Monday, January 17, 2022

MLK and Betty


Today is of course MLK Day. Who can forget Emily Q and her report on the Ward Family that Edward helped her with? Loved that. 

Also today would have been Betty White's 100th birthday and the country wide movement is to have people donate in a local animal shelter in her name. What a wonderful gift to give! Remember my little Tillie was a rescue. She spent her first days with a wonderful foster mama who bottle fed her. 


Marshall goes to GH with a hurt wrist. Epiphany helps him. Oh he's faking it to ask Epiphany about singing in his band. Anyway, comes out that Epiphany wanted to be a doctor. She said life got in the way. He asks her out on a date. 

Carly sees the girls. It's MLK day so they are going sledding. With PILL-are (Pilar)?  I guess I forgot that is their nanny? LOL She asks about Sonny's meds because she was tagged in his alert from the pharmacy. He says don't change the subject.  Brick comes to the house. Carly leaves. Brick wants to know what's up with he and Carly. Then he tells Sonny there's a "new player' in the mix of the mob. Sonny doesn't seem to care. 

Carly meets with Diane at the Metro.  Says she's sad.. mad..yada yada. 

Britt goes to see Nina. Wants her to talk to Sonny about helping...BRAD? This is just..weird. Like why wouldn't Britt go to Sonny herself? It's just..ugh. Nina says no. 

Michael and Drew box. Drew talks about getting his shares back for ELQ. They are acting like Drew and Sam were together when he left? UM..No.. he was with Kim and she was with Jason!!  Anyway, Michael talks to him about Aurora. Then about the fact he's angry with Sonny.  Michael's hair looks so much better. 

Laura and Curtis ...she tells him about Curtis being all into Jeebux. Curtis tells her all about Marshall. She says he might have to just accept him. 


NOTE: I LOVED the Nixon Falls Fallout Story. Now I don't care at all about it. I don't want another Sonny's off his meds story. It negates all the Nixon Falls Growth. PERIOD.

Britt finds out through Avery that Carly moved out when she called. 

Epiphany and Marshall are going to the Grille for Prime Rib after her shift

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Sunday Surgery: Brunch with Brad


SUNDAY! Brunch Day! And since the best part of GH this week was BRAD, he's agreed to sit with us as I *itch about a mostly "meh" week.  Going OLD SCHOOL WUBS today! Scripted just for you. Narrative at the end. 

Eat ya bagels. 

Friday, January 14, 2022

Bad PantSUIT


FRIDAY!! So far this week has been a .... let down. Let's see if Friday picks up!! 

Michael and Sonny. Michael's mad. Sonny's mad. They are mad at each other. Michael thinks Sonny protected Nina... Sonny says he didn't. Michael yells. Sonny yells. Dante comes in and tells them to calm down. 

When you see Laura... you'll get this reference. It's horrible !!! Wardrobe stop. 

Laura and Kevin call a family meeting. Spencer and Nikolas are there. Spencer says he misses Nikolas and Nik misses Spencer. Esme comes in to put a monkey wrench and things. 
Kevin takes her out for coffee. Laura says Spencer needs to forgive his father. He says "you sound just like Victor". 

Kevin asks her how often she sees Ryan. They talk about his family and his books. When she goes to the ladies' room he calls Pentonville to restrict her from seeing Ryan. 

Nina and Ava. Nina tells Ava about firing Scotty and hiring Martin to help her see Wiley. I don't care about Wiley. Just don't. Whatever.  Marin leaves and Ava and Nina talk about Carly's visit. Ava says Carly's running scared. 

Brad tells Britt he didn't know the poison was in the food he gave Peter. But you know his Aunt did it LOL . Dante stops in to talk about transferring Peter to Pentonville. He also asks Brad why he'd be in with Wu Crime Family. Brad's like SHE'S MY AUNT. Dante makes Brad nervous. Dante Leaves. Britt tells Brad to grow a pair and stop acting so twitchy. He's scared of his Aunt. 

Carly and Drew talk about whatever she is going through. She wants to hear about Scout to cheer her up. They talk about Scout. Then Carly talks about leaving Sonny. He has beer. She has wine. They eat peanuts. 


Drew and Carly are glad to be friends

Sonny yells, Dante is worried about him. 

Ava says to not ask for visitation with Wiley because Sonny will be happy if she doesn't. 


Thursday, January 13, 2022

Two For One

 Austin and Brook... it's weird because I don't even think of Austin as a Quartermaine. 

Alexis and Sam are spending a LOTTA time together. WHAT Is with Sam's SWEATER AHAHAHAHAA? 

Loved Jane Elliot ...Tracy was awesome yesterday. Leona Helmsley reference... awesome. 

OMG Sonny saying Carly won't let it go because of JASON .. WHOOT!! 

Olivia and Robert. I like them flirty friends. I like Ned and Olivia so... 

Tracy is FREE!! Alexis saves the day 


Shaky cam at the Qs... Brook tells Chase that Tracy knows the truth.  Tracy also suggested to Brook that Louise be taken across the ocean to be 'kept safe'. OFF CAMERA. Geeze. Brook says she wants her to move to Amsterdam--and Chase says he'll move into the Q house. Oh no, wait he wants her to move in with HIM. Oh they are going to rent their own place and have Tracy pay for it. WEIRD.

Drew sees Victor at The Metro. They bark at each other. Sam tries to stop them. Sam then tells Drew she gave Valentin his ELQ shares that were in trust with him. 

Maxie and  Anna talk. Maxie is like: Louise? Yawn. Anna is worrked. Maxie is just bored. Anna goes over the 'evidence again'.  Stupid. 

Felicia gets in to see Peter. Pretty lame, imo. He does call her Princess. 

Brad and Britt eat brunch in her office. He's upset because he has no husband..and  Wiley's fam hates him... and no one will hire him for lab work. He also tells Britt his Aunt has a hold over him and he did something horrible for him. Oh he tells her he poisoned Peter. 

Austin plots with Val against Brook Lyn. On the phone so far. Comes to his office. They don't say much. Then Victor comes in. Maybe he'll figure out the baby stuff. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Pick a Side...Any Side!


Again today my REAL WORK interrupts my ONLINE FUN... DAMN IT. They need to stop doing that!! 

SO...Carly or Nina? Both or neither? Carly is just too easy to hate. You know SOAP Character hate. So I'm usually on Nina's side. Do I think she was in the right? Hell no...but it's my daytime show and I can be as illogical as I wanna be! Sonny has explaining to do too but I'm enjoying all this too much to have it end. 

You know where Carly would be if Jason was alive. Heh. We ALL know where she'd be!! 

See ya tomorrow!! 

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Dating Game


Felicia and Maxie at Charlie's talking about Luke, drinking whiskey. Say that Holly, Sean and Luke are gone and Robert must feel awful. Felicia still wants to talk about Louise. Maxie doesn't. Maxie tells Felicia that she wants Austin on her "phone chain". 

Laura is mad Victor is in the house... Spencer and Ez are in the kitchen. Laura calls him Smarmy. LOL He says he's not leaving PC. He wants to atone for his family sins. Spencer and Esme made tea. Laura tells him to stay. Victor drops that Luke died.  They have tea. Spencer and Esme watch Laura and Vic go toe-to-toe on the banter LOL 

Willow goes to see Nina. She apologizes to Nina for telling her secret. Weird scene. Willow says she'll be in trouble if Michael finds out she was there to see Nina. She wants Nina to give up her legal claim on Wiley and then she'll work on Michael to help her see him. Nina is like no way. Willow keeps arguing. Tries acting tough. Fails. 

Carly gets home, Sonny's baking.. she looks all pissy. Sonny's made lasagna -- she tastes it. Needs more sugar. He got bread and wine. Sounds a bit manic to me. They eat..she picks her food. OH! He mentions LUKE!! WELP...she didn't know yet. She wants to go to Bobbie's but LUCAS told Sonny she went to bed early and he gave her something to help her. So.. don't go over. Carly is tired of pretending that everything is ok with she and Sonny. Sonny says "Nothing compares 2 U" like the Prince song LOL She's mad something almost happened in Nixon Falls. OMG HE HAD NO MEMORY!! Good LORD!! She tells him to go see Nina 'I know you want to". She's such a bitch. 

Marshall and Curtis back in Marshall's hotel room. OF course Marshall starts to back out telling him. Good God, this is just so boring. He says he did something and before it became bad for the family, he left. It was criminal and he was under a bigger boss and was in trouble and left. I bet the boss was Cyrus. Marshall won't say more. Curtis says he knows Mob people...and he can help him. 

Austin and Britt out at the Savoy. Trying to pick up people. Cute but obvious. Britt strikes out-- Austin doesn't even try. He tells her that he likes Maxie. 


Carly says if Sonny isn't gone in the morning, she will be

Nina tells Willow to buzz off

Laura shuts the door in Victor's face

Monday, January 10, 2022



Laura tells Sonny about Luke. They hug. Laura says he was her partner long ago. She was a different person. She likes herself now. They talk about Cyrus...then Laura asks what is wrong with Sonny. He tells her about Nixon Falls and Mike and such. He tears up. Wonders if Carly will ever forgive him. VERY GOOD SCENES. 

Carly charges into Nina's office to bitch at her. Nina spills that she and Sonny were 'together' on NYE. "something else he didn't tell you"..Carly yells...screeetches yada yada. Nina basically says Carly is an idiot for leaving Sonny because if it was her, she'd be there for him. She says that SHE stopped them sleeping together. Sonny would probably still come back to her and Carly slaps her. 

Trina sees Curtis and her mother making out in the elevator. She's ok with Curtis being in Portia's life. Curtis leaves so Trina and Mom can have some alone time. They talk about Ava and Trina was upset with how she treated Spencer. They talk about the cabin trip. 

Marshall goes to GH to see TJ. TJ says unless Curtis says it's ok, he's not going to have much to do with him. Marshall says he can't tell Curtis the whole truth. Curtis comes in. Asks if Marshall is a stalker. TJ is called away. 

Esme has some drugs (I think for the cabin) and as Spencer comes in she asks him how the dinner with TRINA went. :eyeroll: Anyway, they end up making out. Victor comes in! He wants to have the Cassadines united. He tells Spencer that everyone in the fam tries to kill each other at one time or the other. Basically, get over it LOL.

Liz shows Finn her ring she found in her locker. He thinks one of the boys must have found it, put it in her pocket and it fell out. They try to figure out what happened. She has to go home and ask them about it...without Finn. 


Sonny's prescription needs a refill 

Marshall seems like he's going to tell Curtis the truth. 

Victor is waiting for Laura 

MLK and Betty

  Today is of course MLK Day. Who can forget Emily Q and her report on the Ward Family that Edward helped her with? Loved that.  Also today ...