Friday, November 27, 2015

General Hospital: No Show Today

No show due to Football Festivities!! Gaze upon the cast from the Olden Days. I sure miss it-- Diana Taylor was still alive in this photo! Hope you all had great Turkey Days-- I ate my weight in stuffing. Wubby Hubby cooked the entire meal and it was yummy!! I can't believe I have my first Christmas party (for work) next Sunday!! Geesh. I guess I have to get shopping. Not today though... nope. Not going out there!! 
Are you into Black Friday? I do a lot of my stuff online and I will get out for Small Business Saturday to some of our local stores. 

See you for Sunday Surgery--this week only  3days to gab about!! 

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Turkey Day

Alexis House: Molly, Krissy, Olivia (who brought Italian food), Julian. Ava comes in. They all have dinner together. 

Patrick's House: Sam, Patrick, Danny, Emma, Dr. Maddox and Anna.  Emma talks about the Christmas Carol-- and the ghosts.
They are so trying to force Maddox and Anna. 

Dante's: he and Valerie watching Bills/Pats Game. Idiots.  They KISS when the Bills score. THEY STRIP and are going to have sex. YEP. Happy Thanksgiving. I did not need to see that sheeze. 

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Q's: Tracy, Monica, Dillon, Julian, Sabrina, Michael, Jason comes in and Monica hugs him. Liz comes in with Jake Jr. only. WHY? Because Aiden and Cam wanted to STAY WITH THEIR OTHER GRANNY. I am serious. LMAO.. 
WTF..just ship them off to damn boarding school!! 
Jake Jr. hears Hell's name and throws something on the floor. He shoves Liz away. She "thinks maybe he SHOULD see someone after all" 
Then..SAM shows up with Patrick and Danny.

Yes, she goes to the Q house. NOT To her mother's house. How weird. Come on. 
The power goes out. They order pizza. Jason's face the entire time is flat as a pancake.  Sam hears Jake Jr. telling Danny he knows a "secret about their Daddy". 

Laura and Lulu at the Metro. She's double-thinking the separation. You know she's going to go over there and see Val/Dante. (tomorrow) 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

David Canary RIP

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So sorry to hear that David passed away on November 16th. He was my birthday buddy. Loved him on AMC.  He of course played Adam and Stuart Chandler.  Canary was also on Bonanza. 
Full obituary: HERE

Turkey...To Go

Patrick: Is she really dead?
Sam: Um, I think so.

They reaffirm their love. "Jason died on that pier that night"... she loves Patrick.
See, people, she has to. That way Liz/Jason will be together until THE LIE comes out. Sam will have the story of being heartbroken when Patrick finds out that Robin was away to protect them.
Soap 101. It gets more mileage that way. Way more. 

Kiki's arrested.  Carly won't press charges-- and Paul the DA lets her go.

Morgan is in the hospital. He and the Doc talk. He's staying for tests. He and Sonny have a really good talk. Very real/honest. I liked it.  Bobbie brought dinner into the hospital room. Kristina is back for the holiday too. 

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Carlos is at Sabrina's... He said he faked his own death. I'm thinking Sloane put blanks in Anna's gun. Or he wore a vest. Something. He wants Sabrina to leave the country with him. 

Lulu and Maxie are at the Loft. She's getting stuff. She thinks that Val left her lipstick there but it was really her's. Maxie gave it to her for Christmas.  Dante walks in.  He's mad she got the separation papers. I like Mad Dante better than Sad Dante. 

END: Sonny makes a long "thankful" Speech...Ava's gonna be alone on Turkey day. yada yada

Monday, November 23, 2015

A "Happy Accident"

It was the car accident that wiped out Jason's memory, not Helena. "there's no pill for amnesia, Sam" She says.  More of the same of Helena. She gets all mouthy at Liz about the baby-switch. Liz still hasn't mentioned her taking Jake Jr. for all those years. GEESH.
Helena is going to tell everyone the truth about Nik and Liz and she has a...Stroke? Heart Attack?  She dies. Did Nik poison her tea? WHO KNOWS...she's supposedly dead but I'm not believing it. Because this is GH. 

Jason, Sam and Liz leave without learning the truth about how long this has been kept a secret by Nik and Liz.

Anna is talking to Dr. Maddox. She flashbacks to killing Carlos. She tells him she killed him and someone is blackmailing her about it. HE says he won't tell, he'll just treat her. Then she walks on the docks. Carlos shows up-- she goes after him. He drops a necklace that says "Sabrina and Carlos"
Carlos is alive and shows up at Sabrina's door. YEP. Four bullets didn't stop him. Death is so meaningless on GH. Just meaningless.  (See Helena) 

Michael and Sabrina. They love each other, he'll make a great Dad--BUT.. There's something else I have to tell you ...

Then THE PHONE RINGS..grrrrrr

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It's KIKI!! Morgan is going all over the woods shooting at shadows lol. Michael goes off to find him.  They find them in the cabin. Max finally has to hold him while he's fighting to break free. 

Helena tells Jason to find a "worthy" goal like she did: "Family, Pleasure and Revenge"

"is it too late to tell you I hate you as much as I respect're elegant and fearless".. "I will find a way to grieve for you

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Tonight on Twitter...

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Thanks for treating my burn. u guys rock!

And No, I don't know what happend!!

Sunday Surgery: Hell To Pay

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Simply Delightful! 
Pretty good week, it certainly got better as the days wore on. We are off on an adventure to Cassadine Island (the most easily reached place on earth it seems!) and saw Sonny get some tough love from our fave, Epiphany.

I saw Nate Ruess this Friday and am in LOVE. Such an awesome concert. I'm having a power breakfast because I danced so much. Well, and a Bloody Mary too!