Thursday, January 18, 2018


Laura tells Liz NOT to have Franco sell his studio. Meanwhile, James is trying to buy the place from Franco. 
Liz goes over to the studio and tells Franco not to sell to him. Then, she gets a phone call about her wedding dress. She goes out in the hall. 
Franco asks James about when he was seeing his mother--"Did you see another little boy there too"?? Can James be that OLD?? Huh?? 
Did he abuse the boys and that's why he's interested in Andy? Hmm?? 

Molly and TJ kicked out of their apt. Kiki feels badly. FINALLY KIKI AND TJ! YES. 
All of the tenants in the apt building have been evacuated --the landlord let it go to ruin, now will sell it. Then the new company will come in, fix them up and make the rents sky high. And--this is THE TRUTH not a political statement, --Trump did this to numerous buildings in NYC.  In Fact, this is how many real estate business men operate. Laura is mad at Ned --they are all in Julian's Pub right now.
Why does Molly even go there if she hates Jules so much?? WHY?? 

Julian tells "Ted" he's privileged and has no idea what it's like to pay rent. Alexis is impressed. 
Ned tells Julian to STFU because he doesn't even PAY TAXES-- he's in the mob! And...he knows he's just trying to impress Alexis who "you held a knife to"-- oh GO NEDLY!!  Remember the Gatekeepers? He still sticks up for Alexis. 
Laura gets a phone call, says "OMG is it bad" ?? Tells Alexis that she has to withdraw from the race but doesn't say why. (probably will Monday). 

Maxie and Lulu make up and hug. Dante says they have a ton of security. 
Meanwhile, we see "Faison's" head and hands. Only it's way too tan and big to be Anders. Just sayin,  Maxie thinks she sees Faison go into an apt building opposite their's.  It's the new super....with AN AWFUL wig. geesh!  Lulu and Dante brought Naxie some wedding cake to eat in celebration of their anniversary. 

The "Other Faison" is still being shown (only hands/hair) going through Pictures of Anna, Nathan-yada yada.  Circles Maxie's pic and gets mad. 

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

I Know Who You Are

THE AVA HOUR....Ava keeps getting texts: "I know who you are, I know what you did"...

I got here at 2:20, JUST in time for..........MORGAN!! Oh it figures!! Is this a Black Mirror Episode? LOL. She patches him up..he says he has a prosthetic hand..(like Luke Skyewalker??!!LOL).  This is obviously a hallucination. The play with us a bit..make us think she's waking up...but he's really there. Kiki comes, she doesn't let her see Morgan. 

Morgan just wants to stay at her house. Hang out. She keeps getting texts "I know who you are, I know what you did"
She wants to out Morgan at the Gallery show-- and wants to reunite him with his parents.

SOMEONE else comes out, Not Morgan--and it will blow your socks off!! WOW... lol. 

OK, I can't tell you everything but it's a GREAT SHOW--if you like weird stuff and stand alones. I really enjoyed it. THE ENDING was perfect.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Jason and Sonny talk about Faison. Jason 'WANTS FAISON" in to ask him why he was memory switched.

Jake wants Drew to come to Father's Day at school with him.  Drew says of course. Liz comes in, didn't know Jake was gone. He doesn't want to have to take Jason to school, only Drew. 

Carly talks to Joss about....SEX. She says those condoms are TRINA'S! Carly is so happy. Carly also wants to talk to Josslyn about sex. 

Kim talks to Oscar about .....SEX Oscar says the Condoms are Kiki's friend, TRINAs. LOL. She's the sexpot, NOT Joss!  They still have the "be responsible about sex" talk.

DNA says Baby is Michael's.  UGH She wants him at the ultrasound. Michael says Ava is using her and wants something, that's why she got the gallery job. 

Ava crabs about her "scar" and I swear --LOOK at her face today-- I think they forgot to put it on!! THERE'S NOTHING there!!

ENDING EARLY-- I have a bad sore throat and want to sleep. Pretty slow today

Monday, January 15, 2018

Donuts in AA

THORAD condoms makes me think of NORAD lol... Carly sees Bobbie at GH and shows her Joss' condom box. 
Josslyn and Oscar talk at Kelly's "you sure you wanna do this"?? "I think so..."
*PREDICTION: They aren't going to have sex at all. Those condoms are probably for sex ed or something. (they look ancient don't they? LOL) You know, Three's Company type misunderstanding. 

Carly tells Kim about the condoms. Kim is like: eh, at least they are being careful"== Carly freaks out, says Oscar is the one doing it and Kim is like How you know it's not JOSS? 
Finn and Anna--Anna was seen for her blood issues. She's getting "back to Normal" . They say goodbye (seems like for good). Go their separate ways. Awww. 

Charlie's PUB:  Diane and Alexis go to lunch. Kim and Jules are still flirting. GREAT lines between Diane and Ava!! Alexis has the menu upside down too because she's so busy staring at Jules!! She and Diane leave. Ava and Jules talk about the brick in the window. THE BRICK. 

The "Traitor" answers Spinelli's email--"Who's this"? It says.... Spin types "I know you, you're Faison's son."  Spin finds out that the Faison story has gone viral and is worried about Maxie, he runs out. 

Maxie's all hysterical over Faison. Lulu says it's gone viral. Everyone knows.  Maxie is pissed at Lulu. I swear her belly has gotten bigger since Friday lol.  Maxie starts having pains..she goes to GH and yells at Lulu to stay behind. Haven't you done enough??  Lulu cries. Then Pete August HUGS HER (ugh. she'd better not have a damn affair with that noodle) -Spinelli runs in and says..hey..they stop the embrace.  Spinelli and Lulu talk--he's not happy with her spilling the story either. 

Maxie and Baby are ok. Kim tells her to get rest, NO STRESS. 

Later, Anna is boxing at Sonny's gym..Felicia walks in. They talk about Nathan being Faison's  Son and that he has another son. Anna is protecting Finn from Faison if he comes back, btw.  Both KW and FH look GREAT by the way. I need to eat what they are and not what I am! LOL. 

NICE twist!! Finn and Alexis go to the same AA meetings! WOW--what a great idea. That's perfect to get other characters interacting. Good to have new friends created. Anyway, Finn wants to spill to Alexis and Alexis tells him to give her a donut. He does and she says she's now her lawyer.  They talk about their lives. He tells her about his wife and Hayden. He asks about Alexis and she says she's addicted to a "person" she can't let go of. That makes her make bad decisions but she still loves him. Good scenes. 

NOTE: there was a Diane/Sonny/Jason scene. We found out Jason has a LOT of money offshore and that she thinks Sam still loves him. ("You don't need to be a lawyer to see that") 


Sunday, January 14, 2018

Sunday Surgery: Stop The Presses

Old Enough to Run for Mayor. Time Marches ON! 

We've been snowed in and it's a mess. 60 degrees at 3 pm Friday , in the 20s at 6pm and ice--then a ton of snow! OY!! I've been cleaning and eating..and baking, cooking and eating!! Our roads are still open, even with 15" of snow-- nothing stops around here. 

GH was good this week, nice movement and dialog. The town finally feels "like a town" again. People are moving around during each show, turning up in other stories or just adding some depth to the canvas. 

Settle in! 

Friday, January 12, 2018

Box Me In

Oscar is at the gym. LOL  he wants to learn how to fight. He talks to Drew about a friend who's "bullied"?? or?? I couldn't tell if it was really a friend or himself? Anyway, it all happened off camera. Oscar puts on a hoodie and "spars" with Drew.  

Carly gives Joss a FUGLY dress to wear to the dance. Joss is like NO WAY!! Carly asks Sonny if he likes it. He says "Don't you have a dress like that"??? AHAHA IT WAS CARLY'S DRESS! Too funny. Ok, so Joss tries on another dress she wants to wear and Carly has a HUGE discussion with her about "appropriate" and Snap Chat (yes, Snap Chat) and how young ladies should act. Josslyn talks about slut shaming and a bunch of other things. It was a lot to process. A lot of women empowerment mixed in with: But don't show a lot of skin. In the end, Carly bribes Joss to wear a designer Cartullo dress she'll buy for her.

Later, when Joss and Oscar leave to go to the library, Carly grabs Joss' back pack to give it to her and CONDOMS FALL OUT. Dun Dun DUN....

Lulu talks to Nathan about what it feels like to have Faison as a father (derp). She thinks it will lure Faison to him. RUMOR: NATHAN will be shot and or killed by his brother whom I think is August guy. He tells Nina and Maxie. They freak out, he tries to stop the story and Lulu says it's already gone to print. 

JaSam..staring at each other about the Danny custody thing. Zzzzzzzz.  Sam gets pissed at Alexis for mentioning that Jason gave up custody of Jake because of his lifestyle. She defends Jason and says she'll never take Danny away from Jason--EVER. 
JaSam are divorced. 
After, Diane takes Alexis to lunch--at Charlie's Pub. Where Kim and Julian are being all cute and flirty over how to use the fancy new coffee machine. 

Spinelli tries to lure out PK Sinclair (Faison's other son) with an email.  Jason and Sonny look on. We see someone's computer with the message onscreen. (I'm dollars to donuts it's Pete August). 

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Hit the Bricks

Yesterday: MISSED THE SHOW and erased it from DVR but I heard about the cool Nina twist at the end! NICE--- Wednesday are my days I just can't get here in time and by the time I do, I'm exhausted

It's divorce day for JaSam.... Diane is there for St. Jaysus and Alexis for Sam. They go into the mediation room. Sam and Jason stare at each other.  As Alexis and Diane argue over property, Sam and Jason have a LOT of Penthouse flashbacks.  Then Jason just signs the papers to shut the lawyers up and a lot more flashbacks happen. 

Julian got a brick in his window. Awww, and DANTE goes down to find out about it? That's what Valerie is for, man!! Dante leaves, Sonny shows up and Julian thinks his goonies threw it? Umm, why not the guy that wanted to buy your place yesterday?  Oh, Sonny wants Julian to serve Corinthos Coffee in his Pub...because "he owes him".  So, Jules is going to sell Corinthos Coffee.  So, Sonny leaves coffee and Sonny goes to talk to Dante about who threw the brick at Julian's window.
I mean COME ON--it's a brick, Get over it. 

Lulu is going to write an article about Nathan being Faison's son to lure Faison out. Dante finally accepts it.  Nathan is on board. No to told Maxie they are going to tell the entire earth Faison is his Daddy. 

Maxie had a nightmare about Faison. Then August comes in to talk to her--which, if the rumors are right he's Faison's son #2. 
Mac comes in with a smoothie for Maxie and she tells him who Nate's Daddy is. 
Her nightmare has Nathan running after Faison and there's a gunshot (foreshadowing??)  She wants Mac to help her disappear so Faison can't find them.  Mac said the safest place for her is PC--especially with everyone around and (wait for it) Sonny. -__-

Curtis finds Drew's old yearbook. He had the same damn hair as Burton! LOL :) too funny.  Curtis and Drew have a good friendship. I like it. 

At the Metro: Lulu tells August that Faison has another son..August is all @@ !!!! Such an anvil. Britt really should have been here for all this. 

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Rules of Divorce

Ned is leaving ELQ-- and running for mayor. Hmmmm, ok. that might be interesting.  Olivia is glad he's out of ELQ. 

So, this new character? The guy from BJ and the Bear? Oh, he's James someone-- he seems to be buying up Charles' Street.
Alexis tells Molly that she can't go all out after the landlord. Molly is confused. I'm confused.  Something about Curtis? I must have missed that day. 

Laura and Liz-- nice to have them have some coffee together. Laura explains why she loves Kevin. Tells Liz sometimes you just has to "go for it". Liz smiles. 

Laura goes to The PUB and sees Jim Harvey (the guy buying up property). She sits to talk about the redevelopment project with him.  Laura wants to know how the redevelopment will help families and kids.  He won't compromise..he thinks the neighborhood will reach his full potential. She's like Nope. 

Kevin stops in Franco's office. They talk about Kevin's rage-brother-twin Ryan.  Kevin analyzes Franco's painting. He sees "peace" in the painting. That damn painting has been dragged around more than the egg salad one!

Franco comes home. Liz wants to set a wedding date.  He says let's do it! She wonders about Feb-- and then Franco starts chugging milk, strangely and then has to go get more at the store. I think he's trying to get out of the house? 

Carly and Michael...Carly told him Nelle's working at Ava's gallery. Carly thinks she's going to be influenced by Ava. (to be more devious). Michael says he has to play along with Nell, and make her think she's going to win him over. Michael knows what it's like to be in a tug of war as a baby/kid. He doesn't want that. 

Michael goes to Ned's table and tells him that the company strength comes from being a family. Michael is sorry if he didn't respect Ned enough.   Ned thinks that means Michael wants to do the Charles Street project. He says NOPE, I wanted you to run the South American division. Ned is like: SOUTH AMERICA?? Ned is like, are you scared of me?? Is that why you want me to work in the boonies? Do you think it will be obvious if I stay here everyone would know I should be running the company, not you??  Ned won't go back. Olivia says he should run for mayor. Ned is thinking of it. 

Carly and Olivia talk,. Olivia is #TeamCarly when it comes to Nell. Olivia's like, I'm down to get that bitch lol. 

Jason and Sam are still technically married. Sam needs a divorce from Jason--he says ok. "It's really important to me and my family"-- Jason says he gets it and draw the papers up and he'll sign them. They have to have a reason for the divorce in the state of NY even if it's uncontested. They look through the reasons and don't find a good one at first. She apologizes for New Year's Eve kiss. They wouldn't change the past though, and aren't regretting they got married. Jason just wants to make Sam happy. If divorcing her will make her happy, he'll do it. Sam says Jason made her really happy back then and he helped her be "whole". Jason said he couldn't give Sam the life she wanted (Baby, stable family).  
They choose 'irreconcilable differences" for the divorce reason.  "Because I love you and you love him". Jason leaves. 

Jason goes to the Metro-- and Carly just blabbers to Jason about Nelle and on and on.  Carly's like WAIT: You were WITH SAM at her office right? Jason says: Yep, but she wants a divorce. 

Sam calls Alexis in to do the divorce for her. Then she pops out with "We kissed on New Years, Mom"!! It was like being transported to the past--we have to let go now.  Alexis thinks Sam shouldn't do anything (like Marrying Drew) right away until she's thought about things and knows what she wants.  Sam says she does love Drew and knows it so Alexis says "let's get you that divorce'! 

SO James Harvey knew Bobby Frank when he was a kid.... Franco comes back. "Bobby Frank, Man have you grown". He says Franco is all @@ 

UPSHOT: Both Ned and Laura agree to run for Mayor. Wonder who's GOP and who's DEM? LOL LET ME GUESS....hmmmm.. 

Monday, January 8, 2018

Marriage Roadblock.

Carly and Joss--with the Mad Hatter Ball...Carly thinks Joss is growing up so fast. Josslyn is going to be a great character. Well, IS a great character. Now just get another guy interested in her besides too nice Oscar. 
Oscar is all weird ....he loved the book but he's all nervous.  He doesn't ask her to the ball and she gets pissy and throws him out. BUT!! He comes to the front door with a Mad Hatter hat on and asks her to go. Awww..
Joss is being a perfect snotty teen girl --well, I think so anyway.

Carly is walking around in some red cocktail dress. In the middle of a winter day--while not even working. *sigh*

 Jason and Sonny go to Anna about Faison's son. Nathan and his OTHER son.  Anna knows someone who could have been carrying Faison's other child.  She says Desire--and she's dead. Anna says she'll tell the WSB-- and leave this ALONE.  She's adamant they leave it be. There's a lot more she's not saying, says Sonny. 
Jason thinks Anna's right-- "answers aren't going to change anything". 

Sam and Drew talking about his past. They decide to get married at city hall--today.  They get everything together to go and get it done and then Drew says "we've got a problem" --they can't get married until 24 hours after the license is issued.  Then, Sam finds out she's still married to Jason. She asks him to come over. 

Jason goes over to Sam's office. Previews show her asking for a divorce tomorrow. 

Lulu finds out Nathan is Faison's son. All she wants to do is interview Faison and Maxie is like "you're nuts"!!  Maxie is being all cool around Nate saying nothing's wrong-- and then to Lulu she's like: OH MY GOD, I'm TERRIFIED!! Lulu says that Nathan isn't a psycho, so why should her baby be? 

Finn wants to leave the hospital to find out what happened to Cassandra. He thinks he stabbed her with the needle. He wants to tell the police he drugged her. Anna says no, it was self defense yada yada.  Jordan actually shows up at Finn's hospital room after Anna leaves. She looks really gorgeous today.  Finn almost tells her but Anna comes back and Jordan says "they know who drugged Cassandra".  Her accomplice Eric did it (he confessed).  So I guess Finn was too out of it to know that happened.  Anna wants Finn to stay at her house so she can keep an eye on him. 

Then, Maxie charges into Sonny's office---she needs him to SWEAR TO HER that he's not going to tell anyone about this. (whoops, already did!!) And geesh, Nathan is blabbing it all over lol.  Bob the Badger looks on.  Sonny says "Anna Knows"?? What's going to happen?  
KS kinda looks PG doesn't she? I don't know--and ...not saying but..hmmmm. 

I was totally off grid most of yesterday--social media is wearing on me. So badly. I'm just so done with so much. Guess it's just a lull for me. I feel like screaming at everyone on Facebook to just STFU lol. At least I'm ok with the blog (so far). I didn't even watch the GG last night even tho Franco was on with Tommy!! I just went to bed. Oh 

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Sunday Surgery: Wubby Wishes and Wants

Ok, so this week brought me back to reality and hard. Oy, it was just boring and something was way "off".  It was almost as if someone stormed into the writer's room and yelled:" END THIS DRUG STORY NOW. GIVE IT 3 DAYS TOPS".  I was so sure it was going to be so much more and be tied into the Charles' Street story or The Jasons. But?? Unless they decided to bring it back, I think that's the finale. 

I'm going to run through the week quickly, then give my Wubs Wants and Wishes for 2018.  Hope you'll stay for that part!

Friday, January 5, 2018's in the DNA

Jason, Sonny, and Spin (Holy Trinity) are talking about PK Sinclair's damn book, the father son thing and yada yada. They figure out that Faison has a son and it's a key to all this. 

Nathan goes to Charles' Pub and confronts Dr. O by saying "I think those are my Dad's medical records but they aren't Victor Cassadines"  DNA tests are in. Lesil says: don't look at them. Then Sonny and crew come in and Sonny says something about "Faison's son" and Lesil says: "My GOD how did you know"?? SO, there it is!!  Maxie is upset. Lesil says she hid her pregnancy from Faison from him because she was afraid he'd take a son away. So she gave Nate to Donna Mills (her sister).  Nate's furious. She hopes he can forgive her someday. Maxie says it doesn't matter. 

Carly talks to SAM AGAIN about Jason vs Drew. She said She did the same thing to Jax with Sonny---yada yada.  OMG KILLY are so boring. "Do you love me"?? "Do you love ME"??? Tell me... yada yada. whine whine.  Just get his backstory or memories going. This is BORING. Sam wants to get married "tomorrow". 

Carly finds out that Nello is working at the Gallery. They snipe. Nelle says to Carly "you slept with your stepdad and a drunk" Carly is like: neener neener, I had JASON you have NO ONE BUT AVA.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

UT OH Late late late! SORRY

So...another filler day?? 

Finn tells Anna what he remembers and doesn't with this Cassie fight.  Cassie isn't dead--- she's in a coma. Someone stabbed her with the needle on Charle's Street. Anna goes in to see Cassandra on the life support machine. We are left thinking that Anna may have turned it off. BUT! She released her to the custody of the WSB. *sigh*

Valentin is interrogated by Dante and Jordan. Nothing really happens.

Nate ask Amy if he DNA results are in....nope, there's a back log. 

Nina is talking to Dr. O about Nathan's heritage, and Felicia walks in and Dr. O jumps up and hugs her? (huh?? )) Oh, it's to plan Maxie's shower.  Maxie is there too. Dr. O wants to have her shower at the Charles' st. Pub. Dr O and Maxie talk about Nate's Dad--Dr O is hedging-- and Maxie says there's a DNA test going on. Dr. O like like WHAATT?  Why the hell would Maxie tell her there's a DNA test???

Felicia tells Lulu if Faison is in PC, he's hiding inside of Wyndemere. 

Sonny, St. Jaysus and Spin are in Sonny's office, Spin's been tracking Faison and has gotten nada on him so far.  Spin hacked into the email of the publisher and found out the person emailing about the book stopped when Jason got out of the clinic. Spin's computer then did a simulation to finish Faison's book -- (that PK Sinclair thing) and..after all this gobbeldy GOOK, the computer thinks Faison has a son. 


OMG, who's seen the NY Quits commercial with "I will Survive" on it?? It's so good!!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Wine Wednesday ?

I wish I was doing this today but alas, I'm hard at work. Wednesdays are just not great for me to watch the show! I get home late, then I have paperwork.
Hope I didn't miss anything earth-shattering!! 

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Back At It, People

Here we are DAY TWO into January!! 

JaSam kiss is shown again-- and Jason is going to fix the engine. No...Sam is (she's had DIVING experience people) LOL-- Drew walks on. He's not happy. He's pretty dry so did he rent a boat?  Sam tries to explain and Drew isn't having ANY of it.  Jason and Drew know it was CARLY'S fault.   Jason leaves. Drew thinks Jason was a part of it all. He sees the Dominoes, tells Sam he'll let her go if she wants. She says no, she loves him and wants to remarry him.  "You won, We Won"...Drew: It's not about winning, it's about love. They kiss. 

Anna's tied up with Valentin. UGH. Such a stupid "Drug" Story. just another villain-revenge thing.  I was so hopeful. Oh welp.  Finn is talking to Cassie in Anna's living room. She's being all Meanie.  Is blackmailing Finn to go to China with her and make drugs.  She blows powder in his face. (yeah, really) 

Anna gets free and unties Val-- knocks out thug. She leaves to find Finn. Val goes to find Nina. HE does and they kiss

Meanwhile, back at Anna's Cassie gave Finn some of the drug he was addicted to. She says she'll keep him an addict and he'll have to make her drugs. He lunges at her.  When Anna gets back, she finds Cassie knocked out in the foyer and Finn passed out in the living room. 

Sonny is mad at Carly for the whole JaSam deal.  Carly tampered with Drew's car...after Morgan died from a car that was tampered with? Huh? Someone wasn't thinking.  Michael tells Carly and Sonny about Nelle's high blood pressure. 
Jason comes back. He's mad at Carly. No, he's not, he just wants her to listen to him about stopping the crap with he and Sam. 

Ava gets all mad at seeing Griffin and Kiki hugging and jumped to conclusions. Kiki tells her to get help. Griffin is like, what's wrong?? Ava say's Kiki is young and gorge and no scars!  Grffin goes after her.  Hope his patients are ok. They talk, he tells her how strong she is yada, yada and gives her her Christmas present.  He's been trying to perfect the face-fix for her and Kiki has been his lab assistant. 

Oh, Dillon calls and invites Kiki to..NEBRASKA LOL. Huh? Okay then.