Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Sustainable Energy

Lulu, the worse mother EVER tells Charlotte that YES! This is where your Papa made his video, right in the Police Station....instead of say, lying to spare her feelings.  Geesh, so poor Dante has to explain he was there for questioning after the Nurses' Ball. 

Stupid Man Landers' story was all about whether or not Nathan was going to pose for a photo.  What a waste of Jennifer Bassey. 

Kevin, Laura...Spencer talking about the Cassadine estate and why it goes to Valentin. He wonders what will happen to Wyndemere with Val in prison.. Laura says Nina will probably be in charge since she's his wife.  Is she still his wife? I know they signed papers, but did she file??? I have no idea. 

Carly and Sonny are in Puerto's raining! They hear stuff!! Oh no!! IS someone skulkng? So so.. scary!!  It was a parrot. Oh, boo. 

Jason wants to warn Sonny. Michael comes over and tells him they are on the island. Michael wants Jason to join ELQ (stop laughing) They are into sustainable energy now!! Who knew? Ned doesn't think it's profitable-- and he wants Jason to "troubleshoot".  I can see Jason now, discussing tidal power use in the North Sea. AHAHHAAHA  Anyway, they argue a bit and then he says he needs to go talk to Sonny and he's flying to the island. Sam freaks out

Nelle is working for Nina zzzzzzzz. Nelle tells Michael. HE's so HAPPY FOR HER. zzzzzzzz. He invites her to a concert in the park. I'm sure it will be as exciting as an acapella group. :) 

OMG Worst editing ever--EVER..  Nate literally went from hugging Amy in the hall in NYC (I think it was NYC)-- to having a complete change of clothes and seeing Dante and Lulu and Char in the PCPD. Like THE NEXT SCENE!! ahahaa

Spencer escapes Kelly's and goes to talk to Nina about the whole Cassadine thing. 

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Suburban Sonny WUB

Or: Sonny in real-life 

Carly on her phone at the Metro-- things are buzzing... 
Carly: Sonny? 

Sonny is in his living room, staring out the window...
Sonny:  Yeah? 

Carly: Look, things are falling apart here.  I have to stay longer and I need you to do a couple of things for me...
Sonny: Well, I'm deep into brooding for Morgan but...what ya got? 
Carly: Ok, Avery has that ear infection and she has an appointment at I need you
Sonny: Wait..where's Ava, she could get herself over here and...
Carly: Sonny, she's in the hospital-- burned. 
Sonny: Oh. yeah. She's a bitch that one..
Carly: SONNY! Focus will ya!! 
Sonny: Ok ok....pediatrician...ear infection... 
Carly: Do you have the insurance card? 
Sonny: (Pause) the what? 
Carly: Our insurance card, we're covered under the Metro plan but they'll need to take an updated copy ..and oh, our copay is  $45.
Sonny:  Um... (squeezes eyes) .. yeah..ok, I think I got it.. 
Carly: Remember to get her car seat up from the garage...
Sonny: Garage? 
Carly: Where Max lives over? 
Sonny: I know where the garage is.. I meant the car seat. Where's that? 
Carly: The extra one is over by the winter tires.
Sonny: Winter tires?
Carly: SONNY!! Look, I have to go... oh and Joss needs to be picked up from crew, so stop by the park and
Sonny: Crew?
Carly: Oh my god!! Yes, where she's gone every Thursday for the last year--they are practicing on the canal today. 
Sonny: You mean the river
Carly: NO... the canal.. it's behind the old Braden warehouse..
Sonny: it, I got it! 
Carly: Oh and she texted me and you have to take Tara Jenson home too. 
Sonny: Who?
Carly: HER BFF since 2nd GRADE!! They live on Oak Terrace..they...
Sonny: Can't Jax pick her up.. I'm kinda tight for time..(looks out window)
Carly: Sonny! You had him DEPORTED!
Sonny: Damn it, that' right. Stupid Jax. 
Carly: So...pediatrician and pick up Josslyn, ok? Oh and you'll have to take the SUV because...
Sonny: Not happenin...
Carly: YES IT IS! Now get going..
Sonny: (throws his shatters)
Carly: That had better NOT have been another tumbler because..
Sonny: OK! OK! I got it. I do run a giant coffee company on my own you know...
Carly: I hope you put air quotes on that coffee comment...I have to go,  I'll be home when I get there. 
Sonny: (stares at his phone.. walks to the mantel ..leans.....puts chin in hand....looks around, sighs)...
Sonny: MAX! MAX! Get in here!
Max: Hey, ok? 
Sonny: Yeah, yeah...listen I have a few errands for you to run...but first, (reaches in suit coat for his wallet) do you know what an insurance card looks like? 
Max: Like, for the car?
Sonny: Hell if I know... 

More to Come..because GH-- OY 

Monday, June 19, 2017

General Hospital Preview Rant

I'm putting this up because ...well, GH has done it again. This is summer? Really? Seriously? This Sonny shit again!??? I am at the end of my rope here. With all the stories you could tell--with all the characters you are wasting we are seeing an 'old enemy' of Sonny come back to threaten him and..someone gets (wait for it): SHOT. 

Look, you couldn't write good mob stories for 18-20 years, and you're not going to start now. Not the way the show is a chopped up mess that never finishes anything. I don't care who's 'coming for Sonny'. Not in the least. You could have expanded airtime for Curtis and Co-- you know, integrate them into the canvas. Or, you know, get Molly and Krissy back (really back, not just for a an episode here or there). How's Monica doing without Tracy?  Oh you know the fans have a million ideas and none of them are this: 

So, enjoy. I have to say, even if you're a Sonny fan you have to be tired of this. I think the one thing I'll watch this summer is Olivia and Ned's wedding. Hopefully, there's no bombing, fires or shootings going on. 

Short Today

About 15 min today-- I have a ton to do. Last week is always like that!! Boy, I need a Vitamin B12 shot or something!! 

Griffin goes to Sonny's and asks if he's going to kill Ava. Sonny says: Nope, she's suffering enough. 

AVA needs more morphine..she tries to push the button-- but nothing happens. Epiphany comes in and says, sorry, you've had enough.  Julian visits her. He picks up her chart. Sees the DNR.

Sam and Jason ...Sam's pissed at Jason for fighting that guy. This is so frustrating. Ugh. 

Spencer wants to know what Dr. Kevin's "intentions are" with his Gram. 

Carly tells Michael she's signing over all of Sonny's business assets back to Sonny-- then they'll divorce. 

Nelle gets an interview and asks who referred her. 

Olivia says Diane won't take her custody case because of "conflict of interest" WHY? It's not Sonny's kid. And she's friends with Alexis--not Julian?? 

That's all I have time for! Today's show is actually Friday's show-- so maybe it will get interesting? 

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Sunday Surgery: Playing Doctor

Is that Chumunga thing in there? 
Some weeks, the blogs about write themselves. Sometimes I get them done on Friday. This week? I really didn't think much about it until Saturday evening. I guess because it was interrupted again and these shows blended into the rest of the shows eh? Not sure what's worse: a week that infurates me or a week that's just BLAH. 

It's hotter than HEY-O here-- I mean HOT. Happy Father's Day!! We will have Gin and Tonics later so I suggest you start early. Like now. 

Friday, June 16, 2017

Man Landers

Lulu's house. Spencer hates Charlotte because she's living in "his house"..and it seems like everyone forgot his father was killed (true that).
Later, Kevin comes in and he and Laura go to the park. He asks her to move in, and she says yes. 

Amy's ON!!!! Oh, yes, so exciting. Nate wants to know about her brother-- :eyeroll:  He's back from Afghanistan. He was her advice person in the blog. Now he's in a group home because of his injuries. He sees all of Chet's medical bills and agrees to appear as "Man Landers" so Amy can make money to pay them off. 

While she's waiting at the Metro, Sam is talking to Kevin. He's asking her questions.  He tells her he treated Jason after his car accident. Which, surpisingly is true! 

Jason and GOONER are still fighting. Sweaty, gross...heavy breathing..stupid. PCPD comes in, they let Jason go because Sam says so. LOL  He tells Liz that the guy is in custody and everything is over. Sam is all freaked out. As usual. She hallucinates Jason all bloody.  

Hayden tells Liz she's pregnant but is scared about having a baby. Liz reassures her she'll be a good parent. Later, Jake tells her she's "pretty cool" and they hug.

LOOK who's back taping! 

Thursday, June 15, 2017


Amy's all upset about her stupid blog--and the book deal...and High School..and..well, Nate and Dillon don't KNOW what's wrong with her!!  Dillon tells Nathan all about High School. Maxie was a mean girl-- mean. Amy was really nice, did a lot of volunteer stuff, was in the chorus. 
Her brother however, was a great FB player and everyone loved him. She lived in his shadow for years. "Chad"  left to play for Wisconsin but put his shoulder out.
GOD, we got more on Amy's life today then most ppl on this show in forever! Dillon says Chet (or Chad, I'm not sure)  has disappeard. Oh! Nate says I know, I'll check data bases to find him. (WHY WHO CARES????????) and I guess ol' Chet/Chad is on some police file? Not sure because they cut the scene. Then Nathan finds Amy at ANOTHER coffee shop (??) I'm serious and says "I think I know what's wrong" and ..then cut scene. 

Olivia tells Julian to buzz off and let Ned adopt Leo.  OMG, later Alexis comes in and says Julian has every right to see his son! Like Alexis would say that about a guy that put a knife to her neck and almost murdered her. Unless the writers are high. COME ON. That's just wrong.  Sam happens upon Alexis saying he has legal rights--and Sam is PISSED. She says Julian will NEVER see Scout. Then she tells Alexis she wants her to stay away too if she's going to act like this. 

Griffin is seeing Sam because...I don't know she was standing in GH hallway not feeling good. He takes her into an exam room. She has no fever. He thinks it might be a virus. Then he thinks it may be PTSD over Olivia Jerome. She won't believe it, leaves.  (this is when she goes to the Metro and confronts Alexis)..

Cassadine Goon is stalking Jake.  Jake goes to the vending machine.  He stares at Jake. 

Meanwhile, Jason and Spin are still looking for said goon guy by hacking into the data base of the police department.  They figure out he's at GH by hacking into his credit card info and seeing he bought scrubs. 

Jason calls Liz..tells her to lock herself in a room with Jake because Goon-Man is coming. Liz is gotta go Jake! Jake is like but I WANT MY CANDY. Liz asks Griffin to hide them and Jason comes to GH. He runs UP THE STAIRS WITH THE security guy-- 
Griffin is talking to Jake ...and they are not leaving the room. 
Jason sees the goon go into the elevator but the doors close.  He chases him up to the roof.  They have a STUPID fight LOL..oh geesh. :eyeroll: 

IT'S NATIONAL LOBSTER DAY!! And Alberta Says: Have a good one! She knows she's delicious so... don't worry if you eat a bit. 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Mom makes me think of...PIZZA!

OMG I was so confused. Spinelli just POPPED UP random in Sonny's living was WEIRD.  Then he meets Jason. Sam was bitchy to Jason, all crying and crabby... something is up. She says she's coming down with something, needs sleep. He's like WELP! Take a nap, I'm leaving! ahahha. He left her with the baby after that? AHAHA.

 Jason goes to meet Spinelli and they try to find out who the package delivery guy was. They track him down by the license plate. Jason knows it's the GOON Guy from Cassadine Island. (later we see the same guy skulking around Jake at GH) 

Liz stops by Sam's after seeing Maddox. She talks about the receipt that Jake showed her--and Sam gets all wonky. She hears voices "you'll never be safe"...then she "sees" Liz point a gun at her. 
Geesh. @@  She realizes she's seeing things. Liz leaves.  Sam naps and wakes up thinking someone is in there with her. The baby monitor has crying on it. She runs upstairs. 

 Anna tries to get Lulu to show Charlotte Valentin's goodbye video. Lulu's pissed. Says No. Anna pleads with her. Lulu says No. Then Nina stops by (with something for Charlotte) and overhears it all.  Nina and Anna talk alone ...and it's very weird.
Charlotte comes back from Camp with a Lila's Kid's TSHIRT ON!! awww.

Nina says a great goodbye to her..very touching.  Lulu sees it and realizes she should let Charlotte listen to her Papa's goodbye. 

CarSon crap ..OMG it's the same old JUNK!! They could take an extended vacation. They contributed NOTHING to today's show. 

REALLY great therapy scene with Maddox and Jake. Great acting on both parts and good dialog too.  Should have been 10 months ago.  

Amy was on ..talking about her BLOG. Nate tells her go get someone else to help her. 

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

NO General Hospital Today

Because, you know, the GOVERNMENT is taking over the airwaves lately. So--they showed a rerun at 2:00 because it was due to start at 2:30.  Oh, and I forgot to mention, Spinelli will be back a bit for the summer. 

Hope you had a good day--it's SO humid here. Seriously? I'd rather have snow than this dewpoint LOL. 

Monday, June 12, 2017

Auntie Stella is Staying!

Ava didn't want to be kept alive... she's mad.  She's going to have a hydrobath and graphs. Kiki goes in to see her. Kiki finds a DNR now --Ava signed one. She's NOT HAPPY! 

UT.OH. Auntie Stella doesn't know TJ is Sean's!! OH lawdy! When will she find out? Better RUN!! TJ is in Kelly's and almost SPILLS to Stella about his dad....but Curtis and Jordan came in.  Jordan says to TJ later to 'ease into the truth' at some point with his Aunt. Then, Aunt Stella says she's staying open ended in PC! Yeah!! 

Laura takes Spencer to see Sonny. He'd better not be all WALLOW with the Morgan stuff.  Morgan mentions Josslyn. Wait until he sees she's gotten to be about 5'9" with quite a figure LOL!!  Sonny says he can come over anytime. Laura's a bit worried about him. 

Kiki thinks Carly deserves better-- she sounds JUST like Molly about Julian. I think it's the same script.  AND it's also the Krissy script where she asks Alexis if she would want HER to have a relationship like she has with Julian. (she mentioned Keifer in that one).  

Later, Dillion punches Scotty when Scotty asks if the police have been into see Ava. (lame punch) 

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Sunday Surgery: Pizza and Frappuchino. Please

Ya Missed me, didn't ya? 

This week held a tiny miracle for me: a show I enjoyed so much I just about danced! Ergo, I am paying HOMAGE to that episode because it's so rare, one must drink it in like a fine wine. Don't worry, I'll also clue you into the other goings-on as well. (Because you know there was plenty to snark about!) 

Sit back and have some champagne! Watch as the Wubs gets all delighted. I know it's not everyone's taste but hell, I had a good time!! 

Friday, June 9, 2017


Gonna be a long 9 months of Greens just being a "Baby this Baby That...I'm a bad mama yada yada" ..because, GH.  Finn tells Hayden he's been put on leave. She's all "ok, let's have sex" . Later she figures out it's Dr. O who is doing the tampering. 

Apparently Ava was flatlining yesterday and I missed it. Carson are, whatever LOL. Carly comforts Kiki and Sonny just is "MEH"...whatever.  Ava of course, doesn't die. Kiki still loves Ava and goes in to tell her. 

Auntie Stella is yelling at Jordan about Curtis' Brother...yada yada.  GOOD stuff.  She's dragging Jordan!  She thinks Sean killed Tommy in the Middle  East on purpose because of Jordan-- But Curtis says NOPE. Sean killed him in self defense.  Auntie says "no wonder you took to drugs' He said that was his fault.  She's still mad and thinks Jordan killed Tommy's mother too (her sister) because she died of "a broken heart".  She's going to METRO because she still wants to see TJ. 

Lucy is being questioned by Dante. She tells Dante she didn't know Ava switched out the pills.  Her dress is SO HOT pink. Geesh. Dante  figured out someone re-switched the pills-- and then Lucy's lightbulb moment goes off. SCOTT did it! She doesn't say it out loud tho. Oh, then she flashes back and then tells Dante (off camera). He tells Scott to get into the interrogation room. Lucy basically spills everything.  Dante snarls at Scotty "I'll get you yet"!! Scott says he's Ava's lawyer and gets out of the PCPD.

END of the show: CarSon kisses..because that lasted 3.4 seconds. GEESH--back together?  They were saying they would have liked it if Ava had died, then they kss AHAHA

Thursday, June 8, 2017


TJ! TJ~~~!! "member him??  He's on! 

Aunti Stella HATES Jordan she called her a tramp..and a liar LMAO 

Alex is the one that came to see Valentin.  Yep. she came to PC knowing the WSB is looking for her. 

Damn CARSON exposition about AVA AND THE PILLS. OMG...ruining yesterday's great show.

Then Milla and Vanilla-- Nelle and Michael. Zzzzzzz. 

Kiki and Dilly. I know he was all film making and artsy-- but get him in ELQ. At least  Kiki has a job at the hospital. 

Sorry, I had to turn the news on for a minute-- which I don't think I'll miss much !! 

FUNNY- then the show is interrupted.  Sooooooo, oh it's back on.

I think Alex and Anna switched places while we were gone??? And Sonny asks Nelle if she remembers seeing Ava in his bedroom. 

Boy. Let down after tomorrow. 

Welcome Baby Otis!

Kim tweeted that she had her baby boy yesterday and quoted Mary J "I never knew a love like this before...."  Congratulations! 

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

A FUN DAY on the SHOW!!


OMG Spencer and CAM go with Hayden, what could go wrong? AHAHAA.  Cam brought a Guinea PIG home and--get this.. it had FLEAS and infested the house! OH Cammmmmmm... haahaha. With the flea bombs..because Cam always has crap going!! 
So, Greenlee takes Cam and Spencer to the coffee shop and they fight and start throwing coffee ALL OVER..ahahaha. I loved it.  Hayden had to call LAURA to come and get them.  Hayden cries because she's pregnant. 

Mac is talking to Anna about her guilt feelings regarding Valentin. SO weird. Like who -- what? Alex isn't cooperating I guess. Robert calls. 

Lante is bugging Valentin about Charlotte, they want him to leave her with them. He's going to tell her to go with them. They leave.

Nina comes in to see Valentin--and he's UBER PISSED AT her for turning him in!!!  Then they talk and he says he loves her still and if he beats the charges, he'll come back for her. She says No, I have divorce papers here.  She leaves him with them. 

Dr. O is skulking around HayFinn. Later, Finn and Dr. O consult on a patient and he says they need to get along if only at work.  Ut oh.... Finn tests positive and Brad was not around. He's suspended. Dr. O is so happy. 

Poor Jordan and Curtis...they are the new NAXIE..forever in BED. It's Curtis' birthday 
I'm happy about this. And I know her..she's a 70's actress...she was on WELCOME BACK KOTTER! That's where I know her from!!!  Ok, younger ppl will know her from Fresh Prince (his Mother I guess) 
Auntie wants to stay with Curtis..he's Okay I guess.  OH! She hates Jordan! COULD Be good!!
TJ is on tomorrow!! what is HAPPENING????

END:  Robert tells Anna ALEX ESCAPED!! She may be visiting Valentin? Can't tell, may be a fake out. 

GOOD show and I Loved Hayden and Laura with the boys. We need SO MUCH more of that!! 

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

James Depaiva To General Hospital?

Image result for kassie depaiva and james depaiva
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So... Kassie Depaiva just tweeted "Guess who's coming to #GH"... and there's a blurry pic of her hubby, James. He of course played Max for YEARS on OLTL. 
Speculation is that he's ...Jeff Webber? 

Hmm, I will keep you posted! 

"You Look Pale"

Says Alexis to Sam at the coffee clutch.  And.....Sam seems to have postpartum depression? WHAT? Huh? What did I miss?
Wait...this is really out of left field. Bizarre.  Alexis gets Sam to go to the spa and pamper herself. She sits with Scout and Julian comes by. OH, maybe that whole thing was JUST to get Alexis alone so that Julian could see Scout and her!! 

Alexis lets Julian hold the baby.

And..oh Lucas is on! With Julian!! Why didn't they have him on for the Nurses' Ball? Why this? Who cares? We get to hear that Lucas hates Julian YET AGAIN! oh thanks. 

Jason and Sonny are toasting Ava's Karma. Sonny is seriously crying about Morgan and GOING OVER EVERYTHING again. 

Anna (I think it may be Alex) is telling Lulu/Laura she knows where Val and Char may be. Why would she tell them??? HUH?  Lulu is all hep to 'help out Charlotte". Whatever. 

Valentin is teaching Charlotte how to lie about who she is.

AND I AM NOT making this up-- the 3 of them...Anna, Dante and Lulu show up in Niagara Falls in about ONE minute .
They don't even try. Holy shit. I mean, that was so stupid. SO stupid.  So, Charlotte went with Lulu and Valentin is all mad. 
Val and Anna yabber about the past. She arrests him. He cries, she cries. We all cry. 

Spencer's home. Sees Laura.  He used apps to get home--lol. He even used an app to generate a text from Laura-- saying he was needed at home. LOL. He wants to avenge his father's death and 'reclaim Wyndemere".  He got his pizza :) 

Sam is sure acting really weird. 

MAC is on tomorrow. He couldn't be on for the Nurses Ball...but he's on tomorrow????'s show was so confusing. 

Jean Is Leaving Soaps

Related image

Co-head Writer of GH, Jean Passanante is leaving soaps, says Daytime Confidential and others around the net.  She will be retiring in August. Keep and eye out about who will step in to fill her shoes! 

Monday, June 5, 2017

Niagara Falls

Char had the MOST ADORABLE outfit on today, I loved it!! 

Charlotte is GONE? whoot! Going to Niagara Falls!?  With Papa!
Nina finds out, Not happy.
Lulu finds out, freaks. 
Calls Charlotte. Dante can't "track" the call. COME ON. In 2017?? OMG ugh COME ON!! 
Some thuggy guy is at the door with 2 passports for Dante and Charlotte. 

Nina is talking about Valentin to Anna and Dante. She's pleading Valentin's case to not arrest him. 

Ok, am I the only one that's confused with Anna? She's still acting weird, imo. 

Sonny is all telling Ava about their history-- and being all bitchy.  Griffin comes in.  He tells him to leave. then he tells Ava she'll need a ton of skin grafts. 

Carly is exposing to Jason all about the Ava fiasco.  Later she's PISSED that Sonny didn't kill Ava!! 

Laura and Liz...talking about Jake.  And then TALKING ABOUT THE Valentin CHIMERA Event.  They have tea.  Sigh

Today was total exposition and stupid Sonny threatening Ava.


RIP. Smallest lil angel biggest part of my life 4 12 years. Hit by car 6 hours B4 i got home from East Coast. Having anxiety looking 4 me.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Sunday Surgery: Port Charles Is Burning

Biggest News This Week? RoHo cut his hair and shared the results.
Yes, I wept. I love the Todd Look! 

Oh yes, the Wubmaster is sick again this week--can you believe it? Bronchitis!! I've been just a mess. So, as you could tell I didn't even get to Friday's show.  I will run though what I can and you fill in the gaps, ok? 

Repeat I was off the hook there. 

BEHOLD!! I have the CHUMUNGA BEER CAN!! The Light--The Dark! The GLOWING EMBER of Death!!! 
Which turned out to be really easy to turn off and then some goons came and started shooting but Miss Anna grabbed it and "disposed of it" and ..well.. that was that! I think I probably got some ice cream afterwards. 

Wubs Note: Did we live though all that scarecrow nonsense for THIS????  Here we all were trying to figure out if Jake or Charlotte was a true Chimera when....well, it appears this was all just, um.. dare I say, stupid? 

OMG..he's talking to me! Really talking--TO. ME!! But he found my secret blog. Oh darn it. But wait, maybe I can use it in my favor!  OMG, I 'm so happy because I know he'll love me even when his wife comes back! I'm going to have so much air time ever!! 

....and then your Grandpa Luke brought back this chip named Kong and gave the town an awful virus....

OMG! I spilled my wine on your nice suit! Wait..I think that's a...bullet HOLE! WAHH But I love you! But I was jealous of Anna....but really I love you...but I.... VALLLENTIN....don't DIE!! You can't die!!! 

Um, I get your mad Sonny, but Ava is like burnt to a crisp right now and she may not make it...
I DON'T CARE, SHE'S SCUM I HOPE HER SKIN FALLS OFF WHILE I WATCH! She HURT my LITTLE BOY MORGAN with the PILLS! She's DISGUSTING! I've never EVER Made any mistakes when it come to ANYTHING and she must PAY! 
Um, want to see my bullet wound? 

As a MATTER OF FACT, why don't I just rub it into KIKI too? I get She's upset when she sees her  mom all fighin' for her life an all, but hell, she NEEDS TA KNOW! 

Sonny, it really is horrible what happened to Ava, I mean--burned alive and all? Hello? Do you hear me? Is there anyone in there? Compassion? Humanity? Nope? Well, I tried. 

Wub Note: PLEASE have Krissy be thinking about calling Valerie for a date...Please....

As your good friend who just brought you the key to your life back with this law license, I must advise you to not contact Julian now that he's out on bail. Don't even touch him, or feel badly for him. Nope, don't do it. 

I know I shouldn't touch you...or feel badly...but I do... why oh why did they write you so badly? Why did you have to literally fantasize about killing me, then hold a knife to my throat and terrorize me? Why? (said every GH watcher ever) 

Well, Nelle, it's been a long week watching you and your kidney lay in that bed. Let me pour you some water as a token of my love and affection. That' will be our thing, ok? Water? Because it so defines what we are.  I'd love for it to be 100% whole milk, but the hospital frowns on that. 

Ava's eyeball is going to be doing some acting next week--and Sonny's going to go in to further torture her. 
Can she have a secret bazooka under those sheets? 

All I can say is I'm so disappointed in the Chimera story I could scream. I'm not even sure Anna did "dispose" of it all like she said. I don't even care. The Alex thing was weird and totally unsatisfying as well. Hell, "Anna" could be "Alex" now and I wouldn't bad an eye.  I'm still wondering why we had to go to that stupid cheesy island for the whole Chain-Up. Oy. 

The Nurses' Ball felt like an obligation on the part of the writers. No tradition, all interruptions. Ava's getting beat up left and right all because of that horrible pill-switching plot. She laid in bed when she had cancer, what's a bit more? 

Oh, yeah..Hayden and Finn are going to move in together. Their scenes are so apart from everything else it's just a mess. Did she not go to the ball because she was pregnant and sick? I missed that?? They both WORK there, right? God forbid they interact with anyone else. 

So... I got this done as best as I could today. Sorry if it's not up to par. I've had more virus' this year than I have since I was a kid! Makes me want to scream. 

Hope you are well. 

Thursday, June 1, 2017


According to Bobbie, Ava's burned...and burned BADLY. "Next 24 hours are critical". Usually when people on soaps get face-burned they get a new actor in to take over the role. !! Jamey at DC assures me it's not her tho. (Some rumors say Michael Easton again...ugh.) Bobbie tells Kiki she has some 'decisions' to make.  Then burn unit doctor comes out and asks about a living will.   Julian says he knows about it--then commercial then WE NEVER FIND OUT. :eyeroll: Julian goes in to talk to her. Kiki doesn't want to because....Morgan. (UGH) 

Michale and Nelle are on....Why? Don't know.  He poured her some water. That's the most exciting thing that's happened with them so far lol . Bobbie comes in and tells Michael to check his messages and call his parents. (about Morgan/Ava) He leaves. Bobbie tells Nelle to leave town. 

Hayden and Finn.  This is just boring. I get she's PG but.. snoozah. He thinks they should move in together.  She's like..hmmmmm, not sure. 

Sonny tells Dante he doesn't care if Ava was almost burned alive. Dante is like: geesh, harsh much?  Gives him the pills and tells him to use them as evidence. Dante says "No one wants to prosecute a dead woman".  OMG Dante is ON FIRE today and I want to marry him. He's trying to get through to Sonny and Sonny is just a bitter ego-maniac.  Great dialog with Dante. 

THEN, they ruin it! I swear, in the next scene Jordan says the SAME exact words to Dante about not prosecuting Ava and he's all mad!?? LOL! That made NO sense. NONE. 

Diane and Alexis are good friends and I really like how they write them. Diane called Alexis just to say hi and we got to see it. Then she went over with a letter that says Alexis is a lawyer again! Also told her Julian made bail. (sad horn).  

Alexis goes to the hospital to see Julian. Diane TOLD HER NOT TO DO THAT!!  ugh.. but there she is!! 

At the end of the show: Kiki goes to Sonny's to talk to him about Ava. HayFinn agree to 'become a family'.... Bobbie tells Nelle to watch it. 
Tomorrow: Ava wakes up...