Thursday, April 11, 2024

Thursday/Friday Interruptus

So, here's my situation. I have to be off for Thursday and Friday for work then personal reasons. ERGO, as you know--I won't blog unless a miracle happens. I WILL watch the shows to be able to spout off on Sunday Surgery so don't you worry about that!

I feel like the show is trying REALLY hard to be 'different' with so many of the characters and stories it's just teeww much. I did love it last week and was so excited and this week felt like some middle-schooler wrote most of the scenes like a horny teenager. Yep. 

I also think that Ava would have had her own stash of sleeping pills  or something like it. Why wouldn't she have Googled the medication? You don't rando go into someone's drawer and start taking stuff. It it has said "Xanax" (or generic) yeah, I can see it. But if you look at what she did take it's not even his bipolar meds. It's a made up muscle relaxant because of how it ends. ANYWAY-- that's my 2 cents. 

See you soon. 

Play nice! 


  1. Karen, New York Times had a piece on the Rochester eclipse viewing in today's paper

  2. making this short cause I literally so angry at Nina's character----
    ----she is insufferable! SHE slept with Drew and then accused Carly of sleeping with Cates and then BARGED into the meeting and announced it and before that she was insufferable with Alexis -------------- Drew, fire her butt! Writers, get rid of her - I don't think she is soapy at all anymore.
    -----okay a glimmer of hope - Anna doesn't believe Valentin, right? She asked him poignant questions about his friendship and then at the end she was soooooooooooo cool-----happy happy that Anna is tough again and she stopped crying!!!
    -----meanwhile Charlotte and the Tarot cards are no more I guess
    ------Lois, Brook Lynn, Chase were time fillers
    ------TJ (again) JUST NOW is thinking Krissy's surrogacy is a bad idea?
    ----I also didn't get it and then I did ------ JohnJag knows when Carly finds out HIS part with Jason't issues, he is dunzo......

    1. They have to be doing a who done it to kill Nina for May sweeps. I really like Cynthia and I like the ties she has. But like this? No thanks, and she can take Drew with her.

    2. oh gosh Linda - don't tease me and get my hopes up!

  3. Oh Karen I hope everything is okay!

    Good morning Port Chuckians! :)

    Metrocourt hotel/John's hotel room:

    John and Carly: Carly DID wake him up every couple of hours. :) The metrocourt hotel is falling apart! Did Nina fire all the staff and got new staff that are incompetent and inept? I mean geez what is with the giving people who are staying at the hotel food and not knocking on the door to let them know? I really really REALLY want to see the bathrooms at the metrocourt restaurant! :)

    Carly and Nina: Nina thinks Carly and John slept together! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Nina is harassing her. :) This would be a perfect time for a brawl! Heck everyday is perfect time for a Nina and Carly brawl!

    John and Carly: Chit chatting about Nina! Talking about how since he has is an FBI agent they can't be friends. As she is leaving she is smiling! :D

    The Q mansion:

    Brooky and Lois: Brooky is so skeered about Lila's wedding dress! Lois is trying to calm her down! Get her some Tribbles Lois! :)

    Brooky, Sandrine and Lois: Lois looks like a librarian in that dress, BUT I love her in it! She looks great. Brooky knows the dress isn't for her mom. Sandrine has a very pretty name. :) Oh hi Chase! :)

    Brase: FLORENCE ITALY! That is where they are going on their honeymoon! Awwwwwwwwwwww! :) Chase you are awesome!

    Alexis's office:

    Alexis and Nina: Nancy Lee Grahn sounds like she has a cold. Talking about that Dimwitt guy. Alexis wins the line of the day. Nina asks her do you know what it will say on your tombstone?

    Alexis: Death by frustration?


    Alexis and Molly: They talk about Heather's case and then Molly sees an envelope for Alexis. It's the appeal division of supreme court of New York!!!! Alexis is too nervous to open it and wants Molly to open it up! A hearing that's set!!!!!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSS! WOOT WOOT! Molly and Alexis hug and Molly says it's hope!!!! YES IT IS!!! YAY! Alexis you gotta call Diane!

    Purtis home:

    Mr. Hat man and TJ: They talk about how TJ has had a bad feeling that Krissy being a surrogate is not good! TJ already talked about this with someone! Wasn't it with Jordan? Why do we have to hear about this again?! TJ and Molly are not communicating very well on this subject.

    Drew aka Ryan Lavery's office:

    Drew aka Ryan Lavery, Michael, and Curtis: OH! They offer Curtis a job!!!! Curtis has a great idea about a health and wellness gym! :)

    Drew aka Ryan Lavery, Michael, Curtis and Nina: OH MY! Nina tells everyone that Carly slept with John! ROFL! Like Michael really wants to hear that!!! Yuck! ROFL! Uh Nina why didn't you tell Carly that you had 45 minute zex with Drew aka Ryan Lavery?

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Anna and V.C.: Valenina!!!!! :D Anna talks to him about Brennan and about Pikeman. Anna wants to go talk to Brennan again, and V.C. is really against it! Stay cool V.C. don't make Anna suspicious!

    Throwback Thursday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to December 21st 2000* Stefan finds Chloe in the park crying!

    1. Death by Frustration! HAHAHAH! Did you see the delivery guy grinning at that? That had me laughing as much as Alexis's comment. :)

    2. "Julie H says, Death by Frustration! HAHAHAH!"


      "Did you see the delivery guy grinning at that? That had me laughing as much as Alexis's comment. :)"

      No I didn't see that. I'll have to rewatch! :)

  4. Just when you think it's safe...TJ is kvetching about the surrogacy again??? That plus yesterday when Kristina started her baybay bump rubbing. I was so hoping that this story would just disappear.
    Nina has become totally unlikable and intolerable.
    Curtis could barely make it up the stairs yesterday. Out and about today. Next...the Boston Marathon this Monday.
    Val needs to go. And I wouldn't be surprised if he is killed off. Charlotte, if she still exists,
    can go live and create chaos, with Laura and Kevin. Help with Ace too.

  5. Yesterday JohnJag admitted he was tailing Sonny's lawyer. So this just goes away?

    1. and WHY was he tailing Diane?

    2. "mufasa says, and WHY was he tailing Diane?"

      Maybe he wanted to ask her where she bought her outfit, because he wanted to buy one for himself? ROFL!

    3. I don't want Valentine to go. He can be naughty with a heart of gold when something or someone tugs at his heartstrings. Great actor. I miss Vanna, but to get AD back to being herself we can sacrifice losing them as a couple.

    4. "Linda says, I don't want Valentine to go."

      Me neither!!!

      "He can be naughty with a heart of gold when something or someone tugs at his heartstrings."


      "Great actor."

      Yes he is!!!

      "I miss Vanna,"

      :( Yeah so do I.

  6. Nina and Drew need to be written off the show.

  7. I wanted to comment on all of the comments as you all said what I was thinking!
    Nina was insufferable. I wanted to do her harm, lol! Didn't need to hear TJ's "late to the party" concerns. In real life Curtis would have had his cane with him in Drew's office. (Zazu's Boston Marathon mention made me cackle). Rubbing the baby bump is already on my nerves. Anna was great and I was so glad NOT to see her crying. I did enjoy Lois's dress and awkwardness wearing it. And BLQ's question about what color her nails would be and Lois said clear, had me rolling!

  8. Okay - I'll say it. I am ON BOARD for Carly and John/Jag!! Also - Nina. UGH. Just when I think they can't make her any worse. She needs to go to Ferncliff. Nu Nu (Nu?) Molly is growing on me. I was happy she had joy for her mother because she was so worried about her getting her law license back and then drinking again. Did Marshall and TJ say "In 3 months" about being parents? I can't remember when Kristina was implanted (Is that what it's called? I'm not sure), A little late to worry about Kristina now, TJ. LOVE LOVE LOVE Anna being back to the Anna we all WANT!! I still think it's dumb they split up her relationship with Valentin....but....what can you do. If I remember correctly, when they started talking about Valentin way back when - Helena was terrified of him - and he was never actually scary. Maybe they are trying to make him that way now.

    1. I have to agree. Carly wasn't shrieking or crying or pleading and it was nice.

    2. I like NuNuNu Molly a lot now - the actress is really good

    3. Same on NuNuNuMolly. She is very appealing.

  9. Drew aka Ryan Lavery, Nina, Curtis, and Michael: Nina just blabbers on and on about John and Carly zex that didn't happen! ROFL! Michael doesn't need to hear this Nina! Curtis didn't know that Crew broke up!

    Drew aka Ryan Lavery and Curtis: Curtis wonders why he didn't tell him that he and Carly broke up. Drew aka Ryan wants to have what Purtis has.. Awwww!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Carly and Michael: Hahahahaha Michael told his mama what Nina said! The look on Carly's face! ROFL! Carly had to tell him everything that happened!

    Jason's coffee warehouse office:

    Jason and Diane: Oooooo Jason wants to buy the Metrocourt so he could give it to Carly! Awwwwwwwwwwww! :) Diane had to tell him that Carly rejected people already who wanted to give her money for it. Jason will handle it.. Mmmm his blue eyes! *Sigh* :) Yeah where are the papers that Jason supposed to get. Oh I know! Oh hi Carly! Diane fire that lady who was going to give Jason the papers!!

    Jason and Carly:

    Carly: You are not going to like it.

    You're right Carly! He and his blue eyes hated that you helped John! :) Carly thinks it's Sonny who got those men to beat up John.

    Nina's office:

    Nina and her assistant: Her assistant gave Nina her messages. Is Nina going to tell her that Carly slept with John? ROFL! No? Okay then I'm surprised.

    Nina on the phone: Ohhh so she DID cut back the service staff!!!! Nina wins the line of the day.

    Nina: I did not intend the service orders to arrive cold!

    BAHAHAHAHAHA! What did you expect Nina when you cut back the service staff?

    Nina and Diane: I was thinking while watching, will Nina tell Diane that Carly "slept" with John?

    Nina: Does he know who's bed Carly was in last night?


    Diane: Interested, not interested.


    Sasha and the brown horse: Awwww she is brushing the horse.. Awwwww! :)

    Cowboy Cody and Sasha: She is trying to get another job, but she has been rejected. Oops! Oh you two just kiss already! :)

    Metocourt restaurant:

    Alexis and Gregory: Ooooo Alexis can't be his plus 1 for Brase's wedding! Now he can invite Tracy to be his plus 1!! :) Alexis tells him about her getting her law license back! :)

    Q home:

    Brooky and Tracy: Great scene!!! Tracy has a very good point about Brooky getting Chase's truck back. That it's not a good idea to get the truck back. I can't believe Chase sold his truck awwwww. :( :) You shouldn't of done that Chase but you are so sweet!!! :)

    Home and heart:

    Maxie and Lucy: They argue about Sasha. Where is Scotty?

    Haven, Maxie, and Lucy: Hello Haven. Haven says that the producer agrees with her that Lucy isn't the right fit to go on air. I was thinking Haven is wrong, but then Lucy went on air and she talks and talks and talks about her life, and well, maybe Haven is right. ROFL!

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to 2003* DOBSON!!!! YAY!!!! :D


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