Sunday, August 18, 2019

Sunday Surgery: Mind Co USA

Um, HELLO Stranger....

Well, it was a hella week on GH!! If you haven't watched the show in awhile I'm sure you're confused. Ok, even IF you have watched the show, you could be confused! Mind-bending action all over the damn place!! Just know this:  Jason is Jason... Drew is Drew with Jason's memories except for recent years and Franco is...Drew birth to 2012. YEP. That's it! Also remember that they all think they had Jason's face at one time. LOL--only in soap-land. 

Settle in and get some Twix and Doublemint gum.. I'll try to walk you through all this as best as I can! 

It feels like nothing else but the memory drama happened this week but I'm sure there were a few things. I'll leave that for the end. Let's visit the Drew timeline for a moment. (I'm keeping this simple so many details will be left out. There's Wiki for that!) DREW ON WIKI 

Drew gets Jason's memories implanted into him and is on his way to Port Charles to cause Mayhem for Helena Cassadine. 

Drew is hit by Ava, and loses his face AND his memory (the memories he had implanted)-- he was then Jake Doe. 

When it came time to kill Sam, he couldn't do it and "Jason Memories"  flash back.  This  when they wanted us to believe he was really Jason because Burton was supposedly OFF THE SHOW FOREVER.  Drew and Sam get married. 

Jake Doe becomes "Jason Morgan"-- with some memories coming back to him... until.. THE REAL JASON MORGAN comes back and we found out that he was held captive after his memories were extracted and put into Drew. 

Jake Doe becomes Andrew Cain, former Navy S.E.A.L.  Father to previously unknown Oscar. 

(Good lord but this sounds soooooo weird LOL)


NOW we have Franco implanted with Drew from birth to 2012 memories. A "Drew" we don't know because the Drew we've seen is the memory-altered Drew.

Ok, we all need a cig now! LOL .. take a deep breath because now we find out a bit about PreviousDrew. 

Some 'highlights from Franco's memory tour this week: 


Hey, good lookin', remember me?? 
No.. I'm Drew-- Drew Cain. I picked you up about 16 years ago. 
I can sing Lovin' Feelin' for you...
No, that's ok, I hated it the first time! 


Well, truth be told, Kim is a pretty good kisser if I do say so myself....


So.. he thinks he's Drew Cain! 
Oh brother... 
No, Drew's your brother..
No I know that but Franco? Really?? 
Does that mean we have to like him now, Jason?? 
I suppose so Sam.. I suppose so. 


Oh my god, Franco! You look so broody! 
Well, you look ridiculous in that get up... 
Hey, don't call my girlfriend ridiculous...
Franco, what's wrong? 
Oh, nothing much, just found out who's POTUS. 
Oh, sorry man.
Not enough booze in the world! 
Note: Not political commentary, ANYONE not knowing what happened in 2016 would be gobsmacked! 


THINGS TO KNOW:  Seems Franco knew "Jason Quartermaine" when he was younger because he saw his face in a newspaper where Jason made the all-star soccer team. DrewCo said "That's my face" and did research on the Quartermaines. He thought Monica and Alan had given him up (is that why he's such an angry man?!!) Jason sets him straight on the baby story which doesn't impress DrewCo he lashes out, ends up punching Chase and gets himself arrested. 



Oh, fake mom, I'm so sick!
I know, sweetie.. you sweat just like me! 


Vell, in MY country you Can runs the bases backwarvds and kiss the other team's battah. 


Brad!! I'm Shocked!! 
Um, why because I'm looking at our son's medical records?

NO! Because you're NOT looking at porn! 


Oh, come on Carly who WOULDN'T want us to renew our vows?? 

:Entire GH timeline raises hands: 


SO, she's my 3rd cousin once removed and she's British! 
Auntie, that's not so close in DNA terms or location...
Shush, I have a new sitcom on CBS, I need outta here. 

Franco wakes up, He's DrewCo --meaning birth to 2012 
EVERYONE says how heroic Franco has been 
Willow's upset about Chases' chosen profession
EVERYONE is on a softball team except Sonny because he won't wear the shirt
Dr. O has a crush on Jax
Hayden still didn't find what she was looking for in Wyndemere
Cameron STILL has trash-duty 
Brad tries to fiddle with Shiloh's medical records 
Dev is secretly a brainiac, reading obscure feminist Civil War Era lit in his spare time. 
Laura gets a chill from Chlesea but not about Lucky, it's about Nikolas 
Lulu admires another man's pecs
Aunt  Stella is leaving for London
Mike and Yvonne get 'married' 
Alexis and Dr. Neal still struggling with therapy-patient relationship
Franco knows Kim and likes it putting a wrench in the plans to move
No one has figured out Sasha's mystery illness yet. 
Hayden moves in with Liz (YEAH!!)


PERFORMANCE OF THE WEEK:  THIS is how you do it. Even when the material is unbelievable in almost every sense, you sell it. And boy, did Becky sell it. Her angst, fright and sorrow was just palpable. Bravo. 


WUBS PICK FOR THE WEEK: OBRECT!! OBRECT!! OBRECT! Whether she was crushing on Jax or catching Hayden in 'the act' she was just brilliant. Love her, love her dialog. More please. We'd better get to see her and Jax's dinner too! 


FACES OF THE WEEK:  Trina and Joss tryin' to figure out what in the hell Cameron is talking about !! 


GRAPHICS/PROP OF THE LAST 2 WEEKS:  Hilarity with this "download" on the screen. I don't know what I was expecting....but this just reminded me of AOL circa 2005. (I just got this photo which is why you didn't see it last week!!) 

THAT's A WRAP!! The week was good due to movement on the memory front but very choppy in editing and continuity. People were suddenly transported to other places in a second or two. The "Waking" of Franco was not what I would have done. Kevin was there one minute then disappeared right when he was needed the most. Franco's reaction was wooden (and yes, I know he's a military man now) and I don't think going out drinking would be first on the list. I needed a freak-out or at least a horror-reaction to the nuface. I needed some questioning, shouting and ranting. Not calm anger. The Kim thing is very puzzling because they didn't have contact for at least 6ish years (in pre-Drew memory). He acted like they were still dating. 
Loved the Cam and Liz scenes. The propping of Franco the hero was a bit much--and I'm a Franco lover.  Billy Miller's exit at this time is a bummer, just when things are getting going. On the plus side, at least CarSon aren't directly in this story. Oh, the wedding of Mike and Yvonne?  Well, no comment other than thank god that's over. 
DEV remains a DUD and I'm not sure if he's still using some weird-clipped accent or what but people need to remind him he's from Boston and to start inflecting and talking normal. I don't get a chem-vibe off he and Joss at all. I honestly think that ABC/GH whoever sanitizes teen scenes so much no organic anything can penetrate it! 
Who DOES have chem? Finn and Hayden. Yep, I forgot just how much. 
The softball stuff is fun and whimsical-- good way to get cast together plus Burton and Monaco were in uniforms. :Giggle: Worth it at twice the price. 

HAVE A GOOD WEEK!! I'm still enjoying my summer off and relishing that my schedule is walking the dog, shopping and soaps. 


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  2. Alert, Karen, you have a spam post!

    I CAN'T STAND when folks wake up from comas or whatever X years later, and don't immediately want to know everything that happened when they were asleep/away. Wouldn't you want to know what is going on in the world? And if Franco thinks he is Drew, why isn't he trying to contact his superior officer? Why isn't he concerned that his body is all different, as well as his face? Where exactly would he go, with no money, no good id, etc. And he would have been monitored carefully in the hospital, and not allowed to leave. In fact, this is a MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGH, and should be front page news. Of course, it's just another day at GH.

  3. rebecca herbst has always been my favorite actress on GH. she should be lead actress not mumbles or carly. love william lipton. the drew kim timeline makes zero sense. he left before she even found out about being pregnant. never thought it was a love story.thought they were only dating 1 month.

    1. I agree about Becky. She should be up there with Laura Wright, Kelly Monaco....not so much haha!!
      When William Lipton first came on I have to admit I wasn't a fan, I liked the first aged Cam who was on for like 5 minutes (exaggerated) but I've been blown away in the months since he's been on, especially as of late. Won over.
      Not sure about Drew and Kim I can't remember back then, I honestly didn't pay that much attention to Oscar and Kim when they first came to PC.

  4. The only bright spot I see here is that Jason will be busy doing Drew flashbacks and we won't be forced to watch him and Sam together, with her forced acting and faces. Maybe if they see her in scenes with other people and she's still mumbling and lackluster they'll move her on. I can't take any more staring scenes and bridal lifts.

    Becky is amazing. and we definitely need more Cameron scenes, with the gang too. I'd like to see another road trip.

  5. Oops, sorry Kd...thanks for another great Surgery.

  6. I love Becky too. She has always been my favorite and they have written her character lately very well, she is a grown up mother, working hard to provide and take care of her kids. I don't know why they keep Sam's character so adolescent. The writers have this whole Jasam danger thing going on but it is less believable as the characters and actors age. It seems to me what is happening is that other characters and their stories are becoming more interesting. William Lipton has been amazing! Love the psychic. When Brad was reading the Shiloh's chart I couldn't help but noticing the spelling mistakes. Must be the teacher in me. Too bad Billy Miller is leaving just as his character is getting some good writing.

  7. I respectfully disagree on Becky - I thought she over did it - got on my nerves......
    the timeline is SOOOOOO stupid!!!!! 2012 - Oscar was already born - so stupid.....Kim's version of Oscar when she first came to PC is NOT matching!
    I LOVE me some Dr. O having a crush on Jax.....
    one of the best parts of this week for ME was Jason in a CRIMSON shirt - not black - he looked damn good.......who cares they were sweating......he had on an actual COLOR!!!!
    Stella relative is SO SO stupid - the writers completely changed her relative.

    1. Jason was in the corinthos coffee shirt or whatever he calls it. LOL

  8. William Lipton (Cam) deserves a Daytime Emmy. When Franco offered to trade places and as it got closer for the mad scientist Cabot to “throw the switch” if you will, I was in awe. His gut-wrenching screams and begging, his hatred for Shank ... all so moving and palpable. He gets my Award for August. That said, are we to believe that the writers had him out picking up trash the day after he was kidnapped at gunpoint, strapped to some wicked torture chair, and faced the threat of wiping out all his memories or maybe ending up in a vegetative state?! Nope ... no mercy for a teen who was trying to help his terminally ill friend ... he gets the hanging judge. For all we know, Cam will still be picking up trash on his wedding day years from now.

    Did anyone else find it odd that Scott was not called to Franco’s beside while he lay in a coma? Or what about calling Alexis when Sam was rescued after being trapped in a freezer? That’ll teach her to leave her kids with Monica yet again to play with Annabelle II so she can run off and try to save the day ... umm... by herself with no backup. Smh. That part ticked me off! With respect to Sam & Shank, that dynamic should have ended once Kristina was pulled from DoD!

    Where’s Spinelli? Surely someone will find another copy of the flash drive (is that what Hayden is looking for?) and The Jackal’s superior knowledge will save the day when he comes up with a program to reverse the memory transfer.

    1. I believe Hayden is looking for the diamonds. She has nothing to do whatsoever with the flash drive sl.

  9. I'm confused, if Drewco has Drew's memories from birth to 2012 wouldn't he at least recognize the name Franco since they spent some of their childhood together?

    1. He was known as Bobby when he was young. He and Drew were called Andy and Bobby.

    2. I'm confused too. Apparently they don't want him to have any memories of early childhood. Just an angry mean individual. Hope RoHo has some fun with this role.

  10. Thanks for a great SS! And GH should thank you for keeping some of us interested because they have a mess on their hands. Even with recap and explanations of the possible it is a ball of confusion. Continual lack of details adds to this.
    Love your comment, non political of course, about Franco finding out who the PO(T)(U)S is. Anyone would be "gobsmacked".
    It is now time to end the freaking baby switch story!
    And surprise...Franco/Drew going to jail with Shank.

  11. I still think Hayden is looking for a document that maybe Nicholas needs to come back OR a clue about where he is........dont think it is diamonds

    1. I think Helena must have a document that nullifies the will Valentine had. I'd love to see him kicked out of Spoon Island and Nik back in control.

  12. Is Nicholas coming back? Has Tyler Christopher agreed? Are they recasting? Just teasing us?

    1. Right now I believe it's a tease...we all want him back, but no where have I read from him or soap sites/magazines that he's coming just wishful thinking, so far.



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