Friday, December 8, 2023



Well, after viewing everyone's posts about yesterday, I decided not to watch yet. LOL I can't take another boring day. 


Tracey is on a plane alone (no Bobbie). She looks at a photo of her and Luke together and she cries. Puts on sunglasses. The next time they show her for 2 seconds she says "Damn you, Luke Spencer, I miss you" .

TJ and Molly are outside Krissy's to talk about the baby thing. TJ wants to think this through (WOW, reallllllly?). FFS... I hate this. Anyway, they hug and then they talk about how Molly can't have a baby and all of that. Then they drink champagne. Oh! it's ginger ale. Sorry. 

Violet shows Finn and Liz the tree she picked out. It's tiny but it's "PERFECT" she says. Greg is there. They are all having hot cocoa. Brook and Chase come in with Decorations. Brook and Chase tell everyone that they are getting married. Violet then asks Finn when he's getting Liz a ring. 

Anna visits Valentin. He's being snotty to her. She says that Charlotte didn't burn her house down. Val is so happy. Anna won't tell him whos' DNA was found because she doesn't trust him. Then they fight about who was lying more. Yada yada. Anna says Charlotte needs help. Valentin tells her not to tell him how to raise his daughter. It's all Victor's fault anyway. She's like: Um, no...Char thought up a lot of stuff on her own like writing "Murderer" on her door. Valentin says she's still traumatized and he's being gentle. Anna says she's going to do something worse. 

Lois and Olivia are upset none of the Q mansion is decorated for Christmas yet. Lila ALWAYS had it decorated. Reggie mention. Alan's train mention. They buy the tree off camera then run home and get decorations from the attic. OH! MONICA is at a medical convention. Oh brother. They get out decorations and talk about Catholic school. Cody comes in and wants to help. They decorate the banister. Then they talk about what "Zia" means in Italian. 



Anna stomps out of Valentin's 

Tracey is home and hates the decorations

Thursday, December 7, 2023



It's that TIME AGAIN!!!!!!!! HAIR DAY! Yesterday was such a drag, I don't mind missing today. Take care and BE NICE! 

Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Esme is OUT


IT's WED!! Can you guess what I have tomorrow? IT's been 6 weeks so it's HAIR DAY TOMORROW! So enjoy me know! 

Christmas Tree Lot: Curtis, Marshall and Trina are finding a tree. Trina picks a small one. Curtis isn't happy.  Good gravy. 

Jake and Liz look at trees too. Aidan is baking. Jake thinks that Liz is sad. She tells him about Finn and the lawsuit. He tells her about Charlotte and says she rarely talks and he doesn't know what's going on with her. Liz explains what she might be going through. He says I HATE GUNS! 

Finn, Marty and Alexis do his practice deposition. Alexis is acting as prosecution. It's boring AF. They pretend to do the entire thingzzzzzzzzzzz. OMG it's so so boring LOL. 

Laura wants Dante to tell her and Jordan the updates on Austin's murder. Dante tells them the Pawtuck police are doing stuff on it-- and Cyrus is a suspect. They talk MORE about the case. :YAWN: 

Esme is moving, Spencer wants to drive her there. She's like NO! I can't count on you! NO! Spencer is BAWLING OVER HIM LEAVING THE APARTMENT. Dear GOD!! Overkill. He's not going to Japan! Esme FINALLY LEAVES. Then Trina comes over and hugs Spencer. 

Adam is worried about his make up exam. Too scared to look and wants Joss to look with him. He got a 97%. Calls his Dad who is mad he took a make up test. He lies and says he had to take a friend to the emergency room.  Joss is SO bitchy! She has like zero empathy. Adam leaves. 

Maxie, Cody and Sasha. Maxie goes on and on about how they have such CHEMISTRY together. WE GET IT, OK? geesh! Enough already. Maxie: Lumberjack mode. Then Felicia interrupts and says "It's ok, James is ok" and Cody is like: JAMES!! WHAT'S WRONG WITH JAMES?! Maxie had left her phone and the school nurse was trying to call her. Liesl is with him now. Sasha and Cody have to do the meeting alone. 

Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Head of The WSB

Mr. Brennan  and Hume guy in the Metro Court room. OH! I think Brennan/Pikeman is the WSB Director! He is. He talks about getting rid of Frisco. Then he says he's after both Anna AND Sonny. Brennan says to leave Sonny in place because its' stable for the market. BUT Sonny won't take money so they have to find another way to get him to cooperate. 

Curtis and Sonny in the fake restaurant talking about who might have taken a shot at Sonny. Sonny's going to help him figure it out. They talk about Cyrus . Then that the sniper rifle was taken from a WSB facility in Berlin. They talk about Pikeman and being in bed with the WSB. 

Esme is moving out of Laura's. They have a sappy stupid convo about her leaving and how great she is. 

Laura goes to see Cyrus! He's like: WHY? You don't want me around. She's like "we are family" . They see-saw on Cyrus WAY too much . Now he's yelling about what a great guy he is with his family. 

Anna and Felicia at Maxie's talking about Anna's life. Anna cries about Charlotte. Finola is an EXCELLENT ACTRESS. Then they talk about Forsythe and the trunk and the report on him that's missing. 

Sam and Dante. Dante says he has something to test to find out about Anna's case. It's the key Forsythe had. He thinks going to use it is a trap. He doesn't want to give it to the PCPD because he doesn't want to put Anna in more danger LOL. 

Ava goes to see Cyrus, who's mopping the floor at the PC Grille. Ava asks if he killed Austin. He says he's not going to even tell her if he did. He says he has an alibi and asks Ava if she does. She leaves (because she doesn't LOL) 

Blaze and Krissy--after the kiss. Neither one is uncomfortable with it..they liked it. Blaze wonders if her fans would accept her gay. It's actually her Catholic family she's afraid of. Krissy encourages her to come out to them. Blaze has been looking for an Uncle no one talks about but he's not online. Krissy talks about coming out to her mom and dad. 


Cyrus and Laura make a little peace. He's going to go visit his mother

Dante figures out that the report has another person implicated besides Anna

Monday, December 4, 2023

Left Early


Ned and Lois. Ned's doing some number thing for ELQ and Lois catches a mistake. They talk about Michael doing the Australian job without Ned. 

Brook and Chase. He proposes and she says "you don't have to do this".  He has a ring! He says he bought it weeks ago. His Dad's diagnosis reminded him of the fact they need to do things now. She says yes. 

Nina and Sonny. OMG he's in the MOB AND IN DANGER. Then they talk about the SEC thing. Yada yada. They love each other.  

Kristina and Molly moved from Krissy's apartment to Molly's to keep talking about surrogacy. :EYEROLL:  TJ comes in. Molly tells him she's not going forward with the surrogacy thing until he's ready. 

Kristina goes to her apartment. Blaze is there. She brings champagne. Not sure what they are celebrating but..whatever. 

Carly and Joss are in Kelly's. Carly has an "update" on Bobbie. Bobbie has to stay in Amsterdam because Luke's stuff is a mess. Joss is now telling Carly about Adam. She keeps telling her all about him. Then Drew comes in to take Carly to dinner because he's going to Australia! YEAH! 

TODAY'S SHOW WAS SO.. boring I stopped. Sorry. Couldn't do it. 

Sunday, December 3, 2023

Sunday Surgery: You're Welcome


The card Ava got at the end of Thursday's show is about the ONE noteworthy thing that happened this week! 

Because I'm short on time and not a lot happened, let's go with a more fun blog this Sunday!! Grab a nice expresso and here we GO! 

Mr. Cody, I'm traumatized!

It's ok Buddy, I'm here now

My sister and mom keep crying!! 

I know, I know... we'll get this mess cleaned up... 

IT's so SCARY!

Desk assembly can take years off your life, James--you'll learn that soon enough. 

Come on Laura, I need to know!! 

If you think I'm telling you... I mean, it's a secret!!

It's going to come out anyway, let Port Charles in!!

OK! OK! I got it at Dress Barn! OK!? The blazer is from.. Dress Barn! 

Molly, what do you say we go out to dinner tonight?? 

TJ, I'm busy looking for our new baby mama...

I'm really not ready yet. She only lost the baby 2 days ago, soap time

It's like shopping! You just get another one asap!! Leave it to me! 

Um, I really don't... 

SEE YA!! I'm going to meet with a... um... client yeah. Client, that's it. 

I mouthed off to a Russian Mob wife? So what? Who in their lifetime hasn't!? Especially while playing Bingo at the Orthodox Church?? And a giant thanks to Brook Lyn for loaning me her blazer. I really enjoyed wearing it. 

Finn, it will be all right, I promise you... just BREATHE!!

But it was a TAPE WORM!! A TAPE-WORM!!!!!! A flat little bugger of a TAPE WORM! 

Honey, the Tape Worm had cancer... not your fault. Just... breathe 

Ok, what's up with you two? 


Yeah... Nothin....

Come on, I can tell... 

Ok, she won't tell me where she bought her blazer! Willow would look great in that color! 

Chase! What the hell!!! 

Brook Lyn, it's Friday and they've got nothin...

But.. I mean... do you even have a ring? 

Hell no, I didn't even know I'd do this until 10 minutes ago!! 

So..I shows shows Sonny  all the money and he said no! 

Well, put a shrimp on the Barbie and call me when you know I'm Pikeman. 

Hey, this apartment is great... when did you get it? 

Oh, MOLLY... I've lived here 4 years!

OMG I've never been here! 

No one has, it's a secret. Anyway, let me carry your baby, it makes for a better story

Even though we fought about it for weeks and weeks and week? 

Here, have more wine. You'll see I'm right. 


Ava burned the evidence 

Cody puts a desk together, Maxie worries about her credit card debt

Martin, Dee DEE CLARK, Finn and Liz talk way too much about tape worms

Carly feeds a homeless guy, feeds him 

Michael hates Nina

Sonny gets offered money, says no

Some Pikeman guy (maybe) tries Carly's burger

Chase likes Lois' nails

Lois likes Chases' wine

We learn that Yuri gave trombone lessons to the Russian Mafia guy's nephew

Gloria goes on the bus

Sprina make love

Molly decides to look for a surrogate behind TJ's back

Kristina has a new apartment...or an old one. Anyway, we've never seen it

Ava gets a polaroid of Dead Austin 

Nina finds out all about the Austin and Nikolas Saga 

THAT'S ABOUT IT!! Sprina made love... then went to Trina's for Turkey. The whole show felt so off it was wild. I'm thinking this HAS to be transition time from the strike writers to the real-team. Chris/Dan will be in the credits as soon as their stuff airs so, we shall see. I'm hoping it's soon. I did like having Gloria on because 'visits' from family make sense during the holidays. I'm still pissed that Liesl isn't on...or the Wu Clan. Can't get everything. Yuri had a nice little showcase with the Russian Mob. I think it's hysterical Krissy's apartment looks so swank and Molly, TJ's, Brook and Chases' are tiny brick nothings. LOL. She must be gearing up for her BLAZE of GLORY story (ahaha, get it?)  
BTW, notice no follow up on Adam. It wouldn't have taken much to insert a thing about him not going home because he's frantic about school. This is just a quick example of how dropping things and restarting weeks later make us NOT CARE.  I mean, cut one or two of the "Finn Explains Muldoon's Tape Worm" scenes and there ya go! 

Hope you had a good week. We got snow--then rain. It's December in WNY!  Liz' dress at the City Grille was so inappropriate ...but at least she didn't have a blazer over it! 

Friday, December 1, 2023

Burgers and Fries

Liz and Finn are at Cafe Cherie or something.. another PC place to eat. They talk about the lawsuit. BORING. I mean REALLY boring. Liz has on a halter top in December LOL um...

 Some British guy comes into Kelly's to talk to Carly. We think he's "Pikeman"-- and I'm not sure if he's Aussie or British. Wubby Hubby says it's an Australian accent, not sure if it's real or fake tho. Then after giving him a burger, Carly stomps out of the diner and sees a homeless guy and says he can't be out there, it's too cold. Bizarre. She goes to get him something to eat. He eats outside (he didn't want to go in) and the Aussie guy is wondering why Carly fed him. LOL! Then he gives her money to give to the guy. 

Dex and Sonny talk about Pikeman. Then Sonny tells him Austin is dead and wondered if he ever 'Roughed him up". Dex said once at GH he got a bit angry. No one saw him that he knows about. Then some guy comes in with a briefcase (NOT the guy at Kelly's) and offers Sonny double the money from last time to take a shipment. Sonny says no not until Pikeman tells him who the shooter was.  Then Sonny throws him out of the office. Dex thinks that he made a mistake doing that. Sonny doesn't think so...and he's out. 

Nina goes to Wyndemere and Ava shows her the photo of Austin. She tells Ava to go to the Police. Ava says NOPE. Then Ava tells Nina the entire Austin/Mason/ story from "Killing" Nikolas on down. They talk about it alllllllllll.. like a LOT. 

Molly has a SWANK apartment and Molly goes in--she realizes she's never been there before. They talk about the surrogacy. Molly cries. Krissy says when TJ comes around she wants to carry the baby for them. 

Brook and Lois in the Q kitchen. Brook is mad that her grandmother talked about marriage to Chase. Chase walks in with a bottle of wine. He wonders how Lois can cut veggies with those nails. Lois says stuff like "put a ring on it" to Chase. Then Chase and Brook talk about important times in her life. 


Chase proposes to Brook Lyn

The Aussie guy in Kelly's is Pikeman



  Well, after viewing everyone's posts about yesterday, I decided not to watch yet. LOL I can't take another boring day.  HERE'S...