Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Name Change

Alexis convinces Anna to let Julian out since he's not been charged yet.

Patrick goes to Sam's. Convinces Sam to go to Liz' for dinner. Ummmm, okay then. 

Jake Face wakes up and grabs Liz' wrist, he was startled. Liz bought him new clothes! (Did Sonny teach her that!?_) 
SEE the end of the show below

Helena and Luke! "LONG LIVE THE QUEEN" she says, and strokes his face. She said he should have used a silver bullet. LOL.
She kisses him. He freaks out. "Are you Faison in a gender bending mask"?? Luke wants to know WHO his doppleganger is. Helena pulls out a dagger and held it to his throat. 

Next scene is Alexis/Julian walking in while she's walking out of Luke's room. "Hello Natasha" Helena says. Heh. 
When Alexis and Julian walk into the room with Luke they say "OH MY GOD" and scene cuts. 

Sonny is in orange, Duke in a nice cream color. Sonny says he plead guilty and that Duke is free too. Will they kiss?  Sonny wants Duke to take over the "coffee biz"...

Kyle is yelling at Anna. blah, blah blah...Duke goes to see Anna at the end of the show

Mike tells Carly to GET OUT.  Carly tries to reason with him. He talks about the MEAT HOOK! yeah!!!!!
Carly tries to get him to listen about her PPD and Jason helping out. Michael isn't having it. She says: "You had a good childhood".He says: "Those years I was in a coma"??
And he signs the name change papers in her FACE.  That scene was all sorts of great. 

GEORGE interrupts with that cop crap..but thank GOODNESS it was short. 

^^END...Liz' doorbell rings, JakeFace answers and Helena is standing there!

That's it. 

Monday, November 24, 2014

A day of confusion

Shawn and Jordan..ugh. Whatever. Just get it over with. We KNOW Shawn is TJ's dad so. Whatever. A handsome man walks up to Jordan on the docks. He's DEA official. Wants to know why Jordan isn't finding out who Fluke is instead of talking to Shawn. 

Geesh, FAISON still isn't in that HOLE.  You know how I feel about that. Anna puts out an APB on Faison. And says (Get this) SHE HASN'T SEEN FAISON or checked on him IN A YEAR. 
Yes, A YEAR.
It can get more stupid LOL!! 
"Robert insisted I stay out of it. He got a WSB agent to get a job as a stable hand at Wyndemere to care for Faison".

Molly and TJ. TJ is crying to her. Shawn finds him. TJ is just mad. MAD MAD.

Alexis finds out that Luke is Fluke... and Julian tells her all about the Ric truth.  She's stunned.  He also said he met Fluke in Witness Protection when he wanted to over throw Sonny and he said " I look just like a guy in Port Charles"... ergo...could it be Bill Eckert ?? Alexis wonders about plastic surgery. Julian says he's not sure if Fluke had it but he wanted to assume that. 

Fluke/Luke. SO much in this it's hard to summarize. Just know that Luke thought maybe Fluke was Larry Ashton. 

Zip Drive: Lulu and co. find a blueprint for Duke's mask and someone trying to make a mask of--Luke. 


Fluke could be...Faison, Ashton or someone else.  They aren't saying yet. Shocker.

Faison has been missing for A YEAR. The stable hand was filing false reports for A YEAR. 

(let that sink in)

Alexis knows Ric was innocent

so it goes. 

HELENA is on tomorrow. 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Bread and Water

20141118 0927(44)
Is it still November? 

This week was a mixed bag of people mad at their parents, trying to get into locked boxes and secrets popping out (or not) from under the floor. 

I haven't had spoilers in awhile so I was mildly surprised this week. The whole Luke Fluke thing has me hitting my damn head on my keyboard. It's just been SO SO long for this to all come about. 

So, there you have it. That's my blog. 

Hahaha. Did you think I could stop there? You knew I couldn't.  This blog is one of the longer ones. There was a LOT going on this week. 

Grab some bread and water (what I picture poor dungeon-dwelling Faison eating) and let's go!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Cave Wub

THINGS found in Faison's Hidey Hole..other than Faison

Anna; Let me shoot him Robert, let me watch him die!
Robert: Anna...think about this..if anyone found out..
Anna: Who would find out?! WHO!?
Robert: Could you live with yourself...I mean..he's a terrorist, kidnapping sociopathic troll but could you live with that!??!! 
Anna: Robert, we've killed a dozen people in the WSB, why are you whimping out not?
Robert: Well, he is tied up..and can't defend himself. Look at him. Pitiful.
Faison: Hjmkeuu Muhehiueiuij llll l (Duct taped)
Anna: I don't Know!!
Robert: Wait..let's think of a plan. Where can we send him where he can't get away?
Anna: I know a guy in Bali that would chain him to a hut..on a desolate island thousands of miles from the nearest land...
Robert: No, too risky.
Anna: The prisons won't hold him! You know they won't! He's gotten out way too many times..
Robert: Let me think (paces)..where can he stay..that no one would think of ...why..I think I have it!
Anna; Where? Where Robert where?! Iceland? Deep in the Tasmanian Jungle? Slave camp in Siberia?
Robert: No..No. Wait. (stomps foot) ..wait. (stomps foot)... 
Anna: Robert this is no time to tango!!
Robert: By Crikey I've got it! (Looks at Faison)
Faison: @@ Muffle..mufuweukl...
Robert: (leans down) you, my friend..are going..under the floor. 
Faison: MUh?
Anna: What? 
Robert: Right here! In the stable... sure people use it every day and sure it would be hard to get in and out of to feed him but...
Anna: Robert! Have you gotten into Duke's scotch..that's ..
Robert: No! Think about it. We stuff him in there-- chain him up and we can keep an eye on him.
Anna: No guards? No cameras?
Robert: No! That's the genius of it all! Nothing! Just a trap door!
Anna: Faison has been known to gnaw through his own flesh to...
Robert: No, listen to me...it's the only option..
Anna: Robert..I...
Robert: We'll guard it. From the mainland..but we'll guard it. 
Anna: Won't it...you know..smell?
Robert: Worse than the horses? No.. it's perfect!
Anna: So..we keep him down here for..
Robert: EVER! Oh, by the way I'll be leaving soon but you can handle it, right?
Anna: Well..I don't..I mean..
Robert: Come on, Anna it won't be that hard, seriously  What else do you have to do?
Anna: Other than run the town's police force? Not much.. 
Robert: Ok then! Well, pal..we're throwing you down here. We'll be back with a bottle of water and some apple sauce we'll spoon feed you. 
Faison: Muffhee a..ueuieuei..

10 minutes later...they pull the rug over it...

Robert: There now. All done. 
Anna: I hope you know what your doing. What if they come looking for him when we don't deliver him to Steinmaur?
Robert: You're thinking too far ahead Seriously. Just make sure you or someone gets out here to toss  things down to him. 

Anna: What about winter?
Robert: what about it. Put a horse blanket on him. 

Anna: All right then. It's over. It's done. 
Robert: Ok, well..I'm off on walk-about... take care. 

Anna: I'll try...

Meanwhile down in the hole:

Faison: Vhat  idiots. (starts to chew on his iron leg chain, eyes a rat to eat) 


^first wub I've written in about 2 years. 

Friday, November 21, 2014


I've been spoiler free for a bit now...can't really notice a huge difference. I think maybe because I had them enough in advance that I've not been shocked yet. I mean not shock-shocked. OLTL shocked. Sooooo, it ends in December. 

Luke is in the corner, all tressed up like a turkey in his straight jacket. He's been spitting out his pills

Sam and Patrick going to the bank. Lulu stops Larry from going... for a bit. Patrick and Sam told the bank lady they were married to get in there. There's a locked box in the safe deposit box.

Anna tells the story about she and Robert and Faison in the stables that day. And..she wanted to kill him but in the end couldn't. And she says He's STILL on Spoon Island".
Okay then.

Spencer has Emma in the stables now, explaining what when on the night he ran in there. They are skipping school. How did they GET there? They boat had to bring them, right? Ugh

Ok, I'm skipping to the end.  Anna goes to show everyone where Faison is. He's escaped! OF COURSE HE HAS!!! LOL... and there's a pic of Faison in the safety deposit box that Ashton has and Luke opens his cell and THEN--Fluke's there.

and you can bet. If that is a rubber mask on him, I AM DONE. I said that before. DONE. I will not watch. 
SO, it is Faison? Today wanted us to think so. I'm saying it can't be...no way they'd do that...RIGHT? NO WAY.
What do you think? 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

BLT Omelet

Nik ate a BLT omelet. Britt's all angsty over her "Dad" being murdered (maybe)--and is going to cooperate. 

Patrick and Sam talk to Lulu. Lulu says "it's unseasonably warm November weather" LOL.okay. Tell that to Buffalo!!

Ava found new clothes and hair products at Silas' house!

Dr. O turned around in Anna's chair. Looking like Mr. Grinch. EXACTLY LMAO....

Julian told Olivia that Ava shot her--and Lucas walks in. They jabber... Lucas is in love and wants his Daddy happy too. 

Nina and Franco are still in the cabin. She thinks she slept with him. LOL.but nope, he says NO WAY.  He's trying to get her to remember that the baby isn't her's..it's Ava's. Then he therapizes her and has her remember it all. She remembers Ava giving birth but think that she deserves the baby. She and SILAS. 
He tells her that they have to move on. She's like 'What are we gonna do about the baby"?? 

**ENDING: Anna says Faison is ALIVE! 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I Plead...

Lisa LoCicero is PG in real life!!  :) Congrats to her!! She has one son right now who's about 12 I think. I wonder if they'll write it into the story. Ned's? 

Ava has flown the coop. Michael calls Kiki an Idiot. LOL. Morgan comes in and tells Michael to "lay off her". They fight.  
Michael then goes to the court house to see Sonny being led off. 

TJ finds out that his dad was attacking Shaun because he and Jordan were having an affair. Shaun had to shoot him in self defense.  They thought TJ could be Shawn's and had a DNA test. TJ's dad found the results and knew they were having the affair. Looks like Jordan changed the RESULTS though---look at her face!! 

Bobbie is mad at Scotty. He says ok..."low bail for Carly" but the judge is like NO WAY--she won't grant ANY bail to Carly! 
Sonny pleads out so that Duke/Carly could get off.

Ava goes to Silas' apartment. Which still looks like a burned out building.  He agrees to hide her. 

Sam got the impression of the key to the safety deposit box. With Silly Putty. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I AM A Quartermaine!

Welp. Monica is happy. 

Kiki is not. Shawn said "I botched the job"-- like he ever DOESN'T botch the job.

I guess TIME JUMPED AGAIN?  AJ's Birthday? LMAO Okay then. 

Sam's BOOTS.

Anna knows Sloane.  Guess he does work for the justice department. Doesn't mean he's not on someone's payroll;

Paddy's got his job back.