Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ava gets a phone

Alexis and Julian in bed. He can't see her anymore because of Molly's safety blah blah blah Alexis wants to sneak around. She likes it that way!

Scotty and Bobby in bed.  *sigh*

Ava and Sonny in the hospital.  Morgan is there too. He tells Sonny to basically go to hell-0.  Nik Diamond walks in too. You know he's the heart donor. I'm just waitin' for it! 
Ava wants Julian's help, which is her flipping sides.  She got a phone at GH from a nurse for $1000 by the way. GH people...very bribeable! LOL 

AND...the secret meeting place of the park bench is back. I have to think Finola H is like: PARK BENCH SCENES...AGAIN!????? really? oy. Let this drug sheeze be OVER SOON. Please, please. Please. 
OMG I think they had lunch delivered there!  geeshhh
What's Anna listening to?  

Bobbie, Scotty and Lucy. I asked about Kevin on twitter, I guess he filed for divorce. Okay then, must have missed that.  Felicia and Lucy talking about Scott. Lucy goes over to tell Scott she wants him. Bobbie is like neener neener. Scotty looks uncomfortable.

You can see Morgan and Rosie happening. Might be good. 

TJ ratted on his own mother to Diamond. Geeesh. BTW, do you want to know what happens? An explosion, someone is shot and...Alice gets a heart. 

Um, not a lot happened today. Like Nothing. Other than Rosie's bikini chest. 

The Bobbie/Lucy Fiasco

Ok, I'm starting off to say that I am HAPPY AS HELL these ladies are gracing our screens again. SO, let's get that outta the way. 
I am however, going to take umbrage with the 'story lines' they've been 'featured' in over the past year. (I learned the word "umbrage" from Spencer, btw)

Ok, so Bobbie came back, lived with Carly (along with Lucas) and...and... I remember when she was around for a day or 2 when Lucas got shot, then. Nothing.
Lucy? Had some fun stuff at the Nurses Ball and of course, went from Doc to Doc to Scott over a year's time, with many gaps in between. SO many gaps, that I really don't care about that side of the 'story'. And I'm someone that watched these 2 in their hey-day. 

Lucy shows up crying about Rafe, but couldn't be there because the 'canvas was too full' instead we watch TJ for days holding Molly's hand. Welp. There was also a note on twitter from the head writer that said  these actors are not on contract and ergo, can't be on that much. 

Let's go with that. SO...they aren't on contract. So, why don't you open up Lucy's Spa (where did that go? Did it leave with Laura?) and have her on now and again in the Spa, interacting with a bunch of people doing Lucy type stuff.  Bobbie could be at Carly's now and again, interacting with Josslyn and Franco. Scotty has a great 'in' with his DA job and MAYBE getting to know Franco a bit. Why put them in the same tired  triangle hi-jinks? Did Bobbie and Lucy really need to have another cat fight? 

Look, Kevin and Lucy have a kid and Scott and Lucy have a kid. You obviously want newbies and there have been rumors out for a long time that they are coming. Welp? Let's go! Get a house for Lucy to have a home base from. Kevin and Scotty can come and go, along with her daughters. The two of them might just have an interesting dynamic, no? 

Bobbie? She can be around Carly's now and again to be with Joss and Lucas.  Monica and she can have lunch. Lucy, Felicia and Bobbie can go out to Floating Jake's every once and awhile. But not like 4 months apart.  It has to be more consistent.  GH Is way to crowded -- and yes, I know we need newbies but some of the newbies are just NOT NECESSARY.  

So, there  you have it. I had to get that out. And in it's own special little post. I can't wait until Sunday!! 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Lynn and Kristina !!

How Adorable is this!!? 

From the Facebook page: FANS of Lynn Herring. Check it out. 

Movin' on UP!

So..READ THE POST BELOW PLEASE and Pass it on! I know some of my long-time  users will be confused. It is what it is. That angelfire site was ancient and a dinosaur. Moving ON! 

OK, so SOD got Ron to say this about Lucy:
 Head Writer Ron Carlivatiexplains that the decision not to have Lucy present for Rafe's last moments was the result of how crowded those episodes were. "There was so much story going on at the hospital with Molly and Rafe, with Alice," he says. "It was one more character to add into that mix and the days just became too big and too complicated. So, we decided to give Lucy her own separate moment after the fact [to mourn Rafe].

So... there you have it! :facepalm: TOO CROWDED? Seriously. TOO CROWDED. YOU could have left TJ at Kelly's. There's a damn idea. 

TODAY'S SHOW: Bobbie in a much like when Laura was knocking on the door.  I give NO F's about This because Scott, Lucy and Bobbie will be off canvas for months again soon.
Don't care.  

Press conference goes badly because of Nina. heh.  Sam thinks Silas told on Patrick. 

Scotty and Anna. I so don't care about this drug sheeze. Nada. I'm going to really bitch right now.
This is STUPID. So, heroin is found in Rafe's body. Scotty, the DA is asking ANNA HOW IT GOT THERE.

Um, you live in a freaking CITY SCOTT. You think there's NO DRUGS??????????? Seriously???? and then Julian goes right to Jordan to say "You and Diamond are selling HEROIN"???
Um, you think only 2 people sell HEROIN??????

and what about FLUKE?  Holy lazy writing. I'm sorry but watch some crime shows. 

So, let's see Spencer uses a great guilt card against Nikolas. Says it's "Hard out here for a prince"-- and that he's confused after losing Emma and Nik not marrying Brook. That's SUCH a good mood. Granny Hells is so proud !!!

Ok, I'm outta here. Today's show is just boring me, pissing me off --you name it. You don't need to hear it! 



Blogger changes are driving me crazy. My old HTML site is just not cutting it any longer. Since I'm not a fancy coder, that's not good news for you! LOL 

I will continue to blog as normal, but the spoilers will probably be listed right on the blog, not in the older format unless I decide to do that just for the mobile users. 
If you want to COMMENT you must come in using this URL:  If you come in by you won't be able to comment. Don't ask me why.  I'm sure some cyber techno could tell us but I have no clue 

A taste: 


Tony Geary is out with back surgery... he will be back around October. "Fluke" will be scene in a series of phone calls this summer.

RUMOR HAS IT: Billy Miller will be the NuJason. Kim McCollough will return as Robin for a short stint this summer. She'll have scenes with Patrick. 

UPDATED: JULY 22, 2014 
Alice gets a heart, Expect an Explosion and Spencer stays "Missing"

**Julian demands to know who set off the explosion
**Patrick and Sam investigate Nina and he finds a big surprise...
**Levi advances his plans
**Nina gives Nathan advice about Maxie
**Lucy doesn't know where to turn
**Jordan's cover? Blown
**Mr. Diamond? We hardly knew ye
**Ava switches sides again
**Kiki and Morgan are in an interesting situation 
**Michael gets legal troubles dealing with the waterfront project 
**Victor is back
**Did Rafe get 'turned into' a junkie? 
**Sam thinks Silas and she are over
**Nina shows Silas her ability to 'stand and maybe walk' It's a miracle!
**The fallout from the Rafe operation hits GH
**Franco offers more advice to Nina
RUMORS of newbies Cassadine, Anna Donnelly and Lucy's daughter persist!! 

I will ALSO direct you to other sites such as TV Source or Daytime Confidential for other good stuff. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Spencer APP

Nathan had his clothes in a garbage bag...and Maxie has her HEAD in one.  Dante and Nathan figure out Levi got to his phone. In the meantime, Levi is telling Maxie he can't go back to Aussie land due to a warrant for his arrest. He supposedly let animals go at some lab.
Maxie is figuring out she can marry him. Oh good lord. Yep, she goes and tells Flea and Nathan and Mac they are marrying. 

Morgan checks into a hotel, I guess as part of the PLAN.  He says his name is Ron Moss. heh. Soap Joke.

And so... Britt makes Liz take all the kids ahahaa (So she can be alone with Nik). 
Nik tells Britt he has an app to find Spencer on his phone! She's! 

Lucy is upset over Rafe...and Serena. SERENA mention. WE've been teased with a Serena cast forever. long ago was Lucy on? 3 months? I don't even remember. 

PRESS CONFERENCE: Awkward! Patrick looked weird..and pissed. 

BOBBIE opened the door on Lucy...wearing Scotty's robe!! HOLLAH! Nice!! 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday Surgery: The Button and The Balloon

One heart "Transplant"
One pulled plug
One illegal immigrant...

There you go-go! That was GH  this week!! 

Maybe we should nosh on some camp scrambled eggs and then play red rover? 

Thursday, July 17, 2014


Guess what tho? I got some info from our Canadian friends!!

Nina almost confessed to Silas but Rosie stopped her (Shocker).  

Liz goes to the park with Felix. Britt's all bummed.  Spencer says Kids Vs. Counselors. They have races, dodgeball...all fun STUFF I missed.

Dr. O apologizes to people...Paddy and Silas say it's her fault.  Silas is going to the press to tell them what happened.  Dr. O says you don't dare!! Rafe was on drugs! 

Patrick talks to Anna. Emma mentioned Patrick might divorce Robin to her.  Anna says Robin has PTSD 

Talk about if Patrick did this on purpose...

Maxie says the call to INS came from their phone..Nathan said he didn't do it. Then he says what about Levi? What if he did it? 

and DON"T YELL AT ME...ABC news said NOTHING during this hour. NOTHING, and they speculated FOREVER about NOTHING.  COME ON. I don't mind an interruption but this?? If you have something then cut in again. But HOURS? ugh

GH's SHOW will AIR TOMORROW!! So we missed nothing.