Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Air Quality

 Poor Canada! Burning all over! Our air is so smoky and hazy it's unreal. Red Sun all day. Plus, nothing is moving and we've had no rain for 17 days here (a record for June). SO!! I hope your air is good breathing where you are!! 

I'm out today because I have a meeting right at GH Time. I know, I know... but THEY do not care that I have another job!! 

The show is so lack-luster lately I could scream. Yeah, Zeke is in town but other than that? Meh. Even the big "what's in the box" reveal was just nothing burgers. Is Greg still dying? He seemed pretty peppy with Esme. Walt Wiley is coming; probably for the WSB thing? I don't know. Maybe a financial specialist? Anyway, maybe when I watch today's show on Hulu I'll feel better. Those commercial blocks are long and tedious for sure!! 

Have a good one! 

Monday, June 5, 2023

Monday Monday


Joss and Dex doing it. Wow...ok, we get it. They like zex. They wub each other. She tells him about Oscar and Cam. Is afraid to say "I love you" again. After a giant flashback montage of Jex, she says she does love him. 

Brook/Chase at the pool, eating ice cream. Tracey shows up!! She sends Chase to get a drink. Yells at Brook for not working at Deception getting intel for her. 

Jordan at the pool bar thinking about telling Cutis to buzz off. 

Ava and Mason. He wants info on Sonny. She says no. Austin says if she doesn't she's in danger. Mason wants info on Pikeman. 

Carly and Michael. She tells him to destroy the flashdrive. She says it would also put Dex in jail and that would hurt Joss. Michael's like: Um, no it wouldn't LOL. She figures out Dex is working for Michael. Then yells and asks if Joss knows. He says yes. 

Zeke, Portia's brother is at GH to see Portia. She wants him to talk to Trina about not seeing Spencer. He's staying at The Metro because he has a client in NY. 

Spencer and Trina. He's hedging as to why he doesn't want to go to the PCPD with Victor's evidence. Trina realizes he's not telling her something. He says that he asked Victor for help with Ace custody. Victor was going to kill Esme but he said no. He thinks Victor got false information on Esme to put her in jail. Now Trina won't let him go to the PCPD because it's fake. Oh FFS. 

NEWS: Walt Wiley..aka Jackson Montgomery of AMC is coming to GH: Soap Opera Digest 


Spencer says he's going to get rid of the evidence. You know he's not gonna. NOPE he puts it back in the box. 

Michael leaves the flashdrive with Carly

Zeke sits next to Jordan 

Sunday, June 4, 2023

Sunday Surgery: Chlorine


My brain has been on lockdown or something because I forgot to push "publish" again on a blog! UGH--read Friday's show (below this post) if you haven't already. 

It's been a 4 day week and-- well.. let's just say no sudden movement. Plus, I'm angry at almost every character so.. let's go. 

Everyone is getting seltzer and juice at the pool bar but damn it, I'm getting a margarita with Cuervo Gold. 

Photo credit: @Soap_Dude2

Saturday, June 3, 2023

Dante Has Shorts on


Pool: Dante and Sam. Then Sonny tells Dante Nina and he are engaged. Then NED walks in. Sonny yaps at him for turning Carly in. Olivia comes over, Dante and Sam come over.  Ned swears to god he didn't turn Carly and Drew in. Olivia backs him up. Sonny says ok but he's still not 100 on this. 

Joss and Dex at his apartment. He says he doesn't have the video anymore. Joss is PISSED. He explains he has a job to do and gave it to Michael, his boss.  They talk blah blah blah

Michael goes to Carly, flashes back to Joss telling him to tell her about the video. He says he has something Sonny can't get out of if she wants to use it. She says she won't turn on Sonny. Michael asks what if he did it. Shows her the flashdrive that has the evidence on there that Sonny violated the national security act. He tells her he commissioned it. She freaks out that he'd do that. 

Jordan goes to Curtis' house. She's mad he moved back in after kissing her and telling her to wait. He says he's in the guest room anyway. And their kiss was 'spontaneous".  Jordan is like whatever. Curtis asks her to 'wait a bit longer'. 

Ava and Austin. She's upset Laura is going to Chechnya to look for Nikolas (who they think is dead) and Austin is saying she has to let her go. Ava is scared because it's dangerous there and she doesn't want blood on her hands. Austin says it's really hard to get into that country so it will buy them time to figure out something. MASON comes in.  He says they owe him for taking care of "their problem" They think he got rid of the body. 

Sprina in the bank to open the box. They open it. "what fresh  hell" ?? says Spencer. It's an iPad but they need power. Trina has a charger. There's also a Rx for the drug that killed that bartender. Esme's name on it--and Trina says she tried to poison me. Spencer apologizes for not telling her he found a pill. He had no proof she used it on Trina. Then they find a letter Esme wrote Maggie her maid basically confessing to drugging the Bartender guy. They fire up the iPad. It's Esme paying off bartender for the phone. It's a still from the security camera. 


Jordan leaves Curtis for good (I guess)

Olivia apologizes to Ned for doubting him

Thursday, June 1, 2023

Pool Kissin'

Here's hoping today is a more exciting show because I was ready to fall asleep BIG TIME!! 

Anna's double agent status was leaked. WSB guy shows her a paper with her as the headline. Martin comes in, hired by Valentin. Anna's being charged with treason LOL. It's some weird stuff about the public finding out she was a double agent and yada yada. Martin says it's bad. I can't figure it out. I guess the public will see her as a Judas and even though the WSB said she was all in the clear all those years, they are going to throw her under the bus to save themselves??? The public found out that Anna was never held accountable for her crimes. Anna says if they threaten Robert or Anne Donnelly she'll get MORE things she has hidden to embarrass them. 

Valentin goes to Laura's house (it's the next day)for his 'gift' from Victor. Oh, he wants Charlotte's necklace. They talk about Anna's arrest and article in the newspaper. They talk about the Chechnya property. Laura thinks Nikolas is there. Valentin and she are going to go there together. 

TJ and Jordan were supposed to meet for coffee, he forgot. Molly's at her mom's house. He tells Jordan about the endometriosis. Molly walks up to see TJ. Jordan leaves. Molly and TJ talk and apologize.

Joss, Spencer and Trina at the pool. Then Dex comes in and Joss and he make out at the door. Dex tries to shake Spencer's hand. Then I don't even want to explain it but they end up giving each other tips poolside on fighting. Spencer and Trina talk about the key Victor gave him and what it could mean. 

Joss talks to Dex about turning that video in of Sonny to help Carly. 

Stella visits Portia and Curtis. She wants to clear the air after they find out that Curtis is Trina's bio daughter. Portia leaves for the hospital. Curtis and Stella sit down for tea and a talk. Curtis forgives Stella for keeping the secret about Trina from him. OMG then he tells her he realized he wanted to be with Portia AFTER KISSING JORDAN! She asks how Jordan took the news. He didn't tell her. GEESH poor Stella, another secret! 

Jordan finds out Curtis moved back in with Portia. 


Trina makes Spencer go to the bank to look in the box

Anna resigns from the WSB which is what she thinks Victor wanted in the first place

Valentin and Laura are going to Chetchnya 

Joss tells Dex to give her the video so she can help her mother beat the SEC charges. 

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

WED: Molasses


OMG that will reading? SUCH a let down. SUCH a let down!! I'll talk about it more during Sunday Surgery but cripes. It should have been EPIC. And also? Hate Laura's apartment. She was so "homey" her entire life.  That mess looks like a waiting room. 


Carly, Michael and Joss still at GH. Joss tells Carly to through Sonny under the bus with the SEC. Carly says no. Joss rolls her eyeballs. They argue. Joss thinks Michael should tell their mom about the whole Dex thing. 

Will reading: Spencer wonders what's in his box. Oh he's not going to open yet though. Anna comes in. Spencer also gets an envelope meant for Nikolas until Nikolas comes back. Don't know what's in there. Victor tells Anna he's going to give her "the truth". She seems bothered. He leaves Laura his admiration for being the last one standing. Spencer's note is property he left Nikolas. It's in Chechnya. 

Alexis left the reading and is in the office. Esme is freaking  out because she made a mistake. Something about sending an email to the wrong people. Greg fixed it. Esme leaves. Alexis wonders why he ghosted her. They talk about the ALS stuff. 

Taggert shows up at GH to get the DNA results with Trina. Curtis shows up with Portia. Marshall and Stella stay home to eat the gumbo. Taggert and Trina talk about how things could change if he's not her bio dad. It took forever but Curtis is Trina's DNA match. Trina says she will move forward but she doesn't need a father, she already has one. 

Sonny goes to The Metro and he and Nina talk about the wedding. Then Anna comes in. 


TJ comes out and says Willow is done with the transplant. Tells them the time for recovery is 2-6 weeks in the hospital. Names off complications that could happen

Anna gets arrested by the WSB 

Spencer's box had the turtle doves inside and a key

Taggert goes into the elevator and cries

Anna's taen out in handcuffs 

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Guess What


I have to get my hair all done today! My roots have roots!! You understand. So, play nice and I hope the show is worth watching. It's one of those "LULL" times though--not much going on.

Air Quality

 Poor Canada! Burning all over! Our air is so smoky and hazy it's unreal. Red Sun all day. Plus, nothing is moving and we've had no ...