Tuesday, December 10, 2019


So...here we go!!!

Griffin and Anna catch up. He finds out about Violet. Maxie comes by later. Then Laura comes by and asks why he's in town. They talk about Lucas. Then they talk about Lulu and Dante. THEN Jax comes in and they tell him all about Charlotte and Griffin and Claudette!! "I don't think it was suicide" says Griffin... Jax is like Hmmmmmm....(Jax didn't know anything about Charlott's parentage) 

Scotty's nervous, pacing. Cam, Liz and he talk about Franco's chances. Liz is hopeful but scared too. 

Maddox and Franco...Franco is out and Maddox starts the downloading. Someone comes in and shoots Andre! Oh he missed?? Anyway, Andre is fighting him as the downloading continues.

Peter is stopped by Laura when he goes to stop the killing. She says the overcrowding in Pentoville is going to lead to early release for people and NO ONE is covering it! Why isn't the Invador covering it?? WHY?? She asks. He finally gets on the elevator and goes up to stop the guy. 

The guy knocks out Maddox. Peter walks in. Takes the silencer off the gun... shoots. He's going to be the hero, isn't he? UGHHHHHHHHHHH.
Everyone hears the shot at GH ..Anna was there for her blood treatment and goes in to find out what's happening.  She goes into Franco's room with gun drawn. Peter is standing over Franco. He says he doesn't know what's happening..he was "just walking by"!!! AHAHHA. OH and he shot the other guy but he's NOT DEAD! 
Peter explains he was there doing the story on the Invader and saw the other guy skulking and got curious because Maddox was attacked before. He went in and they struggled and the gun went off. Andre thanks him for saving his life. 

Valentin tries to get Jax to "pool his resources" with him to get what they want. Jax is like NOPE. Valentin sees the bag Nik was packing and Jax says it's Joss'. Val sprints out to the balcony to see if he can catch Nikolas. No, he's not out there. Valentin says he's going to figure out why Jax is looking for that portrait and for WHOM!! He thinks Jax is also after nina. 

Ava says she doesn't want to team up with Nina because she doesn't trust her. Nina tells her about Valentin making up the Sasha story and how she wants to get back at him. She tells her about why everyone is looking for the portrait. The CODICIL!! Nina reminds Ava she changed her testimony and hurt Spencer and now she can reverse that by helping her. 
THEN FINALLY Ava shows Nina the portrait, it's behind another painting! WE GOT A PAIR UP PEOPLE! 

Nikolas figures out that he left his ring in the room at Shadybrook

I think Anna thinks something is up with Peter's story
The process is complete. They are waiting for Franco to wake up now. 


  1. I'm still waiting to watch but had to come here first! I usually don't but I needed to be spoiled cause I couldn't take it! I'm glad the procedure went thru! Hopefully he'll wake up and ask for a BLT. 😂❤

    1. "Michelle P says, I'm still waiting to watch but had to come here first! I usually don't but I needed to be spoiled cause I couldn't take it!"

      Hahahaha I don't blame you. :)

      "I'm glad the procedure went thru!"

      Me too!!!

      "Hopefully he'll wake up and ask for a BLT. 😂❤'

      ROFL! Oh I hope so!!! :)

  2. kd said....". He's going to be the hero, isn't he? UGHHHHHHHHHHH."

    *** Yes, of course he is. I don't know how the writers will think this redeems him. He committed cold calculated murder without blinking an eye.I want him found out and out of Maxie's life. (Too bad Andre wasn't filming the procedure. Wouldn't that be a great twist!)

    I hope Nina and Ava find the codicil and hide it, then Nina can tell Valentine she found the painting and Ava can sell the painting to Valentine for a small fortune. They can then give the Codicil to Laura to file for Spencer. (Maybe that scene could end with a Charlie's Angels pose. lol

    I also want the shooter to wake up long enough to tell Epiphany that Peter shot him after hiring him to shoot Dr.Maddox and Franco. muyhaha...

    Sorry I needed a little levity to wash the foul taste out of my mouth after they called Peter a hero.

    And thanks, writers for moving things along at a decent pace.

    1. Now...things have moved at a faster pace yes. But Michael still doesn't have his kid, even though Brad spilled the beans. So that's all well and good but he needs to wake up and spill, or someone else does.

    2. Thank you for making my wish list to Santa, Di. I couldn't agree more!!

  3. i don't think things are moving faster.....people are just talking about talking about something they may or may not do...............

  4. THEY DIDN'T SHOW GH IN NYC!!!! Stupid shooting in NJ supermarket! I am sorry that happened, but it happened at 12:30, and ABC still has no other programming on, just news of the shooting. First the impeachment, now this! The shooting happened at 12:30, like I said, then they send reporters there to be maudlin, and repeat what they know, over and over again. It should just have been on the news. GH sounds like it was exciting, now I have to figure out how/where to watch it.

    1. If you don't have Hulu you can probably watch on YouTube.

    2. I'm effected as you are.My friend said she watched GH on General Hospital Hotspot.

    3. i do a search for "general hospital 12/10/19" several sources come up. blogspot i believe is the best. sometimes they are in a tine screen on the page, but it does the job.

    4. You can watch it here. Click on watch it now.


    5. Thanks for all of your suggestions, I will try to watch it this morning.

  5. What is it about Peter. His facial expressions, body language...something that makes him unlikable. Aside from the fact that he is a bad guy.
    It will be great to have RoHo back. Hopefully as mostly Franco.

    1. I know...I'm hopeful! I so want some comedy from him and some love in the afternoon for Friz.❤ I would love if he woke up and asked for a BLT! LOL!!
      What is General Hospital Hotspot? Never heard of it.

    2. I went to the website just to check it out, but have never watched GH on it, although my friend keeps pushing me to.I think the person running the site posts GH daily& then it seems viewers are commenting.I am not sure it works from my phone; probably have to see it on a desktop or laptop.

    3. someone behind the scene likes peter. A LOT. therefore, he is with us for a while. no end in sight

    4. Um, do you think the fact that he is Laura W’s bf has something to do with it? I think he is a bad actor and has absolutely no charisma but of course they can’t just get rid of him.

  6. Metrocourt restaurant:

    Anna and Griffin: Oh shut up Anna about Kiwi!!!! Griffin and Kiwi did not have this great love affair!!! UGH!!!

    Maxie and Griffin: Oh shut up Maxie! You and Hiney do not have this great big love affair!!! Oh there is Laura.. Wow Maxie, Laura and Anna are all so happy to see him, and in love with him, and act like he is hanging the moon, the sun, and the stars!! Oh he is leaving tonight?!!? GREAT! GOODBYE! Oh there is Jax. No no Jax. Forget Claudette!!!

    The hospital:

    Scotty, Cam, and Liz: They are all waiting for Drew Jr's procedure to be done! Scotty wins the line of the day!

    Scotty: When Dr. Cabot scrambled his brain. How long did that take?

    ROFL! Awww they all three are holding hands awwww! :) So sweet! Family. :) OH OH! There is a shooting!!!! Run to the room and take cover!!!!!

    Scotty and Cam: Awww love that they are together. Love that Cam wants to help. Love that Scotty won't let him!! :)

    Laura and Hiney: Whoa!!!! There is prison overcrowdedness?!?!!? Can Nelle come out? :) Hiney doesn't give crap right now! :)

    Drew Jr's Room:

    Andre and bad guy: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This is hysterical! They are fighting. Looks like they are dancing. All the while, Drew Jr is asleep! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm dead! HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHA! Oh oh! Andra down! Oh look Hiney walks in. What is he doing? I'm thinking is he screwing back the silencer? OH I GUESS NOT!!! Cus when I heard the shot I'm thinking what the hell?!!?!?!! Oh Hiney is acting all innocent! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    The art gallery:

    Nina and Ava: Nina!!!!! COME ON!!! Team up with Nina!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) She DOES!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Jax's home:

    Idiot Savant Nik and Jax: Oh Nik is whiny. He lost his ring. Maybe it's in the tribbles. Oh he knows where it is!!! Maybe his new BFF Jax can help you get your ring back!!!

    V.C. and Jax: Are they going to kiss? No. :( Awwww V.C. wants Jax to go to the wedding awwwwww. :)

  7. Loved the scene with Jax finding everything out about Lulu, Charlotte, Claudette, Val, etc. Such a gentleman he was, when he said it was just better NOT to ask about where Charlotte came from. Lol!

    William Lipton can sure hold his own with Kin, they were great. As were Ava and Nina. I don't trust Neener. She's still besotted with Val, even though she wants revenge. Keep your guard up Ava!

    PLP being a hero?? Just kill me now.

  8. griffin should have been anna's son. matt cohen is a better actor than what's his name parking lot pete.

  9. I'm giddy at the thought of Ava and Nina teaming up


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