Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Back To Fall...

And yes, I KNOW summer isn't "officially" Over--but in the soap world it's the beginning of fall. It's also back to school. Back to work for me tomorrow, ergo who knows when I can "GH It" -- ?? I am finding it very hard to engage with the show (can you tell) and maybe another rest is in order. 

Maura West tweeted this today

I don't know Billy Miller's work at all. I'm more reacting to the fact that Jason is being resurrected than anything else.  I don't think we need it. I know we don't need it. BM might be awesome but I'm done with Jason. Maybe he'll change after being "Frozen" Who knows. :throws up hands: 

So...what say you? Are you happy?  I hope so! Twitter went nuts, btw and Billy Miller trended at number 5 in the US--during Y&R LOL  (I guess they timed that perfectly!)  He's worked with Maura (Ava), Michelle (Nina) and Emme (Lulu) before. He was also on AMC for awhile but I don't remember him at all. 


Carrrrrrrrrlos is still on! But why is Sabrina? LOL.  Carlos tells Sabrina it was Ava that gave the order to Rafe to crash the car. (we know it's not true, it was Victor) so..I guess Sabrina is going to 'go after Ava'. ahahah AHAHAHA. Um, how?? 

Nina knows Ava by photos..Ava doesn't recognize Nina.  Ava's like "you won" so let it go. Nina is like "no way"...you got his child.   Nina calls Ava out "I think they call it SLUT SHAMING".  OMG, Nina is soo good at this. She is kind of a fragile-psycho. She says she can have babies "Just like this" (stares at Ava's stomach) then she caresses it! ahahhaa.  Oh too funny. You have to watch those scenes. 

Carly watches Franco work and thinks about Sonny... of course. Then, they have a picnic. 

Kiki and Silas. Zzzzzzzzzzz. They make plans to double date. @@ 
Later, Nina rolls into Silas' office and tells him they are a-okay to have a baby. 

Morgan and Michael go see Sonny--they finally learn about Lulu being kidnapped. LOL
Lulu and Maxie try to get Pevi to give it up. Too bad he's not a Cassadine, he'd have a tunnel out of there if he was. He comes out with Lulu as a human shield. 

Carly shows up to "talk" to Sonny. 

Cabin: Surrounded. Pevi drags out LULU..she elbows him, Dante shoots... he's down! Lante make out. 
OMG..GREAT ending and it surprised me!! Just like a BATMAN film!! WOW..

Confirmed: Billy Miller Is Coming to General Hospital

Ron/Frank had a little Twitter announcement to make... BILLY MILLER is coming. SO, let St. Jaysus rise up! 

Monday, September 1, 2014

Peter Harrell You Tube

A good one to watch if you want info~! There's more on the story on youtube, just look down the right hand side.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday Surgery: A Labor of Wub

The Aztec Connection...

"Labor of Wub.." Get it? LABOR Day!!? Well, almost labor day. It's certainly the last day of August which makes me a bit sad. Summer was fun but went too fast. 
Hmm, can the same be said for GH? Was it fun? Did it go too fast? 

I honestly had my days all mixed up and realized that Sunday was upon me-- and I/d better get writing. I'm going to give you the highlights so we can all go and finish up our summer parties! 

Grab a Pumpkin Spice Latte since Starbucks put them out early and have a seat!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Estroven for Nina?

It's Friday and Lulu and Maxi are still in the "Lake Cabin" or "Woods Cabin" (what every cabin looks like on soaps) LOL  WHY don't they take the phone, leave it on and hide it (throw it in the corner) so it keeps transmiting and Pevi can't find it and the police can use pings?
GEESH! Do I have to think of EVERYTHING!!!!!! Pevi comes in and finds them on the phone. OF COURSE.

Pevi tells Maxie he's Peter's son and he's mad that his Daddy was a fugitive.  Maxie taunts Pevi with how hot Nathan really is compared to him. HEH 

Liz and Nik, I AM SICK of you!!!!!!!!!!! SICK of it! God, Nik has a nice crying moment, reaches in to kiss Liz and she shoves/slaps him. UGH. She wants him...He wants her...She doesn't want him, then HE doesn't want HER. just shut it.
Liz wants someone there in the good times and in the bad...and the baby starts crying.
UGH leave it alone. 

CARLOS IS Back! Well, he's in prison. Lovely in lilac coloring. I miss him. I know we have 900 characters but there's something about him I just like. A lot. Loved how he got all choked up when Sabby said Gabe died. They are trying to figure out how Rafe would have been driving and cause the accident.  Carlos makes it sound like it's Ava's fault. 

Nina can "feel she's pregnant" ahahaaa. Okay then. She wants a baby JUST like Ava! Britt tells her she stole and embryo. Strangely, Nina is not fazed. LOL she loves it. Maybe Britt can still one for her?! Nina dreams she's pregnant but she's really...in Menopause!!! AHAHAHAAA. Oh too funny.  She says to herself "I'm going to have Silas baby ONE WAY or another"!! 

AVA FINALLY 'meets up' with NINA!!  she trips on her wheelchair! yeah!! FINALLY!!! 

Zach donates to Locks of Love

Ah! How nice!! 

ABC.com has a cute video of Zachary and photo of him donating his hair. Good to know our dislike of his hair went to a good cause! 

HEY new spoilers are up---click up there !! 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Big Knife

Brad and Lucas are STILL in bed....and they said 48 hours. 

Felix is counting cotton balls and in walks Sabrina. First thing he tells her is he almost had a 3way. LOL. Then tells her about Milo and Epiphany. 

Nina daydreams about stabbing Silas with a giant butcher's knife.  Silas wakes up and they talk about how good sex was. He gives it a 13 out of 10! They do it again.

Maxie and Lulu are in another cabin, tied up.  Pevi (Peter/Levi) got a haircut!  He says "This Operation is Personal"!  He goes off on Felicia, talks about what a bitch she is.  Geesh, HE sounds like Peter Harrell himself!  maybe de-aged? Naw, that's even too much for GH 

Anna figures out Peter Sr. could still be "out there". Hmmm is HE Fluke? Why would he hate Sonny then? Plus, he's pretty obscure. 
Pevi drops his phone when he knocks the soda out of Maxie's hands.  Maxie kicks it to Lulu. Lulu calls Dante (then the show ends) 

Adorable Rocco has on a Fronkey shirt!! 

Liz comes over to watch Rocco so Dante can go back out to look for Maxie.  She also brings some of Aiden's old toys for him. Including a SOCK FRONKEY.  Nik comes over later and they discuss his 'CHOICE'. (Or lack thereof) 

Britt is going to tell Nina if she can have babies or not. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

"One Thing"

THIS IS THE NIGHT THAT NEVER ENDS!! Good God, it's gone on foreverrrrrrrrrrr. 

SamTrick at Floating Jake's--some random guy comes in to fix them drinks.
Where can this lead?

They are PLAYING POOL...where the hotness of GH always happens. Sam wins. She gets to tell Patrick to do one thing.
She wants him to shave!!! 

Silas is asking Nina about the night that Rafe got in the accident. And he's chugging whiskey. He thinks she may have given him the money.  Then she mentions wanting a baby. His eyes open a bit more. 
THen she stands up..tells him she wants him. Starts undoing her blouse. Says: take me...breathe hard...

Todd and Scotty figure out that Carly's a liar pants. But I don't care. 

Dante and Nate. Have to find Frisco! But! He's WSB! Mac's radar goes up. He thinks Frisco took Maxie? WHAT? duh..dumb. 

ahahha. Dante and Nate got back from that cabin in about 3.4 minutes.

WSB is now run by Victor Cassadine..ergo no info on Frisco. Totally forgot about the Victor Cassadine connection, or that Anna didn't know..or that Robert is off investigating it.
Wonder Why.
Could it be because IT'S NOT BEEN MENTIONED LIKE AT ALL???????? in MONTHS? Good Gravy.

 DI! you got it! Dunkleman is PETER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!