Tuesday, September 19, 2017

New Faces at GH ! Updated 2x!!

Because it's GH I have two more announcements to make today! 

First, Jessica Tuck, who played Megan on OLTL (but has done a LOT since; she's on TNT's Proof right now) is coming on tomorrow. I'm thinking she's going to be that Shriner Girl's mother.  BUT! Twitter people are saying CASSANDRA, the lady Anna and Fin are after. Don't think it's long term.

PS. I Loved her on Judging Amy 

Secondly, Barbara Bloom is joining the "writing staff" -- and Daytime Confidential has the details on her. Doesn't sound great. 

AND......HOLY SHIT: Tamara Braun is in talks about COMING BACK!! I can NOT TAKE THIS RIGHT NOW!   Read it on Daytime Confidential. 

AND--- HERE WE ARE..at least this is a good one-- Brooklyn Silzer's sister Londyn is playing Charlotte's Shiner Girl friend!! I Bailey I think??

Blue Eyes at 2:58

Nina and Val having Champers, celebrating their WUB.  Talking about Charlotte. 

CarSon talking in the GH Hallway outside Jason's door-- Alexis and Sam went to check out the facility. They talk about how Jason isn't really acting like Jason anymore.  "Look how fast he got out of the business".

Lante making out on the couch, talking about Charlotte's custody. UGHHHHH.. Charlotte comes in and wants money for some girl at school with spinal scoliosis  They go to visit Valentin, I think for money? Anyway she asks him about it. Is that what he had??  Yes, that's what he had!  Val is going to try to help Bailey's mother to help her through this since he went through it.
Kudos for tying the Shriner's story into a character that already had something. Good job. This will be good for Valentin. 

Ava with Hoodie Boy. Why the hell would they let him sit like that if he's so damn dangerous? I mean..DUH.  She's just yabbering on and on. Oh, when she mentions Nikolas Cassadine, he reaches out and grabs her. 

Scotty is trying to convince Franco to leave the whole Photo thing alone -- Franco thinks it was his "friend" leaving that turned him into a nut. Scotty says it was the "TUMOR, SO CUT IT OUT." He doesn't want him to follow Betsy. 

Some rando chick comes to the Art Show and yells that Franco killed her sister and all she got was a million dollars. Then she pulls out spray paint. We don't see her spray it--but later Liz is seen with red paint on her. She protected the painting!! The sister yells and said he killed Lorainne.  Dante is going to arrest her but Franco won't press charges. She says "Burn in Hell" . Franco and Liz leave the Art Show to go see about Jason (???) --Scotty is frustrated. 

Liz goes to see Jason (Billy Miller) in the hospital. Franco slips in alone. He says that he has to wake up "So I know who I am"..whatever.

Carly later confesses to Sonny: "I've been grieving for myself because I don't have that connection with Jason like I used to..." (paraphrased) SO.. ugh

END:  JUST Like the EW spoiler video they put on FB and Twitter yesterday, at 2:59pm/est The HOODIE BOY removed his glasses. Looked at the camera. Steve's eyes. 
That was it. 

Monday, September 18, 2017

Come To Dinner

Alberta wanted shrimp in this photo and @AgentScully on twitter got it DONE!! 

Ava talks to "Patient 6". Yammers away-- The Clinic Lady runs in and grabs her -- yells. Then Ava's phone goes off (which the Clinic Lady has in her pocket, it's Griffin). Then "Fix Your Face Doctor" walks in and introduces himself.  Patient 6 hears "Cassadine" and balls up his fist. 

Sonny and Curtis make a deal...Jordan is not happy she heard that.  Sonny leaves. Jordan wants to know what the hell they were talking about. He says "oh just bein' friendly". LOL She doesn't buy it.  She says it will look terrible for her being police commissioner.  She says either you have a relationship with me or with Sonny. 

Scotty and Liz he wants to know what her 'intentions' are about Franco. He says that Franco is impulsive.  
Franco's Mama-- says "Be careful what you ask for, you might not be happy with the answers" Then Mama says how do the boys fathers feel about Franco raising their kids? Liz says well, they do except for Jason... and Mama says "JASON ..JASON MORGAN"???? "YOU'RE RAISING Jason Morgan's CHILD"?? Then Liz invites her to dinner. She says yes--- and leaves. 
Franco tells Liz he hates the Art Scene and leaves to go talk to Mom at the Metro.  When he gets there, the door to her room is open. She's gone. 

Franco's "Friend" Painting sells online. Lady says IT'S A FINAL SALE. 

Sam on the phone waiting for Jason to wake up and his finger moved.  She finally feels him squeeze her hand. She runs out: JASON IS AWAKE!! Sonny and Griffin look at her. Griffin goes in to examine him. Ut oh...only spontaneous movements he says. Sam won't believe it.  She wants him home. Sonny says ok. Then he talks to her about what she'll have to tell the kids and what they'll see. He knows because of Michael. Oh good advice actually. She decides to put him in a clinic. 

Anna blackmails Finn with his drug transactions.  He says OK he'll go meet Cassandra. I still don't get this. AT ALL!!  Griffin sees that Anna is leaving--with Finn. She said she'd get info on the clinic for him. 

TOMORROW IS THE BIG DAY PEOPLE!! I hope I can make it 

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Sunday Surgery: The Man In the Iron Ski Mask

  I like his mask so much more than mine!! 

Oh boy-- just when you think the week is going to be boring, there's a big ol' curve ball sitting on my plate! Nikolas? Jason? --- When will we see "The Real" Jason? Now that the "Known Jason" is waking up!!? Why is Ava looking at some guy that could be on the cover of Antifa Magazine in the clinic in Russia?  Those are just the sane questions. A whole lot of other sheeze was flapping in the wind this week too. We'd better settle in! 

Yesterday was my son's birthday so it's blueberry pie that's left over for me! 

Friday, September 15, 2017

Come on, Bobby!


Love Maxie's outfit!! 

Sam's dream shows Jason in the fog on the docks... will it come true??

Nina and Valentin zzzzzz

Art Gallery:  Franco's BIG PICTURE CAN'T BE SOLD. (it's not even that good). Maxie wants to do a story about her one night stand with Franco but he won't comment on it. Franco's adoptive mama comes to see him.  She sees the painting Franco did of he and the blonde kid. Then he shows her the photo. "You deserve the truth" She says. (then the show ended)

Finn's acting weird?? Anna is talking to him about a caper. Then he goes to see Liz-- to tell her Hayden's gone. She has to go to the Art Gallery.  She gets there and runs into Franco's Mama. I love her dress. Franco's Mom is a nurse too! 

Finn goes to Anna's after she fakes an emergency. She hands him a folder and says "now you are coming with me, right" This is about Cassadra and the diamond? This is chopped up and I don't understand what the story is. 

MONICA! MONICA! MONICA!! "if Jason Dies you have the blood of BOTH of my sons on your hands"!! She's yelling at Sonny. Yeah! Then Alexis totally interrupts her rant. Thanks for nothin'. 
Oh crap, Monica was all mad then she backed off and was like "well, it's not all YOUR fault, Jason wanted this life"..blah blah blah. UGH 

Spinelli wants to talk to Det. West. Then he goes to see Sam and Jason. He talks Spin-Speak to him. No change for Jason. Alexis and Monica both go talk to Sam about them (nice touch). They tell her no difference. Monica says he can't stay in GH forever, he has to move to a facility. She can't even pull enough strings. Sam says I want to take him home! We have the means so I'm getting all the equipment. Alexis says: What about Danny and Scout? Sam's all: I don't care!! 
Spinelli talks to her a bit.  He says it may be for the best. She hugs him and Jason's hand shakes. 

Rando Curtis and Jordan filler scene on the docks. She leaves. Sonny comes up and they talk about Jason. Is Curtis getting ready to fill in for him?? Yes, they shake on it and Jordan sees them around the corner. 

 Thank you I said HER NAME WAS Karen on GH ---no one believed me. It's Betsy. UGH. WEIRD! she was named after me, damn it lol. Oh, the recast Mama called Franco "BOBBY" LOL that was fun.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Like a Jelly Donut.

Spinelli and Amy--hmm interesting. He's there for Jason. Of course since St. Burton is coming back, he may follow?? Spinelli is reading MAN LANDERS -because of course he is 

Dr. Bench. I'm still not into this--if it's supposed to be all SCRUBS? Well, not even close. 

Nina and Valentin-- he tells her that he got Ava to sign the papers.

Griffin is talking to Anna about the clinic.  She's like? Um..you are helping AVA JEROME? huh? 

Maxie and Nate talking about Man Landers.

Ok, I let my kid watch what he wanted because... it's ALL FILLER. I Will watch tomorrow. Promise. 



UPDATED!! OMG...look what showed up at the CLINIC with Ava!! Can it be Jason OR is it Nikolas?? 

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Wub Free Day

HELLO.... I have work today-- so I'm not going to be here for it. I'm sure I won't miss much PRE-JASON return.  Spinning wheels right now or what? eesh!!

Thanks to DISCO DAVE for the photo!! He's a photoshop master.  Behave. BeKind. YOU  BE YOU.  

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Dr. O and Franco--my reason for tuning in today I see. He shows her the photo.  It comes down to the fact that Franco didn't have a twin, so Jason must have. 
There I saved you a lotta work.

Kiki talks to Griffin about Ava. Sonny leaves (because of course we can't have 3 people talk together) They figure out she went to St. Petersburg. RUSSIA

Sam is damn nuts with her Carly loves Jason junk. Ugh. Weird Has nothing to do with anything and-- ugh.  Anyway-- they fight, then Sam says "I love you" and talks to Alexis. Carly leaves (can't have 3 people there). 

Michael and Nelle on the bridge. He talks about being shot in the head because of Sonny. He says he doesn't want to go into the business because of the danger. She's happy Michael works for ELQ and not his Dad. 

Ava is on the plane with some chick who says she had scars as well and is now cured! Oh she works at the clinic. She's going with Ava to keep her company?  God she's a bad actress. I'm callin' it like I see it. With all the talent in all of LA--you get this?? 

Last thing I saw was Sonny telling Carly HE'D be the one to decide if Jason has to get off the machine and HE'LL DO IT.  Good God. :EYEROLL: