Monday, July 15, 2024

Before You Can Kiss A Baby



It's Monday and I swear, July is flying by ~~!! 

Anna is in bed with Valentin--AGAIN. Like the exact same thing we saw weeks ago. UGH. Anna finally takes the phone. They kiss at the door. Charlotte walks in!! She says her friends all went to Greece so she flew home to surprise her papa. She says she has to say something to Anna as well. She apologizes and realized traveling in Europe with refugee kids from war torn countries that Uncle Victor was like the war mongers and he was really not a good guy. Cassadines are bad people"  They both forgive each other. Cry, hug. Anna leaves (with the phone)

Anna downloads the phone to her computer. There are a bunch of folders. 

Brennan and Carly. She tells him she got a lawyer. He's more interested in who taped her in the first place. He thinks Carly is SO BRAVE for standing up to the mob and she'd make a GREAT SPECIAL AGENT. .( Um, ok??) He says he thinks he can improve her odds in court to beat the Rico charges. He says she can go public and try it in the court of publicity. OR she can let Jason stay in the FBI and try to destroy the evidence so there's no case. She says she has no idea how to do that. 

Willow goes to see Nina. Says she's done something terrible and she has to talk to someone like a mom or a sister and she has no sister so.. .(she sobs) Tells Nina what happened. She's crying and crying. Nina looks sick/stunned.  Willow says she's gotten close to Drew since he saved her life and it great and she can't stop thinking about that kiss! Sobs. Nina's like, probably not as bad as you thought. Willow says she kissed Drew like she kisses Michael! Talks about Drew saying in an other time/place they could have been something. Nina looks upset. They talk and Nina tries to reassure her that it was probably nothing and since it won't happen again, why worry. Willow says she's going to tell Michael. Nina's like: DON'T TELL HIM!! Willow leaves. 
Nina calls Drew and tells him to get the hell up to her office NOW or his campaign is OVER before you can even kiss a BABY! ahaha. 

Drew tells Michael when he's on the campaign trail, he will be Nina's boss at Crimson. Michael says that's ok. He loves his life and Willow and yada yada. Drew just stares. He and Willow LOVE DREW! HE'S A GREAT GUY! ahahha Drew looks uncomfortable. Michael also says he trusts Drew's judgement LOL . Drew gets that call from Nina "GET UP HERE NOW"~ 

Jason stops by Elizabeth's to drop off the money for Jake's school. She opens the door. He didn't want to stay but she makes him come in and talk to Jake.  He goes in to give him the money. Aw.. it's a nice speech about how he wants to help Jake make good choices and he wishes he was a "different kind of father". Jake accepts. They hug. Liz is all: AWWWWWWWW 


Jason walks into his room and Anna is there. Says she has ALL the evidence they need. Jason wants the phone and she won't give it up. 

Michael is in Drew's chair turned around. Looks just like Drew but before she said anything , he turned around. Willow says she loves him and kisses him. 

Nina slugs Drew in the chin and says "YOU KISSED MY DAUGHTER" 

I think Brennan is headed for a parole hearing? 

Sunday, July 14, 2024

Sunday Surgery: Optics


I'm honestly lighting a candle before diving into this blog today. I was riding a bit high on the soapy Willow/Drew mess and Mac scenes.  Then Friday happened and I. JUST. CAN. NOT.  with this show. I was left angry and just frustrated. 

So, let's get into it!! 

Friday, July 12, 2024



Cody won't stay for dinner and drops off Felicia's phone and leaves. Mac is mad that Maxie and Felicia would do that. Felicia tries to keep the peace when Cody leaves. Maxie says that Mac always forgave her--why not CODY? "Cody is a stranger"

Trina is setting up a special dinner for Portia and Curtis. It's been a year since he was shot. She leaves. Portia comes home and LOVES the idea. They have slow Jazz. Then Portia goes on and on about Laura and Heather. Curtis says: Um, I visited Heather to see for myself and maybe Laura has a point. Portia freaks out. He says don't worry because Heather wants to stay in jail, doesn't want go get out. 

Anna is going into Valentin's to get the satellite phone--'MEMBER THAT? AHAHAHAHA omg. ANYWAY, She doesn't want Jason to keep watch. She's doing this alone. Jason gives her a key to his place at Kelly's and will meet her there. 

Knock Knock: It's Elizabeth. Jake got accepted to Barcelona's drawing and painting classes. Jason is happy. He wants to pay expenses. Liz finally says thank you, yes. 

Anna goes to Valentin's with wine and stays for dinner. He goes to cook, she looks for the phone and Valentin asks her if he can help her find something. He gets dinner ready in 3.4 seconds

Kevin shares and article about Cobalt poisoning with Laura. She thinks it might help people understand the whole thing. Laura says Heather doesn't want it reopened. Then Trina comes to the door. She has a stuffed animal of Ace's from when she babysat. Trina and Laura talk about her mother and the Heather thing. OMG TRINA SEES LAURA'S POINT!!!! whaaaaaat

Michael gets a basket from Sasha to eat with the kids while Willow is WORKING AT DREW'S___ OFFICE. OH! Sasha didn't know Willow isn't working at GH anymore. She HAS to tell Cody about the kiss she saw.  He's like: You sure? She says yes. He says to forget it because it probably meant nothing. 

END:  Anna and Valentin make out on the couch.  Trina thinks Heather deserves Justice. HOLY CRAP. WOW.. Okay then! 
TOMMORROW: Jake is on with Jason-- Carly goes to Visit BRENNAN AGAIN


Thursday, July 11, 2024

Mayor Concerns


Felicia tells Cody not to leave and Mac will come around. She says he was excited to have a biological child and then found out Cody wasn't and was crushed. He's just reacting to all that. She tells Cody he's like Mac; kind, patient and good with kids. She says he has to stay in PC because of James too. 

Maxie tries to talk Mac into forgiving Cody. She says she did bad stuff and he always forgave her. Why not him? Mac says Cody must have another reason for telling him the truth now. 

Felicia goes to Maxie's. They have this plot thing where she left her phone at Cody's and they are trying to get Cody and Mac together. 

Laura goes to see Heather, brings a pic of Ace. Heather doesn't want Laura to look into her case. She says she needs to be locked up. She's not sure she wouldn't do the things again. At least in jail things seem "Real". She feels better after the hip operation but isn't sure WHY she did what she did. Heather tells Laura not to try to get her out, she's where she belongs. She needs to pay for her crimes. Laura says she will drop it if that's what Heather wants. Heather only wants Laura to take care of Ace and visit once and awhile. 

Portia goes to Jordan, wants to start a petition to get Laura recalled as Mayor and have Jordan be in that position. Jordan is like: UM Laura is fair and is only looking at the transcripts. Portia says the community boards are really mad at The Mayor.  She also says Jordan is sounding like a politician. Jordan says that the evidence has changed. Portia talks about fairness and the people that were hurt/killed. 

Kristina and Brook talk about the whole situation with Blaze and her Mom. Brook wants Blaze to denounce her mother's words. Kristina says it's still her mother. Then says: ANYWAY IT'S ALL AVA'S FAULT, she should pay for this!! Ava was mad she didn't get invited to the wedding so she did this. More crap about hating Ava.  BOO AVA. Then Blaze walks in and Brook wants her to do an interview but Kristina should be there too. She has some contacts and they agree to do it. 

Chase comes in with blackberries. They talk about Violet settling in at the Qs. She's doing better, keeping busy. His leave ends tomorrow but he's going to ask to only work 3 days a week for Violet's sake. 

Sonny is at Ava's hotel room. Jagger walks by. Ava wants Sonny to leave.  She says Sonny taped her. Sonny says he deleted it. Jagger tells him to go and stop yelling at a mother of one of his children. Sonny says he fights for his kids, unlike Jagger "Where's YOUR SON"???? He leaves. Ava asks Jagger to stay for a drink. She says Sonny's unpredictable and she mentions Karen. She wants Jagger to give a statement that Sonny's not a good dad to her lawyer, Scotty. 

Sonny goes to Alexis' house and tells her Ava wants to sue for custody of Avery. He says NO WAY.. will she support him? He wants to counter sue. Asks Alexis to testify for him in court that he's a good father. She says she will but they'd better not ask about his 'work' because she doesn't approve of that. Kristina comes in and tells them about the interview. They think it's a good idea. 


Cody brings the phone to Maxie's. Mac stares at him. 

Portia leaves Jordan's...slams the door.

Jagger tells Ava that Sonny may be in jail soon. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Tail END?


Kate and Amanda on IG 

Hair day today!! Given our HUMIDITY LATELY, I need it short!! I might be back to watch the end of the show, but I'm not sure.'s a FILLER DAY for you!!

Some questions: 

Do you see chemistry between Willow and Drew? I get zip. 

Gio, Trina and Joss--is it just me or do they need a young dialog writer? Because... come on. Plus, they need 2 other college kids if this is going to work, imo. I wouldn't mind if Adam came back. 

Isn't BLQ Blaze's record label now? Sharon pointed this out on Twitter and- isn't she? Linc dropped her before?? SOoooo. who dropped her? 

Do you think they should recast Monica or just leave her upstairs and "not feeling well....or mending"? 

Ok, that's all. Hope the weather where you are is decent. We are actually getting outter bands of BERYL! 

Tuesday, July 9, 2024

More Fireworks


So, the fireworks went off last night--which here happens MAYBE as early as 9:15pm. Ergo, I can't wait to see who shows up TONIGHT .. LOL. You know me, I love to mess with GH's "Timelines" 

Fireworks still going on.

Portia lays into Laura about Heather. Porita basically says they can't be sure Heather has changed and what if she DID go after Trina. Would Laura be all : WHOOPS!  Portia says Laura is uncomfortable with a family member in jail. She says Laura is doing it out of guilt. Liz walks in, looking for Aidan. Portia says: "OH! Here's your ally, right on time"!! Liz doesn't know what's happening. Portia still yells about Heather. Laura tries to calm her. After Portia leaves, Elizabeth says that she sees why people are mad, just like they were with Franco even after his tumor was taken out. She's proud of Laura. Hugs her. 

Cody tells Mac 'you are my father"... explains the necklace and Toliver thing with Greenland. Mac is like: YOU'VE LIED OVER A YEAR FOR GREED? Cody says yep, I did. Mac says he's so disappointed and he lied to Felicia, Maxie, Georgie and James. He's not sure if Cody is lying now or telling the truth about being sorry. He leaves.
Maxie runs in looking for James' gloves. Cody tells her the truth. She's like: lied?  She's not happy. BUT she's a good 'sister" (he says they aren't related and she's like so what, we are kinda). Also says that James will be happy. 

Mac is in the Q living room. Felicia finds him. He tells her that Cody is his son. She says: NO I did my own DNA test. Mac says he must have doctored it somehow because he IS his son. Says that he's a grifter and probably has an agenda. 

Sasha sees the kiss and leaves. Willow just dumbly looks at Drew. She's so sorry she kissed him. She loves Michael. He says in another life they could have had something. (oh brother). They will NEVER DO IT AGAIN!! Michael finally walks in. They look all guilty. Then they talk about all working together, no more secrets yada yada. 
|Portia comes in and tells Curtis she has to go home. Tells Drew for her vote, he'd better stop Laura from trying to get Heather a new trial. They get home and Portia says Laura is the enemy and anyone that helps her is the enemy. 

Michael and Willow go back to the Gatehouse. Drew and Nina just look at each other. 

Joss and Trina talk about the Q household and who does what. Trina finds out that Michael is AJ's son and a 'true' Quartermaine. Gio comes over. He was at the concert. He grabs a beer (he's 21? Okay) and says that he wonders where Sonny is. Then they talk about Gio's mom who was Italian and became a citizen. He loves The USA. They talk about the soft-serve ice cream truck downtown and then the Country Club Fireworks are starting. They are after the City Fireworks. 


Sasha sees Willow and Michael kiss, has a flashback

Drew and Nina kiss 

Maxie makes Cody promise not to leave town. 

Monday, July 8, 2024

It's The 4th


No idea why I'm here--I just saw the whole preview for this week and... yeah. Not my jam. ESPECIALLY the whole "running for office". I get enough of that in real life, 

Sure enough, we kick off the show with a live stream of the congress guy endorsing Drew for office. People at the Q house watch on line and Cody listens in the barn with James. Tracey finds out Drew changed his name to Quartermaine. 

Ned, Olivia, Portia, Sasha, Felicia, Mac.. Laura, Millow, Sam, Dante--Jordan Laura, Congress Guy, Drew, Tracey--a ton of people are there talking about Drew. Drew walks in with the congress guy and thanks everyone. Nina walks in and Tracey says "what the hell are you doing here"? Nina gets upset and leaves. Willow runs out to talk to her. 

Sam congratulates Drew and Drew tells her Scout is so happy to change her name to "Quartermaine". Sam's glad he's reclaimed his name.  Tracey's glad too and Alan would be proud as well. 

Willow tells Nina not everyone hates her. They talk about Drew. yada yada. 

Willow then goes to watch the kids and Drew comes into the room. They sit and talk, Close...on the couch. Willow thinks Drew is SO COOL AND SO WONDERFUL. He says he'll miss her when he's in DC. She says she'll call. They giggle...give each other eyeballs. 

Mac says hello to Laura and Jordan. He's sorry about Spencer. Laura says it's "unreal still" Ned brings up the "Heather Webber situation" and Mac is like: WHAT? Laura says, she may not be responsible for her crimes after all. She tells him allll about the Cobalt poison and stuff and he thinks she's crazy. Portia is mad and walks out. Curtis tries to calm her. 

Later, Portia and Laura talk. Portia wants a promise that Heather won't bet let out of jail anytime soon. 

Nina tells Sasha that she's hooking up with Drew. Sasha thinks that's just great. They say "What a body" Squee. :eyeroll: Sasha is glad Nina's happy. 

Meanwhile in the barn, James asks Cody to be his brother and Cody says yes. They spit on their hands to seal the deal. Sam and Dante think its neat-o. Mac has some time alone with Cody and says he loves how good he is with James. He wants to go to the Outback. He missed camping and did it when he was away. Cody asks why he was away and Mac says to honor something he said long ago. 

Tracey and congressman go upstairs to see Monica. She says Monica has had a tough year. He tells her he has stage 4 cancer. She invites him and his wife over for dinner sometime. At least they mentioned Monica. 


Cody blurts our he's Mac's son 

Willow and Drew kiss. Like a lot--Sasha sees it 

Before You Can Kiss A Baby

  GUESS WHO!  It's Monday and I swear, July is flying by ~~!!  Anna is in bed with Valentin--AGAIN. Like the exact same thing we saw wee...