Monday, April 22, 2024



I have a meeting at 3:15 so I will be on here as long as possible. I have to get ready and such so..?? We shall see. 

Lois and Maxie are doing Brook's party decor at The Savoy. Maxie complains about Lucy and says she wants to hold up the new skin care line to name it after her. Lois says just name it "Deception" and Maxie likes it.  Then Joss and Willow come in.  Lois invites Joss, Trina and Stella to stop by the party. Drew comes in. Willow asks him to give Amelia swimming lessons. 

Nina's in her office and bitches to Madison about Friends betraying her and Ava walks in. Ava says she's sorry, she didn't know Sonny would react that way. Nina wonders how long Ava's been playing her and betraying her. "Ever since you told me to turn in Carly and Drew to the SEC"?? Ava's like I never did that! Nina says you suggested a LOT and I did it. You just wanted Sonny for yourself. Good stuff, I can't type it all up but Nina basically says that Ava likes being in the 'Circle of Trust" and being seen by Sonny. OMG YOU HAVE TO WATCH this scene. Ava tells Nina she has no idea what kind of man Sonny is and "MIKE from Nixon Falls" is fiction. WOW. 

NINA signs the divorce papers!! 

Sonny is questioning Carly about why she let Jason buy her back her hotel but not him-- and she was like "Deal with it" LOL He says she didn't take it from him and why not. She said it was guilt for breaking up the marriage. He says SHE broke up the marriage. She says NOPE you slept with Nina, how's that working out for you? They yell.. blah blah He says basically Carly and Jason betrayed him. He sounds pretty unhinged. He says if it wasn't for Michael, Dex wouldn't have been working for him to get evidence in the first place. Then she says he's done with Carly. He never thought she'd abandon him. 

Jason tells Danny that he's not mad about him being in his room. Danny wants him to keep it a secret. Danny is upset that Sam wants to keep him away from his father. 

Kristina and Sam are building a table and Krissy says that she's concerned about Sonny. He's pushing everyone away, including close family. Kristina just doesn't like Ava around Sonny especially after the part she played in Morgan's death. Sam tells her to cool it with Sonny, not her business. Then Jason and Danny show up. Sam's pissed. Krissy takes Danny out so Sam and Jason can talk. Sam lays into Jason about being with Danny. He's like: UM HE CAME TO ME! She thinks they have to control his impulses. Jason says you mean "Control HIM". She's like YEAH!  He says sorry. She says she's sorry for a lot of things. 

Danny and Kristina talk in The Coffee Corner. He thinks Sam is keeping him prisoner. She's like she just wants to protect him. 

MONTAGE OF SONNY AND NINA she takes off her rings. 


  1. wubqueen: I have a meeting at 3:15 so I will be on here as long as possible. I have to get ready and such so..?? We shall see.

    translation: I have a hair appointment

  2. Sonny says it's over to Carly and then accuses her of abandoning him and she doesn't see that something is wrong with him? Just his physical appearance should be a tell.
    Sam and her boobs-a-lot is being the same way to Jason. He is Danny's dad and should be able to see him. He never harmed him in any way.
    A little cheer and lightness will be welcome with BLQ/Chase celebrations.
    Poor Nina. Boohoo.

  3. Nina's office:

    Nina and Ava: Yeah Nina being upset with Ava makes no sense. Nobody told her what Ava was up to. Nobody told her that Ava was lying to her. All Ava did was just stand there in shock about what Sonny said to Carly. Nina is acting like she caught Ava and Sonny in bed, which I did wish that happened. Oooo Queen Ava bit back!!! GO QUEEN AVA GO! :D

    Nina and the montage: LOVE IT!!! :)

    Nina and her assistant: Awww very sad. :(

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Carly and Sonny: Geez Sonny! Stop harassing Carly and rewriting history!

    The Savoy:

    Lois and Maxie: Yeah I don't get Lucy. Makes no sense. Cool it down writers!! Lucy went to 0 to 100 really fast.

    Willow and Drew aka Ryan Lavery: HUH?! Why?! What was that scene all about? Does he want to get into Nina's pants again? Or does he want to get into Willow's pants? I saw how he touched her back when he was talking to her. :)

    Jason's room:

    Jason and Danny Cheeto: Awwww he wants to be with his father!!!! :(

    Sante home:

    Sam and Krissy: Geez aren't you two cold? It's not summer yet! Sam's bread must be really cold. Krissy doesn't like Ava! *Snicker*

    Sam, Jason, and Danny Cheeto:

    Jason and Sam: WOW! Sam really has changed. Sam you can't keep your son away from his father! It's going to make him want to be with his dad more! Jason and his blue eyes! *Sigh* Hmmm where are the Tribbles?

    Central perk:

    Danny Cheeto and Krissy: Pretty soon he is going to feel suffocating and then what? Maybe run away!

  4. I liked some of the things Ava said to Nina, but I think her delivery as a friend and someone she clearly cared about could have been different. Backing our favorite gal into a corner with Kristina, Nina, and lord knows Carly is next is not going to make most of us happy. At least have Ava speak up about the meds, it just feels icky.

  5. I enjoyed the Nina/Ava scene. We knew it was coming eventually and it did not disappoint.

    Here's a random thought that popped in my head while watching today: Are they maybe setting up Nina's murder and a whodunnit? There would be a lot of suspects.

  6. Maura West is fantastic...but Ava is really not a likable character. She basically set a chain of events in motion that led to M'organ's death. She shot Connie Falconeri in cold blood in the very office where Ava and Nina had their scene today. Withholding information about Sonny's meds. Has Ava ever faced the consequences? In my opinion, Nina is the one who came out smelling like a rose after that scene.

    1. Ava has faced the consequences -- maybe not official ones as in serving a prison sentence but her face was burnt and disfigured in a fire, her daughter was killed by her deranged lover, and she turned on her brother to protect Sonny and save hs life.

  7. I honestly forgot Morgan's death was a snowball effect from ava messing w his meds. After that how can she keep quiet abt sonny's meds, especially seeing how unhinged he's becoming.

  8. by the way Nina's delusion that Ava tol her to turn in Drew and Carly validates she is crazy. Ava told her NOT TO DO IT> like the rumors on some places say - is Nina gonna be a whodunit? Her character is destroyed


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