Wednesday, October 29, 2014

And, Donna Mills goes FLYIN!

Carly's Wedding Bouquet!! How lovely!! Cameras at ALL ANGLES!!

Today was filler filler. Donna Mills got bitch slapped by Nina--HARD when she told her Silas was at Ava's all night. LOL whoops. Nina readies the oxy to induce labor.

Kiki visits Franco and gives him cufflinks "C" and "F".. and says how proud she is of him. And proving the "whole town wrong"--and how much Carly must love him. 
He's like..gulp.

Anna is at Sonny's house.  She goes IN on him! About all his kids..all their mothers-- and says she's sure he'll kill Ava after he cuts the umbilical cord.  She basically laughs in his face!! 

The time is SO OFF. It was suppose to be morning--- and  then Shaun closes Kelly's. And.. then, Kiki is dressed..and so is Michael but Carly says it's "hours until the wedding"..then Franco dresses...UGHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhh.

ANYHOO... Shaun shows up to shoot Franco!! He'd better not, I need Sonny TO GET what's coming!! 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Diane and Nathan


MICHAEL'S FACE! Ahahahahaha. 

Today is Oct 30th on GH.."Beggar's Night"-- Joss goes to Wyndemere with Lucas and Maxie to see Spencer. She wants OUT of the wedding.  She tells Spencer he HAS to help her because she helped him. 

Patrick shows up with Emma and Cam at Sam's. Sam has decorations????? I wouldn't have guessed that. Patrick is Paul Bunyon..Cam is Underdog and Emma is Sweet Polly Purebread. 

Diane is at Kelly's with Nathan. She buys him dinner.  He tells her about the judge saying they can't date each other.  She says well, he can do that actually and crossing him may make it harder on Maxie.

Joss tells Spencer he has to hide her because she hid him!! Then Cam and Emma show up with Sam and Patrick. Awkward. 

Michael meets up with Jake. "Do I know you"?!!  Nope.. but there's a glimmer. 

Scotty and Franco in bed together in matching robes, eating strawberries. LMAO... oh how fun. Scott tells her about Logan and Lulu stabbing him. Franco says "I don't feel badly about strapping her to a bomb then" LOL

Sonny tells Carly he loves her

Monday, October 27, 2014

I"m the King of the World!!

From Twitter: Kris and Chad do an interview in Arizona... I see that Cardinals shirt. I know KA is a Eagles fan tho...


Rosie is at the Brownstone. She tells Ava that Nina is after her. 

Michael is at the Crypt and Sonny says he wants to kill Faison for killing Jason. Michael says he wants to kill the guy that killed AJ. Whoops. 
Michael also tells Sonny that Carrrrrlos probably isn't the killer.  He wants Sonny to figure out if it's Ava that did it. 

Donna Mills and Nina are in Dr. O's office.  Blabbing. Dr. O walks in. Mentions a nurse was using an "early labor drug" -they want the name of the patient. Nina thinks it's Ava for sure. 

Body at the door at the Q''s Larry Ashton NOT Fluke.  It's Ashton and he wakes up. Tracy's mad.  Larry's Drunk. 

Alexis mentions the word "Gatekeeper" to Olivia. Awww. 

Shaun and Heather and a BLT. Sigh. She thinks Franco sent Shaun, he lets her think that. Shaun tries to get the information out of her about WHY Franco wants her out. She won't tell him. 

Funny scenes with Jake and Dr. O today. Jake decides he wants to CLIMB THE STAIRS--- ???? WTF????? and Liz TAKES HIM ???????? Ummmm.  Oh geesh. 

DIANE is on tomorrow! 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Ashes to Ashes

20141024 0738(10)
and this is just the half of it... 
What a week can do to me! Last week I was racing home to watch the show--this week? Not so much. Like --AT ALL. Friday I even decided to not watch so I could FF when I wanted. 

What is wrong with me?!! On FB, a lot of people loved this week. In my book, it was just dull.

Soooooo, it's double expresso and some coke to wake me up. NOT that kind of coke. That's illegal.
What kind of monster do you think I am?!--- Fluke?

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Thursday, October 23, 2014


She looks SO, very healthy. Believable too since Alice's "health scare" ! Heart Patients often look lean. Monca crying over St. Jason dying "Two years ago today" think she would have brought flowers for AJ too--you know, since she was out there.

Todd visited Mama..I mean. FRANCO visited Mama.  Same old sheeze. He says he still WUBS Carly. Heather called Carly "Snarly" LOL 

Kelly's...same old sheeze. Lulu does tell Carly that Todd booked the Haunted Star for the wedding. 


Tracy asks Ned for his shares for Luke's release. HE says no (Lord Ashton mention). Then Tracy tries to play nice with Monica and Alice. 

I had to bail at 2:40. I'm falling asleep. Sorry. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Gray Tshirt

I SO miss Karen Walker

Jake is in gray..moved to a private room. Liz is his private nurse? 
One WOULD THINK SO!! He tells her he heard 2 voices that night.

I totally forgot Kiki knows that Sonny shot AJ. WOW... that's how long it's been LOL. She and Morgan are like: Michael might know!!

Michael goes to Anna to get help. 

Julian put a photo of Monica and Ned in his paper saying they were "canoodling" at lunch LOL. He and Ned argue and Julian wants to fight him. Alexis walks in--stops them 

Patrick and Sam. Danny was a grumpy kid today! GEESH!! LOL. He does call Paddy "DADDY" though. YEP. it's in there. 

Geesh, Danny is sure getting the way, when is the last time Aiden was on? I can't even remember--at ALL> Is he Bobby on AMC?

Olivia, Sonny and Lante are eating breakfast in Kelly's with baby Rocco. Sonny plays Marlon Brando to get the kid to eat. Kinda fun.
Tracy walks in and says "Jerry Jacks" is framing Luke. 

NEWS interruption about Canada. Scary Sheeze, ugh. 

ON TO THE HALLOWEEN TIMELINE thing: I'm so glad he wrote this. 

. The actor misspoke. The script said be ready tomorrow (for me to break you out) bc the wedding's on Halloween (the day after).

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Guard Dogs


Donna and Nina try to find out where Ava is.

Ava and Silas have a little "moment" about how great Kiki is.

Nate and Rosie meet up. He wants to know where Nina is. Donna Mills calls Rosie and says they "need to chat". 

Michael tells Kiki that Ava may have made Carrrrrlos false-confess.

Shaun tells Sonny that Franco visited Ferncliff and that he can break Heather out if he has to.

And..TJ was on. With Jordan.

I'm going to fall asleep. Seriously. Soooooooooo, Sonya, take me away!