Friday, November 17, 2017

Friday Focus: Face Finds

BRIDGE DAY!! If Robin says he's Jason--he's JASON. "Somehow I knew you'd be here" she says to Burton. know he's gonna be Jason! Robin says "how can this be possible"??  Jason explains that he has an identical twin. Let's think about this-- wouldn't ROBIN have figured that out!? LOL 
She's not sure it's him then he says "Icing on the cake" which he said to her in Montauk -- when they first kissed (flashback--OMG THEY ARE BABIES!!) 
They hug-- then he says Carly and Sonny are going to prove he's Jason. He doesn't care, he just wants to know who's behind all this. 
Robin tries to explain why it's hard for Sam to admit she thinks Jason is Jason-- 

Sam is at Crimson. Totally forgot she 'owns' it now! She's all glam jam siting at her desk! Nina is afraid that Miller's money won't be good and the media company will fail. She's afraid he's not the Real Jason.  Nina mentions them fighting over SILAS!! hee hee.  Nina thinks Sam should talk to her about Jason and how she's feeling. 
Sam says "so you think I'm afraid to face this"? 
Are you afraid of being in love with 2 different men? Sam explains that she loves Miller and their life together (she says it about 99 times).  BUT then flashes back to her convo with Burton the other day about not being able to love someone because the timing isn't right (or close to that). 

Man Landers stuff: Amy comes clean and tells Chet that she's been paying his bills. She makes a heartfelt plea to him. BTW, if he's supposed to be addicted to pain pills and almost just OD'd, he's looking and acting pretty good. 
Maxie sees her PG test sticking out and hides it. 
Amy and Chet make up, hug. 
Maxi is just going to tell Nathan about the PG test and she gets a text about the Inquisitor breaking the Man Lander's is False story. She runs out. 

Franco, Liz and Jake (the other kids are at "sleep overs" lol)  Jake wants to watch a "Twin Movie"-- Liz tells Franco they should tell Jake that there's another Jason running around. Franco doesn't think so. Then, Franco's picture shows up (Maddox sent it back to him). He leaves with the painting.  Takes it to Ava. Ava tells him he's probably right not to tell the truth because Liz might for sure, leave him. Kind of talks about her own life and Griffin. They are the "baddies" and the "goodies" are too good for the 2 of them. 
Later, Ava googles 'unethical plastic surgeons to find someone to do her face"!! LOL

Curtis and Miller: Miller wants Curtis to tack down Dr. Maddox. and..get this, Jordan comes into the gym and also asks him to look for Maddox.  HE's like: Um, you and someone else, lady! He hacked Maddox' phone and knows the IP address. 

Liz calls Miller to come and see Jake and they tell him about the twin thing. And that some people think the twin is "him"-- which is weird.  But..Jake is like whatever, I love YOU Dad. 

NPR Story includes General Hospital Shout Out

This story is wonderful. NPR aired it as part of their upcoming Documentary Series.  I RT this to my Wubs followers and now it seems he may be invited to the set! 

LINK:  Fandom : GH was the 'dope' 

We gave General Hospital a new name. We didn't call it General Hospital no more. We called it "The Dope" — because it was addictive. We walked down the hallway, they shouting, "Hey — did you see 'The Dope' yesterday?"...
Watching these love stories in a day room full of guys, you know they made the snide remarks of, "it's pretty much for women and females" or whatever the case may be. But we didn't care about that — because they knew the guy that was watching the soap opera probably can kick half of the cellblock he lived on's butt.
The soap operas really, it resonated a lot about missing home, missing the arguing you heard your mom and dad have every now and then. You miss the sisters fighting over the bathroom. You miss the brothers going outside shooting basketball in the backyard. So yeah, it resonated hard and heavy.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Pill Switch--again

Burton and Sonny talking about Perks and how Morgan was going to run it. Ugh, whatever. They also mention Faison and Obrect. Sonny will talk to her when she gets back from 'out of town'.  Sonny tells Burton someone messed with Morgan's meds. Burton's eyes are SO BLUE on my new TV set. Like jump-out blue!! 
CARLY barges in ugh. She tells Sonny she invited Oscar and his mother. Sonny is like OMG...cut it out. He and Burton share a 'what ya gonna do' smile. Awww, there's good chem between those 3!! 

Nelle is talking to some newspaper guy about getting Man Lander's story money since she knows "the truth". She wants all the money up front.  He gives her 3/4.  She spills it all. Says that Nina was involved too and Crimson knew when it ran the story it was a lie because that's her brother. 

Carly wants to invite Oscar and his mom to Thanksgiving Dinner. It has to be Tams because there's a promo of her sitting at Sonny's. 
And..Oscar's mother says she'll come to Thanksgiving dinner-- but he's afraid of what she'll think when she finds out Sonny's in the mob. 

Griffin and Ava. Ava's begging Griffin to fix her face. He says NOPE she says Pleaaaaze. Nope. Pleaaaaze. Later, they both go to the Metro. Burton comes over to talk to Ava and pay Griff back the money he lent him at the Abbey. Carly sees this and is furious!! "SHE KILLED MORGAN!!" Ut ohhh...and Burton gets angry. "He was my godson--I repaid you, now we are done".  Ava tried to explain why she did it but he's not having it. 
Carly rails at Ava, says she's as vile inside as out..and Griffin will find that out soon enough.

Amy rushes in to get Nate at GH because Chet is gone!! She's freaking out. 

Maxie is taking her pee stick test when there's a knock on the door. Chet is standing there?? HUH? WHAT?? Hmmm... I guess Twitter put out Man Lander's address out there so he went to the apartment. He wants to talk to Nate about his sister. Maxie is like "Don't you remember me from High School-- I was a cheerleader"!!! He like NOPE.  Chet says he wants to go away and not have Amy find him. Maxie calls him a coward. Tells him Amy paid for all his bills!! 
Then Amy and Nate walk in--that will be tomorrow. 


Hmmmm, they are talking about military people .and San Diego's military base.  Maybe Drew was a soldier boy. Remember Helena called him "Soldier Boy" . Well, Oscar and Joss find a "Oscar McSomeone" on My Face--and he was a pilot in the Iraqi war. They wonder if it's him--we see his photo and it's rando guy. We've never seen him that I know of.  JossCar kiss 

END: Sonny is texting someone and smiling. Jason is on the bridge!! Oh it's gonna be ROBIN!! Tomorrow she's on!!! 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Nelle is trying to get a job at the daycare center at GH. LOL! She has to interview with Laura. Lord, keep her away from the kids! Laura is like, why would you want to work in child care again? 

Nina and Cassandra--talking over lunch-- and Nina tells her some of what Val said. Nina says she understands and wants to be friends anyway. 

Alexis is talking to Valentine. She wants to know why he's connected to Olivia. OMG-- she says "Julian is being scapegoated for HER crimes"???? UM...I think Alexis really does have a brain worm!

Maxie and Lulu talking about Lulu's trying to write a column ... Oh! Maxie goes to throw up! We know what that means.

Scott visits Julian, Julian is pissed that Alexis came to see him. 

Ok, I have a meeting 5-7 tonight and have work to do. Kinda glad it's just filler. Sonya, you take it away! Thanks

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Q's Hug it OUT


This will be short and sweet. 

Val and Nina. Valentin 'explains' to Nina that Cassandra is an old business associate.  He says she 'very complicated'.. and he's going to "work" with her.  He tells her about the arrangement about catching Cassie in drug trafficking.  She's really not that thrilled that he's working with Anna tho. 

Monica, Jordan and Anna talking about Dr. Andre Maddox!! Jordan tells Anna they are looking for him because of Jason. Monica leaves and the two of them talk about DNA and twins and things.  Anna said she feels badly for both Jasons because she knows what it's like to have one show up. 

Diane is in the Metro and Alexis comes in to talk to her. Diane is NOT happy with Alexis talking about Julian anything.  Diane calls Scotty a "chowder head" LOL Alexis explains how bad off Jules is and badly beaten. Alexis won't be able to live with herself if Julian dies in prison. Alexis leaves. 
Diane is sitting there and Miller comes in and she has to tell him she thinks the OTHER Jason is Jason!! AND she's resigning as his lawyer!! OH LORDY!! 

Burton is at Sam's penthhouse-- it's a flashback or flashforward and he shoots Miller and wakes up screaming from a nightmare.  Carly comes to see him--and they hug.  She babbles on an on about how much he means to her. She's also trying to get him to figure out who he is. There's fingerprints but the federal ones may be compromised. 

Sam and Miller. Miller is going to FIGHT for his life. He's mad that Jason has HIS face.  Miller thinks that Sonny just wants the other guy to be Jason SO badly, he'll make it happen. He's afraid they'll have to go into court to fight for things like his SS# .  He leaves to interview a manager for the media company.  (who is at the Metro and looks so bland). AHAHA he asks Miller if he's "really Jason Morgan"!! "I've recently had a twin resurface" .... don't hear that every day!

When he leaves...Sam has a First Jason flashback.  She looks forlorn.  Carly comes over. She says "you know that Jason is Jason (Burton)... you know it" Sam just looks at her, doesn't say anything.  They talk some more. Carly tells her that the REAL Jason won't fight for her like Miller will. Because that's not the real Jason--he just wants her to be happy. 

Alexis goes to Valentin and asks him what his association is with Olivia Jerome. She thinks he's bankrolling Nora to be her lawyer. 

GAH!!  MONICA!!  I was so happy so see her at the door.  I got chills!! "I just want to look at you....I am so happy to see you".  "you've always been so independent"--- He says he was unfair to the family. She says it's water under the bridge. They love each other and hug. 

Jason goes to see Diane too--she explains how he can find out who he is (maybe). They need to get  his case files from 1993.

Someone with black gloves touches Andre's passport on a desk. Can't tell where. 

GOOD show...good Carly/Sam scenes. Good Monica/Jason scenes. 

Monday, November 13, 2017


Nora was talking to Bo on the phone and she wants a ROADIE'S BURGER!! Be still my OLTL heart!! Alexis goes to see her. NLG has a bad cold-- ouch.  Alexis wants Nora to talk to Olivia Jerome regarding Julian. 

Jordan: DNA MATCH!! Everyone in that room has on a black coat but Jordan. lol They figure out it has to be identical twins. Burton says Liz told him about the twins yesterday--and Killy say they knew too. Carly just about LOSES HER SHEEZE because she wasn't told! ahahaa. Anyway Miller calls Burton "Drew"...Burton just stares.  Jordan says Hells erased all of Original Jasons' fingerprints. They need to find Betsy Franco. Sam says "Let's go to the OTHER Franco"!! 


Franco and Liz....guess he's not told her the truth yet!! Scotty comes over. Tries to talk Franco into telling Liz the truth about the twins and who's who.  Franco thinks he'll lose Liz if he tells her the truth.  

OH WOOT!! Jordan, the 2 Jasons and Sam come on into the house!! Scotty is still there. Liz comes out of the kitchen from making cookies.  "SO Franco, is there something you haven't told us"??  Franco says that Dr. Maddox gave him the death certificate that's fake and when he went to look for him, he'd gone. Jordan says she'll put out an APB for Andre.  THEY LEAVE? HUH? 
Anyway, Franco tells Liz he's sorry he didn't tell her but he wanted a good night first. She's ok with that. Franco then BURNS THE PAPER with the evidence on it. 
Sam and the Jasons are on the porch and she tells them to get along because they are brothers and they have to solve this mess. 

Nelle comes in and sneaks around Crimson but Maxie catches her!! Lulu comes in too. After Nelle leaves, Lulu and Maxie talk about Man Landers. UGH. Lulu's jelly because she wants to work. Maxie says: WORK HERE!!  Then Lulu remembers Nina hates her lol. So there goes that plan!  Lulu says she's always wanted to be an 'investigative reporter like Jackie Templeton"-- LOL Maxie is like "GO FOR IT"

Michael is in Floating Rib, drinking. Nelle stomps in and they end up sitting together :EYEROLL: with drinks Nelle tells him she got fired because of Maxie. She lies and lies. Then--leaves. 

Amy and Nathan talking about pain killers and her brother. She wants Nate to try to talk to Chet. Nate goes in. He says he knows about addiction because he's seen it with people he's worked with that served. Chet tells them to get the hell out.  Nate talks to Amy about letting Chet push her away--give him some space. They hug.
Amy doesn't take Nate's advice-- she storms in and tells Chet he's living with HER..or she's going to put him in the psyche ward. 

END: NELLE overhears Maxie and Nate talking about Amy really writing the Man Landers blog. She looks all scheming. 

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Sunday Surgery: Papa Can You Hear Me??

Papa, can you help me.....not be so frightened?? 

Another pretty great week, if I do say so myself!! The whole initial giddiness of Burton entering the canvas is tampered down but there's still enough sizzle to keep me interested. 

I did miss a day this week. Everyone said it was filler (Tues) so I won't be covering that. I'm also going to try to cut down my usual super-summaries because writing them is exhausting! (probably exhausting to read as well). 

So--let's start. Lots of Monica !! --that's always a great thing! 

Friday, November 10, 2017

YOU ARE ......

Veteran's Day-- here's to Navy Men (my Dad!) .... Having the day off is nice, even if it's 22 degrees here and like FOUR with the windchill.
GOOD LORD I am NOT used to this.We had the best October!!

OMG! Guys, we were talking on twitter and I can't believe I didn't think of this: DENTAL RECORDS!! Screw DNA --MRIs whatever. You can't CHANGE TEETH--and teeth stay the same! Unless "Real Jason' had all his teeth pulled, right?? I mean, hell Monica should be able to tell by teeth. I am so disappointed in myself on this. I watch and read true crime DAILY and didn't think of this? Oy, I need to be fired from life lol. 

CarSon are at the "restaurant" Sonny owns-- Jordan comes in. She wants to know why Sonny posted bail for Klein. Sonny tells her he wanted to talk to him and that Klein's boss called from Port Charles. 

Alexis talks to Monica about the 2 Jason's --Monica says she's fine and to take care of Sam.  Then Alexis sees Dr. David he says he's sorry he missed the launch party. Hmmm, wonder if he was busy tracking down Patient 6?? 

Sam and Jason. Sam is kinda stunned. He asks if Miller is there. She says no--and then you can hear Scout on the monitor. Sam says "that's my daughter' and this time, it's Burton's turn to look stunned!  Sam brings down Scout. He says she's beautiful "Her name is Scout"?? Sam says "Emily Scout"...Burton says "After my sister"... He tells her he just wants her to be happy.  There's a ton more dialog including a little something where Sam talks about "Alexis and Julian" and "real love..." when she's really talking about she and Jason (Burton). See below for the rest. 

Ava and Kiki...trying to figure out how to get her face fixed. Kiki ends up taking the flash drive when Alexis comes over to talk to Ava about Julian.  She says Julian is in real trouble. Ava didn't know about it. Ava says that Julian won't let her visit or use the money she sends.

Kiki goes to GH. Both Griff and David tell her it's too risky to do the surgery because the method is not tested. 

Dr. Bensch is looking to invest in Port Charles real estate. I'm telling you HE'S THE BOSS! 

Miller goes to the Q crypt. Either audio has to fix it or he needs to STOP WITH THE LOW REGISTER GOD!! I'm not THAT old but I can't hear shit he says. LOL..Oh, Monica walks in. I can hear her fine.  She says she knows about the "other Jason"... but OH! that's right she doesn't know the twin story!!!  Miller tells her. She's all WHAT!!? That skank Susan Moore! LOL  She also flashes back to having talks with both Jason's. She says to "Alan" Wish you were here to witness this miracle. 

Ok, so...Miller gets back from the crypt in time to see Burton holding Scout. Burton was telling her about Lila and how sad Sam was-- anyway, Miller tells him to put 'his daughter down or he's going to kill him'.  Sam says we can't keep doing this. Then CARSON show up. (Because of course they do!!) THEN JORDAN shows up. BOTH DNA tests came back as "Jason Morgan' Ergo, they are identical twins. 
You can run DNA tests that go out further in the genetic chain but PCPD didn't do that (yet).

OH! Alexis calls to visit Olivia Jerome but has to ask her lawyer first!! Her lawyer? NORA Buchannan! She's on tomorrow!