Friday, July 19, 2019

Friday's Show: Birthday Party

Well, YESTERDAY was a big nothing burger. I guess unless you like to see sanitized baseball uniforms-- whatever. I loved last week and this week has just been recaps after recaps. IT'S SUMMER. Good gravy, get something going. 

I'm hopeful for today's show. I think Ryan is on so--that should be ok. 


Harmony and Willow. Harmony is going to be the libraian -- Willow tells her Shiloh was arrested. Her mom is sad she put her through so much. 

Ryan and Curtis/Jordan: Visiting Ryan. Ryan fake-holds his "Kidney Scar" spot lol. Ryan baits Curtis about stealing his kidney. 
"My kidney has infected your heart and soul and you'll never get me out" LOL
Can Jordan now go around murdering people? Thanks.


Aiden made his own cake "Happy Birthday to Me"...and he got a drum set.  Lulu asks about the reception. Nina and Charlotte got Aiden mixing bowls. Hayden shows up. Cam gives him a gift cert to see a pastry chef. Lulu's sad that Dante's not there. Sad, sad. Nina blows off Hayden who tries to talk to her. Then, When Willow comes, Nina tries to apologize to her. 

Lulu gets an envelope from a delivery guy. (How he found her at the back end of Perks at a kid's birthday party is anyone's guess). She got divorce papers. 


Drew and Jason are building the tree house and getting dinner. They talk about Oscar leaving his ELQ shares to Shiloh. Can't quite figure it out.  Drew talks a bit about maybe knowing Shank from Navy SEALS and his memory stick. Jason thinks that Shiloh is lying about Drew saving his life. 


Sonny is proud of Krissy for standing up to Shiloh. He gets a phone call. Speaks Spanish. See below.  He calls Jason to tell him Shiloh is out on bail. Tries to calm Krissy down about him being out. 


Shiloh got out on bail.  Chase tells him he can't get a DNA test because it's forbidden. DAISY is there. She spent her entire trust fund on his bail and there's no money for a lawyer. Shank says "It's always darkest before the dawn". 

Shank and Daisy go to Charlie's to talk to Krissy and they forgive her. LOL  She says she's going to testify against him and tell everyone he's a sexual predator. Sonny calls him a 'cockroach". He and Daisy leave. 
Next, he  goes to see Harmony..he tries to talk her into raising the baby with him. She says she's going to testify against him and yells at him.  

Ryan.. Sees Harmony and her book cart. Takes a DOD book. Says to give his regards to Nelle.

Shiloh flashes back to the war and Drew (who looks like Jason, remember) -- wakes him up when he's all bloody. 

Thursday, July 18, 2019

You look familiar...

Have you ever watched late night TV 
and saw someone that looks really familiar
but you just couldn't put your finger on it?

I have...

Constance Towers "The King and I" - 1977

Anna Lee "Sound of Music" - 1965

Stuart Damon "Cinderella" - 1965

Leslie Charleson "Happy Days" - 1975

James Patrick Stuart "Frasier" - 1998
Maurice Bernard "Lucy and Desi: Before the Laughter" - 1991
Finola Hughes "Staying Alive" - 1983

John Reilly "Mary Tyler Moore" - 1977

Tony Geary "All in the Family" - 1970

Verne Watson-Johnson "Welcome Back Kotter" - 1975
(and just about every other TV series ever made)

Jane Elliot "Electra Woman and Dyna Girl"
(with Deidra Hall) - 1976

This is the blog for Thursday. Please post your thoughts
and comments on the show and life in general below.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019


$11.99 on AMAZON!! 

Corintho's House; THE MOSS IS BACK in the kitchen. DEvvvvvvvvvv asks about the compass and he and Joss argue about stuff. :sigh; Carly walks in. Joss apologizes to Dev for being  'wack job" when it comes to Oscar. He leaves to go fill out a W2 form. 
Carly and Joss have the EXACT same conversation about Dev that Carly and Jason have had at least 2x before. OMG. UGHH. EXACT.
When Sonny gets home they talk about Dev too. Yeah. :eyeroll: -- Carly wants him to go to boarding school but Sonny is like: no way. He has to 'learn about us and our family". 

CHARLIE'S BAR:  Sonny yells at Ava for giving a message to Avery from Kiki. "Now she wants Morgan to give her a message"!! He tells Ava to stop it or she'll "see what happens"... :eyeroll: Tells her to leave her psychic stuff away from Avery.  He leaves in a huff.  Goes back home. 

Cam shows Liz and Franco the car keys he got from Oscar.  He wants to keep it. They only have one car garage and Franco keeps his in the street where they have one permit. So, hes' thinking of the Quartermaine's house. They say he can keep it if he helps pay for upkeep. His license is suspended so he has to earn that back too.
Friz get their party photos. Franco feels sick. Maybe a cold coming on. While looking at the photos, he notices a leg in the background and thinks maybe someone was stalking Lesil. 

METRO COURT: Alexis and Willow are waiting For Diane and Brucas. Diane finally comes. Brucas shows up. Diane tells them all that Shiloh is in jail and she asked the judge to suspend all the family court stuff until the criminal case is done. Shiloh can't ask for any information on his 'son' until he's out either.  IF he's found innocent, he'd have to start all over from square one and petition the court. IF he's found guilty, he can't see his kid anyway. "Best possible outcome". 

Lucas wants to get Shiloh's medical records to make sure Wiley's DNA is ok and there's nothing in his genes that he may have. Brad is aghast lol 

GH : Brad has a needle ready to use on Dr. O and Nina walks in. He says he's just taking blood. Lucas comes in and says they have to go to the Metro Court.  Dr. O and Nina end up reading all about the DOD case and how Willow was in jail during the custody dispute. Nina realizes she may have tipped off Shiloh about Willow's baby and feels awful. 

THE PARK: (really, it's the real park)   Trina, Dev and Cam. Cam thinks he's late but he got his schedule mixed up. He can tell them about the car.  They tell him about the Niagara Falls road trip.  He says that they should have broken in.  Joss comes along. They talk about Dev after he leaves. Trina knows what Sonny does for a living. Thinks Dev might be bad news. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

The Roof

Lulu and Maxie . Lulu rips into Maxie for seeing Dante. (even tho she really wanted to).  Lulu says Maxie could have set Dante back a long way and now she'll never see him! 
Finn and Peter. Peter doesn't want Finn to all Anna. He doesn't want her motherly pity. Finn leaves. 

Lulu goes in to visit Peter. Why? I have no idea. I hope to punch him in the face. NOPE! she's glad he's all right and she knows it's not HIS fault, it's Maxie's. She leaves when Maxie comes in. Is crying in the hall and her Mother sees her and they hug.  She tells her Maxie was just trying to make her feel better. Maxie actually called her. Maxie comes out and Lulu looks at her.  They are going to make up. 

Drew and Curtis. Drew doesn't want to talk about Oscar or who drugged him on the HS. Then, Hayden comes in. She's the new CFO of the print division. Drew is NOT happy.  He wonders what she's up to. Remember she pretended to be his wife way back when... (Which I totally forgot about until Nina said it lol). 

Jax and Nina--more of the same blah blah.. Curtis says he'd better get into the Drew/Hayden discussion soon. Jax goes to the office of Drew.  Drew isn't happy. "Do you know she embezzled money from GH"??
"Yes I am " says Jax
Later we find out that Jax and Hayden are both in town to take down Valetin. 

Robert goes into Charlie's and sees Julian is running it. He says he remembers when he got Jules into the witness protection program and he immediately went back to his life of crime. Julian says now he has someone to stay on the straight and narrow for. (Kim) who walks in. Says she's sorry. I think about drugging Drew. She saw Dr. Massey today (off camera) and talked to her about the drugging. Too bad we didn't see it. 

Robert meets Finn and they talk about Peter. Ugh ..Finn can't tell Anna about Peter but Robert can.  Finn tells Robert not to tell Anna.  Robert realizes that Finn doesn't want Anna home because of Hayden. 

On the roof of GH...Sibley asks Ava for money, then says let's contact Kiki! They are sitting on boxes with Pier One bedspreads on them.  She's telling her she's going to be "channeling" not being a medium.  (Like Whoopi in Ghost lol)... Anyway, Kikii comes through in Sibley 'No mother, it's me". 'Kiki" tells Ava about the necklace that she gave Sibley and that she didn't wear it after she drugged Sasha. Ava says "everyone knows about that"-- then "Kiki says that Ava almost slapped her in Kelly's but she caught her hand" So Ava believes it's her. 
Kiki says she doesn't want to talk to her EVER AGAIN. 
Ava pleads for her to stay she says no..and 'leaves'. Ava thinks it's so Sibley can charge more money. Sibley says "oh Kiki's back" and wants to tell Avery she misses her. 

Ava says she wants to talk to someone else. I of course, think it's Morgan but it's NIKOLAS?? HUH???  Anyway, she can't 'find him on the other side"... so.. is he alive? 

Monday, July 15, 2019

From Ithaca to Port Charles

Finn and Alexis. She's coming out of AA meeting..he missed it. She asks if he wants to talk about Hayden. He says yes. Yeah! Love this friendship.  He says she came back after he'd moved on. She's a reminder of his failure. Alexis says she feels that when she sees Ned...and Sonny..and Ric and.. Julian LOL. Finn's saying he moved on but Anna's MIA. 

Ava and Jules.. he says he's proud of her for moving on. Ava gets a call from Sibley. Kristina overhears and gets a weird look on her face.  When Ava gets off the phone, she asks Krissy what is up. Krissy loves Sibley Gamble who "helped solve a murder in Rochester" (WHOO HOO) ..Julian over hears and is like WTH are you doing Ava?? A psychic??  She says to shut up --HIS kids are alive.  She "felt" Kiki when she was with Sibley. He thinks she's just trying to take her money.  Ava tells him to buzz off. She leaves. 
Alexis comes in.. of course she does. She and Jules banter and they have a "truce".  She tells Kristina and he that Shiloh was arrested and it's "over". (yeah, we know it's not over over) LOL. 

Dev at the Metro. Laura takes a call, walks away from the table. Dev sees her purse and knocks it on the floor. Jason steps in. He asks Carly what she thinks of him. She says he saved Sonny's life an Sonny really wants to mentor him so they should let him. 

Then, Laura and Hayden sit down ..Laura shows her a pic of Spencer and Hayden says how old he looks. They mention Nikolas. They talk about Spencer doing better but Valetin taking the family home. Weird they didn't say because he MURDERED HIS FATHER--but.. ??  SO, Hayden talks about almost taking the money from GH but Laura points out she put it back. She mentions how dark Nikolas was 'at the end' and she thinks he would have redeemed himself. Ava walks by and says "If he'd lived long enough". Ava asks Laura if she ever thinks she can 'talk" to Nikolas. Laura says 'he's always in her heart". 

Lulu and Sonny . She wants Dante home..he's missing everything. She wants Sonny to find him.  She just tells him how much she misses him.. and he had scars all over his back.  Sonny didn't know. She tells him about the torture BUT STILL WANTS HIM BACK so she can be "whole". UGHHHH. LULU. 

So, Maxie goes in and the shot rings out and PETER IS HIT!! YESSSS!! In the shoulder (damn it ) LOL but he's hit!! It's a Through and Through wound so he has to go to a civilian hospital. Maxie says it has to be GH!!  They get there in about 3 seconds. He's in the ER (empty lol) and won't need surgery. Finn sees Maxie looking at her bloody hands.  She tells Finn that Dante shot Peter and it's her fault because she insisted on seeing him. Dante was the one that shot Peter. "What is wrong with me"?? "Why don't I ever learn"?? 
Peter is going to be fine.
Lulu hears about it, runs in... Maxie has to tell her that Dante shot Peter lol. 

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Sunday Surgery: SPLASH

This week started off with a rip-roaring SPLASH, didn't it?? So much happened on that boat, I was glued to it like a fly.  Two days of "the other cast" also got to interact and take center stage. What a difference it made. 

So, in the wedding brunch tradition, it's going to be poached eggs and strawberries. 

Friday, July 12, 2019

GH Character Transformations Part One

Note: I find myself needing another day off 
so here's a post that David and I wrote to use for just such occasion.  

Which characters have come and gone from GH --and made HUGE transformations? Pretty much all the villains. (Helena is about the only one that remained totally evil over time). Here is the beginning of our series! Enjoy! 


Lynn Herring

We Love Lucy. It's that simple. Lynn Herring is a treasure to the show. If you go anywhere  online to look up the character, you will always find the same thing written about her; that she  came onto the show as a "mousy librarian". Not the most flattering term, but I guess it is correct. She didnt stay that way for long and soon she came into her character as a vixen to be reckonned with. 

In the early years, Lucy was vindictive, shrewish and a schemer. She was the "bad girl" when  she came on the show and was very manipulative. She usually wound up with a Doctor, or at very least someone with substantial income so she can climb the ladder, if you will. And that was usually her goal. Money and social standing. As time went on, however, there was a  change in Lucy. She went from being selfish and greedy to having a conscience and a  soul and went from bad girl to loveable yet quirky heroine.

If you really want to know the legacy of Lucy's character transformation, it was evident during the  anniversary show this year during the reading of Gail's will. Lucy was in a room with Monica and found an old handkerchief that belonged to Alan. The former selfish self-centered Lucy would have given Monica a long-winded speech about how Alan would have wanted her to have it, and how she didnt have any momentos from her time with Alan and how Monica got  the house and Lucy got nothing but a tattered old red wedding dress. Monica would have said  "Oh, just take it if it means that much to you". Instead, we had the very selfless Lucy who immediately  handed it to Monica and said "this belongs to you. You were always his queen”. THAT is the transformation of Lucy. From selfish to selfless. And that is why we love Lucy.

PS. Fun Fact: Did you know that Lynn Herring was 4th runner up in the 1977 Miss USA Pageant? Look it up on youtube.


Paul Hornsby came to Port Charles looking like Christopher Reeve’s younger brother and then left the show looking like that guy from Desperate Housewives. He was no saint. Not by any stretch of the means. But in his first foray into PC, all his crimes were basically white collar, mainly dealing with financial takeover of ELQ. He was trapped into a marriage with Tracy, even though he loved Jenny. He eventually married Jenny and they had a child. (Ned was called to GH when he was told that his wife was in the ER, thinking it was Lois he was surprised to see Jenny in labor. It was a really good scene, but I cant find it on youtube) With his all-American boyish good looks, it is easy to remember him leaving the show as a “good guy” with his wife Jenny.

Then 2015 happened. Paul returned to the show and although he was still a criminal, he was an extremely deranged criminal. Actually, a serial killer. The first incarnation of Paul would do a lot of damage, and may have hurt people if needed, but there was no way he was a killer. Not like this. Both portrayals were memorable in their own way, but it is clear the characters were vastly different and the Burgi portrayal was a shock to all of us.

MORE TO COME!! Anyone you'd like featured??


Thursday, July 11, 2019


I'm in need of a break today-- not sure about tomorrow but we shall see. Please use this space for chit-chat and show summaries. 

I do have a question about Fan Events. Have you ever attended one? If so..where? Did you like it? I'm going to do a blog about my experiences later this summer.  Have a great day! 

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Two Days Off and...

Back at the CarSon grind. Now, I know they are stars of the show but it was SO nice to have other characters interact and take center stage the past 2 days. Loved Liz talking to Jax and Finn and working that room. It's just been eaten by those two lately. Just having the days off made me happy.

OMG THE MOSS MOVED TO THE PATIO LOL.. I think they are messing with us!! Joss gets Carly to drink some green juice. Carly's worried about Joss going to the Will reading.  She and Cam leave for the Q's. 

Kim and Drew meet in the park at the meadow. Kim is sorry and Drew says he won't press charges. He's pissed tho. She says she's getting help and seeing Dr. Massey (that was Chandra Wilson's character when she guested!) later. They go to the reading of the Will. 

OSCAR'S WILL: Q household: Monica, Ned, Alexis and Olivia get things ready for everyone. Jason is executor but because he's "off grid" (hiding from Beecher Billy) they'll do it without him. 
People arrive. There's a box with personal items to distribute. Alexis reads the will. He says it's the only way to let people know how much they mean to him now. 
Monica- a tour guide to Cleveland-- because she gave him a tour of PC
Michael -who 'showed him the darkroom at the Q's"--a photo of he and Wiley that Oscar took
Olivia and Ned-- gave Leo his keyboard
Cameron got his car 
Josslyn -- gave her back the compass she gave him. She runs out and "can't take it" anymore.  Cam finds her in the park. Flashback to her giving it to Oscar. 
He gives Drew the glass they stole for his DNA lol ...cute 
Kim gets his Mr. Bear.. I did tear up a bit.
WOW. He gives his ELQ shares to someone that 'helped him out in his time of need' and who will use the shares to "do good in the world" AND IT'S SHILOH!

Sonny, Brick and Jason. They talk about Dev's new ID and Sonny fills Jason in on the history of DEVVVVVVVVV. Jason doesn't think he should stay at the house. Then Carly and Dev walk in.  They give Dev the envelope. He's happy. Jason thinks Sonny should think of the other people in the house before asking Dev to stay. Sonny tries to sell Dev to Jason. 
Dev comes back and recites his new ID and American accent. 

Michael sees Shiloh trying to talk to Sasha and he THROWS him on the ground! LOL pretty violently too. wow. Michael tells him to beat it. He leaves. Michael has a banal convo with Sasha about going away together. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz he goes to the Q's too. Carly ends up talking to Shasha about her mom and finding her way to PC, yada yada. "maybe what you're looking for is right here".. 

Sam is at the PCPD..Robert and Mac are there too. She's going to give them Waitress's statement. I can't remember that waitress name..Carol? Yes, it's Carol. Robert says she has to make her statement at the Beecher's Corners' PCPD and Sam says she can't because it's crawling with DOD people.  Robert schools Sam about hearsay and why he can't take it to a judge. She doesn't get it. Chase erupts. Robert and Mac take a walk to give him a chance to cool off. Chase and Sam try to think of a way to get Willow out and get Shiloh.  She calls Jason. He turns himself in and tomorrow will bring  Harmony in as a witness against Shiloh. 

Hayden Factor

Oh boy, did I forget a lot about what happened when she left 2 years ago! Read her complete history on Soaps In Depth. It was a much needed catch-up for me. I had thought she embezzled money from GH (she didn't do it in the end) and wasn't sure about the baby thing. (they did show her pregnant after she said she lost the baby in a letter). 

Are you glad she's back? While I like Rebecca Buding, Hayden's character is just another character to add to the long-long list on GH.  I'm glad she's Liz's sister and has that connection. I like Finn and Anna so -?? I'm am intrigued about Jax and she.  I've tried to like the NuNina but until and if she ever finds her voice, she's just a snooze. She kept NONE of Michelle's zany qualities, making Nina so one-note it's painful. 

Anyway, it's always interesting when a past character shows up and it's NOT from 'the dead'.