Friday, March 24, 2023

I Trust You

 HERE I AM!! It's FRIDAY!! Was this week even MORE dragging than LAST WEEK? GEESH!! 

Victor goes to Laura's to "Get his nephews". Laura threatens to call security. Spencer gets Vic in the hall and tells him to leave NOW. Victor says ok but he hopes Esme will be going soon. Spencer says he plans on her being back in jail and he'll get custody of Ace. 
Laura talks to Esme about redemption and that she's trying to believe in Esme. Laura decides to leave Esme alone while she goes out to prove she trusts her.  Esme talks to Ace after Laura leaves and think they are going to try to keep them apart. She looks at the money. 

Sonny and Dex are trying to find out who hired the killer. 

Joss says goodbye to Cam at Kelly's. Dex and Sonny walk in. Sonny tells Cam good luck. Asks to speak to Joss, they go outside. Sonny is questioning her about Dex. She says she knows about the attempt on Sonny's life from Carly. Mentions Donna and Avery. 

Dex and Cam square up. "I have somethings to say to you" says Cameron.  He says not to hurt Joss or he'll tell Sonny about him and Sonny will go after Dex. 

Trina goes home and runs into Marshall. They talk about EPIPHANY!! :crying:  Trina tells Marshall that Spencer is living with his "Ex-Girlfriend" ...they talk about Spencer. Also about her dropping the charges. He thinks that wasn't a good idea. She tells him that Spencer is now her boyfriend. He wonders if Spencer is "worthy". 

Anna and Valentin tell Eileen that she has to call Victor and tell him she has the necklace. They tell her there's etchings on there he wants. "Or so he thinks" says Anna. WHY would she tell her the truth!? Eileen refuses to wear a wire. They say ok, Robert will call on "official" business and she has a code word to use if she's in danger. 

I guess Cam is having a going away party.  Spencer goes to get Trina. BUT He stops to see Uncle Victor.  He really wants Victor to help get rid of Esme. Victor says there's no way in  hell Esme is raising a Cassadine heir.  Victor says that they could manufacture evidence against her. 

Sonny goes to talk to Selina WU (an outside shot!!) he asks if she knows the hit man..>Dex shows her a photo. She says no. He says that guy was seen at her bar "The Highsider" --WHICH IS WHAT?????/ she owns a bar. ????


Esme goes to leave with Ace and Cameron comes to the door

Victor insists on looking at the necklace to see if it's real. 

Wu says she'll help find the shooter. 

Thursday, March 23, 2023

Scotchy Scotch


Board is not taking action against Liz. They say from the testimony, they think she saved Esme and the baby. Liz hugs Finn. Violet comes out and wants to go for spaghetti. 

Curtis is drinking at Charlie's... Jordan is there. They drink scotch. He's sad. She says he should forgive Portia. OMG they are getting drunk and making eyeballs at each other!! 

Portia meets Marshall in the GH hallway. They talk about CURTIS. She's sad. Then Marshall tells her about the tests he had. She thinks he should contact his original doctors. If they are still alive. 

Trina is at Laura's and sees Esme. She's not happy. Spencer says he's staying there too to help take care of the baby. Trina leaves.  Spencer walks out with her. She's like "Welp, now you can raise the baby together"! They talk about whether or not Esme really has a memory. Trina i worried the new Esme might be worse than the old. 

Esme goes out in the hall just as Trina and Spencer are going to kiss. Oh I think the old Esme is rearing her head. Anyway, Esme asks what the hold up is. Spencer says they were talking about daycare at PCU in case he wants to go to classes in the summer. Esme says no problem because she'll be taking care of Ace. 

Greg and Alexis "I'm your friend, I care" (for the 90th time). Greg says stay out of it. I hate this story. Anyway, she finally forces out of him that he's sick. He's not telling her anymore though. He wants his car keys. 

Maxie, Gladys and Sasha discussing the Nurses ball in Kelly's Cody drops by. Says he knows Gladys from the Savoy.  "I think she was there for Ladies Night" Sasha wants to Take Gladys to the Nurses Ball and buy her a dress. Gladys feels a bit guilty. 

Maxie asks Cody to be in the Nurses Ball with the Magic Wands. He says yes. 


Curtis and Jordan's kiss doesn't happen because of an interruption

Marshall asks Stella for his old medical records

Gladys gets a text from Wu about a poker game coming up. 

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Same Clothes as Friday

 Liz is talking to Portia and Terry about the board meeting. Patrick, Robin and Griffin all wrote letters for her. Liz freaks out because one didn't come in from Epiphany...she really wanted that one because she was her mentor. Epiphany is at John Hopkin's shadowing a residency. Liz is so happy for her. UGH... Sad. Her memorial is next Wed. 

Brook and Chase at the Qs. OMG they are talking about getting back together. OR NOT..or yes.. or no. YES....NO..Brook cries. She tells him she signed an NDA. She can't ever testify against him. 

Trina runs into Curtis at Kelly's. She's not sure how to act. She says that she hasn't made up her mind about the DNA test. They talk. End up hugging. Portia walks around the corner and sees them. 

Alexis and Diane are due to have dinner. Alexis forgot. Alexis thinks Greg might have a drinking problem. GEESH Alexis! You're blabbing that all over. Diane says she doesn't know for sure. 

Greg is at GH trying to see his doctor. Finn comes along. He fakes it and says he's there to support Liz. 

Spencer is going to move into Laura's.. he and his gram are visiting Esme and Ace. Laura tells her the charges are dropped and she can leave the Spa Jail. Esme says "I'm not leaving"!! (like it's a damn hotel LOL) Spencer says he's gotten her a room above Kelly's and will pay for it until she's on her feet. BUT!! The baby can't fit there too so he should stay at Laura's with him. 

Nina and Jordan are talking in Charlie's. Jordan wants to know how Curtis is... Nina says mad, sad..yada yada


Esme is living with Laura, Kevin and Spencer. Trina's not happy

Curtis storms off, goes to Charlie's and Jordan is there

Greg yells at Alexis for calling Finn when he asked her not to. 

The board is making it's decision about Liz

Chase "broke up" with Brook even though they aren't together. GEESH LOUISE 

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

The Most Wacky Moments in 60 Years

 Soap Operas are not only daytime dramas.
Sometimes there is comic relief.
And GH really shined in the comedy
department when it needed to.

Mac and Kevin as Eve and Norma to try to find out if Lucy's psychic was a fake! 

Colonel Sanders paid a visit. And the whole world asked "Why?"

The budget department answered: Money 

It's always great when the recast looks so much like the original.

The Quartermaines finally got their turkey. Sort of.

Dobson Gray-- aka Alexis in drag. 

OMG ... GH blooper reel.. you can find a bunch on You Tube!! 

This photo looks more like a Saturday morning TV show than a storyline on an Emmy-award winning daytime drama

Liz Paints "THE WIND" For Jason and goes on to explain it to him--in detail. 

Richard Simmons returned in 2013, bringing with him the iconic song
"General Hospi-tale" and had a crazy fight with Lucy.

Not so much "Wacky" as AMAZING--- BB King Performed at Luke's Opening Night in 1995. THIS was a big deal. 

Monday, March 20, 2023

IT's Possible

 I will be out today-- I have a meeting at 2 and have no idea when I'll be out. Just real life coming at me. 

Remember that March 29th will be Sonya's memorial show--!! I believe it will kick off the whole Nurses Ball arc. 

Sunday, March 19, 2023

Sunday Surgery : Mini Blog


Yes, I'm really not around to write up a huge blog and not a huge amount happened so, here you have it all in a one-liner Wubshell!! 

   After explaining the pathogen's full effects, Victor realizes he may never have nookie again. 

Dr O finds out  that her marrow donation is on hold for a little bit while the drugs flush from her system

Krissy asks Dad for money to open a restaurant; he convinces her managing Charlie's is enough. 

                                Cam tells everyone he's going to Stanford on a scholarship

                    Spencer doesn't like Dex; Dex doesn't like Spencer . Both are living at Sonny's 

              With her friends blessings, Trina decides to try to drop the charges against Esme. 

                                                       Esme gets a  letter from Heather. 

                          Greg almost falls, slurs his words and Alexis thinks he's drinking 

                         Dante finds out Mac is Cody's daddy, encourages him to come clean 

    Lucy escapes the Safe House, dresses like her former self and heads to... The Metro COURT? 

SCENES OF THE WEEK:  Kevin and Mac... saying all the right things at the right time with the right energy. Felicia was also great. All the feels. 

    PROP OF THE WEEK: Just noticed that Sonny's art work is of a FINGERPRINT LOL 

So that was pretty much the show. Good to see Phyllis but why is she on so little? Same with Kristina. I can't tell you how many pictures there were of her on Twitter (and pushing her with Dex!!) . We have a week's ramp up to the ball (I believe it's starting the 29th.  Hope you're ready! 

Friday, March 17, 2023

Cheese Board


Phyllis visits Nina. "You're back" she says. They hug. Nina tells her about Amelia, Willow and feeling badly about Sonny's 'lifestyle'. Nina's now upset he's resorting back to DANGER. whatever. They drink white wine and have a cheese board. They just talk about if Nina can REALLY DEAL with Sonny's LIFE and all that sheeze. OMG this is driving me insane. 

Carly takes Donna to Sonny's. Wants to know why there are guards all over the place. Carly is like YOU'RE IN DANGER? OMG. Again?? Danger? Danger.. :eyeroll: 

Diane interrupts Robert and Eileen at Robert's office. "I will make your day" she says. While they talk, Eileen takes a pic of a file (that Robert wanted her to find) and will give the info to Victor. 

Diane tells Robert to drop the charges against Esme. She gives him all the reasons. He finds out Trina, Cam and Joss are ok with it. 

Victor revisits his doctor. Doctor says Finn told him everything and he agrees. Victor thinks Laura did it. Eileen comes in later. Shows Victor the photo. He sees Robert has the necklace. (They are planning to give him false codes on the diamonds). Victor wants Eileen to get the necklace from the PCPD evidence room. 

Laura visits Lucy, Val and Anna. Anna's in the bedroom doing the codes. Laura tells them Victor is having a medical problem and they are closer to getting everyone out of there. Lucy says she's impatient. Laura gives her a letter from Marty. She goes to read it. Valentin thanks Laura for taking care of Charlotte. 

Joss is at Dex's. She tells him to take his shirt off to see his stitches. They make out. 


Robert drops the charges against Esme. 

Lucy escapes from the safe house, goes to The Metro dressed as a librarian type. 

I Trust You

 HERE I AM!! It's FRIDAY!! Was this week even MORE dragging than LAST WEEK? GEESH!!  Victor goes to Laura's to "Get his nephews...