Tuesday, June 22, 2021

First Phone Post!

Not my house!! In my old neighborhood....we had a whopper of a storm come through yesterday. We didn't lose power or trees thank goodness. I can hear chain saws all over. 

 Oooo- never done this by phone!! Crazy day!! Sorry I can't watch in real-time! Let me know in the comments if I should watch tonight on Hulu or skip!? 


  1. Holy cow. Hope nonone was hurt

  2. Beautiful home. Hope everyone was safe

  3. "Karen says, Sorry I can't watch in real-time! Let me know in the comments if I should watch tonight on Hulu or skip!?"

    Okay I will let you know!!! Some of it is pretty good. Fantastic shot in the beginning of the show of outside of the hospital!!! WOW!!

    Q mansion:

    Maxie and Bailey: Maxie is holding her!!! It's breaking my heart!!! Watch this Karen!!!

    Maxie, Brooky, Bailey, and V.C.: The looks of confusion on V.C.'s face is priceless! HAHAHAHAHAHA. You got to see this Karen!

    Maxie and Brooky: Maxie says she aches for Luise!!! You have to watch this scene Karen. Just breaks my heart that Maxie aches for her baby! :(

    V.C. and Bailey: GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! He is talking to her. He asks why are you so perfect! Watch this Karen! Great scene! I am so obsessed with the baby's nose!!! It's so adorable!!!! :)

    V.C. and Anna: Great scene!! Anna feels bad for Maxie and is trying to find Hiney!! Watch this Karen.

    Maxie, Brooky, Anna, and V.C.: Oh! Anna and V.C. are going to go together to find Hiney! :) Watch this Karen!

    The hospital:

    Jordan and Anna: They hug and Jordan has her hair up with a long strand of hair just hanging around. Just cut that strand off!!!

    Jordan and Portia: Oh. Jordan asks Portia on a date for a movie or drinks. #WomanMance.

    Portia and Taggart:

    Taggart: I want to take you out to dinner.

    Portia: Oh. And who's paying?

    Uh if a person tells you they want to take you out to dinner, then they are paying dummy!

    Liz and Jason: Liz is telling him Peter is gone for good. Jason wants to know what she did!!! She won't say. Jason wants to help her. Awwww. :)

    Liz and Finchy: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :) They are talking and smiling.. :) It looks like they were about to kiss, but they don't. Great scene. Watch Karen!

    Gregory and Finchy: A hug! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :) Great scene!!!! Karen you gotta watch it!

    Chase's room:

    Chase, Finchy, and Gregory: Okay what the hell is going on?!!?! Chase wants to know how Finchy did to save his life, and Finchy won't tell him he isn't the father! That Gregory is.. Finchy could have just said I will let dad tell you. But NO he had to act strange. Dumb scene.

    Gregory and Chase: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :) Sweet scene. Now this is what you should see too Karen. Gregory told Chase he is the father. Chase looked so relieved!

    Nava's hotel room:

    Nava: Oh crap oh crap oh crap! She is ending them! NOOOOOOOOOOOO! :( Come on! THINK YOU TWO THINK! It's not Ryan! It's Spencer!!!

    The Savoy:

    Curtis and Taggart: They are bonding. :) New Bromance?

    Jason and Curtis:

    Jason: I'm offering my friendship.

    Awwwwwwwwww!!! Besties!!!! :)

    1. Sonya. Does that mean it was good and worth watching? I don't watch all the time.

    2. Why couldn't Nik and Ava just pretend to break up until they catch Spencer?

      And Val was so cute with the baby.

    3. "lindie says, Sonya. Does that mean it was good and worth watching? I don't watch all the time."

      Yes it was good and worth watching! :) You don't watch all the time? I thought you did. Why not?

      "Gary says, Why couldn't Nik and Ava just pretend to break up until they catch Spencer?"

      Because they don't know it's Spencer. Ava thinks it's Ryan!

      "And Val was so cute with the baby."

      He was!!!! :)

    4. I don't always have time to watch, and sometimes it is not worth watching when it is crappy. I FF alot too. Like today with Ava and Nic. Stupid to break them up. Ava does think it's Ryan, but why are they saying "they"? Val is SO great with the baby. He will be so devastated and he and Anna will be mad at Maxie for not letting them know and help

    5. lol I think she's pretty sure you want her to watch it, Sonya. PMSL I second your answer.

      And Val was also very understanding of why Maxie was holding the baby.

      And I agree...Fincy and Liz- awkward. I don't want them together. Leave Liz alone writers. Let her mingle, not become another arm decoration with no other storylines. I want her to stay single for a while. (And I'm speaking as someone who lost their soulmate suddenly and unexpectedly. I don't even remember the first 6 months after I was so automated.Give her time to become social again.)

    6. Yep, I was giggling too, hope Karen watched! :)

      That baby is adorable and Val is killing me, because I know what's going to happen when he finds out the truth. I'm just hoping they don't drag this out for years, like the Wiley debacle!

      Ava was awesome yesterday, I could feel her pain. Maura is the best! Seriously stupid storyline though. She and Nik are smarter than that, and should fake a breakup. Sheesh! Also enjoyed the scenes with Jason and Curtis. Stone Cold trying to be subtly helpful and Curtis being leery as hell. Nicely done!

  4. I LIKE that ELizabeth told Jason that Peter wouldn't be a problem. BEYOND ridiculous that Nicholas wouldn't hire security with his money and find out more ----instead of calling Dante.....maybe this whole thing is about to be over with a new set of issue: Spencer is back and gosh I wish HAYDEN too....get Shawn outta jail - RECAST Hayden if need be, but no mother would leave her child.....
    love Curtis and Taggart anything!

  5. Replies
    1. Love liason but I've given up on them, the writers will never give me liason so I'd love Linn? Fiz?

    2. yep that ship has sailed.....I like Britt with him....

    3. Ya, I don't like Liz and Jason. I do like Jason with Britt. And, I used to hate Britt so much. Never liked her until recently. Curtis and Taggart are great.

      I still want Anna and Valentin

      I saw a spark between Liz and Finn. Think I want those 2 together now. He was all smiley with her. AND, she is checking him out now. lol

    4. Liason was my favorite couple but the writers haven’t honored their history in so long!
      I am good with them just being friends.

      Liking Liz with Finn but it’s way too soon. Love Britt and Jason. Valentine and Anna too

  6. Well as my fan name clearly states I am a total Liz fan and I LOVED the few seconds of Liz and Jason today. She told him not to waste energy on Peter and he got it in about as few syllables as he did in yesterday's episode with Cam. Jason immediately inferred Liz might have a 'clean up' issue and their brief talk in code made for a great scene. RH & SB serve up the good stuff when they work together.
    Maybe she does rely on him 'to disappear Peter' much to Finn's jealous? chagrin.
    I do like keeping her single for awhile.
    I do think Britt and Jason are a breathe of fresh air, new, fun couple and I'm interested to see this relationship grow.
    If I never see Sam and Jason together again, ever, it will be too soon. I use my close caption to understand (read) when KM is on screen.

    1. Well said. I loved the clean up discussion too. Quick and concise and perfectly understood. I hope he does a clean up too.

    2. I may just have to go utube some old Liason scenes. They go way back yall!

    3. I'm with Di on this, very well said, Lizwebberfan and I couldn't agree more! The more I see Liz and Finn the more I like them together, but they could slow down. :)

    4. I like Liz and Finn but yes it's way too soon for both of them.

    5. Linda... the trapped elevator scene when preggers Liz tells
      Jason the baby (Jake) is his. Oldie but goodie!!!!

    6. I also love the liason elevator scene. Liason is my favorite GH couple. writers give them a story please.

    7. I was a big fan of Liz and Jason and I thought the scene where they "made" Jake was one of the most beautiful love scenes ever. Now I am happy Jason will be with Britt instead of Sam.

  7. I definitely think Monday's show was worth watching. The resolution of Chase's DNA situation was handled well, and there were good conversations between Liz and Jason, Liz and Finn, Curtis and Taggert, and Portia and Jordan. Not a big action day, but more of a "wrap things up/set other things up" day. I enjoyed it.


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