Friday, December 13, 2019

Pier 17

Curtis and Laura!! At Kelly's. They talk about overcrowding in jail.. and TJ maybe asking Molly to marry him. Laura disses Nina to Curtis... Curtis defends her. 

Ava is visiting Avery, Sonny "let her". Carly gives her crap--and Ava's like "I've never been more sane"! Carly bitches some more. Ava flashes back to the ring NIna showed her. She doesn't tell them Nik is alive. She leaves. 
Sonny hears Carly on the phone to Jax about wondering why Ava checked herself out of Shadybrook. She wonders if it's due to their 'mutual friend'. Sonny hears it. Says She's been keeping something from him about Jax forever.  She says she has to keep a secret and he's better off not knowing it. Sonny's pissed. Carly gets a text from Jax to go to Pier 17. She leaves. Sonny's not happy. 

Valentin and Charlotte are walking on Pier 17, why? I don't even know. He's on the phone. She sees Nik and whispers to him "I know who you are, I saw your picture on my mom's phone" Nikolas says that's because he saved her mom's life and that's why Val hired him.  Valentin is ready to go and Charlotte tells him she was talking to someone. He tells her never to talk to strangers and won't let her finish. They leave. 

Metro Court: Jax finds Nina and tells her that he got a visit from Valentin. He says Valentin thinks HE wants to have Nina to himself. Nina gets all bubbly; he wrong?? Then they talk about Charlotte's mother Claudette. UGH NO leave her just out there. 

Anna and Liz in Franco's room. Franco's out getting an MRI. He hasn't woken up yet. Anna gets a weird face on when Liz says Peter saved Franco's life. 
In the hallway, Jason asks Peter if he's nervous about who Franco will wake up to be-- Peter huffs off.
Anna and Jason go to talk in private. He says Peter is the reason Sam's in jail. Shiloh told him Peter was knee deep in all the memory transfer stuff. Anna wants proof. 

Trina goes to the gallery. Ava's going to have an auction! Oh I think she's going to do mean things with Helena's portrait! LOL  She's having the auction TONIGHT!! WELP!! Trina gets to order all the food. I wonder if she's going to make a lot of money on it but she took the codicil out. 

Charlotte tells Laura Valentin hired a secret bodyguard to keep her safe
Everyone gets a text about Ava's gallery auction
Carly finds out idiot Nikolas lost his ring and she figures out Ava knows he's alive


  1. Since they're going all out with this overcrowding at the jail storyline, why don't they let finally Shawn Butler out on early release. He wasn't even guilty and he's been in for years.

    I agree about Claudette. She's not Charlotte's mother. She was her surrogate. She has no place on the canvas.

    And, like I said, a whole week and not another sign of Franco. Although they did at least mention his name several times today.

    And I love Trina at the gallery. I'm so glad they found a place for her where she could be smart and and thinking ahead to a career. I really like her and Ava together too. mMybe it will help assuage Ava's guilt over Kiki and give her a chance to actually nurture a young person in a positive way.

    hehe I think I was right about Ava and I'm looking forward to some flashbacks about that codicil being removed. I also hope Valentine wins the bid and it costs him a small fortune. har har

  2. Steve Burton's acting is so much better without kemo. together those 2 are unbearable.and snarly needs to be humanized. the character is 50yrs. old and still acting like a spoiled teenager.

  3. Here's a link to some pictures of cast members shopping for a good cause.

  4. Today was that everyone knows Ava has the portrait. Get that ball rolling! Now please with Franco...
    Anna needs to open her damn eyes....

  5. It was strange that Jason suddenly told Anna all that he knows about Hiney's involvement. His story made sense, and I'm sure she heard it. I just wonder why he was sitting on it for so long.

  6. Jason should have told Anna before she started having feelings for him as her son. IDK

  7. Charlotte looks so grown up. Growing fast.
    Jason is SO much better w/o Sam. He would be a fine WSB operative.
    Ava....GH is so lucky that MW is on their payroll. She is perfect. The actress who plays Trina is really good. Reminds me of Tika Sumpter(sp) from OLTL who is enjoying a lovely career.
    Looking forward to Franco's awakening, or whoever he might be now.

  8. Ava has grown on me since the thing with Ryan and her friendship with Laura the


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