Sunday, May 15, 2022

Sunday Surgery: Woe Is Me


General Hospital's 15,000 episode 

  • Better week for me for sure. I don't know why other than I didn't feel bounced around and confused. Also, good dialog most days and that helps. Nothing huge--and Friday is still not "a FRIDAY" and everything ended on a blah note. 

  • It was the start of the Elementary School Fair which I appreciated. All the extras milling about!! Something new to see!! Grab your cotton candy and soda pop and let's give it a GO...
  • Um, no idea about the bullet points but I can't get rid of them! LOL 

Friday, May 13, 2022



Nail time for Carly and Joss....they talk about Trina and the upcoming hearing for Nina tomorrow. Joss cant believe the judge would give her visitation rights. 

Elementary School Fair in the park! Sonny is there, Leo gets ready at the Qs and Drew is there too. Sonny is watching Avery at a dance thing, Scout has some project and Leo will do his poem. Parents gather in the park. 

Ned stays back to do some ELQ business and Olivia says Don't Be Late (you know he will be). Drew is actually in the park with Sonny and Ned is waiting for him at home LOL . Brook tells Ned to let the merger happen.  

Willow and Michael are at home. Sam and Dante come in with news about the DNA results. Harmony wasn't her bio Mom. She's resigned to the fact. Sam and she go to the fair and Dante stays to talk to Michael about making up with Sonny. 

Sam and Willow go to the fair. Sam looks so pretty. Willow talks about moving around when she was a kid and wants to find her bio mom. Sam says "Be careful what you wish for".

Curtis goes to see Nina at Crimson. New receptionist! Her name is Shannon. Hmmm, interesting. She's "happy" not thinking about the article out on her. But she really IS thinking about it and is stressed. They talk about life, Marshall being gone and OF COURSE--WILEY.  

TJ and Jordan talk about Marshall...he wants Jordan to help him find him. A receipt in the clarinet case points him to a music shop in Brooklyn. 

Valentin and Martin talk about ELQ and them maybe voting him out. Yada yada... boring talk. Leo and Olivia comes in. Valentin asks Leo if he knows who he is. Leo says: Yes, you USED to be Bailey's father ahahahahaaa!! Olivia lets it slip that ELQ and Aurora might merge. Val had no clue. 

MIchael threatens to tell the PCPD about Sonny next time they come knocking

Thursday, May 12, 2022

A Key To The Castle


I tell you what. 

Here's hoping I last the next TWO DAYS! 

Finn is trying to find Liz. Laura is trying to find Liz. They figure out that she's meeting with the medium. They go out of the hospital together. 

Liz and Chelsea. Chelsea's all upset..shaking..Liz is telling Franco to "contact" her... Finn's trying to call. . we are looking "in the window" (not sure it's us or someone out there) and in the end, the window blows open and blows out the candles. Sorry, it was the door. Chelsea becomes someone else. Franco. He basically tells Liz to believe in herself and yada yada. I think he's trying to tell her She's doing these things to herself. Then, of course, Finn and Laura walk in. Liz sounds a bit cray talking about Franco and such. Liz goes to stay at Laura's. Finn lays into the medium. Tells her to stay away. Chelsea says that Liz needs help dealing with whatever she's going through. 

Spencer goes to see Britt about the pill. She makes him talk in his little kid voice and tapes him. Pretty funny. He shows her the pill. She gets serious: WHO'S IS THIS? He says Esme's. It's an opioid and has big side effects too. He asks about mixing it with alcohol. She wants to know exactly what's going on. He won't tell her. Then he gets all snarky to throw her off suspicion I think?? He's mean. Tells her she never had a real realtionship so she can't tell him what to do about Esme. 

Esme is at the spa jail with Ryan. HE's still pretending to be non-mobile. She sends out the orderly. Ryan pops up HELLO! Daughter!! HE says no surprise communication: what is wrong? She says Spencer won't have ex with her, found the letters and pills. Ryan is mad. He realizes Cam must have been in on it all if he covered for Spencer.  She says he can't get mad or she'll out him. He says "You are just like your mother, I couldn't turn my back on her".. THEN he has a flashback to Felicia stabbing him. Is FELICIA HER MOTHER? I mean, it sure looked that way. The timing doesn't work but..whew!! Hmm I need to think about that. Ryan tells Esme she'd better sleep with Nikolas soon. She says she can't wait for Spencer to find them together. Then he says they'll take down their other enemies ONE by ONE. 

Felicia is at Maxie's...Nina is at the door. Fe says Maxie is at Deception, working late and she's with the kids. Invites her in for popcorn. Nina finds out Felicia knows about the story on her because Bobbie is one of Fe's BFFs. She's appalled, but how can you be nice to me? Felicia says that James makes her family.  She says she thinks Nina is a strong kick ass woman. 

Carly and Drew get caught at Millo's house. They make up an excuse and Willow and Michael buy it. They say they were at the cemetery and saw Sonny and Nina. They talk about Nelle and Wiley and Drew points out that Wiley is half Nelle's so nuture/nature might not be the case. Anyway they leave. Willow gives Carly a key. 

Carly now has Willow and Nina's DNA. She and Drew go to GH. She asks Britt about getting a test done. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2022



Welp, hot on the heels of new character, "DEX"... looks like Josh Kelly from One Life to Live fame is joining General Hospital. (He played Cutter Wentworth)

Deadline reports that although his character has no name as of yet, he'll be connected to "Sam, Dante and Britt". He'll be a "series regular" at the end of the month. 

Is it me or is there a casting type lately? Here I was confused about the Dex hire looking like everyone else and...WELP!! 

You think he's a recast Jason? If he is, Wubsy may be retiring. I feel like I'm starting to watch 14 shows at once. 

Day of the DEAD

 I swear GMA3 keeps going LONGER AND LONGER... GH starts at 2 dang it!! LOL 

Carly and Drew. He say her take the wine glass Nina used. Wonders why. She says she wishes she could talk to Dead Jason, he'd understand. Drew says he's no Jason. Anyway, she tells him that she knows Nina is Willow's birth mother. 

Nina is talking to Nelle at the graveyard. Boo hoo. Miss you. Boo hoo. No one will let me see Wiley. 

Michael and Willow come to the graveyard to "see" Nelle and find Nina! They are going to see Jonah. Willow and Nina argue. Shocker. Argue.. and.. Sonny comes along. 

Liz all of a sudden says Nikolas invited her to stay at Wyndemere?? HUH? Anyway, she has to drop by home first. Oh! The medium Chelsea comes. (she's the same one that was on in 2019) See the photo. She gives Chelsea Franco's wedding ring. Chelsea senses a dark presence in the house that goes by a 'last name'. Oh could be Finn OR Franco, right ?

Laura and Sonny talk about dead Jason. Nikolas stops by (this is Kelly's ) to say Sonny and Nina were made for each other. Snark. They barb back and forth about Sonny kidnapping Esme and then Nikolas touches Sonny and Sonny grabs him and twists his hand HARD. "DON'T YOU EVER TOUCH MY SHOULDER AGAIN"!  Martin walks up. Spencer says: DID You see that? He attacked me. Laura smooths things over. Sonny leaves. Nikolas is still stupid enough to think Esme didn't film the kids having zex. He leaves. 

Martin tells her that Lucy is like a "Sexual Panther"

Esme and Spencer. She gives him some line about her nanny and I guess the nanny doesn't date her letters because she tells him she wrote them years ago. Esme wants to have zex with Spencer. and...he stops her. 


Spencer texts Britt to help him find out what the pill is. 

Carly and Drew get caught at the Gatehouse by Millow trying to get DNA to test. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2022


 Carly and Nina argue about WILEY in Charlie's. :eyeroll: Ava leaves. Carly and Nina sit down. They argue..and argue about Wiley and Willow. Nina thinks that he should know Harmony is dead. Carly says he's too young. They just bicker until Phyllis comes in. Carly talks to Phyllis at the bar and Nina goes to the bathroom. Carly and Phyllis talk about Nina's baby being born. Phyllis wasn't there when Nina's baby was born, she was given the baby by her mother and then left. Carly wants to know who WAS there. Phyllis doesn't know. 

Joss tells Esme to get her hands of Cam..Cam has to act like he's not mad at her. They all argue, Esme stomps out. Cameron tries to text Spencer and Joss is like WHO ARE YOU TEXING? WHO'S THIS IMPORTANT. So he stops. OF COURSE because ES is on her way home. Josslyn just keeps harping on Cameron. Trina leaves and calls someone. 

Oh Trina and Ava talk in the Gallery about Esme. She wants help to find out how Es framed her.  Ava thinks that making Esme jealous will make her slip up. Trina then says she's been holding something back and wants to tell Ava. 

Spencer finds pills in Esme's shoebox. He takes one, put it in his pocket and keeps looking.  Spencer, being the idiot he is sits on the bed to read the letters even though Cam managed to text him Esme was on her way. HE SITS ON THE BED? what? And Esme peeks in around the door. She yells. He says she lied about being in touch with her nanny. They yell at each other and talk about trust. 

Ned tells Drew he doesn't want the companies to merge. Ned is afraid if they do he'll be out in the cold. Michael comes in. Ned is mad they have been talking behind his back. Michael isn't sure Ned will be CEO of the merged companies. Drew leaves. Ned is pissed. Feels like he's being sent out to pasture. 

Willow's sad. Michael's just sitting there like a lump. Door knock. Alexis (Still temp recast) wants to talk to Willow about Harmony. Michael leaves. Willow and Alexis talk about Harmony's past and her sins such. Willow isn't even mad at Alexis for not telling her that Harmony wasn't her bio mom..because it was "Harmony's place". Alexis tells her what harmony told her about the lady giving birth in the commune and her taking Willow. Willow realizes she doesn't know her father either. 

CARLY IS GOING TO GET NINA'S DNA on a wine glass. Drew comes in and sees her. 

MISSED OPPORTUNITY: Follow up with Chet/Terry and Amy 

Monday, May 9, 2022

IN My Shoe Box

Nina and Ava day drinking at Charlie's...talking about the Wiley mess. Ava tells Nina that Smaltz interviewed her about the "Avery birth" LOL!! Where NINA  induced labor and stole Ava's baby!! AHAHAHHA. Nina says she's worked hard on herself since then. AMy comes in all upset about the Nail Salon and Terry and sits with Ava and Nina after they ask what's wrong. 

Spencer and Cam talking at Kelly's. Spencer says he's found nothing on Esme. AND he's not sure how he can keep from not having sex with her. Oh geesh. I miss the 70's. Anyway, Cam is going to let Spencer go early so he can look for evidence while Es is in Yoga class. I bet he finds the letters.

Trina and Joss go to Yoga and Rory is there.. he's making googlie eyes at Trina. They can't date yet because she's going through a court case and he's a police officer.  

Esme is in Wyndemere and got a letter from her nanny, Maggie saying she's happy that she and Spencer are close. We see Ez and Spencers room/suite at Wyndemere. It's nice! She hides the letter in her shoe box in the closet. 

Terry and Chet on a date..awww.. Very cute dialog. She looks so pretty. They are at the outdoor Metro restaurant. They talk about how they were afraid to tell each other their 'secrets': Prosthetic legs and her being trans. They are glad they told each other. 


Terry finds out Amy is Chet's sister

TJ finds out that Marshall was put in a mental hospital. TJ thinks that Curtis crossed the line in finding out. HE's going to find him and bring him back. 

Carly's being all snotty to Valentin. Says it's HIS fault that Nina didn't know Nelle wasn't her daughter because he passed Sasha off. Val rolls his eyes. 

Curtis and TJ talk about..MARSHALL and-- you know. Anyway, TJ thinks Curtis should find him. 

Amy finds out that Terry and Chet were out for drinks... 

Spencer is looking for evidence against Esme in her room.  He finds all of her nanny's letters. 

Cam and Avery hug and Joss catches them. (Cam was pretending to like her) 

Carly walks into Charlie's... sees Nina and Ava 

Sunday Surgery: Woe Is Me

  General Hospital's 15,000 episode  Better week for me for sure. I don't know why other than I didn't feel bounced around and c...