Friday, June 11, 2021

So... IS HE??

OR isn't he?? Hmmm, this seems like one of those sneaky things. Especially since Wes has been on contract. I seem to remember these little "who's going" blurbs for characters like Helena-- and Faison. So.. we shall see. If Liz and Finn put him in the incinerator we are looking good. If not? Hmmm. Plus, there's always that possibility of a twin (no please no!!) 

So, I saw GH on Wednesday only. Didn't bother watching the other days. I did see part of Monday's but I've had no desire to get in there and watch. I'm flying blind here so bear with me! Who knows what Sunday Surgery will bring. 


Finn is telling Chase he's dying. Then he tells Jackie and Greg. I am having very little reaction to this whole thing.  They sit by the bed. Yada yada. Then Chase asks Willow to marry him. :eyeroll:  She says she'd be "honored". 

Liz and Anna are in the chapel. Anna asks if it's Chase. Liz tells her the treatment failed. Says they are out of options. Anna says no! There's still Peter. When she leaves, Liz mumbles "forgive me" 

Spin and Maxie. He feels bad he couldn't stop the babynapping. He tells her about Cyrus and his ordeal. He's going to drive her home. Georgie is there. Asks where her sister is. Maxie tells her that a 'Friend" was sad and wanted to take care of her for a bit. 

Brook watches Val talk to Bailey about the stars. Nina walks in and see Val talking French to the baby. She's a little jelly. She's there to see Wiley.  They talk and she says she found something in Nixon Falls she never expected to find. She leaves to go to the gatehouse. Anna walks in and sees Val with the baby. Coos over it. Val thinks Peter could still be hiding in the labyrinth that is GH. 

Carly and Jax. She asks what Jax did to make Michael let Nina see Wiley. Jax is dancing around the subject. Carly's going to find out NO MATTER WHAT. OMG who cares? Shut up. She's running the mob now. UGH come on. 

Nina meets with Wiley. Underwhelming. OH! Wait! She tells him that Grandpa is alive!! YES! And His Grandma Carly was mean to her so she's not telling. She says this to a kid that blabbed about the Willow is not your real mama. DERP. 

Carly walks in to see Nina holding Wiley. Smirks
Chase tells his parents Willow will marry him. 


  1. Wow. I don't even know what to say about Nina telling Wiley. All I have tonsay is never liked Nina.

  2. PS. No Peter is not dead and gone. Maybe the actor is on a break.

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  4. I hope Hiney is dead.

    Jax's home:

    Jax and Carly: Oh I hope Carly finds out what Jax did, so she could tell him off!!!! I would LOVE that scene! :) You don't mess with Carly's children! She will turn into a mama bear cujo!!! :)

    Maxie's home:

    Maxie and Spinny with a sprinkle of Georgie: I'm glad Spinny is there for Maxie. Georgie is adorable. She looks like Sam and Drew's daughter. I wonder if they are sisters in real life! :)

    Q home: Okay why does V.C. call the baby Bailey Louis constantly? Louis is the middle name.

    Brooky, V.C. and baby Bailey: Awwwwwwwwwwww beautiful picture. :) Too bad she isn't V.C.'s. :(

    V.C. and Nina: V.C. wins the line of the day.

    Nina: You and Valentin are parents. Together. How?

    V.C.: The usual way.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah the old fashioned way. :) Oh man V.C. still wants to get back together with her. He wishes the baby was theirs!!

    V.C. and Anna: You know, I would love if V.C. and Brooky were together, but I also would love if Brooky and Chase were together, I also would love if V.C. and Anna were together, but I do love Anna and Robert together.. Man it's a vicious cycle! ROFL!

    V.C. and baby Bailey: Awwwwwwwwwwwwww! He is in love. He is going to get his heart broken. :(

    The hospital:

    Hospital chapel:

    Liz and Anna: I was thinking Liz was crying because of BobTodd, but nope it's because of my poor Chase. :(

    Chase's room:

    Chase, Jackie, and Gregory: It's so funny I forgot to laugh? Hahaha. Oh that is so old! :) I haven't heard that saying in years! :)

    Chillow: Chase was going to propose to Willow before the stupid plan? DAMMIT! :( I want them to get married, but not like this!! I'm afraid Chillow is dead. :(

    The hallway:

    Mildew: Blah blah blah BORING! Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Finchy and Liz: He is so upset she is touching his hand awwwww. :) :(


    Nina and Wiley: OH NO! Nina!!! Don't talk to Wiley about Grandpa and that Grandma is a big meanie!!!! ROFL! You know Wiley is like a sponge and will repeat what you say!!!! ROFL! I can't believe she said Carly is so mean to her! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to 1981* Luke and Laura scene. It was such a brilliant soliloquy coming from Tony Geary! BRAVO! I remember this. Fantastic wonderful scene!!!!

    Sidenote: Someone on soap central talked about Terri telling Liz about her brother Austin. Does anybody remember that? So is this Austin, Terri's brother?

  5. On Nina... you are stupid. Why are they writing her this bad? If they were smart they would have had someone overhear her.

    And Carly is such a hypocrite. What if things were reversed? Of course Nina thought
    she could have helped Nell. She was the child she always wanted.

    Valentine melted my heart again with that baby and with Nina.

  6. I wish someone would shut Carly up permanently. Val was wonderful with the baby! Georgie is so big!

    1. She really looked like the older Georgie to me!

  7. The "Marry me on my Deathbed" thing is so cliche and beneath this show. It is no longer the soaps of the 1960s!

    1. I know. Double yawn on that one. And no doubt now that a cure is coming up. Finn just has to use his head, or maybe his lab will finally send him that paternity test he ordered months ago!

  8. Nina.....AKA NOT REDEEMABLE.....And seriously - she's acting like she's a middle schooler....I thought we were past her being immature because she went into a coma young and missed 20 years of learning to be an adult. Nope - she's now a middle school mean girl.

  9. "Ladder says I thought we were past her being immature because she went into a coma young and missed 20 years of learning to be an adult."

    Yeah I thought we were passed that too! She is regressing!

    1. She is really regressing. Although she never had a lot of "smarts" to start with.

  10. hopefully peter is dead for good. nina is still mentally unstable and carly needs to die.

  11. There will be no place for Nina to hide once the truth comes out about Sonny-no regard for his family. Her scene with Wiley looked awkward and of course she had to open her big mouth so Wiley can play repeat again She probably doesn’t even have her job with Crimson anymore.. LW has made Carly the most annoying and soulless person ever. Such predictable and old storylines. Anna and Dr. O were the best part of the week. And hopefully good riddance to Peter.

    1. What kind of relationship with Wiley does Nina think she will have once the truth about her and "Mike" comes out? She's depriving that little boy, that she supposedly loves, of his grandfather, and Michael won't forgive her for that.

    2. I don't personally agree with smashing things, but that scene with Anna and Obrecht was terrific!!!

    3. Its funny to say she's depriving him from a mob boss grandfather
      They're all so crazy!

  12. How is Jax going surfing in Port Charles???

    1. Behind a speed Or he's just paddle boarding.

    2. I thought nobody noticed. Surfing in PC...I really LOL'd. The whole show should go on a surfin' safari. Not a good week.

  13. Deadline is usually a good source.

  14. Bite your tongue on the twin! 🤣 As for Wes, I'm sorry but I'd say he's gone. It's SOD...Not CDL so...

  15. All of you hating the screeching's the writers making these characters so difficult to watch. And they are doing a great job unfortunately.

  16. it is SO bad how they have turned Nina from a horrible person to nice to horrible again that it TRULY makes me think Cynthia either (1) is ready to leave the show (2) doesn't speak up as to how her character has changed (3) doesn't care.....
    because it's not about 'mad at Carly' ----------- it's doing this to Dante, Michael, Kristina (if we ever see her again), Donna and Avery....(wow lotsa kids)….and a true mother wouldn't do that -
    PLUS MB and CW have NO spark....
    if HAYDEN and SPENCER are working together against Nik - I am ALL IN!
    I think Alexis will figure out Nik blackmailed the judge/realize he did it/will turn against him...


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