Monday, June 7, 2021

Monday Music --GH


DENTIST TODAY! Totally forgot. BUT!! Hey....any of you know about Whitey18 on Tik Tok? If not, it doesn't matter--just enjoy Jack Wagner singing his "GH" hit. 


  1. Thanks Karen! He was so talented!

  2. Love having Stella back, even briefly.
    The Tan-O spinoff is pure crap. I do hope Lenny and Phyllis land in PC. They are not the problem.

  3. Really can't stand Sam. Don't want her with Dante.

    1. Yeah I don't want her with Dante either. I hate when she acts all superior like she knows everything! UGH!

    2. I want Sam in another town - another show - whatever -

    3. Wonder if Sam would like it in Nixon Falls? Mike and Nina might like her?

    4. Sam in Nixon Falls...I was thinking the same thing. lol

    5. It's sad. I used to like Sam. Not anymore. NO to her and Dante

    6. A gradual pairing of Dante and Maxie would make a much better couple.

    7. No to Dante and Maxie.....can't picture it

    8. There comes a time when a character has run its course...Sam is one....she is never with her children - they are forcing Dante with her - she needs to either be an independent PI and solve the cases Jordan can't-----------or go away......KM just doesn't do it anymore.....

  4. I love Jack Wagner's all I need!!!! :) And all his other songs too!!

    Nixon falls spinoff:

    Pennsylvania side of the river LanTANO mountain bar:

    Phyllis, Lenny and Mike: Mike is afraid she scared Nina off!!!!!! Oh there is Nina. Nina and Mike have eye sex.

    Lenny and Mike: Oh yes let's fix that light outside that isn't really broken, just so Lenny can talk to Mike about Nina. :) Mike told Lenny about the kiss and Lenny wants him to take Nina out dinner and dancing and to have a good time. Lenny wins the line of the day.

    Lenny: Avoid crime.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Good one Lenny. :)

    Phyllis and Nina: Well Phyllis made a good point about he didn't want to know about his old life and settled on Nixon falls. :) He had a choice and he chose to stay there and not know anything about his life. So, Nina and Mike should go dinner and dancing and have some kissing. :) But no sex.. Not until his memory comes back.

    Port Chuckles:

    The hospital:

    Maxie's room:

    Dante, Sam, and Maxie: What the freakin hell? Sam shut up and mind your own damn business. Dante is trying to get to the truth!!!!

    Dante and Sam: Dante has no heart?!?!!? SAM SHUT UP! He was just doing his job!!!!

    Sam and Maxie: HOLY CRAP! Sam is telling the same thing Dante asked Maxie! GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! SHUT UP SAM! GO AWAY!

    Curtis's room: Boy! Everyone went to visit Curtis including Stella!!!! :) Everyone wants him to wake up including me! WAKE UP CURTIS! Even Trina was sweet to him. Portia and Stella meet. Portia goes in to talk to Curtis, and he WAKES UP YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Carly's kitchen: THE TRIBBLES YAY! Oh look a drawing of a face and hearts on the refrigerator. :)

    Carly and Jax: Jax! Carly doesn't want to give up the power! She don't want to give it back to Jason. Look at her face! It's written all over her face!!! And Carly is right she was not even near Portia's house!!!

    Q home:

    Brooky, Olivia, baby Bailey, and V.C.: Brooky got nervous because she couldn't find baby Bailey. Olivia had her in her awrms. Awwwww. :) Awwww Baby Bailey. When she was born she was huge! :) She is small now.. She shrunk! She still has an adorable nose. :) She is yawning! Awwwwwwwwww. :)

    Brooky: You're an expert in feeding babies who knew?

    Uh because he has experience because he has another daughter dummy!

    Brooky: I wish I could nurse her myself but I'm just not producing enough milk.

    Hahahahahaha. She would have won the line of the day, but Lenny had to say his line haha.

    Olivia and Ned: Awwwww will baby Bailey bring mom and dad back together? :)

    Brooky and V.C.: Oh oh he signed the papers for ELQ! Ned told her not to! Hmmm will Brooky and V.C. fall in love? :)

    The gatehouse:

    Millow: I can't stand Millow!!!!! But love Wiley. :) Awwwwww Wiley. :)

    Jax and Michael: Oh come on!!! Is Jax going to blackmail Michael?! That's disgusting!

    1. That is disgusting because Michael was kind if like a son to Jax at one point.

    2. "lindie says, That is disgusting because Michael was kind if like a son to Jax at one point."

      Exactly!!!! Jax would never do that to Michael!!! Come on writers! If someone says a character would never do that, you failed!!!

    3. Problem is that the writers seem to love to change who the characters are, which is okay once in a while but not as often as they do and to core characters. Anna and Sam are perfect examples.

    4. I can't believe I've missed all of the excitement! I was gone 4 days celebrating my mom's 90th birthday. I need to catch up on all the comments about PLP's demise. It sure better be true, and no twin coming either, lol!

      Sonya, Lennie's line of the day was a hoot! Hahahah! And I'm glad I wasn't the only one yelling at Mumbles, who actually didn't mumble. But her character and the way she is played is obnoxious and useless. Blech! Baby Louise is absolutely adorable but I'm assuming that's all ready been said. :)

      I really agree about Jax blackmailing Michael. He would never! :(

  5. I KNEW Portia would be the one to wake Curtis - it's on, baby!!! WOOHOO!
    we need more Taggart - i.e. WHAT will he do now that Cyrus is arrested? I think Cyrus escapes en route to prison and Jeff Kober is off for a while...…….

    1. I really like Portia and Curtis together. They make a cute couple.

    2. I really like them, too. I knew it would be Portia to wake him up. Looks like Auntie Stella is going to have a few words with Portia today. Uh-Oh!

  6. I'm curious to know if any of you have any idea where the Nixon Falls/Mike/Nina/memory thing is going. Is Mike and Nina gonna fall in love, go back to PC, and then Mike remembers he's Sonny and he and Carly fight for the "business" ? Just wondering what you all think. Thanks. And thanks Karen.

    1. I've been wondering the same thing. I guess Nina will bring "Mike" back to PC, and he will reject Carly for awhile.

    2. I honestly think the writers didn't know either, but apparently MB liked the storyline/something different....
      I think Nina's life will blow up when they find out she knew - INCLUDING PHYLLIS being mad at her....
      and that Carly is not gonna give up control.....
      cause it's clearly coming to an end - it was STUPID with Elijah, etc. but Lenny said he was in jail/gone, and they coulda done SO much with it - have ELi screamed at Nina - I KNOW YOU KNOW WHO MIKE IS, etc.....
      and Carly saying she missed SOnny - yep, he's coming home soon.

    3. I think Maurice just wanted a storyline away from the set and with limited people for health cocerns.( I think this is the same reason we saw Gibbs stuck in his basement for the last few months, with his wife as a guest actor.)

      And this gave him a change of character too. ( Maybe he was getting tired of the screeching too. lol and the same old same old lines) I think this

    4. Exactly! Maybe he didn't count on it lasting so long though!!!!!

  7. I loved Jack Wagner and his music. Same goes for Rick Springfield. I still hear Jesse's girl at my grocery store some days. Lol

  8. I still remember the day I was in my basement and had the TV playing Solid Gold on in the background. It would do clips of the week's top 10 songs and as I was listening I heard the familiar notes of "All I Need". I ran to the TV and couldn't believe it was in the Top 10 - I had no idea it had even been released as a single.

    I lived in a small town in Canada, but I still went to the record store in the next couple of days and found 1 copy of Jack's album on cassette and I snatched it up and listened to it endlessly. I mean, it also had Sneak Attack, Make Me Believe It and Lady of My Heart on it!!!


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