Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Cookies Save the Show

Here's the run down:

Jules/Brad....and then Nina/Charlotte-- Charlie's Bar
Carly and St. Jaysus--CaSon's House

Brad is all upset and thinks he'll have to tell Lucas about Wiley.

Nina and Charlotte: Why don't you love PAPA anymore, Nina!!? 

Stella and Jordan talk about the counseling session. Hell, they have a whole bottle of wine. Jordy wants to 'reset' the relationship and said she was sorry for her part in the session. Stella said "You want me to forget you killed Thomas"!! NuJordan is pretty stone faced. EESH. That was bad... oy.  Bad scene there--

Oscar is crying over his tumor. Then he's yelling at Mommy. Kind of yelling. Wow.. not going well here. Dialog is off.. especially for a kid just finding out this news. And .. well.. I'm saying it. Acting. not up to par. 

SO, INTERRUPTUS of GH with the Bill Cosby Sentencing. 

Back to GH:

Jason and Carly: RECONNING THE ENTIRE BODY IN CROTON MESS. Which, btw I proved Sonny said he did't KILL HIM-- he just moved the body with my You Tube clip but..whatever. I guess it's more drama if he killed him. So he murdered a guy in cold blood because someone else told him to so he could be a big man. Welp, if the DA doesn't win on this one, GH is really messed up. 
Carly tells Jason about Wiley having the same heart condition as Michael when he was a baby and Michael walks in. He has cookies from Kelly's. Jason was cute saying no to having any. Michael: You know you want one. Jason: NO NO I DON'T. It was the ONLY fun part of today. 

Nina overhears Brad say he may lose Wiley. She doesn't really care. 

SO.. I'm saying it. The tumor dialog today was just awful. Oscar's reaction? Not believable. 
Nope. Sorry. 

Monday, September 24, 2018

WHAT Gun??

Vinny Marino...well. well. No surprise there. I see DA has on a white blazer--and 1984 shoulder pads going. Ugh. Wardrobe. Stop.  Ok, I got in trouble for being a fuddy Duddy about this on twitter but--man. 

Carly and Franco. Carly's like: LIZ is a giant hypocrite. Franco: Hey, didn't I get you outta Ferncliff. ??  Be nice.  Carly about Liz "Maybe Cam is sick of the revolving door and is pushing back"! YO!!!  Then she tells him if Liz makes Joss feel bad, she's gonna flatten her"!! LMAO 

Sam is trying really hard not to tell Jason about Oscar. :eyeroll: They kiss on the cheek. :eyeroll: she leaves. 

The kids are at the shelter. Cam blurts out Oscar has cancer.. Oscar is like NO WAY... Cam is all: WAY.. Oscar leaves.
OMG, I think Carly is trying on coats meant for the shelter LOL She is!! that's hilarious. 

Drew and Kim talking about Oscar dying..and her not telling him. Whatevvvvvv.  Dr. Terry comes in says they have to think of the future and make some decisions about Oscar. She says there's a new trial medication that may help. It might kill him tho.

Oscar busts into the hospital office where Terry, Mom and Drew are talking and says: MOM..do I have cancer?  Dr. Terry, are you an oncologist? Kim finally tells him. 

Jason and Mike and Sonny talk about the body moving. Mike saw the gun in the hole took it but can't remember where it is.  "What gun" ?? LOL  Sonny's trying not to throw something at his head. 

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Sunday Surgery: Blindfolded

Um..Why are you here again?
For Carly...wearing white after Labor Day..

I'm goin' in! I'm writing this before I watch episodes I missed because sometimes it's just more fun that way!! From what I saw on Twitter, I didn't miss much and I got the bigger 'surprises' so let's give it a go. 

Thanks to David for having my back on Friday when I missed posting-- 8 hour workshops and people for dinner will do that to you. 

Since it's fall, I suppose we should have some pumpkin something. I'm not a pumpkin spice coffee lover though. Oh, and I don't like cider. Guess I'll go for the donuts. :giggle: 

Friday, September 21, 2018


I guess Karen got hung up with work. Oh who are we kidding. She is playing in the park with Tillie. I'm going to go ahead and open a portal for todays show so all of you can talk about it.

And by talk about it, i mean the LAST 10 SECONDS!

We all knew it. We all saw it coming. But now it is confirmed. Margot's daddy is in the basement and she is out for some serious revenge against Sonny.

Good writing with Drew and Franco today.

And the kids. Awkward scene at the donation center, but I guess it needed to happen.

Let's go everyone! Time to talk it up before Sunday Surgery!

Thursday, September 20, 2018

GH Rick & Lesley ~ 09-22-82 ~ Blackie Takes Mike To His Probation Appoi...

I see You Tube has a fancy new way to embed their vids.. geesh! Anyway, here's your throwback!! AND I totally had that dress Leslie has on..but in Blue. I also had Heather's hairstyle.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

You may write HERE!

I FEEL LIKE THIS and I have to go into the Apple Store to have my phone done... I'm sure it will be 10x worse later!! LOL 

Ok, write away.....

Tuesday, September 18, 2018


Just ignore that last post down there!! I made it home by 2:30 so I'll jump into the show. The rest of the week still looks like crap but at least I can catch some of today.

If you wonder why I don't post later in the evening, it's because if I don't watch the show live, I can't deal with watching them later the same day. I don't know why--it's some kind of OCD with GH lol. I CAN binge really late at night or before Sunday Surgery. Go figure. I think because the evening is for doing things around the house and being on the computer so much isn't my thing. 

Um, Curtis is telling some chick she might be Nina's kid? I missed how he found her? Is he going to ask all the women in PC if they'll take a DNA test?? How did they figure out she's in PC?? Could Britt be her kid? Hmmm or is she too old? 

OK so I came into Franco and Liz talking about Oscar's cancer. Franco: "Poor Drew"-- and he remembers about talking to Drew and saying "Thank god teenagers grow old" ... WHOOPS. 

Cam and Oscar 'make up'. Sam and Drew talk about Kim and her not telling Oscar. And I CAN'T HEAR KEMO-- as per usual. Today I could hear BM but she was retrograde LOW DECIBEL !! 

Kim and Julian Flannel Shirt. He got Hamilton Tickets-- It IS coming to Buffalo so that's right. BUT! These tickets are for April 17th-- bloop! Oscar might be ...well..not here!  Kim wants to focus on the 'here and now".  Which to Julian means sex... 

Nina and Anna..Nina tells Anna that her mom died and left her something that might be telling her that her baby is alive. I love Michelle Stafford. She and Finola are gold in this scene.

Lucy and Ryan!! I missed most of it... OH I love these two! Remember the lighthouse??? I still kinda miss Port Charles.  Maxie comes to talk to Ryan about the article-- Ryan thinks he should talk to Felicia. BRauauauahahahha.  So, Maxie and Lucy are going to get RYAN to counsel FELICIA!!  OMG. Yes. 

END: Ok, so Franco knows about the tumor, right ? He calls Drew to tell him he's sorry--Cam is coming in and overhears it.  Then Franco goes upstairs but he left the computer open to the PORT CHARLES BRAIN TUMOR PAGE! ahahahaa. 

Tuesday Wed--Thurs AND Friday!!?

Oh boy-- my schedule sucks this week!! Tillie, new iPhone battery, workshop--work work!! Not sure when I get here to watch the show. 

SO... I will try to get something up in the AM for you to post in!! I really REALLY wanted to see Lucy and Ryan today but I'll have to watch later. Or maybe they won't even be on--you know GH !! They'll wait until Thursday or something. 

I didn't even watch the Emmys last night!! NOPE--just not in the mood. Not sure why but I couldn't be bothered. There are so many great shows on now and SO little awards to pass out!! 

Have a great one--