Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Wheels of Blackmail

Ah, back in the days when Murder Mysteries were awesome. See, Diana's killer was on DAILY...clues were dropped and it all melded into some juicy, shocking reveals!! It was so good. 

Now? Not so much. Paul is all of a sudden all up killing people. Ok. Ava found his works and wants to meet him at "Perks" to discuss blackmailing him.  He's all "are you calling my bluff" Oh yes, yes she is!! The cufflinks are clearly visible in the 'sex tape' says Ava.  She shows him she found the needles/meds. He's desperate to stop her. See, I think Susan or something HAS to be held over his head because he's not acting like a psychopathic "I gotta Kill" guy right now, it's more of a "I have to cover it up". 
Ava wants Julian to go free, those are her terms. 

Jordan goes to GH to find Elizabeth, who was supposed to come to the PCPD with information. Later, Hammy Finn LIES for Hayden and says he was with her during that time!! WHOA!!

RayHay so looks guilty about the Liz thing.  Franco wants to be with Liz in the room with her. HE's all Can I?? Can I??? Can I?? LOL 

Alexis sees Julian, he's harassing her..but it's TRACY!! OMG. She's going nutty. That was a good scene and I love Tracy and Alexis in the same space! More please.  Such a good idea to put them together!!  VERY good scene. Tracy remembers that someone set HER up for murder :) heh

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Wedding Blues (Tuesday Show)

Come on, she would have used Pintrest...but Felicia was on!!  I have jet lag so this will be short. 
I wish Robert would have been in a scene with Flea. 

Rebecca Herbst looks gorge just laying on the floor with blood on her. She sees Hayden when she comes to-- then Franco runs down and see Hayden looking at Liz. He runs down. She said she was attacked and passes out. Franco should have found Hayden riffling thru Liz' purse for the diamonds! 
Hay runs up the stairs, Paul is standing there-- Hayden runs for Finn.
Paul is going to try to pin this on Hayden. 

Meanwhile, Ava gets a pass key to Paul's Metro Room. She wants to find the cufflink. We are getting fake flashbacks to when Paul Ava made love and he said "YOU don't know anything about me". 

Griff and Claud. She's bathed in red-light after the power goes out. It's representing HELL To Griffin. Get it?  Maxie and Nate talk later. Griffin gets called out of locker room to help Liz.

OK, the ONLY way Paul makes sense is if the Cassadines (Valentin) were making him kill people to harvest organs..and they have his daughter Susan. 
That's what I'm saying. That's THE ONLY reason I can think this is happening. 

SO, they have Paul sneaking up on Monica to think he might kill her...but stupid ABC shows Monica in the previews tomorrow all FINE AND DANDY ! LOL! DERP! 

Back from LA-LA Land!

Loved having my break! I didn't even turn on the TV ONCE!! Heaven. My son just uses his computer for 'news' and we just never switched it on. BLISS! I just found out about Weiner situation. Dear. LORD. What a mess he is. 

I watched yesterday's show as a little birdie told me I should. Given that the big ol' HOSPITAL Murder is being brought up AGAIN-- so something good must happen, right? 

Robert comes by to see Lulu about LUKE..because Luke can't Get in touch with Tracy OR Lulu. AHAHAHA. Um, ok. Look I love seeing Robert but--?? That's a stupid excuse. In 1970 that may have flown but now? Derp. 

Heather lets it slip that Hayden and Liz are sisters.  Franco's all! BEEP! BEEP! What!!? Info! I have Info. LOVED the sister reveal..very soapy! Good Job. 

Maddox and Valerie, he gives her a book. Did they ever mention the coin her gave her earlier?  OMG another NOBODY dies? really. And where did Maddox learn to do that pathetic CPR ??? LOL
Monica was on!! 

Hayden smacked Liz-- HAMMY'S FACE !!!!! ahahahaha!! 
Liz gets tossed down the stairs. 

OH so. It's PAUL? 
IT'S PAUL????????  I can't even process this right now

Thursday, August 25, 2016

August 25th

EPIC in many ways but also because of this!! I start my vacation today so... you won't have a blog for a bit. If I am able I may update a page or two but I won't be watching the show. Only taking my iPad and trying to update on that drives me insane lol!  So, play nice...and here's hoping things happen on GH That are FUN--RELEVANT- EXCITING-

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Emme Hurt...Spinelli Back

So, SID Is reporting that Emme Rylan is having surgery for a nose injury inflicted upon her by her 4 year old son. I totally get how that happened! Head butts are the worst! Anyway, it's supposedly not affecting her work because GH is dark. So... here's hoping. I bet she has a band-aid and Lulu will have some explaination! 

Also... Bradford Anderson is coming to GH for a "short stint" Sept. 2nd.  Oh, and Wally Kurth is due back in the fall for "a little bit" as well. That's GH for ya!! 


Liz goes to FRANCO ?? How funny.   She's going to have a tiara made with those diamonds you watch! She says she's not giving them to Laura for Spencer because Nikolas stole them from Hayden.
She also tells Franco that she was raped so she's very wary of men. Franco freaks out a bit. They end up kissing and they are going to go out on a date soon. 

Dr. O and Finn. Snooze-ah. She steals his recorder where he talks to "Ricco" or whoever.
Later, Hayden comes in... He tries to push her away because he's dying I think. 

Lante--watching popcorn pop. In their new house. Dr. Lee calls with Bad News. The embryo's were 'compromised'.  They are in their new house tho! 
Oh, Lulu mentions the Stavros embryo. She wonders where it is.

Krissy, Molly and Alexis. TMI comes in and wants to talk to Alexis. I guess that's WNY's TMZ?  They mention Alexis and "social media"-- which is really mentioning Nancy and social media!! ahahaaa. 
OMG..then the TMI guy films a giant argument. And Alexis grabs Krissy's arm and tells her to grow up. 

Naomi and Hayden were on about the diamonds. Hayden's mother has no purpose until the Elizabeth thing comes out. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Medicine Refill

From Twitter Via Frank 

Sabrina messes with Ava's meds.
Ava messes with Morgan's meds.

Morgan is doing social media for The COFFEE SHOP. He and Sonny have a nice talk. Too bad he's gonna be nuts from Ava soon. 

Kevin and Laura out on a date. Kevin is staying at the Metro while his "Apartment" is being "renovated" ...geesh.  He and Laura go up for a nightcap. They play video games then make out.  Kevin stops and says he 'respects her' too much to do it on the first date. Laura says, don't respect me, lets' just do it! 

Liz..opens the door. Giant package, then Ava.  Ava tells Liz to open the package. It's Nikolas' jacket and a shoe. Wouldn't they keep those for evidence? HUH?  They returned them from "the island" according to the note inside. Must be the diamonds are in there. YEP. Ava asks for the boot and Liz looks inside and finds the diamonds.  Liz wants to turn them in, Ava's like KEEP THEM for Spencer.
She leaves. Liz stares at the diamonds. 

Carly asks Nellie to stay and babysit.  Carly gives her a shit ton of money to do it. That's so Max and Milo don't have to watch her because the nanny quit. Why wouldn't Ava "babysit" since she HAS FULL CUSTODY STILL.
Nell stands at the top of the stairs looking mean. Kinda like a Lifetime Movie Nanny that's gonna take over the house LOL.  Sonny's still suspicious. Kinda like Tony was of Carly in the early days!! Hmmmmmmm.

NICO was on. I miss them. Todd was eating! My fave thing RH does!! Nina tells him about the sex she had with Valentin all night. 
Later, she leaves and Liz comes in and tomorrow shows him the diamonds. 

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sunday Surgery: The Hangover

Oy..I drank too much--now I have to look at dimples? 
Just like last week, I'm leaving a lot up to you! I watched Wed/Thursday's shows. Really liked Wed's. great scenes/dialog. If  GH was tighter and had about 1/2 the cast removed we'd get more moments like this. It's the skipping around that's maddening! I was just thinking: Get Valentin on and then? Huh? Where'd he go? It's like they save stuff in the freezer for later! 

Maddox Gift to Jordan 

I think the ol' "Hospital Serial Killer" is coming to an end. Maddox had those cufflinks..gave one to Jordan. Ergo, unless someone stole it from his office looks like it's him. Which makes no sense. But the entire story makes NO sense. It's like throwing paint at the wall. Just a waste.

These are the scenes that were NOT wasted---and I enjoyed them. Don't faint..just read on! 

Krissy and Molly? . Who's gonna save you from a drunk dial? Your sister. Who's gonna to tell you you're acting like an ass? Ditto.  I thought the scene of the week was when Krissy told Molly off and sat down and bawled. Molly came back!! So perfect. You know you have a BFF like that. You tell her to F off and she shows up with 2 glasses and vodka! 

The Boardroom: Looked real...and they showed it on camera. They could have easily said it was all done and just given us the details. Watching Alexis face was so good. Diane did a her part as well. Those two need to be on more together. Just a nice relationship. Anyway, I liked the use of the extras in the room. Olivia storming in was weird but hey, she has to have something to do. 

Laura's Breakdown:  We know she was yelling at Hayden, but deep down she was yelling at herself for abandoning Nikolas on Cassa-Isle. I was not a happy camper when Guza introduced that whole made up backstory but...we did get a kick-ass'd family from it so?  And I also tend to forget just how selfish and self-absorbed Laura was back in the day. She could have totally run outta there and not looked back. Anyway, Genie was superb and Kevin was her 'rock'. Mature relationship--nice kiss. 


PROP OF THE WEEK:  Yep. Flea Market Lamp 

See how easy it's getting? I leave for HOLLYWOOD next week (Thursday) so I'll try to get some stuff up if I can about my adventure. I'll be on twitter @wubsnet  as well. Alberta is going. Never know who she's going to run into! 

Thursday, August 18, 2016


Nikolas' funeral was off camera LOL  Hayden wants to talk about Nikolas. Lulu's like "you're a bitch" LOL
Laura and Kevin are there. Laura goes to cry and finds Hayden on the phone with her mama talking about Nikolas' money-- and Laura gets mad. Then, when talking to Kevin she realizes she's feeling guilt about leaving Nikolas in Greece when she went to PC. 
Kevin and Laura kiss. 

Alexis is hung over.  She and Sonny--stop it I like Mo and NLG so much so ergo, I like Sexis and I HATE SONNY.
So...stop it. 

Anyway, Alexis missed Nik's funeral mostly because she's hung over but also because she knows he's not dead! LOL
Nina walks in and tells she and Sonny Jules tried to escape. It's a very weird scene. Sonny runs out to tell "Brick" to take care of the Jerome situation.

Naxie is IN BED as usual. Later Maxie meets Lulu to talk about the wedding. Lulu  finds a hickey on Maxie's neck. 

Claudette gives Griff a message and it says "I have a surprise for you"..he's all..ugh.  She's working at GH. Griffin is not happy. She tells him she still loves him.
Griffin wants to tell Nate that Nate shot him. They kiss just as Naxie are walking in. 

Valerie looks in Finn's office and snoops through his files and gets hit on the head from behind. She goes DOWN. Curtis finds her (he was looking for her, not sure why?). She's ok... she gets up.  They took a cufflink that she put in her pocket.