Thursday, December 5, 2019


Jax and Nikolas on the docks. Jax is questioning him about Hayden leaving. Nik is playing dumb.  Jax says he's out because he's not going to get involved with this danger stuff. Nikolas says..Well..Hayden isn't really IN danger. Jax says "it was YOU"!! Nikolas is like, yeah..she was going to flip so I thought made her think she was in danger. "You are supposed to be the GOOD Cassadine" says Jax. 
Nikolas says he's going to the gallery to get the painting and NOT to call the police. 

Tad and Val break into the gallery... they are going to steal the painting. I swear they are Lucy and Ethel bickering. LOL. Val breaks into the safe just as Nikolas walks in. Valentin and Tad hide. When Nikolas goes toward the safe, Valentin pulls a gun on him, tells him to take off the mask! Tad is horrified that Valentin has a gun !! ahhaaa. OMG They fight, then Nikolas gets away!! Tad says well, he was too short to be Mr. Jax and he wasn't Hayden so who was he?? Valentin says he did look familiar. 

CarSon is here are so are Jules and Bobbie. Chase walks in looking all serious. He says there were no skid marks and Brad had said the breaks didn't work. Epiphany talks to Jules and he says he never thought a machine would be breathing for his son. Then Bobbie talks to him and tells him to stop being such a jerk. LOL
LATER: Sonny tells Julian that Wiley is at the house and he's welcome to see him? HUH? WHAT? WELP!! 

Willow is at the Corinthos..with Sasha and Wiley. Michael goes up to put Wiley to bed. Willow is not pregnant. She's ok with that. 

Chase drops by to check on her... says the car is in PCPD forensics

OMG Sam is with Nello in jail!! Sam says she gets a parole hearing tomorrow and Nelle says "Why? you've been in here for 10 minutes"!  Nelle needles her and nags her about Shiloh. Sam says shut up, no one wants you home anyway. 
YOU HAVE TO SEE their banter. It's just so good. "Why you being so shady anyway" says Sam..Nelle's like "I have a life changing thing going on"... ahahha. Too funny. 
Chase comes by. Nelle says "Oh, Chaseeeee first you come to my parole hearing and now you are here"!
Chase tells Sam about Lucas being in a coma and he and Brad getting in an accident. Nelle's all concerned about Brad. Asks if Wiley was in the car. 

Nina visits Ava. Ava thinks she's a ghost. Nina is like, NOPE, it's me..then Ava tells her Nikolas is haunting her.  Nina is like, NIKOLAS? REALLY? Ava says Kiki visits too but she's faint. Nikolas is vivid.  They talk more and Ava screams at her not to leave because she's scared. OMG NINA FINDS NIKOLAS' ring he dropped! I totally forgot about that!!!!!!!! Nina realizes something is up. She asks what Nikolas wanted. Ava says "the painting" Nina says I think that Nikolas is alive and has been terrorizing you to get what he wants!! 
She says they need to team up against the Cassadine men!! YES!!! They hug. 

Bobbie says GH offers hope when she sees how sad Brad is. 
Julian visits Wiley 


  1. Kudos to whoever decided to have Nina find that ring rather than having us wade through legions of visitors who don't notice it. I must admit that I like this PO;d Nina. And when Ava gets her head clear they should make a formidable team. (I do, however, want Nik to get the codicil so that Spencer can come home.)

    Loved Colonel Sanders question , lol "Who was that masked man?" haha

    Really good episode. Things are moving along nicely.

  2. Can't watch until I finish working later, but I REALLY hope that Ava and Nina team up, it sounds too good to be true, but I hope it is true!

    1. I got to watch all but the last 15 minutes because I had to work but it was good! So glad Nik ran off! Also glad Nina isn't gonna squeal about the ring. I know she isn't Ava's biggest fan and vice versa but I'd love them to team up! Can't wait to rewatch on Hulu!

  3. i thought Tad/Gray was leaving for a while to spy on Spencer and that he had another gig in real life?
    LOVE LOVE Nina and Ava together!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Karen writes, "Nik is playing dumb"

    Playing? Really?

  5. So these geniuses finally figured out that an art gallery owner might, just might, keep their sought-after painting IN HER ART GALLERY?

  6. Did they find the painting cause I am hoping Nik finds it first!!

  7. The line of the week had to be Tad saying " Who was that masked man anyway?" I half expected him to bend down and pick up a silver bullet!! Maybe some of you are too young to get this but it made me laugh out loud. Nik should have shouted " Hi Ho Silver Away as he ran.

    1. If you scroll up you'll see I also had a good laugh at that one.

    2. That was funny! I was also grinning when Val pulled the gun on Nik, and in the background Tad had his hand over his mouth looking shocked and appalled. He was a stitch yesterday!

    3. Val and Col. Sanders were priceless yesterday, I don't know who wrote their dialogue, but it was amazing! The bit about lawyers, and all of it, hilarious!

    4. there is comedy GOAL with Tad/Gray and Valentin - --- NOW let's pair him with Dr. O too!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Jail cell:

    Nelle and Sam:

    Nelle: No you can't leave me alone with this woman. She is a murderer.

    Guard: Pot. Meet Kettle.

    Hahahaha. The guard would have won the line of the day, but Marty Tad, Grey wins it away from the guard. Anyway, awwwww Sam! Nelle just wants a little mattress fun!!! :) Come on. Just give in to her. ROFL! ;)

    The pier:

    Jax and Nik: Well, yes Jax Nik is SUPPOSED TO be the good Cassadine, but since he fell out of that window years ago, he has become the idiot Savant!!


    Nina and Ava: Oh yes!!!!! They are bonding!!!! :) New ladyrance!!! So glad Nina found Nik's ring!!!!! :)

    The art gallery:

    V.C. and the southern man Marty Tad Grey:

    V.C. You are leaving evidence that we have been here.

    How? He is wearing gloves!!!! Oh look! A masked man!!!!! It's the Lone Ranger!!! Marty Tad Grey wins the line of the day.

    Marty: Who was that masked man?

    BAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHA! It was the lone ranger!! :)

    V.C.: There was something familiar about him.


    Oh look! The lone ranger ran so fast he is out of breath!!

    the lone ranger theme song

    Carson home:

    Sasha and Willow:

    Sasha: Before we get interrupted again, I'm dying to know. What did the test say?

    Willow: It said..............

    She was taking forever I thought someone else was going to interrupt them! Geez!!

    Willow: False alarm.

    Sasha: Okay hold on.

    *Turns to the tribbles*

    Sasha: False alarm guys!!!

    Tribbles: Awwwwwww!

    Willow: No it's a good thing.

    Tribbles: Oh! Then let's celebrate!

    Willow: Okay!

    Chillow: Willow! Chase wants you to tell him what's on your mind! Tell him!!!! You are going to tell him later? I hope so! I hope we get to see it!!!! :)

    The hospital:

    "Karen says LATER: Sonny tells Julian that Wiley is at the house and he's welcome to see him? HUH? WHAT? WELP!"

    Awwww Sonny still has love in his heart for his ex Julian!!! ROFL!

    Piffy, Brad, and Carson: Man!!!! Don't keep Brad from his Lucas!!! YIKES!!!!!

    Lucas's room: Everyone is visiting a headless Lucas!!!

  9. I forgot to mention yesterday how much I enjoyed the GH cast singing Christmas carols on FB watch. They were so good, especially the ladies! :)

    NuNik needs to wise up and I mean NOW! I can't have Sonya calling him an Idiot Savant, because she's right and it's ticking me off! Lol! I really need for him to find that painting, because I need Val to go down. He's been getting away with nasty stuff for way to long.

    Julian needs to get it together, too. He's his own worst enemy. I also choked on my beverage when Sonny invited Jules to the house to see Wiley. What was that??!! First they have scenes with him being the wise advice giver and now this?? HAHAHA!

    The Nell and Sam scenes were good, but really I haven't missed Mumbles AT ALL!

    1. So now it looks like Nina WILL get revenge on Val? Her turnarounds here are making my head spin! I thought that she loved Charlotte to much to hurt Val and not be a family. Why did Nik's ring suddenly make her change her mind again about Val? That said, I would LOVE for Ava and Nina to team up, we need strong women, not evil ones or victims.

    2. I think she THINKS he DID do something to Hayden and he lied about she is done with FIRST I thought she was just saying that to Ava to find out about the portrait? Maura West is amazing.

    3. "Julie H says, NuNik needs to wise up and I mean NOW! I can't have Sonya calling him an Idiot Savant, because she's right and it's ticking me off! Lol!"

      ROFL! I hate calling him that, and I hate being right!!!! Yes he needs to wise up NOW!!!!

      "I really need for him to find that painting, because I need Val to go down. He's been getting away with nasty stuff for way to long."

      Yes! Val needs to go down, and yes he is getting away with nasty stuff for wayyyyy to long!!!!

  10. Loved seeing the talented cast members singing! Yesterday's show was really good. Let's face it, Ava is gold with whomever they associate her with. She is just a brilliant actress. Jax's comment about Nik was so fitting - he is a total uncaring jerk, especially the way he manipulated Ava and Hayden. Don't like him at all.Tad and Val were funny, and MEK fits in very well except for that southern accent. Really starting to like Sasha, especially now that she is friends with Willow. Wiley is so darned cute!

  11. Sonya made me LOL with "Everyone is visiting a headless Lucas".
    Finally Nina has found a place....teamed up with Ava!
    Yes, Nik WAS the nice Cassadine. Not any more.
    GH is getting so much better.

    1. "zazu says Sonya made me LOL with "Everyone is visiting a headless Lucas"."

      ROFL! They aren't showing his face or head! Just his body!! Why is that?!!?! :) I was thinking that maybe the actor is under contract negotiations, but then Karen says that the actor is just probably tired and needs a break. She is probably right! ROFL!

  12. When Wiley smiles, he just melts my heart. He and Violet have upped the cuteness factor of GH by about a million. It looks like maybe someone is standing on set behind Michael, maybe his mother or something, who gets him to smile. I'm sure that TPTB know that all the fans want Michael to have his son, I really hope that they do it soon . . .


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