Friday, August 22, 2014

UGH Friday. Is THIS a Friday?

Cause you could have fooooooled me!!

Carly and Sonny..HELLS NO.
UGH.  They are soooooo boring. Sonny locked the door as Carly was saying NO, btw. Um, not cool. 

Nina is going to obsess over Ava's baby.  I say she calls Heather to steal it. LOL Nina is so craazyy and Michelle Stafford is glorious. Nina says she can get a baby any way she wants. 

Ava looked fab today. LOVED her color and Make up. Julian tells her that Fluke is not Luke Spencer.  He doesn't know WHO he is tho... he met him in the witness protection program.  Julian tells Ava to kill Michael to keep Kiki safe. She invites them to dinner. POISON! 

Michael to Morgan: "Hey, Franco is dissing Dad".
Seriously? You guys are two  20 something guys and you stand around dishing about this? Craaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzy.  And Kiki, get a damn job. 

Patrick tells Sabrina that Robin went to help Jason, not to Africa. He tells her everything. Ok then. Why not tell Anna since JASON is dead? ugh. I hate this story. 

Silas was going thru Rafe's box and found a business card from the CLINIC..  

Only thing worth watching today was how crazy Nina can act. 

MONDAY: Coleman is on. It's been what? 2 years? 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

"Things Came to a Head Last Night"...

Alberta and Genie...xxooo 

Great comments below, thanks! Here I am waiting for the show to start. It's been raining on and off all day and part of me just wants to take a damn nap. LOL. Oh what I do for you!! 

I agree with almost all the comments---it's such a shame that we have great dialog writers, awesome actors and GH is reduced to a chopped salad. I actually went back to look at photos from beginning of July and--um..not a hey of a lot has happened.  I think the actors all got revolving vacations. 

Well, they showed crazy weird text bubbles today. Kinda strange, they usually just show the phone.

NEXIS WAS ON! And Alexis said "Gatekeeper"!! Which is totally their nickname from long ago! 

Bobbie and Carly. I guess I liked it...I'm just so done with Carly and her libido. 

Sabrina is back.  I totally forgot Patrick was fired. LMAO TOTALLY.  He tells her Rafe caused the accident.

Julian knows that Fluke isn't Luke. Which I didn't know. Seriously thought he thought he was Luke. So there ya go. Not that it matters. Luke wants to see Jordan. Julian could carry him around. Hell, we could build a Sheldon type robot for him and he can be the first full-Skype character on GH. 
WHY would Jordan tell Julian that so quick? Geesh, keep it to yourself for awhile!! 

Sam and Silas...Nina tells her to get outta her house. LOL  Silas tells Nina to go. Silas and Sam go through Rafe's box and finds a lotta money and his phone. 

Sonny and Silas dish about their sexcapades.

TOMORROW: Sonny and Carly again. Looks like a boring day actually. Just a repeat of today. 

RATE GH for the Summer!

So, although we have a bit to go on August, the "summer" Session that soaps know is traditionally over because many are going back to school. 

Let's RATE it! Here's the scale:

1- tuned out

2- watched now and again but didn't miss it

3--average; it was ok but didn't rush to watch

4--pretty good most of the time but not as exciting as I'd hoped for 

5--Excellent. Couldn't wait to see what happened!!

Feel free to critique the show, tell us what you liked and didn't. I'm giving it a 3; meaning just average. I think the Lila's camp was a cute idea, Alices' heart story could have been a good one if she'd been on more than once a year and Nina entertained me with her psycho nature.  I still found the stories very choppy, no real consistency with them and way too many 'vet pop-ups' with no substance. I'm glad Ned is back. Fluke being gone is a real downer because I want that story over. Rafe's involvement in the whole crash came out of left-field and just when Molly was getting a decent drama going, she's no where to be found again. Julexis was hot-hot hot-- as was Shawn and Jordan.  Not hot? Levi and Maxie. Oh how I wish this story had never happened! If he never was on the show it wouldn't  have been a loss.  
I am very surprised there wasn't more of a major story with Kiki, Michael, Morgan. Rosalie should have been more in the picture if they wanted those two together.
Yesterday was the epitome of this summer: Shawn says to Jordan: How long has it been since we were in the gallery? 14 days?
Yep. That's how long. 

Frozen Jason story? Eh...poorly executed, imo. Three days of Robin and Paddy stuck in a tiny room going round and round? Victor prancing in like a cartoon?  The Egg-Pod?  Ok, yeah, no thanks. I like camp as much as the next person but something was just 'off' with this. 

Highlights for me included Deliah's stint on the show (way too short though), the inside jokes the writers made, Josslyn and Flea and Mac.  Lowlights: CarSon redux and Levi's shennanigans. 

I'm sure I haven't included it all--this is off the top of my head. That sometimes indicates what was important and what was not in my mind!! 

So, what say you Wubbers? Entertained or Nah? 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Hump in Humid Day

HUMID is the word for the day!! UGH...and we have to move my kid into his college digs later. Figures. It's been cold...and today? OY

Shaun and Jordan all in bed. 14 days they've been at it. LMAO.... There ya go. Knew it was a long time. They have a bed-- holy heck! 

Ned and Michael. Tracy's looking all sheepish to go Skype Fluke. HE looks jaunty and all bundled up. Is he in...Sibera??  Maybe he's in Iceland...Bjork concert?
I guess Alice outed Tracy. And Michael fired her. Fluke is pissed at Tracy.  They talk, yada yada...and then NED JUMPS out! ahaahaa. Scares Tracy, scares Fluke.  Then Ned throws Tracy out of  the house. 

Sonny in his boxers. Franco finds the wine. Maybe Carly will be PG too, you know Sonny's super sperm. Franco thinks Sonny is there, Carly says the wine glass is her mother's..and Bobbie walks in. At least, that's who I think it is. It's been awhile. Bobbie lies and says it's HER wine glass. Franco goes to look in the bedroom.  BUT! Sonny went out the window!! AH, yeah, in his glossy shoes.  SO this sheeze will last awhile. *yawn* 

Kiki and Ava were all giggly on the couch over the baby kicking.  She tells Micheal later she thinks her mama has 'turned a corner'. 

Sabrina is back tomorrow.
Kathleen Gati tweeted this photo today of she and RW..The worked together on "Moscow on the Hudson" and Jacob the Liar.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Too Busy To Blog! I guess I'll miss the CarSon show today! Let me know how it goes. 

Cassadine Invasion?

Seems some of our fave baddies are coming in the fall...We know RKK (Stavros) is taping-- who else? We know Helena is on ice--GHH2 is reporting she began taping. What about Anders Hove? I can't believe Faison is gone forever!!

Valentini revealed: “Some favorite villains will be back in the fall.  I think the fans will be really excited to see what kind of trouble they will be causing.  There will be male and female villains returning, who are our fan favorites who will be causing problems for our friends in Port Charles.”

Read all on Michael Fairman 

Monday, August 18, 2014

GH Moving Back to 3pm in Most of East

I'm sure you've seen that around. I for one am happy, I do like it better at that time. CHECK your local listings though, because I believe they could put it wherever they want. We are getting Dr. Phil moving over here at 4 and no idea what's on at 2pm. The View, The Chew are on again too. 

Anna in a Jaunty Hat/Raincoat combo.  A little flash-back recap for those that missed it.   Mac is going to be fine. They haul up the charter boat captain that Heather hired and found out his boat is gone. They are all standing in the pouring rain. The coast guard tells everyone the boat sank. Who thinks they are all dead? ahahha...right. 
NOPE..they are wandering around in the woods and go to a cabin. Where Levi THOUGHTFULLY provides a change of clothes for the ladies.  Bahahaha.

Britt and Nik make out.  HE's saying that he doesn't know if he's over Liz. blah, blah blah Britt; I don't care, just sleep with me anyway. 

Carly and Sonny: the BEAST that will not DIE. I mean SERIOUSLY...and just when he's "done" with Olivia and has Ava rollin around his house PG with either his kid or grandkid? Bahahahaa.  I think I've seen about 8 variations of the CarSon Dance. NO MO' please!!  Sonny is basically saying he thinks Franco is wrong for her, so she should have sex with him.
Good GOD
 AND he kisses her again. Carly tells him to go. THEN, oh hell. She says to STAY. UGH. They make out.
I'm going to fall asleep with this. 

Nina and Todd are still in the elevator-how you gonna PEE??? Of course I'm thinking of that!! Can they lower water bottles down there? Well, that might make them pee more so... She tells him Sonny and Carly kissed. He goes nuts and she stands up to calm him down. Whoops. They talk...yada and then the doors open. 

TAKE AWAY: Britt and Sonny are both horny, Mac is ok, Franco knows Nina can walk and Dante is going to catch his death of cold for standing in that rain for hours.  

Tomorrow: A bunch of people not on for awhile and Carly gets her blouse ripped off. 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Hormones

This week was: comical...tedious...weird...and all full of couple-play.  

Me...most of the week. 
Let. Us. Begin. 

Cereal. Cereal and Milk! (sing it) Cereal Cereal and MILK!
G Love and Special Sauce!! whoot!