Sunday, December 15, 2019

Sunday Surgery: Stabby McStaberson

And that's how you do a prison break..

This week felt a bit like the days when I wanted the show to speed up!!  We are still a day off and wonky, so Friday sure didn't feel like a Friday--because it wasn't. There was still some story movement to get into so sit back and relax.

I need Starbucks giftcards for Christmas, that's for sure!! Too expensive! 


You did what?? 
I can't find my giant ring!! The one I always wear!
You're an idiot
No I'm not!! I just dropped it and didn't feel it was gone for like a day!
You're still an idiot. 
Hey! I fell and hit my head, ok?? 
I'm saying idiot. 


Um are you using HEFTY Bags as your luggage? 
So what.. 
Where did you put the Louie Vuitton? 

That's right folks!! Nikolas Cassadine has become the most unlucky doofish villain ever!! LOL -- not only did he not know he dropped his ring, he was looking for it like a 3 year old that can't find their new Paw Patrol car. LOL!!  Of course that led to the best team up in years--Ava and Nina so it was worth it! 


COMEBACK OF THE WEEK:  Good Lord, but Ava got up out of that bed, got her hair and makeup done and was back in the Gallery in like 2 minutes!! AND SHE PLANNED AN AUCTION for the next night!! LOL!! WHAT!!? That's our Ava!  Glam-Jammed and ready to make some cash! 


STILL BORING OF THE WEEK: Yes, glad Griffin was back for a hot minute. Also glad it was for a HOT MINUTE..because.....snoozah. 


HOSPITAL HOTTIES OF THE WEEK:  Oh, Franco and Maddox in scrubbies. SQUEE!! Franco signs a DNR. Then Maddox gets beat up by some thug Peter hired. it was all messy. BUT They looked good!! 


PLAN OF THE WEEK:  Oh, thought just stopping taking your kidney meds would work?? NAH..why do that when Ryan can just stab you!! He IS a doctor after all...he does know where to point it to do the least amount of damage. Although, not enough damage apparently, they are saying she can go home now. WE know that's not going to happen!! 


DISS OF THE WEEK: Ned told Brook Lynn she was 'WORSE THAN AJ' because she didn't get a lawyer to look over her contract with a new producer/manager. LOL poor AJ, even dead he gets bashed! 


SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Mike, Joss and Dev. This was written really well and everyone did a great job reacting like they would in real life. Dev was calm and collected and Joss tried hard not to cry. Mike was disheveled, looked confused and hit all the anger spots well. Max Gail is amazing. 


PROP OF THE WEEK: Not only did they leave Ryan alone with Nelle, there were scalpels all over!! GOOD GOIN"!! 


Nina and Ava are teaming up against the Cassadine men
Ava's having an auction to "sell" Helena's portrait
Michael is REALLY tired taking care of Wiley so Ned's going to help with ELQ
Harmony's in a half-way house 
Nelle wanted out of Ryan stabbed her 
Charlotte told Grandma Laura she has a 'secret body guard'
Franco signed a DNR before his mind procedure. 
Peter wanted to stop the guy from Killing Maddox and or Franco but Laura held him up
Peter ended up shooting the thug and looking like a hero
Anna's kinda suspicious and Jason thinks Peter is no good. 
Brooklyn signed a 5 year deal with a sleezy record producer/manager
Lucas is breathing on his own but not awake yet
Franco is not awake yet either
Mike is getting worse and Sonny wants him to go to Sweden for experimental treatment


**Ava's auction! What a fun thing that I didn't even know I was going to be happy about! Who doesn't need a good Art Mystery and Excitement? 
**Tracy's visit!! It's coming!! 
**Franco waking up--if only to end this once and for all 
**Meeting Brook Lynn's sleezo manager guy. You know he's coming
**Finding out Trina's DNA Connection
**TJ proposing to Molly 
**Whatever the hell Nelle has planned....because you know it will be mean!! 


**We don't need Claudette back so stop mentioning her name. 
**Peter anything

So.. on Monday I'll probably publish my WUB AWARDS 2019 -- it will be about 20 years of doing it if you count my first website! This is the end of a DECADE too-- the 10's! Can you even imagine saying: "Back in the 10's I was ...blah blah"... LOL. Weird. Soon we are going into the roarin' 20's. Sounds like my Mimi's time. 

Have a good Sunday-- I have one more week of work, then 2 weeks off. School calendars are the best calendars! 


  1. Karen, thanks for the great SS as usual. Max Gail is such a great actor. HE deserves an award. Anna is a great spy. I think she knows that Peter is still doing shady stuff and just doesn't want to believe it. I still don't think he's her son. Those prison scenes are so unrealistic. At least make it look a little believable.

  2. HOW did Ryan get out of the handcuffs to stab Nelle? Wasn't he handcuffed to the bed? And, as others have said, I don't think that there are co-ed prisons.

    1. I don't think he was handcuffed?? If he was then Nelle gets a lots of 'xplaing to do. 🙄

  3. I want Ava's green blouse - I already looked on and found it! GORGEOUS IS SHE!!! You are right - the sleazy manager is a coming and I kinda want it be someone from the past that we know! Like------------TRACY!!!!!!!!
    Michael being tired of raising Wiley is an odd twist - what does that say when if finds out Wiley is his? Oh that is right - Wiley will be in it must be another take over plan by Ned.... so dumb.....

    1. Michael is useless. rather see Lucas raise wiley.

    2. Well no...I'd rather see his father raise him. If he only knew.

    3. I don't think Michael is tired OF raising Wiley, I think he is tired FROM raising him. Must have very little stamina . . .

  4. lol Thanks so much. I laughed out loud at the Nicholas passages. Still grinning just thinking about them.

    Definitely emmy material in the Mike scenes. I hope they send that reel in.

    And stopping her meds wouldn't have affected Nelle right away. Ryan's solution worked much faster and gave him his rush of the year. And do you think that Colonel Sanders character will really help her escape when he freaked out so bad at breaking the law when they went after the painting? Also he owes her nothing.

    I hope Franco wakes up before Christmas. And Anna too.

    1. Haha Anna too! I think we will get a Christmas miracle with Franco! ❤
      I read that Valentin wins the bidding war with the painting and that pisses me off! So tired of the bad guy winning!!! Damn it!

    2. But if they've already removed the codicil he won't have won. He'll be the biggest loser. He'll probably pay half a million for his own

  5. Michael could get a nanny or maybe Monica could watch Wiley. She takes care of all of the other kids and is Chief of Staff.

    1. They obviously have a full time nanny at the Q's and other servants. Michael suddenly being overworked (with all that help) made single hard-working parents everywhere throw up a little in their mouths. (Just like Sam lamenting not seeing the child she probably couldn't pick out of a line-up.)

  6. Thank you for today's great SS! Everything you said was on point.
    Di says "I hope Franco wakes up before Christmas. And Anna too." Yes!
    We really don't need Claudette but I love 'Jessica/Tessica' and wouldn't mind her about for a bit.
    I'm wishing for some soap opera magic to make Mike stay around for longer than he probably will. Any scene he is in is a keeper.
    Ava/Nina: Let the bidding begin!

  7. Great SS and hysterical comments. Sam waking up...hahahahahah! Sam not knowing Scout in a lineup, Michael are all making me laugh, thank you!

    Yup, I'll be pissed about Val getting the painting (if it's true) but very cool idea Di, Eva keeping the codicil. That would be fantastic!!

    Never want to see Claudette again. And I want Laura to know Nik is alive now. I just don't care anymore about Michael and Wiley, isn't that awful?!

    GH was very good this week, I look forward to watching every evening when I have dinner! :)

  8. Great SS and such funny commentary here - love it! I can't believe Nina and Ava would take a chance on anyone buying the painting with the codicil still there. Michael is so overworked yet we always see him hanging out either with Sasha or at Sonny's. Sasha doesn't seem to be doing anything either. No more Claudette please!

    1. It's not, she took it out. That's why she's doing this.


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