Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Looking Back on GH: The Decade of Wub

You've  sat through the "Best/Worst" lists of 2019 and the whole "Decade" thing. I will be doing a podcast on that soon...but while I was thinking about my answers, I found a whole HOST of weird, wubbly things that happened over 10 years. I have some time and since no new shows are on-- hey why not?  

Get your Champers out and toast to 2009-2019! 

Monday, December 30, 2019

Gossip Day

Sonny is talking to some guy.. WHO PUT A TRACKER ON CARLY'S CAR!! HELL NO! Seriously?? OMG. Yep. Sonny put a tracker on her. Jason walks in. Sonny plays dumb but Jason knows he's tracking Carly. He's not happy.
I'd kill anyone that put a tracker on my ANYTHING.
Jason asks if it will make the situation any better. Sonny says he knows what he's doing and basically, back off. 

Pier...Jax and Carly. Jax says Nik is 'missing'.  He's been missing since the painting has been gone.  He says he's not telling Nik's family yet that he's alive because he's missing. Geo, the guy hired by Sonny' overhears Carly telling Jax that she's stressed and Sonny's suspicious. Then they hug and he sees it. Jax leaves. Brad comes along. They talk about Lucas. Geo listens. Geo also listens when Carly leaves and Juilan comes up and Julian tells Brad not to let Carly too close to the "Nelle situation". 

Ava talks to Nina who's getting ready for the wedding..and HESITATING about the "Plan:.. Oh JEEPERS!! UGH... She's all concerned about Charlotte. ugh.

Ava and Laura..Laura wants to know why Ava burned up Helena's portrait. Ava's like..Nope I didn't do it. She does say Val will get what he deserves. Curtis walks up. Ava tells them to both go to the wedding. 
Then they sit down and Jax comes over and tells them he's looking for Claudette because she has something on Valentin. UGH whatever. 

Lucas was moved to the nursing home. Willow, Julian and Sam are all there. Julian says Lucas shouldn't have been in the car. He's like but he went to visit Braaaaaaaaaaaad. Then Brad shows up and he overhears Willow say Nelle almost touched Wiley lol . Julian is all mad Brad "let that happen".  Then the nurse asks JULIAN to fill out paperwork on Julian's behalf?? Um, wouldn't BRAD do that? he's his husband??!! 

Willow and Sam talk about Nelle. Pretty pointless. They both get a memorial service notice on their phones. Harmony walks up "hello"...Oh, she didn't do it-- she thinks maybe Daisy did it. I think it's NELLE lol!! 

So, Nina got a DNA test done (at GH which is stupid) she has to sign for and pick up results today before the wedding. Did she get Charlotte tested? Is Char not Valentin's?? What else could it be? Hmmmm... 

Sonny finds out Julian was talking about Nelle to Brad and mentioned Michael and Wiley. 

Carly says she's going to 'tell Sonny the truth" 

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Sunday Surgery: Family Friendly

Behold my Splendor! 

Hope your holiday was filled with JOY! Our snow melted and left mud and gray, gray skies! I'd rather have the white stuff and sunshine for sure. Christmas week on GH was short. 3 days of content (unless you are in Canada, then I think you got 4). Monday was the special day for sure. 

Should be a short and sweet blog today (just like me!) 

Friday, December 27, 2019

Christmas EVE

What Day is Today? GEESH... first I thought it was Sunday..then Thursday lol.. concept of time is out the window!! 

Going Minimalist 

I feel like we are going to have to talk about the Q mansion at some point. Now, if Tracy had done this as a "surprise" while the fam was in Switzerland or something, it may have made sense...but?? I'm all for an update-- and hell, if it gets the Qs on more, serve me up. BUT! The door moves? Who moves A DOOR? The DOOR has been the DOOR for eons. You just don't mess with that ish. Now people are entering in where the kitchen used to be. I can't process this!! 


Old people home: Gladys is there and Carly comes in too. Carly wants to invite Brad to dinner. Sonny's like: ok, you invite someone I have to put up with..and I'll invite someone you have to put up with. Gladys tells Carly shes' coming to dinner! 

Christmas in the Square: Curtis is Santa... Leo goes to see him... Cameron is his elf for "Community Service" . Jason brings a giant Scout and Danny-- geesh, I guess I haven't seen Scout in awhile! She wants Mommy home for Christmas. Curtis gives her a 'magic" candy cane to keep her happy lol. Alexis comes to get Scout and Danny to go decorate the tree. He has to "do something" first. 

Joss tells Dev about American Christmas. He tells her about Turkish Christmas. She tells him Christmas is about joy and giving .. and looooove :eyeroll: Trina says Cam has only a week to go on his community service. She also tells Joss that he has a crush on her. 

Sam's in jail. Nelle is needling her about her being in there and not with her kids. Says that her baby is dead, but Sam's is alive. Nelle keeps bugging her, saying she might get out before She does and how Ryan knifed her and everything. Says she could 'help Jason with the kids". Sam tells her to shut her mouth before she shuts it for her.  The guard comes up and tells Sam the warden wants to see her. Oh, it's going to be Jason. I just know it. Oh! Hey, Jason got Sam OUT OF JAIL for the evening. LMAO 
NO! She's PAROLED!! WHAT??? Yep, she's out of jail!!! The board approved her. Welp! 

Q House. Tracy wants to know why Monica didn't ask her about the house redecoration when Monica clearly said it was "their" house. Monica said she said that because Tracy was leaving and she was feeling sentimental .  Tracy says she's sorry about Oscar and Drew dying. Also, what's holding up probate? Then Olivia and Ned come in. Olivia stands open mouthed lol . Monica got punch out. She's going to have them wassail with punch.. which involves singing. Tracy asks about ELQ. Michael tells her some things. She thinks Brook Lynn should be a junior exec. Michael says they have to go. Then, Ned gets out his guitar to sing. 

LATER...at the House of Corinthos:  Gladys is being snarky to Sonny and he tells her to cool it, he's paying for her sevices, they aren't "family". Dev and Joss come in.  Dev goes to wrap stuff. Joss is SUPER nasty to Gladys. I mean..geesh!! Like it's Glady's fault Sonny asked her to lie for them!!?? That was weird. Gladys goes to talk to someone on the phone. Sonny asks who it is...it's "Brando". Gladys has been paying his phone bills just so she can call he service and hear his voice on the message. She's sad. Say she misses him. Sonny says he understands. 

 IN jail, Nelle has a "vision board" with blonde ladies and little boys and mansions LOL 

The Q family sings

Jordan gets a call a "Friend passed".. and Curtis doesn't know them. It was weird.  Oh RECON: People on Twitter says SOD says it's her new story. She doesn't think this friend died naturally and investigates. :Eyeroll: 

Dev and Joss think they see the real Santa in the sky. 

General Hospital Prop of The Decade Awards!

Oh, what a great 10 years for props... let's give the set department a nice round of applause, shall we?? I've had a blast just finding and having a prop of the week. Over 10 years there have been hundreds identified but only a few can make it into the Wubs Hall O' Props. I apologize in advance if your fave didn't make the cut but this is a purely subjective basis. Meaning: I decide!  Please feel free to eat at BLT from Kelly's for this.  


MR MARBLES: Mac's annual side-kick in the Nurses' Ball...this is the year (2014) he got killed by Epiphany in a skirmish. RIP Mr. M. 

FABERGE EGG: Spencer's First! --the one he gave to Emma. It's a pure Cassadine symbol and just the right touch of Russia I like to see.  We remember the Greek side, but not always the Russian side of this family. 

FAISON'S BRAIN:  Oh, it's  in a jar somewhere...ready to...be...unleashed at a moments notice! 

THE MOSS: A relative newcomer, it drove us crazy all year with it's size and sheer audacity for hogging the camera! 

FRANCO'S MONKEY: Made is debut in 2009 but continued to reign terror into 2010 so he made the cut. One of my fave props of all time. 


RUBBER MASKS: Yep, we had to make a whole separate wing for these guys. They were all over the damn place in the 10's!! 

CHINESE FIGURES:  A JaSam stable--the Phoenix and the Dragon. 

: This is her BLT. I prefer the egg salad but this is the one I could find. It also represents the real BLTs that came in from Kelly's for Heather on the daily! 


TUMOR IN A JAR: That's right.. Franco's tumor--in a jar for all to behold. Diane used it as literal evidence in his trial and We got to marvel at how giant it actually ended up being. 


BBQ ARIEL: .. Was there ever a more glorious thing than to see Britt burn up Emma's prized doll? That would be a resounding: NOPE.


BOB the BADGER!! Was there ever any question? Bob's been there for awhile, just hanging out but really got in the groove when the got him a new snazzy glassed in case. Rumor is he smelled so badly, they had to do something!! It's also the only prop that Alberta has met. Points to Lisa LoCicero for this photo! 

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Changes? Hmmm...

I've been fooling around with the blog theme and not sure if I like this but I can't get back to the old one!! LOL BEAR WITH ME people!! 

Hope your Holiday was joyous! I have a strange thing called "Holiday Hunger" --meaning I'm HUNGRY ALL THE TIME ...when I am normally not. It's true. Then, I have to eat everything in the 1 mile block LOL 


Franco freaks out when he hears he slept with Kim. NOPE NOPE NOPE!! Liz assures him she knows it was Drew, not him.  Later, Cam and Jake come in. Jake made him a picture a day while he was "gone" to cheer himself up. Geesh, he's  a good artist!  

Gladys wants to take Mike out of the home. (That's Sonny's cousin pretending to be Dev's grandma). Mike wanted her, had them call her. Yvonne is gone --and he needs a distraction so she was going to talk him to the track. Marcus comes in and come to find out Yvonne's in the hospital because she can't feed herself. He's getting her a feeding tube. Gladys pipes up and says that's a bad idea.  She said if Yvonne quit eating it was her choice and it's like death with dignity. Marcus tells her to mind her own business. Sonny's like "You know nothing about this".. She says YES I DO. Ut oh. She tells him her BFF died from it and she told her she wanted to 'just stop' and didn't eat. But her kids and husband put her on a feeding tube and it was a horrible, prolonged death. 
Marcus goes to the hospital. Sonny convinces Mike to stay at the home for the holiday party. 

Anna sees the EuroTec thing...realizes Peter's probably the Robert thinks he is.  She tells Finn... he tells her to go to Robert. She hedges and is like, well....it could be this or that. Finn says: Um, you want a smoking gun or something?? Anna says YES-- it would be nice. Finn says she should tell the police before he kills someone else . Violet comes out and they have a stocking for her..she wants one for her MAMA! :sobbing: Get that CHILD A PUPPY!! lol 

Peter in the park with Maxie and kids ...Maxie says what a great guy he is :Eyeroll:  Oh they are in the Square doing a coat drive. Cam and Jake drop off some stuff. Julian walks by, Brook Lynn sees him. Says he has to cheer up for the boys. "Although Leo looks just like Dante..that DNA must be strong, how did you and Olivia get together anyway"?? She tells him that she took care of Leo when they were hiding him "from his gangster father".  She shows him pics of Lucas as a baby and hes' so happy. 

Nelle asks Willow if Wiley is her's ...she says 'no'...Nelle is like "You don't seem so sure" LOL  She talks about her dead baby and hold it and wants to hold Wiley.  Willow goes to set him down and Michael runs up: NO! THat's NELLE! Nelle shows them her handcuffs. She also tells Michael she's sure Jonah would have Loved Christmas... oh burn.

Michael and Willow find Brad and hand him Wiley. They tell him they can watch him for longer and he says NO! He'll take him home. 

Tracy's home!! The entire house is now white and creme color!! The front door is moved too? WEIRD!! She's like WHAT THE HECK?? WHAT IS THIS? Brook comes down stairs and says "Hi Granny"!!
"Call me Tracy and what the hell happened here"??
Brook: "IT's great, isn't it"??!! 

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Holly Jolly

Tillie and I wish you a Merry Christmas!
Delco Dave too-- 
Thank you for reading the blog all year
We hope you have Christmas Cheer! 

Monday, December 23, 2019

"God Bless Us Every One"... GH Scrooge SPECIAL !!

I've been waiting for this day with such squealy anticipation!! I love specials and this looks to be a goodie. 


I'm not going to spoil too much so you'll have to watch for yourself!! They all get stuck in GH for the night because of a storm. TRACY IS THERE! HER hair is natural gray and she looks so so good!! Squee!! 

Finn wants to leave, is being all grouchy. Violet overhears him and now he's afraid she'll be upset. Monica reads another book because of the storm and it's Dickens A Christmas Carol. Finn imagines himself at Scrooge. We see the story as played out by cast members. 




Cratchit: Franco
Nephew: Peter
Charity collector: Curtis
Maid: Monica (lol)
First ghost: Marley is Tracy 
Joss: Ghost of Christmas Past 
Chase: Young Scrooge!!
Michael: Young Scrooge's partner
Willow: "Belle" The love of Scrooge's life
Ned: Scrooge's Boss when he was young 
Anna: Old Belle--omg so good!! 
Robert: Old Michael --ditto!
Dr. O Ghost of Christmas Present
Maxie: Nephew's wife
Liz: Mrs. Cratchit
Tiny Tim: Jake
Brother: Cam
Ghost of Christmas Future: Ava ..gah! 
Brooklyn: Town seller of goods 

It's wonderful..I hope you watch and have a very wonderful holiday--however you celebrate! 

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Sunday Surgery: Artsy-Smartsy


It was a glorious time--watching Ava one-up everyone in the room. Didn't she look spectacular doing it too?? Damn, Maura West. I do bow down!! 

Forget eating, grab those martinis!  

PS. I want that woman's bronzer and highlighter. NOW.

Friday, December 20, 2019

Mushy Friz Day


Liz and Franco...GAH the way he looks at her!! Sorry, RoHo is my crush LOL . Nurse Amy is on a hot minute. Franco overhears Julian tell Liz about him being Drew. 
They go home...Aiden made him a chocolate cake. Aiden actually flew out to Ireland-- Lucky wanted to see him for the holidays. Liz tells him that Drew is presumed dead. Franco thinks it's his fault. He was on that plane because of me! They say all mushy stuff on and on..love, life...love. Liz draws back from him..she says she's thinking about when he was Drew and had sex with Kim! 

Michael and Willow... he invited her over to CarSon's house for 'Fun stuff' he's planned. Oh such a chem test. He tells he about the AJ murder and getting custody of Avery to make his dad pay. . Amy calls him and asks him to bring Wiley to GH because Brad is in a bad way over Lucas. Oh Wiley will be in GH when Nelle is there too?

Anna and Finn talking about raising kids. He wonders if Cartoon rot kid's brains. She's doing research on Peter! WOOT !! The security guy worked for various shell corporations ..she doesn't want to think Peter is bad. Later Maxie and Peter come over.  Maxie gives Violet Georgie's hand me downs lol. She tells Anna how much she loves Peter and how happy she is. They leave. Anna says she should probably leave well enough alone. Then, she picks up Peter's file to pout it away and.  She sees something and says "Oh my"!  

Nelle and Tad. He wonders if it was her big plan to get stabbed. She says no, it was the serial killer's plan! Tad is mad because she could have died and he wouldn't get paid. Jordan comes in and tells her she's going to have to go back to jail NOW. Tad tries to say Not yet!! Nelle says "just a tad" and you can see MEK almost cracking up! LOL 

Brad and Lucas. Brad is pleading with him to wake up.  Julian comes in and says "get out here, Brad, test results are ready"  Lucas slipped into his own coma and the doctor says he has to go to a long term care place. GH needs the bed. Brad is devastated.  Amy tries to cheer him up by telling him Nelle's in the building, it's the best gossip, she says. He's like GOTTA GO!

Brad goes to see Nelle. She's happy to see him. He is not happy to see her, tells her everything is her fault. Nelle's like calm the hell down. 

Michael gets to the hospital...goes to look for Brad. Tad introduces himself as Nelle's attorney. Michael is like "RUN"!  He asks Amy where Brad is... 

Jordan has the forensics report...they found nothing!! The undercarriage of the car was too damaged!

Anna realizes that Peter and the gunman worked at the same place long ago!
NELLE SEES Willow and Wiley "What a beautiful baby you've got there" !! Just like the big bad wolf LOL 

Thursday, December 19, 2019


Thank you everything is OVER and we are back to the SHOW!!! 

Curtis goes to Kelly's. He sits with Lulu, Kevin and Laura to talk about Charlotte's "bodyguard". Kevin says it's imaginary. They want Curtis to dig up dirt on Valentin to win the custody battle. 
I still say Laura would think: HUH..Ava said she saw Nikolas and now Charlotte says that too.. so??? 
Lulu's going to go talk to Valentin. 

Sonny wants Jason to tell him what's up with Carly. Jason's like: I dunno? Sonny is all "I KNOW Jax is up to something and Carly's helping him'!!  Jason asks if they've fought about "anything real" LOL ..Sonny says Yes, Mike. He asks Jason's advice-- and Jason says if you were Mike, what would you want?? Sonny says "For my kids to be at peace". 

At GH, Jax brings Carly a smoothie. Oo lah lah! He tells her about the Art Gallery auction. Carly says he has to turn Nik over to the PCPD NOW! she and Jax argue and Jason walks up: What's goin' on! Jax leaves. Carly tells Jason if she tells him, he can't tell Sonny because he'd have Jax deported. 

Ava and Nikolas. Ava is gorgeous. She holds a gun on him but they look like they want to have zex.  She gives it to him good about faking his death TWICE and leaving his family in the lurch. She says 'she kissed a Prince" but it's no fairy Tale.  He tells her how he fell in the water and then went to Athens. He was a fugitive (for his first faking his death) and couldn't come back. Then he tells her about the codicil "That you burned up in that painting". Oh then we find out Ava has the CODICIL!! 

Dr. O is at Wyndemere and wants to know what happened to Char.  Nina says that she knows she helped Valentin and she'd better start talking. Dr. O is like "ignorance is bliss" Nina wants to know. Lesil says she didn't help with the first DNA test... but she knows how Valentin pulled it off. She tells Nina she saw Valentin swab Donna Mills for DNA at the funeral. Nina then says "you knew it from the beginning...don't you love me, why didn't you tell me"??  Dr. O gives NIna a lock of Donna Mill's hair she took from the funeral "You can use your mother's hair to do your own DNA tests"... 

Valentin and Lulu fight about Charlotte. It was good lol they hate each other. 

Lucy is talking to some lady about Deception. She isn't sure she wants to invest. Lucy shows her Sasha (who's walking by) as the "Face" of the company. Michael joins then. The lady is impressed because ELQ might be involved. Michael goes to talk to Sonny and the lady is all star-struck. 'IS THAT THE SONNY CORINTHOS"?? 

Sonny puts Michael on the spot by asking him if HE had Alzheimer would he try to save him like he is Mike? Michael kind of hedges his answer. Wants to know 'what mom thinks'

Ava says she wants Spencer to get the codicil and Nikolas will have to meet certain terms to get it. 

OMG...ugh Jax wants Curtis to find CLAUDETTE!!!!! DAMN IT. 

LOTS happened today, hard to keep up!! 

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Catching Up

So, I watched yesterday's show and I have ONE thing to say:

Valentin is JUST DELIGHTFULLY SNARKY now! There's a new spring in his step OR WHAT??! I was loving him!! Geesh-- he makes fun faces, gets all snarly and well, entertaining!! 

So, Ava has Nik at gunpoint. You know me, I just want them to have sex. Like now. LOL Right under that burned up painting! 

Franco is Franco... meaning Anna will have to bring down her creepy son herself. I'm there for that. I also hope she finds out she never gave birth to him-and neither did Alex. He's just some rando Faison spawn. 

Charlotte didn't drown. Welp. Ok, ok, that would have been a bummer before Christmas sure, but you know me--I'm mean.  Laura sees Nik's photo. She'd better buy a clue after both Ava AND Char say he's alive. 

Oh! and watching the gallery thing again I didn't realize Trina helped thwart Valentin's bid! LOVED IT!! Ava gave her some mooooooonay!! Speaking of!! OMG!! HELLOOOO Curtis and she?? YEP!! Loved it. 

HAVE YOU SEEN THE TRAILER FOR MONDAY'S CHRISTMAS CAROL SHOW? Oh. MY!! EEK! It looks SO great...and so many of the cast members are in there! Squeee!! If not, go to Soaps In Depth and watch. This will air next Monday. 

Now. On to today's business. WHO KNOWS if the show will air.  Politics are even taking over our one respite !  SO, I'll be here if I can-- and??? Tracy's airdate is already pushed back. She was to be on the 20th I guess but that's delayed and the Monday show is a special.  Tuesday the 24th, GH will air a previous show and it will be sports airing the 25th. I believe we will have regular programming the 26th. It will be a very choppy week. I'm off to my parents for most of it so we will see how it goes. 

I should be here for the show today--if it's on. :eyeroll: Have a good one. We are one snowy wonderland here! 

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Dave's Crystal Ball

Yes, this is me in drag.

Last year I did my predictions for 2019 (see link below). I actually came pretty close with a lot of them. So this year I am going to try it again. Let's see how close I get. All of you should feel free to not only comment, but to give a few predictions of your own. Enjoy!

(Here is the link from last year if you are interested)

Chase and Willow are a bland couple. I don't think that anything the writers do will spark interest in these two. Watch them break up and take on different love interests. That is, if both of them even stay on the show.

I still think there is a cancer scare in Monica’s future. It will be benign, but it will still be a good, emotional storyline for her and those around her. Also, it will bring in Lesley Webber for a few days of support. (and a possible visit from a force-ghost)

I sort of made an off-handed prediction of a Tracy mini-return in one of Karen’s blogs. (pats self on the back) I think there will be another very brief, several-day stint with Jane sometime in the future. When she does, she will bring a recast DIllon with her. There will be flashbacks to the first time Tracy returned with DIllon in tow. (there is a clip on youtube. it is brilliant if you want to search for it)

Bobbie and Scotty will get married with Lucy, of all people, officiating. Just a few days after the wedding they will admit that it was probably a mistake.

I’ve said it last year and I will say it again. Brad and Lucas will separate. This will lead to Lucas becoming smitten by an intern and spending more and more time with him while still technically married to Brad. Lucas will be very tempted to cheat, but his morals will prevail. (for now)

Someone that Brook Lynn was dating while she was away will be revealed and cause trouble for her and the Qs. This will be the reason why she left the tour and fled back to PC. (I see it being an older man around her father's age. Perhaps a certain silver-haired lawyer who recently made his way into town???). Possible Lois recast, but only for a short stint of about a week to help further the storyline.

Robin returns for a brief stint. Brings with her Emma (original actress) and son Noah, SORAS to about 6-7 years old. She says it is just for a visit, but Anna senses discord in her daughter’s marriage. And she would be right.

Hayden’s leave of absense will be short lived. Watch for her return in the spring.

The fallout from the Nik reveal will not be the happy family reunion we all think it will be.

The writers will get to test out their comedic skills with Tad and Scotty going head to head in the courtroom.

More ghosts return to the show, similar to the one day stint by Brad Maule. Look for Morgan, Emily, Oscar, and Georgie to all have their one moment in the sun.

MIchael finally has a relationship that seems to be working. In the months ahead, he will deal with PTSD brought on by his rape in prison and it will drastically affect his life with Sasha. It will take awhile before someone (Jason) recognizes what is going on with him and helps him seek therapy.

I can see any one or all three of the following leaving the show: Finn, Julian, Valentin

Kelly went to recurring. Her role will be diminished. Maxie and Lulu will continue to fade into the background.

Like most children on the show, Donna will be SORAS'd. Carly will be busy planning her college graduation party at the Metro Court in the Spring.

Mike dies. This is not a surprise. The letter and gift he leaves for Sonny will be.

Can any woman resist Jax's charms? I bet Nina can't.

Trini finds out she has a dad. Curtis finds out he has a daughter. You do the math.

At the Nurse's Ball this year, there will be some characters/actors brought back from yesteryear specifically for the duration of ball. Also, GH will tie in the Masked Singer with the Nurse's Ball, either with having the judges appear in some capacity, or having some of the GH performers in costumes.

PC is extremely overdue for an good old fashioned murder mystery, complete with a list of suspects and a whodunnit reveal in the Quartermaine living room. Anna and Robert will work together to solve the mystery, with Robert being the one to expose the murderer in front of all the suspects with grandiose Agatha Christie style.

Laura turns 60 this year. Lulu wants to throw her a surprise party and wants the biggest surprise of all to be a visit from Luke and Lucky. Can she pull it off? KAREN'S NOTE: GOOD ONE but her birthday is in December :) [DAVE'S NOTE: 2020 has a December in it. smirk.]

PS. Did you notice I didn't mention Peter? Maybe it is because he is going to be the main star of the murder mystery. Happy Karen?

That last comment from Dave is my gift this year I believe! Please make it so! 

Monday, December 16, 2019


Hope you checked the 2019 Wub Awards down below-- they were fun to write. I always forget so much that's happen. 

Peter at GH talking to Maddox. Maddox is treating him like a king. Anna sees them and tells Finn she can't meet him because she has something to take care of. She tells Peter that when the guy that was shot wakes up he'll probably tell the police who hired him. She questions Peter about why he was at GH and he gets a bit pissy with her. 
OH DAMN, Andre says the gunman died after surgery. Womp Womp. 


Franco's eyelids are fluttering. 

Kelly's...Finn and Violet are going to dinner. Chase and Willow are there eating.  When Finn comes with Violet, Willow gets all nervous and sad and leaves. Then she runs into Maxie with James!! LOL.. She doesn't want to think about babies or kids!! Chase tells Finn that Willow thought she was pregnant. 

Metro Restaurant: Lulu and Dusty take Charlotte and Rocco for "ice cream"..why wouldn't you go to Kelly's?? Weird. Char wants to know if they are boyfriend, girlfriend. They don't really answer. Then, the kids go eat sundaes and Dustin and Lulu decide to have a "sleep over" LOL They kiss then go to the launch to take Charlotte home. Rocco doesn't believe Char has a bodyguard. She says : "I'll prove it"! SHE JUMPS IN THE WATER!! 

AVA'S ART GALLERY Everyone is there. AVA looks resplendent. I mean REALLY GOOD. Laura looks like my Aunt Peggy did in 1975. Damn it. Anyway, woohoo!!  Nikolas --the idiot is 'hiding' in the back storage room. Jax goes to talk to him. Laura tells Valentin that he should have told Lulu about Charlotte's bodyguard. He's like WHAT BODYGUARD??! She tells him about what Charlotte said. Wonders if she could have an imaginary friend... Val is like ABSOLUTELY NOT !! I guess because she's too smart for that? LOL (I so wish Helena would walk out about now !!)

Nikolas tells Jax if he doesn't win the painting, he's going to steal it..Jax is like don't worry, I'm going to get it. 

Nina "Are we set"??

Ava: "They aren't going to know what hit them"!! 

BIDDING BEGINS: Back and Forth, Back and Forth..some other guy besides Jax and Val is bidding. I wonder if he's Ava's wringer? It's up to 300K and Nina grabs Jax' arm and says "Stop this right now"...she physically pulls him away. Val bids..then Laura starts bidding.. lol. Ava's smiling like a kitty cat. Laura pushes it up to 450K and a waitress knocks into Valentin so he can't bid..he's all mad.

THE PAINTING BURSTS INTO FLAMES!!!!!!! ahahahhaa. OMG!! AHAHAHAA. Everyone is just standing there with open-mouths!! 


Franco's eyes open

Tomorrow: Trisha sees Nik in the backroom

REMEMBER, this was a FRIDAY show--that's why there were cliffhangers LOL 

2019 General Hospital WUB Awards

I've been doing this on this particular blog for TEN years now!! Before that I did it on my Anglefire site, so that makes it about TWENTY !!  I sometimes look back to see the best/worst of each year and have forgotten so much that has happened.  See if you agree or disagree and let me know in the comments !!


BEST ACTRESS:  Maura West. How can I not choose her again? She elevates every scene she's in. Even the little throw-away ones. She's amazing. Keep her at all costs! 


BEST ACTOR:   Jon Linstrom. Nothing more to say about his powerful acting choices for psychopathic Ryan other than Brilliance! 


BEST PAIRING:  Brad and Dr. Obrect ...because you see, I'm not shipping any "Couple" at the moment and just find these 2 delightful together. 


BEST STORY LINE :  I'm going with ....Mike's Alzheimer's. Very touching and they've kept going with it and not shying away by making Mike far away or die before the worst part has set in. Didn't like the whole "I wanna marry" part but everything else was really good and gave the actors a chance to do some real-life emoting. 


WUBS FAVORITE MOMENT:  Tony Jones. Caught me off-guard in that I didn't think I still had such feelings for the character. Brad Maule nailed it as well. It's such a shame Tony died in the Guza-purge years ago because he could be our Steve Hardy. 


BEST RECAST:  Brook Lynn. Holy Moly--she's everything I want in a soapy character: Feisty, Mouthy...a bitch and yet funny as all hell. I loves her. She will liven up the Qs so much!! 


BEST RETURN CHARACTER: Robert. When Laura made him DA I screamed just a bit! Awesome idea and it has him coming and going when I need him to be around. He's grumpy and so Robert!!  More please.


RUNNER UP: Jax. I didn't know how much I missed him until he showed up again. Yes, the stupid Sonny rivalry still exists but it was evolved into something more mature. Ingo seems to be having fun as well, always a plus. 


PROP OF THE YEAR: GIANT MOSS! Who could deny this it's rightful spot in the Wubs Props Hall O' Fame?? 


WORST LET-GO:  Hayden-- and before you come for me about The whole Billy Miller thing, I really think that both his character of Drew and the character of Kim needed to go. Hayden was vibrant, filled a great void and had a huge potential of a great triangle. She left too soon. 


WORST WEDDING: Yes, we got a do-over but having Friz marry in jail on the anniversary of her rape....um... no. 


MOST OVER USED WORD OF THE YEAR:  Last year it was Croton...this year it's CODICIL. I even learned how to spell it correctly!! LOL . Codicil...Codicial...Codicial..
HOWEVER--we did get a great Laura and Curtis pair-up during the story so I'm fine with hearing it all the time. 


WEIRD ACCENT OF THE YEAR: While Dev tried his best at a Turkish accent, I'm going with both Tad Martin Gray and DrewCo for their GENTEEL "Southern" accents. Because they were pretty funny. 


WORST STORY LINE:  Quite a few to pick from but I'm going with--Poison Kendra.  While I was waiting for the whole Shiloh to get over with, at least I understood the whole thing. This was out of left-field and just weird. Who cares about Kendra? No one..Who cares about Keifer? No one. Kristina wasn't even IN the story until the very end. It felt like it was inserted into the canvas for the sake of some 'drama' we didn't need to see. The tiny redemption came because it sparked the car-crash (which was mighty soapy) but couldn't save it from our misery.


COP-OUT of the YEAR:  Baby Donna. The story that became more about her name than her diagnosis. Not sure why they didn't go full-on with this other than time, raw material and great stories but??? 

FACE OF THE YEAR: I had to pick Mr. Miller for this. What a crappy year for him all around. You could just tell as the months went by--things were coming to a close.  Drew had this face for about 80% of his scenes. 


Few Notes: I didn't consider picking Michelle Stafford for worst let-go because she decided to leave. Ditto Dom Z. I do miss both quite a bit.   I wanted to pick Trina as "Best new Character" but.. guess what? That character was on the show from 2017-18..and was recast. Um... okay! Didn't remember?! Notice I didn't mention Oscar's Death, the many attempted rapes of Sam...or Shiloh dying??  These were all meh.  It's bad when you think a kid's death is just ... bland. 

Best Insta-Family 
Are things looking up for our show? Oh hell, yes!! With the Dan and Chris pairing there seems to be new energy, a great mix of characters and an upgrade in dialog. I WANT To watch GH everyday! I couldn't say that a year ago. There have been delightful little moments like Jason hugging Monica and Nina and Ava teaming up that have made my day. This makes me end 2019 in a positive note and can't wait for 2020!

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Sunday Surgery: Stabby McStaberson

And that's how you do a prison break..

This week felt a bit like the days when I wanted the show to speed up!!  We are still a day off and wonky, so Friday sure didn't feel like a Friday--because it wasn't. There was still some story movement to get into so sit back and relax.

I need Starbucks giftcards for Christmas, that's for sure!! Too expensive! 

Luke's BDAY

  Michael and Kristina eat at Kelly's. He wants to tell her about Sonny.  He says the way he's acting he won't get custody but m...