Monday, December 6, 2021

Willow The Waffle


Kin Shriner's birthday today!! YEAH!!  Eden posted this on Twitter today.. great photo.


Laura and Martin in a safe house playing video games!! They talk about Cyrus. The guard guy comes in and tells Laura Victor Cassadine is alive and in PC. Laura tells Martin that Vic makes Cyrus look tame. Some new cleaner lady came..the guard has to call the service to see if she's legit. 

Drew says hello to Willow and Michael. He tells Michael Jason is dead. Michael's upset. He thinks that No body so there's a chance. Michael also wonders what life will be like without Jason. Like he hasn't died before?? 

Brook and Chase tell Willow he's Bailey's "Daddy"...WHY would WILLOW Care? But she does. LORD why. Michael and Willow find out about Brasha baby and go to GH . 

Victor comes to Wyndemere wants to talk to Nikolas about business. Victor tells Nikolas it was Ava that sent Scotty to him to set him free. Victor has news about Hayden. HE said he 'took are of her' for Nikolas because she was going to expose him ?? I don't even know. Anyway, he won't tell Nikolas WHAT he did with her but..? They also ask Victor why he worked with Peter. Victor won't tell but says the family is in danger. He leaves. Nikolas tells Ava he wants to send Victor packing. 

Sonny asks Britt how the baby is. She says good. He says she seems way less bitchy now. He sees why Jason cared about her. She says "yeah so much so he chose another woman".  Sonny says he was protecting the family by marrying Carly. 

Peter threatens to tell Carly about Nina and Carly. Of course he doesn't. He mentions Jason. Carly smacks him.  He taunts Nina with "What happens in Nixon Falls stays in Nixon Falls". He leaves. Carly screams at Nina about 'WHAT DID YOU DO IN NIXXXXXXXXXON FAAAAAAALS"  Nina tries to convince her Peter's making stuff up but Carly doesn't buy it. Then Sonny walks out.  Carly goes OFF. Nina leaves. Carly just loses it. Sonny tells her she's too much and to calm down. She says she's as upset about Jason's death like she was with his. He's like I'M YOUR HUSBAND! ahahaha She storms off. Nina texts Sonny and tells him to meet in the chapel. They meet and talk about Peter's threats. Sonny says "This is terrible timing... no one can know" and WILLOW is standing there. 

Britt tries to talk to Carly. She calms her down. 

Michael and Carly hug 

Nina tells Sonny their love in NF was special and she won't regret it (Willow overhears)

The fake cleaning lady gets instructions from Cyrus. 

Sunday, December 5, 2021

Sunday Surgery: Cry Me A River


Another week with things just whipping along!! For the most part, I did love the show. The Thanksgiving dinners were up to expectations. Yes, there was a lot of narration and Peter showed up but all in all entertaining!! So much happened, this might be another long one. I do include some ball-drops of those of you that are crabby on the show at this juncture so hopefully, everyone will have a good read. 

Grab what ya got and settle in!! 

Friday, December 3, 2021

Blood Vials

 FRIDAY!! it's FRIDAY!! you all ok out there? 

Maxie and Drew hug and catch up. You know....same rehash. Talk about life, prison. .Scout. Louise being missing. Nothing big. Hate Maxie's orange sweatshirt .

Valentin and Anna show up to the Q house. He wants to say goodbye to Bailey. Chase and he argue. Brook storms out. Goes and gets Bailey. Val holds her. She coos. Adorable. Oh! Maxie and Drew come in when Val is saying goodbye. 

CarSon is going to see Brando and Sasha and Carly stops to bitch at Nina. Asks her why she's still there... tells her she doesn't know anything about Jason so save her "sorries'. Carly then marches off to 'cool off' and talk to Monica. POOR MONICA! Oh she only leaves her a voice mail. Thank goodness. 

Austin checks Peter out. Pater remembers that Austin delivered his daughter. Thinks that Austin might know what happened to her. Austin goes to take blood and stabs him hard LOL . Peter tells Austin to stay away from Maxie. Why did Austin take that blood? To test Bailey? They sure showed a close up of it. 

Sasha and Brando get a visit from the NICU doctor. She's called away on an emergency so Sasha explains they are going to do a EEG. Big nothing burger today. I think the baby will need surgery and maybe go to Shriner's?? It's that time. 

Carly and Britt talk about JASON AGAIN. WHY? Why not show LIZ telling Jake or something?? GEEZUS enough of Carly. I'm so sick of her. 

AUSTIN tells Britt he wants to stay Peter's doctor to keep an eye on him. 

OMG Peter talks to Nina about Falling in love with Sonny and CARLY IS STANDING BEHIND HIM!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH Monday's show! 

Maxie says "This is enough, lives have been destroyed" and storms out of the Q house. Not sure where she's going. 

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Baby Name


OMG Biden was on forever then ABC News had a analyzation of all!! FFS. 

Sam tells Alexis about Jason. Sam has on a new sweater! She also says Dante was with her last night. Alexis is happy she's happy. Sam suggests that they go into the PI Biz together!!! Davis McCall.. or McCall Davis! This could be good!

Sasha wants to go see her son in the NICU. Nina and Brando are going to take her there. Some random fan sees her and gets a selfie. They go to the NICU. Brando prepares her to see their son and all his tubes and stuff. Sasha cries and touches the baby. They name him Liam "Strong Willed Warrior" ... "Liam Mike Corbin" 

Nina distracts Amy and then offers her a photo shoot. Doing "Nurses" for Crimson. Sounds like fun actually. 

Drew talks to CarSon about Jason dying. He isn't sure if Peter could still activate him to kidnap Maxie. :Eyeroll: 

Olivia and Dante talk about Jason dying. Nothing big. 

Valentin talk about Bailey. Anna says that Valentin isn't the kind to use revenge anymore. He cries about having to tell Charlotte. 

Maxie, Brook and Chase talk about the situation. Maxie is pissed Valentin's guards are gone. Says Chase doesn't even have a gun. She's worried about Peter. I guess Peter is in Port Charles????? Why isn't he in federal pen?? LORDY 


Doctor has news about Brando Baby

Carly and Sonny see Nina in the hall at GH

Stupid Peter is IN GH recooping I guess

Maxie and Drew talk.

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

World Aids Day


December 1st. World AIDS Day. And you know that means a visit back to Robin and Stone. Best Daytime story to happen in forever. Such a poignant story and so timely. 


Sante making out. They go to the bedroom --hootchy Cootchy ensuses. They make ZE WUB. She wants him to stay the night because she wants to be with him, not because she's lonely.  Good scenes, I admit it. 

Sonny throws his phone when Cyrus hangs up. Says there's "gonna be a WAR"!  He calls Spinelli to trace the call and find out where Cy got the phone. OMG--wow, Spin doesn't know about JASON!! Sonny gonna have to tell him!! Spin reels and says they have to get tons of equipment to get him out. Sonny says it's a lost cause. Spin cries and Sonny hugs him. 

Carly and Britt on the bridge, both remembering Jason. It's actually more of a Jarly fest. How much they meant to each other. Carly is being nice to Britt. Whatever. I don't like this. It's forced and that bridge is Robin's then Liz's with him. Carly DOES say she's sorry to Britt. That's something. 

Ned is strategizing the whole ELQ Stock thing and Valentin news. Mac shows up! Val called him!! Said Chase assaulted him. Chase is in trouble. Oh he's suspended for SIX MONTHS!! 

Monica and Drew talk about life; Oscar dying..yada yada. Monica talks about Family and moving on. Monica wants him to live at he mansion! YEAH!! 

Alexis' house: Spencer, Esme...Shawn. They are eating Chinese food. Esme and Spence go to do the dishes. Alexis says she doesn't trust Esme. Then Valentin comes in. Spencer is pissed he's there. They argue. Spencer says: You aren't even a Cassadine!! (HAHA HA he doesn't know)!! Nikolas and Ava show up with PIES TOO!! OH lordy!  THEN VICTOR COMES IN!! The weird thing about all this is neither Molly or Krissy are there!! GEEESHHH. Ok, so Victor comes in and everyone is mad that Nikolas didn't tell them he was alive. THEN Valentin tells them all Victor is HIS FATHER!! Jaws drop!! YOU HAVE TO WATCH THESE SCENES. I can't do them justice. Victor yells at everyone and says things are going to be different and no one is going to fight anymore. AHAHAHA.

Tuesday, November 30, 2021


 It's a gray gloomy Tuesday here! We will not see the sun much anymore until like...May or June. Sniff. 

Q house: Drew comes in..everyone sees him. Monica gives him a hug. He explains to the the entire family about his abduction. Says it came as a price. He tells her about Jason. Says he wishes he hadn't asked for help. She said neither one of their lives matter more. Hugs him. They have Jason Memory Time. 

Carly sobs on the back patio. Sonny walks out and hugs her. Sonny and she sit and talk about The tunnel. People coming back from the dead or not. It's just exhausting (that's my take). Joss comes in. Tells her Jason is dead. Joss can't believe it. They cry. Sonny goes up to see Donna and Carly's gone when he gets back. Cyrus calls him. 

Carly is on the St. Jaysus bridge. LMAO. Where are all the other women? 

Sam throws barware in the PH. Dante helps clean it up. Sam cries about "Cosmic Joke"--now she has to tell Danny (again) that Jason is dead. 

Dr. O is having a nightmare. Britt goes to see her, then leaves. Cries in the hall. Goes to her office. Austin walks in. They talk about stuff.. he says the Q's stabbed him in the back. She says she lost one person she's finally cared about. Jason's dead. "I always thought I'd die first" she says. She backtracks to saying she didn't mean it. Anyway, Austin offers to get her a turkey burger and watch games at his house. She declines. 

Scotty comes in and kisses Dr. O !! 


Dante and Sam make out and probs will have ZEX

TONS OF Jarly flashbacks...then BRITT is on the bridge too! 

Monday, November 29, 2021

Turkey Lurkey

Drew and Sam hug. Drew says he's in once piece and thanks her for going to look for him. She says Monica is going to be so happy (has no idea Jason is gone). Then Dante brings down Scout and Drew is so happy. Scout doesn't know who he is and turns away. He brought her a unicorn. She loves it. She goes to show the boys. Drew says he has to tell Sam and Dante about Jason. Sam is like: OMG Scout gets her father back and Danny loses his! 

Marshall talks to TJ in the GH chapel ...saying the same thin g over and over and then OOP! He says Curtis is his son! TJ can't believe it but he shakes his hand. Curtis walks in and isn't happy. tells TJ to leave. He and his dad banter and Curtis keeps saying he doesn't want anything to do with him. Marshall leaves and says he hopes they can be family one day. 

Nina and Phyllis see each other at GH. Phyllis is going to volunteer today because it's so hard for her without Lenny. They both end up going to Porita's. Portia tells Finn, Violet, Nina and Phyllis there's a change of venue. TJ and Curtis are also going to Poria's who's having it catered. 

Carly sees Britt and wants to know if she found her mother and she can't wait to hear about their adventure from Jason. Asks about Peter, yada yada. Then says: Everyone is safe, right? RIGHT??  Britt says she's sorry but Jason saved she and her mother. Carly's like I Don't CARE! WHERE IS JASON?!! Britt tells her he's gone. OMG... such a good scene. Carly says no body means he's still alive. She's going to Greece to dig him out LOL.. Britt says no, he's gone. Carly yells; BECAUSE OF YOU!!!! She yells that she wishes Britt never met Jason. Storms out of GH

Anna goes to see Sonny..she tells him about Jason. She wants to sit down. She tells him the entire story. He's reeling that Jason is dead. Anna and he hug. She leaves...he throws stuff. 

AND...this guy makes an "appearance" -- LOL 

Ned, Brook and Chase. Monica comes into the foyer and is all HI CHASE!! Brook Lynn says 'Um, he's family now". Monica looks fantastic. Then Olivia is there, can't believe what's happening and Chase is Bailey's daddy. THEN VALENTIN walks out!! ahahhaaha!! He's there too! :Clapping: OMG He had the contract Nullified about the ELQ shares since Brook Lie and he's still Prez of ELQ!! Then he tells everyone he ate the turkey and gave the rest to the dog (which Franco gave Jake but it stays at the Qs) !! Olivia screams. Then Val tells Brook she's the runt of the family and can't even sing. Chase punches him!!  Val gets up and leaves ...says Have a Nice dinner! Monica says we are calling Luigis for pizza! 


They surprise Curtis with a thanksgiving at the Club since he wasn't sure if he was going

Carly sobs at the house; sits on the patio and Sonny watches her through the window

Pizza shows up at the Qs...Monica wonders how it got there so fast. DREW brought it!! 

GOOD SHOW~~~!!!!!!

Willow The Waffle

  Kin Shriner's birthday today!! YEAH!!  Eden posted this on Twitter today.. great photo. SHOW: Laura and Martin in a safe house playing...