Thursday, December 19, 2019


Thank you everything is OVER and we are back to the SHOW!!! 

Curtis goes to Kelly's. He sits with Lulu, Kevin and Laura to talk about Charlotte's "bodyguard". Kevin says it's imaginary. They want Curtis to dig up dirt on Valentin to win the custody battle. 
I still say Laura would think: HUH..Ava said she saw Nikolas and now Charlotte says that too.. so??? 
Lulu's going to go talk to Valentin. 

Sonny wants Jason to tell him what's up with Carly. Jason's like: I dunno? Sonny is all "I KNOW Jax is up to something and Carly's helping him'!!  Jason asks if they've fought about "anything real" LOL ..Sonny says Yes, Mike. He asks Jason's advice-- and Jason says if you were Mike, what would you want?? Sonny says "For my kids to be at peace". 

At GH, Jax brings Carly a smoothie. Oo lah lah! He tells her about the Art Gallery auction. Carly says he has to turn Nik over to the PCPD NOW! she and Jax argue and Jason walks up: What's goin' on! Jax leaves. Carly tells Jason if she tells him, he can't tell Sonny because he'd have Jax deported. 

Ava and Nikolas. Ava is gorgeous. She holds a gun on him but they look like they want to have zex.  She gives it to him good about faking his death TWICE and leaving his family in the lurch. She says 'she kissed a Prince" but it's no fairy Tale.  He tells her how he fell in the water and then went to Athens. He was a fugitive (for his first faking his death) and couldn't come back. Then he tells her about the codicil "That you burned up in that painting". Oh then we find out Ava has the CODICIL!! 

Dr. O is at Wyndemere and wants to know what happened to Char.  Nina says that she knows she helped Valentin and she'd better start talking. Dr. O is like "ignorance is bliss" Nina wants to know. Lesil says she didn't help with the first DNA test... but she knows how Valentin pulled it off. She tells Nina she saw Valentin swab Donna Mills for DNA at the funeral. Nina then says "you knew it from the beginning...don't you love me, why didn't you tell me"??  Dr. O gives NIna a lock of Donna Mill's hair she took from the funeral "You can use your mother's hair to do your own DNA tests"... 

Valentin and Lulu fight about Charlotte. It was good lol they hate each other. 

Lucy is talking to some lady about Deception. She isn't sure she wants to invest. Lucy shows her Sasha (who's walking by) as the "Face" of the company. Michael joins then. The lady is impressed because ELQ might be involved. Michael goes to talk to Sonny and the lady is all star-struck. 'IS THAT THE SONNY CORINTHOS"?? 

Sonny puts Michael on the spot by asking him if HE had Alzheimer would he try to save him like he is Mike? Michael kind of hedges his answer. Wants to know 'what mom thinks'

Ava says she wants Spencer to get the codicil and Nikolas will have to meet certain terms to get it. 

OMG...ugh Jax wants Curtis to find CLAUDETTE!!!!! DAMN IT. 

LOTS happened today, hard to keep up!! 


  1. Very confused about what Obrecht did - help me someone - Nina KNOWS her own mother?
    yep Trinia is gonna be Curtis' daughter and that means at SOME POINT we gonna see Trinia's mom...........and Curtis was probably the love of her life.

    1. I'm not sure either! and has Trina mentioned her mom at all? I'm getting the feeling it will be her grandma or something.. her mom died. I have no idea, it's just a feeling.

  2. sonny has balls. he and jason are career criminals. leave jax alone. and nik is too young for ava.

    1. "Witch says, nik is too young for ava."

      Well, in real life he is 41 and she is 47, so no he isn't too young for her! Hahaha! :)

    2. he looks alot younger than her. rather see nik back with brooklyn

    3. Who cares...LOL age is just a number. I wasn't a fan of her and Morgan but I'd get on board with with her and Nik.

    4. Michelle, I haven't really cared for this new Nic because he is soooo different than previous versions, but while watching him with Ava yesterday I got it!! He still feels their connection. Frankly, I hope the writers explore a relationship between the two of them.

    5. I would like him a lot more if they stopped writing him as being totally stupid. A new actor shouldn't mean a new personality.

  3. Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Lulu, Curtis, Doc and Laura: Oh people people people!!! Stop it!!! Nik is alive! Enough said..

    Doc and Laura: Nope nope Nik is alive!


    Ava's art gallery:

    Nik and Ava: Ava wins the line of the day!

    Ava: While we were all here grieving your watery death, you were warm and dry and recuperating in Athens.


    "Karen says She holds a gun on him but they look like they want to have zex."

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! This was their foreplay!!!! :)

    Carson's home:

    Sonny and Jason: Oh wow! Sonny whining that Carly picks fights with him! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA! But Sonny that's what YOU do to Carly! :)

    The hospital:

    CarJax: I love my CarJax! Forever and ever! :)

    Carly and Jason:

    Jason: I will do anything for you.

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :) Will Carly tell her first love Jason the truth? Hmmmmmm..


    Dr. O and Nina: Great scene!!!!! So glad Dr. O gave her a way to see the truth!

    V.C. and Nina: NO! Don't hug him Nina!!!!!

    V.C. and Lulu: Hehehehehe. Delicious! :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Michael, Sasha, Lucy, and Random lady: DECEPTION YAY! :) Lucy is so happy she is dancing!! GO LUCY GO HAHAHAHA!

    Sonny and Michael: GAH! Stop it Sonny! You are breaking my heart. :(

  4. Would Claudette be Nina's daughter??? Maybe that's the reason for the name drops or just because because Valentin will turn out to not be Char's papa?

  5. Yowser Ava and Nik were smoking! Great scenes all around, and I do love them together. I'm really enjoying NuNik, but commentors on other sites seem to hate the sight of him, lol! To each is own!

    It was good to see Doc back, and seriously Laura needs to buy a clue. Her eldest is alive for crying out loud! Lulu is an idiot, and I would have brought Curtis along with me in a heartbeat. Val is a vindictive ass, and I really hope his New Year's Eve is filled with all kinds of misery. Of course we won't see it until February! :)

    Sonny is a big old baby. I know he's got his dad on his mind, but damn, whining to Jason, picking fights with Carly, he needs to act like a grownup.

    1. Yeh Ava and Nik are smoking hot! Nova? Yes? 😊❤
      Sonny is a big ol cry cry baby...reminds me of somebody else too. That's all I'll say.
      I agree, Lulu should have taken Curtis and good Lord I hope we don't have to wait til Feb LOL!!

    2. Damn Auto Correct! *NiVa NOT Nova! 😡

  6. Good show yesterday! Love that Liesl told Nina the truth. Great idea to have Sasha and Lucy as partners. Ava was divine with Nik! Please no Claudette!! Was that blonde Melissa Kin Shriner's girlfriend?

  7. I read on another site that the actress playing Lucy's investor is Lisa Arturo; she is not Kin Shriner's girlfriend.


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