Monday, April 24, 2017

Jax wants Carly to move to Oz with her-- Get the Foster's Beer! BYE Carly! See ya, I need a break from you!  LOL...Jax says he still loves her and since he's being kicked out of the country (Sonny called INS on him) he wants them all to live together. Carly says she loves him too but just can't go.  Morgan Memories are here in PC. 

Diane and Alexis  at the PCPD ...Alexis is going to make a statement. Jordan asks if she was kidnapped by Julian. Alexis says: NOPE.
-__- So, Alexis is jeopardizing her law license to protect Jules.

Jake is scared of Old-Face Jason.  Liz says :You've seen pictures of your Old-Face Dad before, why are you scared now? Jake said, "because of the witch" ... Jake leaves. Liz asks Jason why he showed Jake that photo. He said because that was his face when he worked for Helena.  
History says that Jason was frozen all that time, which was why Robin was held hostage, to unfreeze him! When Ava ran Old Face over Jake had been out like a week....ergo, he couldn't have worked for Helena for any amount of time on the Island.
BUT GH... you know, Screw history 

Ned with with Samira at the Q's. She tells him about her daughter. 
Tracy is waiting for the DNA test and she tells Laura that Edward might be Samira's father. Laura bought a dress for Samira-- awwww..
Then Laura and Tracy go to the Q's where Samira is singing to Ned "Gather Together" which Edward obviously taught her.  Oh god, that was painful. 

Julian in Jail...visited by Olivia. She wants custody of Leo to go to Ned. Jules says NOPE.  He wants Jail visitation. 
**WAIT...I thought Ned's name was on the birth certificate?? Wasn't it? 

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sunday Surgery: Short Cuts

Eating: Shortbread, Short ribs .... Shortcake... 

ENJOY the SHORT CUTS today!!

So, exactly why are you here, mysterious stranger? 
Oh...please kind lady. I am here to find. I look I need to have help because my daughter she is in danger. I needs that painting of the blonde lady to make her free. You see, it's so dangerous. 
Ok, can we help you? 
I have two days to get that painting, smuggle it on a flying bird, sell it, then go give the people the money for my daughter.  But first, I must tell the kind lady of the painting my entire life story though a shoe box, a letter and a ring of my father. 
Oh, don't even tell me...Edward?? Really?? Again??  

Hello?'s Sonny Corinthos.  NO! I'm not gonna go on hold! It's my birthday!!  Ok, well, send me the usual.  Naw..wait..2 cases this time. I'm mad at Jax, Nelle and Julian and I gotta throw a lotta bar ware. Ava's comin' next week and I'm gonna tell her she's dead to me!  Yeah. Yup. Put it on the tab.  Now where did I put Avery...hmmmm...

This is a copier. I don't know what you want me to do, Tracy. 

Well..I want you to copy some DNA and tell me if my Father had an affair in Turkey!
Turkey? long was I passed out for, anyway? 

Look, Kiki...if I don't get a SNACK, I will possibly pass out and not be able to untangle this super-interesting really exciting scarecrow drawing Jake did.  So, hand over the bills and let me get to work! 

All I know is, one of you better get me a cup of coffee or I swear to GOD, I will fall asleep. Right now...right in the middle this scene. So...get goin...zzzzzzzzz :snort: zzzzzzz

Well, Alexis...I guess we just did that....huh?
Yep..yep we did... but my regret will be expressed by the size of this blanket I pull around my body. 
So....what now? 
I think you're going to get arrested. Because, you know--you're kind of a scumbag. 
Ok..!  Well, I guess my being "dead" didn't really count for much. 
Nope...although, you did get a mini-vacation out of it...
Yeah...there's that. 

Oh, honey... I had no idea that you had all this inside for over a year...
Well, I told Cam about it. 
Franco! You know Cam...he's the tallest one. 

Yeah, Mom...I told him and Grammy and... you a couple of times. 
Oh, honey, I've been busy. The house blew up and I found a sister and..well..Franco and I have spent a lot of
Yeah..Jake...we were...painting, that's it.... Listen to your mother. 

Wait a minute....what is this? 
What? I can't see you...
What? I can't hear you... 


Your Weekly Cheat Sheet: 
After Julexis had sex, Jules got arrested. 
Nelle got Jax released from jail but Carly still hates her. 
It was Sonny's birthday but he's hella mad at both Juilan and Jax. 
That chick from Turkey came to the Q's..wants the painting to get her daughter out of a kidnapping situation. 
Tracy thinks she (the Turkish girl)  may be Edward's daughter (eyeroll..really?) 
Looks like Jake thinks Old-Face Jason was the "Scarecrow" on Cassadine Island. 
Finn's trying to get clean. Has to pee in a cup but Brad might sabotage. (I call it: "Brad Plays with Pee"). 
Oh, one last thing.  Dante and Ava and blah blah...MORGAN'S they are still floating around. Still. Forever. Then Sonny can be all mad at Ava, Julian and Jax...and Nelle.

And.......that's all I got this week! Hope you had a great weekend.  It was a bad week for me sickness wise but I'm on the mend, just in time to go to work tomorrow! Yeah me! 
GH was so boring this week and such a mess of a let down, I half-watched.   Not to harp on the point, but Anna/Alexis wasn't even shown at all-- which is not the way to get a story going.  They are messing up the entire Tracy-exit with this Turkey foolishness.  I'm trying hard to engage my brain from 2-3pm most days but....eesh. 

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Tracey Q's Exit Story on GH

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Oh people are having a FIELD day on Twitter about this one! Seems SOD is leaking that Tracy has to "defend her life" in front of a judge.  Now, I personally think that defending your life stuff has had it's moment (Seinfeld) but--whatever.  Who's the judge? Monica? Maybe Dead Alan? Nope-- it's SONNY CORINTHOS!! 

Seriously. I just typed it and still can't believe it.  Read about it here: Tracy Defends Her Life 

Friday, April 21, 2017


Adorable Scarlet showed off her Unicorn Frappacino on Twitter yesterday-- and I had to snag it! All I could think of was this is TOTALLY Cassadine and Nina would so buy her one! 

No, I didn't watch the show today yet--I went to lunch with Wub Hub--first time I've been out in awhile due to my cold.  (I am finally on the mend, just in time to go back to work from Spring Break!!)

Have YOU had a UniFrapp? Not my thing-- I really like the Berry Refreshers at Starbucks and that's about it lately. That thing looks sugar-shocking! 

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Happy Bday, Sonny !!

Some immigration guy is looking for Nadime Nazarr (ahaha I'm being John Travolta). She's all @@...Monica tells him to get a warrant. He says if she's harboring an illegal, it's a federal offense. 

JAKE!! OH JAKE!! Hey, a YEAR after all the crap went down with the boy, they are doing something about it!! exciting!!  Jason and Liz have a civil moment at the elevator. Later, Jason goes to Sonny's with some booze as a present (??) and Michael and Sonny fill him in on the kidney situation. Jason literally stands there with THE most BLAND look on his face. AHAHAHA. NO one cares!! 
He brought Sonny scotch for his birthday. And he tells Sonny Juilan is still alive. 

Franco tells KIKI about Jake? UH...why?  So we can hear it over and over again? He's afraid of "His Father"!  He explains the whole thing to her--I guess so if you missed it, you can catch up.

Tracy wants Finn to do a DNA test on Turkey-Girl. He doesn't want to or he'll get in trouble. 

Carly and Nelle, Don't care. Carly and Nelle have no connection so..?? Unlike Carly and Bobbie I don't care if she ever forgives her.  Jax is released. 

I lasted 21 min. Boring as all hell 

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

That Turkish Woman

Image result for ice blue eyes

Why? WHY? WHYYYYYYY? Human trafficking? New Edward dalliances? WHY? With all the stories in all the world to send Tracy out--WHY??   That Samira's eyes are fascinating in a freezer sort of way. 

Ok, so Julexis is what it is. I hope it's over now. They were great together but the writer's screwed them. I don't want to see someone with her tormentor. They had one last great sexcapade. Let it go.

Today's show. Brad's still mad. Tracy's going through Edward's stuff.. Carly's talking to Jax and Michael tells Sonny to get out of town because Carly's so angry.

Griffin is Finn's supervisor while he's on out-patient rehab.  He has to pee in a cup. Hayden's not talking to him until he's done with rehab. 

Curtis and Jordan are talking about a bowling ball in her apartment.  Isolation. oh! hell NO! TJ comes in!!  

Ok, so I have to leave early but sorry!  

I see they've gapped again with the "Anna" story-- making me care even less. 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Brief Monica Memories!

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I'm still not feeling great-- so I thought I'd do a little retrospective of Monica Quartermaine. So many people on Twitter didn't know that Monica actually slept with Ned back in the day, I thought I'd enlighten everyone!  Monica met Ned (who called himself Ward) at a spa where he was a tennis pro. The role was played by Kurt McKinney at that time. (Pictured above). Monica later finds out he's really Tracy's son. See the You Tube clip: 

No one knows she and Ned had an affair UNTIL THE WEDDING of Ned and Dawn (Monica's son) lol...Dawn finds out and calls it off. Whoops. 

Image result for monica quartermaine on gh

Triangle of Lust-- Alan, Monica and Rick 

Image result for monica quartermaine on gh 1977

(Patsy Rhan) 

Leslie Charleson came on in 1977 after the role was played by Patsy Rhan for a brief time in 1976. This is the time I started watching GH after school.
There's a bunch of stuff going on--Monica was an orphan and Gail Baldwin fostered her. She came to GH with Jeff Webber, Rick Webber's brother. They were married after Rick was presumed dead when he went to Africa. 

You know what happened: Rick was stuff alive and Monica really loved him and not Jeff. They had an affair and Jeff found out (he was cheating with Heather at this time) and then they divorced. 

Oh Soaps were SO 'AFFAIR' driven back in the day!! 

Image result for monica quartermaine on gh

I remember Monica as Laura's confidant back when Laura first came on the scene. She'd carry her notebook into the cafeteria of GH (we didn't have backpacks then!!) and they'd sit and talk at a table together while Leslie got all jelly. 
Of course, Leslie was with Rick, who Monica still loved. Rick and she couldn't resist each other and basically had sex all over town under Alan and Leslie's noses. 
Alan tried to kill Monica and Rick once-- and it was great, they collapsed a whole roof for it.!!
There was a HUGE uproar over who AJ's dad really was, btw-- Monica wanted him to be Rick's. His bloodtype didn't match though (NO DNA back then!!). 

Anyway..the Monica I remember was epitome of the 70's woman: strong, career driven yet also very sexually free. This was  big deal back in the day. Hey, we were still a all a twitter about a show like "Three's Company" where a guy lived with 2 girls! (the horror!!)  

Related image

Of course the whole Susan Moore thing came up then --when ALAN had an affair with her! (EVERYONE was screwing everyone back in the day) and Monica ended up raising Jason, Alan and Susan's son. 

Image result for monica and laura on gh 1978

During all of this, Bobbie and Monica were either BFFs or enemies-- Bobbie slept with Alan. That's a whole OTHER story!! 
I do wish that in later years, they had kept the Monica and Laura connection. Monica helped Laura through the time of the rape because she herself was raped when she was in foster care. They got to be very close.  Would have been nice to continue that! 

The affairs on soaps used to be deep and rich. It was usually two conflicted people who were in love with each other (or deep lust) but also had loyalty and love for their significant others. Not a lot of One Night Stands or drugs used back then. 

Anyway, there's a brief glimpse into Monica's history!! 

Monday, April 17, 2017


Celebration at the Q house-- I think there will be more than 3 people in a scene.  Olivia brought back bruschetta and Tracy said the cook will hate it. All of a sudden the smoke alarm goes off. I wonder if Ashton is going to steal the painting?
Stupid JASAM come in to talk to Dilly about the photos he took. They take up way too much time from the party.
When everyone comes back in, Larry was out walking the grounds (told ya). Monica and Tracy fight..Tracy drops that Monica and Ned slept together a long time ago LMAO. AHAHAHA. 

Monica says Tracy has to move into the laundry room! 
Yes, Larry stole the painting--he put a velvet clown in it's place!! 

Carly had great dialog today to yell at Sonny. It was great. He was trying to blame Jax and she basically said: NOPE it's on you, bub! 

Sonny: "My mantra my WHOLE LIFE" is you pay for what you do"  --AHAHHA Sonny said that!! See, Jax was going to tell Dante about the kidney himself and Sonny recorded it! So he turned over the recording to Dante. Dante has to arrest Jax. Josslyn comes in just as the handcuffs are going on. 

Sonny tells Michael. Michael's mad and thinks Jax will do time. Sonny thinks he's going to get off with a fine and community service. Hmmm. Not sure, it's a felony. Michael reads Sonny-and it was really GOOD. Chad did a great job there. 

Sam's trying to talk 'Alexis out of still wanting Julian.  Julian is on the docks, looking sad... has wedding fashbacks.
Later, Alexis is on the docks, having wedding flashbacks...

End of the show: Sam and Jason on the docks. Sam finds Alexis' scarf, and Julexis is no where--hmmmmmm but we see them making out on tomorrow's previews