Wednesday, December 12, 2018

GH Fantasy Couples

Shall We play a Game? 

Here is the way it works. Pick 2 GH characters (or 3, a triangle could be fun...) from any era of the show and pair them together. And tell why. It doesn't necessarily have to be a hot romantic pairing. It could be for other reasons people get together and are paired up, maybe for evil instead of good? 

The characters can cross the spectrum. For example, you can have Diana Taylor with Chase or Griffin. Probably not plausible, if you ask me, but just an example.

Here goes (NOTE: Dave and I both worked on these!!) 

Jax and Holly
Back in the day when Jax first came on the scene and Ingo was younger, I thought a May-December romance with Holly would work. They could have rounded up accomplices like the Oceans movies and pulled off capers together. Today, it would have been really great to see them rob the Jerome Gallery blind, just like the Oceans movies. I think their romance would be limited to a one night stand during one of their heists, but they would have a long standing friendship and help each other with their escapades. Holly could have been a nice diversion for him with his corporate takeovers, etc.

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Helena and Curtis? 
Think about it.. he'd be a GREAT sexy villain to pair with her. He could be working her for all her money (and the Faberge Eggs)--plus duping Jordan at the same time! 

Logan Hayes and Lulu
Logan Hayes and Lulu. Ok, this really happened. Sort of. Then they killed the guy off. Why? Why did they do this? You have two enemies in Luke and Scott who loathe each other, both pining for the same woman, and then their children hook up. I mean, this is soap glory. What happened? Plus, he would be Franco and Serena's brother. History there. I have to assume something happened behind the scenes because this sounded like gold on paper, especially between Luke and Scott trying hard to break these two up. Plus, there names started with the letter "L". That right there says it.  NOTE FROM WUBSY: I'm taking ownership of this by making Lulu Julie Berman again! 

Georgie and Chase
Georgie Jones and Chase. C'mon, how adorable would these two be together? It's like an episode of Full House. This is a big grand pull-out-all-stops soap wedding waiting to happen. Both characters have hearts of gold and I can definitely see the two of them in a very romantic courtship.

Alkazar and Ava 
Nothing would be better than two baddies who look and smolder like they do teaming up to take down Port Charles.  Ted King and Maura West? Yes please!!  DOUBLE A's all the way. 

Michael and Faith Roscoe 

This is a REAL fantasy. Remember Faith? She could totally "Dorian" Michael and seduce him. Sonny seeing those two together? And Michael being groomed by her?? OH MY!! 

Helena and Edward
 I always wondered about this. It would have been great in the 2000s if these two would have gotten together (finding out they actually had a torrid affair in Monaco in the 60s) and the Qs and the Cassaindes merged into one big giant cluster Fk LOL.  Between financing medical experiments and hating most of the town it would have been a win-win.

Serena Baldwin and Kristina Davis and Valerie Spencer: 

Why? Because it hooks three families together and GOD KNOWS We all want Serena back.  And FUN!! 

Please add yours, it's not fun unless others contribute!! Thanks and see you tomorrow--I HOPE! 

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Shrimp Scampi


Ok, watched yesterday's show. Loved Roger of course. The rest? meh. Epiphany singing was good....they needed WAY more people there, extras from the hospital. Dr. Bensch could have walked in to add some Dramaz. Ava was a  stone-- kind of chilling. Oh I liked the sunflower pins. 

Dr. O comes in with Anna and Finn. Valerie processes her. Lesil is told the whole Britta thing was a bluff. She's not happy. Anna talks about them not have revenge fights anymore and that Britt has no jail time. Dr. O is glad of that. She asks if Britt even cared about giving her up. Anna has a letter from her to Lesil. OMG! Anna tells Lesil about Nina's daughter and she's like WHAT DAUGHTER?? Then she wants to call Valentin!! Oh you know she knows the truth! 

Sonny at the church and Laura walks in..she asks about some saint.  Talks about "Kevin"-- and Ava. Laura cries. Sonny tells her that he and Carly have been divorced a million times and look at them!  Later, Laura tells CarSon all about Kevin's weird behavior..because you know they'll probably solve that sheeze. 

Ava at the grave, yelling at Carly.  Ryan says it's great to have them do some "Primal therapy" . Ava pushes Carly and UNFORTUNATELY the dirt was already in the hole. They tussle and have to be separated . Carly calls Ava crazy and Ava goes: "Yeah, look who's talking Ferncliff'!! ahahahah Best line of the day! Ryan is delighting in the fighting. Everyone leaves. Ava cries at the grave. Ryan is listening in the mist. 

Chase takes Willow to his apartment for dinner. (Abner's and Olivia's old sets). She flips out-- she thought he had to 'get something". She thinks it's presumptious of him to have her there first date. She calls it his LAIR. LOL... they go to the Metro. She orders wine, he orders shots.

Sasha wants to get out of Port Charles.  She feels badly. She has drinks with Nina and Valentin. Nina invites Willow over to the table. They talk about Charlotte -- and Nina doesn't agree with Willow. In a very weird turn of events Willow is all of a sudden like: OH, CHASE, let's go back to your place. 
HUH?????? Then they go back, she gives him a mickey mouse band-aid when he cuts himself and they look like they are going to have sex? It was VERY weird. VERY weird. 

PREDICTION: Willow was date raped, had the bio baby of Brucas (now dead) and is Nina's daughter. 


Monday, December 10, 2018

Missing Monday

SO, I'm actually visiting one of my speech kids who's in the hospital today :( He'll be ok but needs a lot of tests.
David and I have done some posts to throw up in case of "emergency" ..but I haven't gotten them finished or photos yet!

Anyway, please put your thoughts on today's show here-- I know I'm missing Kiki's funeral.. ohhhh WELL.

Anyway, Have a good one.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Sunday Surgery: Memory Care

Wubs is going to need one of these to keep track of all the stories! 

Ding dong...
Who is it?
A bunch of new characters again!!

Just when I think I have a handle on things, more stuff is thrown into the fire --and I'm once again just amazed how huge this show can get. Speaking of huge, I'm going to have the one thing I hardly ever have: Cinnamon Bun!!

Friday, December 7, 2018

Roses for You

Mike likes Yvonne at his senior center and brings her roses. CarSon and Stella meet her. BUT She's married to Marcus. WHOOPS.  He's embarrassed but stays at the center. Yvonne reads the Golena paper-- and Sam and Curtis drop by. Curtis meets Marcus who says "Curtis has gotten big"!  Sam sees Yvonne reading the Golena paper with Mike.  She goes to talk with her and wants her to ask her a couple of questions. 'Did you send me this"??  she asks Yvonne. She doesn't know--or remember. 
Mike walks Yvonne back to her room lol... she doesn't know her husband. 

Oscar gets his head rubbed by Cult Member Daisy. Drew and Kim walk in and are like: UM, HELLOOOO?? Kim and Drew are suspicious. Daisy leaves. Kim apologizes to Oscar for not telling him about his illness. 

Alexis is over at Charlie's and sees Krissy doing some meditation and she talks about her new friends and helping the community. Alexis basically rolls her eyes. 

Jason sits down with Margogo at Charlie's to talk about Drew. HE wants her to "Just investigate him, leave Drew out of it". She's like why would I like to investigate you? He says to just leave Drew alone because he's going through a lot right now.  Margo says shut it and leaves. 
Alexis comes over and tells Jason Oscar wants him to be executor of his will. I think he prob has Play Station to give away but no, he has ELQ stock! 

Dr. O is still being badgered. Anna says that it's the same pox that almost killed Tiffany Hill 30 years ago and it was unleashed by Faison. She's sure Dr. O knows how to do the cure. (BTW, they are faking that Britt has this to get Lesil back to arrest her).  Dr. O took the blood vial to test it.  FinnA thinks she'll notice it was lab created and not real.  Dr. O checked it and she says she can make the antidote in Cuba and send it back with them. Finn says no she has to come. 

Marcus goes to Sonny's and tells him to tell Mike to stay away from his wife. 

Margot gives Drew the Zip Drive back. 

Daisy picks up the paper Yvonne was reading at the Memory Care center.... she must work there. 

Thursday, December 6, 2018

ALL Salsa!!

Laura and Kevin. Laura goes in to get a reference for a pedicatric psychiartrist for Charlotte. Ryan's like: UM, there's a directory in the hall!! Laura is all What the hell? Then she says to tell Ava she's sorry Kiki is dead. Ryan says "I always knew you were the heart of this town" (On twitter when Genie left people tweeted GF is the heart of GH ...all the time!) . Then he gives her divorce papers lol!  She says "I don't need a psychiatrist ...YOU DO"!
OMG..Ryan YELLS AT HER!! "Don't ever say that to me or it's the last thing you'll ever say"!! AND really convincing because it gave me goosebumps. 

Sam and Alexis. Sam says Spinelli found stuff in Griffin's cloud on the phone she can use. 
Sam and Curtis. Sam wants to hire him?? Huh??  Oh, she got Leland's obit. She talks about her past and her marrying old men to get their money. BUT only people that 'deserved' it. She wants Curtis to find out who sent her his obit. 

Michael and Willow. They talk about seeds...Lila...grief therapy...they talk about life... and also Kiki's death too. Michael finds out she's going out with Chase. He's not happy.

Griffin is at the PCPD being interviewed again by Chase Ford and Jordan. Alexis comes in and wants to see Griffin's phone.  He took a selfie during the time when Kiki was still alive and his sign in time at GH gives him an alibi. 
Alexis gets him off his charges. 

Dr. O in Cuba...they find her at dance class. Finn CAN NOT DANCE!! Anyway, to convince O that Britt is sick, they bring a blood sample to her to look at. Which, you can't really do to Cuba but...whatever.  She has the POX... so she has to go back to USA to save Britta. UGH I hope she doesn't fall for it. 

END: Laura hires Alexis as her divorce attorney. Ryan is happy to find out that the PCPD know that there's one killer attached to the murders. 

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Cookies and A Bully

Oscar in bed..laying there. Joss tries to get him to study. He feels sick. Lays there. Kim's all "Maybe it's not working, Drew"!! (She's on my last damn nerve). 

Laura and Aiden. She asks about his friend Bianca. He said he can't play girl games, it's the rules. The teacher doesn't make the rules in his classroom, btw. Laura wants him to tell her the name of the kid. He says "No thank you, Grandma"... 

Teacher sees Lulu in Kelly's..asks if they talked to Char yet. Lulu's like Naw, we have busy schedules.  She says: UM, you'd better talk to her because we think this might not be a great placement for her.  AHAHAHA! that woke Lulu up! She goes over to Wyndemere. Nina's there because she and Sasha are staying while Kiki's killer is at large. 
Nina gets out milk and cookies for Charlotte...Lulu's like COME ON! They try to talk to her and there's no real recognition on her part about anything (true sociopath) Valentin tells her about when he was young and ugly and she's like: Well, no one looks like you used to. They let her leave. Nina says SEE! Nothing wrong!! 

Franco's painting his pain. Liz comes in. She kisses him. Then Cam comes in and says he's sorry and how sad he is because he found out Franco was like a Dad to Kiki. 'But you still have us: Jake and Aiden and Mom"..Franco says: "Cam I know you don't like me".... Cam says "You're ok"...they awkward hug. Nice scene.

Oscar and Joss both apologize to Cameron. He feels bad because he likes Joss. 
Oscar calls Alexis because he wants to make up his will. 

Michael talks to Chase about Kiki. NEVER mentions they were lovers once.. LOL that was weird. Anyway, he sees Mary Pat's folder on the desk and asks if there's a connection. Chase says he can't say. 

Liz tells Drew and Kim Kiki was murdered.  Not a lotta reaction there. Drew goes to see Franco and says he can't manage a few comforting words because 'he's fresh out". Drew..ugh

Franco wants to postpone the wedding..again. 

Chase figures out the killer must have been really good with a knife because Kiki didn't leak much blood. 

Lulu sees Laura in Kelly's..says Charlotte is acting like she doesn't even care. Laura figures out it's probably her that's bullying Aiden. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Leavin' on a Jet Plane

I want DA lady with Peter..then they can move to NYC together. YEP.

Sonny and MARGOT: In the cemetery. I think they might do it in the graveyard like Ava and he did it in the crypt.  Aw he tells her "people may be ruthless but still have a soul".. and he gives her his scarf.
LOL you know Carly's gonna see that want to strangle her with it!! after Sonny leaves she decides to let her dad's death "go". 

Peter laid in the hallway to "protect" Maxie. Gross. KICK HIM HARD, MAC!! blah blah.. Maxie cries to Felicia about being alive when everyone else is dead.  Peter forgot his stupid cufflinks and Maxie asks him out to dinner. GROSS

Ryan and Ava: He tells Ava that she feels guilty because she told him her darkest secrets including "I wish Kiki was dead".  He tells her it's not her fault. Jordan and Chase come in. Question Ava..she yells at them. Ryan says to calm down and anwser their questions THEN HE GIVES AVA AND ALIBI AND therefore, GIVES HIMSELF AN ALIBI!! He's SO SMART!!

Griffin doesn't think Ava killed Kiki. 
Sonny goes to see Griffin. Why? Who knows. I mean he IS Mike's doctor but.. huh? Griffin--well, he tried..but it was VERY uncomfortable. EESH. Griffin wants Sonny to go to church and light a candle for Kiki. 

Epiphany is on when Finn and Anna are talking about Going to CUBA and ROME. Aw, Robert wants Epiphany to keep an eye on Anna. Piph says she likes them together and to be smart and take him to Havana--not let him see his exgirlfriend!! Anna leaves and says goodbye to Finn. 
Later: Anna's on the plane and FINN GETS ON! WHOOT! He says he's over Hayden and is HEAD OVER HEELS in love with Anna!! aww..she says she loves him too and can't stop smiling.
**IF you can catch the Epiphany/Anna scenes..very fun

ALSO: Jordan and Chase Ford... realize that Kiki's license is gone just like Mary Pat's!! they think there's a serial killer.