Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Clean Up on Highway 31!!



LUCAS WATCH OUT!! It's a crash... we don't see it but later Alexis rolls over a bit and sees Brucas' car in the field all smashed up. Kendra's car is smashed up too. Alexis crawls over to Kendra's car..she's passed out behind the wheel. Alexis tries to wake her up. THEN KENDRA SITS UP and scares the hell out of me! WHOA!! LOL 

Julian and Neil are figuring out who Kendra is. Krissy comes by. They tell her about Kendra. She has a tracking app on her phone her mom put on between the 2 of them...she turns it on. 

Alexis talks to Kendra..Kendra dies... Neil and Jules come. No one sees the other car yet. Alexis tells them what happened. Julian says Kendra is dead, no pulse. They finally see the other car!! Julian goes to check it out. Ambulance and Police arrive. 
Julian finds the car. Says "Well, too bad Brad but at least you saved Alexis"..then he sees Julian. OH NO..NO he says and runs over to that side of the car. Tries to break the window. FINALLY runs up to the road and tells the police and Chase to get down there and help him. 

Curtis and Jordan. It's there Anniversary. SNOOZE. They are in bed tho. Jordan gets called to the crash. 

CarSon. Everyone's in bed... CarSon are alone and going to kiss. DOORBELL! Carly thinks Lucas finally made it. But it's Jax. Sonny's like "OH Brother"...Jax wants to wish Joss a happy thanksgiving. Carly says she's out. She wants to know if he wants pie. He's like...nah. Then Sonny says: BYE THEN!! Jax goes : Oh I think I will have that pie.
They sit. Sonny says "Carly told me everything"...You have a lady friend staying with you and now you don't want Joss. Pffffffff. Jax is like Well...er...um....Then Krissy calls Sonny and wants him to come to #GH he leaves.
Jax woofs down pie. lol Carly thinks he needs to stop needling Sonny because Sonny can destroy his life. 

Sonny goes to GH and sees Krissy, she tells him the lie she told about her Mom and Kiefer. Alexis gets rolled in in a wheelchair. She tells Krissy that Sasha found out about the lie from Shiloh.

Jules comes in... Chase tells him Lucas is in surgery and Brad is in the trauma unit. "The Drivers side sustained the most damage". 

Willow is at GH looking at a "First time mother" Pamphlet. Chase comes in with a turkey sandwich for her, she hugs him. HE says it's great being an uncle because he can do the fun stuff then leave Violet. LOL. He gets called to the crash. Willow calls Sasha and says she's too chicken to get a pregnancy test. Sasha comes to the hospital to see her and gives her a pep talk about finding out if she really is. She bought a PG test.  Willow goes to pee on the stick.

Jordan figures out Brad's car made no  skid marks

Nikolas goes to see AVA!

Willow tells Sasha if she's PG or not
Bobbie goes to GH 


  1. It was a great episode. I don't know why Alex was trying to help Kendra though. Did she want her to wake up and finish what she started. I would have been tempted to thow a paper match on that hot car. (I know...calling a therapist now as I obviously need help)

    And I think the new writers need to look up the job description for police commissioner. It's an office job mailnly in public relations. If they needed another detective there they should have called Mac- the chief of detectives. These are little things but it makes the scenario more believable.

    I was definitely hoping that Lucas was going to be okay. I don't want him to leave. They are definitely leaving us in suspense here.

    And hopefully we won't have another season of Christina guilt and angst. Give her a job or at least a storyline that doesn't involve guilt or a new love interest. She needs a life beyond sex and whineyville.

    1. I guess she went over to see if she was still alive? Alexis is a better person than Kendra though, Kendra would've just left her there and moved on.

    2. "Di says, I would have been tempted to thow a paper match on that hot car. (I know...calling a therapist now as I obviously need help)"

      ROFL! If this happened to you, you would be suffering from PTSD, so yes you would need help. :)

  2. ding dong the witch is dead... (too soon?)

    my question is this: why doesnt jax just rent a room at sonny and carly's house? after all, he is there MORE than S&C combined!

    yeah, the shows are getting kinda good. fingers crossed.

  3. comic relief:

    Sonny giving marriage advice.

    1. All I could do was roll my eyes. They are slowly trying to make Mr. Dimples the patriarch and wisdom giver for the entire show. Barf.

    2. EXACTLY..suddenly Sonny is the Sage Senior on the show!! ahahahha. It's kinda funny

    3. I thought that Curtis was asking Sonny for advice because their situations are similar. Curtis is just skirting the law, whereas Sonny defies it completely, but both the wives are law-abiding. Other than that, I can see no reason for that whole conversation.

  4. Sadly I am so happy that Kendra is dead! NLG, in a FB chat, said that the actress was the nicest person to work with and be around. Goodbye to her. Definitely not too soon.
    We really don't know what's coming for Brad/Lucas. Love the suspense! But it does seem that the baby story will go on and on and on.
    Is another baby, Willow, necessary? Hope she isn't pregnant.
    Show keeps getting better.

    1. I also hope she's not pregnant. We have enough invisible babies as is.

  5. I just watched the Q's Thanksgiving scenes. Excellent. Monica being sneaky was so much fun as well. I loved the bickering. And, especially loved that they panned Alan, Lila and Edward. I can see why Monica wants to hang on to Drew. She has endured SO MUCH loss in her life.

  6. Jurtis's home:

    Jurtis: They have their 1 year anniversary awwwwww. :) Then after awhile zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Carson home: Jax came to see Joss, but awww she isn't there.

    Carson and Jax: Sonny is NOT happy to see Jax HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Carly; Do you want some pie?

    Jax: Oh no I just ate dinner.

    Sonny: So I'll tell her you stopped by.

    Jax wins the line of the day!

    Jax: Actually, on second thought, I will have some pie.

    BAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHHAAHA! Kristina calls and Sonny wishes her a happy Thanksgiving. How odd. Sonny you can't call her to wish her a happy Thanksgiving yourself? Well, anyway, she didn't call for that anyway!!!!

    CarJax: Awwwwwwww I love my CarJax. :)

    The road accident: This feels like an 80's scary movie!!!! Ouch don't touch the car Alexis!!!! Oh crap jump scares, Kendra wakes up! Whatever you do Alexis, if you have to run, don't fall!!! Oh Kendra is dead.

    Alexis, Neil, and Julian: I really got into this scene! I kept talking to Julian and pointing! Julian!!! The car!!!! Go to the car!!!! Brad and Lucas!!! Brad and Lucas!!!! I kept thinking of Lucas though. Alexis brought up the other car!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! OH THE POLICE ARE SHOWING UP! Oh shoot a commercial! Oh shoot a different scene. Oh good they are coming back. Julian is taking forever to get to the car. Oh because he think it's just brad. Oh he sees Lucas! When he sees Lucas, it was a great scene!

    The hospital:

    Chillow: Oh come on Willow! Don't test Chase wondering if he wants to be a father!!! TELL HIM!!!! :(

    Willow and Sasha: Hmmm. New besties? :) New ladymance: :) Great scene. It's true. She can keep the baby if she is pregnant! She does have a big support system this time. She does have Michael, and Chase, and Sasha!!! :) COME ON ARE YOU PREGGERS OR NOT!! GAHHHHHHHHHH!

    Sonny and Krissy: Awww Krissy! Don't feel all the guilt feels. It's not your fault. Kendra had a choice. She chose to hurt Alexis.

    Sonny, Krissy, Alexis, and Neil: Listen to your mother Krissy!!! Also, I can't believe Alexis still had the follow app!!! Krissy and Molly are both adults. What happens when Molly gets married? Will Alexis still follow Molly? Well, this time it's good she had it, but really, Alexis, delete the app.

    Chase and Julian: Yeah I want to know too Julian! Is Lucas okay?!!?!?!?! I want to know about Brad though.

    Sonny and Curtis: Okay what in the hell is that scene about? Curtis are you afraid your secret is going to come out? What secret do you have? Do you have a secret daughter you haven't told Jordan about? And is your secret daughter named Trina by any chance? Hmmmmmmm? :)

    1. Oh, Sonya, that is brilliant, didn't think of that, of course, it's about Trina! I thought, of course the scene was about CarJax and Nik, that ironically someone went to Sonny for marriage advice and he speaks of secrets, and, of course, Carly is keeping a secret!

      No one here mentioned this, but they interrupted my show yesterday for some impeachment BS. So I will have to catch up today. Does ANYONE know about today, and going forward? It seems there will be live hearings again today . . . I really do not want more interruptions. . .

    2. Maybe noone mentioned it because their show wasn't interrupted? When I was getting my nails done they had SSK on and that was interrupted but by the time I got home it was back to regular programming.

    3. "AntJoan says, Oh, Sonya, that is brilliant, didn't think of that, of course, it's about Trina!"

      Thanks!!!! :) Yeah I mean what else would it be about? :) That is the only thing that makes sense.

  7. You know, thinking about it, Trina (who is played by an excellent actress) now likely has a contract, so, OF COURSE, she HAS TO BE related to someone already on the show. I know that some folks think that it's nice when newbies are woven into the canvas that way, but I for one think it's fine to have someone come to PC who is NOT related to everyone, more like real life, and bringing in new blood. All of the "long-lost" sons, daughters, brothers, etc. is SOOOOOO soapy!

  8. My GH was interrupted for about 20 minutes here in NYC, where it airs@3pm.Not certain yet if today's hearings will effect the show being televised;they start@10am.

  9. The Carly and Jax conversation was awful. Carly was in Snarly mode and got louder and louder, then yells "look at me!". What, is he 12? If I was Jax I would have shoved that pie in her face. I can't stand her when she acts like that. Granted, she had the same chat with Sonny, which did absolutely no good. Lol!

    Great episode though, and Lucas better be ok. And I am so very happy Kendra is dead, she scared the crap out of me too, when her eyes popped open!

    1. Yes, Carly, the new mother who never is with her baby . . . And all of the nannies and housekeepers are invisible. . . If everyone has so much household help, they should show them . . . They used to show them at the Qs, but no more, and some of them were great characters. . .

    2. Yes, some of the help made for some great plotlines.

      And the fact that they're talking about Willow maybe being pregnant after they've warehoused yet one more baby is beyond ridiculous.

    3. It's set up so she'll have a "replacement" for the baby she will suddenly have to mourn - life doesn't work that way, but soaps are written that way.


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