Friday, March 16, 2018

So, How's It Goin??

I saw some pics of Franco in distress. I take it he was abused. OF COURSE he was! I love Roger so I'll want to watch the scenes...

How's Julian and Alexis going? Is he with Kim???? 

Is Maxie away from Pete? We need a good nickname for him.  I just don't like him. 

The Finn brother thing is so funny. 

She's the Mary Kennicott of know, Nelle Bad...She good. 

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Let's Face It

I'm not tuned into GH lately-- I've basically been watching the Mike stuff and sometimes Franco and Drew because Roger is hilarious. Just heard this guy got a brother--the newbie cop. Who's name is Harrison Chase. So, these kids are Harry and Hammy. Nice naming skills mom! ONLY WAIT..they don't have the same mama, they have the same daddy.
So...why are their last names different? 

Hmmmm, who knows. I do love this behind the scenes photo of MEaston with Roxy. 

I have about a foot and 1/2 of snow. Life in Rochester still rolls on tho! I'm having a giant party on Saturday -- and guests next week so it may be a bit before I get back in here.  Keep it clean folks! Cheers. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Tillerson In The Middle

Jordan visits Curtis in the hospital because...he had a boo boo. She's just doing everything but the clean up.  I guess Aunt Stella is ok, she's finding housing for people off camera. Of course. 

Finn and Alexis... Finn says he needs his lawyer.  Does anyone EVER call him Hamilton? LOL. Kinda like Franco and no one saying: "Hey, Bobby"!! 

Carly finds Nello in the Q mansion. She's not happy. 

Liz wants the truth from Franco. 

Oscar and Josslyn--please spare me.

Some new cutie nurse "Francesca" caught Michael's eye. 

OH FOR GOD SAKES Interrupted--- by the Tillerson statement/speech. AND I'M SO TIRED OF THIS.  If we had a presser for every person leaving, we'd never see regular TV. 

I'm done for today. Sorry..I'll catch the rest of the show later.  

Monday, March 12, 2018

Daylight Savings

Drew and Franco teaming up to find out what happened on the stairs.  Franco tells Drew he'll be more fun to work with than Jason LOL 

Sam told Liz that Franco may have pushed Drew down the stairs. Liz overheard Jason and Sam telling each other they were in LOVVVvve. 

Carly and Jason. Jason tells her that Sam and he said they loved each other. 

Sonny Ava --Sonny goes and gets Avery and Ava is not happy. 

Anna tells Griffin her and Faison's kid might have Huntington's-- and Griffin realizes it was Peter...because Peter just came back from being tested by him. 

Kiki gets skeeved out by Dr. Bensch asking her to dinner/drinks and then giving her a signed first edition Grey's book. 

Sonny is not reacting well to Mike's illness...I wonder if he's afraid he'll have it? 

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Sunday Surgery: The Saviors

I give this offering to the altar of redemption 

Another week rolls by and I have to decide if I am going to do a Sunday Surgery!! I feel like I'm failing but hey, as you know NEW DOG (only 3 months still) and this is my push week to do all the year end reports for work. Year end being June. (yes, they are due in March!). So, I hope this is better than NO blog. 

Watching this week was...well...a bit sad. I so loved the pace GH had a few months ago and how everyone moved across the canvas. I wonder if production came into the writer's room and said "NOPE! Go back to our 'tried and true' formula of snore and bore'!! Don't get me wrong, there have been near perfect scenes--especially with the Mike story. Other times? I just can't even. 

Daylight Savings Time -- UGH. No thank you. 

Friday, March 9, 2018

Out of Office...

Anyway, I found out I have a meeting at TWO today--don't they know GH is on\?? What the hell. Makes me extra mad because I'll have to play catch up in order to do the Surgery on Sunday. What did you think of Peter and Maxie's scenes yesterday?? 

Gee, just happen to have my shirt off

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Post Quake

So I guess yesterday was a pretty big day, huh? JaSam had all the feels and so did Friz...but in the shower lol. This Earthquake thing is just...I mean WHY?? WHY?? 

Drew is hurt in the hospital. Sam goes to his bedside. Tells him she was with Jason. They talk about what happened that night (not the mush stuff) Oscar freezing, the freezer door. Sam says: Oh, Franco saved you--Karma He would have been around to do that if we hadn't saved him.  Sam "It's the first time I'm actually grateful to Franco".  

Carly talks to Sonny. Geesh,...Bobbie had Cameron, Aiden and  during the earthquake LOL Carly says they need to make a plan for Mike. Sonny wants him go back to Brooklyn!! ahahaaaaa. Carly's like: UM NO..he'll be staying here. Sonny says he'll put him in his old neighborhood and get nurses. Carly says "You're his only family"-- Sonny says: Why do you care, Mike always wanted me with Brenda" !!! HAHHAAHA. He said that just to piss Carly off.  Mike wants to know why Rita isn't answering his calls. Awkward!  Sonny asks Mike to stay with them. Tears all around. 

Nelle ..still in bed in the hospital. Monica checks on her. Nothing important goin on.  Later, Nelle finds out her apartment was destroyed. Oh REALLY???  Where WILL SHE LIVE?!!  Monica asks her to stay at the Qs! Michael is like: DERP. 

Anna is in BELGIUM with Maddox. And it's basically another cafe like the one she was with FINN in that entire time they were away in Monte Carlo. AHAHHAAA. OMG. Seriously? Some chick comes up an says she was the midwife-- but she's like 20? Oh the midwife was her mother, who is dead. Anna wonders if she kept records. Girl says NO and not possible to find anything out. They talk some more. Her mother talked about the baby that was born June 13th-- and would light a candle for it because the family had to give it away. THEN she says the baby was a BOY.  Just happens to have her moms records--I guess in the car??  It was a boy. 

Maxie and Peter are talking in the Metro. Maxie is staying there, locked herself out of her room and uses his phone. (oy)..she talks about Faison having Huntington's-- and if she should get the kid tested.  She decides to do it. Her mom is "too nervous" and so is NINA so-- PETER IS GOING WITH HER WHEN SHE GETS TESTED!!!!! for godsakes. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

No Bloggin"

Well, today is the AFTER SHOCKS--- and I'm going to miss them. Wednesdays are still my busiest day-- and Miss Tillie has a vet appointment! 

SO! Shake and Bake!!