Monday, August 2, 2021

Monday in August

Laura Wright posted her last day of Vacation pic on Twitter July 27th! 

August 2nd! August is a great month--and a sad month LOL Great because it's MY month and summer and such but sad because it will soon be Sept and school!! Yes, I'm still on a school schedule all these years later!! 

So, today I'm not able to blog for a myriad of reasons and I'm sorry! Please use this space as you see fit to discuss the show. My Sunday Surgery was pretty brutal and I hope I can get back into things soon. I'll try my hardest. 

Sunday, August 1, 2021

Sunday Surgery: Runnin' On Empty



You sure you want this? I'm not sure I want this!! Tough week for me while watching. So here we go-- 

Gird your loins. 

Saturday, July 31, 2021

First Scene Saturday - Natalia Livingston


Emily was first played by Amber Tamblyn.  Amber was a great actress and did the character justice. I personally liked the way she was introduced. There is a number of ways that Emily could have been brought to the canvas, but the Cancer storyline was poignant and gave Monica female support. 

Amber left for greener pastures and they brought on Natalia. I guess Amber was the teenage Emily and Natalia was the adult. I really liked her performance and she really had chemistry with most of the cast.

They bounced her from Zander to Nikolas. And, in true Quartermaine fashion, they killed her. She got brought back as a ghost in the 50th anniversary dream sequence. 

Note: She also returned as Emily's twin sister in 2009. Since we didn't know Emily's true origins as she was adopted, this wasn't a bad narrative. It was found she was only after Em's money and ended up leaving for Paris --on a plane, with "Zander". 

Karen's Comments: 

Oh, lordy, Natalia's Emily. I loved Amber. She's grade A++ in the acting department. Nat was good but not spectacular. Emily was softer and older. Then they paired her with Sonny and my brain fell out. What a terrible, terrible pairing. I knew it would NEVER have happened with Amber in the role so it was double weird. Why they killed her off is still a huge mystery to me. It was the "blow up the Quartermaine" days at GH.  The twin sister idea had traction since Emily was born to another mom before the Qs. That didn't last long though! 

Who was your fave Emily? 

Friday, July 30, 2021

Space Jam


HERE we's Friday again. Wow.. I'm telling you what, this week/month FLEW BY!! 

Wiley's Birthday Party! Willow and Michael are wrapping gifts in the Gate House. Austin comes to the party as does Valentin.  Jarly is going as their first "couple" thing. Willow talks about her son dying that day ...she went to the grave and she talks about how Chase helped her through it. We see an unknown hand putting flowers on the grave too. Wills and Michael kiss before going into the Q house. Carly sort of sees them. Confronts Willow, says that sometimes good intensions go bad. Michael talks to Jason. Nothing of note. 

Austin says he's having dreams where after he's knocked out at Maxie's birth, he can hear 2 women talking. Brook has big-eyes. 

Chase goes upstairs (elevator) and tries to walk by himself.  He stands and takes 2 steps. Austin sees him. 

Doorbell: Willow opens it-- must be her mom (we will have to wait until Monday)! 

Spencer tells Ava he'll make up with her. She's like: WHY? I'm done with your Dad. He tells her he saw them hugging.  They talk....he's lying to her. She'd better figure it out quick. 

Sam and Shawn talking about the Hayden shooting. MESS.

Nikolas' and Liz talk about Hayden's shooting.  Oh my GOD, So Liz remembers Nik said he had Hayden show but she didn't want to BELIEVE HIM? what the fffffffffffkkkkkkkkkkkkk . I am NOT going to talk about this anymore. I'm pretending it's not happening. Oh they even have a false flashback in the stairwell they made up with NuNikolas. MESS. 

Thursday, July 29, 2021


 Liz catches Cam and Joss kissing in the foyer.  Joss leaves. Liz is happy for them. Cam says he's sorry that he didn't tell her. 

Ava, Spencer and Trina are at the pool ...Ava ends up leaving. Says to Trina to charge whatever she wants. 

Dante accuses Anna of not telling him everything about the investigation. Valentin comes over. Dante leaves. Anna tells Valentin the whole Finn story. 

Everyone at the Qs is getting ready for Wiley's Bday Party.  Valentin thinks he's spoiled. ahahaha. Olivia tells Brook she's a good mom. Later, Chase hears Brook tell the baby "Save your adoring eyes for your real mama".   Brook says she doesn't feel like her real mother. Chase says she's a great mama. He wants to hold the baby. 

Dante goes to talk to Olivia. Rocco mention! He's going to go visit Lulu soon. 

Sam asks Nikolas to help her find WHO SHOT HAYDEN. JFC. Seriously?? Are the writers trolling HARD now? WHAT!!? AHAHHHA COME ON.  She thinks that he might know because he was married to her.  Stupid. Anyway, she leaves and he talks to Ava. 

Sam asks Liz to help her find Hayden. OMG Liz remembers it was NIK that shot Hayden!! ahahahahaha. Liz wonders if something happened to Hayden to make her stay away. 

Teens at the pool: they talk Spencer into throwing them a party.  

Spencer sees Nikolas and Ava hugging in the alcove of the Metro. 


Liz calls Nikolas to talk about Hayden
Spencer says he realizes that Ava and Nik love each other, wants to make up with Ava . Sneaky! 

Val and Anna figure out Peter is probably alive and Val wants to kill him. 

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Vet Day


No, not GH Vets, My girlie's VET! I'm going to be gone for most of GH so I decided to watch it all on Hulu later. 

Enjoy this pic of Tillie Joy McGee instead! She is bald with her summer-cut LOL 

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Where's the Popcicle?


Spencer, Joss, Carly. Spencer congratulates Carly about marrying Jason. He also outs Cam and Joss going out. Carly's like WHAT? Joss pushes him in the pool again! "I wish he'd stayed in Italy" They talk. Then, Shawn comes up and says hello. 

Shawn and Curtis.  Well, Curtis says he has NO IDEA who shot Hayden. I'm not reporting on this farce. All you need to know is they have their shirts on. Damn it. Curtis wants Shawn to work at the Savoy.  Shawn wants to be his own boss-man. But Curtis wants him to work there temp. Shawn says ok. 

Portia and Trina at home. I like their house. Portia tells Trina she went to Curtis' Club. Trina is surprised but supportive. 

Jordan and Stella. OMG This is just... I don't want to hear this anymore. Don't care. Stella's mad Portia and Curtis kissed. Wants to talk to them. Jordan yells no. Jordan signs the papers and puts them in her outbox to be sent out. I think Stella gonna steal them. 

FANNA in the basement! Finn tells her he killed Peter. She doesn't think he's capable. He says he is and he'd do it again LOL . They talk about him trying to save him then putting him in the freezer. She wonders why he didn't tell her. HE said he was afraid Violet would lose her last parent. Anna know s he couldn't move the body alone. 

Liz called Scotty. Wants to know what Justifiable homicide is. She tells Scott about a "friend". He says the other friend (her) could be an accessory. He says JH is when it's "Killed or be Killed". He also figures out it was Finn because Finn had called him before. He says he wants to represent Elizabeth not Finn in this. Tells her to keep her mouth shut and call him if the police come. They hug. Jason peeks in the window... Scotty can't see him. 

Jason calls Spinelli... "Thanks for the cameras, now I need you to do something else" ...then he asks if "he found it".  Then he goes to see Elizabeth. 


Jason and Liz:  Jason says Peter's body was gone. 

Freezer opening:  Peter's body is gone. 

PETER IS NOT IN THE FREEZER. Is he alive? Or..someone else move it? 

Monday in August

Laura Wright posted her last day of Vacation pic on Twitter July 27th!  August 2nd! August is a great month--and a sad month LOL Great becau...