Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Last Week of Crazy! !

 Sorry, today is another day of nuts. It's the last day for 2 of my kids and report day AND Hubs back is still out (meaning I walk the dog 24/7). SO.. here I am saying SORRY AGAIN!! 

I see Greg told Chase that he's his REAL REAL DAD. Okay.. Now Chase can get better, plan is dream wedding and then Millow will be all mopey. 

I also saw a spoiler for July 6th where Phyllis tries to get MikeSon to go visit Nina in Port Charles. JULY 6th. MORE DAYS OF THIS? Seriously? Maurice must love having his own show "Nixon Falls". That's all I have to say about that. 

Like I said this is the last week of crazy for work for me. Summer is off except for office paperwork which is nothing. Not taking a big vacation (again) this year. I'll be gone for a few days here and there. Maybe David will step in if he's not burnt to a crisp!

Have a good one! 

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

First Phone Post!

Not my house!! In my old neighborhood....we had a whopper of a storm come through yesterday. We didn't lose power or trees thank goodness. I can hear chain saws all over. 

 Oooo- never done this by phone!! Crazy day!! Sorry I can't watch in real-time! Let me know in the comments if I should watch tonight on Hulu or skip!? 

Monday, June 21, 2021

It's the day!


BTW, I forgot to note in the Sunday blog that the Daytime Emmys will be shown on CBS Friday night at 8pm! Hey, that's prime time, baby! 

Ava, Nik and Avery go into their Metro room. Avery has a teddy bear that talks now it says "I can't wait to be a family"... I guess that's what the bartender was doing when he took Ava's key. They call Dante and Carly. Dante thinks that voice could be a "deep fake" and NOT Ryan. Carly says they can see which card was used to get inside the room.  Dante tells Nik later that he thinks it's a copycat thing. Then Ava asks Carly to take Avery back HOME WITH HER for the time being to live there! WTF. Seriously? Who wrote that? 

Carly bakes Cookies to celebrate Joss going to college. Joss is less than thrilled. Says she might not want to live in the dorms. Joss says Carly will be alone with Donna and she's worried about the biz. Carly says she's OUT of the biz. :eyeroll: 

Cameron goes to apologize to Jason. Jason accepts. Blink Stare. 

Now Cam wants Joss' forgiveness. She's like:Um, can't 

Chase is flatlining just as they find the cure. WILL HE DIE? hahahaa. Come on.  Nope, they get his heart going again and Finn can give him the antidote. He's alive... and Willow and Michael are now all @@ whoops LOL.  Chase wakes up. Antidote is working.

Maxie is desperate to see Louise. Brook tells her to wait until it looks 'more natural". She's going to the hospital to see Chase and tells Maxie they can get together later. Dante comes in to talk to Maxie and Sam. They found the nurse..dead. Maxie is like "OH NO WHERE's LOUISE"!? Oh wow, they found  clue on the nurses phone. "someone called and dropped a pin"--WOW... Maxie is called BROOK LYN with that phone! Ut Oh...Oh it was a BURNER PHONE THANK GOODNESS. Although I think they can use the reception to find out the number and where it was bought's GH so? Maxie tells Sam to leave. Then Maxie gets out a gift to go to take to Louise at the Q house. DERP. 

Jason goes to tell Liz his people are still looking for Peter. Also that Cam apologized. Liz asks if he can forgive her for doubting him. 

END:  Chase wants a wedding DO-Over in the Rose Garden at the Qs and wants Brook to plan it. hahahaha.

Liz stops Jason and says she has to tell him something about Peter. 

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Sunday Surgery: Ice Pop


Alternative Title:  Peterscicle 

OH We finally saw where they stashed Petie!! Although most of know that putting a body on ice can also let it rest to be regenerated later but I digress. I shall stare at this and hopefully know it's a done deal! 

Grab a popsicle and join me! 

Friday, June 18, 2021

Friday Frills!


Ok, so Sasha is pregnant in real life and boy, she looks FAR ALONG!! LOL She and Willow get ready for the wedding in the hospital chapel. Sasha gives her her grandmother's pin for something old, blue.. you know. Yada, 

Finn goes to Liz thinking he's found the cure. She's excited. then he goes to Chase who asks him to help him dress for the wedding.  Chase says someone is missing. Finn calls Anna to bring Violet. She makes Chase cry by being so happy and cute. 

Wedding:  The vows are said. Finn looks at Anna. Gregory looks at Jackie.. Michael looks at Willow. You know. Then Chase DROPS the ring and wants Michael to put it on Willow's hand LOL because Chase CAN'T LMAO 

Brook Lynn talks to Val about Chase and her relationship. She's very sad. 

Dante is in the cottage with Austin who wants to help him find the baby. Austin says the map he has is wrong. When they go into the woods, they find the hole that Maxie covered and the nurse is in. Austin wants to go down on a rope. He finds the nurses' body. 

Maxie tells Brook she HAS to come over and see baby Louise. Brook thinks it's a bad idea. 

Carly and Jason talk to Brick. Brick says that they are getting ripped off because they think the Corinthos' Family is weak. They are going to have to prove they are strong. 

Sam talks to Maxie about the baby stuff and wants to know  what really happened. Look: 

SAM LOOKS SO BAD TODAY. Maxie on the other hand, looks awesome. She has her maternity clothes off and looks so cute. WTF Sam is wearing is anyone's guess. 

The DNA results show that Greg is the father

Chase flatlines

Thursday, June 17, 2021


 OUR POOR DAVID is MELTING IN THE HEAT!! He lives somewhere where it's 115!!! Send cooling vibes. We here in WNY are in the 70s and no humidity. It's one of our 10 good days a year!! yeah!! 

Jarly still in the kitchen. Carly asks Jason if he has a connection with Britt --he says yes. She's jellly. OMG A stupid mob shipment didn't make it to PC. Jason goes to Sonny's old office/restaurant and Dr. O stops by to make sure he's going to kill Peter and wants to know what his intentions are towards Britta. 

Britt and her mama. Britt flashes back to her almost capture. Dr. O ribs her about Jason. Britt says she doesn't know what's going to happen. 

Liz "Sees" Peter walking on the roof. Liz finds Anna on the roof. Anna thinks the old elevator might be a key to where Peter is. Anna asks about it. Liz says it's broken. Anna asks her if she knows of another way. Liz says NO!! It's sealed off. She convinces Anna he probably left by chopper. Liz looks super guilty in this LOL ..Anna called the FAA and the helicopter never landed. She's going to try to find the pilot. 

Jordan gives Laura her resignation. Laura tries to talk her out of it (UGH). I think she is going to stay YEP Laura talked her into not resigning. Damn. 

Finn tells Greg he think he's NOT Chases' Dad and that Cyrus switched the results. Greg isn't so sure and thinks Finn should use this time to sit with Chase. Finn tells him about Cyrus and everything and Greg says just to make the new serum and give it to Chase. Finn says it could kill him. Greg is like: SO WHAT! he's dying anyway. 

Trina and Joss. Trina looks so much older. They talk about how much Cam has changed. He is going to PCPU though. Joss has a prescription to go to PT. They then go get their grad gowns and talk about the future. 

Carly sees Britt at GH when she drops off Joss' permission slip. She asks about her and Jason. "It might be a problem" --FOR YOU she says. Oh Carly you so jelly girl. Carly tells her that it was basically being on the run that made Jason and she get together. Britt is like: Um, nope. I try to push him away but he won't go. 


Waiting for DNA tests to come back. 

TOMORROW: looks like Chase/Willows wedding---VIOLET is there. And Austin pushes...I think Dante? In the woods? 

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Oxygen for Chase

 OMG the ABC news was blabbering on and on about the "talks" and it was like: OK, IT'S NOT EVEN ANYTHING... I mean, really?? UGH I usually don't mind an interruption if it's big news but this? OY!

SO, 15 min interruption. FOR NOTHING!! 

Greg tells Jackie he's glad she lied about Chase because he could be his Dad all those years. 

Finn is puzzled why the antidote didn't work. 

Britt tells Anna the security cameras were tampered with on the night Peter escaped.  Anna goes to the roof to see what she can find out.  She looks around. 

Nina and Curtis catch up on stuff. She flashes back to kissing MikeSon. Curtis checks out of GH. Nina is going to bring him to dinner tomorrow night. 

Willow and Sasha talk about her marrying Chase. Willow wants him to be happy before he dies. 

Chase starts coughing, needs oxygen. Willow is all upset. His organs are failing. 

Jordan tells Cyrus is going to a fed pen in the Midwest. He's not happy about that. FBI Comes to take him to the infirmary in the jail. Cyrus is saying goodbye to Laura. He's being stripped of his position of the hospital. She tells him that they will never be family. He says he got into her head and she'll be facing the dark side. LOL Cyrus leaves. I think he's out-out (for now). 

Carly and Jason catch up over Coffee in the kitchen with the moss. He says she did good with the mobular stuff. He wants to be in charge...her being in Sonny's "Seat' confuses the five families. 

Aunt Stella is moving back to Port Charles after she wraps some things up in London. 


Jordan tells Laura she needs to resign. I can only hope Laura doesn't talk her out of it. 

Finn realizes that Cyrus probably tampered with the DNA tests

Chase wants to get married right here right now. 

Liz thinks back to the stairwell and Finn-- they put him in a freezer and into the sub-basement where Griffin was kept long ago. 

Anna notices a door... to the service elevator...DUN DUN DUN it's locked. 

Last Week of Crazy! !

 Sorry, today is another day of nuts. It's the last day for 2 of my kids and report day AND Hubs back is still out (meaning I walk the d...