Friday, October 23, 2020

Grave Tipping

 Alexis is drinking at the Metro. OMG Britt walks in. Alexis just STARES AT HER. Brook is like Um... then Alexis mocks her. Tells her not to get wine because "vodka is better" haahhaa. WATCH THIS SCENE! 

Jax meets with Britt. She wants money. For some research center. Jax says "Ask Cyrus". Jerry Jacks mention! 

Cam is working at Kelly's. Trina walks over, says hi. She wants to find out why Cyrus is in town in the first place. Wants to prove her dad innocent. Then they talk about their kiss. Then, Trina grabs him and kisses him to see if there's anything there. And, there was nothing there. They are just friends. 

Sam is talking to Julian about her mama. Tells him she's drinking again. Cyrus walks in. Tells Jules he's going to buy the bar. Period. He knows about him mugging Tad Martin..and he gave him an alibi . Plus, he could kill him. 

Carly in the graveyard and seeing Nina. Carly's saying it's hard to forget Nelle. Nina says 'well she is Wiley's mother".  Carly is tortured by all this. You'll see what she imagines if you watch!! LOL Just know I guessed it! Carly's unraveling. 

Curtis thinks Jax is encouraging Nina to look for her kid. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Boring. 

Nina calls Jax to get Carly in the graveyard because she's losing it. 

Thursday, October 22, 2020

I Made The Deal


Yesterday:  Brook Lynn can lose the pad. It's time. Willow and Michael-- just end this already. Brook Lynn does casual zex just fine. I love that Chase calls her Janelle. Monica "Exsqueeze me Ned, you sound like me when I was drinking". Oh, Nik copped to the plan with Liz. Interesting. Oh he loves her. Just in time for Ava to have to divorce him.  OMG, Ned realizing that Brook slept with Valentin last night. LMAO. 

SIDE NOTE: OH, MY GOD!!! Who's watching The Bold and the Beautiful? I AM DEAD!! ahahhhaha Mannequin?? WHAT?? PFFFFFFFFT. Ok, ok. phew. Lordy


OMG Carly is napping and has a dream. Sonny comes over and says "Josslyn doesn't look so good, I think Nelle took something from her" and he holds out a BLOODY KIDNEY! ahahahaha OMG!! Carly and Jason talk in the kitchen. She's bitching about Nina burying Nelle. Carly says she feels like Nelle isn't "done" with her yet.  Carly thinks she has PTSD from Nelle. 

Nina and Valentin: "You're jealous"...Nina "no I'm not" Valentin: "Yes, you are" .  He finds out that Nina is burying Nelle. He's not happy. 

Nik and Ava: Brilliant scenes. He's going to confess to her. Tells her to shut his mouth "You like this mouth".. they banter. Oh you must watch. SO GOOD. Nik finally tells her he's fallen for her!!  WATCH THIS!! They say some things and then Ava says he's really wanting to be with Elizabeth (because of the check) . He says he's serious-- he loves her and wants to prove it. He asks how he can. She says "Give me a divorce". 

Willowries to tell Chase about the annulment. He cuts her off.  Then Michael walks up and Chase tells him Brook slept with Valentin. Michael thinks WWIII will be starting at home. Chase says Brook will have to be on his couch for longer. Chase leaves. Willow and Michael decide to enjoy their time together by studying wine. (?? okay). 

NELLE'S Graveside: She was 28 according to the tombstone. Nina is there and Chase COMES! didn't expect that.  At the end of the show, Carly walks in. 

Mike left sonny 1/4 of a purebred horse... Sonny got his will from Diane. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

SO SORRY, Internet Trouble!


Today was NOT a good day for our internet !! My husband was in a big conference and they introduced him and crashed!! WHOOPS!! SO I didn't see GH today. I'll catch up by tomorrow's show. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Bar Tab

 Dante in bed with scars on his back, dreaming about killing Lulu (orders). He gets up and goes downstairs. 

Nina sees Carly and Jax in the interrogation room. Carly tells Nina that they had to get stuff signed for the PA guy. She leaves. Jax asks Nina why she didn't tell Carly that she buried Nelle.  Then Curtis walks in and she asks him to find the owner of the necklace. 

Lulu at Charlie's   with Dustin. He says it was "tense" at the house with Dante (um, duh). He says he'll let her go. 

Sonny at Kelly's with Sam. Sam tells him Alexis has started drinking again. Sonny says she has to find her own way out like he did from Morgan's death. Sam then meets with Jax about "Aurora" (remember that company? LOL). She doesn't want to head her division because 'she can't right now" (um, why??) and he doesn't want to buy it. .She has to have someone run it. Hmm, who? Michael? Alexis? 

Michael and Willow talk about their "marriage" ... zzzzzzz.  Michael says Willow is "perfect" for him but they deserve to be "in love".  You can tell Willow loves Michael now and he might like her but they think they like other people :eyeroll: Michael then sees Dante. They hug. He thinks Willow and Michael are so cute together.  They tell him they are breaking up lol. 

Chase asks Brando why the motorcycle investigation was stopped. Brando says nothing. Later, Cyrus comes in to ask him about working together. He wants Brando to drive for him. Chase goes back to the PCPD and realizes that he left his wallet at the gym. 

Jordan and Curtis think that the PA detective is gunning for Sonny for something personal. Curtis says Nina wants him to find the necklace lady. He's not sure he should. Jordan is afraid Chase is getting too close to the truth about Cyrus and she. 

Sonny sees Diane at the Metro. She debriefs Sonny about Carly's meeting with the detective. She says Carly's own mouth will get her in trouble. She basically tells him that Carly needs to shut the fk up LOL 

Brook Lynn and Valentin drink at Charley's.. she trashes Lulu. He loves hearing it LOL Oh I think he's going to invite her over because she has to go. 

Nina tells Carly she buried Nelle. Carly EXPLODES because it's the same Graveyard as Morgan. Oh, geesh. 

Chase sees Brando and Cyrus hand shaking. 

Sam calls Michael with a proposition. Must be to run Aurora's digital company 

Monday, October 19, 2020

Day Drinking

 It's another NEW WEEK!! Here we go! 

Diane and Carly at the PCPD ..Carly has to talk to the PENNSYLVANIA Detective. He's really intimidating and a good actor!! OMG So, Nelle didn't drown, "she died from a fall..did you push her over a cliff, Mrs Corinthos"?? Carly says no but I'm glad she's dead. Diane is like OMG @@. Diane lays into her when it's over about offering a motive. She leaves. Jax comes in after he talks to Jordan. 

Brook overhears Ned and Monica about Alexis again. Then Olivia walks down. She asks why she's listening at the door. Ned and Monica talk some more then Olivia comes in "What the hell are you two talking about". She wants to tell them about Dante but Ned says he HAS to talk to Brook alone. Brook Lynn looks like the cat that ate the cream. Ned says it's all Brook's fault because she deleted Olivia's message. Brook Lynn calls him a hypocrite and leaves. 

Olivia tells Ned and Monica that Dante is home and staying with them. 

Jax and Nina haven't moved from the table they were at at Charlie's 10 days ago. LOL Nina orders Nelle's headstone.  Jordan calls Jax and wants him to come to the station to go over Nelle's death again. Valentin sits down when Jax gets up. Val wants to help Nina find Phyllis Caufield. Nelle says no way, stay out of my life. 

Michael and Chase at the gym. Michael is like, why you trying to be nice to me? Michael tells Chase he was mean to Willow. Blames him more than Sasha. Michael says they can't be friends ever. Hits Chase on accident. Leaves. 

Sasha drops her coke on the ground, did Willow see it? Willow wants to have a glass of wine. They talk like the old days. They wonder what it would be like if they could go back to the way things were. They decide they can't. Sasha leaves. 

Sam is at Alexis house. She accuses Alexis of drinking. Alexis is like "whatever"..then the doorbel rings and its' Grub Hub/Uber delivery and her vodka is there! She says 'YEP" and starts drinking LOL. Sam lays into her. Alexis tells her to shut it and stop being 'holier than thou" and to go take care of her own messes lol.  Nancy is doing great with this. Sam asks her if she loves the bottle more than her. Alexis "No, but I like it a lot more than you right now"!! SNAP!! 

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Sunday Surgery: Checks and Balances

 Another week of DELIGHT! Yes, I said it. GH is still outdoing the other soaps and network TV at this point in time. They've gotten it down pat as far as filming goes. I also was surprised a bit this week too. That's a major accomplishment. 

Time to hunker down and grab whatever is closest to you to nosh. I'm a banana muffin girl today,

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Gregory Harrison To General Hospital!


Yes I'm late to posting this! Here's Greg Harrison, star of the 70's and 80's up to play Finn and Chases' Daddy! He was on Trapper John, MD for years and he's a great actor. I think he'll do really well against ME and Kim. He looks like Chase a bit as well. Yes, GH has a cast of thousands but right now, with so many TV shows shut down or spinning their wheels this is a welcome addition, imo. 

Grave Tipping

 Alexis is drinking at the Metro. OMG Britt walks in. Alexis just STARES AT HER. Brook is like Um... then Alexis mocks her. Tells her not to...