Thursday, April 11, 2024

Thursday/Friday Interruptus

So, here's my situation. I have to be off for Thursday and Friday for work then personal reasons. ERGO, as you know--I won't blog unless a miracle happens. I WILL watch the shows to be able to spout off on Sunday Surgery so don't you worry about that!

I feel like the show is trying REALLY hard to be 'different' with so many of the characters and stories it's just teeww much. I did love it last week and was so excited and this week felt like some middle-schooler wrote most of the scenes like a horny teenager. Yep. 

I also think that Ava would have had her own stash of sleeping pills  or something like it. Why wouldn't she have Googled the medication? You don't rando go into someone's drawer and start taking stuff. It it has said "Xanax" (or generic) yeah, I can see it. But if you look at what she did take it's not even his bipolar meds. It's a made up muscle relaxant because of how it ends. ANYWAY-- that's my 2 cents. 

See you soon. 

Play nice! 

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Spontaneous Combustion


Sonny and Jason argue in the warehouse. Sonny says Jason was gone 2 years, he can't have 1/2 the business back. Sonny says he can't trust Jason and if he doesn't go away, he'll have to TAKE HIM OUT. :eyeroll: Sonny tells Jason he HAS to tell him everything about when he  was gone. Jason says the FBI wanted him to go after someone but not Sonny and he can't say who. It would negate the deal. Sonny asked how many times Jason tried to kill him. Jason is like "NONE or you'd be dead".  Then he tells Sonny that PC is his home and he's there for good and at the Warehouse too. Sonny says he needs protection from Jason. Then Jason asks if he's taking his meds. Sonny says he is like "clockwork" and he's not having a breakdown. Also tells Jason to take the warehouse and 'rot in it". Threatens to END HIM if he doublecrosses him again. 

Ava can't sleep..she gets up. She goes through Sonny's bathroom to try to find something to help her sleep. She sees his Rx for bipolar meds. WEIRD. She takes 2 because they make you "drowsy". Then she lays in bed and is like: HUH.. these are doing nothing for me. Why do you take them? 

Krissy and Blaze are watching a movie on the couch in PJs and eating popcorn. They talk about Blaze being the face and her mother not wanting her private life to get out. Yada yada, gay.. yada. Krissy is worried because Ava's living with her Dad. She says Ava is a Jerome and craves power. She thinks she's slithering into Sonny's life. 

Drew and Nina after glow. She asks him "why did you do that? Did you plan it"? (after she asked him to... he says he really wants her to lose everything (even her LOOKS).. and it's stupid. She says he HAS to put her on the board of Aurora now and he says "You think 45 minutes on my carpet is going to do that"? Then says "rug burns" or something and I threw up.  UGH. It's just sad writing. He figures out Nina's still hung up on Sonny. He mentions that Sonny never even thinks of her. "He has a new roomie". She says Ava's only staying there for protection. He's like: You're so dumb. 

Carly bitches that the ice machine on Jagger's floor is broken because if SHE WAS STILL IN CHARGE no way would it not work. Oh brother. She wants to stay there because he might have a concussion and he won't go to GH. She says she knows he was tracking Jason. He says no, it was actually Diane. Then they flirt. He's going to buy her a glass of wine. He falls asleep.

Laura put Ace down to bed. She tries to talk to Kevin who's just reading his iPad and not paying attention. She is sad Ace won't have siblings and such. Kevin is reading about chemical abnormal behavior with Heather's cobalt poisoning. Maybe they can reopen her case? UGH. They talk about raising Ace and being in love. 

Curtis walked up the stairs and he and Curtis sit on the bed and talk. She tells him about Laura and Kevin at GH and making getting Heather out of jail. They are going to make ze wub. He also says they should take a honeymoon because they never got one. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2024



Well, we had clouds yesterday but watching it get pitch dark was amazing!! Today it's 78 degrees and fabulous of course. It was nice Sunday too. Mother nature hates Rochester!! LOL 

Jason takes Diane to his new office at the Coffee Warehouse --it used to be Sonny's. He still owns 50% of the company and after paperwork is done, he'll still own it. He asks about his estate-- and Diane says it's still in probate. Jason asks why Carly is running Bobbie's and such and Diane says: NINA. Then goes on to tell Jason in a very ONE SIDED way the story and makes Carly look like sad little match girl that Nina bulldozed over. Cripes. 

Millow are out to The Metro for their anniversary and Nina sees them. She sends over Champagne and they aren't happy. Willow says she though they could go to The Metro and eat and NOT HAVE TO SEE NINA. UGH. Nina snatches up the champagne. I hate Millow. Michael gives her a bracelet. Then Willow whines about being SO BUSY and never seeing the kids (? ?HUH???) and she's missing them growing up. Michael says HEY! You could do charity work like Lila did instead. 

Drew calls Carly to have her tell Jason that the FBI visited him. He tells her to be careful around Jason. Olivia storms in and tells Carly MEAN NINA fired Pierre without asking her first and that Nina is THE WORST. Then NINA painted all the bathrooms a color Olivia didn't approve of. That MONSTER! She leaves. Some lady comes in to deliver documents to Diane who is supposed to be meeting with Jason there but Carly says she'll take them to the Coffee Warehouse. 

Carly takes the papers but sees Jagger getting beat in an alley and honks the car horn. Thugs run. She hops out and he's beaten.  She takes him to her car. Then she takes him to The Metro to help him recover. He won't go to GH. 

Kristina goes to see Sonny and Ava answers the door. Says she can't--he's resting. THEN SONNY WALKS OUT! ahahahaha. Pffffffft. Ava gets Kristina water and then hands Sonny a giant drink. Kristina's eyes pop out. Kristina talks about Blaze and then Nina being back at Crimson. Sonny's like WHY would Drew hire HER back?! Ava looks suspicious. Krissy leaves. Sonny asks Ava if she knew about Crimson. Ava says no. They almost kiss. Diane comes in and tells him that Jason is taking his 50% of the company and then Sonny storms out. 

Sonny tells Jason to get out of the warehouse. 

Nina goes up and CRIES TO DREW (DREW..yep) about Michael being mean to her. She begs him to help her. She wants to be on the board of Aurora and then 'Michael will have to deal with her" and it would drive Carly crazy. They fight. Yell, then DREW'S SHIRT LIKE FLIES OPEN!! ahahhaa then HE TAKES IT OFF AND THROWS IT AT NINA! AHAHAHAHA. The worst dialog in the world happens and they have sex on the desk. 

Monday, April 8, 2024



No new GH today. For our Canadian Friends, there's an encore presentation. So, enjoy the day wherever you are! I'll be out in my front yard and HOPEFULLY the clouds will be FEW! 

Sunday, April 7, 2024

Sunday Surgery: Share a Cup


Stella and Tracey are all ready for Sunday Surgery--are you!!? 

Although the week was inconsistent, I actually enjoyed tuning in and watching--even if there wasn't a lot going on "excitement" wise. I haven't said that in a long time. The movement and dialog really intertwined and because characters are starting to morph, I never really knew what was going to come out of their mouths! (that's a good thing)!!

Grab what ya got and let's go go!

Friday, April 5, 2024

Donut Delights


I didn't watch yesterday's show--just some clips. I really liked Portia reading Laura about Heather. I mean, COME ON. 

Dante is home . Rocco and Scout come in but Danny isn't with them. DUN DUN DUN Oh, he was getting donuts to celebrate. Dante and Sam talk about Danny not seeing Jason. He thinks he should but will back up Sam on whatever she wants. The family then all eats donuts. 

ANNA visits Brennen at Pentonville. They talk about the past and he's surprised Anna's police commmish. She mentions Pikeman. She wonders how he could be the head of the WSB AND Pikeman. He says she must think he's good. Anna is talking about the weapons going through the WSB and it makes sense he did it. He says he's being framed. She wants a name. He says he doesn't have one. 

Jordan goes to see Drew at Aurora about 'promoting the city of Port Charles"  She's happy he's doing it and she feels good about their partnership. Jagger BARGES in to ask Drew questions about Jason Morgan. He says that Drew can't associate with Jason because he's also a felon or something. 

Molly is in Bobbie's. Carly and she talk about the trial. Carly's ok that Molly was ADA on the case because Dante cleared Jason so all is good. Molly and Krissy sit down. Kristina says she got her ultrasound and Molly says she's sorry TJ And her COULDN'T BE THERE???????? HUH? 

Joss comes in to talk to Carly and says Hi to Molly but not Kristina. Joss tells Carly Dex wants to be a cop but Sonny will kill him if he is--and says Sonny needs to be put away forever. Kristina gets up and tells her to shut up about her father "he's done a lot for you". Joss says she was just his step daughter and he's a thug. She tells Molly to show Krissy the files on Cyrus and how Sonny beat him up and how many people he's had killed. Kristina gets upset. Molly tells Joss that Krissy is pregnant and don't be so mean. LOL 

Carly tells Joss she's too rage-filled and she made her choices. Joss says she still loves Dex and is afraid he'll get hurt being a cop. 

Brook tells Lois she's afraid she won't have a dress for the wedding. The seamstress says the fabric is too old and is falling apart, can't work with it. Lois is going to try to come up with a solution to use part of the dress. Then they both have to leave for appointments. 

Sonny is at the Metro Bar and Eva LaRue shows up. Chem test. like HUGE. He tells her about Dante and that he's better. He asks about Blaze. They talk about their daughters being gay AGAIN. 

I guess both Brook and Lois had appointments at the Metro because they see Sonny and Eva talking together at the bar.  
Sonny and Lois talk about Natalia and she says she can tell she's a stage mother. 

Eva/Natalia is mad that Brook was late and wonders if her wedding is going to interfere with her being Blaze's manager. Then she wants her to play bigger venues but Brook Lyn says that Blaze wants smaller venues. Mom is also afraid her private life will come out. 

Thursday, April 4, 2024

It's My Vacation Day!

I'm only gone ONE day this week even though it's Spring Break!! So No GH today. I really enjoyed the show yesterday --such good character movement! It all made sense --GH to Tracey and Stella having coffee. The weak part? Hayseed Cody and Sasha LOL 

Detective Bennett 

Anyway, here's some questions for you to answer!! 

1. What set is your favorite and why? 

2. What set would you just burn down if you could? 

3. Which character do you think is a secret online gambler? (you can't pick Cody LOL)

4. What animal do you think the Qs should add to the Horse House? 

5. What DATE do you think ChaLyn will finally marry? (we'll see who wins!!) 


Thursday/Friday Interruptus

So, here's my situation. I have to be off for Thursday and Friday for work then personal reasons. ERGO, as you know--I won't blog un...