Friday, May 24, 2024

Finally: Tracey


Portia and Elizabeth at GH. Portia heard about Gregory.  Liz says the family is taking it hard. Portia asks what is wrong but Liz says she can't say because she's Co-Chief of Staff. TJ and Molly go to lunch. Liz stops Molly looking for Alexis (I guess to talk to her about Finn's drinking). Molly says she's in Albany. In the locker room, Liz finally tells her that Finn drank. Portia stares ahead. 

TJ and Molly go to Bobbie's for lunch. They talk about Alexis and her chances. Then she says that Krissy isn't answering her calls. 

Brook and Violet at Bobbie's. Violet wants her father to live to 100. 

Alexis, Diane and Fergus at the hearing. Yada yada...yada yada.  Alexis says Ava clearly was angry she divorced her brother (Um. NO) -- and the Jerome family has a vendetta against her as does the Byrne family. She states her case. Then Fergus has a rebuttal of her bad cases as a lawyer. He talks about Carlos Rivera and that Julian murdered him. Then he mentions his brother Brendon being murdered. He says he thinks Alexis destroyed his family. 

Chase and Finn talking about Gregory and Finn is crying. Finn is upset he drank and yelled at Liz and did things badly with drinking.  Chase says it's ok, he understands and then Finn tells him to throw out the bourbon. Violet and Brook get back. Finn is going to make her lunch. 

SO, get this.. Ned and Chase were going to go tell Tracey. Then the next scenes they were back and we heard NOTHING other than Ned saying his mother would be "fine" because she's not emotional. SO TODAY, Tracey comes in from riding the horse and CODY IS GOING TO TELL HER???????? WHAT IN GOD'S NAME IS HAPPENING ON THIS SHOW? This is ridiculous. Tracey goes on and on about Cody being so like the Young Gregory she imagined. She ends up telling him she's not going to the house or to see Finn and leaves through the tack room. 

Tracey goes to GH To see Stella. Stella is sorry. They sit in the break room. Tracey asks about the cause of death. Stella said peaceful. Tracey also wants Stella to make sure she gets any bills associated with his case. Stella said she was being extraordinary. Tracey says that Gregory changed her "For the better" says Stella. 

Thursday, May 23, 2024


 I'M BACK! I caved and got YOUTUBE TV back today. I lasted what? 3 days LOL 

Dex and Kristina talk about turning in Sonny or not. He ends up leaving and I'm not sure if he's pressing charges?? Oh he said he'd think about it. 

Carly and Anna talk about Jack Brennan stabbing himself. He said he wanted to get out to see Carly again. Carly's like: UM, I barley know him. She leaves. Then Dex comes in to ask advice about Sonny. Anna wants to know what happened but Dex says it's off the record. He wonders if not reporting Sonny would taint the badge. 

Brook tells Ned she loves him. They hug. Lois and Ned talk in the kitchen about their marriage and being in love. How great Brook Lyn is and that Gregory is missing out on having a grandbaby. They drink wine. Hug. Lois' nails are all new. In one night. Gio arrives to stay at the Qs house. 

Finn and Liz. He's like, You're saying to give the bourbon up for you? Liz says NO! For that little girl! Finn tells her to either stay and make bracelets with Violet or leave. She's not talking Violet with her. She leaves BUT She calls Chase at the Qs and tells him to get over there. 

Chase and Brook go over to Finn's. Brook sees the liquor open.  She takes Violet for a walk. Chase wants the whole story about Greg and the booze. 

Violet is in Kelly's and tells Brook that she's afraid to lose HER dad. 

Alexis and Diane and Fergus. Mumbo Jumbo. Alexis says she was never given the chance for a fair hearing first time around. She has the right to know her accuser: it's AVA JEROME!! what????????? what the HELL is this??????? AVA???

Ava is talking to Sonny and telling him Kristina was probably hysterical due to her being pregnant! OMG. WHAT ARE THEY DOING TO AVA!?? THEN Sonny says Kristina was probably scared because Jason grabbed him. :EYEROLL: Ava says it's all Jason's fault. Then Carly knocks on the door. She asks if he's seen Kristina. He says no. She says Krissy is really hurting. Then he tells her what happened and says it would have never happened but JASON stepped in. She asks what he will do when he's out of people to blame as traitors. Ava just observes. I hate this for her. 

Kristina and Blaze talk and Krissy calls the baby "my baby"... I think Blaze heard that. 

THIS IS SO strange today. The whole AVA think turning in Alexis to the board because Julian said he knew she was seeing Neil or something? Made ZERO SENSE. 

and Tomorrow Tracey is on talking to Stella so we didn't get to see her reaction !!! I mean, why not have a Chase/Tracey/Ned scene???????

Is He in Heaven With the Angels?


Oh, VIOLET .. ahhhhh.  What a good little actress!! OMG... and the memories.  I forgot he was on 4 years which is so long in a kid's lifetime. Oh I did cry a little. Then Liz comes over and can tell about the booze, sees it and WITH HER EYES does the whole scene!! 

Chase is still at the airport. Then they had to tell the Qs. I LOVE NED. 

GIO is 21 and at the Q house!  

Dex: I Dunno if I wanna press charges and Michael's all: well, Krissy and I don't think so. Stupid Michael. Like Kristina is so frail. AND JOSS AGREES!!??? Then she goes and gets more coffee? And she hasn't changed? LOL 

Dante was superb!!  This would be SO MUCH better if Sonny wasn't off his meds!! Seriously because he's just going to get out of it!! 

Ava and Sonny--I don't know what to say. I HATE this Ava stuff. 

Kristina and Blaze. I am not into them, are you?  FINALLY Krissy realizes that she's not THAT fragile.  YEAH she called Dex! 

Diane and Alexis... And Lane Davies!  Fergus Byrne -- what a name.  Alexis' eyeballs when she finds out he's Neil's brother. 


Michael Easton's facial expressions when he's with Liz---are weird. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Sadness Comes


UGH poor Fin and GREG... and was the wedding on a Thursday or a Sunday? Oh well.. that's not even the point.  Greg Harrison looked so.. passed away. WOW... the make up and everything.   ME Broke my heart.  The aftermath was done perfectly. Having to call someone and the shaky voice and hands.  The coroner coming and when they took the photos and all that was so REAL.  Finn should have called LIZ!! WHY didn't he? 

Brook and Chase at the airport.  Oh it's going to be so sad.  Finn calls them as they are going to board. Oh... man :sobbing: 

Alexis and Diane were fun with the shower thing. OF Course Diane had a portable steamer! Alexis was good at being nervous. 

Kristina doesn't mention talking to Sam when she says "I have to talk to my family"?  She calls Michael. Which he DID get shot in the head because of Daddy but.. I still think she should have called Sam. "Dad is a product of the choices he made long before we were born" very Camus.  

Did Dex and Joss sleep in that park?  I guess they are back together.  Joss made him pancakes at Bobbie's then they have coffee at the park? LOL.. Then Michael comes by and asks if he wants to press charges. 

Sonny and Dante.  I couldn't figure out why he went to Dante until he said to talk to Kristina which makes sense.  He's the drunk uncle that sobers up in the morning "YEAH I hit him, what of it"??  When he explained the Krissy thing and her flinching.. was so good.  Then Dom Z is so great in his delivery as well!! We have such good actors on this show. 


Violet's home....oh no. 

GUYS I can watch GH SO fast on Hulu. I only wish that I could do this closer to when the show ended for you!!! 
Thx for the recaps Sonya.

Thanks for still reading, Wubbers!! 

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

GH: Monday YET Tuesday


I'm watching Monday's GH before work and my husband is like WHATTTTTTTTTTT we will FIX THAT ANTENNA!! LOL (we can get CBS, PBS, FOX and NBC but not ABC! Seems to be an area issue). 

Sonny and Carly. I get pissed about LW all over the place but this was a great scene rich with history.  Mo looked wrecked. 

Gregory.. ugh. WHY. Such a good actor. Even like Finn's talk with him. Violet was even cute. The helping Gregory into the PJs was poignant. 

Finn calling Alexis was okay but too bad Alexis is in NYC. 

Kate Manzi was AMAZING in her reaction to Sonny. WOW. I mean we know Kristina should KNOW but that was a huge shock/upset perfection. 

Why didn't they address the Jackie thing before this? We would have kept our mouths shut.  Did Brook Lyn need that robe over her giant silk PJs? 

Joss and Dex... She's all in girlfriend mode. Oh she loves him. Awww. 

Anna and Brennan. Please just wrap this up already. He's charming but he's in jail and is he going to come out of this? Because how. She knew he shanked him self. 

OMG THE WHOLE GREGORY MONTAGE made me tear up. It did. Great job-- and losing Greg Harrison is going to be hard.  He did a great job. 

Monday, May 20, 2024

Antenna To the Rescue ??


Well, today I'm off to see my Aunt in RGH after she fell and broke her hip. It was all fixed up in a like an hour--amazing. BUT rehab and all that. So I'm going in the afternoon. 

I did get an antenna to try to see if I can get local channels....wish me luck. You should know by Tuesday if that came to pass. 

The only thing I wanted to see today was Krissy's reaction to Sonny ... that's about it. 

Sunday, May 19, 2024

Sunday Surgery: The Wedding Singer


Oh boy, the news going on BEHIND the show was the real tea this week!! Buzzworthy Radio broke the news that Patrick Mulcahey is OUT as co-head writer after only 3 months! That may be a record!! Korte is the only one at the helm, with CVE doing breakdown writing. This comes when ratings are scraping the bottom. I do think the show does well on Hulu so...??? 

Anyway! It was 2 days of dull then 3 days of the wedding. I think I'm just going to stick to the wedding days. 

Finally: Tracey

  Portia and Elizabeth at GH. Portia heard about Gregory.  Liz says the family is taking it hard. Portia asks what is wrong but Liz says she...