Friday, August 12, 2022

Friday--Fill In Your Own


I'm out today. Not that I'm upset about it! This week has just been draining for me when it comes to the show!! Hope it's at least got a LITTLE excitement today! 

Thursday, August 11, 2022


 Jordan is outside of Oz' room and Curtis and Portia can't wake  him from the coma yet.  Jordan tells them that Esme is gone. They don't know how they are going to get in there with Rory at the guard. 

Trina and Joss are at the pool Joss admires DEX's body.. GROSS ME THE FK OUT. Ugh I hate him. He's NOT a sexy bad boy...he's just.. a boy. 

Maxie and Austin kiss at the Metro restaurant. Georgie doesn't like him-- so he wants to take them all on a family fun vacation. Then he gets a call and has to go to Pautecket or where the hell ever. 

Martin wants Lucy to go away with him.  He tells her about Anna's threat. She says don't mess with Valentin. 

Spencer and Sonny talk at the prison guest room some more.  Yada yada. Spencer has a favor. He wants Spencer to find Esme. 

Martin urges Spencer to sign that he'll tell on who bribed the guards. He'd get 10 days in Spa Jail if he does. If not, 3 months in Pentonville. 

Sonny then goes to the pool because Dex called him about Joss saying something about Kelly's. He tells Joss not to worry herself over it.  He says it might save Trina. 

Oh today was just ... really bad. Sorry. 


Spencer won't sign the deal...he's going to jail. 

The Mac-Daddy Connection


Confused about Cody? Don't be.. When he says his mother was Dominique Stab, he's talking about a character from long ago who came to Port Charles via Mac, who saved her from her abusive husband. Yes, Mac could be Cody's father. They were together at her estate, Serenity at one time.   Dominique desperately wanted a child and I can't imagine she'd leave one behind. All happened off camera! 

Fun Facts:  Deominque was once in Shadybrook! She was also DEAF but a gunshot restored her hearing (LOL) 

By the way, Katherine Bell (Cody BELL) was Dominique's sister. Her mother was the cook at Serenity and had an affair with the "master of the house" and therefore, Kat wasn't recognized as an heir.  So, Cody COULD have been left with "the Bell family" at Serenity. 

 That's all you need to know. 

Read it all on Soaps In Depth 

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Day Three.. of..


Dante tells Spencer he could go to Pentonville this time, not Spa Jail lol . Cam sends him a sandwich from Kelly's. Sonny comes to visit. Wants to talk to him about surviving Pentonville. He's got people to protect him on the inside. 

Alexis comes and talks with Nikolas. Victor got them together.  Wants to keep Spencer out of Pentonville. Thinks Alexis can do it with the paper.  Alexis says no. BUT she can do an article on Esme. Nik says that Esme is gone. 

Valentin and Drew. Drew wants to make Val an offer for ELQ. He says he can give Valentin Victor.  They talk about fathers and how bad Victor is. Valentin is interested in Drew's plan. Drew won't tell him what it is yet. 

Nina and Sonny kiss in Charlie's..then they leave zzzzz no sign of Kristina. 

Spinelli gets a pedicure and is ticklish. He's with Maxie. She wonders why he has a crush on Britt now. He says what's wrong with that. She says it's 'all wrong".  Dumb convo. 

Cody popped Scotty in the nose "that's a long time coming" he says.  Dr O knees Cody in the ballios! ahahaahha. Cody says in 'another life I may have called you Dad".  He's Dominique's son. Remember her?  And instead of bringing back Serena you BRING ON THIS CLOWN? AHAHAHAHAAA. Didn't Jimmy Lee Holt's son teach you nothing????? So, Cody's dad was a stable hand at Dominques' estate and she left him behind. Scotty thinks that Cody is there for her money. "Serena spent it all on whales" says Cody. 

Anna and Drew talk in Charlie's. She wants his legal help with Valentin. He's surprised. He says no, Val is a friend and he's his attorney. Anna mentions Martin's 3 ex-wives. He hid a ton of assets from them. She knows all about it..She's going to blackmail him into helping her. 

Ava and Nina sit at the bar in the Metro and talk about their love lives. Nina is happy; Ava is sad


Cody is arrested 

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Day Two of Fillings


Here's hoping today's show is MUCH more interesting than yesterday's show. Lordy, I was falling asleep. \

Britt and Cody again... Good gravy. Leave her alone. Dr O meets Cody. He gets her an iced tea.  They get along. 

Sam and Dante talk about Britt and Spinelli... and.. stuff. Lots o talk about Lulu. They do love each other and want to move forward at some point. 

Felicia and Anna at the yoga studio. Felicia has to work out to "keep Mac" haha and they talk about her being a PI. Do exercises. Do more exercises. Anna isn't sure about Valentin. Felicia says she should find out if he told the truth about going to another clinic. 

Ava and Scotty. Talking about Nikolas and the divorce and ... he and Liesl. She flashes back to Esme falling. Nikolas comes up "we need to talk .....alone". 

Nina and Sonny at Charlie's.  Blab Blab blabber.  Carly will always be a part  our lives.. and you could reconcile. Smolz comes in and asks for a statement about Sasha or something. Sonny tries to punch him but Nina stops him. Um, Is Kristina not on today again? WTF. Anyway, they decide to face the world as a couple.! As "Sonny and Nina'!! :Eyeroll: 

Drew talks to his real life wife (life coach lady). Carly comes along. So does Valentin. Then Valentin goes to meet Victor.  Victor isn't convinced Anna's not on to them. 

Victor is talking to someone on the phone and he's trying to get Spencer out of jail and just pay a fine. He and Valentin talk about Charlotte and school and Laura being out of the country. 

Nikolas is talking to Ava about how everyone is looking for Esme so ...they have to stay married. Ava says she'll stay his wife but keep the papers. 


Dr O introduces Scott to Cody and Cody punches him. 

Nina and Sonny kiss. 

THAT'S IT! There ya go! Tomorrow doesn't look that interesting either but maybe we'll find out why Cody belted Scotty? 

Monday, August 8, 2022



I'm still not feeling 100% ... and our heat index is over 104 LOL. LIFE right now? UGH ..SUCH a Monday VIBE!! 

Kristina is back at Charlie's...she's the manager. Sonny and tells her that he's sad Michael and Joss hate him. She says she can never hate him. He asks about how she feels about Nina. 

Dr O gives Nina a Japanese weapon thing. Kind of a letter opener knife. Nina was trying to persuade some chef to come and be a celebrity chef at The Metro Liesl says watch out for Carly. Nina is jelly that Carly is having another grandkid. 

Willow tries to look up her biopsy results but they aren't in yet. Ava comes up to her. Wants to see if Esme was checked into GH lately. Willow checks but says no. Willow loses it over talking about the baby and cries to Ava. Ava tells her being a mom is hard...yada yada. Hormones. You know. 

Spinelli tries to tell Britt not to go out with Cody. Cody overhears gives Spin a dirty look. He comes over . Not a lot happens. It's dull. 

Sam asks Maxie what the deal is with Spinelli being so weird. Maxie says nothing. Asks about Sam and Dante. Sam tells her Dante wants to move in together but she's not ready. 

Linc and Chase talk about a deal. Dante is on to Brook's plan. "Chase is no Quartermaine so don't drag him into your plans" . Brook then tells Linc and Chase maybe they'd better call it all off. 

OUTSIDE SHOOT: Michael and Dex meet at a dumpster in a car. It's really outside! Dex wants a raise. He says Sonny asked him to threaten a civilian. Oh the horror! LOL "it's a felony"! Michael won't turn in Sonny for jury tampering..but he does give Dex a raise. 


Cody says Spinelli is data mining his customers without their knowledge-- and is going to blackmail him again. Oh great :eyeroll: 

Nikolas calls Ava.. and she yells at him. She tells him that Esme isn't in GH in a bed or a morgue 

Sunday, August 7, 2022

Sunday Surgery: Whack a SchMole


Things were a bit violent  on GH this week or what!?? Valet Signs!! Parapets!! was wild. SO much happening, hard to fill it all in, that's for sure. 

Park it for a bit and enjoy! 
Photo thx to: @Soapspoilers 

Friday--Fill In Your Own

  I'm out today. Not that I'm upset about it! This week has just been draining for me when it comes to the show!! Hope it's at l...