Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Charlie's PUB is back!

 I'm still a bit shook about Stuart Damon. I'll be doing a tribute to him sometime soon; putting in Dave and my fave clips from over the years. Losing he and "Joe Martin" (Ray MacDonnell) this week just hits home how time marches on. 

Britt and Jason ..Jason is upset thinking about Carly. He asks Britt out for a beer. They leave GH (see below) 

Austin is at the Metro...orders a Manhattan "like my dad,, with Rye" and Sam comes over. Then Ava. She wants Sam to introduce her to Austin. Sam's like: Um, Nikolas is right over there. Ava says she has an open marriage!! AHAHAHAA Ava gets drunk. She wants to make out with Austin and Nik gets mad. Ava is tipsy. She throws her diamond on the floor. The stalker is watching everyone out the balcony.. we don't see them. You know I think it's Spencer. 

Anna and Val..almost kiss..and her phone rings. Dante says they have DNA on the nurse and autopsy says she broke her neck. They talk, get closer..then stop. Anna finds an old photo in one of the drawers. She says it's the start of another mystery. Has to be a photo of Jimmy Lee. (She knew him back in the day). Val asks her if he recognizes Austin as a kid she says no "I know his father". 

Carly calls Diane over to talk. Diane is at first with Spinelli at Charlie's PUB (geesh!) and they are talking about Ellie's concerns over him working in the mob. She leaves. Guy sits down. He's in a suit. He's Joe Novak. Bad guy who blew up the pier.  Patrick Zeller is playing him. He wants Spinelli to work for the Novak Family "you got no choice". Then Jason walks in.. LOL.  He beats up Joey and sends him back to his Uncle "Joe" (Who was Roscoe Borne on Ryan's Hope) but we didn't see the fight. 

Carly tells Diane she and Jason have a plan. Diane thinks it's a great idea. They are already tied up legally. At the end, Jason comes in after Diane is gone and they look at each other. 

Finn and Liz and Scotty talk. Scotty rants against Peter August. He's so upset so many of his kids are dead.  Anyway, he ends up not telling him but wants to make Elizabeth Violet's legal guardian?!! Oh she's her aunt DUH!! LOL  They talk about moving Peter's body. They decide to do it. OMG SCOTTY WAS WAITING OUTSIDE THE DOOR of Finn's office. Oh crap, he only thinks they might be together which he says 'is fine". Damn it, I thought he'd figure it out. 

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Stuart Damon RIP


OMG Guys...Stuart Damon has passed away! I found out during GH... he was 84. Ugh so sad. 

Anna and Val in the cottage; chem test. Val says he will follow Anna anywhere to find the baby. It's his duty. They talk about their past. You remember he was a hunchback? They get very close--Really CLOSE will they kiss? 

Finn and Liz talk about dead Peter. What about the body?!! Anna might figure it out!! Finn wants to confess to the PCPD. He wants to call Scotty.  Then the nanny brings Violet in because she can't sleep. She misses her daddy. Oh, I get it, she won't let him tell the PCPD because of her cuteness. Scotty comes in. Wonders if Finn wants to talk about malpractice LOL 

Maxie, Lucy, Nina... Sasha walks in. Maxie is stunned to see she's PG. Nina is happy for her. Brook Lynn flounces in. Maxie!!? What are you doing here she asks. Maxie is pissed Brook left the baby with Olivia. Wants to talk to her alone. Brook says the plan is they work together and put Bailey in the daycare next door and see her all the time! Maxie is happy. Then Lucy shows the new campaign. "The Face of Conception" is Sasha pregnant. They want to hold candlelight vigils all over the country for baby Louise. Brook says no!

Brook, Michael and Joss at Metro. She overhears Brook say something about Willow and Michael.  Brook leaves. Joss figures out that Michael and Willow want to be together but can't. 

Scotty offers to fly Dr. O to Honolulu because he has a new client with "big pockets" (Austin) and she says her heart is broken. He wonders why. Britt sees them, thinks she's going to tell him about her diagnosis and goes over. Scotts says lets go for steaks. Dr. O says no she and Britta are having a drink together. He leaves. They talk about her Huntington's. She wants to keep her COS job. Britt tells her she can tell Scotty. 

Scotty goes over to Joss and Michael. Asks Michael why he didn't change his name back to Quartermaine--and then mentions the board meeting. Michael is like: Um, OK? Then talks to Joss about forgiving Cam. 

Jason and Carly talk about fake marrying. Then Jason suggests fake killing her. Or exile. She says no way.  They talk about marrying.  Yada yada. They cry. They think about it. 

I'm sorry too upset/distracted about Stuart to pay attention to GH much. 

Monday, June 28, 2021

Metro Madness


So, it's Friday's show!! 

Nik at the gym. Lucy is there too. Damn she's gorgeous. 

Ava and Nina catch up at the Metro. Nina says she got to see Wiley. 

Laura hugs Maxie at the Metro. They talk about Peter. 

Maxie and Nina move to a table together.  Nina tells her about the Crimson/Deceptive meeting. She thinks that Maxie should join the meeting. They go to the meeting. Lucy tells Maxie she needs to leave. 

Then Scotty comes in and lets it drop that she and Nikolas are divorcing. Laura is like WHAT?? Ava tells Laura she has to keep Avery safe. 

Britt runs into Brando at the hospital. She's in for a routine check up. She's huge LOL. Good Lord they are as boring as Michael and Willow. Gladys is there too. 

Brick comes into the Corinthos' kitchen. Jason walks in too. The warehouse was a total loss. Some guy named "Novak" did it? What ..okay whatever. OMG Joe Novak was played by the guy that played Mitch Lawerance from OLTL? Oooooo, huh, interesting. Anyway, Jason isn't supposed to get his 'hands dirty' if he's head of the mob so they are getting someone else to do the dirty work. Jason says that they have to come out swinging and keep hitting the five families hard. "no peace" 

Val and Anna are walking the area where the nurse was found. And Austin is there. Anna gets a dejavu vibe from Austin. 

Austin meets Scotty!! YEAHHHHHHHHH Austin won't say his last name. Scotty wants to know why he wants to see him. Austin says "you know a lot about the family histories in this town"... he wants to know about Jason Morgan. He tells him why--OFF CAMERA AND Scotty says he'll help him as long as it takes. 

Ava goes to see Carly. Tells her she's divorcing Nikolas. Tells Carly and Jason about the threats. Jason says he's sorry and he'll help if he can. :eyeroll:  She basically gives them the idea to get married to present a united front. 

Sunday, June 27, 2021

Sunday Surgery: Graveyard Gabs


What a strange week on GH. Just "wrap-ups" and an explosion that came out of nowhere. We get the highs and now it's the build up to the next "big thing".  We didn't have a new show on Friday so it's a four-dayer. 

This should be short..but I say that a lot don't I?? 

Saturday, June 26, 2021

First Scene Saturday: Sonny (with Karen and Stone)


WHO remembers this!!!?? I sure do!! I think Maurice looks like Ric a bit. Those dimples though. And Sonny starts to weave the web for Karen to "Dance" for him. Thanks to Dave for finding this! 

August 1993 -- Strip Club 

Oh, those dimples.

Now, before I get started, I need to clarify that this video wasn't singled out as being the first scene for Maurice, although it was implied that is was. I did some research and I think it is close enough. It was his first scene with Karen and I believe Stone. Before you decide to nit-pik, just relax and enjoy it. 

I really liked Karen's addition to the cast. She seemed vulnerable from the start, which is always a good soap trait to build on. I thought she would have went really far with the show. They realistically tied her to Scotty. Scotty is a lot like Monica. Every time they give them a child, they kill them off. 

And then there's Stone. Sigh. Who knew what storyline was ahead for him. I loved how he looked with short hair in Robin's dream sequence in the well years later. He looked so different. I'd welcome him as a "guest star" for a few days as another character. Especially to run into Robin with the whole "you look familiar" cliché. Points if you remember that scene in the well.

Friday, June 25, 2021

No New Soapy Today!


No New GH today due to Pulse Memorial press conference or the Derek Chauvan sentencing..? I see conflicting reports. If you are West Coast I believe you will se The Woman's Vote episode. 

Thursday, June 24, 2021



"I can't move my legs" says Chase! Meaning Willow won't tell him about not loving him. UGH. He has to relearn to walk 'in the next few' months or it will be permanent. 
Lord help us. He says he'll walk again for Willow.  His goal is to talk FOR THEIR WEDDING AHAHHAA. Willow looks ill

Terry is head of oncology now....they are going to have a board meeting about COS. Finn comes along and he and Liz act all awkward and Terry is like: LIZ! what was THAT about???!! Liz says 'Oh just Chase stuff" lol Terry doesn't believe her.  They all get ready to find out who the board named Chairman of the Board: it's MONICA! Leslie Webber suggested her. Aw...Monica is back. Will Britt still be COS? Monica says Epiphany and Bobbie will be back asap. Britt wants to keep her job; Terry throws her hat into the ring too. 

TJ and Molly are in Kelly's and Judge Lady walks in to congratulate Molly on being in the DA's office. She says if Molly needs help on the bar, she'll be happy to. Molly is suspicious. 

Speaking of the Judge Lady-- Shawn and Alexis are talking about her being a bigot and deciding different things for different clients. He says she has a white savior complex! wow!! They try to not argue. She says she needs to respect his wishes. Then the guards come to kick Shawn out of the library, he's not allowed there anymore! He tussles with the guard and Alexis tries to intervene and she's thrown to the ground. Her wrist snaps. They put her in solitary confinement. 

Britt and Jason almost kiss and stupid ass'd Carly walks in to talk to Jason about "the biz". Carly gets all pissy about Jason and Britt. He says it has nothing to do with you! Carly says it does, everything has everything to do with her.  She wants to know HOW she's important to him and why!! He says it's not her business. She says IT IS!! They are a team....yada yada. God she's a mouth.  Jason says she's loved him, trusted him and been with him since Day one. He's going to stick by her. 

THE DOCKS BLOW UP!! Someone is coming for the Corinthos' organization. OMG Jarly gonna have to get married? 

Michael and Nina in the graveyard... she knows Sonny is dead yet presses Michael about how JAX got her to see Wiley. They talk about Nelle. Boring. Nina realizes that she's been a jerk about not telling about Sonny and if Michael finds out she'll never see Wiley again. Nope, no you won't. 

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Last Week of Crazy! !

 Sorry, today is another day of nuts. It's the last day for 2 of my kids and report day AND Hubs back is still out (meaning I walk the dog 24/7). SO.. here I am saying SORRY AGAIN!! 

I see Greg told Chase that he's his REAL REAL DAD. Okay.. Now Chase can get better, plan is dream wedding and then Millow will be all mopey. 

I also saw a spoiler for July 6th where Phyllis tries to get MikeSon to go visit Nina in Port Charles. JULY 6th. MORE DAYS OF THIS? Seriously? Maurice must love having his own show "Nixon Falls". That's all I have to say about that. 

Like I said this is the last week of crazy for work for me. Summer is off except for office paperwork which is nothing. Not taking a big vacation (again) this year. I'll be gone for a few days here and there. Maybe David will step in if he's not burnt to a crisp!

Have a good one! 

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

First Phone Post!

Not my house!! In my old neighborhood....we had a whopper of a storm come through yesterday. We didn't lose power or trees thank goodness. I can hear chain saws all over. 

 Oooo- never done this by phone!! Crazy day!! Sorry I can't watch in real-time! Let me know in the comments if I should watch tonight on Hulu or skip!? 

Monday, June 21, 2021

It's the day!


BTW, I forgot to note in the Sunday blog that the Daytime Emmys will be shown on CBS Friday night at 8pm! Hey, that's prime time, baby! 

Ava, Nik and Avery go into their Metro room. Avery has a teddy bear that talks now it says "I can't wait to be a family"... I guess that's what the bartender was doing when he took Ava's key. They call Dante and Carly. Dante thinks that voice could be a "deep fake" and NOT Ryan. Carly says they can see which card was used to get inside the room.  Dante tells Nik later that he thinks it's a copycat thing. Then Ava asks Carly to take Avery back HOME WITH HER for the time being to live there! WTF. Seriously? Who wrote that? 

Carly bakes Cookies to celebrate Joss going to college. Joss is less than thrilled. Says she might not want to live in the dorms. Joss says Carly will be alone with Donna and she's worried about the biz. Carly says she's OUT of the biz. :eyeroll: 

Cameron goes to apologize to Jason. Jason accepts. Blink Stare. 

Now Cam wants Joss' forgiveness. She's like:Um, can't 

Chase is flatlining just as they find the cure. WILL HE DIE? hahahaa. Come on.  Nope, they get his heart going again and Finn can give him the antidote. He's alive... and Willow and Michael are now all @@ whoops LOL.  Chase wakes up. Antidote is working.

Maxie is desperate to see Louise. Brook tells her to wait until it looks 'more natural". She's going to the hospital to see Chase and tells Maxie they can get together later. Dante comes in to talk to Maxie and Sam. They found the nurse..dead. Maxie is like "OH NO WHERE's LOUISE"!? Oh wow, they found  clue on the nurses phone. "someone called and dropped a pin"--WOW... Maxie is called BROOK LYN with that phone! Ut Oh...Oh it was a BURNER PHONE THANK GOODNESS. Although I think they can use the reception to find out the number and where it was bought's GH so? Maxie tells Sam to leave. Then Maxie gets out a gift to go to take to Louise at the Q house. DERP. 

Jason goes to tell Liz his people are still looking for Peter. Also that Cam apologized. Liz asks if he can forgive her for doubting him. 

END:  Chase wants a wedding DO-Over in the Rose Garden at the Qs and wants Brook to plan it. hahahaha.

Liz stops Jason and says she has to tell him something about Peter. 

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Sunday Surgery: Ice Pop


Alternative Title:  Peterscicle 

OH We finally saw where they stashed Petie!! Although most of know that putting a body on ice can also let it rest to be regenerated later but I digress. I shall stare at this and hopefully know it's a done deal! 

Grab a popsicle and join me! 

Friday, June 18, 2021

Friday Frills!


Ok, so Sasha is pregnant in real life and boy, she looks FAR ALONG!! LOL She and Willow get ready for the wedding in the hospital chapel. Sasha gives her her grandmother's pin for something old, blue.. you know. Yada, 

Finn goes to Liz thinking he's found the cure. She's excited. then he goes to Chase who asks him to help him dress for the wedding.  Chase says someone is missing. Finn calls Anna to bring Violet. She makes Chase cry by being so happy and cute. 

Wedding:  The vows are said. Finn looks at Anna. Gregory looks at Jackie.. Michael looks at Willow. You know. Then Chase DROPS the ring and wants Michael to put it on Willow's hand LOL because Chase CAN'T LMAO 

Brook Lynn talks to Val about Chase and her relationship. She's very sad. 

Dante is in the cottage with Austin who wants to help him find the baby. Austin says the map he has is wrong. When they go into the woods, they find the hole that Maxie covered and the nurse is in. Austin wants to go down on a rope. He finds the nurses' body. 

Maxie tells Brook she HAS to come over and see baby Louise. Brook thinks it's a bad idea. 

Carly and Jason talk to Brick. Brick says that they are getting ripped off because they think the Corinthos' Family is weak. They are going to have to prove they are strong. 

Sam talks to Maxie about the baby stuff and wants to know  what really happened. Look: 

SAM LOOKS SO BAD TODAY. Maxie on the other hand, looks awesome. She has her maternity clothes off and looks so cute. WTF Sam is wearing is anyone's guess. 

The DNA results show that Greg is the father

Chase flatlines

Thursday, June 17, 2021


 OUR POOR DAVID is MELTING IN THE HEAT!! He lives somewhere where it's 115!!! Send cooling vibes. We here in WNY are in the 70s and no humidity. It's one of our 10 good days a year!! yeah!! 

Jarly still in the kitchen. Carly asks Jason if he has a connection with Britt --he says yes. She's jellly. OMG A stupid mob shipment didn't make it to PC. Jason goes to Sonny's old office/restaurant and Dr. O stops by to make sure he's going to kill Peter and wants to know what his intentions are towards Britta. 

Britt and her mama. Britt flashes back to her almost capture. Dr. O ribs her about Jason. Britt says she doesn't know what's going to happen. 

Liz "Sees" Peter walking on the roof. Liz finds Anna on the roof. Anna thinks the old elevator might be a key to where Peter is. Anna asks about it. Liz says it's broken. Anna asks her if she knows of another way. Liz says NO!! It's sealed off. She convinces Anna he probably left by chopper. Liz looks super guilty in this LOL ..Anna called the FAA and the helicopter never landed. She's going to try to find the pilot. 

Jordan gives Laura her resignation. Laura tries to talk her out of it (UGH). I think she is going to stay YEP Laura talked her into not resigning. Damn. 

Finn tells Greg he think he's NOT Chases' Dad and that Cyrus switched the results. Greg isn't so sure and thinks Finn should use this time to sit with Chase. Finn tells him about Cyrus and everything and Greg says just to make the new serum and give it to Chase. Finn says it could kill him. Greg is like: SO WHAT! he's dying anyway. 

Trina and Joss. Trina looks so much older. They talk about how much Cam has changed. He is going to PCPU though. Joss has a prescription to go to PT. They then go get their grad gowns and talk about the future. 

Carly sees Britt at GH when she drops off Joss' permission slip. She asks about her and Jason. "It might be a problem" --FOR YOU she says. Oh Carly you so jelly girl. Carly tells her that it was basically being on the run that made Jason and she get together. Britt is like: Um, nope. I try to push him away but he won't go. 


Waiting for DNA tests to come back. 

TOMORROW: looks like Chase/Willows wedding---VIOLET is there. And Austin pushes...I think Dante? In the woods? 

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Oxygen for Chase

 OMG the ABC news was blabbering on and on about the "talks" and it was like: OK, IT'S NOT EVEN ANYTHING... I mean, really?? UGH I usually don't mind an interruption if it's big news but this? OY!

SO, 15 min interruption. FOR NOTHING!! 

Greg tells Jackie he's glad she lied about Chase because he could be his Dad all those years. 

Finn is puzzled why the antidote didn't work. 

Britt tells Anna the security cameras were tampered with on the night Peter escaped.  Anna goes to the roof to see what she can find out.  She looks around. 

Nina and Curtis catch up on stuff. She flashes back to kissing MikeSon. Curtis checks out of GH. Nina is going to bring him to dinner tomorrow night. 

Willow and Sasha talk about her marrying Chase. Willow wants him to be happy before he dies. 

Chase starts coughing, needs oxygen. Willow is all upset. His organs are failing. 

Jordan tells Cyrus is going to a fed pen in the Midwest. He's not happy about that. FBI Comes to take him to the infirmary in the jail. Cyrus is saying goodbye to Laura. He's being stripped of his position of the hospital. She tells him that they will never be family. He says he got into her head and she'll be facing the dark side. LOL Cyrus leaves. I think he's out-out (for now). 

Carly and Jason catch up over Coffee in the kitchen with the moss. He says she did good with the mobular stuff. He wants to be in charge...her being in Sonny's "Seat' confuses the five families. 

Aunt Stella is moving back to Port Charles after she wraps some things up in London. 


Jordan tells Laura she needs to resign. I can only hope Laura doesn't talk her out of it. 

Finn realizes that Cyrus probably tampered with the DNA tests

Chase wants to get married right here right now. 

Liz thinks back to the stairwell and Finn-- they put him in a freezer and into the sub-basement where Griffin was kept long ago. 

Anna notices a door... to the service elevator...DUN DUN DUN it's locked. 

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Sad Michael


Lots of people on today!

Ned and Olivia talking about Brook's baby. She asks him to stay 

Brook tells Val that Chase is terminal and she's crying. Ned comes and hugs her. 

Willow tells Michael Chase is dying and she's marrying him. Aw, they are so so sad. 

Jason is home. Sees Carly at the Metro; Britt is there too. (looking hot). Jason notices Britt is trembling. Says he needs to talk to her in private. They talk. 

Maxie and Nina..Nina is so sorry about the baby. Maxie asks her why she was in Nixon Falls for so long. "Mike" calls and Maxie wants to hear the whole story. 

Sam and Dante are at the cabin that the nurse held Maxie captive at. OMG it's Franco Austin's house. He says he owns a lot of property around "Pawtuck". Calls them city slickers. Dante asks why there is a hidden camera in the house. 

Sonny and Phyllis. Since Elijah was arrested, their business has really increased. Sonny tells her she's his only family. She says he'll probably follow Nina now that she's in Port Charles. Phyllis tells him to call Nina. He does. 

Ava and Nik are drinking at the Metro. They get up to do something and the bartender gets a smile on his face when he sees Ava left her purse. He gives it back to her at the table where they are eating.  Or Ava does wonders if Liz could be stalking Nik. He's like No... Then she  thinks it's Britt? DUMB. He goes to talk to Britt. Jason is nasty with him. Says he almost foiled the plan with Cyrus. Then Nik talks to Britt and asks about her going to the property in upstate and how did she remember that? 


Austin gets a text about the emergency board meeting at ELQ 

the bartender took the key to Nikolas' room 

Carly sees Jitt holding hands

Monday, June 14, 2021


HELLO everyone--you ready for another week of GH? Not sure I am...but here we GO-GO!! 

Michael kicks Jax outta his life. Nina is visiting Wiley. Carly sticks her face in. Tells Wiley it's bedtime. Then she tells Nina that Jax is pressuring Michael to let her visit him. Yada yada, Carly's just a bitch basically. When Nina leaves Michael asks Carly if she's going to let Jason take the mob back over now that the charges have been dropped. 

Nina leaves and goes to see Jax. Asks him what he did to get her to see Wiley. He doesn't tell her... 

Molly and TJ and Auntie Stella. oh! Stella is in the opening credits! I'm happy! TJ and Molly are going to visit their parents in Pentonville!! LOL 

Stella asks Jordan how her life got so off track. She lays into her about Curtis and the break up.

Alexis and Molly visit. Alexis asks her to do a favor for her in the DA's office. She wants records from Shawn's sentencing. 

TJ visits Shawn, they talk a bit about Cyrus and his capture. Then weirdly, Shawn says it's probably not a good idea for TJ to visit anymore? I missed why. Weird. Oh it's because Shawn says he shouldn't have to come to the jail to see him. 

Chase tells Liz, Finn and Brook that Willow said yes to marrying him. Brook Lynn wants to help plan it. Chase says it's asap and small because there's 'so little time'. 

Brook Lynn knows Willow loves Chase but she's "In love" with Wiley. She says she'll support whatever they want to do. Brook Lynn then talks to Chase. Tells him if he wants to "rage against the machine, she'll there for him".

Bobbie visits Maxie. She says she didn't tell Felicia about the plan to have her baby born in Beecher's Corners. Maxie's boobs hurt from the milk coming in/drying up. They talk about Louise and hug. 

Liz and Finn get all sad about Chase and the fact Peter is dead. They hug. He touches her face. She takes his hand off and leaves. 

Chase cries to Brook about dying. They hug (lots of hugging going on today)
Willow tells Michael she's marrying Chase. 

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Sunday Surgery: Little Pitchers, Big Ears


Full disclosure: I was off doing biz in real life and I didn't make up my GH watching. I've seen Wed and Friday eps and looked at recaps. Ergo I don't think this Surgery will be too long. I also didn't find the  show that "must see" . Did you? 

I'm just having some coffee, I ate too much Saturday! Summer always means BBQs and well.. 

Friday, June 11, 2021

So... IS HE??

OR isn't he?? Hmmm, this seems like one of those sneaky things. Especially since Wes has been on contract. I seem to remember these little "who's going" blurbs for characters like Helena-- and Faison. So.. we shall see. If Liz and Finn put him in the incinerator we are looking good. If not? Hmmm. Plus, there's always that possibility of a twin (no please no!!) 

So, I saw GH on Wednesday only. Didn't bother watching the other days. I did see part of Monday's but I've had no desire to get in there and watch. I'm flying blind here so bear with me! Who knows what Sunday Surgery will bring. 


Finn is telling Chase he's dying. Then he tells Jackie and Greg. I am having very little reaction to this whole thing.  They sit by the bed. Yada yada. Then Chase asks Willow to marry him. :eyeroll:  She says she'd be "honored". 

Liz and Anna are in the chapel. Anna asks if it's Chase. Liz tells her the treatment failed. Says they are out of options. Anna says no! There's still Peter. When she leaves, Liz mumbles "forgive me" 

Spin and Maxie. He feels bad he couldn't stop the babynapping. He tells her about Cyrus and his ordeal. He's going to drive her home. Georgie is there. Asks where her sister is. Maxie tells her that a 'Friend" was sad and wanted to take care of her for a bit. 

Brook watches Val talk to Bailey about the stars. Nina walks in and see Val talking French to the baby. She's a little jelly. She's there to see Wiley.  They talk and she says she found something in Nixon Falls she never expected to find. She leaves to go to the gatehouse. Anna walks in and sees Val with the baby. Coos over it. Val thinks Peter could still be hiding in the labyrinth that is GH. 

Carly and Jax. She asks what Jax did to make Michael let Nina see Wiley. Jax is dancing around the subject. Carly's going to find out NO MATTER WHAT. OMG who cares? Shut up. She's running the mob now. UGH come on. 

Nina meets with Wiley. Underwhelming. OH! Wait! She tells him that Grandpa is alive!! YES! And His Grandma Carly was mean to her so she's not telling. She says this to a kid that blabbed about the Willow is not your real mama. DERP. 

Carly walks in to see Nina holding Wiley. Smirks
Chase tells his parents Willow will marry him. 

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Let's all go to the lobby.... (Thursday)


Another simple blog. You don't have to participate if you don't want to, but some simple questions:

1. Do you have a drive-in theater in your town? Did you growing up?

2. Have you been back to a movie theater yet? Will you eventually go to one?

As many of you know, I live in Vegas. We do have a drive-in theatre here. It is a really nice one. Every night has single features and also double features and the price is reasonable. We bring our own food and beverages in, although you aren't supposed to. But seriously, doesn't everyone? And the weather... 106 during the day and about 86 at night. Brutal. The one thing I don't like is that they no longer have those clunky silver speakers to hook on your window. Everything is done by FM radio now and it really does a number on your car battery. Hopefully this blog will stir up some happy memories of the drive-ins of your youth.

There will be no live blog today.
The next live blog will be on Friday.
Please feel free to use this space for Thursday's comments.

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Back to Port Charles.


WILLOOOWW and Chase. Ugh least Finn has a cure, I HOPE. Liz calls Jackie to come to the hospital. Big explanation about the toxin, Tiffany Hill...DNA yada yada. We need DNA from both parents for his immune system.  I think the point of this is to show that Chase isn't Finn's son.  They give him the injection and hope for the best. So, it won't work and then they'll have to figure out why and.... you know, DNA switch by Cyrus. 

Jax blackmailed Michael into letting Nina see Wiley.  Nina has to choose between dimples and Wiley.  She's going to Port Charles. Sonny is sad.  Sonny says he'd go but he's sure that Wiley's dad wouldn't want him to meet a stranger. 

Maxie and Anna. Anna says it's her priority in finding Louise and Maxie says NO! She says to be careful is all. Then Dr O comes in. Is concerned about her. Britt asks where the baby is and Maxie says the nurse kidnapped her. 
Britt asks about the plan when they are alone. Maxie said it fell apart when the nurse drugged her. 

Dr O tells Anna she's going to help find the baby. BUT FIRST they go to a "smash room" and smash up things. We have them in Rochester now. You put on safety stuff and just smash the crap out of things LOL The reason for it all is that Anna "lost herself" and in order to find Peter and the baby she has to find herself first. 

Ava and Nikolas get a dagger in the mail. We all know it's Spencer. Yawn. Dante comes to Wyndemere and is saying it's low priority. Ava's all upset. "You'd help if it was someone you were close to"! Dante thinks someone might be targeting Nikolas, not Ava "someone who wants it him all to himself" .  Anyway, Dante tells them they are in danger-- and to split up and get off the island. 


Chases' nose is bleeding and he passes out and seizes. 

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Broadway Musicals (Tuesday)


I had no idea what to write for today's blog. Karen often tells me "just throw a photo up there and the wubbers will do the rest". This is why you received a picture of Ziggy a few weeks ago. But hey, who doesnt love a little Ziggy, right?

So today's question for the comments is simple. What is your favorite Broadway Musical? Now, don't limit it to Broadway. Perhaps some of you have never seen one at the theatre. That's ok. Movie musicals count as well. Dreamgirls, Chicago, Hairspray, etc.

I'm kinda looking forward to Into the Heights out next month as a movie. When I lived in NJ, I went to NYC several times a year and saw a lot of theatre. 

My all-time favorite is Wicked, hands down. I saw it in 2007 on opening night in LA and I went in not knowing any of the spoilers and plot twists and was just blown away. The script (or, book) is just amazing the way they interweave the plot with the 1939 movie. A few years later, I watched the movie on tv and it was such an eye opener and I saw it in such a different light.

So what is your favorite musical, broadway or otherwise?

Wubsy here!! Just popped in to say: I AM NOT A THEATER person!! LOL..I do go but the big "broadway' shows..meh. BUT--if you can ever catch it, I went to a fantastic show 3 years ago called "Here Lies Love" about Imelda Marcos. Why was it cool? You didn't sit down. You moved with the stage and felt like you were in a disco!!  I had the best time. Thanks Dave! xxoo 

There will be no live blog today.
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Monday, June 7, 2021

Monday Music --GH


DENTIST TODAY! Totally forgot. BUT!! Hey....any of you know about Whitey18 on Tik Tok? If not, it doesn't matter--just enjoy Jack Wagner singing his "GH" hit. 

Sunday, June 6, 2021

Sunday Surgery: The Mother Load


HELLO!! HOLY MOLY!! GH brought the old school everything this week!! I was loving it and dying to get home to watch.  Such good acting--dialog and everything. AND A REAL OUTSIDE SHOOT! Yes, I'm still giddy about that one lol.  Photo credit: @antigonea 

Note to self: WHY didn't we call Paxie --PeMax when we had the chance??! 

Hunker down, it might be a long one-- 

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Kirsten Storms Surgery!


Kirsten Storms took to IG late last night to let everyone know she was out of the hospital and doing ok after brain surgery for a cyst! This is news to everyone. She's wearing a neck brace to keep her head up so things can drain properly. That's Emme Rylan (Lulu) next to her  who was there the whole time. That's family! Sending love and good wishes to our girl. The biggest week she had on the show and probably didn't even see "Maxie" trended. True talent right there because you would never know she was ill. 

Friday, June 4, 2021

Friday and GH is on FIRE!

 Carly IS BACK ON. DAMN IT. Visiting Jason in jail. Trying to get him out. She wants to know if he's talked to Britt. 

YEAH!! DR O GOES to the cabin to help Britta!! whoo hooo!! Oh they are so cute. Dr. O wants to know allll the details about Jason. She says finally Britt has made a good match. 

Jax and Olivia. Why? I guess they ran out of anything for Jax to do LOL ...I mean they talk about Wiley and..Nina? 

Maxie, Baby and Brook and Val. awww. Valentin then goes to hold her. Says she's perfect. Seems ok with the name "Bailey Lois".  Then "Austin" Franco comesaround the corner. Brook is startled and hopes he doesn't recognize the baby. Then Austin looks for Maxie's room and sees a plaque that says "Michael Corinthos Pediatric Wing' and stops. Looks. 

Maxie faints and Finn takes her back to her room. Willow comes in (??) anyway Maxie is just drained. Liz tries to tell her Peter will never be back. Dr. Austin walks in. Says he's sorry about the baby. He and Liz look at each other for a bit. 

Cyrus and Laura. Jeff just keeps knocking it out of the park. Cyrus wants a car and safe passage. Jordan is going to get it for him. Curtis has other plans. You HAVE TO WATCH!! Really good scene and dialog. Yes, Curtis sneaks in the back window with a gun. Ugh he's going to ruin it. 

OMG WATCH IT! I don't want to spoil it but I JUMPED!! REALLY GASPED!!  WATCH IT!! 

Everyone is recovering

Mildew has sex and someone sees them through the window

Brook tells Valentin she's glad he's Bailey's Daddy

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Thursday, June 3


There will be no live blog today.
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NOTE FROM WUBSY: Thank you to Dave for doing these!! I just want to say that YESTERDAY'S SHOW WAS EVERYTHING that Old-School GH Was. KUDOS to Dan and Chris for all of it. LOVED live tweeting and blogging. "Maxie" ended up trending !! My one sadness is Cyrus--I wanted him to be around a bit longer. Not to say he's leaving but, it sure doesn't look good. 

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Tuesday and Wednesday Together


If you haven't watched GH in awhile... you're going to be CONFUSED!!!!!!!! LOL.. yep. REALLY confused!! That's NOT Franco on that gurney, that's "AUSTIN"! 

So... Louise is as big as a turkey and probably will talk soon!  Maxie gives Brook the baby. Brook has no boob milk tho. I can't wait to see how Maxie explains where the baby is. Dead? If so, no body? Kidnapped by Chloe? If so.. Peter won't stop looking and might find Brook/Louise?? 

Gladys lives.  Brando talking to her; don't care. 

Cyrus' hair flappin around!! Damn it Trina walks in!! Tri and MOM have a set!! 

Curtis is as happy as Squidward with this liquor license. He wants love advice from The Mayor. 

Anna and Peter. Peter is quitting. BYE BITCH !!

Can't wait for later  today! 


Maxie tells Peter that the nurse he hired stole their baby.  She basically tells about being drugged but then Chloe stole the baby. She's really doing a good job. OMG WATCH HER DRAG HIS ASS! I don't want to type it all up but Kirsten is amazing!! Maxie recorded his entire confession and sent it to MAC!! YEAH!!! Then she tells him he's a poor knock off of Faison!! He runs out. 

Peter goes into the stairwell and cries. pfffft. 

Jordan tells Anna she's going to arrest Peter --Anna also tells her that Peter poisoned Chase. 

Cyrus threatens Portia and Trina again...Says hes' taking Trina as hostage. 

Curtis thinks Portia was in trouble. He and Laura go over there. Cyrus breaks down the door!! Cyrus kicks them back out and Curtis calls Jordan. Police arrive. 

Greg and Jackie visit Chase. Act like they've been there before. ahahaa. NOPE. 

Liz tells Finn about Maxie giving birth in the woods. 

Greg and Finn talk about Chase..nothing really. Liz tells Anna that Maxie gave birth in the woods. 

OMG!! real outdoor roof scenes. Real chopper! 

END: Finn goes on the roof to confront Peter. Laura offers herself as a hostage in exchange for Portia and Trina. 

Maxie is going to tell Anna about the baby 

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Tuesday June 1


There will be no live blog today.
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I May or May Not... I MAY!

  Be here today! I'm subbing with 3 year olds and then doing an eval on a 2 year old so... not sure I'll be fit to do ANYTHING at 2p...