Friday, June 21, 2024

WATCH THE SHOW TODAY! is still not working and it has a lot to do with technical things I have no idea how to do. SO if you're here! YEAH!! I'm hoping more people will get the message about the 'back door URL"!

Ok, at Finn's apartment he wakes up, has the phone playing music. He's still drunk. Chugs more. Sees there's blood on the table. Goes to look and sees his hand has glass in it. He pulls it out and then pours vodka on it and chugs. He shudders and falls to the floor. Violet comes in (Kyle the elevator guy walked her up) She sees Finn and grabs the phone. There's a missed call from Tracey right on the front screen so she calls her. "I think my Dad is dead"!! Tracey runs over. She is concerned. The paramedics come in-- they are like: Ma'm he's DRUNK. Tracey says that Violet didn't know that. Violet thinks it's her fault because she left. Tracey takes her out. 

They go to Chase and Brooks' apartment. Chase is surprised but takes Violet in. Brook and Vi go to hang up her wet swimsuit. Tracey has to tell Chase about Finn. IT'S SO GOOD, you have to watch it. Oh my goodness. Jane Elliot is amazing. Anyway, she tells Chase to take Violet to the Qs so Finn can't find her when he wakes up. She's also going to tell Finn a few things that Chase won't be able to say to him. 

Chase and Brook talk to Violet. She says she needs to learn how to cook so she can make her Dad something healthy so he won't be sick! :SOB: Chase says "it's not your..."And Brook shoots him a look and guides him to say: we'll go to the Qs and then I'll show you how to make French toast. GREAT SCENE. 

TRACEY goes to Finn's. He's sprawled in a chair. She can't wake him. She starts taking photos to show him later. She's crying. 

Valentin and Anna have dinner. He goes to get wine. Anna searches. He comes back and asks her if she found what she was looking for. She says: Oh just your book titles. He seems to buy it. Then she tells him she saw Jack Brennan at GH and he stabbed himself just to talk to Carly. He's like I don't want to talk about HIM, let's go on the patio. They come back in after dinner. He pours a port wine. They talk about ELQ and work. Anna says she has to go, he says don't. He says he loves her, it's in his DNA. He can't trust her and she can't trust him but he loves her. 

SAM PLAYS THE RECORDING FOR CARLY! Carly's like Um, that was 3 years did you even get it. Sam says that they got Cates ID and downloaded the voice recording. Carly's says "POOR JASON he did this to protect me". Sam's like JASON IS NOT THE VICTIM!! He let his kids think he was dead!! They argue. Carly says to blame Agent Cates. Sam says Carly never pays for anything!! stomps out. 

Sam goes to see Spinelli. She says Carly didn't know why Jason was gone for 2 years. Spinlli is like I hope Carly isn't charged. Sam says SHUT UP! lol

Jagger goes to see Jason and says he'd better have the evidence against Valentin. He's not going back to Quantico empty handed and he'll take Carly with him! 

Jagger goes to Carly's office with champagne--tells her he's thanking her for helping him when he was beat up. Plus, he's almost done with his case. He won't miss Port Charles but he will miss her. Carly asks about the bad guys. He says bad people. She asks if it's a woman. 


Tracey uses smelling salts to wake up Finn. He asks what happened and where is Violet --she says gone and not coming back. 

Valentin and Anna dance around love and such and I thought he was going to kill her!! They make out on the couch and Jason watches through the window. 

Thursday, June 20, 2024



Felicia and Mac are making out on Maxie's couch. Everyone is out and Bailey Lu is sleeping. He talks about seeing Frisco!! That's where he was. Then the doorbell rings and ROBERT AND ANNA COME IN!! ROBERT!! They talk and Mac finds out Jagger is back. Anna says he's not the kid he remembers. She gets a text and has to leave. She says Mac better be at work in the morning. 

Sam goes to Spinelli's computer office. He said he found what they are looking for. Sam loses it when she realizes he did it for Carly. Spinelli tries to say he was being noble. Sam says it's not noble to let your kids think YOU'RE DEAD. She has Spinelli download the audio file. She stomps out. 

Violet is going to the pool with Georgie but doesn't want to leave Finn alone. She goes. Finn looks at the bottle and his hospital badge. He puts the bottle away and leaves. the apartment. 

Terry wants to talk with Liz about Finn. Terry goes over the whole alcoholic thing again and that Finn has to ask help for himself and yada yada. 

Finn comes to GH and is snarky to Liz. Portia calls him into the office with Terry. They told him his calendar is cleared. They want to talk about his drinking. HE's like did Liz tell you? SO what, you two drink. Do you think I'm using narcotics. They say no but you'll have to follow a physican's plan to keep working (bunch of rules) and get rando drug tested. He yells back he saved GH with his formula and they should be thankful. They all argue and then HE QUITS! 

Finn confronts Liz in the nurses station. He yells at her, she yells back and says she did it for his sake and Violet's... He says to stay away from Violet AND NOT CALL. She says she's her guardian. He says that was his mistake. STAY AWAY. 

Trina is at the pool and talks to Joss. Maxie comes in with all the kids. Nina walks by. Nina and Maxie talk about Willow's birthday party. Very cute convo. 

Carly is in the Coffee Warehouse, talking to Jason and wonders if he knows about Drew's plans.  She tells him he's running for congress. Jason SO? I don't care, he'll probably be good. Carly freaks out. THE MEDIA!! The Q's! They'll drag up all the dirt on you all! On Sonny!! OMG !! She's just being out of control. Jason is still like: MEH. Carly still loses it and is sad he lost 2 years of his life and it's not fair and WHY Did he work with the FBI!!? WHY? 


Anna goes to Jason , he tells her to get the evidence now because Drew is running for congress and stuff is going to come out. 

Finn goes home and chugs the vodka. 

Sam goes to Carly's office and tells her there is something she has to hear. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2024



Mac is back today!! Happy Happy!!  He looks great and the cast seems so happy as well. 

METRO POOL. Gio and Joss... Then Sonny comes in with Avery. Avery meets Gio. Sonny and Gio talk. Gio wants to go to PCU so he pays his own way. Then Natalia comes in and sees Sonny. They talk a bit about Puerto Rican beaches, then she says she underestimated Kristina. She says that Alison must really love her because you could see it in her song. Sonny mentions he was in the music biz a bit in the 90's and it was fun back then. She gets a text and has to leave. She gives him a zip drive with Blaze's last recording to give to Brook Lyn when she comes. 

Brook Lyn comes in and gets the zip drive. She decides to tell Sonny all about Finn and his drinking. 

Maxie's house: they are going to the pool when James gets home from the stables (he was riding with Cody). Mac DADDY WALKS IN! Aw, cute scenes with the kids, especially Bailey. He finds out that Spinelli is living there. James walks in with Cody. They talk and decide in the future, Mac will ride horses with them. Cody leaves. Mac and Maxie talk and she says Spinelli is great with the kids but Cody gets James outside. Oh, Mac also said that he was away "to help a friend" and that's all he will say for now. Which is cool--better than some weird explanation. 

Felicia is at the hospital working with Stella and TJ about getting a patient benefits. She doesn't take a call from Maxie. And it happens again! She isn't calling Maxie back until the end of her shift. 

Alexis, Chase and Brook talk about Greg then Finn. She says it didn't go well when she went over there. She says he's not ready for help yet. ChaLyn want some legal 'advice' about Violet. They talk about the options and even if they called CPS, Violet might be put with strangers. She suggests they go see a licensed social worker. Chase is going to go to GH. (Stella I bet)

Yes, he finds Stella in the coffee corner and asks her a hypothetical about someone drinking around a small child. She gives him great advice about keeping records and such. To build a case for his niece if it comes to that. 

Diane comes into Alexis' office with the letter from the board. Alexis tells her to open it. She can practice again! They hug and dance. 

Cody goes back to the stable. Tracey is there trying to get a hold of Finn and is frustrated she can't. She notices Cody is down in the dumps. Asks what is wrong. He tells her about trying to find his father and the DNA test and his Dad doesn't know he's his son. He says he lied to him for a long time. Tracey says he should tell him because he could be really happy he's his dad. 


Felicia comes to Maxie's!! And sees Mac and cries and I'm CRYING AND!! eesh 

Tuesday, June 18, 2024



UGH so I renewed the domain name and what... it's taking FOREVER to get up to speed. Meanwhile, so many people can't read my WORDS :sobbing: 

Anna and Val have wine in her apartment. They talk and banter. She's trying to get him to tell her about his business. Then they make out. He asks her to dinner tomorrow night. Then he leaves. 

Jagger goes to Jason's warehouse and says he's a free man because he found the head of Pikeman: It's Anna. Jason's like NOPE. Jaggy says he has proof. "Anna and Brennan's ties go back 5 years on this". Jason says, good, then you can let me out.  Jagger talks about their emails but they never mention Pikeman. He wants Jason to get real proof and Jason is like OK. The sooner this is over the better. Jagger tells him not to warn Anna or Carly will go to jail. 

SO, Jason runs right to Anna's and tells her Jagger thinks that she and Cates have been meeting and emailing for 5 years. OMG Has to be Alex, right? Oh Anna thinks Valentin did this and is framing her. Or no, just deflecting. Jason says doesn't matter because he needs proof and he has to tell Jagger that the head of Pikeman is Valentin or he'll put CARLY IN JAIL! Anna says no because its not time and all this other crap. She says she'll get the evidence tomorrow at dinner. :eyeroll: Jason says she'd better because if not, he's turning in Valentin so Carly doesn't get hurt/jailed whatever. 

Sam goes to the Metro Pool. Willow's party is over. Carly wonders why she's there. Sam says she wants to ask for Carly's help mother to mother. OMG there's a ton of stupid dialog about Sam/Danny and Jason. Carly thinks whatever Jason does or says is ok because she trusts him. Sam says she's worried about Danny and Jason's lifestyle. You have to hear it to believe it. Sam says that asking Jason to leave Danny alone can ONLY COME FROM CARLY!! period. Carly won't do it. Asks Sam why she wanted to have Jason's baby so badly. Sam says she was in love then but Jason didn't turn out to be the man she thought he was. Carly thinks Sam is punishing Jason. Sam says that she's not and she doesn't want Danny to end up dead like Morgan. Carly says NOPE, that's not it, you're just mad Jason didn't end up with YOU! yada yada.. then Sam says if anything happens to Danny, Carly is just as responsible as Jason is?? Umm?? 

Sasha and Cody are at the boathouse. Neither can sleep. She talks to him about Mac and the light in his eyes and his smile....and UGHHHHHHHHHH. They kiss. Go into the boathouse to have sex and GIO SHOWS UP outside with his damn violin! LOL. I'm so sick of that thing. But it was funny. 

Lucy and Scotty are in Kelly's talking about Blazes' final contract and her mom won't let her sign one yet. Then they talk about Heather. OH!! Scotty is working on her case!!! WOW, ok. He thinks there may be a lot of money in it. Lucy mentions Franco and his tumor. They go round and round and Lucy finally tells him not to be the one that handles Heather's case. He seems to agree. 

TODAY'S SHOW WAS SO confusing and the dialog so so.. ughhhhhhhh. The Sam and Carly stuff made ZERO sense. 

Monday, June 17, 2024

Will you be a Q?


Portia is leaving GH to go to Willow's party. Liz forgot about it. Portia says: GOOD NEWS!! Finn said he's coming back early! Liz says: Um, we need to talk. She tells her about Finn's drinking. Portia asks if she's telling her as a friend or boss. Liz says she can't let him go back into work.  She tells Portia about Barb being there and being afraid for Violet. Portia is glad she told her. She's going to talk to Finn about a 12 week leave to go to rehab. 

Willow's party. It's at the Metro Pool. Gio is there and tells Joss Lois made him to go meet people. Nina comes in and says she has to see Drew about Crimson. Drew set that up so she could be at the party. He asks Willow if it's ok she's there. Willow invites her to stay. 
Carly asks Michael what Nina is doing there :eyeroll: Tells Drew he's crazy and Drew says they are helping each other. 

Carly, Brook and Joss talk to Gio about how great he is on the violin. Then Carly asks about his parents when he leaves. Brook says his dad died before he was born and his mother died when he was 10. The whole clan raised him. 

Cody and Chase talk about Chases' Dad dying. Chase says how great it was to spend a lot of time with him. Cody's probably thinking about Mac. 

Drew talks to Curtis and Michael about running for office. He's changing his name to Quartermaine! Michael's like: DOH! Curtis says: Um people are going to think you bought your way in. He says no, they'll know I have enough money of my own to work for them. 

Finn is in his apartment drinking. Knock on the door. He hides the bottle. It's Alexis. She asks if Violet is there. He's like YEAH where else would she be?? Alexis asks to check on her. Finn is mad but says go ahead. While she checks, he gets the bottle out and is going to drink right in front of her!! Like FK THIS! I'm drinking! Alexis calls him out for defiant drinking and says he's not an alcoholic, she is. He can drink if he wants to. Doesn't want any snarky interference. They talk on and on about drinking and that he's numbing the pain and Chase needs him ....he's like Buzz off. She brings up Violet. Pretends Violet is standing behind him. "made ya look" she says. Finn says he's FINE and Violet's FINE. Alexis says, no she's in a house with a drunk. He tells her to get out.  She says she knows there's a good man in there and he'll be upset when the consequences come up. Leaves. Finn stares at his glass.

Drew announces he's running for congress. 

Cody tells Sasha he might want to tell Mac about being his son. 

Update on Blog Address


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Life on the internet can be exhausting!! LOL 

Sunday, June 16, 2024

Sunday Surgery: Soaked


Whopper of a week in many respects, especially for Liz fans!! We've got Liason, Tequila, baby-wars, hips and violins to discuss. 

Grad some coffee and let's go! 

WATCH THE SHOW TODAY! is still not working and it has a lot to do with technical things I have no idea how to do. SO if you're here! YEAH!! I'm...