Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Tuesday and Wednesday Together


If you haven't watched GH in awhile... you're going to be CONFUSED!!!!!!!! LOL.. yep. REALLY confused!! That's NOT Franco on that gurney, that's "AUSTIN"! 

So... Louise is as big as a turkey and probably will talk soon!  Maxie gives Brook the baby. Brook has no boob milk tho. I can't wait to see how Maxie explains where the baby is. Dead? If so, no body? Kidnapped by Chloe? If so.. Peter won't stop looking and might find Brook/Louise?? 

Gladys lives.  Brando talking to her; don't care. 

Cyrus' hair flappin around!! Damn it Trina walks in!! Tri and MOM have a set!! 

Curtis is as happy as Squidward with this liquor license. He wants love advice from The Mayor. 

Anna and Peter. Peter is quitting. BYE BITCH !!

Can't wait for later  today! 


Maxie tells Peter that the nurse he hired stole their baby.  She basically tells about being drugged but then Chloe stole the baby. She's really doing a good job. OMG WATCH HER DRAG HIS ASS! I don't want to type it all up but Kirsten is amazing!! Maxie recorded his entire confession and sent it to MAC!! YEAH!!! Then she tells him he's a poor knock off of Faison!! He runs out. 

Peter goes into the stairwell and cries. pfffft. 

Jordan tells Anna she's going to arrest Peter --Anna also tells her that Peter poisoned Chase. 

Cyrus threatens Portia and Trina again...Says hes' taking Trina as hostage. 

Curtis thinks Portia was in trouble. He and Laura go over there. Cyrus breaks down the door!! Cyrus kicks them back out and Curtis calls Jordan. Police arrive. 

Greg and Jackie visit Chase. Act like they've been there before. ahahaa. NOPE. 

Liz tells Finn about Maxie giving birth in the woods. 

Greg and Finn talk about Chase..nothing really. Liz tells Anna that Maxie gave birth in the woods. 

OMG!! real outdoor roof scenes. Real chopper! 

END: Finn goes on the roof to confront Peter. Laura offers herself as a hostage in exchange for Portia and Trina. 

Maxie is going to tell Anna about the baby 


  1. Sounds like a good show. Was it worth watching?

  2. Peter cries? Oh puleeeze.....I can't watch until later- but rolling my eyes. Him crying cannot make us feel sorry him. I know he falls down the stairs - but I wish he would fall off of the roof instead....

    1. Yeah I wish he fell off the roof instead too!!!!

    2. LMAO!! GOOD laugh at that! Thanks for the visual Ladderr! 🤣😂🤣

  3. Why kill off Franco and have this new guy? So stupid

    1. I will take Roger any way I can get him, but Franco being Scott's son I am really sad to see the character die.

    2. Anyone ever tell Heather that her son died??? LOL

    3. SAME Linda! I hate that they killed Franco! STILL not over it....but I'm just glad my RoHo is back home at GH! ❤

    4. LOL! Doubtful since Shawn or Sean is still in the pokie for a crime he didn't commit. 😂🤣 (ie:nobody tells anyone anything)😂🤣

  4. OMG What an episode. Kristen was amazing. Hope that reel is good for next year if it's too late for this year. Loved her use of language too. Sooo realistic.

    Anyone who hasn't watched yet, press record even if you usually don't. Yoru're going to want to see this more than once. I didn't FF at all.

    1. I agree! Kirsten knocked it outta the park today! Maxie was awesome. She handed Peter his nads on a plate! 😂🤣 Red him the riot act...gave him his walking papers. Gigs up. 🤣 By PLP!

  5. several questions PLEASE - SO why would Brook Lynn need to keep Louise for very long if Peter is in a coma? (cause he ain't dying)…...Just for Valentin to sign over papers? SURELY that can't go on very long??????
    wonder who will find Chloe????? Thoughts?
    I feel that THESE shows were supposed to be mid-May sweeps? cause NOW it's good?
    WHere is Cyrus? still in the house I guess????
    and we were right - Peter isn't pushed - he falls - but I bet he either blames Finn or has amnesia - or both?

    1. Ssshhh we want PLP to die...LOL!
      Maybe none will find her. Maybe she's dead? Yeh we had some push back so thg eyes could be May?
      He's in Portias house. I still hope he dies....I'm morbid 😁

  6. the show was so good today. Karen said it on FB that it was very old school GH and that is so true. Hopefully we hear Maxie ask for Mac, Felicia, Sam anyone to reach out to.

    I hope this means we will see more of Portia. She is absolutely gorgeous and can stand with the best of them!

    We haven't seen any teens in some time. I guess they are all graduating.

  7. Roof access 1 hour earlier: It's Finchy!!!! You can see the back of his white shirt and vest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Savoy:

    Curtis and Laura: Curtis is worried about his Portia now! :) Run Curtis! Run like the wind!!!!

    Portia's home:

    Trina, Portia and Cyrus: TRINA!!! Don't give Cyrus attitude!! Hahaha. She ain't afraid of him that is for damn sure. :) Cyrus on the phone.

    Cyrus: What the hell do you mean you are not available?

    BAHAHAHAHA! Cyrus would have won the line of the day, but someone else wins it. Oh hi Curtis. With no gun or back up. You should know better Curtis!!!! You just want to save your Portia. :)


    Laura, Curtis, and Jordan: Laura has a plan! What is it Laura to give yourself to Cyrus? OH I WAS RIGHT!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LAURA NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    The hospital:

    Chase's room:

    Gregory, Jackie, and Chase: Greg and Jackie pretending to be there all along was hysterical! ROFL!

    Greg and Finchy:

    Finchy: I'm sure as hell failing him.

    Awwwwwwww Finchy! No!!!! :(


    Chase, Jackie, and cop: Great scene!!! :) Uh Jackie, you should really bring Chase back to his room. :(

    Maxie's room:

    Maxie and Hiney: GREAT SCENE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maxie is acting like a Jones and a Scorpio!!!! WOOT WOOT WOOT WOOT! THAT'S MY GIRL!!!!! Maxie wins the line of the day!

    Maxie: At least Faison was an evil genius. You're just some cheap imitation.

    YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Maxie drag him! DRAG HIM YEAHHHHHHHHHH! :) I also love when she kept calling him Heimrick! He hated when she calls him that! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA! GO MAXIE GO MAXIE GO MAXIE! I was thinking don't worry Hiney, it's the grief talking, then he said it! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

    Maxie, Nurse, and Anna: Love this nurse protecting Maxie. :)

    The roof: OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Outside!!!! Climbing the ladder!!! Music!!!! The helicopter!!! JUST LIKE THE GOOD OL DAYS! I LOVE IT!!!!! :) Oh hi Finchy! GET HIM FINCHY GET HIM!!! Nice shot of the outside!!! Who should I thank? The writers? The directors? Prop people? Thank you everyone! :)

    1. Finally! A great show. Kirsten nailed it, and I guess Deanna is the new Epiphany.

    2. I like her but she will never be Epiphany.

    3. "Paul773 says, Finally! A great show."

      YES!!!!!!!!!! :)

      "Kirsten nailed it,"

      She sure did!!!! :)

      "and I guess Deanna is the new Epiphany."

      Hahaha Piffy probably taught Denna everything she knows! :)

    4. Maxie was fantastic, and I watched her dragging Henrik twice! Haven't done that in a long time. :)

      I think I've seen too many action flicks, I kept waiting for the helicopter to blow up, lol!

      Just a fantastic show yesterday! And any line from Maxie would have made line of the day!

    5. "Julie H says, Maxie was fantastic, and I watched her dragging Henrik twice! Haven't done that in a long time. :)"

      YEAH! Loved it!!! Great scene!

      "I think I've seen too many action flicks, I kept waiting for the helicopter to blow up, lol!"

      ROFLMAOPMP! Well, that would have been something! :)

      "And any line from Maxie would have made line of the day!"

      Yes yes!!! So may great lines from her yesterday!!! :)

  8. Wow, Kirsten Storms can act. Give her this chance more often writers and directors

  9. Doesn't Curtis carry a gun. Maybe not.

  10. No one finds Peter in a stairwell for hours and hours and hours. AND, he doesn't die.

  11. Another funny thing. Cyrus is bleeding in the shoulder but is perfectly fine and no blood except on the hand. So, So stupid

    1. Go in the front door and "pop" him in the head

  12. Wellll the word of the day is Henrik

  13. kirsten storm proved today she can act. fantastic show. plp needs to die

  14. today was old school good we even got location shots

  15. Great show today and bravo to Kirsten! Maxie finally got her smarts back.

  16. I will admit Kirsten Storms, who I haven’t been a fan of, nailed it today. The writers need to give her better material consistently and play off the character’s rich history tied to one of the most emotional stories in the show’s history. Now we need Mac and Felicia,

  17. Had to giggle a little at the rooftop scenes. On Nightshift and even in the show’s last two openings, GH is in the middle of a huge metropolis surrounded by skyscrapers, Looked like the Hollywood Hills in the background today.

    1. Yes! The hills. I laughed at that.

    2. Oh my, I laughed, too! Glad I wasn't the only one!


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