ: Oh, you're soft!
Bench: It's the oil they use. Soft as a baby's bottom!

WQ: Where do you hail from?
Bench: Parts are from the North East and the rest are from the woods of Colorado. I guess you could say, I'm from all over. I do have a distant cousin that's a chair in Kelly's and I think my Aunt is working in Floating Jake's this summer. 

WQ: Any funny stories to share?
Bench: Well, that little scamp Nicolas Bechtel  (Spencer) likes to play practical jokes and put his gum on me. Jason Thompson (Patrick) sat on it the other day and freaked out! We had to stop the scene while someone cleaned his pants. 

What's on your Pants, Paddy?! 
All in all, great day with the BENCH! You can see him in the fall, at the Geffin Playhouse, in "Bus Stop".  In the meantime, watch for more 'top secret' scenes with Finola on General Hospital, M-F 2pm/est. 

Friday, July 25, 2014

Happy Friday

I found this on Pintrest and think it's a riot. LOL...so HAPPY Friday!! What's happening ?? It's gorgeous here. Low humidity and cooler temps. 
Nice day for the PARK (which is being featured multiple times on GH...MULTIPLE!!) 

confession; I am watching GH and blogging IN BED! lol...I got hardly any sleep last night and had a long work morning so, if I fall asleep, you'll know why. 

Ya, Sam... Molly is gone, you may have to watch your own kid for 2 minutes.  

Ava and Mickey...he points a gun, Julian gets it away from him. Ava does like the danger!! Mickey tells Julian they laced the coke with the heroin! :) HEH. 

Olivia tells Sonny to move out of the office.

The fact that Ava hasn't been NEAR Nina is just PISSING ME off. How long has she been on?? UGH. One of the most potential fun on GH an nada. Now Nina want's Silas to pay. She wants a baby LMAO ...aren't you old? Oh maybe she wants to say she's pregnant (sometime) and make him think  that she 'loses' it. SO he loses a baby too? 
OH she's gonna drug him. SO, maybe they have sex SOON ...and that's when it all happens. I don't think she can steal Ava's baby, it's too old already to be workable. (plus Ava's probably going to steal Lante's). ahaha.
I think Nina will fake losing the kid and then have Silas mourn it's passing. 

NEDLY!! yeah!!  I hope he's on a lot. Tracy wants in illegal heart. She gives a good speech to Ned about family members. She wants him to come home.  Ned's coming home!! 

Jordan is doing a search of Mickey's room and Shawn walks in. 

I also think so many people can get off the show. NO, I'm not picking. I'm not sure if say, they should ramp up Shawn, Jordan and TJ or not. Shawn and Jordan are hot together. She could be a police undercover and he a hit man. Give TJ some kind of edge and GIVE THEM A SET. Maybe send a sister/cousin up. I still think they can be part of the Justus relations to tie them to the Qs and TJ work for ELQ.  I Love the vets but when they are just thrown in now and again, I don't like it. Anna's regulated to tiny scenes, and Duke has been off/on for so long now it's starting to get stupid. 

Thursday, July 24, 2014



It's national tequila day so I drank thru GH. I needed it. 

Ok..so....Todd painted with some lady and Carly thought she was having an orgasm. I did love Nina and Franco! Very good scenes. I wish they would have talked about the 90s more and what she missed. 
Franco finds her list! heh..she says it's to remember stuff but he knows better. Carly walks in and sees how much fun they are having. 

Ava and Julian still in the room, trying to spit it out.  He finally takes her to the roof when she tells him Sonny killed AJ.
Diamond finds them up there, draws his gun to shoot Ava. Then, Julian tells him about Sonny and they all fly off together. Sonny yells "SON OF A BITCH" from the roof top! ahaha 

Diamond outted Julian's mob involvement to Alexis. TJ brought Molly a soda.  Alexis tells Molly that Julian "left" her so Molly could move home.  Molly's going home

Patrick talks to Anna about his firing. Sam confronts Silas about telling the reporter everything.  POWERFUL scenes from them today. They basically broke up. 

Win a Day on the GH Set!

Oh, I'm entering. Here's hoping Alberta and I win!! WOOT!!