Monday, January 24, 2022

Not Today


Well I was up last night heartbroken about The Bills - had an early morning and just need to rest. So use the blog for comments!! 

That's Tillie trying to get outside in the snow!!

Sunday, January 23, 2022

Sunday Surgery: Dust In The Wind


What if you threw a party and no one came? I guess I was hoping this would be more like Purple Rain : Dearly Beloved We are Gathered Together--and a huge guitar riff comes out. Instead I got a banal, dull generic service usually reserved for secondary players. The Haunted Star looked like a nursing home. 

Yes, I'm THAT crabby. Save yourself while you can. 

 Disclaimer:    I do love this show. Remember that. 

Saturday, January 22, 2022

Jennifer Smith: Backstory


Ruby, Frank Smith, Luke, Jennifer (played by Lisa Marie) and Rick at the GH 4th Picnic 1980.

Since I know a lot of you don't remember her (and lord knows I barely do), I thought I'd give a brief rundown of Jennifer Smith, minor character in Port Charles' history. 

Jennifer Smith was the mob boss Frank Smith's daughter. She was played by four people: Lisa Marie, Roseanna Barr, Sally Struthers and finally Holly Gagnier in 2015. Holly was back yesterday at Luke's memorial. The two times she was played by Barr and Struthers it was more of a running joke about her obsession with Luke.  Tom Arnold actually played her husband, Billy Biggs when they met up in Vegas in 1994. In 2015 she kidnapped Lucky to get Luke to sleep with her. Well, not exactly. She didn't really kidnap Lucky so that ended up being nothing.

Yesterday she shows up in Widow's garb to the end of his memorial to confront Laura. Did you know that Holly is the acting coach for the kids and teens for the show? Easy and at the ready to pop in! 

Will this go anywhere? Is Jennifer the one that Brick was talking about taking over all of the territory in the West? Was she the "surprise" Victor was laughing over while drinking at the bar? I honestly don't remember her 2015 gig.  I guess I wasn't paying attention? 

Were you? Do YOU remember Jennifer Smith? Would have been way more fun if Roseanne came back. Huge PR too. But you know...Roseanne. 

Friday, January 21, 2022

In A Jar's here. Luke's Death has been such a nothing-burger it's hard to muster anything for the memorial. Seriously. We had a day-then.. nothing. People talking about everything else BUT Luke's death. 

Haunted Star: Anna, Felicia.. Laura, Curtis.. Spencer. Victor comes in. Ava and Nik are there. Lucky can't get out of Africa and Nathan will go to the funeral in Amsterdam... off camera. Victor leaves after everyone tells him to go. 

Felicia and Anna are alone in the "Luke Room"...boring. 

Tracy is outside with the urn. Alexis comes up. Tracy snaps at her "I have Luke in a jar"!!! 

Sonny is pre-loading at Charlie's . Dante thinks he shouldn't go. Sonny don't care. Robert and Scotty walk in. "Who do I hate more, Luke or Sonny Corinthos"? Says Sonny by a photo finish.  OMG Sonny and Scotty are going to fist fight. Victor walks in. Scotty and Sonny hate Victor more than each other so they all fight. It's just... :eyerolling: anyway, they stop and go to the memorial. 

Carly and Bobbie talking at Kelly's. Lucas IS WORKING :eyeroll: They talk about Bobbie's family. Luke. Ruby. Then they talk about Carly's marriage. 

Yeah, Helena was on a big TV talking smack about Luke. "If you're seeing this, I went first and Luke finally is following me". She disses him. Laura finally turns off the TV. Carly, Sonny and Bobbie finally make it. Tracy does the eulogy. 

Tracy lets the ashes go and they fly right in Scotty's eyes. 

UM, JENNIFER SMITH SHOWS UP. I can't. ...seriously? LOL okay

Wow, underwhelming is all I can say. I'll save my bitching for Sunday Surgery. 

Thursday, January 20, 2022



Francos' art studio burned down, ARSON! I hope Elizabeth did it and has an alter heh. Dante asks about keys. She has them and the building super. Her keys are still in the box. Liz puts a ring in her pocket.  Dante questions Cameron. Liz says he was home because of his head injury and she woke him up on and off all night. Cam thinks it was Peter because the studio was the scene of the crime. Thinks Peter could have hired someone. Liz still looks weird. She wonders if anything can be saved. Dante says between the fire, smoke, Liz looks at Franco's ring in her pocket. Cam makes tea. Says it's weird about the ring and the fire. Liz says he listens to too many paranormal podcasts. 

Valentin and Anna out for nosh. He says he loved NYE. They flashback to kissing. She asks about Victor. He says Laura asked him to keep and eye out. Anna isn't happy Valentin is seeking revenge against Brook. Anna says that's not them anymore. Val says oh yes, that's still me, I though you knew that. 

Felicia meets Austin, wants to talk about Maxie. She gets Austin to agree to go to the cabin but he's like no way in hell I'm asking Maxie to go lol. She says "I like you" because he's looking out for Maxie. Maxie comes up later, accuses them of talking about her. Says no way she'll go back. 

Peter is saying his back hurts and has to talk to Finn "It feels like someone threw me down a flight of stairs"... He's trying to get Finn to let him stay at GH and not be transferred. Finn: NOPE, try again sucker!! Marty his lawyer comes in after and Peter wants Finn charged with attempted murder. Martin says No..there's no proof, there's nothing. 

Later in his office, Finn and Chase talk about Peter. Finn slips and starts telling him about the roof. Chase is like: WHAT? (we get flashbacks). OMG!!!!!! wow.. he TELLS CHASE! Tells him he pushed him down the stairs and he thought he was dead. Leaves Liz out tho. Tells him about the freezer. Chase says he doesn't blame him at all. Hates Peter. 

Brook and Chase tell Maxie Tracy figured out Bailey is Maxie's daughter.  Ned comes in and wants to talk to Brook alone. He wonders what Tracy is going on about with Brook being "in trouble".  She says they moved because they wanted privacy. He think she's falling for Chase. She says no, just trying to be good parents to Bailey. 

Peter says he has an ace up his sleeve..the person that helped him escape GH long ago. 

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Zexus Interruptus


TIME For the show. I feel like they are spinning wheels until Luke's memorial the 21st. That's Friday so you know it will continue into Monday, right? 

Today, Chase and Dante use the gym. Geesh, getting the whole thing used as much as possible. Sonny storms in, wants to talk to Chase. Says he's glad he's Bailey's dad, Valentin doesn't deserve her. Then asks if he's serious about Brook Lynn.. "WHY ? She not good enough for you"?? All pissy. Chase goes to take a shower and Dante is concerned about Sonny's attitude. He tells Chase he's staying with Sonny to talk. Which is probably a good idea. 

BLQ is at home...looking for a battery charger and someone comes in the door but it's not Chase. She grabs a vase to go investigate.  Hits someone over the head. Calls Chase. He leaves the gym. (see below) 

Hospital: Curtis is there, everyone is in the waiting room but say Marshall is going to be OK. Portia says she's there for him. Dr. Rose comes out to tell everyone what's going on. He says the medication was off. Epiphany thinks something else is going on. She talks to the doctor. He tells her to mind her own business, HE's the doctor. Curtis asks Marshall about his High blood pressure. Marshall is like NEVERMIND! 

Epiphany thinks Marshall needs a second opinion. He says no. 

Finn and Liz are going to continue their date. Then Cam calls. OMG!! ahahaha. Joss and Cam went to Jax's thinking it was empty and BROOK clunked him over the head. They probably wanted ZEX. ahahaha. 

Carly is in her hotel room. She looks at a voice mail from Jason ..almost plays it but Sam's at the door with beers. Weird scene. Anyway, they have a beer. Carly rails against Nina, Says they were having fun at BBQs and Hoe-Downs. She says as SOON as Sonny came home she and Jason shut "that door" on their feelings but Sonny hasn't shut his off for Nina. 

Shaun and Alexis talk about the paper... she invites Harmony to sit with them while they are at the Metro. Harmony says no, goes to pick up her food says Shaun doesn't like her too much. This Harmony Alexis thing is kinda strange. She says Harmony is a victim of Shiloh's too. 

CAM and Joss talk about not being able to DO IT. They are waiting for the cabin. Finn and Liz are going to go out again. 


So, time passes and Liz gets up the next day and Dante is at the door saying "something terrible happened last night".. I'm wondering if she's dreaming???????? WEIRD!! WHAT? Tomorrow they show Cam too with Dante.. What can it be?? 

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

It's just a BOREDAY

 Epiphany and Marshall are out to dinner at the PC Grille. They talk about the past.. her wanting to be a doctor, yada yada. 

Curtis throws some guys out of The Savoy who were exchanging coke. Drew comes in. They talk about Marshall. 

Brando and TJ are at the gym. Brando thanks him for saying he was sorry about the baby. Brando thinks Sasha is acting weird. 

Gladys and Sasha are at Yoga... Gladys thinks Sasha's not grieving. 

Brook and Chase move into Jax's old place. No rent because he knows Lois. Finn is is helping them move in, so is Dante. Finn leaves for his date. Dante talks to Chase about Brook Lynn. She overhears Chase dissing her. 

Felicia and Maxie at Yoga. KW looks spectacular. She tells Maxie that Peter taunted her with being a bad mother. Maxie doesn't wanna go back to the cabin where she went into labor. 

Liz, Terry and Portia are at the nurses' station. Liz is ready to go out with Finn, she's afraid something bad is going to happen. She can't figure out how her ring got in her locker. She leaves. Portia sets up a dating app for Terry. 

NOTE: Jax left his surf board 


Marshall is having a heart-attack at the Grille 

Terry has  a match on her app already

Brook is mad at Chase. 

Portia calls Curtis to come to GH 

Not Today

  Well I was up last night heartbroken about The Bills - had an early morning and just need to rest. So use the blog for comments!!  That...