Sunday, December 8, 2019

Sunday Surgery: Raise Your Glass

First We Sing...
What a week! I love writing when I'm loving the show!!! Sorry....I really had fun this week.  So much happening and so much movement.  Yes, a few things were wonky but overall? I even watched on Thursday when I normally take the day off. That says something! 

We are having guests later and made some quiche and hash. So, belly up! 

Friday, December 6, 2019

Milkshake at the Bar


Dr. Matt's coming back for a cameo on GH...I guess to operate on Lucas? You probably all knew this already. I heard a rumor but-- I never know if I'm to believe some sites. :eyebrows up:  Stole the pic from @DaytimeConfidential on Twitter. Don't come for me, Luke!! 


Dr. Matt in the house!!  Carly called Griffin in to see Lucas.  He's working with doctors that go to rural communities to take care of people with limited medical care.  He says that Lucas is in bad shape, but he does have some brain activity. Sonny wants him to also look at Mike's lab work. 
Jason's back..he sees Sonny at GH. It's Sam's parole hearing and he can't be anywhere near there. PAROLE HEARING? Um...Geesh! Hes' going to 'take matters into his own hands" if she doesn't get out.

Today's  Franco's mind thing. He's at the Qs doing the tree house because he might forget? LOL He and Ned talk. "I can do this for Drew". 
Ned gets a call from Lois. He wants to know what's up with Brook. They talk off camera. When he comes back in, Jason wants some help. I think with the parole board. Yes, he just wants to know if they are fair..Ned says yes. Then he says.."Um Franco is out working on the tree house, you should go out there"... Jason goes out, they have a nice talk. Jason says he'll finish the house for Oscar. 

Brook Lynn figures out it was Monica that stole the Thanksgiving dinner. Monica says she wanted "Drew" to experience a real Q thanksgiving. Olivia comes in, says she ran into Epiphany and apologizes to Brook for blaming her because she knows it must have been Monica. Brook Lynn says, no it was me. She's going to cover for Mon. Awwww.  Olivia is like "well that was stupid to steal the food in the first place" they bicker. Monica thinks Brook Lynn took the blame because she wants something from her. 

Ned comes back in..and Brooklyn is yelling "Stop harassing me" into the phone. Ned wants to know who it is. Then Olivia comes in and tells them about Lucas. Brook Lynn runs out. Ned tells Olivia they were good friends in HS. (true) He says his "Brookie" is in trouble.. but we will have to wait until Monday to find out I think. 

Finn and Liz talk about Hayden. Liz knows that she must have been in danger if she left. Finn and Violet go to the Metro later. 

Robert tells Anna she and Finn aren't going to make it...he also dogs on Peter a bit. yeah! They are eating at the Metro Court. Robert drags Peter for awhile. It was good lol  Robert gets Vi a milkshake at the bar. Finn and he talk about how wonderful daughters are. 

Then PETER comes in and says on the phone: "Kill Maddox, kill Franco, I don't care who you care just stop the procedure" Anna walks over: Hello, Peter. 

Maxie tells a giant "Baby" James who's BLONDE ?? That PETER is moving in. Barf.  Lulu comes over with a housewarming present but really wants to talk about Brook Lynn being back in town.  She tells Maxie what a bitch she is... oh it was a good scene. Maxie gets a call from Flea telling her about Lucas. 

Chillow talk about her almost being pregnant. He's relieved and disappointed. So is she. Someday they want kids but not now.  She wonders if she wants a kid sooner rather than later because she's missing Wiley. 

Monica and Jason hug looking at Oscar's tree house
Brook Lynn, Maxie and Lulu are all at GH ..bitching..
Sonny wants Mike to get into a Swedish study about enzymes NO matter the cost but Griffin thinks Mike is too far progressed...

Thursday, December 5, 2019


Jax and Nikolas on the docks. Jax is questioning him about Hayden leaving. Nik is playing dumb.  Jax says he's out because he's not going to get involved with this danger stuff. Nikolas says..Well..Hayden isn't really IN danger. Jax says "it was YOU"!! Nikolas is like, yeah..she was going to flip so I thought made her think she was in danger. "You are supposed to be the GOOD Cassadine" says Jax. 
Nikolas says he's going to the gallery to get the painting and NOT to call the police. 

Tad and Val break into the gallery... they are going to steal the painting. I swear they are Lucy and Ethel bickering. LOL. Val breaks into the safe just as Nikolas walks in. Valentin and Tad hide. When Nikolas goes toward the safe, Valentin pulls a gun on him, tells him to take off the mask! Tad is horrified that Valentin has a gun !! ahhaaa. OMG They fight, then Nikolas gets away!! Tad says well, he was too short to be Mr. Jax and he wasn't Hayden so who was he?? Valentin says he did look familiar. 

CarSon is here are so are Jules and Bobbie. Chase walks in looking all serious. He says there were no skid marks and Brad had said the breaks didn't work. Epiphany talks to Jules and he says he never thought a machine would be breathing for his son. Then Bobbie talks to him and tells him to stop being such a jerk. LOL
LATER: Sonny tells Julian that Wiley is at the house and he's welcome to see him? HUH? WHAT? WELP!! 

Willow is at the Corinthos..with Sasha and Wiley. Michael goes up to put Wiley to bed. Willow is not pregnant. She's ok with that. 

Chase drops by to check on her... says the car is in PCPD forensics

OMG Sam is with Nello in jail!! Sam says she gets a parole hearing tomorrow and Nelle says "Why? you've been in here for 10 minutes"!  Nelle needles her and nags her about Shiloh. Sam says shut up, no one wants you home anyway. 
YOU HAVE TO SEE their banter. It's just so good. "Why you being so shady anyway" says Sam..Nelle's like "I have a life changing thing going on"... ahahha. Too funny. 
Chase comes by. Nelle says "Oh, Chaseeeee first you come to my parole hearing and now you are here"!
Chase tells Sam about Lucas being in a coma and he and Brad getting in an accident. Nelle's all concerned about Brad. Asks if Wiley was in the car. 

Nina visits Ava. Ava thinks she's a ghost. Nina is like, NOPE, it's me..then Ava tells her Nikolas is haunting her.  Nina is like, NIKOLAS? REALLY? Ava says Kiki visits too but she's faint. Nikolas is vivid.  They talk more and Ava screams at her not to leave because she's scared. OMG NINA FINDS NIKOLAS' ring he dropped! I totally forgot about that!!!!!!!! Nina realizes something is up. She asks what Nikolas wanted. Ava says "the painting" Nina says I think that Nikolas is alive and has been terrorizing you to get what he wants!! 
She says they need to team up against the Cassadine men!! YES!!! They hug. 

Bobbie says GH offers hope when she sees how sad Brad is. 
Julian visits Wiley 

Wednesday, December 4, 2019


Jax and Carly talk about the guilt she feels not telling Laura that Nik is alive. Michael comes back home.


Anna and Finn ... Finn feels awful that Hayden is gone and he has to tell Violet. Robert is trying to find out where Hayden went. Anna calls Jax to come over. He does and they are on him about what he and Hayden were doing together. He says, "Just Aurora stuff" They don't believe him. He says, really, it's just that. He's pissed she's gone and says she must have felt like she was in real danger if she just left Violet there. 

Hospital: Julian is mean to Brad..Brad is still not awake. Bobbie comes by...She asks where Lucas is.
Bobbie calls Carly.
Carly gets to the hospital and Chase fills her in.  Bobbie's all upset. Julian is mad Brad's alive. Brad dreams about telling Lucas the truth before the crash.  Chase questions him about the crash when he wakes up. Brad says the brakes were gone. 

Bobbie finds out Lucas is in a medically induced coma... he has a brain injury. 

Willow goes to tell Sahsa about the PG test results and Stupid CHASE interrupts about Brucas being in a car accident. 

Ok, so..Bobbie sits with Lucas and asks Julian to sit with him because she's going to update Brad. He talks to Lucas, says he's made a mess of things, that Brad was supposed to be driving alone. Then says "I'm so sorry, Lucas" 
AND BOBBIE AND BRAD ARE RIGHT BEHIND HIM!!!!!!!!! She wheeled him up to see Lucas!!
DAMN!! lol  Jules just says he wants forgiveness because they were estranged that's all. 

Sasha goes back to see Michael and they talk to Wiley and get him a snack. 

Nikolas pays the nurse at Shadybook to give Ava some drug...?? Ava's sad because Julian didn't call her on Turkey Day.  Later, she's "talking" to Kiki and gets dizzy. She lays down. Nikolas walks in and whispers "Ava"....
She asks if he's dead...he says yes, and he's coming from HELL.."Where you sent me"..and now "You're going to make amends"!! OMG he's SUCH A CASSADINE!! Using his dead self to get information!! LOL 
Ava doesn't tell him but rants about Morgan, Kiki and Ryan.. He tries to get her back to reality..and she's crying "Kiki will never forgive me"... and Nikolas says "I know, she's here with me"!! OMG! Nikolas!!  he tells her Kiki will be trapped unless she tells him who she sold the painting to...she says no one, I still have it. 

Nina and Valentin--not a lot of anything. He tells her about the painting and the CODICIL . Jax flies in and grabs Valentin and asks him what he did to Hayden. 

Willow goes to see Wiley
Jax orders Nikolas to meet him, even before picking up the portrait
Of course, Valentin is going to the gallery just to 'eliminate the obvious"
Ava is tossing and turning and NIKOLAS DROPPED HIS SIGNET RING!! ahahah it's on the floor. He might be evil but he's so dumb.

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Clean Up on Highway 31!!



LUCAS WATCH OUT!! It's a crash... we don't see it but later Alexis rolls over a bit and sees Brucas' car in the field all smashed up. Kendra's car is smashed up too. Alexis crawls over to Kendra's car..she's passed out behind the wheel. Alexis tries to wake her up. THEN KENDRA SITS UP and scares the hell out of me! WHOA!! LOL 

Julian and Neil are figuring out who Kendra is. Krissy comes by. They tell her about Kendra. She has a tracking app on her phone her mom put on between the 2 of them...she turns it on. 

Alexis talks to Kendra..Kendra dies... Neil and Jules come. No one sees the other car yet. Alexis tells them what happened. Julian says Kendra is dead, no pulse. They finally see the other car!! Julian goes to check it out. Ambulance and Police arrive. 
Julian finds the car. Says "Well, too bad Brad but at least you saved Alexis"..then he sees Julian. OH NO..NO he says and runs over to that side of the car. Tries to break the window. FINALLY runs up to the road and tells the police and Chase to get down there and help him. 

Curtis and Jordan. It's there Anniversary. SNOOZE. They are in bed tho. Jordan gets called to the crash. 

CarSon. Everyone's in bed... CarSon are alone and going to kiss. DOORBELL! Carly thinks Lucas finally made it. But it's Jax. Sonny's like "OH Brother"...Jax wants to wish Joss a happy thanksgiving. Carly says she's out. She wants to know if he wants pie. He's like...nah. Then Sonny says: BYE THEN!! Jax goes : Oh I think I will have that pie.
They sit. Sonny says "Carly told me everything"...You have a lady friend staying with you and now you don't want Joss. Pffffffff. Jax is like Krissy calls Sonny and wants him to come to #GH he leaves.
Jax woofs down pie. lol Carly thinks he needs to stop needling Sonny because Sonny can destroy his life. 

Sonny goes to GH and sees Krissy, she tells him the lie she told about her Mom and Kiefer. Alexis gets rolled in in a wheelchair. She tells Krissy that Sasha found out about the lie from Shiloh.

Jules comes in... Chase tells him Lucas is in surgery and Brad is in the trauma unit. "The Drivers side sustained the most damage". 

Willow is at GH looking at a "First time mother" Pamphlet. Chase comes in with a turkey sandwich for her, she hugs him. HE says it's great being an uncle because he can do the fun stuff then leave Violet. LOL. He gets called to the crash. Willow calls Sasha and says she's too chicken to get a pregnancy test. Sasha comes to the hospital to see her and gives her a pep talk about finding out if she really is. She bought a PG test.  Willow goes to pee on the stick.

Jordan figures out Brad's car made no  skid marks

Nikolas goes to see AVA!

Willow tells Sasha if she's PG or not
Bobbie goes to GH 

Rick Hearst to Appear on Ambitions on OWN Tonight!

How wonderful is this?? Creator/writer Jamey Giddens got Rick Hearst to come and play on Ambitions OWN, airing tonight at 10pm/est!! I miss Ric on GH but getting to see him on a great prime-time soap is the next best thing.  Tune in, show support and live tweet with @AmbitionsOWN on Twitter. 

Monday, December 2, 2019


Today is the day!! Can't wait!! 


BRUCAS:  Lucas wants the truth. Brad feeds him a line about Obrect and being involve with her...and gets mad. Says he's done. 
Lucas' blood sugar monitor goes off. He takes a gluecose tab.. then Carly calls (see below)

Julian tells Neil the jar was behind the bar when he saw the dead rats. Neil tries to phone Alexis. They show her in the back of the car and Kendra's driving. "Our final destination". I think it's where Alexis hit Keifer. Kendra jabs Alexis with a shot telling her to wake up. She does. "Happy Thanksgiving"!! She says how great her brother was and how he was charming and nice and she murdered him. Alexis can't move. Kendra drags her out of the car and lays her on the road. She's going to run her over like ALexis did to Keifer. 

Julian and Neil google Kendra. They see she graduated from PC High. Go on social media, find out what her real last name is. 

CarSon house: Everyone's playing Texas Hold Em. Sonny's sad. Sasha comes over. Michael thinks Devvv is cheating at cards. Sonny's all mopey. Joss says they have to be upbeat to save the holiday for Sonny. 
Carly goes to talk to Sonny. He says he only sees the people that are missing today. He needs a minute. Carly goes and calls Lucas to come over for dinner so there's not an empty place at the table. Lucas says OK and they leave.  In the car, Brad and Lucas argue. Brad finally says that Wiley isn't their's he's Michael and Nelle's...Lucas tries to put on the breaks. There is none..then they come around the corner and Kendra is going to run over Alexis but the T-Bone her first. DAMN!! excitement! 

Q House: Monica yells at Brook Lynn not to touch the paper turkeys because Olivia was in charge of decorations. Brook says they are tacky. Olivia comes in and says; Go ahead then, throw them out, I don't care.  Monica is like: I defended your decorations!! Olivia says she should try to keep the peace. Monica says there is no peace with Brook Lynn. Lulu comes with Rocco. Brook says "I see you can't find your own family to spend the day with"...SNAP!! Rocco then tells everyone that Mommy kept warm with Mr. Phillips a the parade!! LOL. Olivia is chugging her wine. Brook Lynn is happy. 
Lulu and Brook go out to the terrace. Brook Lynn says that she THOUGHT Lulu was a "tough Spencer...all adventure" yada yada... Lulu says that Dante abandoned her which Olivia hears. Lulu apologizes. Olivia accepts. Brook Lynn says "That's you, always the victim" Lulu says "you are a tramp, trying to seduce my husband" ... Ned says we are family: both say: IT'S MY FAMILY...then Olivia screams loud.
Monica smiles.

OMG I swear the Qs are coming BACK PEOPLE!! it' awesome!! 

Hospital:  DrewCo asks Liz if he's dressed ok to go the to Qs. She says yes. Epiphany is there too.  He leaves. Epiphany says Liz should be thankful for DrwCo's sacrifice. Monica calls Epiphany. I think to sabotage dinner. 

FLASHBACK: Monica called Epiphany to pick up the food for the GH staff. Olivia screamed "THE FOOD IS GONE"! She thinks Brook Lynn stole it!! ahahahaa. Franco comes in and is like: this normal? Monica smiles. She's happy. Pizzas come in! 

Anna's House: ROBERT COMES OVER!! Little Violet says: HELLO WROBERT!!  Maddox explains the whole memory thing to Peter and Maxie. Peter is worried. 
Robert says he thinks Finn was wrong. Robin calls and talks to Robert. Tells him to cut ANna some slack about Finn because it dredges up memories of what happened with her when she was a kid. They are all "Awww, she's so smart". Violet asks where her mom is. They distract her. She gets the wish bone and they snap it. 

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Sunday Surgery: Detained

Yeah, Dev...if that's your REAL NAME...we knew your hair was weird. 

So, I caught up to Thanksgiving and I have to say that the Thursday show was great in so many ways. Loved how they played the family-beats, especially with Mike. So many families go through care giving (the holidays are a biggie) and I just thought it was done well. 

Let's get to it. Leftovers are key today!