Tuesday, September 27, 2022

The ABCs of GH


Note: These are places/things and 

David and Karen did it without Google!

You have any to add? 

A is for Asian Quarter, Annabelle and Aurora   

is for Beecher's Corners, Brownstone, Bucket O' Blood, The Box Car and Bensonhurst

is for Cassadine Island, Crimson Magazine, Catacombs, Charlie's,  Corinthos' Coffee and the Campus Disco

is for Deception, The Docks 

is for ELQ International.  

is for Floating Rib, Franco's Egg Salad painting, Ferncliff, Ferry to Wyndemere, Foster and the Five Families

is for General Hospital 

is for Haunted Star and Hook 

is for Ice Princess

is for the Jerome Gallery, Jake's 

is for Kelly's (and their BLT Sandwich)

is for the Left-Handed boy, the Laurelton Murders, L&B Records and Luke's Place

is for the Metro Court and Mercy Hospital

is for the Nurse's Ball and Noodle Buddha 

is for the Outback

is for PCU, Pentonville, Promethius Disc, Paradise Lounge, Phoenix, Picalila and the Port Charles Grille

is for Quartermaine Mansion

is for Q's Rose Garden, The River, Roxy 

is for the Savoy, Spoon Island, Sigmund, The Steam Room and Shadybrook

is for the Tan-O, Toxic Balls  and Triple L Diner 

is for Underground Bunker (Cassadine Island)

is for Volonino's Gym

is for Wyndhams,  Wyndemere and the Worm Farm

is for X rays 

is for Yacht Club ?? Is there a yacht club? LOL 

is for Zodiac (boat) 

Monday, September 26, 2022

TOXIN and Scotch

Vanna Fans are HAPPY!! IT's a ANNA DAY . They are by the fire, drinking scotch and talking about romantical things. Anna's worried about Val because he found out about Helena being his mama and Victor being his Daddy and now Charlotte is gone. They end up having Steamy sex. 

Also a MAC DADDY, Robert and Felicia day! They are at the Metro and See Cody. Robert wonders why they are looking at him. Mac says that he's Cody Bell. Robert says: Oh wasn't he at the Q picnic?? T

Cody is waiting for a date with Britt at The Metro. He's uneasy because Mac is there. He wants to go to another spot. Mac gets the call someone was stabbed. He and Robert leave. Felicia goes to talk to Cody and Britt. Cody is mean to Felicia.  Felicia says that Mac was close to Dominique. "How Close" asks Cody. Felicia says he has to ask Mac. Gives him Mac's phone number. 

Finn wants to talk to Terry. UGH. First he wants to get an antidote in and then he wants to talk about Liz. She's so glad he's there to help her. 

Ava opens a note from Nik. He says you "have my life in your hands" ....He wrote down that he killed Esme on his own. Ava doesn't think that's enough. She will keep the letter but needs more to take him back. 

Alexis and Greg decide to tackle the hooker story together. They go to Brando's garage to get more info on his life. 

We see Diane on the garage floor in a pool of blood. Alexis and Greg gasp and Dex is over Diane's body.  Dex says he's stopping the blood and called 911. Weak pulse. Diane is taken out by stretcher...Mac runs in. Wonders why Dex is there "you're at another scene"!!? Alexis says he tried to save Diane. 

Diane goes into GH .. Finn runs over. They have to operate immediately. Finn is getting the antidote FAST! 

Show ends with Vanna Sex Scenes. 

Sunday, September 25, 2022

Sunday Surgery: The Happy Hooker


Interesting week. No interruptions!! I think next week we will get one due to the Jan 6th committee so let's enjoy this. While a lot happened, I still felt the show was splintered into many different parts that didn't really fit together. Most of the happenings raised more questions than not. Such is the life of a soap watcher! 

Let's get into it! It's NATIONAL LOBSTER DAY so Albert and I say, dig in!! 

Friday, September 23, 2022

You hooked?



Sonny and Sasha talk in Brando's garage. They are sad. Talk about Brando. Sonny mentions MORGAN. Then Diane comes in when Sasha is in the office. She has to talk to her about Brando's estate and Martin is still out of town. Sonny is still angry with her about how he questioned him on the stand. What a baby he is LOL 

Diane tells Sasha that they have to think about her guardianship. SASHA freaks out.. Diane is going to ask for a continuance. She goes into Brando's office to look for the papers. Sonny is going to take Sasha home. 

Diane and Alexis talk in the Metro Bar. Diane wonders how Kristina is and Alexis says fine. She tell her about about the argument they had over her job. Then Nikolas shows up and wants Alexis' help with wooing Ava back. 

Nina asks Ava where she will go after she gets out of the hospital. She offers her place. Ava kinda wants to go back to Wyndemere. UGH NO. Nina figures out Ava still loves Nikolas. Gross. Nina says no she doesn't. But..???? hmmm... 

Greg sees Finn looking at Reiko's photo. Finn says he's just thinking about the island they went to. "Why you thinking about your ex-wife" ...Finn doesn't answer and leaves to see a patient. 

Liz wonders who the lady is she drew. Finn finds her in the hallway. They go into his office and she sees his phone and ex-wife's photo!! She asks about her. He tells her about the island and Liz knows it's by Guam. I think Jeff was probably there when he was with Doctors without Borders. 

Anna and Val are still skulking on the Haunted Star. They end up pushing the goonie overboard. They go to rescue Lucy but she says she doesn't want to be rescued! She convinces them to let her stay and get information. Victor brings the guy that went overboard back. He thinks something is "off". 


Diane is in the office and hook person comes in! 


Robert is on

Diane lays in a pool of blood. 

Thursday, September 22, 2022

It's the POISON

I'm here !! Tillie and I walked in the rain-- oy! But now there is bright sunshine LOL Crazy. 

The poison Toxin is identified. Finn says whoever did it has a 'real imagination for murder" it's a reptile poison. Like natives used on spears. I'm going with poison dart frog LOL / Jordan figures out the killer did it to ensure the person died this time. Finn says when he and his wife (first one) were on some islolated island doing medical work a doctor he knew died of poison and it was long and painful. 

Maxie tells Val and Anna that Lucy left with Victor. They are worried.  Maxie says that Lucy tweeted a star and jack-o-lantern and I think they will figure out she's on the Haunted Star. 

Victor has lunch ready for Lucy on the Haunted Star and then they leave port!! OOOUPS! He says he has her all to himself this afternoon. They eat... chat and he gives her a giant diamond bracelet. He says there's an 'earth shattering' event coming and she can be his first-mate on the boat that will 'save people'. 

Valentin and Anna get a boat to the Haunted Star and get on board. They are looking for Lucy. 

Sonny and Nina are sad about Brando at Charlie's. Drew is too and tells Sonny he's not heard from Carly in a couple of days.Sonny's like WELL CALL THE PLACE SHE WAS GOING TO! Drew is like: Um, I guess I should do that. Idiot. Drew finds out Carly never landed. He calls her phone again. 

Carly gets a new phone. She starts to listen to her messages but Linda Purl comes and interrupts her. They argue about the graveyard stuff. She doesn't answer when Drew calls. Stupid. 

Carly calls Sonny and Nina leaves. He tells her about Brando. She's sad. Wants to come home. He says no, stay put where it's safe. So, she's staying in Florida to make sure her mother's body isn't moved. 

Liz and Kevin.. she has an idea. He thinks she should call her father. She convinces him to hypnotize her again. She still can't see any faces. She says I know what I need to do when she wakes up and leaves. She goes to try to draw the faces. 


Liz draws the lady and its' some LADY THAT'S ON FINN'S PHONE!! LOL What!!!!! It' s so weird

Valentin is going to sneeze and the goon hears him. 


Wednesday, September 21, 2022


 Sonny asks Alexis about her newspaper article.  They go into Charlie's to see Kristina and Victor is laughing it up with her. 

Chase asks Finn how Brando died so suddenly. Finn thinks he's trying to get back on the force by solving the hooker case.  Chase says he's crazy. 

Portia tries to find out what the autopsy says about Brando's death.  She wonders if Finn tipped off The Invader. 

Brook Lynn has a dream about Chase but she's really in the Deception meeting with Lucy and Maxie. Lucy is chewing her out for being too into Chase. And Brook has to leave for Chases' audition. Lucy chomps gummies and wants to hire a new social media person and Maxie says no.

HOOK IS ON THE DOCKS AND ANNA IS THERE!!!!! OMG It's just Jordan!! ahahaha She bought it from the Marina shop to take a look at it. God, that was a fake out. Anna and Jordan talk about Jordan's "information" on Curtis and if she should spill. Anna doesn't know what the info is but adivses her to do the best thing for Curtis. 

Selina Wu goes to the Savoy and tells Curtis "things are getting dangerous in Port Charles". She says if she would have gotten notice of his engagement, she could have gotten him a Great GEM! AND then she brings in Chase for an audition. 

Victor finds Lucy at the office and is glad to have her all to himself. 

Chase singing

They get the tox results for Brando. I had to leave so hopefully Sonya will fill you in! 

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

So Long, Brando!


TODAY IS TUESDAY AND I can stay the whole time--IF my TV cooperates!! 

I KNEW Brando would code at the end of yesterday's show without ever watching it LOL Just knew it. Soaps been on a LONG time and well, that fit. 


Alexis and Greg talking about whether or not to put the Hook information into her paper. Stupid FINN had to use his blabbermouth. She thinks they should write a letter to the killer via the paper to get to their ego and they might answer back. 

Jordan and Curtis still arguing about the divorce papers. It's weird. Stella sees TJ. They hug. 

Carly is visiting Virginia's grave in Florida. Talks about her past and such. Boring. I mean.. REALLY boring. Oh she finds out they are moving the graves because they are putting in a freeway. SOoooooo...I can only assume Virginia won't be in the grave? 

Liz is being hypnotized ..she saw the lady at the bottom of the stairs. Then she sees Peter at the bottom of the stairs. Kevin brings her out of it. She leaves. Goes and hugs Finn. She thinks Peter's death triggered her memories. 

Sonny stops and talks to some old guy that reminds him of Mike. I guess a symbolism scene. 

Brando is seizing. Crash cart comes in... Portia trying to save him. Brando-Sasha montage. A LONG ONE . Portia says it makes no sense why Brando is seizing--'it's like his body was hit with something else" ...so someone injected him with something OR the hook was poisoned. Anyway, Sasha says give me a sign and the lights flicker and Portia comes out. Tells Sasha. Gladys and Nina come out. Everyone is screamin and cryin' 

They all go in to say goodbye. 

TJ is baffled with Brando's death. Has no clue how it could have happened. 

Liz tells Kevin she remembers something

Portia asks Finn to figure out what killed Brando

Liz thinks her father might have pushed that lady down the stairs.

Alexis is going to run the hooker story. 

The ABCs of GH

THE ABCs OF GH!  Note: These are places/things and  David and Karen did it without Google! You have any to add?  A is for Asian Quarter, Ann...