Sunday, December 4, 2022

Sunday Surgery: There and Back Again


Well, the Holly-Story wrapped up with a few good surprises this week!! It ended up being very satisfying in the end but of course, not long enough!  We also had Thanksgiving, Esme Tower Drama, Spencer in Prison, Ryan and Heather in the same room and Wilting Willow.  A bunch of other stuff was also thrown in as usual so let's go go !! 

Settle in for some tea and scones while we discuss...

Friday, December 2, 2022

Chess Game


Willow passes out. Nina wants to call 911. Carly says no! Let's ask WILLOW?? WHAT? Willow is on the floor and Carly gets her legs up. Nina brings a washcloth. She again says she'll call 911. Willow sits up; NO!! Carly takes Nina outside and is actually civil to her. Says she knows she didn't come to the house to make Willow upset and faint. Nina's like "um...ok, thanks" and leaves. Carly then goes in to see Willow and tells her she really should go to see her OBGYN. 

Dex and Joss...bandage foreplay. Flirt..yada yada... and he tells her they can't see each other anymore. He flashes back to Michael telling him to stop seeing Joss. Joss says no way, they've been through too much together. 

Sonny and Dante..Dante knows he held Dex and beat him. He didn't charge Sonny because Dex didn't say anything. He thinks Sonny is committing another felony right now. Dante says the lines are being blurred between his cop job and the mobular life. He knows that Sonny was behind the Dex stuff and he wants to know about Anna's escape.  Dante then says that he's gotten close to Sonny and hopes he never has to arrest him. Sonny says if that happens, he'll still love Dante. They hug. 

Michael and Drew talk in Carly's kitchen over the Moss about Drew and Carly maybe facing charges. Drew says he can't be in a relationship with Carly and he's just bummed. Michael says that Carly has been happy since Florida. 

Sasha and Sam doing decorations in the Square. Sasha is sad about her dead baby and husband. Sam tells her about Lila who died. They talk about helping others to help themselves feel better. 

Victor and Nikolas go and visit Spencer. Spencer doesn't want to see them. Victor says he'd better talk to them. They are CASSADINES. Spencer tells his Dad to leave. Nikolas does. Victor sits down and yells at Spencer. Spencer says that he might control the outside but INSIDE he has competition: AND CYRUS WALKS IN!! He says that Spencer is family. Victor finds out Cyrus is Laura and Martin's brother. 


Drew tells Carly he has a lead on Willow's birth parents

Joss and Dex make out and Sonny knocks on his door

Michael thinks they should tell everyone Willow has cancer

Thursday, December 1, 2022



                                                        WORLD'S AIDS DAY 

Dex is at his home, napping, thinking of the Joss kiss.  Michael comes in, says he found his phone. Dex tells him about getting shot helping Anna escape. Michael is mad and says Dex has to stay away from Josslyn. 

Carly and Joss are in the kitchen Joss is applying for pre-med. She wants to because she realized how helpless she was when she was trying to help Dex. Carly tells her it's hard. "is this because it's easier to think about than your feelings for Dex"?  Joss says she really wants to help people and felt awful when Ava almost died. Carly mentions Cameron. Joss says it's not the same with them because she's grown and loves him but doesn't LOVE him. 

Sasha is decorating Rice Square. Nina gave her the job to do. Chase walks up.  He says he'll help. Tells her that he and Brook broke up. She thinks maybe Brook was doing what she thought was best for Chase. 

Willow is napping. Nina comes over to ask her to help Sasha decorate the Square because she could really use a friend. Willow says Nina is just thinking of herself.  Nina says no, Sasha has lost her baby, her husband had a breakdown was in a conveservatorship and WILLOW has everything. Wiley, Michael a baby on the way. Willow loses it and screams: SHUT UP SHUT UP!! 

Brook writes Chase's letter to the PCPD. Gives it to Dante. He says "it's too late".  Tells her the board is meeting today, right now. She wants to go NOW and interrupt it and lie about the reason. He says that Chase wouldn't want that. Brook tells him the whole story about Linc and singing and yada yada. 

Valentin wants to give Sonny a business prop. He wants "Pipeman" industries who are mercenaries  to be able to store things in Sonny's warehouses. 10 MILLION a pop!! Oh it has to be Victor's stuff.  Sonny's like "WHY YOU doing this"?? Val says it's because he's worked with them before and he's doing it as a favor. Sonny is wary. Says no. Valentin says they will be coming through Port Charles anyway and if he doesn't agree, he's a PROBLEM and PROBLEMS could be GONE. 

THERE SHOULD have been follow up today to Wu slipping Victor that drug and also Britt and Dr. O. 

FUN FACT: Tempo Magazine was shown on Dex's table. That's from All My Children!! 


Sonny calls Brick to check out Pikeman or Pipeman security 

Willow and Nina argue, Carly walks in. Nina faints

Joss goes to Dex's apartment

Chase is told his appeal is lost... but.. Brook is calling someone to help (i bet it's Tracey) 

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Right as Rain...


Holly burns... Robert puts a blanket over her.. yells NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. EMTs come. They medevac her out. OMG so, in the ambulance, Felicia comes out and Holly sits up!! "I'm all fired up"! IT WAS A RUSE! :Clapping:! LOVE IT. They explain that Robert and Holly faked the drugging. Felicia met Holly at the cabin the night before, gave her flame retardant stuff and gel and yada yada. Felicia also brought her a change of clothes today and her passport/fake papers. Oh, Mac wasn't in on it so he didn't have to lie to Jordan.!! Interesting. 

Savoy: Dr O grabs Cody's arm..drags him away. Offers him money to leave. "Britta needs her mother now" Cody says they are over, that Britt made it clear. 

Savoy: N'Neka bartends. Ava and Britt are at the bar. Cody is there, Nik walks in. Ms Wu talks to Victor (who texts "get necklace, Holly expendable) She's flirting with him. Nikolas goes up and talks to Ava. Britt is sad she's not married or with a man. Then she stumbles. Wu thinks she's drunk and tries to take her out of the bar. Britt starts to fight back and stumbles again.. Victor helps her out. They want to call her a cab. She says no..she's NOT DRUNK. Victor looks at her and is like: OMG you're not drunk, you're sick! He says: "Faison's legacy"!!!!!!!!! Britt lunges at him.. Dr O slaps him.. they tussle. Finally Victor is dragged away. 

Trina tries to sneak out of her house but Marshall's on the patio and catches her. They talk zzzzzzzzz Oh yeah, Portia and Curtis talk too zzzzzzzzzzzz.  I think Portia wants to have Marshall tested because she doesn't think he's Curtis' father. 

Chase asks Brook where the letter is for his PCPD job. Brook says she didn't do it an doesn't want to until they get Linc. She says she loves him like no other. They argue. Then he says they are done. 

***** OMG part of this is that Holly gave Selina Wu a diamond to 'dose' Victor up and punish him. Not kill him, just punish him. She tells her that he has her son. Wu agrees. 


Victor finishes his drink..gets a text that Holly is disabled but the necklace is missing

Holly and Robert say goodbye, she gives him the necklace




I MISSED The Thanksgiving DAY!! we go. 

Sonny's House: Awww...earrings. Dante and Sam are there too. Or they are just 'stopping by' and then Sasha and Gladys come in.  YEAH! Alexis arrives!! Sante make out the entire time/ LOL . They yell at Alexis about leaking the Esme info. 

Carly's at the Qs... I guess she's been with Jason, AJ and Drew so.... Millow are there, Leo (the rest of the kids are upstairs). Ned, Olivia, Chase, Brook.  OMG The turkey ... hilarious. LOVE IT.  Leo says "Mr. Gobble, I won't let you be eaten".. he's going to let him GO!! AHAHAHA. YEP!! Mr. Waddle is FREE! 

PCPD: Laura, Mac...Robert and Jordan and Alexis. Alexis did print some stuff because Jordy didn't give her an interview. Deputy Mayor is being kept around to see what "use" she can be.  Oh Felicia comes in with Turkey Dinner!! 

Holly in some cabin with the necklace. Has it on and there's a stove with fuel leaking. Oh, the PCPD find her in 2 seconds LOL. Some goonie guy does too. OMG the entire PCPD make it there in 10 minutes. Robert talks to her. Oh lord, the cabin BLOWS UP and.. she's on fire? And comes OUT? Will they save her and she'll go to a burn center for awhile? Get the necklace off her steaming body? 
That was... um.. dramatic. 

Gladys gambling makes sense. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Due To Wubby Hubby...


I will not be blogging GH Today !! The World Cup game is on so.. I said he can have the TV JUST THIS ONCE!! 

YES, it's the Thanksgiving SHOW...and yes, I'm bummed but it will be an easy one to catch up with I think.  So ENJOY!! 

It's kind of sad I don't even see a Temp Monica in that photo! BOO--- 


Monday, November 28, 2022


 Victor moves into Wyndemere!! AHAHAHA Nikolas is like DOH!! Victor says he's going to make himself at home. Gets a scotch. 

Elizabeth comes to check on Esme. Liz says she needs prenatal care and Esme says she's trapped what is she supposed to do?? Liz says she will do it. Esme says she'll be dead when the baby is born and Liz says she'll live on Cassadine Island in the lap of luxury. OMG I LOVE DARK LIZ@! woot! 

Liz sees Victor. He tells her he's moving in. South Tower (not the North because that's where Esme is and it's being "repaired") She leaves. Victor thinks Nik and Liz are having an affair. LOL 

Dante visits Heather, who's painting.  She kids him about modeling for her. She says she won't tell him anything until she gets a deal. He says no and leaves. She calls Scotty and tells him to come and visit. "I'll make it worth your while". 

Scotty goes to Heather's. She wants to sue the PCPD for her injury from the crash. Also, she wants Scotty to get her 'out' of the prison rehab. He says no, leaves. 

Mac and Kevin talk to Ava about helping to find Esme. Ava's like, I have NO clue. They say she knows someone that might. They want her to talk to Ryan to see what he knows. Ava says she will because she wants to save Trina from "the hook" (and thinks it's Esme) and will go see him today. 

Laura and Scotty talk in the square about Thanksgiving. She's worried about Martin. Holly listens from a hidden bench. Laura sees her and asks what she's doing. Holly says she has 'work". Scotty says 'YOU HAVE A JOB'? LOL!!  He leaves. Holly tells Laura her ride share isn't showing up. Laura says she'll take her wherever she needs to go. Holly hedges then says ok. She has the briefcase. They are driving and Jordan calls about Robert. Laura has it on speaker phone. Holly stops the call and pulls out a gun. Holly tells her to get off at an exit. Laura says no-- Holly says she has to ...

Ryan finds out about the prison transport crash.  Ava comes to see him and tries to get answers about Esme. She says that she'll be there for all his interviews and he can bask in her beauty LOL Ryan finally agrees to the interview. 

Robert is in GH sleeping "it off".. TJ ran a tox screen. Diane is there too. Robert wakes up and Diane tells him that his briefcase is gone. He says GET ASHFORD HERE !! He tells her about the necklace and she tells him someone took the briefcase he knows well. 

Holly steals Laura's car, leaves her with a phone on the side of the road (I think Robert and Holly set this all up)... 

Gavin can't find Holly--tells Victor she's gone

Heather Webber comes face to face with Ryan. HE stares at her-- big time. It's delicious. 

Sunday Surgery: There and Back Again

  Well, the Holly-Story wrapped up with a few good surprises this week!! It ended up being very satisfying in the end but of course, not lon...