Saturday, February 28, 2015

Port Charles Cribs

I'm trying to make a list of Port Charles living spaces. Let's see how I do. I will need help, so get your thinking caps on! 

Monica, Tracy, Ned,  Monica, Alice, Michael: Q Mansion

Carly, Lucas, Bobbie, Morgan, Joss:  Grey House (Carly's)

Sonny, Avery: Sonny's House

Sam, Alexis, Molly, Danny: Jason's old PH (which is huge btw)

Mac and Flea: ? 

Lucy: Metro or old Lighthouse?

Scotty: Metro

Jake: Metro

Luke/Fluke: Metro and Qs sometimes, Jail 

Anna: Metro? 

Duke: Metro? (not with Anna tho)

Julian, Ava (sometimes): Julian's apt

Patrick, Emma: Scrubs House

Liz, Ric ? Cam, (invisible Aiden): Liz House 

Jordan: Motel 6

Shawn, TJ: Kelly's 

Nate: Kelly's 

Maxie: Apt... 

Dante/Lulu:  Apt/Loft

Franco/Nina: Shadybrook

Nikolas, Spencer sometimes Hells: Wyndemere (1/2 burned now)

Brad: Apt. 

Sabrina; Apt with Felix 

Silas, Kiki:  Silas' 

Olivia: ?? her apt? haven't seen it in ages

Dr. O?? No idea

Epiphany: Nurses' Station 

GH needs that Brownstone! The Metro really has no central meeting up place besides the lobby. And GET SOME KITCHENS in there!! Soaps need kitchens!! 

Yes, I'm bored! Not feeling great so...YOU WIN by me GOOGLING this ! LOL.. sad for a Saturday. But it is 12 degrees so... 

Friday, February 27, 2015

When Luke was Birdman

I finally figured it out. See, The Fluke/Luke thing is BIRDMAN. Because Tony is being followed by BIRDMAN (aka LUKE). His persona, life and art taken over by something he made iconic and now is eating his identity. 
Got it.
Just thought I'd share. 

I'm Faking

Olivia sees Franco and they talk LSD.  He thinks she's Celeste from the frozen food aisle and Papa John is her baby daddy. LOL Olivia tells him about Julian being the father of her baby because she thinks he's crazy. 
Franco says Goodbye Olivia at the end, so you know he KNOWS. 

Silas is going to let Kiki go through with a memorial service for her mother? WHY?  And Ava said  she went into the water, crawled out and WENT TO A GAS STATION to call Silas.
WITHOUT Freezing to death. All that glorious stuff yesterday negated by this STUPID Ava stuff. Not only did she get OUT of the river and call, she looks PERFECT. Why not TRY to make her look like a gunshot almost drowned victim? WHY? 
He tells her Sonny's pardoned and Michael is suing for custody.

Jake and "girl of the day" (Liz) are gabbing about nothing. 

Spencer gets taken to "Shriners" ...with Fez hats. Doctor talks about scarring. Nik is there all alone! 

Michael brings up Sonny's bipolar at the custody hearing! BURNNNNNNNN!!

Nina faked being nutty to get back into Shadybrook. Franco says he's faking too. 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Come Back

Could they have gotten a MORE vanilla lookin' KIKI!???????? She's LULU! Then I find out she PLAYED THE ROLE that Emme took over for on YR???

AHAHAHHHAHAHAA. With all the actresses IN ALL OF THE go with someone that looks like EVERYONE ELSE? 
Sorry, Kirsten was not your typical blonde CALI girl and I liked that.
WHY WHY WHY??????/ You all know I have horrible trouble with recasts. Takes me forever to warm up. 
Kiki is doing a memorial for her Mother...whom we know isn't dead.  The actress is ok so far but...*sigh
Morgan punches Michael. 

OMG Tyler was SO GOOD TODAY AGAIN!!!! WOW..He and Liz all the feels. He tells Dr. O he knows that Nate isn't Victor's son. Anyway, Dr. O says Spence should be sent to  Shriner's hospital. Which is a nice plug for the charity. They do great stuff for burn patients.
Nikolas has to go in and tell Spencer he's being moved. "I'm so scared" Says Spence. Aww

Michael got that court case pushed up. GEEESH, takes forever to do anything in family court and he already has a court date. Carly tells Sonny about Spencer. Sonny of COURSE feels guilt over the boxing robe. Cause it has to be about Sonny. 
Ric is taking over Sonny's custody case for Diane.

NINA'S CHARGES ARE DROPPED!!!!! WOW!!! Shocker. Good God, first the whole town is in jail, now they are all out. 
NOT. Franco called Nina "Phyllis" today. 
Nina can't see Franco anymore when she's released. She asks him what the plan is because she doesn't know what to do. 
So, when she sees Avery (at the court house) she says; THAT'S MY BABY!! so she can get back into Shadybrook.

THE END OF THE SHOW has Silas going to see Ava in some hospital somewhere. She looks perfect. Like Beauty School perfect.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Burned Out

Fluke is at the PCPD. His voice is even lower. He calls Rocco a snot factory ahahhahaa. Dante tries to beat him up but is held back. YEAH! Diane is there, she's his rep. Fluke threatens her though and she sees that he's nuts. 

Duke and Anna at Kelly's..blah blah..Duke then goes to see Julian. Tells him he'll be in the clear if he gives up his territory. 

Tracy, Bobbie and Lulu at Lulu's house. Talking about Pat. Bobbie can't find her. She has no idea why she didn't move to Florida when she and Luke did. Ruby always changed the subject and Luke told her to forget Pat "existed". 
They end up hiring Spin who shows up after Maxie kicks him out of her place. 

20150225 0800(36)

Spencer: WOW.Tyler Christopher KILLED it today WOW... and NLG and he? Great scenes.
Lucas is working on Spencer? Isn't he just a resident? Get a specialist! Anna comes in to help with Emma.

So many feels today.
Spencer has severe burns..and has bandages on and they said he's in danger of an infection. Nikolas sits and talks to Spencer at his bedside. 

A Few New Spoilers and Rumors

No, I don't know if Spencer Dies. Didn't hear a THING about it if he does. I can't believe they'd kill off such a popular guy--- but they faked us out with that DRAMA of a preview for tomorrow, right?! I know Nicolas B has been getting a lot of other gigs so who knows? 

Rumors that are coming:  Casting for Pat Spencer. Also rumors that flashbacks of Luke's childhood--meaning a whole bunch of people for those. 
Stefan Cassadine? Yep, saw that rumor over on GHH2 as well.  Could be?! I'd love it. Shirley also is saying maybe a Sept wedding for CarSon? Hmmmmm, what's that married 8x to each other? 

Kim McCollough may be tapped to direct an episode of GH during the Nurses' Ball, but I can't confirm that. 
Now that Michael Easton has signed, will he be paired with Maura West (Ava)? Sure looks that way. 

Dr. O has been off because Kathleen G has gotten some outside gigs and will also be on the new net series Winterthorn. 

If Michael gets custody of Avery and Ava is still alive..what then? She still has her charges to contend with. But we all know how that goes in Port Chuck. 

Ok, I'm not sure I'll be here today with my crazy work. So recap here. See ya! 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


UGH Jake...Carly, Sam and Liz like him--JUST LIKE ..Jason! WOW..there's a story! Ric is like: Liz, are you into Jake? Liz doesn't answer.  Cameron comes home. They eat his swag bag. Cameron misses Emma. "Relationships are hard" .

Nikolas and Patrick just sit there and drink. The fire rages on. 

20150224 0724(37)

Emma and Spencer stand there and look at the fire. Then get out. Then Spencer goes back for his robe. Then gets trapped. Emma runs up stairs and gets Daddy and Nik. Nik goes down stairs and Spencer is on the floor.  Patrick brings in the fire extinguisher and Nik gets Spence out.  Not responsive. Tomorrow's previews show Nik and Emma crying in the hospital.

Olivia/Ned and Julian/Alexis blabbed over the WHO'S THE DADDY crap for way too long. Did you realize that BOTH of Dante's parents are having kids after he had a baby. What is Rocco to those two? 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Burnin' Down the House

Jake doesn't remember who he is...shocker.
I guess Carly and Sam just have ALL THE TIME on earth to sit and discuss Jake in the GH Lounge. Geesh. Jobs? Kids? what? 

Sonny and Spencer. SO fun. He gave him something to wear to the party..awww..

Nikolas controls the PCPD! Nice. OH BY THE WAY, he totally talked to himself on the parapet. Totally thought that he was having a hysterical moment. Lord NO MORE DID! LOL 

Anna goes and finds Jordan. They chat about her being on the FBI squad now. Ballot Box. Ballot Box. Ballot Box. 

Maxie, Spin and Nate. Nate was a bit wooden talking about Spinelli loving Maxie, geesh!! Nate thinks Maxie still loves Spinelli. 

So, Sonny gave Spence a boxing robe which he wore out to his party. His dance party. I called the candy bar didn't I? LOL. Cameron might start a fire, watch out!! HE DID! hahaha, he knocked over a swag bag into the candle. Emma and Spencer are dancing and the fire breaks out.  It gets bigger....and no smoke alarm goes off. No one smells it. 
BTW, did you hear the kids from the party were going out 'to the launch" Good Gravy, it's like 4 degrees here. The Lake is 85% frozen. UGHHHHH