Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Cookies Save the Show

Here's the run down:

Jules/Brad....and then Nina/Charlotte-- Charlie's Bar
Carly and St. Jaysus--CaSon's House

Brad is all upset and thinks he'll have to tell Lucas about Wiley.

Nina and Charlotte: Why don't you love PAPA anymore, Nina!!? 

Stella and Jordan talk about the counseling session. Hell, they have a whole bottle of wine. Jordy wants to 'reset' the relationship and said she was sorry for her part in the session. Stella said "You want me to forget you killed Thomas"!! NuJordan is pretty stone faced. EESH. That was bad... oy.  Bad scene there--

Oscar is crying over his tumor. Then he's yelling at Mommy. Kind of yelling. Wow.. not going well here. Dialog is off.. especially for a kid just finding out this news. And .. well.. I'm saying it. Acting. not up to par. 

SO, INTERRUPTUS of GH with the Bill Cosby Sentencing. 

Back to GH:

Jason and Carly: RECONNING THE ENTIRE BODY IN CROTON MESS. Which, btw I proved Sonny said he did't KILL HIM-- he just moved the body with my You Tube clip but..whatever. I guess it's more drama if he killed him. So he murdered a guy in cold blood because someone else told him to so he could be a big man. Welp, if the DA doesn't win on this one, GH is really messed up. 
Carly tells Jason about Wiley having the same heart condition as Michael when he was a baby and Michael walks in. He has cookies from Kelly's. Jason was cute saying no to having any. Michael: You know you want one. Jason: NO NO I DON'T. It was the ONLY fun part of today. 

Nina overhears Brad say he may lose Wiley. She doesn't really care. 

SO.. I'm saying it. The tumor dialog today was just awful. Oscar's reaction? Not believable. 
Nope. Sorry. 

Monday, September 24, 2018

WHAT Gun??

Vinny Marino...well. well. No surprise there. I see DA has on a white blazer--and 1984 shoulder pads going. Ugh. Wardrobe. Stop.  Ok, I got in trouble for being a fuddy Duddy about this on twitter but--man. 

Carly and Franco. Carly's like: LIZ is a giant hypocrite. Franco: Hey, didn't I get you outta Ferncliff. ??  Be nice.  Carly about Liz "Maybe Cam is sick of the revolving door and is pushing back"! YO!!!  Then she tells him if Liz makes Joss feel bad, she's gonna flatten her"!! LMAO 

Sam is trying really hard not to tell Jason about Oscar. :eyeroll: They kiss on the cheek. :eyeroll: she leaves. 

The kids are at the shelter. Cam blurts out Oscar has cancer.. Oscar is like NO WAY... Cam is all: WAY.. Oscar leaves.
OMG, I think Carly is trying on coats meant for the shelter LOL She is!! that's hilarious. 

Drew and Kim talking about Oscar dying..and her not telling him. Whatevvvvvv.  Dr. Terry comes in says they have to think of the future and make some decisions about Oscar. She says there's a new trial medication that may help. It might kill him tho.

Oscar busts into the hospital office where Terry, Mom and Drew are talking and says: MOM..do I have cancer?  Dr. Terry, are you an oncologist? Kim finally tells him. 

Jason and Mike and Sonny talk about the body moving. Mike saw the gun in the hole took it but can't remember where it is.  "What gun" ?? LOL  Sonny's trying not to throw something at his head. 

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Sunday Surgery: Blindfolded

Um..Why are you here again?
For Carly...wearing white after Labor Day..

I'm goin' in! I'm writing this before I watch episodes I missed because sometimes it's just more fun that way!! From what I saw on Twitter, I didn't miss much and I got the bigger 'surprises' so let's give it a go. 

Thanks to David for having my back on Friday when I missed posting-- 8 hour workshops and people for dinner will do that to you. 

Since it's fall, I suppose we should have some pumpkin something. I'm not a pumpkin spice coffee lover though. Oh, and I don't like cider. Guess I'll go for the donuts. :giggle: 

Friday, September 21, 2018


I guess Karen got hung up with work. Oh who are we kidding. She is playing in the park with Tillie. I'm going to go ahead and open a portal for todays show so all of you can talk about it.

And by talk about it, i mean the LAST 10 SECONDS!

We all knew it. We all saw it coming. But now it is confirmed. Margot's daddy is in the basement and she is out for some serious revenge against Sonny.

Good writing with Drew and Franco today.

And the kids. Awkward scene at the donation center, but I guess it needed to happen.

Let's go everyone! Time to talk it up before Sunday Surgery!

Thursday, September 20, 2018

GH Rick & Lesley ~ 09-22-82 ~ Blackie Takes Mike To His Probation Appoi...

I see You Tube has a fancy new way to embed their vids.. geesh! Anyway, here's your throwback!! AND I totally had that dress Leslie has on..but in Blue. I also had Heather's hairstyle.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

You may write HERE!

I FEEL LIKE THIS and I have to go into the Apple Store to have my phone done... I'm sure it will be 10x worse later!! LOL 

Ok, write away.....

Tuesday, September 18, 2018


Just ignore that last post down there!! I made it home by 2:30 so I'll jump into the show. The rest of the week still looks like crap but at least I can catch some of today.

If you wonder why I don't post later in the evening, it's because if I don't watch the show live, I can't deal with watching them later the same day. I don't know why--it's some kind of OCD with GH lol. I CAN binge really late at night or before Sunday Surgery. Go figure. I think because the evening is for doing things around the house and being on the computer so much isn't my thing. 

Um, Curtis is telling some chick she might be Nina's kid? I missed how he found her? Is he going to ask all the women in PC if they'll take a DNA test?? How did they figure out she's in PC?? Could Britt be her kid? Hmmm or is she too old? 

OK so I came into Franco and Liz talking about Oscar's cancer. Franco: "Poor Drew"-- and he remembers about talking to Drew and saying "Thank god teenagers grow old" ... WHOOPS. 

Cam and Oscar 'make up'. Sam and Drew talk about Kim and her not telling Oscar. And I CAN'T HEAR KEMO-- as per usual. Today I could hear BM but she was retrograde LOW DECIBEL !! 

Kim and Julian Flannel Shirt. He got Hamilton Tickets-- It IS coming to Buffalo so that's right. BUT! These tickets are for April 17th-- bloop! Oscar might be ...well..not here!  Kim wants to focus on the 'here and now".  Which to Julian means sex... 

Nina and Anna..Nina tells Anna that her mom died and left her something that might be telling her that her baby is alive. I love Michelle Stafford. She and Finola are gold in this scene.

Lucy and Ryan!! I missed most of it... OH I love these two! Remember the lighthouse??? I still kinda miss Port Charles.  Maxie comes to talk to Ryan about the article-- Ryan thinks he should talk to Felicia. BRauauauahahahha.  So, Maxie and Lucy are going to get RYAN to counsel FELICIA!!  OMG. Yes. 

END: Ok, so Franco knows about the tumor, right ? He calls Drew to tell him he's sorry--Cam is coming in and overhears it.  Then Franco goes upstairs but he left the computer open to the PORT CHARLES BRAIN TUMOR PAGE! ahahahaa. 

Tuesday Wed--Thurs AND Friday!!?

Oh boy-- my schedule sucks this week!! Tillie, new iPhone battery, workshop--work work!! Not sure when I get here to watch the show. 

SO... I will try to get something up in the AM for you to post in!! I really REALLY wanted to see Lucy and Ryan today but I'll have to watch later. Or maybe they won't even be on--you know GH !! They'll wait until Thursday or something. 

I didn't even watch the Emmys last night!! NOPE--just not in the mood. Not sure why but I couldn't be bothered. There are so many great shows on now and SO little awards to pass out!! 

Have a great one-- 

Monday, September 17, 2018

Crock Pots

Franco and KEVIN!!! :) WHOOT!! Ryan asks him if he as an appointment. "you said come in whenever Franco--it's your wedding present, Franco"... Franco runs off a the mouth about Liz and boys and he's scared about his trauma affecting him.  It's really fun/funny dialog, you should watch it. JL and RoHo are going to be great together. 

Drew's party lasted into the night? ahahahhaaa. Oscar is in trouble fighting. 
Liz sees Cam's eye cut. .she's all WTH? He says he fell on a ROCK ahahhahaa. She says ok and puts a bandage on it.

So, Kim calls LIZ...and BUSTS Cameron "Did you know Cameron and Oscar got in a fight at school today"??? AHAHHAA. 
OMG I like Bratty Oscar!! He was good. Liz is mad at Cam.. see we don't need any TUMOR!! This could be all teenage angst. Later, Drew goes to Kim's where she's sitting and crying.  He says they have to tell Oscar about his tumor. She says all the specialists say he'll 'make it to his next birthday' so doesn't want to tell him because it will ruin his year. HUH? Didn't she say it could be a 'month..6months ..a year'?? This is weird.  She says she wants him to be happy without a dark cloud. 

Robin and Jason--awww. She talks about Peter and wonders how he can deal with him just walking around town. She says that her dad and mom gave Peter a pass through the WSB. Jason says he'll leave him alone out of respect to she and Anna. I take it Jason doesn't know about the whole WSB Sting?? Or patient thing?? Why wouldn't Robert have Drew and Jason be in on all this? It would tie people together.

Mike and the DA..she can't question him especially since he's diagnosed with cognitive issues. You'd think Sonny would say NOPE, LAWYER LAWYER!!  Sonny said something to DA about murder. She's like How you know that?? HAHAHA. oh, Carly finally mentions a lawyer. Mike says NO NEED!! He says he was at Charlie's getting a job for Courtney his daugther. Margot tells him she's dead. He freaks out. They leave BUT HE WAS FAKING IT!! Even CarSon didn't know. (I did tho) I love it. It shows that Alzehimer's patients can have total lucidity at times--he was great. 

END: LUCY COE IN THE HOUSEEEEE!! She's going to dinner with RYAN!! Squeee!! I'm so happy!! 

Good dialog today, I enjoyed it. 

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Sunday Surgery: When All Else Fails....


Is it Sunday SO SOON??!!! Goodness. I guess the week flew by! This week confused me in so many ways. It was also frustrating and had some of the best scenes shown in awhile. It also had Peter stripping in the elevator so... :throwsuphands: 

Friday, September 14, 2018

Would You Rather?

Nina and the Necklace. She's having some guy look at it. Curtis and Valentin are talking at a table about her and she comes by. There's a body guard there that she has on her and Curtis takes down--Valentine hired him?? Did I miss that?? Oh because Cassandra is out of her coma and on the run. Why does Cassandra hate Nina? Because she put her in a coma? Does she know she put her in a coma?? Anyway, Valentin hired a guy to watch Nina because Cassandra is on the loose. Nina says she's going to hire Curtis to be her bodyguard. 

NEW JORDAN...Briana Henry 

Body in the Basement has a Bullet to check and they are looking at Frank Smith's contacts to see who it could be. They see Luke and Laura..the Disco.. DA wants to interview Laura. 

Carly thinks Mike is ready to go somewhere, Sonny's not. Mike overhears them talking. He comes out and says it's time for me to go. He said Avery thinks her "other name" is Courtney because he can't remember it. Good scenes AND THIS SHOULD be a WHOLE SHOW!! it's wonderful dialog about Mike losing himself and wanting some dignity in this decision. Maurice sobs...I'm tearing up. Great stuff.  They decide Mike will do a day treatment program and sleep at home at night. He'll also look at residential  while he still can.

Party at Monica's...Drew's Birthday. WHAT DID I MISS..why are they doing this? I swear I watched some yesterday but it's like I skipped a show??  Anyway, Kim finds out Drew told Sam about Oscar and Kim is PISSED. I guess Jason isn't there because the celebrates the day 'he woke up as Jason Morgan"... not his BDay. This is the weirdest party EVER. WTF. White balloons?? PUNCH?? And Sam, Kim and Monica there? Wouldn't you take  him out for a beer...and invite Curtis maybe?? This is weirdddddddd. Oh Oscar is there. Sam saw he was bleeding and finds out he was in a fight. 

Kim is telling Drew he was wrong to tell Sam.. she totally ruined his party lol. Sam tells them they were in a fight. 

PS> Baby Lila mention by Monica. 

PETER AND MAXIE stuck in an elevator. And you couldn't think of something more original???? OMG he's freaking out, anxiety attack and ..he takes off his shirt. -____-  They play "would you rather".  The elevator gets going and Nina steps on. 

END: Jordan and DA show up at Sonny's to talk to Mike 

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Peter and Robin sittin' in a tree

Maxie and Robin!! MAXIE AND ROBIN!! WHOOTT!!!  Robin wants to meet Peter but isn't sure about a 'relationship" :eyeroll: 
Later Maxie talks with Anna and they make up, say I love you...hug

Julian is talking to Sonny, bugging him about the body in the basement.  OMG. I'm so sick of this damn story. 

Peter wants Lulu to the Ryan Chamberlain story. Lulu wants to give everyone heads up. Peter's like: that's not how Journalism WORKS.  OMG I hate him. 

Ryan is trying to be Kevin with Laura on the phone while looking at a picture of Felicia.  Lulu asks him if it's ok to do the story on Ryan. He's THRILLED! lol.. and he's SO CREEPY. SO perfect. I love JL playing this part. 

NUJORDAN is on..she's pretty-- she and DA Margot are talking about the case. They haven't found the gun yet. 

Peter and Robin talking about Faison.  blah blah She does mention that having 2 healthy kids is rare with HIV diagnosis. 

Kristina is making cocktails and Sam is trying them out. They talk about Krissy's life and how she doesn't know what she wants to do-- and is sad about her relationships. Oh, Julian comes in and loves her cocktails too. 

TOMORROW: OMG the damn elevator is stuck with Maxie and Peter on it. :EYEROLL: 

Did we say anything about DA being "The Body's" daughter? Like we didn't see that coming a mile away. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2018


I'm only here for 1/2 the time--again!! 

Franco tells Liz about the Princess Pencils. She's not happy with Cam. 

Krissy is OUT of the gas-pit!! 
Mike's freaking out.  Julian's suspicious. 

Alexis finds out..remember her sister Christina got blown up?

Sam still has the white shirt on! Alexis finds out about the explosion. Will she remember Christina Cassadine was blown to bits?? 

Monday, September 10, 2018

Free Pour


Sonny and Jason talk about Mike. His nurse and driver lost him??? ? Okay. SO Mike's out hacking the hell out of the gas line in the basement of Charlie's. He staggers upstairs and sees Krissy. Freaks out, tells her to leave (not the poor other saps in there). Julian and Krissy think he's just having an episode.  Mike sits down and appears to have forgotten why he's there. Julian smells something. 

*Note: Julian told Kristina she should free pour drinks-- which is the only way to do it. 

Nina makes that BABY leap again.  She didn't sing though. blah blah. Maxie thinks they should go out for a drink and movie. Does she remember she has a baby at home?? WTF? 

Michael tells Carly that Nelle wrote him from prison. Carly's all "She can't write you" Yada yada. Michael says "we both lost our son so..." and BRAD walks in. Of course. Carly asks Brad to join them. 

Ok, I am just too tired. SORRY-- I'll try to catch the rest later. Wubsy OUT. 

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Sunday Surgery: "Tomorrow"

AND I know all the craft beer from here to Portland. 

First full week I've watched since I've been back from vacation! Also my first full work week so ... my attention was up and down. All and all I liked the show-- and Friday's episode was pretty great.
I do have plenty to snark on however, so let's get TO IT!!

Let's have a piece of Vinessa's birthday cake-- :Giggle: We are singing the show tunes from Annie as well. Get your red curly wigs out! 

Friday, September 7, 2018

I believe this is Vinessa's last show.. 

Krissy wants to bartend. Julian's like: OMG your Dad will kill me. She basically says too bad and hops behind the bar lol
SO Jules hires Krissy because she bosses her way into the job and she and Val talk about her time in Portland. 

Mike's all upset about the BODY!! THE BODY!! I'll talk more about this situation in Sunday Surgery. 

Nina got a box of childhood memories from Madeline. And a jewelry box with a note. Note says: "This will mend a broken heart" and it's a necklace.  She used to like Annie and she'd pretend that necklace was like the locket from there. "Where's the other half" says Maxie? DUN DUN DUNNNNNN. 
And..then in about 2 minutes she figures out her baby is alive. LOL. Really. Not making that up. 

Illegal Adoption guy talks to Curtis and Jordan. He decides to spill..wasn't hard to get him to talk that's for sure lol  He said Madeline's daughter was in a coma and she thought the father had something to do with it, so she adopted the baby out. 

JosCar is on.. "We have plenty of time to figure each other out"--Ummm ANVIL. 

Jason visited Sam....the Drew visited Sam.  Drew basically just up and told Sam about Oscar! Geeesh Way to keep a secret. They hold hands.  

Sonny's mad Julian got the permit.  Jason says it will be ok, they'll get the construction company under their control. 

Thursday, September 6, 2018


So, I got home at 2:15.. didn't see anything that important that I missed? I see Stella and Mike are 'going out'....Krissy was at Sonny's.  Then that sports guy comes on.. (Brick) and he has apps for Mike and some alarm system to set up. After he leaves, Sonny tells Carly there's a boy buried at Charlie's. 

Donna Mills funeral ....with some homeless person in the back... I think it's Lesil --I'M RIGHT!! Awww, She has no make up on and is fabulous as usual. 
"I have no family left" says Nina
"Zaht's not true, you haz me" says Dr. O!
They are so Cassadine like. Nina's like, yeah, you were gonna burn Peter and I alive...but whatever. LMAO Lesil doesn't think that Donna Mills died of heart disease. 

Kiki and Griffin just "wanna be friends" ..then Kiki is like, but there's an apartment in my building!! Griffin runs into Anna at GH, tells her he's suspended. 

Kiki and Krissy see each other in the park. They talk about love life and that Kristina is back. They go to breakfast. I hope they move in together. They end up at Charlie's. Krissy may ask for a job. Ava tells Kiki she's a liar and a whore! OH Ava, you just OWN being a hypocrite!! ahahhahaaa. 

Mike and Stella are out to lunch. He gives her advice about how to apologize to Jordan. Julian tries to be sneaky and pump him about information on "charlie"..he doesn't fall for it. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Cancer of the???

Finn and Anna were cute with Roxy. Discussing the difference between Iceberg and Romaine for Roxy. (Romaine is preferred).  He asks Anna about Peter.  Ok, didn't Finn have a suite at the Metro and not just a bedroom???

Peter talks about his mama with Chase Ford. He reminds him he's on tenderhooks with the WSB. yada yada..boring. 

Then, Anna goes to talk to Peter and Chase goes to talk to Finn. They talk about the "case" and Canada and all that. Finn says "you and Roxy got off on the wrong foot...want to meet her again"? Aww

Peter wants nothing to do with Anna. She asks about the Intruder--he said Valentin gave her the money. 

Kim tells Liz that Drew has cancer and she gets upset. Goes to talk to Oscar and Drew walks in. Oscar says he had low blood sugar. Kim runs out and Liz tells her to tell Drew about the cancer. Later she finally breaks down and tells him. Kim finally tells Drew that Oscar has a BRAIN TUMOR! that's right people!! another BRAIN TUMOR!! We find out that she's known for two years!! and Oscar has NO idea!! Well, that's stupid. The oncologists wouldn't allow that at his age. PLUS, he'd have a ton of tests..so... ugh. 
Billy Miller bought all the feels. "Shouldn't he determine how to live the rest of his life"..sniff...
They have a heart to heart. Good stuff. 
Terry is her oncologist 

In the Park, Joss tells Cam he's being inappropriate "HASHTAG ME TOO" she yells. He says he's really into her and he's the one that had Oscar send her the text. She said they were in the "Friend Zone". They both go to GH. Liz sees Cam and says: UM... YOU ARE GROUNDED what are doing here? LOL 

SEXIS!!!! DAVIS GIRLSS!!! SQUEEEE!! Ok, so Krissy is back, Sam went to Portland to talk to her because Parker was living the professor life and Kristina felt left out. Parker's friends didn't like her either. So she decided to live her own life, back in Port Charles. 
I LOVE Sonny when he's with Alexis---and or Krissy. Sorry but I do. Whole different ballgame there. 
SO, Krissy wants to manage Perks again and Sonny says she can't.  Alexis says that she could get her a job as a paralegal. Krissy is like NOPE. So, we'll see what job she gets. Waitress at Charlies?? 
She doesn't want to live with Alexis or Sonny--she's going to live with Sam. 

I enjoyed the show today!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Three Reasons To Watch GH

Saw the last 15 minutes of the show today. Found two right off the bat:

Cameron went for it and kissed Joss...just as we find out Oscar is dying. If you saw Chuck/Tara/Phil on AMC you know where this can lead....yep, right down the soapy path! 

Ryan Chamberlain is on the loose. Creepy... not cartoonish and totally going to own Port Charles in a bit. Can Lucy spot the clone? Hmmmm Can Laura? Can Felicia? Double hmmmm....

Ava is pissed. I didn't see her today but I know she's there, waiting to clobber St. Griffin with all the weapons at her disposal. 

The Ring

Ok, so I heard from Dave that there was a CASSADINE RING and hand shown while I was gone. Hmmmm, so--who could it be? Stavros? Victor? Stefan? Nikolas? Rumors are rife that since he's leaving (or left) DOOL, ol' Batty could show up again in PC. Maybe this was part and parcel of the Genie package? She'd have a front-burner with both JL and SN? I have to say I've heard mixed takes on this. Most want Nikolas back even if he's a recast. 

There's a "hand hint" worth checking out over on Soap Dirt. I don't have much experience with this site but the photos showing the ring and SN's post on Instagram are interesting. 

I'm hoping the Cassandra 'reveal' is a short-lived one because... really? Peter told Robert there were 'others' in the whole experiment and I'm hoping they are more exciting than she. 

I'm also on here to let you know I have to work at 2:00 today so I won't be here unless I can get home, watch and post after taking Miss Tillie for a HOT, HUMID WALK (phew). I'm also working later tomorrow so..not sure about that either.  One must make a living!! 

Hope you're not melting... the kids here return to air conditioning FREE schools meaning it's prob a health hazard to keep them in their rooms all day. Only new builds get the air-con! 

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Sunday Surgery: Park Place

You are going to GAG on this in a minute, Cam!! 

Oh boy-- here I am. First Sunday Surgery in a long time!! Pressure is on and I'm WOEFULLY unprepared! I found out my DVR kicks off the GH shows after 5 days so I don't even have all the episodes to watch. I had to go to ABC.com and you tube to catch some clips. I admit it right now, I didn't watch all 10 days I missed. Nope!! I will try to provide you with my impressions of the show at this stage however in the only way I can, full on snark and fun. 

I ate so much on vacation, I'm giving it up for awhile. Only water and small thin mints. (don't believe it!!)

Friday, August 31, 2018

Susan Brown Passes Away

Kin Shriner and Susan Brown circa 1979
Long time GH  actress, Susan Brown passed away today at the age of 86. Susan played Gail Baldwin, mother of Scott and wife of Lee from 1979-2004 and was also on Port Charles from 1997-2000. She also appeared on Santa Barbara and many tv shows in the  60's, 70's and 80's. 

Photo posted by Kin on Twitter 8/31/18. Do you have any Gail memories? I always think of her as the one with the level head (and hormones) in the crazy world of Monica and Leslie! 

It's the Jet Lag, Baby!

So, we all know air travel isn't what it used to be-- I even remember my parents making us "dress up" for a flight! No more. People were wearin' straight up jammies!  I have to say Quantas is the best airline I've flown since the old days of British Airways. It was a treat. We even got a free drink with dinner--FOUR snacks during the 17 hour flight and breakfast! It was a shock to the system. 

That said, I started for the US at noon on August 26th...traveled a total of 30 hours and it was STILL August 26th when we landed in Toronto. (if I've said this before I'm sorry--my brain is still mush). I've had jet lag before--usually when I go to England but this is something else all together! 

I'm starting work up again next week...summer vacation is OVER and it's partly why I'm just not 'all here". Nine new therapy kids and scheduling can be a nightmare. Yesterday I actually went to the office for a half day and then came home and slept. Oh boyy...and I had NO time for GH repeats, that's for darn sure. Why ABC would do this---and choose to do it all in a row with Monday being Labor Day is beyond me. If You HAVE to show repeats because of some scheduling thing, spread them out. put one on extra around the holidays or something. Four days of repeats isn't doing the show any favors. If you're not online, you have no idea what's going on-- I've had people text and ask if the show was still going!  

My Sunday Surgery is going to be based on what I've seen that I've managed to watch since I'v been back. Could be Wacky!! 

Tillie is happy we are home and I'm happy to see her too. My new schedule looks like long Monday and Wed--and shorter Tues/Thurs/Fridays. Not sure if this is good or bad for my GH viewing. I'll be home just in time for it to start 2 days and I'll have to take Tillie out first. May be on a little delay. 

OK! That's why I didn't put a post up yesterday. I prob wouldn't get one up today other than this so, fire away! 

Our airline food on Quantas going over to Australia:

Baked Chicken and mushroom rice (so good)  Cocktail of choice (even scotch!)
dessert was raspberry tart. 

At this point in the flight all the lights went out and people slept..you couldn't even hear a peep from any kids or snoring or anything! The stewards came around with little lights on their vests to see if you were awake...if you were you got: 

Snack one:  Ice cream bars (YES!!)
Snack Two:  Warm chocolate chip cookies
Snack Three: Cheese and Crackers or Fruit 
Snack Four: BAKED MAC AND CHEESE.---which. was. AMAAAAAAAZING (Oprah voice)

Now, of the above I only got the mac and cheese. I did get an ice cream bar on the way back to the USA and it was delicious. 

The lights came on slowly and the breakfast got rolled out: 
Eggs, sausage, bacon, warm muffin
or the MOST GIANT glorious fresh fruit plate you've ever seen. (and a muffin) 

Holy Toledo!! ;) So good. So needed after our cramped "AIRBUS" ride to LA that jammed us in for five hours and you got one little soda or water. Thanks, AMERICAN AIRLINES--I'm looking at you. Wub Hub, who's 5' 9" had to switch seats with me from the middle because he was so smooshed up! 

Anyway..I am writing this at 1:48 am because....JET LAG, BABY!! I did sleep like the dead for 2 hours then woke up. PING!! 

Wednesday, August 29, 2018


Well, Faison's hair looks RESPLENDENT today--or maybe it's due to humidity like we are suffering from at the moment. Good Gravy--I'm swimming in it.

So...I'll try to answer some of the ?? from the comments. I do think they'll go into the abuse story with Ryan/Kevin or mention it because Kevin said he had been working with abuse victims and made some breakthroughs...(One of which is Franco).
Speaking of Franco, I CAN ONLY HOPE that Ryan has a session with Franco and--well, it could be hilarious.

Today's show: Faison/Anna flashbacks-- Nathan gets Shot-- yada yada. 

Here are some old timey "Faces of the Week" to laugh at !! :) Remember these?? 

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Flyin' Blind People!

I'm just jumping in!! I haven't seen the show since August 10th. Haven't had time to catch up but I thought what the hey, I'll just-- DO IT!!

I am NOT liking these new cameras... looks weird on my TV. Probably on the new fancy pants one they it's just great. It's very--like..delayed a tiny bit and VERY bright. 

So, 3 blondes in the park, discussing 25th anniversary of RYAN Chamberlain murders! What a co-wink-ee-dink, no? 
BLONDES ARE: Felicia, Maxie and Lulu.  Felicia is having Texas flashbacks. Poor Flea. There is a ton of info in the flashbacks. Too much to spill--so watch them. Kristina Wagner is still so stunning.  She's shaken by the anniversary. I would be too. 

Ryan/Kevin is shown in the mental hospital. I'm sticking with that's Kevin in the straight jacket because if it's Ryan--what's the big whoop?  He's saying he's Kevin.  Gordon the nurse, leaves his straight jacket a little loose.  Ok, so a guy shows up in a suit...who we think is Kevin--and the guy on the bed says: Hi KEVIN. 
So..is it Ryan tied up or Kevin?
Good Gravy--right now I do. not. care.  Kevin says to Ryan (guy on the bed) "I found you alive and could have turned you in but I still think you can be saved". 

So, they are going to switch them now, right? Ryan's straight jacket is loose and Kevin walked in and... it's going to be Fluke all over again. 
They show the 'death' of Ryan and the fun house explosion.  Kevin thinks he can 'cure' Ryan now-- with cognitive therapy?
Um..that's never worked on serial killers before so...um.. and Kevin hasn't told Felicia he's alive!! ugh... 

Carly and Jason having a nice breakfast together? Oh, wait, there's Sonny. LOL. (Carly and Jason are SOOOOOOOO Jarly).  Sonny is going to visit long term care facilities. Carly is going with him.  BUT! Oscar shows up to do a video of the school dance (the one where they were trapped in the freezer?? Umm..ok) and Jason agrees to stay with him while CarSon leaves. Neither he or Oscar looked pleased. 
Oscar tries to talk about Joss and her being all pissy towards him. Jason gives advice. 
Then says he can ride on his motorcycle and Oscar just about jumps for joy "Don't tell my mother" LOL 

Julian is helping Brad with the Baby Drama Mama... Not sure what he did to threaten the mom?  Alexis is with Lucas and Michael is lurking because of course he is.  
Julian and Brad talk, Brad panics and wants to run with the baby.  They are interrupted by Alexis and Lucas. Lucas knows something's up. 

Kim tells Michael she's heard from Nelle. Nelle wanted her to say it was her hormones that made her do what she did. Kim said no. 

Nina and Curtis are cute and interrupted by Valentin. Who wants to talk to her about Donna Mills but Nina is NOT havin' it.  Oh, Curtis and Valentin are working together? Okay then. Later, Nina gets a phone call that her mother is dead! DONNA MILLS IS DEAD? Then Val hugs her and he gives a creepy grin. 

Sonny sees a care facility. He's conflicted about putting Mike in one even though they are good. Maurice does a great job talking about wanting time with his dad. Sniff. 

END: Ryan knocks out Kevin and takes his place.  Could see THAT comin'!! 

OMG!!!!!! OH..Oscar has a seizure right when he's leaving with Jason??!! WHAT?? WOW... that shocked me.

Tomorrow  Obrect is on-- and Faison????? Whaaaaaaaaa? Remember that GH is on Repeat Wed- Friday and then on Labor Day. 

But I saw Faison's wild hair. ;) Repeats with Dr. O and Faison..yep

Monday, August 27, 2018


HELLO!! I'm back!! I want to thank Dave SO MUCH  for all his work!! I have only skimmed his posts but will read them in earnest within the next day or two. Even I can't wait to look at the Wub Tub Time Machines!! WOOT!!

I had the best time Down Under!! What a great country... very eco-friendly and clean. People are happy-- and we went in the winter meaning it was "only" in the 70s and 80s with NO humidity!  WOW!!  I was in heaven.  Beautiful beaches and clear clear water. Good food and I was with family for a week so that was extra special 

I will catch up on GH when the re-runs air Wed-Friday this week (it's not on Monday/Labor Day) as much as I can. I may have to FF the Margo scenes and Peter scenes.  (LOL) 

I have a bazillion loads of laundry to do and of course, catching up on sleep. 

Kudos again to Dave--- made my vacation more stress free by keeping this blog going. 

All Good Things...

Must Come to an End.

Thanks for putting up with me for 2 weeks. Karen is back and will be retaking her rightful place as the WubQueen. Give her time to catch up. She has 2 weeks of blogs to sift through along with 10 hours of GH. Since the show is pre-empted later this week, that might give her time. 

I'll see all of you in the comments section!

PS. Yesterday was national dog day. So, here is a pic of you-know-who.

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Sunday, August 26, 2018

Sunday Surgery

Well wubbers, you got me for one more day. Our wubqueen returns tomorrow with her suitcases filled with jars of Vegemite. Today, like last week, I will give my silly observations of the past week. I'll still be commenting, only now back in the comments section. And who knows? Maybe Karen and I can collaborate on a future Wub Tub Time Machine together.  
  • I still think GH is due for a new opening.
  • This is my prediction: Lulu will get a "Dear John" text from Dante (Or is it Dear Jane?). She will find comfort and solace on Chase' shoulder. (Along with his other body parts)
  • Nora Buchanan mention. You know what that means...
  • Why doesnt Brad and Lucas go to Sonny and have him "take care" of the birth mother? Send her to a casino in PR with a white dress or something.
  • Billy Miller is showing signs of life when acting with Margeux. Hmmm... wonder why.
  • This is just the designer in me, but... I would have taken some still photos from GH in the 60s and 70s and hung them in Charles' bar.
  • Nina mentions she misses her daughter every day. Hmm... What are the odds they are going to switch to Madeline talking about said daughter.... Ding ding ding. We have a winner.
  • GH drinking game. Everyone ready to play? Every time Valentin mentions the name "Nora Buchanan" we do a shot. I'm at 2. I drink Tequila with 6 drops of tobasco.
  • Madeline admits it. Now the guessing game (and the fallout) begins
  • Brad confesses to Julian because... because... because... I got nothin'.
  • Chase and Michael are becoming besties. How cute.
  • Drew and Curtis are already besties. How cute #2.
  • Maybe it is me, but I think the groundskeepers at the cemetary are definitely slacking off.
  • Ok, there is a mention of baby Lila. You know what that means. They are going to rewrite history and somehow she will be alive and appear in Port Charles soon. Because... you know... GH. (I'm starting to enjoy saying that. Thanks Karen!)
  • I dont buy anything that Curtis found on Margeux. She is after Sonny hardcore and nothing that is listed in her background gives any indication as to a reason why.
  • Port Charles - where it's not every day that a pregnant homeless woman gives birth and then hands her baby over to a stranger walking down the street. Oh wait...
  • Monica at a funeral? Now, there's something you don't see everyday. Oh wait... Edward, Lila, Alan, AJ, Dawn (yes, Dawn...) Jason (temporary), Emily, Annabelle, Page, Baby Lila, Rick...
  • No one is touching the food.
  • Watching Michael at Morgan's grave, I was expecting Morgan to put his hand on Michael's shoulder. You know, the way that Georgie always does to Maxie when she is talking about her. That was the perfect opportunity. Oh wait... that means Morgan would have to be dead, so... scratch that.
  • Why is the DA kissing Drew in public worthy of the front page on a trash rag? How is this big news for Port Charles? Silly. (I know, I know... storyline.)
  • Diane needs more scenes and more air time.
  • Ok, so we have Elevator Thug and the bartender at the Floating Rib all in one week. All is not lost.
  • I dont think we will see the birth mother. At least not this time (this will probably be revisited in several years when they are running low on stories). I think Julian will pay birth mom visit, convince her (bribe or threat) to change her mind about taking the baby and have custody remain with Brad and Lucas. Of course, Julian will know Brad's big secret. He will get back together with Alexis and then when "it" hits the fan, Alexis will find out he knew the entire time. And, well... soap opera happens.
  • Oh look... Billy and Chloe from Y&R. (wait, I did that last week...)
  • Is it possible that Drew knew Margeux in the past when Drew had a different life and memories? Is this why Kim thought she recognizes her?
  • They really arent giving Tamara Braun anything to do, are they?
  • Isn't Nina's daughter supposed to be 20 years old? People are speculating Kiki, but she is 25. And Margeux is well over 20. So, who in PC is around 20 years old? Will one of Kristina's friends come visit from college?
  • Hey! Ryan/Kevin are back. Has it been 2 weeks already?
  • Who are these children with Franco? Have we ever seen them before? (that one was for you, Karen!)
  • Lucy looks stunning in that dress.
  • "He's like a puppy who hasn't been trained". I can think of a whole slew of people who would volunteer to rub his belly.
  • The pails on the tables with plastic squirt bottles are so Famous Dave's
  • I think the same groundskeepers from the cemetary are also working at the park.
  • Yup. It's a Cassadine alright. Any speculation? How about a Stephen Nichols surprise return?

Well, that's it. I survived another Sunday. And so did you. 

Here is another link for you all. 

It is a clip from Wednesday's show. I think you'll like it.



Saturday, August 25, 2018

Happy Birthday KAREN!!!

Today is Karen's Birthday.

Here is an open blog if you want to post 
and send her good wishes.

General Hospi-tale

GH Cast 1980
The Wub Tub Time Machine

It's Saturday and Saturday night is Karaoke night. So I decided to give you all a song to sing at the bar. I'm sorry for doing this, but you must click the link below, play the video and have the song stuck in your head for the rest of the day. (If you don't already) This is the final Wub Tub Time Machine and I thought I would end it with a little bit of cheesiness and tackiness. Let me hear you, sing it loud and proud! 

Good Girls Dont.
And Annie Won't.
And You All Know What I Mean.


Sunday Surgery tomorrow, I will say goodbye on Monday
and then welcome back Karen!

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Friday, August 24, 2018

The Nurses' Ball

The Wub Tub Time Machine

I knew I wanted to do something about the Nurse's Ball. I know that all of you have opinions, positive and negative about the Ball, especially in recent years. I have my own vision for the ball. I think since ABC is owned by Disney, they should have it at the Disney Concert Hall in LA one Satuday night. A live, actual performing fundraiser. Fans can attend (high priced tickets) and there can be a section for signing autographs and books and a place where costumes and props can be displayed. (who wouldnt want to see the actual ice princess? or Lucy's Red wedding dress?) Performers from current and past casts of GH can perform and it will be taped and edited into a montage throughout the Nurse's Ball week on TV. By doing this, the proceeds can actually go to AIDS relief centers in LA and around the country. Tshirts and memorabilia can be on sale at the venue as well as online. Maybe some props up for auction? Televisions in the lobby playing scenes from previous Nurse's Balls. This can be a huge fan event, and also raise money for the cause. Because that is why the ball was started, right? To raise money and awareness? Remember that?

There have been some great acts through the years at the ball, but one stands out above the rest for me. I am putting that one in a link below, but I am not saying what it is. You'll have to click and be surprised!

I know that the performances were all done in character. But there was one number that I really wish they performed. It was a missed opportunity, in my opinion. Constance Towers was on broadway in The King and I with Yul Brenner. She was brilliant, as she is in everything she does. Here is the clip of her at the MDA telethon. Take a look:


Wouldnt it have been awesome if she did this number at the ball with Luke? (Or anything really) I know it would have been out of character to have Helena singing and dancing at the ball, but I would have overlooked the logistics. What an elegant woman and what an incredible talent.

Someday I would love to do a blog (with Karen?) of clips of GH stars before they were GH stars. (Leslie Charleston was in Happy Days, Stuart Damon as Cinderella, Maurice in Lucy and Desi: Before the Laughter, Constance as noted above, Finola in Stayin' Alive, etc.)

And my favorite act at the ball is: (no photos or description. you have to watch and be surprised)


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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Wubs Down Under

Here are a few pics Karen asked me to share with everyone.

She says she misses everyone (not TOO much tho LOL) and looks forward to coming home and regrouping with everyone. 

The first picture is Sydney. I believe the second is the beach near where she is staying. 

First We Sing...

The Wub Tub Time Machine

If there is one thing GH does really well, it is honor the memory of the actors who have passed on. We got a great clip package for both Steve Bernardino and Anna Lee (Anna's was very classy, as they included 2 of the 3 Edwards, David Lewis and John Ingle) But it was the send off for John Ingle that had me bawling like a baby. I was expecting a title card at the end of the episode stating "In Loving Memory", but wasnt prepared for the waterworks that preceded it. 

I knew there would be Quartermaine mayhem, and I expected the pizza fiasco.
There were a lot of memories, Jane's usual brilliant performance, clips of John Ingle, Skye's return... Ned's return... even Heather (I love Robin Matson!).

It was a very "Q"-centric episode. 

But when I saw the back of Edward's head and the voice started, I got teary-eyed and emotional. Then there was Lila's hair bun. Man, this big bear just cried. It was so loving - and fitting - to have Lila stand up and escort Edward up the stairs into the light. Even today, when I think about that scene I get choked up. I cant watch it with a dry eye. I am reduced to a puddle.

I hope that for me, and for all of us, when our time comes we will have our loved one(s) take our hand and escort us the way Lila did for Edward. This has to be one of my favorite scenes from all 55 years. 

PS Did we ever find out definitely what Heather knew that the Qs didnt? What was the big surprise in the will?  

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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

The Balcony

The Wub Tub Time Machine

People often ask if you remember watching certain television historical events such as the last episode of MASH, Who Shot JR? or Luke and Laura's wedding...

I was a freshman in college. In between classes, I went to the student union where there was a console television. Scores of people were sitting on the floor, eyes glued to the television watching the wedding. I was there both days that it was on. Still somewhat new to the show, I didnt know all the characters but I do remember watching with a large group of strangers. 

For many, this is "the" Luke and Laura moment. The one they remember above all others. But not for me. No, this isnt the scene I most remember of the two of them. For me it is the balcony. 

Laura was presumed dead. (what Spencer isnt on this show, right? The Cassadines have kidnapped Laura, Lesley, Lulu and Lucky) Luke was just sworn in as Mayor and he is looking off the balcony to see the area where he danced with Laura on their wedding day. (nice touch, writers). He looks off in the distance and there is a blonde woman, with her back to him and naturally, he thinks it is Laura. (Spencer this time, not Templeton)

This next part of the scene is what did it for me. While reminiscing about their wedding day at the mayor's house, Laura knows that she can never return to the life of happiness she once knew. You see it in her face. If Luke, or anyone sees her, she puts her entire family in danger with the Cassadines. She looks on at the life she once had, unsure of the future, but knowing that she can't go back again. Then Luke yells for her and she is momentarily shocked. Once she does go to Luke you see the struggle within her. She played this perfectly. (As she always does)

I adore Genie. Watching this episode again, it's easy to see why. 

Part One:
Part Two:

There are times when a show brings back a character from the dead and the reasoning is implausible. (It was all a dream... a horrible, horrible dream...) But with this storyline, it was not only believable but paved the way for future storylines. This backstory the writers created led to Stefan being on the show and most importantly, the character of Nikolas. With Nikolas being Laura's son, it laid the groundwork for some really great dramatic scenes by Tony Geary and Jonathan Jackson when they found out about him. It is really great when the writers can take a storyline and then expand it into something greater and still maintain the quality.  

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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Happy Birthday

The Wub Tub Time Machine

If someone said to me “what is your all-time favorite GH scene?” the answer, of course, would be Sean and Tiffany’s wedding. If someone asked what my second favorite scene would be, well… that’s coming later this week. (stay tuned!) But this is definitely in my “top 5”. And I am willing to bet, if you had a favorites list, this would be somewhere on there too.
I always believed that Wally Kurth and Rena Sofer had incredible chemistry. And apparently, so did they since they got married in real life and had a daughter named Rosalind (after Rosalind Cash, who played Mary Mae Ward on the show). What I never bought was Wally as Eddie Maine. Wally to me has always been clean cut and corporate with a suit and tie. And I really like him as the mayor. That was inspired. Lois was such a breath of fresh air for the Quartermaines. Rena was perfect in this role and being from the east coast, I related to her all the way. She brought so much to the show when she was on it. (She is now on B&B with Scott Clifton, who played Dillon.) 

The next time they decide to start bloating the cast again, why not bring back Brooke Lynn in some capacity instead of a newbie?
Im going to try to remember this without looking up, but Lois marries Eddie Maine (Ned Ashton) After that, he is blackmailed into marrying Katherine. Lois finds out that Ned is a bigamist and, instead of confronting him she decides to let the cat out of the bag in a more “celebratory” way. As Brenda put it, “it is the end of the world as we know it”
Happy Birthday Mrs. Ned Ashton!

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Monday, August 20, 2018

Day One

The Wub Tub Time Machine

This is it everyone! This is where it all began for me. 2/13/1981. I was in the 8th grade and on the school bus. My friend Joy was sitting in front of me and she turned around and said “you have to watch General today”. Of course, as a 13-yr-old boy, the only thing I wanted to watch after school was Bugs Bunny cartoons. But she said “today is the day that Diana is going to get killed. You have to watch it so we can talk about it tomorrow.” I said OK and when I got home, I asked my mother what General was. (She was a Guiding Light fan) She said she would watch it with me, and we did. Looking back, I know I had no idea what was going on, but Joy and I did talk about it the next day and she rattled off the list of characters and I couldn't care less, nor was I really paying attention. 

Fast forward 37 years later and here I am filling in on a blog on the internet about the show. Thanks alot, Joy!!! 😜

Diana's death (And the name "Anne" written in blood)

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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Sunday First Aid Kit

I'm still interning with Karen so, no surgery for me yet! (But I'm practicing.) These are my observations from the show this week. 

Being in Vegas, I will hit a Brunch Buffet at one of the casinos. Sunday brunches have unlimited mimosas and well, you know... Vegas.

It is really weird to see Robert and Jason working together, but I guess Robert realizes that Jason cares about Anna because she is Robin’s mother. 

The new Cameron kinda reminds me of Adam Rich from Eight is Enough. The guy can act. I hope they utilize that. How old is Cameron? The character was born in 2004, which makes him 14. Is he 14 on the show or SORAS?

What kind of earbuds cost $165? Go to wish.com. $2. plus shipping.

It’s awkward seeing Liz be a parent. I mean, she has only been in the same room with her children what, 3 or 4 times tops?

Why is Oscar wearing a tie? Is this the new “look” for his generation? Weird.

The WSB needs to update their logo. It’s dated.

I like Alexis and Scotty going up against each other in court. They play off each other well. Over the past few years, court cases on the show have been minimal. Its nice to see something with some actual dialogue and substance.

Maura kicked butt on Monday railing into Griffin. Good for her. She is such a phenominal actress. Then with Kiki. Wow. Great scene and great acting. It should be another Emmy nomination year for her. Hell, for both of them.

Is that Elevator Thug guarding Anna? Is there any way they can have him strip with Magic Milo at the next Nurse's Ball? Maybe once the bad guys lose, Sonny can hire him as a permanent guard. Does anyone have the actors name?

I'm calling it... right now... Ava is going to shoot Dr. Creepy and kill him.

You know, with the new high definition you can really see all the makeup that is used on the actors. There is a lot. A lot.

Isnt a jury supposed to be 12 people? Not 6?

I see Griffin and I cant help but think of Ross from friends when he was yelling "We...were on...a break!!"

Max Gail should get nominated for Guest Star Emmy. He is really good in this role. 

Seeing Carly playing with her hair... if they ever make a Jamie Lee Curtis biopic... I could see LW doing it. The resemblance was there (for me anyway)

Margeux was a little too obvious with Julian and Kim. We get it, you are interested in Sonny. Could it be because you are related to someone Sonny knows and you are out for revenge? I have a feeling that Dawson isnt really her last name. Could it be... Lansing? As in Trevor?

Speaking of which, I really dont see Julian and Kim as a couple. Does anyone?

The Stella/Michael scene was kind of awkward and unnecessary. 

Everything is brown in Port Charles. Inside Sonny's house, Inside Alexis' house, inside bars, inside restaurants... Did sage green and tan go out of style and nobody told me?

Liz' transgender friend is Mike Webber. 
(ok, it's not. I just wanted to see if you were paying attention and read this far.) 

Kevin/Ryan spoilered a week ago Friday. They havent been seen since, have they? They forgot about them already? As Karen would say, "well... you know... GH"

Oh look... it's Billy and Chloe from Y&R

A few weeks ago Nina was saying how much she loved kids. In fact, other people were saying how much she loved kids. Now her mother Madeline is back on the show. Gee... what are the odds that Nina finds out her daughter isn't dead and is very much alive? Maybe even in Port Charles? 

Donna Mills looks good. And very believable as Nina's mom.

Looking through the episodes this week, I noticed there were more conversations involving family and things that families talk about. Parenting, alzheimers, friendships. Limited mob stuff. And scenes with more than 2 people. And extras in the bar. (Karen would have picked up on this, so I thought I would too). The writing was good. It was about relationships and there was realistic dialogue. And people. There was people. It was a good week. It figures, the one week Karen decides to go on vacation...

Even I thought the party for the baby was stupid. But then... plot point so I get it.

I didn't see any Disney stuffed animals with the baby. Shame on ABC for missing an opportunity for a shameless plug. 

Sam is the godmother? I'm surprised. I thought we would get a guest appearance by Britt Westbourne for that role.

Julian hates Sonny but "proudly serves Corinthos Coffee" in his bar?

Ok, it is time to speculate. Who is the birth mom? Will this be done off camera or will we see her? Is it someone we know (from the past?) Are they hiring someone for this role? Is it Lila Rae, SORAS from 12 to 21? 

I hope everyone had a good week, and I will see you all tomorrow.  PS. I did a web search for a First Aid Kit from Australia in honor of the wubqueen. This is the photo that came up. Kinda dark, isnt it? No red? 

My father had early alzheimers/dementia. I was his care giver for 5 yrs. Towards the end, we needed him in a care facility. The storyline with Mike and Sonny is so very well done and very believable. (and well acted)