Tuesday, May 5, 2015

"The Universe is giving me a sign"

Casper Courtney! Nice scene with she and Spencer. She convinces him to remove his mask. It's not a bad scar at all. 

Liz just stands there saying "It's about Jason".....and then tells the Robin/Jason Nurses Ball story. Then she runs out. Tells Nikolas she's keeping the secret so that Jason won't end up with Carly, Sam and Sonny. She wants him. She thinks the "universe" is giving them a sign to be happy. Nikolas basically tells her she probably can't live with the secret. So why doesn't HE Just tell everyone? This is weird. Liz says a BUNCH of stuff about liars and she wants Jake for herself. Yada yada.
This means Jake will stay Jake awhile. Fall for Liz..truth will come out somehow-- You know HOW IT'S GOING TO GO people. She'll see he and Danny together in some scene, feel guilty. Get reminded all the time of Jason, feel guilty. 

Until...whenever this maddess is finally over. 

GH has been so great without the mobular sheeze these past few days! We all know that's gonna change. ugh Duke put the hit out on Jordan. 

Monday, May 4, 2015

Phantom of the Sandbags

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So, Magic Milo was awesome. LOVED the song! I'm an INXS freak. So glad they bought the original song rights!! 

Jake is just standing there blinking. DUH.. He is finally grateful to Carly. He wants to go get Liz. Carly is like: What if you remember??!! But he's going to fight for her. "Please have my back"..Carly says "I always have your back". 

Liz won't believe Nikolas until he spits out Helena's name, then it makes sense. He tells her about the un-freezing. She says "he knew me when he woke up...and he wasn't remembering his name, he was remembering our son'!! She finds out when Nikolas knew about Jake. She wants to believe he kept the secret because of Helena. Nope he says it was to take over ELQ.
Liz belts him.

Nikolas tells her he's "reclaiming his life" and didn't tell people because they are all better off it "Jason" is dead. He can't be a husband or a father; he loves the mob too much. BUT! He didn't want HER to get attached to "Jake" and then the truth come out and then be devastated. 
At the end of the show, Liz takes the mic and is going to announce about Jake/Jason and Nikolas walks in. Then, Jake and Carly walk in.
I BET YOU She won't spill because she'll realize he'll go to Sam if she tells. 

Emma and Cam tango-- Spencer drops Sandbags from the rafters..and gets on the screen and says "You all think I'm a Monster, now I'm going to act like one"!!! Phantom of the Nurses Ball. 
Lulu and Dante take him home.
COURTNEY comes into the room-- awww...

DUKE and ANNA are tangoing. She looks gorgeous. 

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Luft Balloons

Step right up to the Nurses Ball! This year we had some snazzy looks on that red carpet! Note  the sponsor's: "Corinthos Coffee"..."Floating Rib"--""Kellys" and even the real-life Aveeno!

20150501 2119(66)
ZE Belle of Ze Ball! 

I'm eating some of that Ice Cream Britt and Brad had Friday. What are you having? 
 Ok, here we go!! 

Friday, May 1, 2015

Red Carpet FUN!

GENERAL HOSPITAL - 2015 NURSES BALL GALLERY - 3/23/15 The Nurses Ball begins airing Friday, May 1, 2015 - Tuesday, May 5, 2015 on ABC's "General Hospital". The Emmy-winning daytime drama "General Hospital" airs Monday-Friday (3:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. GH15, Gallery (ABC/Rick Rowell) BRYTNI SARPY

Yep... She's my BEST DRESSED!!!  Sorry but that's my fave dress..>Loved Lucy's first one too (White one)  See all the cast on TV Source Magazine! 

Ok, So Brad and Britt WERE THE SHOW TODAY. I should have written for them! They said Sam looked gorgeous and "Glad she left the leather jacket home" AHAHHAAA. They High-Fived when Maxie fell and her "boob" popped out (sadly, not even a blur for us, just an imagined failure) 

Dr. O singing Loft Balloons!! OMG...she's so funny. Everyone hated it but Spencer. HAHAHA. Britt went to see him!! awwwwww

Ric sang and proposed to Liz...gave her a giant ring and there was flashbacks on screen. THEN CARLY SWITCHED THEM OUT with Fake Jake ones! LOL She interrupts Ric's nice song and blows him in! Liz runs out and then smacks Ric--HARD. wow. Story moved way forward there!

Carly tosses Hayden out of the Metro

Brad I think is proposing to Lucas a bit with the song... 
YES! He did propose to him!! yeah!!!!  Where's Bobbie tho? 

Cameron looked SO BORED!! 

OMG@@@ Nikolas tells Liz that Jake is JASON!!!
SHOW Ends. Commercial.

Geesh. BIG DAY 

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Britt and Brad

I love them. I really do. Such a great friendship. Natural, not forced.  They are eating ice cream! Brad tells her about Spencer's being burned at the birthday party. Dr. O comes to the door. 

Greenlee mentions the PARAPET! How does she know about that? Eh, who cares!!  Spencer walks in! "Hi Lady"!! 

Carly finds Fake Jake, she pays him.  He said Ric did indeed, hire him for the job. He's going back to PC with her. 

Molly says don't propose to Liz yet-- too soon! Ric's like "good advice"! But probably won't take it. 
BTW, look at Molly's nails: HUGE!! 

I'm drinking Banana Rum right now so I'm feeling no pain. GH actually looks ok at the moment heh.

"All my dreams have gone up in smoke along with my face"... Spencer

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Genie's Back

She's coming to Port Charles! 

THAT was the announcement that was supposed to have been made at the Emmy show. But..for some reason didn't.

I guess I should be happy. Strangely, I feel pretty ambivalent. I watched the end of the awards show when She and Tony walked out and he looked as sour as ever to be near her.

So..rejoice all you LnL fans! Let's hope they write well for her! 

Dental Call

Having my teeth cleaned today so no GH. Which, I don't think will be a big deal given the fact its' pretty slow before the big Nurses Show. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Nikolas Keeps Vampire Hours!

Happy National Squirrel DAY! 
Sabrina and Michael are a bit weird after she snogged with Carrrrrrrlos, it's gotta be a let down. Ned walks in on them. Ned tells Michael he gave shares to Franco to help Olivia. HE's about to hell Michael about the Julian thing and his phone rings. It's Olivia (see below) 

STUPID SONNY "hides the baby" from Dante. UGHHHHHHH. Where the hell is Silas? Anyway, Dante comes in and wants to search. Sonny says get a warrant. Dante says FINE..I'll just arrest Kiki and Morgan then. HE does, takes them to PCPD.
Sonny wants to call his pilot to get Avery out of the country --but Carly stops him.

Rosie tells Nik that Ned gave his shares to Franco. 
Lulu goes to Nik's. "He keeps Vampire Hours" says Lulu.  She sees Rosie. She's like..hmmm? 

Nina and Silas... just UNBELIEABLE...they have been isolated so long--different set-- same sheeze,

Olivia has pains. Val drives her to GH. Then Dante comes into GH...and Val is there too. Lulu sees Val and Dante hugging lol
It was supposedly Braxton Hicks. 

Ok, I have to write this by itself because it's so stupid: Carly and Sonny go to Michael. They say they have the baby-- and if he drops charges, they'll give her up. 
So, Michael says yep, he'll drop the charges if Sonny drops his suit against the judge, and letting him keep custody.


So, the upshot of Michael getting drugged and the baby being 'kidnapped'? Zero.
Ava was saved but this other crap?
Waster of Time