Tuesday, November 20, 2018

No Escape

The Escape Rooms!! ahahaaha OMG!! Ok, so the pre-wedding partiers are in escape rooms: One group is in "Serial Killer Room" and the other are on "Cassadine Island"!! They have an hour to escape-- 
There are cut outs of the people (Helena, Stavros-- Ryan etc) in the rooms. Hysterical. 
Cassadine Room: Valerie (yeah!) Krissy, Molly, Alexis-- Jordan... Lulu and Maxie.

Serial Killer Room: (With Text Message killer Diego Franco, Heather Webber and Faison): Anna...Curtis Sam, Peter, Nina, NuTJ and Chase Ford, Finn.

A lot of fun stuff happens in the rooms--just watch it!! I can't explain it all but Alexis "talks" to Helena at one point! "Giggle".

They all want out because they have trauma with the "people" in the rooms but the kid falls asleep at the desk and can't hear them so they have to unlock the doors within the hour or be trapped all night.  You'll have to see if they make it! 

Laura tells Kevin she's releasing a press thing to tell everyone about their divorce (because of her mayor race). He's like SEE YA! PEACE OUT! Laura still doesn't get how he can be so cold.

Carly throws Ava out of the Metro, just "Because"... Ava goes to Kelly's. Talks to Ryan, says she's going to "sleep like a baby"!! 

Kiki sees Griffin who jumps out of bed naked. She runs. he runs after her. Sasha wakes up and just falls back to sleep! LOL They go into the bar where Kiki's doing shots. He wants her to feel the bump on the back of his head. They go back up to Sasha's room and he checks her out and realizes she's been drugged. Kiki says "I bet I know who did it".  Kiki goes to Kelly's, sees Ava and accuses her of doing it. Ryan just smiles.
Kiki tells her she was a permissive mom and she always thought she was so cool... but "you never wanted to BE a Mom".  They fight, Kiki storms off. 

Carly and Laura stand with their mouths open to watch them. Then Laura cries because her marriage is breaking up. Carly hugs her. They talk at the bar.  Talk about the patient in the room--and how weird "Kevin's" been acting. 
Spinelli calls Carly on the phone and tells her the name of the patient is "Wilson" (which was Ryan's alias in Texas when he was first on the show).
In Kelly's Stella talks with Marcus about Tommy-- and him getting killed in the war. He says it's hard not to try to blame it on someone. Nice scenes.

NOTE: NuTJ seems good


More Disney FUN! 

Monday, November 19, 2018

The Black Bra

GH CAST on their way to Disneyworld!! --Twitter GH account today

Kiki tells Franco that she threw Sasha out of her apartment over the whole incident. He said that was mature.  She said she trusts Griffin and her life is getting better. (says much the same to Michael) 

Sasha is passed out "Sweet Dreams, Princess" Ava says! Sasha is in her bathrobe on the bed.  She tucks her in, arranges her bra and panties on the bed. Puts her lipstick on the champagne glass and then texts Griffin wither her phone. I guess Sasha doesn't have a password?? 
So, Griffin comes over. Sasha's door is open..he goes in--sees her naked in bed and AVA comes up behind him and HITS HIM HARD with the bottle!! WHAM!!! ahahahahahaa. He goes down!! 
I hope she erases the security footage. 
She gets Griffin in bed, texts Kiki from Sasha's phone "To true love" she says. Then she goes to GH and tells Franco she's looking for Kiki and wants to make up. She saw Griffin with another woman!!  She thinks Kiki should see for herself. Franco says He'll go. She runs too fast. (she finds them tomorrow). 

Drew and Kim blah blah..Oscar.. blah whatever--can we stop him? Should we? I'm stopping him..I"m saving his life. She'll take him out of the country and get the treatment.
Drew sits down when Kim leaves, Sam comes along to soothe him. He says he needs a magic wand.

Kim runs to Julian and asks if he's still got illegal connections. She wants papers and passports "help me kidnap Oscar". He says no but she begs.  He finally says ok. 

Monica gave Oscar a tour of PC and the Q legacy. She says he's part of that now.  He asks her what the cancer will do to him. She explains. Does a good job going through the stages. This is what Kim should have been doing all along!!  Good scenes. Oscar leaves and Monica says she'll be there for whatever he needs. 

Sam's at Charlie's drinking? Um..Why? Ah, she was meeting Krissy there. 

Jordan and Curtis' wedding tomorrow. She gives him cufflinks, he gives her a bracelet. Looks like a shower tomorrow for Jordan? 

Stella and Mike at Kelly's..Marcus comes in, he knew her before. His wife is at PC getting treatment. She's all giggly. He was on BREAKING BAD PEOPLE!! 

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Sunday Surgery: Seeds of Promise

But Auntie Helena came to me in my dreams and TOLD me to say those things, Papa!! 

Geesh, another week I enjoyed!! Even while sick, I managed to get into the show and not be too crabby. I'm liking the Aiden story a lot and it really turned things around for me. Couple that with Ryan and Ava and WIN!!  We also had a 'fantasy' show on Monday which centered on Sonny. I'll have a few things to say about that but I wrote most of it when I posted after watching.   SONNY DAY 
This blog is more of a analysis than anything else. I haven't done one like this in awhile. I had more time to think this week because I was home sick. Sorry-- you may have to just endure and indulge me for a bit!!
Since I've had a cold, let's have chicken soup. Nothing does it up like good old noodles and broth. Sasha will soon find out HER soup isn't so great though! 

Friday, November 16, 2018


Yes, I'd like to know who's wonderful lobster that is in the back? 

That's right, Here's the lobster in Ms. Tait's classroom. You know that's no mistake, btw-- IT'S HUGE! AND they don't even live in Maine.
Ah, those prop guys love me. Alberta is smitten 

Soup for One?

Margot and Sonny...we have another chance they will do it real soon here.  She asks what he's doing there, going to kill her? 

Sam, Michael. Couldn't hear what they were talking about at first so...Oh, Jason showed up so I could hear: Nelle's at Ferncliff. 

Liz, Franco and Aiden... he told them about the K-9 doggie ...nothing else. Aiden wants snacks. Franco is going to do a art therapy lesson with him.  Did you know his hamster was named Sir Jellybean. 

Lulu's at the teachers... Valentine gets a call and goes over. Nina follows.  Miss Tait calls Charlotte a bully and Nina goes nuts "It's her leadership skills" "It's YOU Miss Tait" and Val and Lulu just sit there with their mouths open.  Oh you have to watch this scene.. Nina then says "Charlotte's strong and brave, and DO YOU have children Ms. Tait"??? Then she kicks Nina out--Nina gets mad...then VALENTINE KICKS NINA OUT!! LOL 
after the meeting Michael comes over and gives the teacher seeds? Must be I missed that little tidbit of info. They talk about going to grief meetings. 

Kiki goes to Sasha and tells her she's out of the apartment! TONIGHT! Sasha says "Wow you're insecure about your boyfriend, I guess because he cheated on your mom --with you"!! BOOM!!

Ryan and Ava. She's in leather, he's drinking a Bloody Mary, what could happen? He gives her a SLEEPING PILL from his pocket he got from a pharmacy rep!!! GEEZZZZE!!! She's like: Bad side effects"??
Sasha is all mad she asked her to break up Griff and Ava. She goes upstairs to where she's renting a room at the Metro. 

OMG PREVIEWS: Ava drugs her, then has Griffin go over to her room!! She spiked Sasha's soup that was for delivery!!  ahahahahaa

Lulu sees Liz at GH.. they talk about Aiden going thru a rough time and Char going through a 'phase'...not knowing it's the other's kid. 

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Strep or Naw?

I'm waiting to hear on my strep test--because you know, KIDS AND GERMS... I wasn't sure I would be up to watch but at 2:22 I crawled off the couch to post! Look at me!! 

I do it all for you. Here's hoping something happens today

Bullying of Aiden is on tap. Wonder if it's Charlotte?!! She can't release the bullie's name because she doesn't want to pit families against each other. Franco is pissed and says she's protecting the bully, not Aiden.  Someone on twitter said Charlotte was being a bitch to him yesterday.  Teacher says there's no such thing as a bad seed--OH I AM SO HERE FOR CHARLOTTE BEING ONE!! please!! I loved that movie!
Anyway, the teacher, whom I'm calling Winnie because her voice is SO WHINEY .calls Lulu to talk about Charlotte so yep!!

Hayden wrote to Finn...She wants to meet him in Rome for "unfinished business"--has to be the baby. Has to be. Yeah, he talks about losing the baby. So--Wiley. Or the baby she thinks is Wiley?? Although it's been too long for that--right? Not sure. We do time travel here. 

Carly and Sonny see Margogo at the Metro. Sonny feels so sorry for her. Carly berates her and tells her to back off and stop harassing her family.  Yells, Carly style. Then Margo leaves and Carly yells HARD at Sonny for being nice to Margo. 
Sonny shows up at Margo's house to "finish it" ahahahaah (yeah, right)

Drew wants to pay for Curtis' honeymoon and it's open ended. 

Jordan talks to Ryan about the serial killer. He says the person must be superior intellect. She's going to have him help the investigation. 

Ok, glad I watched.  I think I'm gonna be watching yesterday's show too I think. Sorry I've been out of it. Being sick on top of busy on top of this snow...it sucks!!

I SEE GH got a K-9!!! I'm so happy!! 

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The Late, The Great....

FAITH ROSCO! Yep... watch it.. I miss her and loved her !! Her Gram was the Titanic LADY! LOL Watch her flashback-- and Look at Young Nedly!!!

Guys, I have so much to do today...sorry that I can't make the show. Enjoy!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Oscar Day

Weekend GH Fantasy Event!

Sonny's still with DA Girl at Janette's!! LOL 

Kim and Drew talking about Oscar. Monica comes in and they talk about Emily and how she refused treatment at first. She accepted after a young man she loved convinced her. (it was Nikolas). Tells Kim not to give up

Joss and Cam together at Webber's house. They talk about ....OSCAR! 

Alexis and Oscar at Charlie's. She tells him he has to get a GED online or in class-- then pulls out a ton of health insurance forms!! Oscar's like HUH? She says : "Um you have to do all this". She's trying to overwhelm him!! 

Jason and Carly talking about who could have set her up. She doesn't think Ava would cut someone's head off. They aren't sure. Gee--wouldn't Franco's name come up first? Sonny comes home: "Where have you been"!?
Mike comes home with Stella. They went to the farmer's market and did some fun stuff. Sonny says "Dad, everything that happened in Croton is over" He tells Carly and Jason what happened.  Carly thinks that Margo will be really mad once she realizes Sonny actually pulled the trigger. Once the shock wears off, she'll come after him even harder.  Sonny says he feels badly because DA lady lost her father twice and now her mother because of him. Apologizes for not being there for Carly when she was at the PCPD. Carly's kinda pissed at him. 

Charlie's... Joss and Cam stop before school for breakfast (is this all happening at 7:30 in the morning??!!). Oscar is all mopey. Asks Cam if he and Joss are 'just friends"... Cam says NOPE Oscar mopes.

Monica comes in and pays Julian to take Oscar for the day-- Geesh, who's gonna clean the tables??!!  They leave. I'm sure she'll talk to him about getting the treatments. 

Margo tells Jordan what happened. Jordan says that it's her decision to make whether or not to go ahead with the case.