Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Rick Hearst to Appear on Ambitions on OWN Tonight!

How wonderful is this?? Creator/writer Jamey Giddens got Rick Hearst to come and play on Ambitions OWN, airing tonight at 10pm/est!! I miss Ric on GH but getting to see him on a great prime-time soap is the next best thing.  Tune in, show support and live tweet with @AmbitionsOWN on Twitter. 


  1. Rick Hearst still looks good. Wouldn't mind him coming to town to see Molly

  2. Wouldn't mind him coming back
    period - great actor!

  3. Same... I often wonder what happened to make them just have him get on an elevator and leave lol

    1. Maybe he quit to take a more permanent job. That would definitely make them want to ghost him.

  4. That's great for him! I don't watch that show. I don't have cable. I can probably see it online. I want him back on GH.


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