Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sunday Surgery: Light A Penny Candle

 All I've Got is a Photograph...I want to touch you!!!!! (yes, I quoted Def Leopard) 
Starting this Sunday Surgery on a bitch note since this week was the polar OPPOSITE of last week. So if you don't want to know, save yourself now. Grab a pastry and don't let the door hit you!! 

Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday's a "C"

Funeral. Predictable. Felix was good. Lucy--nice touch but where's BRUCAS? I mean, seriously. 

Because Sabrina's dead. Just think:  Carlos Dies, Carlos Lives, Carlos Dies, Sabrina Dies. Joe lives...then Joe goes to Puerto Rico with Teddy. WHYYYYYY

Hammy went nuts in his room. PLEASE tell me he's not talking about his dead wife because she's still alive? LOL PLEASE. My poem:

Greens and Ham

might be Silas and Sam
Where the dead wife says:
Wait! Here I am!! 

And at the PCPD trying to figure it out.  They figure it must be a high ranking police and has access to GH. That was quick. Too bad they are living in 1971 where there are no security cams in the hospital. 

And... Jason goes to see Liz while Todd looks pissed.  Later, Liz goes to the funeral. Even Carly gets up to talk because the day ended in a "Y". 

Epiphany sang. Why did they use a track? She can sing so well live.  *sigh* 

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Another Funeral....

and I don't care. Jaded and old--I've seen too many and mourned too much to ever believe someone isn't coming back to life...or has a twin..or a doppelganger..or.. might be a new character. So whatever.  Having so many characters not really die, it cheapens everything. 

Ok, so Nate tells Maxie he might have a baby with Claude. She says DNA test! They go to see Claudette. 

Griffin is at Tracy's with Michael and T. Claudette calls him and he says GOODNIGHT. Bye. Tracy got most of the funeral arrangements going. 

Ava and Jules are going to make out soon. Geesh.

Dr. O was on today. Good Gravy, FORGOT all about her. Seriously! and I love her! Where was she when GH was shutting???
She's not sure if she believes Claude about the baby. Oh she does, she sees a video and thinks it's her. When Nate and Maxie come, Claudette gives them a "lock" of Charlotte's hair she kept around her neck. She says it's dark because the girl's hair bleaches out in the summer.  Oh lawdy. 

Sonny and Morgan talking about bipolar. I HATE that Ava did this to the meds..the writers had the perfect opportunity to show that meds, counseling and family support could work but NOPE. 
Kiki gets the night off from Carly and goes to see Morgan in the park, they are going out on the town. What could happen? They see Julian and Ava at Kelly's... Morgan goes off. I can see it now: Morgan is going to kill Julian and Ava will be all guilty because it will be she that brought harm to her brother. 

Paul creeps into the Q mansion to finish off Monica. Tracy sees him "Stop right there...she thinks he wants to question Monica...Tracy has a guard on her door. He can't get up there. 

I missed Michael giving Teddy to Joe. Welp! 

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

GH is Closed!

Doors are shut because of the serial killer. Epiphany says she's sorry to Dr. Hardy

Hayden is in jail, Naomi comes to see her.  Hayden is mad about her Dad not being her Dad. 

Lante comes over the Qs with food. Michael's upset. 

F'king Claude has a daughter. WHO CARES all of it happened OFF SCREEN. She had to "give her up to keep her safe" ... blahhhhhh...

Griffin tells Maxie Sabrina is dead.  Franco doesn't want Liz to know because she's too fragile.

POOR EMMA! Another Dead person! Although she'll just be like: When is she coming back to life???

I'm going to go do some work.
If anything fun happens let me know.

BTW, Jules' trial was TERRIBLE and I can't. I'll get to it on Sunday! 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Quid Pro Quo

Ava looks dressed for a blood-letting cocktail party lol geesh!!  They so need to go all Game of Thrones and just make out. heh. 

Sonny and Carly..Carly's all upset about Sabby. Sonny's like "Who would kill that gentle soul"?? Carly wants the KILLING TO STOP!!  I want this stupid thing to stop. HOW many times are we going to hear about this? "Stop the killing" Stop being Mobular..stop stop

Paul and Dilly...Paul "I've done a very bad thing" --meaning Julian getting off. Zzz.

Giff and Scotty in the park. Griffin overhears Scotty saying Jules is going to get off. Scotty is like "WHY do you care"? Griffin: I'm Duke's SON. Scotty: @@ !!

Olivia is on!! Be-ratting Alexis about her testimony on the stand. Poor Lex! wahhhh

OMG So Claude says she got hooked up with a bad-guy who's now in prison. I thought Valentin? But was before he got into prison I guess. She went OFF-Grid (except for applying for the Crimson Job)...and is scared. 
Oh for F sake..this is IT? 
Nathan is like whatever. She's all "I love you"!!!  I guess she can't get Griffin so she goes to Nathan. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. 

Ok, I'm leaving at 2:30. Done I have too much to do. 

Monday, September 19, 2016

Kelly's Is Back

You'd think if someone fainted in open court, you'd call the medic for damn sake/ NOPE. And with NO JURY in there, it's so flat. Alexis has no idea what happened. 
Sonny testifies. He says his gun is REGISTERED. He in no way shape or FORM can have a registered GUN For F Sake, ughhhhh!! He can't even VOTE. But you know, GH. Don't try to even attempt to be anything but GOOFY. Geesh.
Sabrina is supposed to testify too but Carly comes in and tells everyone she's dead.
The defense and prosecution rests. 

Claudette and Griffin. I so don't care about this story!!  Bleck. Griffin tries to ask her about what she's been up to. She's not spilling. 

Carly finds out about Michael. Michael pushes her away. He goes to talk to Teddy who's SORA'd now-- and Claud goes to talk to him. "Carly really did feel badly" blah blah.  If we'd seen Michael and Teddy and Sabby together more than 3x since she's been back, these scenes might have mattered more. 

Maxie, Nate and Nina at Crimson. She wants to do a photo spread.  Spinelli tells Maxie he's been digging around on Claudette. She tells him the whole story. He says "I know something else"!!! But then he says What did Claudette do after Griffin and Nathan?
NOTHING!! He could find nothing which he finds fishy. "There's nothing"!! Nothing on her, it's like she's erased! 

SORRY SO LATE!! I forgot to hit 'Publish"!! WHOOPS

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sunday Surgery: It's Just a Shot Away

SO much to talk about this's going to be tough for me to organize all my thoughts. I hope I make sense and make you think a little bit about the show we sometimes love to hate!! The week was a wild one, really wild. Had me open mouthed, sad and wanting to get home to watch. Yes, you read that right. Even with company I was rude and watched Wed-Friday because I just 'had' to!! 

I chose the Stone's song for the title because it was blaring through my head when Monica went down and then in the Sabrina chasing scenes. Do you do that? Have some song playing in your head when watching a show?
Maybe I'm just nutty. :) 

Ok, so... what for breakfast? Poor Sabby is laying in the morgue and everyone else is all upset. To honor her I'm having angel food  cake. That just seems appropriate for her

Friday, September 16, 2016

Bye Sabby

Monica wakes up... she's groggy.  Jason explains what happened to her. 

Paul questions Alexis on the witness stand. Alexis has trouble with understanding the questions presented. Goes in and out like she's drugged. Hmmmmmmm.  I guess yesterday she drank out of a cup of water he gave her. Jordan thinks she's drunk, or trying to throw the trial.
Scotty brings up her killing Keifer and Alcazar LOL know it. She's Natasha Cassadine bitches!! 

Michael says bye to Sabby while Tracy hugs him. He cries and says goodbye to her. 

Carly is talking to Nellie when Nina walks in and asks if she (Nell) is pregnant> She doesn't know that she's Joss' Kidney donor. Nina is looking for a girl she's supposed to meet about adopting her baby. OMG Enough with the BABY CRAP! Lante! Nina! UGH!! 

Nina takes Nellie to give her a make over. Since she's looking like a Duggar, I guess.  That just wasn't too attractive. 

Nice Sabrina Felix Montage. 

at the end, Alexis faints and Julian catches her.