Wednesday, February 24, 2021


 Ok, new day, new show!! I really thought the wedding was coming up this week but-- you know. #GH 

I hope I am more into this show than I have been the last few. GH is choppy again and I'm sure a lot of it has to do with the interruptions but it's so jarring.  Dr. O and Britt are a saving grace. I am loving Kelly playing Britta. She's so natural. Makes every scene sparkle. 

Robert and Olivia. Robert is being SO Robert. They talk about how much he hates Peter lol. She hates him too because he fired Dante LOL :) Robert gets the door. It's Alexis!!  She wants to talk to Olivia. Robert leaves. Alexis tries to apologize.

Maxie and Britt are out. Peter is late. Britt doesn't want her to go home because her Mom is there, looking for information. Dr. O finally sees the envelope from Budapest. She opens it. There's a zip drive in it with a video from Alex to Peter.  After she's done "I've hit the motherload"!! 

Jarly are at that coffee corner...talking about the FBI and Nelle dismissal.  Carly is so obsessed with Nina/Nelle LOL UGH She thinks Nina is "too unstable" to be Wiley's grandmother. 

Willow and Michael take Wiley to see Nina. Michael reminds Nina that Willow is his mother. :eyeroll:  Cute scenes. OH!! Carly comes in and sees everyone being cozy and she's going to lose it LOL 

Peter and Anna have a talk, and I tell you what.... this had BETTER be good because if not, I may be taking a vacation again. Anna is going to give Peter a chance to tell her the 'truth" . Oh I'm too angry to type this up. WTF. 
THIS IS ..unacceptable. EVEN WITH THE TRUTH we are going to play it this way? That Anna is so spellbound by stupid PETER she's not going to do the right thing? Giving him time to backtrack? WHAT THE HELL. OMG It's just a mess. She shows him the papers tying him to the bank statements and he convinces her to burn them. I really REALLY HOPE she has a plan. Because if not this is STUPID. She'd better tell Maxie asap too. 

Carly tells NIna to get her shit together or she 'won't be in Wiley's life"

Olivia almost forgives Alexis

Anna calls Valentin: You were right, we have to stop Peter. 

UGH I hate how this Peter story is going.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Confusion for Wubsy

The reason I'm excited to watch today is because Ingo and Nancy are sharing a scene. It's been a hot minute and those two DO NOT like each other. Twitter wars. heh. ANYWAY, both are professional and I'm sure it will be fine but--when you know back stage stuff you just have to be a fly on DA WALL!! All I'm going to say is that the are POLAR Political OPPOSITES. 

Carly and Diane in the PCPD conference room. Fed is there to take her statement. She and Diane gab about the whole Nelle thing. Then FBI comes in. Questions Carly. Then Jax comes.

Maxie is talking to Nina at Crimson. Nina tells her about the cemetery blow up. Maxie says it WAS Sonny's funeral. Nina says she doesn't care. 

Alexis and Jax at the coffee shop!  Talking about Sonny's Will. So far both alive. He wants to ask her advice about talking to the feds. It's very strange. He might want to change his statement to "help Nina"??

Willow and Michael talking about Nelle and Nina being mama and daughter. Willow thinks Nina was good during the trial and with Wiley afterward. She should get to know her grandson. 

Finn and Anna are off to find Dr. O ..Chase is going to watch Violet. Valentin comes in "I spoke to Peter, its' as bad as we thought. Well, it's worse".  He tells her everything. 

Finn for some reason goes to try on his tux...and Peter tries his on too? What? I'm so confused. That was the most bizarre thing. ?? What is UP with editing?? Then he goes to talk to Alexis at the coffee shop. He and Anna had their suitcases packed? huh.... 

Britt and Dr. O having dinner at the PC Grille. Dr. O has a hat on LOL..okay. They talk about getting Peter exposed. 


Willow and Michael take Wiley to see Nina at her office. 

Case remains closed on Nelle's case. FBI guy says it's over. 

Anna calls Peter to talk to him. 

Monday, February 22, 2021

Valentine's Shave

 Molly and Krissy are waiting for TJ, who comes. Now they can get committed. Jordan is there too. I'm not happy. It's just..not enough of anything.  They sign a paper. It's done. Wow. whoop. VERY Bizarre. They got a license...then signed a paper. :shrug: 

Portia and Curtis are hanging at the new Club even tho the person he's following left. 

Michael has to go see to Wiley who's crying too hard and Sasha is going with him. They settle him down. zzzzzzzzz

Jason is helping Britt pass out Valentine's bags to the kiddies.  He thinks she's visiting kids because they are lonely on Valentine's Day and so is she. Some cute kid comes up to Jason for a Valentine. 

Ava got another gift..this time the right one. Nik is wondering who sent the roach. He gives her a bracelet engraved with the day they met in 2016. Then she gets a note about "their love being like cockroaches, surviving everything" ..has to be from Ryan. 

Cam is too sad to sing. He runs upstairs and talks to himself in the mirror about being strong. The girls try to get him to come out.  He lets them in. He wants to shave his head. (for Franco) AND...JOSS does it! Really does it!! It's shaved. wow. Goes to show Liz and Franco. 

A bunch of stuff with Willow and Chase about wine. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. They go back to the Q house just when Sasha and Willow are kissing. 

Brad calls Lucas and leaves a message. 


Curtis might want to buy the new club

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Sunday Surgery: The Undead


WARNING:  I'm going to be crabby in this blog. If you don't want the crab--just keep scrollin'. GH was NOT my jam this week. Nope. 
Speaking of Jam, I'm going to have a nice scone and some raspberry. 

Friday, February 19, 2021

Valentine's Day

 So I Guess TJ and Molly are all of a sudden getting "Committed" today...WHY in a law office for godsakes? Why no where fun? I feel like I missed a bunch of episodes or something. She's there with Krissy waiting for TJ. NO ONE Else is invited!! Because they want it 'simple' and just them?? WE WAITED HOW MANY YEARS? FOR WHAT? TJ is running late and the lady at the office says he has to hurry up because she's closing. 

Brando is shot in the leg. We know who did this. Jordan wants to know too but he won't talk.  Jason shot him to put him out of commission for a bit so Cyrus won't...?? I don't even know. 

Franco and Liz are at The PC Grille..Franco feels sick. His hair is falling out! They leave. 

Ava and Nick support Liz about Franco. Maybe Ava and Liz will be friendly? Ava gets a box from Nik. It's a Roach! LOL..he has no idea how it got in there. Spencer? 

Britt goes to visit BRAD IN THE HOSPITAL!! was too cute. They are doing bags for the sick kids for Valentine's day. Britt got him out of jail by saying he needed a follow up appointment.  He takes her had and wonders why it's shaking. 

Felix and Lucas are on. No where to go. Felix wants to know if Lucas wants to go for a drink.  JUST AS FRIENDS.

SO..Willow and Chase are going out for Valentine's Day--and so are Michael and Sasha and get this--TO THE SAME PLACE. :eyeroll: Anyway, Michael switches his reservations to The Metro from the PC Grille. 

Curtis and Portia go to the 'new club' for his undercover detective gig. They are getting along well. 

Joss and Trina go to visit Cam. He's home watching the kids. They do Valentine's stuff.  Joss finds an acceptance letter from Stanford in Cam's backpack. 

Thursday, February 18, 2021

PC Grille

 OH!! NEW SET!! Port Charles Grille!! Seriously! WOW Nice, I like it. Way better than the Metro. Val meets Marty and Jackie there. She tells them Bobbie is being a private nurse to someone in Vermont. She thinks it's his mama. She's going there to see her. Martin wants to come. Cute banter with all 3. 

Nina tells Jordan that Carly was with Nelle when she fell.  Jordan is like: Um, that's been closed for months.  Jordan thinks Nina is just upset because Nelle is her daughter and is mad they didn't tell her. 

Jax and Carly tell Joss what's going on with the Nelle/Nina thing. Joss is like, meh, so what. Then Jordan comes over to ask Carly if she pushed Nelle off the cliff. 

Jason and Britt. ALL of Britt's data on the computer about the medicine is gone. Erased. She's upset. He says to wait it out. "Time is something I don't have" says Britt--clutching her hand. 

Curtis and Portia..talking.  He tells her he and Jordan are separated. Yada yada. 

Sonny took that drunk guy to his motel and the bar got trashed. Lenny is mad. The cop is mad. Yada yada. They yell at the cop for trying to ID Sonny. I guess Sonny had told the cop NOT to run his prints? WHAT UGHHHH I HATE THIS STORY. Anyway, Phyllis kicks him out. Sonny stays (sound familiar?)


Jason shoots Brando. I guess to show Cyrus that Brando is "loyal" enough to get shot by him? They show Brando in the hospital tomorrow so it can't be that bad. 


Late One Night: A GH Fan Fic Idea

 For your consideration:  Changing of the Guards

Setting: Sonny's office at the restaurant, Badger Bob looking on. Jason seated at the desk. 

Dante (comes in, stands)

Jason:  What? 

Dante: I'm here to talk with you regarding (sweeps arm) this. 

Jason:  What about it. 

Dante:  I've been thinking ... May I? (motions to chair) ..(sits) You and I both know Sonny left a hell of a hole here. 

Jason: Stare 

Dante:  I've had an interesting life, did you know that? See...I've been a cop, a detective...tortured in a Turkish prison and lately, been made to do an assignment for the WSB. 

Jason:  Your point?

Dante:  I'm ready for the next chapter. That includes revenge for Lulu laying in a coma. 

Jason: Stare 

Dante: (leans forward) See... I look at it this way.  I'm the first born. All of this, belongs to me. 

Jason: Blink 

Dante: ALL of it, Jason. Michael is too weak and Morgan is dead. And you? Well, you're not a Corinthos are you? 

Jason: Stare 

Dante: Now..see, after all those mind games I had done to me, I have no desire to just go back to law enforcement. None. (Stands....walks over to the photo of Sonny on the wall)... I'm going to run this empire the way it should be and with my contacts, it's going to be epic.  Cyrus Renault won't know what hit him. 

Jason:  I don't think so. 

Dante: Oh, but see Jason (leans on desk) you have no choice.  Were you mentioned in Sonny's Will other than monetary compensation? No. Did he mention Michael running the business? No, he left the Import business to me. And we all know that that means. 

Jason: I don't think you do. 

Dante: Well, it's not pushing beans around in the warehouse. 

Jason: You talk to Carly about this?

Dante: (laughs) Carly?! Why would I do that. No I haven't talked to Carly. But guess who I did talk to? The Five Families. Just last night...they are ready to back me.

Jason: Stands up. Stare. 

Dante: Now, if you'll get out from behind the desk, I'm going to try it on for size... maybe I'll keep you on for some backup but right now, it's a one man show until I assemble my people. 

Camera lingers on Jason...slowly boiling... 


 Ok, new day, new show!! I really thought the wedding was coming up this week but-- you know. #GH  I hope I am more into this show than I ha...