Friday, August 16, 2019


Telling people about Franco: 


Monica and Drew, he's going to tell her about Franco. She's glad for Cam, sad for Liz. Drew says that Franco hasn't lost anything but Liz has. 

Sam is going to tell CarSon about Franco. They are like: Blink..WHA? They talk. 

Liz has to tell Cameron about Franco. "He's confused-- he can be fixed". Cam's not so sure. She wants to keep the info to minimum from Aiden and Jake-- Cam says that's not possible with the internet. They talk more and vow to bring Franco 'back' with memories. 

Franco sees Jason in The Rib. Jason says "You're half right... I'm Jason Morgan'.. Franco says "My twin"... He says he saw Jason in the newspaper when Jason was on the HS soccer team. HE realized they were twins. He then did research about Alan Quartermaine. Says they 'gave him away'. Jason says no, Alan didn't even know Susan HAD twins, she's the one that did that. Franco says he's leaving town as soon as he can get a bus ticket. "you gonna try and stop me"? He says to Jason.. Says he wants money to leave town. Jason says no. 
Ok, this is dumb. There's no way that ANYONE that woke up with another face would be like, meh.. I'm just going to go on being me. I mean??? WTF 

Hayden and Finn were on. OH and he tells her about Franco too!! "Be there for your sister". He also tells her she could have been exposed to Sasha's virus if she was in the Crimson offices. He thinks she's in the clear... and she says "is it ok to be around chi

Willow and Chase were in The Rib. She talks about what Lulu told her about being with a cop. He talks about why he wanted to be a cop--his dad, yada yada. 

WHOOPS! Dev and Josslyn were on too!! Talking about him going to school and he wants to be a mobster. 

Franco punches Chase..he and Jason square off (hilarious) 

Hayden is going to move in with Liz.. Liz is so happy...
Chase arrests Franco for assaulting a police officer. 

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Is that YOU or ME?


I have to enjoy this because who knows what the fall will bring. I've changed my job slightly where I'm actually in the preschool where I work instead of driving around. That's good, but part of the kids come in the afternoon 12:30-3:00 WHAT!!? ME working PAST 1:30!! ?? I work part time so don't think I'm a slacker lol Plus paperwork takes an age. I JUST HOPE

Franco kisses Kim..she pushes him off. He tells her memories of them meeting and a bunch of stuff. He won't believe his memory has been switched. He leaves (like they'd let him just walk around :eyeroll:)
Kim wants to know what the hell is going on. They tell her..She can't believe it. 


JaSam starts out with the Franco information from Robert. Franco has no memories to "fix" -- Dr. Cabot never took a baseline. Drew could have been "fixed" because Dr. Maddox had HIS memories on the flashdrive. Good lord CONFUSING. Robert leaves. Jason tells Sam he remembers being in Russia and how awful it was someone drugging you. She said she wouldn't "wish it on her worst enemy".  They talk about Franco's sins but that he saved Cam. Sam wonders if he can tell Drew all his old memories. 

Julian and Lucas still blabbin'... Brad comes in. OMG Charlie's has NO customers ever lol.  Brad is mad Jules is moving... Lucas leaves.  Brad says "what if Wiley's biological parents come to claim him". OH Is he going to tell him about Nelle and Michael?? NOPE..he just says "his biological parents". Damn it.. Julian tells Brad that Shiloh is in jail and he'll be gone so no one else knows. Brad flashes back to Dr. O. 
Brad then goes to GH and tampers with Wiley and Shiloh's medical records. Lucas catches him!! BRAD, WHAT ARE YOU DOING??  He sees Shiloh's folder up and thinks Brad is checking it out without him. He says it's weird that Shiloh doesn't have the heart condition. 

Finn tells Valentin he can't tell him how Sasha is because he's not family. Val then wants to know how the search for Casssssssandra Pierce is going. Finn says: I don't know. Well, that was a throwaway scene. Robert overhears them. He tells Val that she's in "Newfoundland" which is a total lie. Valentin leaves. Robert tells Finn it might help Val show his hand as to why he wants Cassandra so badly. 

Jax picked up the tab for everyone at the Rib. Maxie talking to Peter because that's all they do. Jax texts Hayden that Dr. O is in Wyndmere. 

Franco walks into the Rib..orders a drink. Maxie and Peter look at him like: What's up? They go over to him and say "Hey Franco"..he says "don't call me that again"...and she does and he throws his shot glass against the wall "That's not my name".  Peter realizes that Franco got the memory transfer. Maxie tells the bartender that it's ok if Franco stays. Peter tells her about the memory switch. 

Dr. O catches Hayden in the trophy room. She threatens to call the police. She doesn't buy Hayden's explanation that she's there on Nina's says-so to look for something she lost the night of the dinner party. Dr. O grabs her phone--she sees Jax texted her. Dr. O then texts Jax and says everything is ok. She wants to "Save" Jax from that lowlife thief Hayden! Then she said she's calling the police, starts to dial. Hayden says I have an offer for you! OMG it's DINNER with JAX!! ahahahaa. 

Kim goes to tell Julian what's happening. He's looking at apartments in NYC.  Julian is like "There's no chance he's putting you on"??  He says all the reason to leave soon. Kim doesn't look convinced. 

END: Jason walks into the bar. Franco says "Jason Quartermaine, a rich kid with my face"... 
I guess I didn't remember that that Drew knew Jason?? Hmmm.. 

ANYWAY.. confusing to blog--sorry if it doesn't make sense.  Good show today, I just need to get timelines correct when it comes to DREW ~~ OY~

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Yesterday and Today


Watched yesterday's show so I'll cram it in here. Enough people on? Someone counted 22!! Holy crap.  
Roger is acting like Burton--HAHAHAA. Not saying anything thing else on that! 
Will Franco notice he has TATTOOS that aren't his!!??? 

The wedding.. I don't know, it wasn't my favorite thing GH has done with this storyline. Seems...disrespectful. As someone that works with patients, long term is usually the last to go and if he's not recognizing his loved ones, it's advanced enough he couldn't remember Yvonne in the short term this well. I know it's a soap--but those types of things are important. 

Who's Stella meeting--or how will it connect with Port Charles because if it doesn't, why bother!  "Yeah, I'll be LONDON"!!  Does Vernee have a series?? Hmmm.. I'll miss her if she's leaving. Yes, she does, found out it's on CBS. Damn it. Why can't the people I don't like have them?? 

LOVE Chelsea Lamb character--she's so good and light great "color" character. She could be related to Amy #2 and Chet! Loved how she said "Your other son" NIKOLAS is alive!! 


BORG STARE ahaahaha!! 

Speaking of yesterday-- I thought CarSon already renewed their vows--or was that CarJax? I know they did--but why did I think CarSon did too ?? I actually looked on You Tube-- I found CarJax but I don't think for ALL the times Carly and Sonny have married (4? 5?) they ever 'renewed". 

Jax and Hayden. She suggests going to Wyndemere while Sasha is sick...Jax balks at that idea. She's going by herself. He's going to go play--BASEBALL (LOL!!)  

Jason and Sam in Corinthos Coffee Baseball UNIs! ahahahaa. OMG and Dr. O is in an "Invader" one!! LOL! 
I guess its' Baseball day!! Maxie is in an Aurora one-- so..everyone is all playing on hometown teams. Hayden hired Dustin the Uber driver guy to play for her-- and Jax hired him to be the driver for Aurora so it was legit. Dr. O is totally fangirling over Jax lol. Later they all go to the bar and she STILL has her eye on him! 

JaSam kiss and make out at home. He carries her upstairs..but the door is knocked on. Robert wants Sam's statement and to tell them some "good news, and bad news".  He says Shiloh is going to face a "slew of charges" tomorrow. He tells them about the flashdrive because apparently, they had no idea. LOL!!!  He says Franco now thinks he's Drew Cane. 

Lucas gets told by Kim and Jules he's selling the bar. He's not really happy. Kim and Lucas have a boring convo. Sorry it was boring. Kim leaves. 
Julian says that he'll be happy in NYC because there's no Sonny Corinthos.  Lucas and Julian have a nice talk. Lucas thinks that Julian is going for Kim but Kim was going to leave without him. 

Franco sees his new face again. OMG he has that BORG Stare down! ahahhaa.  Drew says What about your face? Franco: Well, you don't have your face either.. omg. LIZ shows Franco the phone with photos and his driver's license.  He thinks it's 2012. He gets dressed to leave and says he doesn't believe Liz and it's impossible to turn him into "A whole different person".  He finally leaves. 
At the elevator he SEES KIM!! He smiles a bit and says "Kim"..

Hayden gets caught in the trophy room by Lesil. The mounted animals are amazing. 

Franco says a bunch of things to Kim he said to her when they first met-- "Top Gun" style. Then he kisses her --hard. Liz and Drew see him. LOL!!! 

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Helena Cassadine and Hank!!

In what I believe are a series of flashbacks, Helena shows up and is seen with none other than the DOD Cult leader Shiloh!!
Did she train him to be the mercenary in Afghanistan who stole fuel to get her coffers up?? Did she also send him on a secret mission to capture Drew and then have his memories changed to Jason so she could make her the "Solider Boy"? Would make sense. 
LOOK at how fashionable Connie aka Hells is!! SQUEE!!! 

Can't wait. TV Line had the exclusive on this, btw. Not yours truly (who usually gets all things HELENA before HELENA even gets them!!) 

KeMo DRAMA with Billy Miller Exit

SO, THIS was on twitter late last night-- oh the drama... what does she mean?? Of course she didn't follow it up with anything (I stayed awake as long as I could).  We all know both she and Miller haven't been thrilled since Burton's return. You can feel it in every scene. So--what's the scoop? Many are speculating he's back to YR (Jason Thompson is playing his past role I believe). Or is this some big ol' back stage gossip?? I guess we wait until Miss Monaco decides to spill..if ever. :hands up: 

I am out today-- no blog sorry! So you may use this space for show comments as well. Thx. 

Monday, August 12, 2019

Open Eyes

Alexis goes to Kevin about needing a therapist. He says he can't be hers..too many conflicts of interest. Kevin sees Dr. Neal as a patient so he can't see her. She leaves, wants a woman therapist next. 

Laura and Drew talk about how brave Franco was-- " I want to thank him". Drew tells her he might not be Franco when he wakes up. 


Liz tells Epiphany to tell Franco to wake up "He listens to you". Epiphany calls him a hero. Leaves. Liz cries "Wake up Franco, wake up".. Laura comes in and hugs Liz. They go for a walk and Drew comes in and talks to Franco. "you need to wake up for the family" He gives him one of his medals. 
Later Kevin checks on him..beepers go off and Franco twitches. Opens his eyes. Asks for water. Kevin asks him if he know what his name is. Franco says 'Is that a real question"?? (I would give a million bucks if he said "Sure, I'm Todd Manning" LOL) Then Kevin asks him what the last thing he remembers is. THEN they don't show the answer--Kevin comes out and Liz rushes in. Franco looks at her and she says "why are you out of bed"?? Stares. Then there's a commercial.
For Cripes sake. 

See the end down there for what happens. 

Cam is cleaning up..he's pissed. Throws his stick. OMG I'm going to love "Angry Cam"! Trina and Joss ask why he didn't go to the movies. "I was busy being kidnapped" . Tells them the whole story. Says it's his fault. They say it's not. 

CarSon is visiting Mike at the home. I think Mike is getting "Married" today. He didn't know Carly.  Sonny's sad and says he's losing him day by day.  Marcus brings Yvonne's fave dress but can't watch the wedding. Stella asks him out to dinner. 
Mike tells Sonny he's sad not to have family there. He used to have a wife and son but he 'blew it" Sonny says "what happened to the boy"? Mike says "we don't talk and I don't blame's too late now". 

Lucy is in Charlie's appraising the place for Julian. She wants to know if he's keeping the decor. Kim wants Lucy to sell her place too. Kristina wonders if Julian told Alexis he's leaving. Of course, Alexis walks in 2 minutes later and tells her he's moving to Manhattan with Kim. Alexis' face says it all. She's pretty anxious and upset. BUT tries to be brave. Dr. Neal walks in. They work at different  tables. 

Stella tells Marcus that her DNA relative has had a change of heart and wants to meet her. 
Liz asks if she can get Franco anything and he says "Yes, my superior officer".. and tomorrow he tells her he's never seen her before in his life. 

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Sunday Surgery: Wubs Works It


So, I did a mid-week rant you can find : HERE ON THE BLOG. Hit the link if you want to see what I had to say about Sam's rescue and a bunch of other things. I saw the ratings for the past few weeks and man o' man.. FRANK needs to wake up. That's all I'm saying on that subject. 

This is a "working" blog as I'm giving you what I think works and what I think doesn't. You may agree--you may not.  We can all agree that it's been a hit or miss summer when it comes to the drama. 

Nachos today. 

Friday, August 9, 2019

The Rescue

We start with Stupid Paxie stuff.. not even worth mentioning. 

Robert is with Lulu at Kelly's telling her about Dante. He's not coming home in the 'foreseeable future".. Robert is sorry but he'll keep an eye on him with his friends in WSB. Lulu sobs, Willow comes along, she was waiting for Chase. Lulu says it's had to date men 'drawn to danger".  She basically tells her being married to a cop is terrifying but she would do it all over again. (??) Lulu wants to interview Willow for a story. A DOD story--about how strong she is.

Oh thank GOD Robert interrupts Paxie and tells Maxie he had to tell Lulu that Dante isn't coming back-- and "here you are, wrapped around the guy responsible" ...
Maxie says it's HER fault and how DARE YOU!!? Peter's great! Robert says nope, he's  dirtbag!! LOL YESSSSSSS!! 

Chase goes to GH-- to get Liz, why wouldn't she have texted him? Oh FFS--anyway they are going to the warehouse. 

Franco's hooked up to the machine while Cam howls.  The download begins and it looks like on the monitor like a REAL COMPUTER BAR DOWNLOAD!! ahahahahaa. OMG. It cracked me up. 
Curtis and Drew rush in with guns blazing. Dr. says the download can't be reversed or stopped and Franco will be "Drew 2012". Chase comes in with Liz. Shiloh is arrested again. They have to leave Franco hooked up because of the delicate nature. 
They are back at GH in 2 seconds. Cameron checks out ok. He has to give a statement to Chase. 
Franco is being checked out by neurology. 
Lucas has to treat Shiloh. He's very professional even though Shiloh taunts him. 

Cameron tells Liz what Franco said before he got his memories expunged. Liz cries. 
Drew goes in and tells a passed out Franco that he doesn't want his old memories back, just his friend. 
Liz goes in to see Franco. Cries. Cam comes in. Says it's all his fault (again)

Willow sees Chase and is happy he's safe. 

Robert goes to GH and he and Curtis talk about the memory thing AND THEY ARE BOTH IN SUITS! 


Cameron Rushes Shiloh and tries to beat him up but Drew holds him back. Cam vows to MAKE HIM PAY!! 

Lulu tells Maxie she's NOT going to divorce Dante, she's going to honor her vows. If he wants a divorce, he'll have to go to court. 

Drew gives Cam an Anti-Hate speech, says he needs to do good things, that's what Franco would have wanted. 


Thursday, August 8, 2019

Parking Ticket

Parry Shen shared this on twitter today! He was supposed to be only in a handful of episodes and HERE HE IS at 200!! I love Brad so I'm so happy. 


For some reason, Drew and Curtis are sitting in a CAR just yammering on and on about Drew's memories. 

Lucy in the Metro Bar telling the bartender about her day--and Sam in the freezer. VERY VERY WEIRD SCENE. I mean?? Then.. she meets Drew and Curtis there who ask her if she ever had a client named "Cabot". She says no. Curtis shows her a photo.  She said that the guy wanted a quiet place to "Work"....but she can't remember where.  Then she realizes he said he was swedish and knows the address. They leave to go there. 

Also weird and awkward, Franco in the warehouse. Weird pauses...strange dialog? And?? Man..?? They talk about the flashdrive-- and Shiloh holds a gun on Franco. "Did you implant those memories in Cameron"?? he yells. He realizes they didn't. Many yelling scenes later, Franco says he'll take the memories if they let Cam go. He tells them he had a bad childhood and then did things with the tumor he wishes he'd forget-- and he could be a good candidate. Cam says What about MOM?? Franco says she's better off losing him, not losing Cameron. "If you got rid of me, Port Charles would throw a parade". 
Finally, SHank agrees to put the memories in Franco. 

Sam's walking around. Finn sees her tells her to take it easy. Michael's glad St. Jaysus rescued her. Liz walks up and Finn is explaining that Dr. Creep could implant the memories in anyone. Ok, watch that scene. When Michael gets a text, it's like there is the BIGGEST PAUSE ever. Such a bad scene. Sam and Jason talk mushy stuff in her room later on. 

Sasha in ER... Nina's freaking out. Lucas tends her. She wakes up and her fever is VERY high she feels like it's hurting all over.  Michael gets there. Lucas says she has some different flu strain he's never seen. Um, can anyone just go in there?? Wouldn't she be contagious? 
I bet Valentin told Cassie to do it to Sasha. Lucas calls Finn in on the case. 
Finn asked if Sasha was out of the country.   NOW they move her to isolation. 

Liz asks Jason to help find Franco and Cameron. Because he's St. Jaysus.  Jason is going to call Spinelli. Liz knows it's Dewitt Street but needs the exact location.  Liz is going to Dewitt-- to find Cam (she thinks it's a party). She calls Det. Chase. 

WOW...TODAY'S show... was NOT great for me. SO many technical problems and .. the dialog just seemed... weird. I usually love when they do the 'final' stages of things but--MEH. I struggled to get into it today. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Give a Hoot, Don't Pollute


Table 1: Scotty/Laura. He wants Laura to tell Ava not to talk to Chelsea. Laura thinks he likes Ava. 

Table 2: Ava/Chloe: Chelsea says going to see Ryan was dumb. She says Ava has to atone better but won't say how.  After Chelsea says "Give a Hoot, Don't Pollute"-- she leaves. Then Laura comes over and tells Ava that Scotty is worried about her. They talk about their dead kids. 

Scotty comes over later and he tells her not to see the psychic. HE says keep the lady away from Franco. 

Laura calls Chelsea on the recommendation of Ava. I BET we find out Nikolas is alive. 

Table 3:  Hayden/Jax: Finn called Jax to find out how Hayden is doing. Jax figured out that Hayden was probably drugged. 


Valentin and Nina talk about Jax and Hayden (snooze) talk about Jax and Hayden looking at Wyndemere. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. They talked about nothing for 5 scenes and made out. That was it. 

Sasha and Maxie: Sasha is in WUB with Michael. Maxie tells her to be nice to Michael. 


Sam/Jason: Sam says she's NOT Ok. She's crying about being in the freezer.  GOD, I wish she'd shut up...She also hasn't mentioned her kids once. I know this is a soap but geeze. She's been running around town and ..?? 


Friz are waiting for Cameron. Where IS HE? Liz drives home. Franco waits for Cam longer and won't drive because of what the psychic said. After Liz leaves, he gets coffee. Chelsea walks by and tells him "Forget what I said, you HAVE to take that drive".  Scotty calls Franco that Cam's car got ticketed at 721 Dewitt St. because he knows a meter maid or something. That's the address they showed us at the beginning of the show. (Don't ask about the Scotty thing because no one on twitter could figure out how he got the information either. )
NOTE: For some weird reason, it's night and there's a COFFEE STAND with a girl at it in the middle of this scene LOL. RANDO

Franco leaves for the address. 


Cam is in the chair. Dr. Creepy looks at him like WTF!! Cam begs to be let go. The doctor says the drive has to be put into twins. Shiloh says Jason got away and he couldn't "get a hold of Drew" (lame). Dr. says no I won't do it. Shiloh says YES YOU WILL. 

They inject CAMERON to put him to sleep for the procedure .

Sasha flops down in Crimson
Franco walks into the warehouse 

Mid-Week GH Rant


It's raining out and I can either go to the gym, clean the house or sit here and bitch. Hmmm... hard choice? NOT!! 

The show really bothered me yesterday and I need to get out why without waiting until Sunday Surgery. I can always link this post to that and save some time. 


Sam being saved by St. Jaysus who apparently can see through junk, realize Sam's in the freezer and get her out. HOW did he even know she'd be at the DOD house?? How is this any different than him finding her all drugged and tied up the LAST time Shiloh took her?? 
That would have made sense, right? She's the one that was there--she's also a Slayer, remember? She was pretty bad-ass on Port Charles. Why not have Lucy get her out? Because...we need to see a man rescue a woman again? WTF? Seriously? Most of us aren't 12 anymore and get the fact that "women in peril" aren't all that in a story. I'm not even getting into the fact of Sam going to his room to get the flashdrive by herself...because why bother? 


TWENTY CHARACTERS were on yesterday. TWENTY. Most of whom did not have scenes together. The scenes were SO chopped up it was ridiculous. Not only that, Alexis and Dr. Neal could have said the same things the last 3 scenes they were in. I'm tired of the exposition dragging out over a course of. days and days. 

SPEAKING OF WHICH:  What the hell with Peter and Maxie?? I really want to sit and count up the times they've been in the Metro dining room talking about Lulu. I imagine it's over a dozen. I was hella shocked Valentin and Sasha weren't in there talking about CHAP-a -QUAH. Sure, TJ and Molly were a nice touch but come on, you and I know they'll be on screen for a blip then...

What was the point of: Michael and Sonny talking in Kelly's? To mention Michael saw Cassandra Pierce? He didn't even know her real name? Was it to give Sasha Sonny's seal of approval? Does Michael EVER work? Shouldn't the fact of the ELQ shares being in limbo be some kind of story?  
Well, I shut it for now. LOL. Sorry to rant first thing. 

BRIGHT NOTE: The Trina/Joss/Cam stuff was light and cute. Thank you to whomever put on Molly and TJ for however briefly-- I owe you one.  

See ya later, taters! 

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Trash Pile

Alexis and Dr. Neal. He says no more patient and doctor. She says "I thought you were the right guy". The establish the fact they like each other. Alexis says it might be good we know so much about each other. He says "Well, I know you're still in love with your ex-husband"! SNAP! They decide to sit and talk and maybe start over -- not as patient and therapist. Then Neal decides nope and leaves. 

Kim Julian. She tells him her grief is swallowing her up and she has to move away.  She's drowning in her sorrow. yada yada He says stay, she says she wants to go... They finally decide they'll leave together. He'll do a PUB wherever they go and visit PC a lot. Now we know WDV isn't leaving the show-- so?? Hmmm... 

Cam is picking up trash..Joss and Trina want to help him but he's like You're gonna get me in trouble.  HE dumps it out and says he has to get his hours in. (the insertion of these scenes was so annoying today--SO much shit was going on and chopped up) They have a food fight and Joss walks away for a min. Cam and Trina talk about how their plan to get Josslyn out of the house 'worked".  They are going to the movies later. 

Michael Sasha. Back from PR!! Sonny comes into Kelly's and sees them making out. So far, nothing on the injection front? Not sure what Cassandra gave her.  Sonny invites Sasha to dinner sometime. She leaves. Sonny tells Michael not to be too gung-ho about Sasha around Carly..because Carly.  Michael asks if he knew a Sandy Lance-- Sonny says No.. then the phone rings and it's Drew asking if he's seen Jason. Michael and Sonny go to look for him and Sam. 

TJ Molly. TJ wants to talk about the future. He says she's brilliant but she's not in the right profession, he thinks she really needs to write because that's her passion. He thinks she's going to law school because that's the safe option and what people expect. She has a plan to finish law school, get a job and pay off her bills. He tells her to go ask Peter August for an internship. 

Drew and Curtis ..they figure out Shiloh took the flashdrive.  They figure out Shiloh has Jason. 

Jason and Shiloh..still tussle. Shank says Sam or your memories, your choice. Jason beats him up, knocks him out and leaves. BUT I don't think he took the flashdrive? Shiloh wakes up and his head hurts-- he grabs his gun (but I don't see the flash drive?) 

Lucy calls the junk truck to pick up the stuff from DOD house, where Sam is in the freezer. LMAO. I SAID THAT YESTERDAY! Sasha goes to look at the house next. She says it's too big but Lucy says the seller (Michael) might want to turn it into condos if he doesn't get the price. They go out and talk by the junk pile.  Lucy wants to relaunch Deception and have Sasha be the FACE. 

Maxie and Peter in the Metro (Where else?) talking about LULU. Geezus. I do NOT want to see them rehash all the shit they did in Ithaca --SHOW TJ AND MOLLY! Ugh on my last nerve.  AND THEY WERE ON A LOT TODAY. :EYEROLL:  Peter tells Molly he might have something for her to write. Oh he wants something on the Cassadines. 

SO..ST. JAYSUS figures out Sam is in the freezer.'s amazingly DUMB. Lucy calls Sonny to come and help.  Jason gets her out, gives her mouth to mouth and OMG But...don't be shocked, she's SAVED!! 

Cam goes to the dumpster and finds Shiloh nursing his head wound. "I know you"... So Shiloh will kidnap Cam and Franco will take Drew's memories to save him. Hmmm, RoHo will play 3 people on this soap: Todd, Franco now Drew. He'll lose his Franco memories. What will Frizzies do? Will Anti-Francos still hate him? 

Monday, August 5, 2019

Junk Pile

EDEN put this on Twitter with "Mondays" on it! 

MONDAY again. Hell, slow down, I hate when August flies by! We've had such glorious weather here too. Hot, low humidity and cool at night. HEAVEN. We don't get much of these so I'm trying to really enjoy it. BUT--here I am, inside to bring you today's GH.
Such dedication. 

Carly in the park, talking to her baby belly... Kim comes along, wants to know how it's going. She tells her about the Spina Bifida. Kim tells her she is there for her and can answer questions. She's delivered babies with SB. They talk about Oscar and of course, Morgan. Kim says she has no reason to stay in PC. Carly says she does.  They go to GH. Kim sees Drew and tells him she's leaving PC. 

Brucas and Julian at GH.  Julian and Lucas leave to go see a house Julian wants to buy. Dr. O comes up to Brad  (who's taking Wiley to his swimming lesson)- and says she's lucky she could SVIM because when she was pushed overboard, it's the only thing that saved her. She tells Brad she thinks he puuushed her. He reminds her she pushed him off the Parapet long ago and they are 'even" now. Oh!! Nice use of history there. 
Brad tells Dr. O that Sonny is dangerous like Faison and she kept Peter from him.  Then, he says Britt knows about the baby switch and if she tells, he'll tell she knew and she will be in parole violation. "you're black mailing me"?? Says Dr. O. 

Finn asks Epiphany about the drug Dr. Cabot prescribed for himself. She lets him see the computer (Why couldn't he look himself? He's a damn doctor??!!) Drew walks up and Finn says they may have a "situation" going on. Tells him Dr. Cabot is in town. Drew says his memories were stolen. 

Jason gets the call from Shank to come and save Sam. She's on the floor, duct taped and passed out.  SHiloh says to come alone, no weapons...Will they grab Franco instead?? Must be.  So, Jason goes to the room and Shiloh asks for the gun.. (he can't have 2??) and Jason gives it to him but beats him up --Sam is gone. They show her in a freezer outside the DOD house in the 'trash pile'  :eyeroll: Here's hoping the 1-800 JUNK truck comes lol 
Shiloh shows Jason the flashdrive and says he wants to implant the memories in him and then he'll tell him where Sam is.  Jason tries to strangle him. 

Lucy's trying to sell the DOD house....and Julian is looking at it. Michael had bought it for a woman's shelter but it's not zoned for that . (Shiloh rented it).  Julian wants it because he's living at the bar. "Maybe Kim will want to move in" . I think maybe he's going to buy it for Brucas? Hmm, well, maybe not? Nope, it's just for him. He's going to go talk to Kim about it. They go outside but don't hear Sam yelling. (See below) 

Neal comes over to Alexis' house to talk about the elevator event. Says they cant' see each other anymore. Not ethical...Alexis argues that they should not end. He argues they have to. On and on.  They care about each other.  I like these 2 but the same convo all the time is a bummer. 

Carly sees Dr. O and Brad shaking hands "Good luck, Mr. Cooper, you're going to need it"
Julian sees Kim and Drew hugging after she says she's leaving Port Charles
Sam passes out in the freezer, I guess from lack of Oxygen lol 


Sunday, August 4, 2019

Sunday Surgery: One Year Old

I"m So glad you're my baby boy and I found you... DUN DUN DUN...

Wiley is one...and so's the baby switch!! You think it's gone on too long?? Twitter thinks so. I think it should have come to a head at the beginning of the summer and played out more in July but maybe JUST maybe it's going to be done by the end of August. 

I went to the drive-in last night! Hub's first time (they didn't have them in England). Let's have some stale popcorn to celebrate. 

Friday, August 2, 2019

MEMORIIIIEEESSS... yes, like the Cats Song

The Island: Cassandra, Michael and Sasha. Michael and Sasha have sex again. Cassandra is on the phone and thanks someone for getting a gift to 'enhance' breakfast. They show a needle in her purse. She shoots Sasha's grapefruit full of the drug. Hey, that's 2 druggings this week!  Cassandra leaves after getting a selfie with them. Maybe she's trying to get Sahsa hooked? There seems to be nothing with the drugs this time at least--they didn't show her being all weird anyway. 

Drew has Chase come because of the break in. Curtis briefs him on what Shiloh stole. They are saying Shiloh has an alibi and someone must have taken it for him. Chase is going to get a warrant for Shiloh's room. (Count the number of times they all say "Memories'...holymoly) 

Dr. Evil Pants is with Shiloh in some old hotel room..even has like a 1978 TV set lol . They talk about transferring the memories.  

Jake, Jason and Liz at Kelly's... (same Jake, no aging!) Liz wants Jason to like Franco. Jason isn't so sure. She says he was sick.. he's like, meh.  Liz says Franco was more of a constant in Jake's like than he was. Ouch. Cam comes in to pick up Jake. They talk about Franco while Jake is getting snacks for his baseball team. Cameron says Franco has been good to 'his mom, brothers and me' so he's ok. 

Willow and Sam meet in the alley way/park fence thing. Sam wants to know more about Shiloh's "time in Afghanistan". Willow says it's all in the book Sam asks about "Tex". Willow doesn't know him. Then Shiloh walks up. He taunts them. Sam tells WILLOW she'll give her the money to get her tattoo off. Chase walks up to talk to Shiloh. He gives him a restraining order for Willow, Brucas and Wiley. 


Cam gets Oscar's paperwork for the car. He has to transfer the title and has Oscar's death cert. Kim and Franco talk. He tells her she could have some art therapy to help her out. She wants Franco to 'be there for Drew' and keep being a good friend. Then, Franco tells Cam that the "parking space' will be taken care of. God, they talk about this parking space like it's gold or something.  Scotty is giving Cam a parking space at his office building-- and it's free. It's also by their house. 

Liz gives Kim a gift bag from the reception.. Kim is sad. She mentions about what she did at the reception and how desperate she was. Kim thinks she should leave town. 

Hayden asks Finn about Casssssandra. He tells her about Cassie's past. blah blah

Idiot Sam breaks into Shiloh's motel room to steal the flashdrive ...she finds it and goes to leave but Shank is at the door.  He calls Jason and tells him if he ever wants to see Sam alive again, he'd better do what he says. 

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Tell The Truth

CAST PHOTO FROM GHFCW thx to @NivFansGH on twitter 

Wyndemere: Jax tells Finn he's not "seeing" Hayden, it's just business. Hayden is off exploring and the governess we saw interview Willow at the Metro stops her. 
The martini glasses were distributed and we don't know who got the "truth stuff"...although the way Hayden downed her's it might be it. 
Nina wants to do a cover story on Cassssandra Pierce. Finn is like WHY? 
Hayden comes back. Admits to snooping. Jax jumps in and says she was looking for the diamonds she hid before she left. Then, Hayden looks at Finn and says "Do you ever think about me, because I can't stop thinking about you".. WEIRD segment.  oh DUH! it's because Hayden drank the truth-drink!! DUH. That's why it was so strange. AND she told the truth about snooping. lol 
Finn says he doesn't think about her, he moved on and loves Anna. He says "you broke me when you left". He doesn't hate her tho. They stare at each other longingly. Everyone leaves. 

Lulu's house: She's moved on to white wine. Laura comes in. Gets Lulu coffee "I had NO SAY and NO CHOICE"... she cries. Laura says it's frustrating and scary but she's not alone. Laura gives her a pep-talk about Dante walking away because he's broken and he needs time. Lulu's all crying. 
Laura leaves, says 'no more wine".... and Lulu sits and stares at the divorce papers. 

Metro Court: Sonny and Carly. Sonny tells Carly not to bug Michael on his vacation. The power goes out and Carly lets everyone have dinner on the house. The back up generator broke, btw.  Dev comes out with champagne and caviar to give away. He picked the lock :eyeroll: His timing is SO off as an actor right now. I'm giving him time but..eesh. Sonny decides Dev is going to learn "the coffee business". He'll be working the warehouse now. 

Puerto Rico...Cassssssandra tells Michael and Sasha she's in the "inport/export" business. Cassandra finds out that there's a dinner party at Wyndemere and Jax and Hayden are there. (Sasha tells her)--she goes to make a phone call.  Comes back and invites Sasha and Michael to breakfast the next day. They say ok. Then they go have montage sex. :eyeroll: 

Elevator Stuck: Alexis and Dr. Neal. many times has this been used on a soap? He needs to "be somewhere".  His daughter died 5 years ago tonight. She was in a cult.. much like DOD but it was a drug related one. She killed herself, they found her in the bathtub with pills by her side.  He always goes to a Karaoke bar every year and sings her fave song to 'her'.."Hush Little Baby".  Alexis tells him to sing now. He won't so she sings. It's so sad. He's such a good actor....teary eyes and all. They end singing together and then the elevator starts again. 

Catching Up : Tuesday and Wed



WOW!!  Tuesday's show was just my cup of tea!! Lesil in Wyndemere -- she was so awesome.  Scott Sickles write so well for her!! Love that she's in the house with other people. It's always awesome to have a bunch of characters together. It shocks me still how BIG Danny is.  That park also kills me because it's SO Southern California. HATE Drunk Lulu. I'll talk more about that in Sunday Surgery. Stella wanting to be related to Billy Dee Williams. Aww.. and Curtis thought it was her "love child" LMAO. 

Wednesday's Show:  OMG "Puerto Riccccccccco' LMAO Oh I don't know, I just hate the cheesy soap attempt at a 'destination" Not as interesting as Tuesday's that's for sure. Shiloh is on my last nerve...where I guess he's supposed to be, right?? Billy Miller is leaving so the "drew" backstory is moot a bit. Well, unless they use it to get rid of Drew somehow. I have a feeling he'll leave the canvas quietly. I'll be surprised if he's killed off (but I really love a good murder!!) The best part was Diane and Alexis-- so good.  Carolyn Henessy needs to be on more.  
OMG if Shiloh has Drew's memories could he put them in his OWN head?? Lordy.  MESS --oh wait, he wants them in Jason's?? Hmm but he was too brain damaged. I still think they'll go into Shiloh. Would be a way to erase his past btw. So soapy. 

Cassandra Pierce is back? WHY? I love me some Jessica Tuck but.. that character just ran it's course. Maybe there's something big on the horizon? 

OK, that's that!