Friday, October 9, 2015

Afraid of Heights?

Jake talks to Sam about finding out who he really is. 
It would be a 'gift to Elizabeth" on their wedding day to know the truth. More on them later 

SO, Dillon didn't hear that Val isn't pregnant, he left before she said it. Val rips into Dante for jumping to conclusions, she's not pregnant. He apologizes. Later, Maxie goes in to see Nate and Val is there. She throws the PG box in the trash and Maxie finds it. 

Maxie and Lulu talking about Dillon loving her. Dillon walks in. Dillon is going to tell Lulu about the PG test, she tells him she knows he loves her. He tries to tell her but she interrupts. He finally just kisses her at the end of the show. 

Olivia tells Jules she adopted the baby in Brooklyn at the Church.  He takes the baby and the blanket says "Leo".  She covers by saying her girlfriend made it for him to "remember Leo". 

Laura tries to tell Liz to come clean with the truth. "The marriage wouldn't even be valid". Laura is concerned about Jake, thinks he may need therapy. THANK GOD someone does!! GEESHHHHHH. Liz says he doesn't. And Jake and she are his parents and Says something about Jason and Jake Jr. Hears it! 

Sam and Jake run into Nik and Hayden at Kelly's. Awkward. Hayden wants to have a sexy night with Nikolas. I think she's going to tie him up and abuse him!! 

Sam and Jake think that HayNik are at Kelly's so they break into Wyndemere and then Hayden and Nik come home!!  They go out the back. They then CLIMB UP Wyndemere's castle walls (not kidding) where the torches are burning brightly. They get into Nik's office to put his computer info on a thumb drive and Hayden and Nik come upstairs....
They start to do it on the desk. JaSam are trapped outside. 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Michael Easton: I'm NOT back at GH

This was on his Facebook Page.
I guess there were rumblings?? I never saw anything...

Not sure how this rumor got started but I have not been within ten miles of the GH studio since I left in July. There were many questions about a recast or the use of a double but I have no information about any of that and you would have to ask the production. Thank you again for the kind words and for keeping me in your thoughts. Love, Michael.

Bag Switch


Dante and Lulu say "yes, let's have a baby" Lulu says she'll see her OBGYN--- and here's where I'm a bit confused. Did Lulu have an operation to let her carry to term? Do they think they have an egg left? They are acting AWFULLY casual.  Are we just forgetting about the egg-biz...
Someone on twitter is saying that the operation will let her release more eggs too. Or something. Whatever. 

Movie stuff. Ok, so... the assistant found the footage of Dillon and Valerie. He thinks it's REAL MOVIE stuff that they shot. He asks Dillon about it but Dillon is busy and tells him to do whatever he wants with it. WHOOPS. Later, Lulu comes by and Dillon loses his temper (because he loves her..duh) 
When Dillon leaves to go see his dad at the DA's office, MAXIE tells LULU that Dillon LOVES HER! WOW!! 

Olivia is talking to Dante. She can't do both..PC and Brooklyn. She wants to bring Leo home.
Then, at the end of the show she SHOWS UP AT Julian's WITH THE BABY! what!!!!!?

Alexis wants Julian to move in. He gives her a scrapbook with the Davis Girls in it...very cute. He made it with Molly so maybe they can all live together. OH and Paul is dropping the shooting Sonny charges against him  

So, Sabrina went to Kellys with the PG test in a bag. Val went in with another bag. They got switched. SO, Sabrina goes home with licorice and Nate finds the pregnancy test when Val drops donuts. 
So, Nate thinks Valarie is PG. :giggle
AND NATHAN shows Dante the Pregnancy test! Dante thinks it's Valeries! LOL 
THEN, Dante asks Valerie about the test! And Dillon sees it!! GEESH

Paul tells Michael to cool it. Michael is mad, he yells at Tracy (who's at Sabrina's now).
SABRINA IS PREGNANT (we saw the test) she hid it so no one else knows.  Now it will be: Will Michael be in the MOB? Will the baby be safe??!! 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Fine Day on GH

WELL...VERY good day for the show today. I really enjoyed it. So much happened. 

First of all, even with Sonny, the "family" scene was done really well. The boys were appropriately awkward. Sonny had to be wheeled to his MRI and put up a fit but went. He sees Ava in the hall! Avery had excema (they saw Liz) and he freaks out. 
He decides to go ahead and marry Carly so they can fight for Avery as a family. 

Laura is on Nikolas to tell the truth. Hayden hears everything. He may have had her shot and that Jake is Jason. Nikolas brings up her leaving Greece and him behind for Luke. Jake walks in, Hayden yells "What are you doing here" (to give Nik the heads up). ??
LAURA finds out Jake is marrying LIZ! She's like @@ ! WHAT!!!!  She tells Jake he should find out who he really is before getting married.
He leaves...she goes to say goodnight to Spencer.

Hayden grabs Nikolas and says "I HEARD YOU"! 

Emma/Sam/Anna scenes are priceless. Emma is totally understanding that 'people come back'. What if Mommy comes back again like with Sabrina? What if someone else comes back?? 
OH MY GOSH...Emma tears up. I TEAR UP!
You have to see it, I can't type it all. 

Felix and Sabrina are at Floating Rib and he thinks she's pregnant. She's going to take a test. 

Hope you watch today, I couldn't get it all in. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Apartment of Death

Image result for wheelchair person

"we are not purchasing this death apartment" says Nina! LOL she hates Kiki. Heh. She doesn't want to live where Silas was killed by her mother. Franco talks her into it.  The 3 of them are going to be a family.
Awww. Kiki cries. 

Laura is all pissy with Hayden and Nikolas. She's moving back into Wyndemere. Hayden is trying to figure stuff out.

Jake has been sitting a Kelly's ALL DAY. From Breakfast to Dinner. He asks Sam to trace Liz' phone call. It's from Wyndemere.

Liz calls Nik and totally rails on him about Hayden/Jake..she's starting to lose it. She's going nuts. She needs Valium. 

Julian and Ava bring Avery to Floating Rib. Really?
Kiki walks in. She starts drinking AGAIN! shots again! Like she'd be standing...haha. Ava tries to talk with her but Kiki just slams the shots. How can she walk? 

Sonny's legs don't work.  Nope.  "Partial paralysis"..meaning the peenie weenie works. He refuses to marry Carly until he knows when he can walk. 

Tracy argues with Paul about Ava saying Carlos shot Sonny. HE's going to "talk to Michael" 

Monday, October 5, 2015 I need a Neurologist

LIZ is NOT happy 

Liz is so jelly that Jake was at the Oodles restaurant with Sam!! He tells her about the Chinese restaurant. She says Sam has to get over Jason. Like, NOW. 
Hayden calls her and wants to know why she broke the vase. Nik freaks out--and grabs the phone. 
Nikolas is acting like a guilty ass instead of a cool-as a cucumber Cassadine. Why? Geesh, he's gonna blow it. 

Sabrina talks to Anna about Carlos and his being a suspect in Sonny's shooting.  She says he would have contacted her if he was back. Anna looks guilty. Emma tells Anna she's her "special person" and reads an essay about how great she is and only uses her gun on bad guys. Anna looks guilty. 

Michael and Tracy:
"My father is gravely ill"....

Tracy: NO your father is DEAD"! !! 
Then she apologizes!! GEESH! Kick him out of the mansion if he's going to be a Corinthos!
Oh, btw, Tracy used to be totally IN THE MOB so this dialog about bad mob-guys is stupid. 
Anyway, Michael says that Ava told him Carlos shot Sonny. Tracy realizes he went to the mobular meeting. She says he's NOT a Corinthos and whomever shot Sonny is not his business.
Michael disagrees. 

She'd better kick his ass out. Nope-- she apologized instead. 
Later, Tracy overhears Paul on the phone when he says "I can't be tied to this". 

Laura comes in to tell Sam and Paddy about Jason. BUT GUESS WHAT!! OMG, she can't because they are so happy about being engaged!!
SHOCKER.  She asks Patrick to be her "Local Neurologist"... 

She leaves and goes to Wyndemere and finds Nik and Hayden making out. 

Todd is going back to being Kiki's dad. He saves her from a perv at the bar and holds her accountable for lying about her job. He makes Nina make her some coffee. Kiki needs to learn how to act drunk.
He suggests that Nina and he move in with Kiki. Nina says no! 

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Take-Out

CATV 3 20150928 1312
As I look over the blank page before me,  staring out the dirty window, (heh) my mind is just wandering all over the place. I'm trying to come up with new ways to say the same old things I say week after week.
It's getting very hard.

I could pretty much sum everything up by saying: no secrets revealed, baby Avery was yet again passed over like a sack of potatoes and the mob? Well, alive and well in Port Chuck ready to be taken over by young bucks and a lady in a red dress. 
I know you want the full shebang so here we go!

I'm going to have a Snickers, maybe it will make me less cranky.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Camera Running

Mo tweeted himself in this pic  at I'm sharing it because it cracks me the hell up. We are all "GH IS MOB" and welp. There you go! 

Kiki is back. Silas' Apartment is up for sale. Kiki is supposedly working for a "Japanese investment firm". Will it be Asian mob? Because why the hell else would Kiki work for some "investment firm"??!
UM, WTF/ OKaaaaaaaay.. ahahahha Maybe it's an ART investment firm? Kiki is staying at the apartment until she can sell it. Nina and Franco want to move in together. Franco thinks there is something wrong with Kiki. 

Dante is all mopey.  Sad about Val. Sad about Sonny. Sad about Morgan. He thinks about being the eldest Son and that he should be taking over the biz. He knows how because "he's been undercover". Okay then! First thing he'd do is get Avery back. Anyway, Later, Lulu gives him a back rub and he falls asleep. 

Maxie and Nathan have dinner at the Floating Rib. They talk about Dill/Val..Lulu/Dante. blah blah... 

Val and Dillon are in the boat, getting ready to make love and the dorky assistant comes in...leaves the camera there. They tell each other they like Lulu and Dante. Val tells him she slept with Dante.  The camera assistant left was left on and recorded the entire exchange. 

Sam said yes to Patrick with a cute sign. She even had on one of Robin's 1990s' dresses. Patrick gave her a ring pop. Geeesh, Sam got a lug nut from Jason and now a ring pop. 

END OF SHOW-- Laura knocks on Sam's door. She's wearing the same blue shirt she left in. YEP.