Monday, August 3, 2015

Aunt Judy Day today!

Going to visit my Aunt Julia blog until I sit down to watch the show on DVR.  I actually wanted to see it today but-- oh well.  That's her up there. Fabulous at 80! :) 

You can fill in for me! Let me know if the soapy goodness that was last Thurs/Friday continues! 

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Curtain Call

Q's all around! 
Look how quickly 2 days put me back in the GH mood! Seriously, for the first time in forever I wanted to get home to watch the show Friday. And it delivered!! Monday was a bust with the TG "Extravaganza Must-See TV" let down and Tues/Wed were weepling dull. Then? What!!?? What is this miracle?
Not sure, but I'm pretty happy right now.
That's not to say there isn't still problems but for this moment, the show was pretty soapy-fun.

I'm celebrating with some champagne  and  cupcakes!! 

Friday, July 31, 2015


Biggest thing to happen today? Liz told Laura Nikolas had Hayden shot in the head because she knew who Jason really was!!
WHAT!???? holy hello!! LOL
Laura was way. THEN, you could see it. It hit her like a ton of bricks. It could be true because he's a total Cassadine!! 

Nikolas eventually comes in. I bet Laura caves because..
HAYDEN IS WAKING UP! that's right! 

Franco told Nina it was Silas that took Avery and he saved Ava -- she's gonna need some Xanax!

Morgan went after Silas even tho Ava told him not to...

Nikolas and Michael were all bitchy at the Metro.

Sam and Jake talked. He thinks Nikolas knows the truth and he wants to know who he is now. 

Ok, so the end, it looks like Morgan or Ava could have killed Silas as both are sweaty and drinking. Then Franco goes to Silas' place and finds Nina over him with a bloody knife.

I bet it's none of them. I say Ric or Donna Mills did it. 

Becky Budig Contract at GH

Another powerhouse female actress to GH! Our Greenlee aka Hayden is set to awaken from her coma and descend on Port Charles!  I'm not sure her first airdate but when I find out, I'll let you know
Now I must get a photo of her with Alberta :)!! 

Thursday, July 30, 2015

VERY Watchable Day!

WELP... Michael Easton is leaving and had his best day in like 2 years! YOU GO!! Wow, he and Maura were gold together!

"You are a selfish, shallow, horny little brat and you deserve to be screwed over the way you're screwing over my daughter!"

TOO WONDERFUL! He's going to tell Morgan that Denise is Ava. But then he says he has to tell Kiki first. Morgan is so stupid. Ava talks to Silas herself. He tells her he was going to turn himself in.
Look at Maura's face close

Ric is SO They are at the clinic, he wants to commit her! Then he has papers for her to sign--to commit herself.
Scotty's trying to get information from Nikolas. GOOD SCENE

LIZ be Like.....

Laura and Liz, Jake and Patrick..Great scene. Liz agrees to let Danny and Jake JR. play together. Laura totally tries to get her squirming!! heh.
Todd talks to Donna Mills. He's trying to save Nina. He's SO TODD in this. :) GO Franco!!

END: Franco goes to save Nina Laura tells Liz she knows who Jake really is
Silas calls Kiki to tell her to stop by when she gets home.

Best show in MONTHS. All actors on point. Nice movement. Kudos.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Geesh Just Geesh

Holy Cam or Aiden meet little Jake scene but we did get Jake filling his coffee cup with Sugar. 
Monica comes in to see Jake. Liz doesn't like that sheeze. Later, Laura comes in. 

Morgan and Ava...screw again. Silas bursts in. I so hope he transforms into Caleb and bites the hell out of Moronigan. 

Franco and Silas -- Silas finds out Franco knows Ava is Ava and that Morgan and she are sleeping together. 

Ric makes Nina think shes' hearing the baby again. Franco goes in and knocks down the door. She's gone. 

Sam and about little Jake. In bed. zzzzz

Sonny/Carly/Laura; FLASHBACK to the envelope. ahaha. A Flashback to the ENVELOPE. Laura's trying not to say she knows Jake is Jason. 

OMG. LOVED This from Franco to Silas: "What is this all for? So AVA can go behind Kiki's back and screw Morgan some more"? YES. heh. perfect

YES! Lexi Ainsworth is Back To GH!

SOD is breaking the news that Lexi Ainsworth (Kristina) will reprise her role in late August.
About time. 

Midweek Surgery: Into The Light

You know I can't keep my mouth shut until here goes. (getting gloves on for this)

20150727 1450(33)

Goodness WHY. So many WHYs. So little time. GH apparently had a month to "say goodbye to an icon"-- and then in the end, not enough time to put him on for more than the 4.75 min that day. What? Where was the goodbye to Lucy, Felicia and Alexis? Monica? Probably couldn't 'schedule' everyone together for some reason. Great. Thanks. 

I would have started out with a nice flashback of Luke--there are many to choose from. Maybe start out with his arrival to Port Charles. Have Lucas Lorenzo Spencer reflecting his life when he's on the docks. The flashbacks could have progressed during the show until they reached present time. Or, he visits sets like Kelly's and has a flashback of the location. I don't know. I'm sure we all have our own ideas. Anything but what we got.  Hell, they could put in a damn reminder of ValDan sex on his last day, but not of HIM? 

I told my mom to watch and about 4-5 friends that don't ever watch the show anymore to tune in. So many people were like "when's Luke's last day"?? 
How do I feel now??? Embarrassed.  

20150727 1442(8)

It's over. Done. Tony's gone and had his moment of walking into the foggy mist. I realize his goodbye was this entire year but..geesh. When you promote something like his "last goodbye" you should sell it. The best part of the show was Maxie and Donna Mills. What does that say for planning? 

Of course, this is also crammed in with the fact that Ron was fired as HW last Friday. Obviously people knew before this. Jean was hired awhile ago-- and RC has been strangely silent on Twitter as of late. It's also interesting they use "Fired" instead of "parting amicably or something. Harsh for a guy that won a lot of Emmys for the show. He also turned around ratings for the first couple of years and put out a pretty giant 50th anniversary extravaganza. Something in addition to the writing shifted at GH. This isn't to say the writing hasn't been dismal in the past  year, that's for sure. After reading Tony's scathing interview with TV Guide it's apparent things were pretty messed up around there. Tony was very frustrated and to basically crap on the writers before leaving was a strange, strange move. If you listen to his last Emmy speech, he was praising the work. Hmmmmm..what the hell happened? Hey, that would make a great Lifetime Movie I bet. LOL 

20150726 1016(21)
On this issue I'm calling out ABC and producers and whoever greenlighted this total NON-event.  Some interesting things came out on Twitter about Nathan Varni FB post regarding the fact that Tony didn't want flashbacks, so watch them online if you want to.
HUH? Um.....NO.  Who the hell lets a guy that's leaving the show write the stuff that goes ON the show? I bet boots RC didn't want that dull nothing send off -- so who did? DC has some ideas and their podcast is full of them.  I guess when you make Mashable and Twitter is basically skewing your ass, you find scapegoats.

And where's Frank Valenti in all of this? Oh, he's tweeting inane things (which has to be some poor intern) about watching GH for the person directing that day. (true story) 

 I'm watching to see if/when Laura reads her angel letter and then I'm done for awhile.  Needing another break from this mess. There's nothing that interests me except Maxie and Madeline and Brad/Lucas' wedding. You know, the one that is stopped now because Brad's married but couldn't finish the explanation in a timely manner? Yeah, I bet we see Maxie and Donna Mills together again in 4 months time if we are lucky. 

So, that's that. I hear the new lady writers are all into hearts rainbows and slowly building relationships. I'm sure everyone will be happy for the change. I wish a Jean/Ron collaboration could have happened because it would have been a good balance. Maybe that's what happened. They wanted the co-headwriter thing and he said it's either me or nothing and welp? 
Now I have no idea. ] I don't follow the inner works of the show like some do. Maybe I should--sounds juicy. 

BTW, Mashable even did a little article about the disappointment of fans. I heard NBC had a nice prime time send off for "Luke" and Tony too. THAT'S RIGHT, I said NBC. Not ABC, no they had their's at 12:30am for like 2 minutes. I need to be Daytime PR girlie lol

Lastly, I'm speaking not as a blogger but as a fan. Someone that used to rush home from school to watch GH. Someone that saw "Luke" introduced and watched the magic unfold. We know who we are. All I really wanted was a bookend. Close the chapter. One more moment to feel the feels. We are sappy like that. You should have ended with Bobbie/Luke. At least that was way more genuine than the Sonny/Luke stuff we got on Monday. 

So, with's done. Fin.  Here's hoping we survive the next wave of changes coming. I have a feeling that if other factors don't change as well we may be just as frustrated. 

and scene.