Thursday, May 6, 2021

What happens next? (Thursday)

 Fan Fiction.

Nina leaves Nixon Falls and accidentally leaves behind a folder with some contracts and other paperwork and her business card. Sonny decides on an impulse to go to Port Charles to return the folder to Nina (It's a soap) He gets there, and while walking towards the Crimson offices gets a lot of strange looks from passerbys. He enters Nina's office and she is visibly shocked and says "What are you doing here? You have to leave you cant be here". He tells her about the folder and she is genuinely grateful, but still insists that he leaves. She starts to sort of push him out the door when Maxie arrives in the lobby. Maxie whispers "Oh my God..." Standing behind Sonny, Nina is waving her arms in the international "no" symbol and says "Maxie, this is Mike. He's my friend from Nixon Falls. He does not live here. (And then annunciates) He is vis-i-ting." Maxie catches on and says "Oh, hello... Mike. It is very nice to meet you. For the first time, I mean..."

Suddenly, the elevator opens. 

What happens next?

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

NOT on the Guest List


I watched the end of Tuesday's episode and we didn't see Cam actually shoot the gun. Jason gets shot, and Cam was aiming but it could have been anyone hiding in the parking lot. Just saying. 

Carly brings her "guys" into the meeting. Says she's sitting in for Sonny. Ms. Wu asks if she's taking over her late husband's territory.  Great scenes. Come to find out, Carly had a shipment of Cyrus' destroyed in the harbor. He says "Act of War" . Other mob bosses are impressed. They all accept Carly into the fold. Cy is pissed. Oh Carly is gonna be MobHead!! 

Jason wants to get dressed and get to Carly. Britt tries to talk him out of it. He can't go, too weak. They wait for the blood to come. 

Cam, Scotty and Liz at the interrogation room at the PCPD. Cam swears he didn't do it. He goes to get booked. Liz kinda yells at Jordan. Jordan is like: Um, it's my job. She reviews the footage and sees the bullet comes from behind Cameron, he didn't shoot him. He's free to go. 

OH! Dante is at the PCPD too! YEAH!! Well, he's "helping out" for now. But he should be on says me. 

Jax and Joss are at Jax's house. zzzzzzzzzz. Dante comes by looking for Carly.  Joss and Jax are wondering what she's up to.

Nina and Sonny. Sonny fixes her a Tan-O Tini LOL ... Elijah wants to take her out to the fanciest place in town.  Nina is going to 'find a place' in Nixon Falls. Welp. 


Dante finds Carly at the meeting place for the 5 families. Asks about Jason she says she knows nothing. 

Eli pays off some shady guy and Sonny sees it. 

Someone is coming in the cabin, Jason gets his gun out

Cameron hears it was Peter August that killed Franco

Tuesday's Show


So I watched. was good! I'm writing it's own little post because I have a few questions for everyone. 

First off, Nixon Falls. WHY didn't they have Sonny and Nina just kiss? It would have been perfect. She could keep flashing back to his dimples and lips while in PC. Where does her heart lie? Also, Maurice Benard tweeted that he knew change was hard but he's played Sonny for 25 years and welcomes the change. Also loves working with Cynthia. So.... I kinda get it. It's not the best story but I get it. Plus, Trina got spaghetti sauce out of it so??!! 

Next up: DID Cam shoot Jason? I thought he did. LOOKS like he did but Cam sure isn't acting like he did. SO...was there someone else in there that shot Jason that was hidden? Like Peter? Or one of the goon-guys? Will they think Cam shot the bad guy and not Jason? Will they have the real footage of the parking garage after Spinelli messed with it?? Oh lordy. Much to unpack. 

The Blood Transfusion: I'm going to write about this in the blog!! You know I am!! "How many times have you two bled for each other" ? Britt asks. Loved the operation scene actually. Looked pretty real. Notice how her hand shook AFTER the whole thing? That's real life. Her adrenaline finally wore off. Also, I didn't mind Brick being there. Who AM I?? 

Finally, Carly was perfect in her Mobular Seat. ALL in white... sitting with the Five Families and leaving Cyrus gobsmacked. THIS is the Carly I want. Right there. 

See ya at 3 after GH today! 

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Buy A CLUE for Peter


From all the posts that I have read over the past few months, it seems like there is an agreement that everyone wants Peter dead. Far be it from me to debate a common opinion. 

Another thing I have seen is that a lot of you want a murder mystery. I admit that would be awesome. Not only a murder, but of course we would have to a suspect and, most importantly, (and this is Soap Opera 101) a wrongly convicted suspect. Someone to sit in jail for a few days and to claim innocence while the true murderer evades incompetent cops.

So, it’s your job in the comments to supply the following:

Murderer ____________

Wrongly Convicted Suspect _____________

Also, if you are really adventurous, how about filling out the following with current cast members. (Karen and I did this one)

Mr. Boddy --PETER 

Mrs. White --Maxie 

Mrs. Peacock --Laura 

Ms. Scarlet --Anna 

Mr. Green --Scotty 

Col.. Mustard --Cyrus 

Prof. Plum-- Finn 

I'm adding 2 more: 

Ms Crimson-- Dr. O 

Sir Azure-- Valentin 


With a pipe on the docks

With a dagger in the Metro 

With a revolver in the park 

With a candlestick at the PC Grille 

With a garrote at Crimson 

With a wrench in the parking garage 

Karen Chooses:  Valentin with a wrench in the parking garage and the wrongful suspect being Maxie. 

Monday, May 3, 2021

"I won't set his pony tail on fire"

 I DID NOT GET  A BREAK TODAY!! PHEW!! It was a wild show!! 



Carly and Spin are watching as Jason escapes. Spinelli looped the security footage so they can't see the garage now, but they see what's happening 2 days ago. Brick is waiting for him. OH NO! Jordan comes up! Spinelli and Carly freak out LOL...Brick tells her he's waiting for his sister. She seems suspicious but she leaves. THEN She goes into Jason's room where they are taking him "For tests".... (really to escape)! Won't let him leave!! LOL!! 

Cam is also skulking in the hallways of GH. Booooo. 

Nina calls Sonny and tells him to stay in his room DON'T LEAVE!! Then she runs into the Tan-O where Phyllis gave Trina some pasta. Nina's like YOU HAVE TO LEAVE NOW, Trina! Oh man, when Sonny finally comes out, Trina is gone! Damn it!!! 

Jax has to wait for his antibiotics to come and asks Joss about her leg.  yada yada, they talk about Volleyball..he makes her call Carly. 

Ava and Nikolas get ready for Cyrus to come to dinner. YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT! Fantastic stuff. Laura's faces; Kevin is there. It's really good. THEN Cyrus gets a call from his man in GH. Britt had seen him and thought he was the crew that was part of the break out for Jason!! She totally gave it away. Cyrus is like: KEEP an eye on Morgan and get rid of Westborne, make it look like an OD!! They get Done with dinner. Cyrus tells Nikloas he's been keeping an eye on Spencer. Nikolas loses it. Laura tells him he's NOT FAMILY!! 

Finn asks Britt for some overtime to be signed off for the lab. She's like: OK...he thinks she's being too nice. LOL He says "you usually leave around's only 8...  what's up"? She flashes back to Jason asking her to leave.  Britt goes to leave and 2 guys come in and try to put a syringe into her !! 

THEN JASON IS RUNNING OUT but realizes that something is wrong and Brick didn't see Britt leave...he RUNS BACK IN!! gah!! he saves BRITT! They run!! Carly's having a FIT...and wants to go to GH to find Jason. Spinelli is like: Um, no. Then Joss calls and Carly realizes she went to get Jax in Nixon Falls. 

Meanwhile, Jordan asks the nurse who ordered tests for Jason and figures out it was Britt. In Jason's room, Cam finds the guard knocked out. Then Jordan finds him (Cam isn't there). 


JASON AND Britt run down. Bad guy runs after them with a gun, fires. Then Brick fires back... Cam runs behind the dumpster. Brick shoots the bad guy...bad guy falls down in front of Cam. The gun falls to the floor next to Cam's foot. Jordan runs down the stairs and orders the hospital locked down. 
Spinelli can't see anything anymore. Then Jason and Britt run to the car but CAM PICKS up the gun and shoots. Jason is hit but they make it into the car. Then Jordan holds a gun on Cam! 

ALSO HAPPENING: Finn ends up telling Liz everything about Peter and Franco! 


Sunday, May 2, 2021

Sunday Surgery: Under a Microscope


Oh it was a week that was in and out for me, mostly watching on Hulu. My Dad is doing great and modern surgery on carpal tunnel is amazing. So if you need it, DO IT! The hospital was SO much not like the hospital at GH it was funny. They just don't build them that way anymore. (see how I segway'd into that??) 

The show was pretty good for the most part. Again, I do think Hulu helps when watching. When I'm live, the commercials are so many and so intrusive, I get antsy. Friday was a goodie and ending on an up note makes me happy!! 

Friday, April 30, 2021

Angry Boy


So, Jax is getting out from the hospital... Nina is going to drive him back. Sonny gives her a thermos to take LOL!! Elijah comes in. Sonny and he banter as usual. She leaves, tells them to Play Nice. 

Alexis is in the Shawshank Library. Sees Shawn. They talk about when they were together. Remember that? Now they are inlaws! TJ and Molly! 

Jason wants to talk to Cameron. Cameron's angry. Says Franco was an art therapist and Jason's a killer. (forgetting Franco is a SERIAL KILLER! AHHAHA) He says he hopes Jason rots in jail. Britt kicks him out. They talk and the janitor reports to Cyrus that they are together.  Jason sees her hand shaking badly again. 

Liz is suspicious of the new guys on the floor. She thinks that they are there to kill Jason. Britt tells Liz she came back from the death of Franco too soon and she's going to have to take a leave of absence. Oh, it's to get her out so Jason can escape. Derp. 

Girlies are stuck on the road, overheated. They called the autoclub. Trina talks to Joss about Cam. How Dev used her journal...and Joss wonders why she didn't tell her before. Oh, the Auto Club guy comes along and he's gorgeous. Calls Trina 'Dr. Robinson" LOL.  (see more below) 

Ava is telling Carly and Laura about Avery and the threat From Cyrus. First I thought they'd work together, but... now they are yelling at each other. FINALLY they decide to work together. Carly wants Ava to invite Cyrus to dinner tonight. Ava's like WHA???? So she calls him and tells him Martin and LAURA are coming! ahahha and Laura didn't even know. Pffffffffft. 


JOSS makes it to THE HOSPITAL! Nina is all @@ what the!!?? lol!! TRINA stopped to grab something to eat at a "cute little place" called THE TAN-O!! OMG TRINA GOES IN! Phyllis and Sonny are in the back!!!!! 

Jason is going to break outta GH and escape (maybe) 

What happens next? (Thursday)

  Fan Fiction. Nina leaves Nixon Falls and accidentally leaves behind a folder with some contracts and other paperwork and her business card...