Thursday, May 21, 2015

"I'll Pull Out"

Sorry..Had to. Julian is saying he'll get out of the mob. AGAIN. Do the writers realize HOW MANY TIMES this has been said on the show by Sonny, Jason...Duke..yada yada? Julian himself said it at least 2x.
UGHHHHHHHHHH. COME ON get a new freaking storyline. PLEASE@@@@@!!!!

Anna and Sloane. He touched her hair and I wanted to smack him. Anyway, their convo today was the most maddening ever. She's telling him to cut Jake loose and say the shooter was Carlos. He says if he does that, it will lead to her arrest for killing Carlos.
Not even Sabrina could be sure Anna got to the docks on time. TELL PEOPLE HE ESCAPED AND IS ON THE RUN! What is so hard about that? No sense NONE.
Oh,no..the OTHER Kiki 

Morgan and Kiki went to bed. The two of them are useless. Period.

Sam and Patrick. Patrick told Sam to keep her distance from Jake. Sigh..I bet she doesn't!!

Liz just about hangs on Jake's leg so he won't leave her house. He's going to quit undercover tomorrow.

WOW what a day.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Ian Buchanan Interview !

Really Great Interview!! It's about the show and his new project with Finola called  "Byrd and the Bees" 

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The Zzzzzzzzzzz of GH..good gravy.
Sam and Jake--SO blah blah blah.. and if Sam can't tell that's Jason by his eyes, teeth, ears, hands, welp. This is just gone on TOO FREAKING LONG. Now Sam's telling him her entire history. So flirty. So stupid.

Olivia tells Dante his brother is "gone"...
Then she can't lie to him and tells him he's really ok,  but she's protecting him from Julian. Dante understands. 

Julian was so upset. HE and Alexis are gold together..really.  That's what chemistry and good acting DO! 

Morgan and Kiki.  STILL ALIVE, damn.
Kiki is all upset at Morgan that his stupid plan failed. LOL.
They'll probably have sex later. 

ahaha, welp, they start kissing NOW! 

Sloane is all "the body is gone, let's clean up the blood"... DUH..Anna just stands there. Liz comes out and says she's sorry about Duke. 
Sloane is SUCH a bad actor, it was painful to watch.

Michael told Sabrina the "mob code" today. The are going to "order in" and wait for news on Carlos.

Patrick says the surgery wasn't a success-- Hayden is in a coma. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Bye, Bye Baby

Sean IS leaving you could see SID confirmed it. They totally botched his story from day one, imo. And he and Jordan? Languished in no-man's land. Had lunch with TJ every other month. It was not built on any foundation. SO! Happy Trails to you. 

Olivia and Ned tell Julian the baby is dead. (Oh Epiphany was in there for a bit) And Dr. O says Julian can't see it because the baby was cremated. He goes to look at the ashes. Ned and Olivia freak out. She says it's ok 'taken care of"... 
Olivia and Ned are faking it. Ned gave Dr. O lots of money for the hospital so she went along with it.
Now they'll leave town. 

Sonny finds out Shawn is at the PCPD. Shawn tells Ric to tell Sonny about Jordan. He does and Carly is like a fish she's so shocked!

TJ Is Mad mad MAD at Mama..thinks she's a liar. 

Hayden had a seizure before she could tell Jake. 

Nina told Franco she's married, that's it. No one wanted the Egg Salad Painting!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Sean Blakemore leaving General Hospital?

Thank you all frm my heart 4 all ur immeasurable spprt/luv during my time on GH! It was a great ride!
But the announcement that really took viewers by surprise came from executive producer Frank Valentini, who shared during the behind-the-scenes video broadcast on Periscope that today was also Sean Blakemore's last day as Sonny's pal, Shawn, and presented both actors with a farewell cake. However, because the GH cast has actually taped several weeks ahead of what aired during Friday and today's live episodes, look for Blakemore to continue to air for a bit longer.

Everything came to a head. The lying. The love. last day and all live! It was a lot. I will miss u

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WELP Shawn didn't hit Jake (Shocker) he shot Hayden in the head. Jordan had knocked his arm trying to save Jake. Long story short, Shawn finds out Jordan is a cop. He's arrested. Hayden lays there and tells Sam "Someone else knows" (the secret)..she still has a pulse and goes to GH. Liz gets there and freaks out but realizes Hayden didn't tell Jake and Sam.

Oh, Patrick hates Jake just as much as he hated Jason lol 

Nina is going to marry.....RIC!! Franco says how much he loves her and wants to marry her too! BUT She marries RIC!! What is Ric after?? HMmmmmmmm. 

Carly blabs to Sonny to stop the hit..blab blab.... 

Liz is still freaking out- She wants Nik to do whatever it takes to keep Hayden quiet. He's like NO WAY, I am done. She finally leaves because she's late for her shift (shocker)

20150516 1040(12)

Anna shoots Carlos again. AND AGAIN AND AGAIN! She just plugs away! Then, Anna tells Sloane she shot Carlos and to arrest her. He says "I can't" "I've put you through too much these past months" (makes no sense) and he says he's going to clean up the body

OMG WAIT UNTIL you see who really SHOT Greenlee!! OMG! Great twist ending!! WOW. Loved it.

Little Spence and a crew guy danced at the end. Tyler and Billy ran out too! 

Sloane toned it down a million today 

Periscope!! Watch During Commercials



Sunday, May 17, 2015

Periscope App and Site for GH Live Monday

I will POST THE link on Monday. You can't access it until ABC puts it up. If you follow @NathanVarni on twitter, he will also post the link. In the meantime, Friday's are up on YOU TUBE 

They may not make much sense without the show-- but it's kind of cool to see how it goes. Again, look on the blog Monday and I'll get the link up--maybe on FB too if I can.