Tuesday, April 30, 2024




Jason goes into a new bar (???) I think? The Black Dog? To talk to Dex about Sonny. Jason says that Joss talked to him. Dex says he needs no protection. Oh, it's the BROWN Dog. Jason asks where the zip drive is with the shipment is. Dex said destroyed. Jason also wants to know when Sonny started to 'go wrong". They talk about HUME..and the shipment and Valentin. 

Drew and Nina are all done with zex and Willow knocks on the door. Then they put their clothes on and shuffle around. Nina almost missed a meeting with a congressman but he cancelled. Then Willow tries the door. Finally Drew lets her in. It's all suspicious. Then Willow surprises everyone by saying if DREW can forgive Nina then SHE CAN TOO! YEP!! Well then!! Then she asks about the charity and decides it will be a good fit. 

Sasha cooks her first meal for the Qs. Michael, Wiley, Olivia and Leo are going to try it. They side eye it. She takes some to Cody who LOVES it. She tells him about the job Olivia offered her. He's happy. Sasha all of a sudden kisses CODY! WHAT!? 

Leo, Wiley, Michael and Liv all love the chicken dish. IT's a hit. They offer her the job. Olivia realizes something is up with Sasha and Cody and says they can't be sneaking into each other's rooms when there are kids in the house. 

Eva LaRue goes in to talk to Maxie about Deception. Maxie defends her company and the people that work there. She's worried that Brook Lyn is doing too much between being Alison's music manager and Deception. She's worried because of how bad Link was. She's just watching out for her. 

Valentin and Anna talk at the Metro Bar. He's smooth talking her about how great she is. Charlotte went to boarding school again. She wanted to get out of Port Charles. He misses Anna. He asks her to dinner. Anna gets a text from Jason to meet him at The Brown Dog. 

Anna tells Dex he's going to the Police Academy. Anna and Jason talk. He says Valentin was talking to Hume the day Sonny was shot at. Anna says that's impossible.

OMG NINA RUNS into Maxie and is so happy about Willow talking to her and drops that she and Drew had sex! ahahaha Maxie's like WHAT NOW? hahahha


Anna finds out for sure that Valentin is working for Pikeman if not IS Pikeman. Takes him up on his offer for dinner. 

Monday, April 29, 2024



Ava is there to see Nikolas. They talk about her living with Sonny. She said it was for protection but now it's more. She likes the stability with Avery. Nik thinks it's because she's in his inner circle. She's like: YEP! Goes on and on about she knows him better than Nina and she can make Carly wait outside instead of the other way around. She likes the power. She also tells Nik that Sonny is on 1/4 dosage and she wants to figure out who's doing it and protect him. Nik is like WHOA you haven't TOLD HIM YET????? 

Valentin is there to see Brennan. They talk about Sonny's meds being reduced. Valentin says that's going well and he's isolated. They talk about Jason and how he got into Pikeman in the first place. They finally realize it must have been a government agency. They also say since Sonny hates Jason right now, they should kill Jason and blame Sonny. Tread lightly tho says Brennan. HE also said Anna's been poking around. Val says don't worry about her.

Anna goes to Jason to debrief him about Pikeman. She suspects Valentin. They talk about the WSB in the '80s and she thinks he's still close to Brennan. It's hard for her because she's not very objective when it comes to Valentin. She tells him about shooting Charlotte. Cries. Wants Jason to figure out Valentin. 

Drew is meeting with Willow and Michael about Aurora. He thought about Willow as a spokesperson for a charity they are representing. It's a bone marrow place. Michael is like: She's a private person. SHUT UP Michael. UGH. Willow is going to think about it. Nina walks in. Willow and Michael about plow her over to leave LOL. Nina is mad that Carly won't let her redo her office like she wants. She wants Drew to tell her their plan of revenge. Then they have Zex. yep.

Jagger is in The Metro, finds out Carly is 1/2 owner again. He finds out Jason gave it to her. BORING. They keep talking. He ends up in the Warehouse with Anna and Jason. Is pissed because the Pikeman thing is taking so long. He says hurry it up or he'll press RICO charges on Carly. 

Kristina asks Dex if he was ordered to kill Cyrus by Sonny. HE says he can't say. She says THEN HE DID! He says YEP. She asks him if he noticed Sonny got more erratic and angry. He said after the shooting in PR. Then Joss comes along and asks Kristina if she's ok. Kristina says that Joss was right about Sonny. Leaves. Joss stays to talk to Dex. Says she's sorry about telling Krissy about the hit on Cyrus. He says it's ok. She wonders how the academy is doing. He says ok. 

Sunday, April 28, 2024

Sunday Surgery: KIss The Cook


GH just keeps getting weirder and weirder!! I never know what I'm going to see when I tune in and while that's usually a GOOD thing, this is just making me shake my head. Maybe I should watch after a few cocktails and then it will all come together??  

Why don't I just have a Tequila Sunrise this morning? It might make this whole blog writing easier! 

Friday, April 26, 2024

Bad Art from a Bad Man


Sonny wants to commission an art piece for the city and Laura asks him "Why would you think we would be interested in THAT"? Then Ava steps out and Sonny asks Laura what's wrong. (Ava listens in the wings tho). He says he'd like a nice painting his kids can look at in City Hall and be proud. Laura asks if they'll be proud once the find out he had a man beat almost to death. Sonny's like: WHAT? aren't we friends? Sonny reminds her they are connected by Spencer and Rocco. She says he's killed people and been terrible his whole life and she's looked the other way. She can't do it anymore. His donating to GH or the City isn't going to erase it anymore. :eyeroll: Goes on and on. Cyrus' crimes don't negate his. Who's going to protect his girls from him? Then she says she hopes he does the right thing. The City WON'T ACCEPT his donation ...not while she's mayor! She stomps out. Ava comes out from the "back" and acts all "Where's Laura"?! 

Molly goes to see Alexis to talk about Kristina. Tells her about Joss and the fight and TJ being upset. She wants Alexis to talk to Krissy. 

Leo is eating a Lunchable because he's sick of Yuri's PB and Js. Tracey scolds Olivia because she's too buy too cook and thinks they need to hire someone. Olivia says she can feed her family. Tracey pushes. Olivia says fine, they can hire a cook but SHE gets to pick them. 

Sasha is at The Metro. Carly asks her if she wants a job. Sasha says thank you and maybe, but she's still looking for something that "feels right". OH! Then Olivia comes in and talks to Sasha about being the COOK FOR THE Q'S. Um... OKAY? Oh yeah, Sasha LOVES to cook! wow. In FACT she USED TO WORK IN A KITCHEN! In the HAMPTONS! Olivia loves that and thinks it's the universe telling them she should work for her at the Qs. Plus, Cody is there. 

Nina and Carly talk about the Metro Sale. Then they both drag Ava because Nina tells her he knew Jason and Sonny were not friends anymore and didn't tell her. 

Finn thinks Gregory might need an in-home health care person. Greg freaks out and says nope. Finn says what if he was a temp paralysis and can't dial 911. Greg won't listen. Then Finn leaves and Tracey comes in to visit. He's still mad. She says in-home care might be a good idea. His pride isn't worth Violet's well being.  Also, it might be good if he goes to Turning Woods assisted living. 

Finn goes to talk to Alexis about Gregory because I guess Elizabeth was busy. He tells her is concerns. She says he should go to an AA meeting to take care of himself. 


Carly and Nina agree that AVA is BAD BAD BAD for Sonny

Greg thinks Staying at Finn's with a health worker is better than going to Turning Woods

Sonny is sad because Laura isn't loyal to him anymore

Sasha gets to be the Q cook and have room and board!! 

Thursday, April 25, 2024

And He's Gone -

 And just like that.... 


Cripes! First Carly says "The finest hotel in Western NY" and then Nina is doing a Crimson shoot at Highmark Stadium (BILLS) ..WHAAAAAAAT. HOLLAH!! 

OK, So, Carly's at the Metro all back and ready to work. Kristina is wondering what's happening. She thinks Sonny bought it back for her. Carly says NOooooooooo. And he  yelled at me about it. They talk about how moody he is lately. Then Kristina mentions what Joss said about Sonny/Dex/Cyurs. Carly says not to ask questions she won't want the answers to. 

TJ is freaked out that Krissy stopped by "LATE" to talk to Molly and that she was upset. (Oh my god, come on). He goes on and on about Kristina and THEN says since the day she became pregnant he's worried about Sonny being in their lives! Molly says Sonny's basically related to the entire town. She leaves for court. 

Drew sees Nina and says he put in a good word with Willow for her. They talk about the Highmark photo shoot. Then he laughs and asks if her plan to sell the hotel to Jason made Sonny like her again. THEN he notices she has no rings on. He tries to flirt with her and mentions the "45 minutes they spent together" and she says get out. 

Kristina comes in after Drew leaves. They talk about Nina selling the hotel and Nina is like: Ava's fault because I thought it would make Sonny happy. Then she tells her Ava took her place at the penthouse and pushed her to call the SEC. "Ava's playing the long game". Then they talk about Sonny drinking while on his meds "And AVA pours them" says Nina. 

Ava goes into Sonny's office and says look who I found outside: IN comes ST. JAYSUS. Jason comes in and says that Sonny has no connections left with his family. Ava leaves. Sonny says he already knows he bought the Metro for Carly. Jason says that's not why he's there. Talks about Joss telling Krissy he ordered Dex to finish off Cyrus. Sonny smacks the desk.  Jason keeps saying if he kills Dex it will hurt Krissy because she'll know he did it. Sonny tells him to shut up, he takes care of his kids unlike Jason. 

Laura and Trina are in Laura's apartment and Laura is harried.  The nanny has the day off and Trina offers to help with Ace. Twitter goes CRAZY PANTS lol Trina goes to the park with Ace. Laura ends up in..Ava's Gallery? WEIRD. Anyway, they talk about Trina and then Ava tells Laura she's at Sonny's for protection. Laura's face isn't happy. She's like "You call Sonny's HOME now"?  Ava says Avery does and she's happy. 

TJ sees Trina at the park and says it's nice to see her happy. He bitches about Kristina to her. Lordy. 

WE found out that Nikolas was being transferred out of state today. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

The Never-Ending Night


Joss visits Jason. She talks to him about telling Krissy about Dex going to kill Dex. OH! We have a new fire escape set! Jason says most kids think their parents are better than they are --or something like that. She says she was cruel to Kristina tonight. Jason finds out Dex is going to be a police officer and says that's not a good thing. 

Krissy visits Molly and is upset about what Joss told her about Sonny ordering Dex to kill the "broken down old man" Cyrus. Cripes. Molly KNOWS he did but... ??  Kristina says how much good her Dad has done and he'd never hurt someone like that--unprovoked. Molly is all side-eye because she has the file and statement Cyrus made LOL 

Sam shows up to Chases' party.. after Chase leaves.  She bitches about Jason and Danny. And keeps bitching. 

Dex is sad the other cops were mean to him. Anna talks to him about it. She says worth the trouble to become a cop. Anna thinks Dex will make a great police officer. 

Oh yeah, Drew and Jordan are talking too. Not sure about what. Nothing really. 

Lois, Tracey and Brook make it home. Tracey goes off to bed. Then Lois and Brook talk about the seating chart. Then Lois talks about her wedding and then how much she loves Chase.

Gregory is on the couch with oxygen when Chase and Finn get home. Violet's freaked out. She had to get his machine and help him so didn't call Finn right away. Chase is worried about the wedding because it's supposed to be next week. 

Chase goes to the Q house. Tracey is up. He says he's not sure that Greg can officiate. Tracey won't believe it and says talk to him. Then Greg calls and tells Tracey to tell the kids they will NOT cancel the wedding. 


Jason promises to keep an eye on Dex and won't let Sonny kill him 

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Party Time!


Happy Tuesday!!Here we go!! 

So there's a new set!! Surf Lounge or something? Stella, Trina and Joss are eating there before going to the bach party. 

New set it looks like... ??? Stella , Trina and Joss are eating out and I have no clue about it. Anyway, Joss tells them about the shower and Stella tells them to go. Trina can go out with her anytime. Trina is hesitant to go-- Joss is like You'll have fun! We will leave if it's not good. 

Bach Party: Curtis, Drew, Michael, Dex, Chase, NED! Bennett, Anna, Jordan, Dante... few other PCPDers. They are at the Ax throwing place. Dante and Bennett give Dex the stink eye. Bunch of banter.  Chase gets a Red Sox baseball from the force and Dante is sad to give it to him because he's a Yankees fan. Finn gives him cuff links. Then Dex walks over to the "squad" guys (you know, the desk guy and other PCPD extras) and they turn their backs on him!! Dante sees it. He tells them that Dex saved his life. They don't care LOL. Then speeches. Very nice. 

BTW, Det. Bennett's first name is: Calvin! 

Savoy: Tons of ladies. Tracey, Brook, Lois, Olivia, Krissy, Blaze.Sasha, Maxie, Willow- and then Lois says she forgot about the music LOL. Spin walks in and Lois says: "OMG he's not the stripper, is he"?? Spin is there to set up the music. Maxie says she has to check the play list. They play a bunch of games which I'd say are shower games more than bach games but---???? It's cute. Tracey wins the one game and beats Lois. Joss and Trina come. Gifts are given: Joss/Tri a Metro Court Spa Day and Lois gives her a brooch that Brook loved when she was a girl.  Spinelli takes a bunch of photos of people with props. Krissy and Blaze kiss in their photo and I bet it will leak!  Everyone dances. It's fun.. Olivia and Lois are great.  Then Joss tells Tracey that Bobbie would have danced and a drunk Tracey is like: YOU ARE CORRECT and gets out there. 

Kristina and Joss fight about Sonny. Joss says You don't know what he did to Dex, do you? She tells her about sending Dex being sent to kill Cyrus. Krissy looks shocked. 

Monday, April 22, 2024



I have a meeting at 3:15 so I will be on here as long as possible. I have to get ready and such so..?? We shall see. 

Lois and Maxie are doing Brook's party decor at The Savoy. Maxie complains about Lucy and says she wants to hold up the new skin care line to name it after her. Lois says just name it "Deception" and Maxie likes it.  Then Joss and Willow come in.  Lois invites Joss, Trina and Stella to stop by the party. Drew comes in. Willow asks him to give Amelia swimming lessons. 

Nina's in her office and bitches to Madison about Friends betraying her and Ava walks in. Ava says she's sorry, she didn't know Sonny would react that way. Nina wonders how long Ava's been playing her and betraying her. "Ever since you told me to turn in Carly and Drew to the SEC"?? Ava's like I never did that! Nina says you suggested a LOT and I did it. You just wanted Sonny for yourself. Good stuff, I can't type it all up but Nina basically says that Ava likes being in the 'Circle of Trust" and being seen by Sonny. OMG YOU HAVE TO WATCH this scene. Ava tells Nina she has no idea what kind of man Sonny is and "MIKE from Nixon Falls" is fiction. WOW. 

NINA signs the divorce papers!! 

Sonny is questioning Carly about why she let Jason buy her back her hotel but not him-- and she was like "Deal with it" LOL He says she didn't take it from him and why not. She said it was guilt for breaking up the marriage. He says SHE broke up the marriage. She says NOPE you slept with Nina, how's that working out for you? They yell.. blah blah He says basically Carly and Jason betrayed him. He sounds pretty unhinged. He says if it wasn't for Michael, Dex wouldn't have been working for him to get evidence in the first place. Then she says he's done with Carly. He never thought she'd abandon him. 

Jason tells Danny that he's not mad about him being in his room. Danny wants him to keep it a secret. Danny is upset that Sam wants to keep him away from his father. 

Kristina and Sam are building a table and Krissy says that she's concerned about Sonny. He's pushing everyone away, including close family. Kristina just doesn't like Ava around Sonny especially after the part she played in Morgan's death. Sam tells her to cool it with Sonny, not her business. Then Jason and Danny show up. Sam's pissed. Krissy takes Danny out so Sam and Jason can talk. Sam lays into Jason about being with Danny. He's like: UM HE CAME TO ME! She thinks they have to control his impulses. Jason says you mean "Control HIM". She's like YEAH!  He says sorry. She says she's sorry for a lot of things. 

Danny and Kristina talk in The Coffee Corner. He thinks Sam is keeping him prisoner. She's like she just wants to protect him. 

MONTAGE OF SONNY AND NINA she takes off her rings. 

Sunday, April 21, 2024

Sunday Surgery: FALSE DOSAGE


MESS. That's all I have right now. I actually turned off the show on Tuesday after the Brick and Jordan nonsense. Only watched Wednesday by FF on Hulu. Such confusing and confounding dialog. 

Get your goods and let's go! 

Saturday, April 20, 2024



GH Scored only 4 acting nominations this year. Two for best actress, one for best supporting actor and one for guest actor.  

Certainly they are all deserved but where are the others? Since I don't watch the other shows, I'm going to have to rely on those that do to tell me what I'm missing here. Nick Chavez? Any of our outstanding women we have as supporting? No Jon Lindstrom? Who submitted what?!!! 

There was also a nom for "Best Original Song" For Jophielle Love's "Shine" .

GH did get noms for both writing and Daytime Show. Not hard when there are 5 (FreeVee Neighbours got one as well!) I don't want to hear anything about the writing nom. I think with the strike and everything that happened, it was warranted. I know a lot don't share that emotion and you're welcome to your opinion. 

BTW, at least it wasn't nominated for best editing!

Friday, April 19, 2024



SO, let's see. Sonny's yelling about Dex betraying him and saying he's going to take him out. HE says Michael betrayed him, so did Carly AND HE'S DONE WIDT ALL OF THEM! DONE! Then he gets teary mentioning Jason. Says Nixon Falls broke it all. Ava sticks up for Carly and Michael. He won't hear of it. Also thinks Carly could have known Jason was alive and never told him. They decide to go out to dinner and show everyone he's ok and not hiding. 

Joss is telling Anna not to let Dex be a cop because Sonny will kill him. Then she says that Sonny had an FBI agent beat up last night. Anna says Joss can't know that. Joss cries and tells Anna if Dex gets killed don't GIVE HER HIS FLAG off his COFFIN at the funeral. 

Anna calls Molly. Gives her the statements that Dex and Cyrus made against Sonny. Molly's like: WHY ME? Anna says Robert hates him too much and it's too personal. Molly says it's personal to her too! Anna says TOO BAD, when she's ready to pull the trigger, she wants Molly to do it. She'll tell Robert to assign it to HER. I guess so Sonny won't kill Molly???? No Anna gives this weird long reason. I don't get it. 

Diane goes to see Nina and Nina says she's going to sell the hotel to Jaysus.  Drew comes in and tells her to wait. She says no and signs it. Diane leaves. Drew asks Nina why she sold. She says it's part of the plan to get Sonny back. Um, OKAY? She tells Drew that she hopes selling the hotel to Sonny's BEST FRIEND will help her. Drew snickers and says "good luck with that" and leaves. 

Jason is at Kelly's in his room and Carly comes in and sees his sleeve tattoooooo. "WHY do you have those" she asks. He says he was lonely. Started thinking about Danny, Jake... then Sam and Liz and the guy was doing the tattoo. Then when it was 1/2 done he thought about Monica and finally let himself think of Carly. Oh brother. They talk about missing each other and yada yada. Carly touches his tatt and says she likes it. They go downstairs to take care of the gas company. Diane walks in and tells Carly Jason bought her 1/2 of the hotel. Carly's taken aback, won't take it. Jason said it would have NEVER have happened if he wasn't there so take it. She does. They hug. 

Danny sneaks into Jason's room at Kelly's. HE tries on his leather jacket. LOL. At the end of the show, Jason sees Danny in his coat. 

Brook talks to Lois about Chase selling his truck to go on the honeymoon. Then they talk about Brook's trust fund. ALL of that is behind us. 

THE METRO:  Sonny and Ava talk to Olivia a bit and get a table. Carly runs in and tells Olivia she has her 1/2 of the Metro back. They hug and jump. Sonny looks dead pan and Ava's like, whatever. Nina walks in all happy. Sonny says to Carly: You, Jason and Nina; liars and traitors. Nina looks so upset, then sees Ava. Figures it out. She'll lay into her Monday. 


Thursday, April 18, 2024

Hair Day --BUT I'M HERE!


Today is my hair-- I know, I know!! David thinks it's all the time but it's really every 6 weeks!! That said, I might be out in time but... not sure I'll want to watch. I'm telling you Tuesday's show and last week's episodes are just NOT IT. 

SO, If I'm here I'll blog..if not, SO SORRY !!

We all need to send Sonya Flowers!! 


OMG Dex training montage had me ROLLING... Guitar RIFFS!! ROCK AND ROLL Cheese ahahahaha. Then Det. Bennett comes in with the results for Anna. Dex scored in the 99th percentile EVER for any cadet EVER. ahahhaha He still has reservations about him thinks that Dex might be good but he might need police protection. 

Trina and Ava have coffee. Ava calls the lab back when Trina leaves. The lab guy says that "her husband" is getting about 1/4 the dose he should be. 

Lois and Sonny talking about Lois' wedding. She thinks he's "off".  She wants him to come to the wedding. He's like: NOPE. She's like: YEP. HE says he'll go. Ava comes home. Lois tells her Lucy's a good real estate agent. Lois leaves. Ava asks if he's taken his meds yet and if they make him sleepy. He says they used to.. now he's used to them so no. She just looks at him and stares while he takes them. Then they talk about her seeing Trina and Ava tells him about Dex joining the PCPD. HE freaks out. 

Cyrus makes a statement to Anna about the  night Sonny attacked him. He signs it. 

Michael shows up at Bobbie's to "HELP" and asks Carly about her "new boyfriend".  They laugh. Say Nina's stupid for thinking anything was going on with her and Jagger. Then Jagger comes in. Some weird exchange between him and Carly and he thinks she may have been the one to set up his beating. BUT he flirts with her and gives her his phone number. JUST DUMB

Bachelor party: Brook took The Savoy so Chase has to have his at the Ax throwing place. Chase invites Dex. Dante isn't happy. 

Cyrus recognizes Dex in the PCPD lobby. Stares at him. They talk and Dex apologizes. 

Lois talks to Finn about the rehearsal dinner and making sure she's copied on all the emails to Tracey about it. Then asks how his Dad is doing. HE says not good. Lois suggests she get a back up for Greg if he can't talk at the wedding but she'll do it quietly.

Wednesday, April 17, 2024



So, yesterday, Canada got one show, we got another. I sort of watched the "Canada" show on Twitter and see no reason to watch it today. 

I know Laura tries to talk Cyrus into pressing charges against Sonny. Um--even tho LULU is still in a coma, but whatever. 

Then Alexis and Finn have a talk and it shows that they have more chem than Liz and Finn ever did.

ALSO--- everyone thinks Gregory should have been Jeff Webber. 

There you have it! Sonya will fill in the blanks! 

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Canada VS USA

 NOTE: Canadian viewers saw a different show today ! IT had Finn, Liz, Violet. LOL not sure what happened! 

Brick sees Sonny. Sonny is the one that had Jagger beat up.  He hates Cates. Tells Brick he's not smart and gutless. Talks about him not being able to deal with Stone's illness so Sonny had to step up. Then Brick mentions Dex. He says he failed with him. Sonny tells him that Michael hired him. Then they laugh about Ava being around. Brick leaves.

Ava walks in. She tells Sonny she saw Nina "Nina wants you" she says. They eat. He says he's sorry she had to 'go through that". 

Laura and Jordan talk about Cyrus. She's basically asking if Jordan thinks Cyrus is reformed. Then about Sonny and him beating up Cyrus. I have absolutely no idea where this convo is going. Laura leaves. Then Brick comes in and brings Jordan flowers. Asks her if she can come out and play. Dear GOD. Tells her he's so sexy she'll have to sign a waiver. Tells her that since he saw her taxes 'He can show her his" with a sly grin. THIS IS GROSS AND DISGUSTING. 

Joss and Trina are jogging and having fun and DEX comes along --shirtless. Trina finds out he's working for the PCPD. She's surprised. She's also not sure why Dex and Joss broke up. She says Spencer is dead, they need to make up because they love each other and are here. Trina leaves. Joss talks about how great it is to have Jason back. Dex misses her...

Maxie is upset about Lucy's performance on the HandH show. Felicia says it was bad LOL Maxie says Deception is back in the black but she's running almost the entire company. Fe wants to know who's taking care of HER.  Maxie says no one..Felicia is concerned. Then they talk about Maxie and Spinelli. Felicia finds out they kissed and Maxie says she loves him but doesn't want to break his heart again.

Greg goes to the doctor. Dr. Cramer is in an emergency and TJ takes over the appointment.  Greg talks about his medications and Finn is taking good care of him. Then they talk about TJ and Molly and the baby (due in August). Greg knows because of Alexis. 

Yeah I couldn't watch the rest. 

Monday, April 15, 2024

Seating Chart


Well, here we go---hold my hand, ok? LOL 

Ava is waiting for Nina in her office. Looks at Sonny's pills in her purse and decides to CALL A LAB to have hem ANALYZED because ... ?? They didn't make her drowsy? THIS is the worst/dumb thing ever. Nina comes in and wants to talk to Ava about how the whole "Project Getting Sonny back with Nina" is going. Ava says it takes time. Nina wants to know if she thinks selling her 1/2 of the hotel to Jason would help the situation. She thinks selling the hotel to his "Best Friend" would help. AVA LIES like a rug and says: YES, they are just like brothers so do it! OH WOW

Anna's in her office looking at her Pikeman suspect list--Valentin is on there. Jagger walks in all beat up. She's concerned. He says it happened by the Warehouse. He thinks Jason might be working with Sonny. She says NOPE, he hates Jason. She says Jason is using himself for bait to bring out Pikeman so Jagger should go easy on him. 

Lucy is on Home and Hearth and only talking about the Nurses' Ball and Morgan Fairchild is like "Um we are not here for that" -- Brook and Maxie are freaking out. Scotty gets called there but Lucy STILL only wants to talk about the Nurses Ball. It's embarrassing. Truly. 

Lois and Greg talk about the wedding at the Qs. She blabbers on and on about food, heat lamps, yada yada. Then Brook Calls her because she can't get a hold of Sasha. 

Tracey goes to ride her horse and OMG but the saddle was stored wrong! Cody is in trouble!!!!!!!! BUT Sasha fixed it with some oil and stuff and she's a hero! Lois runs in and gets Sasha and drives her to the TV studio. Sasha gets there and saves the day. 

Carly talks to Jason. He thinks Sonny still loves her. She leaves and Jason follows her to the warehouse. He says of course Sonny loves her. She says NO .. NINA! Then she said that Sonny didn't even notice Jason was really gone. Then she talks about walking in on Sonny and Nina having zex. She says she could have stayed out of the SEC thing if she flipped on Sonny but didn't. Jason wonders how. She says Michael had information about him and the guns. Jason asks where the evidence went. Carly says she destroyed it. Tells him about Sonny almost killing Dex. She says Sonny just cut everyone off even though she's helped him so much. He doesn't appreciate it. Jason says HE appreciates her. They hug. They decide not to turn their backs on Sonny. Carly says it may have been easier if she never fell for Sonny and just kept loving him. HE says he likes how they are now. So does she. 

Then Tracey comes in and she and Greg can talk. He doesn't have a plus one because Alexis backed out because of her lawyer stuff. He can sit by her at the family table. Aww

Sunday, April 14, 2024

Sunday Surgery: Samurai Scripting


YEP, me with a Migraine after GH 

Well, LAST week I was in LOVE with this show. THIS WEEK? Holy Christmas On A Cracker what in the hell kind of sushi blended mix up bizarro Twilight -Alfred Hitchcock did I walk into?? Seriously. 

BY THE WAY: If you didn't know this: NINA REEVES IS THE WORST and will probably be the reason the stock market crashes soon. 

I'm just going to eat fruit salad bathed in gin for this one.. we are ALL going to need it. 

Let's GO GO 

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Thursday/Friday Interruptus

So, here's my situation. I have to be off for Thursday and Friday for work then personal reasons. ERGO, as you know--I won't blog unless a miracle happens. I WILL watch the shows to be able to spout off on Sunday Surgery so don't you worry about that!

I feel like the show is trying REALLY hard to be 'different' with so many of the characters and stories it's just teeww much. I did love it last week and was so excited and this week felt like some middle-schooler wrote most of the scenes like a horny teenager. Yep. 

I also think that Ava would have had her own stash of sleeping pills  or something like it. Why wouldn't she have Googled the medication? You don't rando go into someone's drawer and start taking stuff. It it has said "Xanax" (or generic) yeah, I can see it. But if you look at what she did take it's not even his bipolar meds. It's a made up muscle relaxant because of how it ends. ANYWAY-- that's my 2 cents. 

See you soon. 

Play nice! 

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Spontaneous Combustion


Sonny and Jason argue in the warehouse. Sonny says Jason was gone 2 years, he can't have 1/2 the business back. Sonny says he can't trust Jason and if he doesn't go away, he'll have to TAKE HIM OUT. :eyeroll: Sonny tells Jason he HAS to tell him everything about when he  was gone. Jason says the FBI wanted him to go after someone but not Sonny and he can't say who. It would negate the deal. Sonny asked how many times Jason tried to kill him. Jason is like "NONE or you'd be dead".  Then he tells Sonny that PC is his home and he's there for good and at the Warehouse too. Sonny says he needs protection from Jason. Then Jason asks if he's taking his meds. Sonny says he is like "clockwork" and he's not having a breakdown. Also tells Jason to take the warehouse and 'rot in it". Threatens to END HIM if he doublecrosses him again. 

Ava can't sleep..she gets up. She goes through Sonny's bathroom to try to find something to help her sleep. She sees his Rx for bipolar meds. WEIRD. She takes 2 because they make you "drowsy". Then she lays in bed and is like: HUH.. these are doing nothing for me. Why do you take them? 

Krissy and Blaze are watching a movie on the couch in PJs and eating popcorn. They talk about Blaze being the face and her mother not wanting her private life to get out. Yada yada, gay.. yada. Krissy is worried because Ava's living with her Dad. She says Ava is a Jerome and craves power. She thinks she's slithering into Sonny's life. 

Drew and Nina after glow. She asks him "why did you do that? Did you plan it"? (after she asked him to... he says he really wants her to lose everything (even her LOOKS).. and it's stupid. She says he HAS to put her on the board of Aurora now and he says "You think 45 minutes on my carpet is going to do that"? Then says "rug burns" or something and I threw up.  UGH. It's just sad writing. He figures out Nina's still hung up on Sonny. He mentions that Sonny never even thinks of her. "He has a new roomie". She says Ava's only staying there for protection. He's like: You're so dumb. 

Carly bitches that the ice machine on Jagger's floor is broken because if SHE WAS STILL IN CHARGE no way would it not work. Oh brother. She wants to stay there because he might have a concussion and he won't go to GH. She says she knows he was tracking Jason. He says no, it was actually Diane. Then they flirt. He's going to buy her a glass of wine. He falls asleep.

Laura put Ace down to bed. She tries to talk to Kevin who's just reading his iPad and not paying attention. She is sad Ace won't have siblings and such. Kevin is reading about chemical abnormal behavior with Heather's cobalt poisoning. Maybe they can reopen her case? UGH. They talk about raising Ace and being in love. 

Curtis walked up the stairs and he and Curtis sit on the bed and talk. She tells him about Laura and Kevin at GH and making getting Heather out of jail. They are going to make ze wub. He also says they should take a honeymoon because they never got one. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2024



Well, we had clouds yesterday but watching it get pitch dark was amazing!! Today it's 78 degrees and fabulous of course. It was nice Sunday too. Mother nature hates Rochester!! LOL 

Jason takes Diane to his new office at the Coffee Warehouse --it used to be Sonny's. He still owns 50% of the company and after paperwork is done, he'll still own it. He asks about his estate-- and Diane says it's still in probate. Jason asks why Carly is running Bobbie's and such and Diane says: NINA. Then goes on to tell Jason in a very ONE SIDED way the story and makes Carly look like sad little match girl that Nina bulldozed over. Cripes. 

Millow are out to The Metro for their anniversary and Nina sees them. She sends over Champagne and they aren't happy. Willow says she though they could go to The Metro and eat and NOT HAVE TO SEE NINA. UGH. Nina snatches up the champagne. I hate Millow. Michael gives her a bracelet. Then Willow whines about being SO BUSY and never seeing the kids (? ?HUH???) and she's missing them growing up. Michael says HEY! You could do charity work like Lila did instead. 

Drew calls Carly to have her tell Jason that the FBI visited him. He tells her to be careful around Jason. Olivia storms in and tells Carly MEAN NINA fired Pierre without asking her first and that Nina is THE WORST. Then NINA painted all the bathrooms a color Olivia didn't approve of. That MONSTER! She leaves. Some lady comes in to deliver documents to Diane who is supposed to be meeting with Jason there but Carly says she'll take them to the Coffee Warehouse. 

Carly takes the papers but sees Jagger getting beat in an alley and honks the car horn. Thugs run. She hops out and he's beaten.  She takes him to her car. Then she takes him to The Metro to help him recover. He won't go to GH. 

Kristina goes to see Sonny and Ava answers the door. Says she can't--he's resting. THEN SONNY WALKS OUT! ahahahaha. Pffffffft. Ava gets Kristina water and then hands Sonny a giant drink. Kristina's eyes pop out. Kristina talks about Blaze and then Nina being back at Crimson. Sonny's like WHY would Drew hire HER back?! Ava looks suspicious. Krissy leaves. Sonny asks Ava if she knew about Crimson. Ava says no. They almost kiss. Diane comes in and tells him that Jason is taking his 50% of the company and then Sonny storms out. 

Sonny tells Jason to get out of the warehouse. 

Nina goes up and CRIES TO DREW (DREW..yep) about Michael being mean to her. She begs him to help her. She wants to be on the board of Aurora and then 'Michael will have to deal with her" and it would drive Carly crazy. They fight. Yell, then DREW'S SHIRT LIKE FLIES OPEN!! ahahhaa then HE TAKES IT OFF AND THROWS IT AT NINA! AHAHAHAHA. The worst dialog in the world happens and they have sex on the desk. 

Monday, April 8, 2024



No new GH today. For our Canadian Friends, there's an encore presentation. So, enjoy the day wherever you are! I'll be out in my front yard and HOPEFULLY the clouds will be FEW! 

Sunday, April 7, 2024

Sunday Surgery: Share a Cup


Stella and Tracey are all ready for Sunday Surgery--are you!!? 

Although the week was inconsistent, I actually enjoyed tuning in and watching--even if there wasn't a lot going on "excitement" wise. I haven't said that in a long time. The movement and dialog really intertwined and because characters are starting to morph, I never really knew what was going to come out of their mouths! (that's a good thing)!!

Grab what ya got and let's go go!

Friday, April 5, 2024

Donut Delights


I didn't watch yesterday's show--just some clips. I really liked Portia reading Laura about Heather. I mean, COME ON. 

Dante is home . Rocco and Scout come in but Danny isn't with them. DUN DUN DUN Oh, he was getting donuts to celebrate. Dante and Sam talk about Danny not seeing Jason. He thinks he should but will back up Sam on whatever she wants. The family then all eats donuts. 

ANNA visits Brennen at Pentonville. They talk about the past and he's surprised Anna's police commmish. She mentions Pikeman. She wonders how he could be the head of the WSB AND Pikeman. He says she must think he's good. Anna is talking about the weapons going through the WSB and it makes sense he did it. He says he's being framed. She wants a name. He says he doesn't have one. 

Jordan goes to see Drew at Aurora about 'promoting the city of Port Charles"  She's happy he's doing it and she feels good about their partnership. Jagger BARGES in to ask Drew questions about Jason Morgan. He says that Drew can't associate with Jason because he's also a felon or something. 

Molly is in Bobbie's. Carly and she talk about the trial. Carly's ok that Molly was ADA on the case because Dante cleared Jason so all is good. Molly and Krissy sit down. Kristina says she got her ultrasound and Molly says she's sorry TJ And her COULDN'T BE THERE???????? HUH? 

Joss comes in to talk to Carly and says Hi to Molly but not Kristina. Joss tells Carly Dex wants to be a cop but Sonny will kill him if he is--and says Sonny needs to be put away forever. Kristina gets up and tells her to shut up about her father "he's done a lot for you". Joss says she was just his step daughter and he's a thug. She tells Molly to show Krissy the files on Cyrus and how Sonny beat him up and how many people he's had killed. Kristina gets upset. Molly tells Joss that Krissy is pregnant and don't be so mean. LOL 

Carly tells Joss she's too rage-filled and she made her choices. Joss says she still loves Dex and is afraid he'll get hurt being a cop. 

Brook tells Lois she's afraid she won't have a dress for the wedding. The seamstress says the fabric is too old and is falling apart, can't work with it. Lois is going to try to come up with a solution to use part of the dress. Then they both have to leave for appointments. 

Sonny is at the Metro Bar and Eva LaRue shows up. Chem test. like HUGE. He tells her about Dante and that he's better. He asks about Blaze. They talk about their daughters being gay AGAIN. 

I guess both Brook and Lois had appointments at the Metro because they see Sonny and Eva talking together at the bar.  
Sonny and Lois talk about Natalia and she says she can tell she's a stage mother. 

Eva/Natalia is mad that Brook was late and wonders if her wedding is going to interfere with her being Blaze's manager. Then she wants her to play bigger venues but Brook Lyn says that Blaze wants smaller venues. Mom is also afraid her private life will come out. 

Thursday, April 4, 2024

It's My Vacation Day!

I'm only gone ONE day this week even though it's Spring Break!! So No GH today. I really enjoyed the show yesterday --such good character movement! It all made sense --GH to Tracey and Stella having coffee. The weak part? Hayseed Cody and Sasha LOL 

Detective Bennett 

Anyway, here's some questions for you to answer!! 

1. What set is your favorite and why? 

2. What set would you just burn down if you could? 

3. Which character do you think is a secret online gambler? (you can't pick Cody LOL)

4. What animal do you think the Qs should add to the Horse House? 

5. What DATE do you think ChaLyn will finally marry? (we'll see who wins!!) 


Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Two Ladies Having Coffee


NO GH Monday due to eclipse coverage. Which is ok, because I'm in the TOTALITY PATH-- and will be having a little party with Half-Moon cookies and other delights. We will be on our deck grilling and then in the driveway gazing! 

Dante is still up and around, walking. Brook and Chase are talking to him. Chase asks him to be his groomsman. Then Sam comes in and they leave. She tells Dante how mad Jason made her about asking Danny not to tell her about his boathouse stuff. Shes' not sure she's changed or she'd just seeing him clearly for the first time. Kristina comes in, they see she's getting a bigger belly. Then Stella comes in and says Dante can go home. 
Dante and Sam talk about the fact Ava is still living with Sonny. He and Kristina both think it's weird. 

Sasha goes to the Horse house where Cody is mucking out the stalls. She is going to "find her purpose" by helping him. Dear GOD :Eyeroll: and she has on NEW bright RED overalls. They talk about horses. It's riveting. She says he should tell Mac and he's like no, he only likes horses or something. 

Tracey sees Greg at GH . She's there for her wellness check up, he's seeing a doctor for a follow up.

Liz does Greg's initial check in. He asks her in the future not to because he wants privacy and wants to keep things separate. The doctor says he's declining but with meds and such should be ok for the wedding in a month. Tracey sees him back in the hall. She says Alexis wouldn't be at the wedding if he didn't invite her. He has more tests to do. She flirts a lot with him. Then she goes to the coffee corner and sits with Stella to have coffee. Cute scene about the new Face of Deception and being older lol. 
Tracey talks about her mother having a lot of friends and she doesn't and Stella says " I take it you're more like your father" LOL! Tracey says the one friend she does have is "going through a lot" ...(Gregory) 

Liz goes to talk to Finn and says his dad still wants to do things for himself. He says he called his neuro buddy in the Ukraine and misses Doctors without Borders. She tells him about the JakeJason meeting. She ALSO says she doesn't know what she ever saw in Jason and why she thought he was enough. She's so happy she found Finn. Brook and Chase come in and say NOW they want to have a big wedding because Dante is better and can they manage? Liz and Finn say they will help them. 

Kristina goes in to see Nina and says what Nina did to Carly and Drew was messed up but she thinks it got out of control. She also knows how happy Nina made Sonny. She says she thinks he misses her because why else would Ava and Avery be there? Nina notices that Krissy is pregnant and she tells her she's having the baby for TJ and Molly. Then Blaze comes in with Maxie and Maxie tells Nina that Blaze is the new face of Deception. Krissy is PISSED. I guess because Blaze didn't tell her. 
Maxie and Nina talk. Nina wants to send Sonny a note of congratulations about the baby and Maxie says that's too desperate. Nina says she has a 'secret weapon". Maxie is like: AVA? you think she's going to help you and do something nice? Besides Maxie didn't like Nina as Mrs. Corinthos, she lost herself. 


Greg tells Chase never to call his doctor again

Brook and Chase talk about going to Palm Beach for their honeymoon

Tracey and Stella make a date to play Backgammon! 

Tuesday, April 2, 2024


 It's Tuesday--- and here I am because I'M NOT ON VACATION!! lol I will be out Thursday to visit my brother. 

Curtis stands up in his living room. Stella sees him and asks how long he's been able to do that. He says a little while but wants to surprise everyone. He doesn't want anyone to see him struggle, he just wants to walk and then tell them. Stella gives him a pep talk. Porita walks in. Stella leaves quick. Portia tells Curtis Dante is awake. 

Dex interviews with Detective Bennett about the PCPD Job. Bennett doesn't like him very much. Asks about the military and his private work. Wonders why Corinthos Coffee wasn't on the list. He tells him he didn't like Sonny's mob business and he got out and then went to Anna. Dex keeps harping on helping others and having purpose. 

Joss and Donna are making lasagna with Carly. Carly's happy because her BFF is back. Donna says "Jason"? They talk a bit then Michael and Wiley come over. The kids and Joss play a video game and Carly asks Michael if Jason was with him when he was on the lamb. Michael finds out Jason was a mob informant. He's stunned. Then Willow comes in and Michael goes to see Wiley. Carly thanks Willow for helping Jason. They talk about how great Jason is and Willow says she knows Drew broke up with Carly. Carly's like: Meh, no biggie LOL 

Jason visits Anna. She says he's still in trouble but off for murder charges. She says they have mutual goals now. She wants to know all about Pikeman. HE says he can't say. She says, because of John Cates? And she calls Cates into the office. Cates lays into Jason for telling Anna they are working together. Jason lays into him for not telling him they knew each other in HS and that he knows his mother. Jagger says he doesn't CARE HOW JASON FEELS, just get the job done. It goes on and Jagger wants Jason to be in PC as bait for Pikeman. Jason says no and Jagger says "want me to press charges on CARLY CORINTHOS for RICO violations"?? Anna's all @@! Jason says he'll do it but leave Carly OUT. Anna says she's on this case too. Jagger says Anna could be a suspect because she worked with Brennan in the '80s. She says "you think I put him in Pentonville to take over"? He says they have to figure out how to take Pikeman down and Jason will have to do it. And Jagger leaves. Anna says it all makes sense that Jason is an informant "to save Carly". He says she can never know. Anna asks why--and he just leaves. 

Drew visits Nina. Her new assistant, Madison lets him in (she's cute). I have no idea why they are bothering with this scene. It's a rehash and ..just pointless. I guess chem-testing? HE wants to WORK WITH HER ON THE FALL ISSUE ??? WHAT? Huh. Um...what. They keep yapping at each other. He brings up Nixon falls, the SEC...she brings up losing her daughters and Wiley and Sonny and she has nothing but Crimson. Then she gets an article to read and Drew wants it sent to him and he thinks they can work together. VERY weird scenes. EESH


Curtis stands and walks a bit to Portia

Carly and family eat and she's thankful for Dante getting well and Jason being home. 

Monday, April 1, 2024

2 Faces


It's GHTime after a wild ass'd Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Hope you saw my announcement below. What a great casting choice -- 


Jason sees Jake and Jake is like "Why are you here"? Wonders why he never called them or emailed. Jason said he would have if he could have. Jake lays into him about coming back and just "dropping in" ..."Playing Dad". Also doesn't know how long he'll be around. Tells him to leave. Liz walks him out. She says Jake isn't wrong but she's glad Jason is alive. 

Jake and Liz talk on the couch. She says not to be so angry with Jason. He says she's too nice. He wishes that his Dad didn't come back just to commit crime and not care about his family. 

Dante and Sonny talk about Jason and having the charges dropped. Sonny tells Dante Jason was working with the feds. Sonny says Jason is "dead to him" . Dante says maybe there's a reason. Sonny says he's not talking to Jason. That things after Nixon Falls and Jarly--and Sonny being involved with 'another woman' changed things forever. 

Jason visits Dante. Dante thanks him. He talks about the other guy and Jason tells him he's dead. Dante wonders if he's an FBI informant too. Jason says he never informed on Sonny and Sonny is safe. 

Alexis and Diane talking about getting her license back. Diane thinks she found a way. Neil's brother was on the board deciding about Alexis keeping her law license. Could be bias. Then Alexis gets cold feet and says The Invader is way easier work and she's afraid she'll drink again if she gets back into law. Then Adrian comes back in and bugs Alexis. She screams at him to get out and turns to Diane and is like: LET'S DO THIS. 

Anna talks to Det Bennett about Dex going to the Academy and sitting the written exam. Says he's ex-military and also worked for Sonny. He thinks she's crazy. She says it's an excellent opportunity for someone to work for them that was on the inside. 

Then Sonny visits Anna. She tries to brush him off by saying she's busy. He wants to know when they are charging Jason for just being on the roof that night. 

Deception: Blaze is going to sign the contract to be the New Face and Brook is happy, says it will help her music career. THEN Mama Eva LaRue comes in and looks over the contract and is like: HOLD UP. Starts going through it tooth/comb. Maxie and Lucy are like UT OH. Basically, Blaze doesn't want to do meet/greets or Home and Heart. She thinks there could be "2 faces". One for that part, one for print media. 


Anna LAYS INTO SONNY! OMG watch it. She says she's not arresting Jason but she MIGHT arrest Sonny for beating Cyrus! 

Eva tells the Deception team she doesn't want anything printed on Blaze's personal life (probably the gay thing) and Maxie senses something is up with that. 

Monica's Recast Announced


Meredith Baxter

This morning it was announced that television icon Meredith Baxter will be taking over the role of Monica Quartermaine. The show said that Leslie C. will formally announce her retirement in mid-April, then Meredith's first airing will be in early May.

Meredith has over 102 acting credits to her name. Most notably the TV shows Family, Family Ties, and The Betty Broderick Story.

There was no mention of storyline or what lies ahead for Meredith. What do you think about this casting? Comment below.

Finally: Tracey

  Portia and Elizabeth at GH. Portia heard about Gregory.  Liz says the family is taking it hard. Portia asks what is wrong but Liz says she...