Tuesday, January 28, 2020


Giant kudos to @SoapJenn on Twitter!! These are amazing. I am loving the Dolly Parton Challege GH Style!

Another day and NO GH. Like I keep saying, ABC should buy a clue from NBC and get it up online!! There's no reason not to--it's just dumb. In the meantime, I started watching the British soap Hollyoaks which is on Britbox and Hulu. OMG so good!!! It's very fast paced and just soapy fun. I started with this January and dove right in. 

Kimberly and me
Kim and Finola at the DGA awards 

It seems Finola has her first directing debut out! It's "Good Trouble" on Freeform. You can catch her episode Wed at 10pm/est. 

Monday, January 27, 2020

General Hospital Look Back: Kelly's Diner

Kelly's Diner and Waterfront Boarding House
324 Wharf Street
Port Charles, New York

The Menu

A bowl of Ruby's Chili and one of Heather Webber's
favorite BLTs. What could be better?

The Origin and a Brief History

Rose: Hi, I'm your stepmom.
Joe: Damn! There goes my chance.

Do you know the year Kelly's started? Way back in 1980!! Hey days of Luke and Laura!! GH needed a hang ou and this fit the bill. The Bucket of Blood was a bar in town and a lot of the 'chit chat' took place in the Hospital cafeteria. The owners were Paddy and Rose Kelly. Did you know that Luke was hired as a waiter in the early days?? LUKE as a WAITER??!! Paddy was killed in (what else) a mob war and Rose sold the joint to our beloved Ruby, Aunt of Bobbie and Luke.  She dispensed Chili and advice to everyone.  When Ruby passed away in 1999, the diner went to Luke and Bobbie. For a few years, Tammy Hansen was the manager. Then Mike Corbin took over. Today, there is no day to day "manager" (much to my sadness). Kelly's is still a great place for hanging out and even has crayons and butcher paper on the table to keep everyone occupied. 

People who lived and worked at Kelly's

So, how are Bruce and your son Ashton?
Many residents have worked at Kelly's some of these include (but might not be limited to): Jimmy Lee Holt, Bobbie Spencer, Felicia Jones, Holly Sutton, Brenda Barrett, Jagger Cates, Karen Wexler, Lily Corinthos, Miguel Morez, Keesha Ward, Luke Spencer, Lucky Spencer, Carly Benson, Elizabeth Webber, Jason Morgan and Mike Corbin.

Former residents include (but might not be limited to): Diego Alcazar, Jordan Ashford, TJ Ashford, Brenda Barrett, Cooper Barrett, Emily Bowen-Quartermaine, Shawn Butler, Jagger Cates, Lily Corinthos, Dante Falconeri, Tammy Hansen, Jimmy Lee Holt, Felicia Jones, Georgie Jones, Maxie Jones, Ric Lansing, Courtney Matthews, Miguel Morez, Jason Morgan,Sam Morgan, Celia Quartermaine, Dillon Quartermaine, Edward Quartermaine, Lila Quartermaine, Javier Ruiz, Juan Santiago, Rebecca Shaw, Lucky Spencer, Luke Spencer, Holly Sutton, Keesha Ward, Elizabeth Webber, Heather Webber and Nathan West. 

The Q's stayed there.

I do remember the Quartermaine's moving into Kelly's in the mid-80s. Lila, always the most gracious person, took it in stride and was very positive and happy with the atmosphere of Kelly's. Edward, (played by David Lewis) was his usual gruff and stubborn self. (If you have never seen David Lewis as Edward, do yourself a favor and watch some You Tube on him. The man was brilliant). While working and living above the diner, Lila invented Pickl-Lila and brought the Quartermaine fortune back. 

“The Cellar”

Did you know that Carly ran a club out of the basement of Kelly's for a time called "The Cellar"?? It's true!  In 2002 she and Ric Lansing found an old speak easy down there and she decided to open her own place. 

PC's version of the Three Stooges

Kelly's Immortalized

In 2013, Kelly's was immortalized in print. Do you recognized these images? Heather Webber was the artist and it was an abstract of her fave sandwich! 

Kelly's at Disney World

 Opened in 2000 as part of the Soap Opera Bistro, Disney recreated the inside set of Kelly's Diner as one of their restaurants. The Bistro incorporated all 4 ABC Soaps (at the time) Port Charles, All My Children, One Life to Live and General Hospital. There was also Luke's Nightclub and other themes to look like one of the ABC Soaps. It was a really good idea. There were fake acting scenes going on around your table. Lots of stuff to look at and a lot of references to the soaps. Alas, the idea didn't catch on. The area was closed down in 2002. 

What could have been (fan fiction)

We would be remiss without some fan fiction by Dave and bright red editor notes from Karen! So, here it goes... What if Rose Kelly came back to town several years ago. She told Bobbie she missed the Diner and Bobbie said "You want it? It's yours...". And Rose took over the diner, giving advice to everyone along with getting involved in people's lives. The Diner set would be used a lot more, with more interaction. Rose decides to hire Mike into his old position behind the counter. While working and spending time together, a relationship starts between the two, with their first date being at the Nurse's Ball. Platonic at first, but all it takes is one dance. Eventually they get married inside the diner. The alzheimer's storyline didn't happen (not yet anyway) and we have a very happy couple on the senior circuit. Here is a photo of Rose, obviously deliriously delighted on her wedding day to Mike. (Yes, that is a recent picture of Loanne Bishop from a MAYHEM "like me" commercial)

Karen's take: LOVE This idea!! She could still come back-- we need a sage advisor behind that counter to help all the teens in town! 

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Sunday Surgery: Why ABC Why?

Please wait for us...or we'll  BBQ Roxy and have her for a picnic. 

Only one day of GH aired in the US this week due to the 'news' that played on every damn channel on network TV. Unlike NBC, which put Days on in the wee hours and streamed it, ABC decided to release a day to Canada (Tuesday) then show them reruns while we here wait. Oh, did I mention that City TV in Canada actually got the Wednesday show on demand? We can't even get that app here, so don't try. I did link a French streaming service at one point but they ended up with 2 shows as well. 
The west coast could certainly get the shows. They are holding up the entire works for that tiny percentage of the east coast that isn't able to either record or stream.  That has to be maybe 50 people. Meanwhile, we sit and wait. I know GH will lose viewers over this. People get out of the habit and just won't return. BOO

Let's review where we are in the show based on Monday and what has aired in other places. If you don't want to know, don't read any further.  Have a nice muffin and drink your latte and I'll see you during the week. Yes, David and I will try to provide content to keep this blog going even if there's no show. 

NOTE: That photo is from an ABC promo ad that basically says " please wait" to the audience. 

Friday, January 24, 2020

GH Spoilers and Such

Here we are! One show aired this week and that was it. Canada got another show Tuesday (that was the shoot-out). A French streaming service has the Wed Show ....and so far, that's all I have. If you want to know the spoilers, hit the jump.. if not, just wait until ABC gets their head out of their asses and decide to at least stream it. For the 3% of the people that can't either record it in the middle of the night on ABC or see it online it's quite a thing to mess up the rest of us.
Several sites have up spoilers, I'll link them on the next page if you're interested.  I've read a few because of this site but I don't want to know too much. I love the element of surprise.

I really hope this doesn't kill what's left of the show. It's so easy to get into the routine of  not watching. Sigh. 

Thursday, January 23, 2020


Thought you'd like to see my new outfit for dealing with the preschool germs I face on the daily!! 

So, looks like the Peach will go on today and probably for awhile. Until ABC decides to put it on at night and let people record it and then drop it on a streaming service, we are treading water. 
This is so terrible for the show. People get out of the habit of it. Do other things, watch something else. 

David and I are working on content to share with you all that might keep us at least having FUN during this. I'm in the middle of report month so I'll do as much as I can. 

I have a question: Who is your all time fave "also ran" background character on GH? Was it Reggie? Or Alfred? Epiphany? Alice?? I really miss Felix-- he was a great addition to the flavor and fun of the show 

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

AGAIN TODAY--which is why ABC needs to have an upload every day to keep it in order. 
You can watch it on this site https://www.dailymotion.com/us Daily Motion US. It's a French sharing site but it has tons of TV shows up same day!! 

SPOILERS AHEAD if you don't want to know, don't hit the break: 

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Peaches For Sale

Show is not on at 2:00 today--UPDATE: ABC has decided to air today's GH tomorrow. IF the trial isn't on that is???  So.. there it is. 

Where are my scissors!? 

How much did you love Charlotte yesterday? WOO HOO!! She's still Helena's grandbaby!! 


Giant kudos to @SoapJenn on Twitter!! These are amazing. I am loving the Dolly Parton Challege GH Style! Another day and NO GH. Like I...