Monday, February 27, 2017

Key Under Mat

So I guess on Friday, Olivia took Sam's cell phone and put it in Alexis' purse when I wasn't looking LOL. 

Julian is handcuffed/hooded in Olivia's room until she can "find out if the hospital is sold to her". She tells him that Sam fell off the bridge after she attacked her-- he doesn't believe Sam attacked OJ. 

Jason shows a pic of Olivia to Alexis. He tells her that her "sponsor" is really Olivia Jerome. 

Sonny wants to renew their vows and have Griffin do it. OPEN MOUTHED SNORING. 
Later, Sonny asks Griffin to officiate and Griff says "is it because you feel guilty about sleeping with that woman when you were broken up"? 

Nell deletes the Sonny audio file in the computer, now has to get the zip drive she sent to Carly. .  She shows up in Carly's office looking for the envelope but finds out that Bobbie took the mail home to organize it for Carly.  

Board meeting: Still waiting for Laura. Tracy's stalling. Dr. O walks in, she's a proxy voter in case of a tie. Dr. O voted in favor to sell the hospital. (see below) 

Hayden and Finn talk about his addiction. Again. Zzzzzzzz. 
Finn leaves and goes to meet the company rep about the cure-he doesn't want to sell it to a greedy pharm out to fleece money from 3rd would countries. Tells them to go to hell. Guy offers a TON of money. I think Finn will sell the cure to get money to buy the hospital. 

Felicia meets Bobbie at the coffee shop. She tells Bobbie off camera what she found out. Next time, Bobbie's sitting with Carly telling her the "S" on the card of Nell's flowers stands for "Sonny". OMG Is this all for the Sonny crap to come out and not the Nell backstory? I will be so mad.
NOPE! It's all about the Sonny affair. YAWN. Bobbie said Felicia found out in Atlanta from one of Nell's friends she was having an affair with 'the bosses hubby".
BUT! Carly doesn't believe it and she's off to prove Her wrong!! 

At the end, Carly goes into Nell's apt (finds the key under the MAT for F sake) and sees on Nell's computer that "Sonny's audio file has been deleted" -- just when Nell finds the envelope at the Metro.  Carly finds the zip drive in the wastebasket and plays it and hears Sonny say they slept together. 

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sunday Surgery: A Bridge Too Far

WELP. Here we are-- what has the Olivia Jerome story boiled down to? A damsel in distress laying at the bottom of a ravine, waiting for her hero to arrive. You'd think that in 2017 someone could have come up with something more exciting and detailed. 

I'm back for this week anyway--and I'm not holding back!! So let's go . Breakfast needs to be hearty because it might be awhile. 

Friday, February 24, 2017

Baby Clothes

Sam.."if we get through the night, we'll be ok"... She tries to climb up the ravine. Falls back down

Jason and Curtis breaking into Olivia's giant ass'd above ground crypt.  Grave is empty.

Laura's on.  The British guy put something in her stop her from voting in the GH thing.  She's in the GH parking lot and passes out in the car.

Tracy and Lucy...yabbin about the hospital closing.

Finn and his addiction. yada yada... Finn told Hayden he loves her...she says unless you go to rehab we are done.

Val tells Nina he doesn't want Anna charged. He tells Nina he loves HER and only HER. He doesn't love Anna.

Robin and Anna.  YEAH~~~ Robin tells Anna she's pregnant!! Oh how I love that these 2 grew together on canvas!!

Alexis and OJ meet-- Alexis tells her all about the key Julian gave her and the letter in the safety deposit box.  Olivia is mad-- she wants Alexis to promise that she'll let her come to the bank with her if she wants to read it.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

I'm Gonna Get Off the Junk, Roxie

Finn used the jet to go get illegal pharmaceuticals which he bring to the hotel room.  Griffin tells Hayden he thinks Silas is an addict. 

Curtis and Nina 'Catch Up" at the Metro. Remember when they were friends.  They are just using exposition to let everyone know about Nina's wedding. Yada yada. I guess they needed filler. 

Olivia still has Sam on the bridge. She wants to stash her until she hears from Jules about the hospital. Sam figures out that OJ planted the bomb in Julian's car and killed Morgan. Really basic writing, imo. Just not compelling. Sam fakes a labor pain then they struggle for the gun.Struggle Struggle. Sam punches Olivia. Olivia lunges. Sam falls over the side...slides down the bank. 

Jason and Robin talk in GH-- and she tells him about Anna.  He asks her about Olivia Jerome. She says she hates her mother because of Duke and hates Julian because he killed him. Jason looks worried.  He figures out that Olivia is alive. 

Anna is wobbly. Val comes in "Can I catch you again"?? She said she was told that SHE ordered Valentin's assassination at the WSB but she doesn't remember it at all. She wants him to tell her.  Anna says "I think it was so horrible I blocked it out".  They of course, don't talk about it. He leaves. Robin and Griffin tell her that she can't really return to work as a police person or spy because she can't risk getting hurt with her condition. Anna's pissed. 

Jules is in the bar. A guy from the GH board comes in. Says there's a snag in selling the hospital to Jules' client. He threatens the guy to make sure that the sale goes through. 

NOTE: Nina calls the cops on Anna to report that she broke in to Wyndemere last night. Some cops arrests her. 

Also-- Robin said "OH BROTHER" to Griffin in a weird tone-- and the rumor has it Anna blocked out his birth?? 
Who knows. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Baby Blanket

Mickey and Noodle are still stuck in the cabin... zzzzzzz. They didn't kiss. Maybe they are related. I wish this story would hurry the F up.  Nelle is trying to "keep people away so she doesn't get hurt". 

In the car with Sam and Olivia J... Sam sees the "reincarnation" symbol that is on the mirror. Asian talk.  Sam gets wary.  She asks to get out to use the bathroom the bridge (?) where her "Friend" supposedly lives. She tries to call Jason. Olivia comes up behind her and takes her phone.  Then, she pulls out a gun. 

Monica gives Jason a blanket Lila knitted for him when he was a toddler. "Lila always knew you belonged in this family". That was such a good story! Monica and Susan both PG--AJ and Jason born. Susan killed. WOW. 

Hayden, Tracy and Monica -- looks like Hayden may have saved things by getting people to buy into it. That's why the whole Q family is trying to buy it up. 

Ava and Julian. Ava's been in prison like 4 times. Great--this is so boring.  He's going to tell her the Truth...BUTTTTT BUT.... Get this. Olivia send him a pic of she and Sam in the car.  SO he doesn't. Ava gets mad and says "You're dead to me". 

Jason and Sonny figure out Olivia J could still be alive.  They are going to check it out. 

NOTE: The envelope that Nell sent to Carly is sitting on top of her desk at the Metro. Bobbie was in there snooping. Carly came in and left without looking at her mail. Bobbie is talking to Felicia on the phone show seems to have found out something about Nell. not sure what yet. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Blizzard Warning

So... Ned meets with Dante and tells him Olivia  said no and ran. Olivia is in Floating Jake's with Jules. Jules is basically telling everyone 'goodbye' one way or another. 

Mikey and Noodle are in the cabin stuck--in the blizzard. Welp. This should be exciting. Right? They'll braid each other's hair... do their nails..... have marshmallows. Riveting. OMG there is an old deep copper tub at the place. Ugh. 

Curtis is trying to make Jordan jelly with Grace. He and Jordan gab about Maddox. They really just don't write well for them, imo. They are just so isolated as a couple. 

Sam is in the parking garage know nothing happens that's GOOD in a parking garage, right? Olivia Jerome is there too. Robin stops to talk to Sam--

 and OMG a great flashback of Robin and  Olivia!! WOW..Robin has to be..about 9?? Cheryl was in the shower-- so it had to be the 80's. COOL!! 

So, Sam goes into GH..talks to Lucas, sees her doc off camera, comes back to the car. Olivia knocks on her window just as she's about to leave.  Sam has 'car trouble' . Olivia says she'll drive her. Since Sam thinks she's Alexis' sponsor she says ok. 

Sonny and Jason...just talking -- blah blah... Then Robin appears and it's ok!  Jason leaves to go find Sam. Robin tells Sonny about Anna having cancer.  Then they talk about Morgan. Robin mentions Olivia Jerome. 

Later at Floating Rib, Ned comes in and he and Olivia talk about getting married.  Ned finally leaves and says "I'll just go work on myself for awhile until you say yes"....

Monday, February 20, 2017

Cabin In the Woods

I see Sonny's outta the house. Of course he's off the hook! Now they can concentrate ALL their time on the Morgan bomb (yeah, not).

Sam and Alexis--Loved Sam's sweater. 

Good old fashioned soapy soap stuff right here but for me? The actress/writing just doesn't cut it. The vixen needs to be smoldering, simmering and a spitfire. That or a low-burner of pent up seduction. Nelle is neither. Bland, blah...ugh. It was a slow start, and the entire kidney thing is lost in all of this mess.
Cabin in the woods-- what's going to happen there? Hmmmm. Last time Michael went into a cabin he bashed Claudia's head in. 

 Oh..Ava's been arrested for the bombing. Got it. Didn't see how that happened, but I learned today that she's in jail! 

The whole hospital thing. I do like the fact the Q's are having family meetings and that Ned might buy it with L&B Records money.  I had wondered if we'd ever see Olivia F and Nedly again. So yeah! 

Finn's on going addiction is such a weak link. Isn't there enough stuff going on-- ??  Is Sonny just going to get him Vicodin? Thought Sonny didn't deal drugs? 

Hospitals can't just not staff-- you'd have to call in the troops. I do believe it's a state law not to have X number of registered nurses on duty. BUT! What do I know?  Hayden doing everything is pretty funny as well. She just just started there, she was a major suspect in her Dad's thing but--let her save the hospital! 

ROBIN!  I do accept her popping in because it's organic and could happen. She comes in and doesn't linger and there's no "ROBIN'S BACK" fake notices going around. If KM wants to just visit, I'm ok with it.  I wish they'd make her pregnant on the show tho. She has the best bet of having a joyful birth since they live in CA. LOL. 

Anna's illness. Oh why. WHY WHY---the Val story was going along just fine. Now this. By the way, her cancer is a real kind. My childhood neighbor had something like that-- she had to have full transfusions for years. When she finally stopped, she passed ;( .  I tell you what though, on soaps, there is usually a reason for it. DNA testing -- you know finding out long lost relatives. See: Webber Sisters. 
Oh, just saw some gossip that it may be Olivia gaslighting Anna? Hmmmmm, that would be something. Hmmm.. 

Friday, February 17, 2017

Tripped Up

So.. I was supposed to fly to England today but have had the flu so badly it's just not to be. This is so sad in so many ways! I was surprising my nieces for their birthday, going on a great 5 day trip ALONE to have a blast AND...getting out of the country for a bit. 
Oh I'm bitter. Plus, it's so cheap right now compared to after March 31st, it's not even funny.

That's the main reason I've been MIA--illness. I took 2 days off to get well... which obviously didn't work enough. Did you know that steroids can really stop swelling in your nasal passages? Wow-- the 'more aggressive' treatments are certainly awesome. Just too little too late! 

My GH watching was confined to yesterday-- and I did think the strike stuff was cute. I am also intrigued by Anna and Val-- I guess because of the actors involved. 

I wasn't going to do Sunday Surgery for 2 weeks (obviously) but maybe I will just miss this week and pick it up next. 

Have a great Friday.