Friday, August 18, 2017



FRANCO IS BACK!! CO77x! ahahaha he's painting and listening to "soap alternative grunge" music! Man, people that hate Franco are going to go OVER THE EDGE! AHAHAHAA. OH CRAP on a cracker!! He's destroying his old paintings!! Damn it! I just wanted dark James Franco back. Poop. He's taking all his street art CO77x paintings and just wrecking them. :sobbing: 
Franco rails against the art world saying his stuff was only bought because it was dark and bleak. NOT because he was a great artist. He's just a "basic psycho" . Kiki comes to check on him. Since he's moving into Liz', she can have the apartment. 
Kiki says he shouldn't destroy his past-- that this was a phase. She thinks he should give it to Ava because you know, her inventory burned up. 

Emma gives Anna that diamond that Spencer gave her. Is it real? Could it be? She asks Liz! She's not sure! Wow, is it a REAL ONE? zzzzzzz She almost faints and Liz gives her OJ. Guess they remembered her blood disorder. Then, Anna goes to the Metro and has the jeweler examine the stone IN THE METRO LOBBY. WTF? the LOBBY?, way to hide it. 

Val and Nina are blabbing at the Metro SUCH A BORE. Ut oh...Anna came in!! Nina's all huffy. Valentin says "I'll just ignore her"! 

Ava wants to make out with Griffin but --you know--the face. Kiki comes over. She takes Ava to GH because she got stung by a bee and has a fever. It's actually the flu. Griffin wants to take her home but she's all NO! NO! (because she was having sex dreams of him). Ava goes off in a huff in the elevator

NOTE: Liz and Griffin should be together. Ava and Franco need to do some damage in PC. Just a thought! 

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Say Goodbye to YET ANOTHER Quartermaine!

According to Daytime Confidential, Robert Palmer Watkins was 'blindsided' when he was told he was being let go from the show.  Now, I don't think they've written well or very exciting things for Dillon but having another Q leave is just not cool. Just when we were getting Ned, Olivia, Monica and Dilly all interacting.  I'm hoping he goes off to do a film and not killed. That Q crypt is full. 

Dr. O under Fire

Stephen Nichols tweeted: MY LONG LOST SON! (both on DAYS now) 

Mac is worried about Anna finding out about their naked tryst in the park. Anna comes in with Emma. The new baby is named Noah Robert Scorpio Drake. 

Curtis and Finn still trapped in HayRay's office. Curtis won't look for Hayden because it was her choice to leave. 

Dr. O gets a lecture from Franco.  Liz then lectures her too.  Then Finn comes and yells at her. 

Maxie  is talking to Spin about maybe moving to Seattle. They are wondering why Nate won't move.  She wants him to find Man Landers (sigh) he says he LOVES Man Landers! He grew his beard because Man said women like it. She wants him unmasked. 

Nathan is with AMY talking about MAN LANDERS.  Nothing to see here, move along. 

EDITING JUNK: Liz and Franco were literally talking to Dr. O, turned around and left. Finn came up and started talking. NEXT SCENE? Liz is changed, home and ready to zex up Franco. ugh. Liz wants him to move in. Funny-- I thought they already lived together?? 

NEWS come on about Barcelona. So damn sad. This world is just so damn sad.   Be kind to one another.  Love will win.  It has to. 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


New TJ Maxx opened up about 2 miles from me, so forgive that I'm late by 20min!! Sure I didn't miss much! 

I know any of you aren't Franco fans-- I'm a Roger fan and was glad he was back. Just because he seems to have a relaxing fun time on set.  Dr. O has fun too. 

Curtis is STILL LOOKING YUMMY-- just had to mention that.  Finn has angst. Finn will probably have ANGST for months.  He was going to beat Jared up right there in her office. Curtis hit him first. 

Lighting in the park is pretty--- kinda bland banter with Parker/Krissy tho. REALLY bland. I guess they haven't been on in a damn year so they had to expound. 

Ava's still feeling horrible. Griffin's still talking to her. She has a dream she's all fixed and Griffin and she kiss.  SO, Ava is RICH, right? Griffin knows all sorts of plastic surgeons RIGHT? She has the card VALENTIN gave her right? SO.... I don't even get this. 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Parker in the Park

Griffin is so kind...and so right.  People don't know what to say, if anything and -- they feel uncomfortable.  Later, Ava rubs his shoulders and he's 1/2 naked. Sparks flyin'

Sam thought Carly was going to kill her ass! ahahahaa!!! 

I see they are still shoving NELL in our faces. ugh

Ashley Jones is back as Parker today--should we care? Will this be yanked back? I'm STILL waiting for Curtis and Val's blind-date. 
You know she's Oscar's Mama if she's going to the police station. 

Carly and Sonny just narrated for the whole show. some cop stole the gun from the evidence room because he owed Sonny a favor. Jason took it and is going to throw it off the bridge. 

General Hospital: Some Notes and a little News

CURTIS, you look FINE! 

So I watched yesterday's show and here is the BIG PICTURE take-away: 


1. Sam shoots Sonny--and the big thing that happens out of months of Sam's hallucinations is that she had a brain virus and now there's a "OMG I shot Sonny" secret.  Um, why is it a secret? If she was ill, why would she be charged? Why didn't Sonny just say she shot him accidentally at the pit? He saw she was delusional--right? This is basically NOT a story. They are going to keep this 'big secret' from people (Carly) and then they'll get all mad and....??? Break up again? Seriously? If the police DO find out will Sam GO TO JAIL? Hahahaa. AHAHAHAAAA. Nope, so again--NO Story. 
Oh, and I see they are going to blame Jules for 'telling Sam' to "get rid of Sonny".. Because of course they are. 

2. Dr. O and Finn revenge. Hello--knock knock--writers? Dr. O has been very sparsely since I don't even remember when. I guess she was switching pee samples all along but it was like she popped out of the closet towards the end and BOOM!  Now she's messing with Hayden and Finn like she's been on all year and is a giant villain. Welp. You knew Becky was being let go, so why make her pregnant? Why not just have it found out she really DID smuggle some money and was complicit all along in her Dad's schemes? The Feds come and haul her away. There. Done. 

Sliver of light? Monica was really used well in all this mess--the pee reveal, the wedding and the fraud. Now, please don't just not her on for months. Thx/ 

3.  Ok, the good? More stuff seems to be happening at the Q house. Please let us hope this keeps up.  We know WK is on another show so?? hmmmmm. I do like Olivia and Monica together. 

4.  MORE GUYS COMING (I think short term? )
Inspector DesRoches

AND...this guy is one of the Five Families. 

Ok, See you at 2 today. I'm home because my car's air con is broken. UGH..what a pain. So, I'm cleaning and doing paperwork today if I can get out of this chair lol. 

Monday, August 14, 2017

Yep, I'm Napping!

Ok everyone--sorry but I'm taking a break today. I'm turning off the TV and the computer and I'm going to read a book. Just a fluffy, no thinking book. 

Have a great one! 

Let me know if Val and Curtis go on that "blind date" -- that's about all I want to see lol. Just that fun stuff. 

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sunday Surgery: Al Fresco

Wait, isn't this a Disney movie? 

Everyone SIT DOWN and cozy up. This is going to be one of those blogs where I just gush --then lose my sheeze all over the place!!  Sort of a buffet of everything you can think of. That's what we are eating--EVERYTHING. So get a turkey leg and some marshmallows --- here we go! 

Personal Note (added late Sat night): I just want to say that with all the horrific things going on, I am glad I can come here and lose myself for a bit in "our story". I'm grateful to all of you, and the fact that we are bonded in some weird bizarre way.  Just needed to send out some positive vibes today.