Saturday, July 31, 2021

First Scene Saturday - Natalia Livingston


Emily was first played by Amber Tamblyn.  Amber was a great actress and did the character justice. I personally liked the way she was introduced. There is a number of ways that Emily could have been brought to the canvas, but the Cancer storyline was poignant and gave Monica female support. 

Amber left for greener pastures and they brought on Natalia. I guess Amber was the teenage Emily and Natalia was the adult. I really liked her performance and she really had chemistry with most of the cast.

They bounced her from Zander to Nikolas. And, in true Quartermaine fashion, they killed her. She got brought back as a ghost in the 50th anniversary dream sequence. 

Note: She also returned as Emily's twin sister in 2009. Since we didn't know Emily's true origins as she was adopted, this wasn't a bad narrative. It was found she was only after Em's money and ended up leaving for Paris --on a plane, with "Zander". 

Karen's Comments: 

Oh, lordy, Natalia's Emily. I loved Amber. She's grade A++ in the acting department. Nat was good but not spectacular. Emily was softer and older. Then they paired her with Sonny and my brain fell out. What a terrible, terrible pairing. I knew it would NEVER have happened with Amber in the role so it was double weird. Why they killed her off is still a huge mystery to me. It was the "blow up the Quartermaine" days at GH.  The twin sister idea had traction since Emily was born to another mom before the Qs. That didn't last long though! 

Who was your fave Emily? 

Friday, July 30, 2021

Space Jam


HERE we's Friday again. Wow.. I'm telling you what, this week/month FLEW BY!! 

Wiley's Birthday Party! Willow and Michael are wrapping gifts in the Gate House. Austin comes to the party as does Valentin.  Jarly is going as their first "couple" thing. Willow talks about her son dying that day ...she went to the grave and she talks about how Chase helped her through it. We see an unknown hand putting flowers on the grave too. Wills and Michael kiss before going into the Q house. Carly sort of sees them. Confronts Willow, says that sometimes good intensions go bad. Michael talks to Jason. Nothing of note. 

Austin says he's having dreams where after he's knocked out at Maxie's birth, he can hear 2 women talking. Brook has big-eyes. 

Chase goes upstairs (elevator) and tries to walk by himself.  He stands and takes 2 steps. Austin sees him. 

Doorbell: Willow opens it-- must be her mom (we will have to wait until Monday)! 

Spencer tells Ava he'll make up with her. She's like: WHY? I'm done with your Dad. He tells her he saw them hugging.  They talk....he's lying to her. She'd better figure it out quick. 

Sam and Shawn talking about the Hayden shooting. MESS.

Nikolas' and Liz talk about Hayden's shooting.  Oh my GOD, So Liz remembers Nik said he had Hayden show but she didn't want to BELIEVE HIM? what the fffffffffffkkkkkkkkkkkkk . I am NOT going to talk about this anymore. I'm pretending it's not happening. Oh they even have a false flashback in the stairwell they made up with NuNikolas. MESS. 

Thursday, July 29, 2021


 Liz catches Cam and Joss kissing in the foyer.  Joss leaves. Liz is happy for them. Cam says he's sorry that he didn't tell her. 

Ava, Spencer and Trina are at the pool ...Ava ends up leaving. Says to Trina to charge whatever she wants. 

Dante accuses Anna of not telling him everything about the investigation. Valentin comes over. Dante leaves. Anna tells Valentin the whole Finn story. 

Everyone at the Qs is getting ready for Wiley's Bday Party.  Valentin thinks he's spoiled. ahahaha. Olivia tells Brook she's a good mom. Later, Chase hears Brook tell the baby "Save your adoring eyes for your real mama".   Brook says she doesn't feel like her real mother. Chase says she's a great mama. He wants to hold the baby. 

Dante goes to talk to Olivia. Rocco mention! He's going to go visit Lulu soon. 

Sam asks Nikolas to help her find WHO SHOT HAYDEN. JFC. Seriously?? Are the writers trolling HARD now? WHAT!!? AHAHHHA COME ON.  She thinks that he might know because he was married to her.  Stupid. Anyway, she leaves and he talks to Ava. 

Sam asks Liz to help her find Hayden. OMG Liz remembers it was NIK that shot Hayden!! ahahahahaha. Liz wonders if something happened to Hayden to make her stay away. 

Teens at the pool: they talk Spencer into throwing them a party.  

Spencer sees Nikolas and Ava hugging in the alcove of the Metro. 


Liz calls Nikolas to talk about Hayden
Spencer says he realizes that Ava and Nik love each other, wants to make up with Ava . Sneaky! 

Val and Anna figure out Peter is probably alive and Val wants to kill him. 

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Vet Day


No, not GH Vets, My girlie's VET! I'm going to be gone for most of GH so I decided to watch it all on Hulu later. 

Enjoy this pic of Tillie Joy McGee instead! She is bald with her summer-cut LOL 

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Where's the Popcicle?


Spencer, Joss, Carly. Spencer congratulates Carly about marrying Jason. He also outs Cam and Joss going out. Carly's like WHAT? Joss pushes him in the pool again! "I wish he'd stayed in Italy" They talk. Then, Shawn comes up and says hello. 

Shawn and Curtis.  Well, Curtis says he has NO IDEA who shot Hayden. I'm not reporting on this farce. All you need to know is they have their shirts on. Damn it. Curtis wants Shawn to work at the Savoy.  Shawn wants to be his own boss-man. But Curtis wants him to work there temp. Shawn says ok. 

Portia and Trina at home. I like their house. Portia tells Trina she went to Curtis' Club. Trina is surprised but supportive. 

Jordan and Stella. OMG This is just... I don't want to hear this anymore. Don't care. Stella's mad Portia and Curtis kissed. Wants to talk to them. Jordan yells no. Jordan signs the papers and puts them in her outbox to be sent out. I think Stella gonna steal them. 

FANNA in the basement! Finn tells her he killed Peter. She doesn't think he's capable. He says he is and he'd do it again LOL . They talk about him trying to save him then putting him in the freezer. She wonders why he didn't tell her. HE said he was afraid Violet would lose her last parent. Anna know s he couldn't move the body alone. 

Liz called Scotty. Wants to know what Justifiable homicide is. She tells Scott about a "friend". He says the other friend (her) could be an accessory. He says JH is when it's "Killed or be Killed". He also figures out it was Finn because Finn had called him before. He says he wants to represent Elizabeth not Finn in this. Tells her to keep her mouth shut and call him if the police come. They hug. Jason peeks in the window... Scotty can't see him. 

Jason calls Spinelli... "Thanks for the cameras, now I need you to do something else" ...then he asks if "he found it".  Then he goes to see Elizabeth. 


Jason and Liz:  Jason says Peter's body was gone. 

Freezer opening:  Peter's body is gone. 

PETER IS NOT IN THE FREEZER. Is he alive? Or..someone else move it? 

Monday, July 26, 2021

Your Ex..My Ex...Together at Last


Pool: Sam and Shawn talking. Sam has on a Golden Girls robe thing.. and I can't hear her as usual. She goes to talk to Jax and they talk about Alexis a bit. Jax finds out Shawn didn't shoot Hayden. They want Jax to find Hayden so they can find out who really shot her. Jax has no idea where she is.. Sam wants to know why Hayden wouldn't at least reach out to Violet. Jax thinks it could be to protect her. 

Alexis taunts Ryan at the prison common room. She is going to poke him to see if he's faking, then someone scares her from behind. Nik is there. 

Nina and Sonny..drink beer. He says he almost came to PC to find her. They talk about Wiley. Boring. She says she thinks about Sonny all the time. Sonny says he'd give up knowing about his old life to be with her. Sonny takes a selfie with Nina on his phone.  They dance and Kiss. 

Liason talking in the park. Liz tells Jason Peter is dead. Tells him the body is in the freezer in the sub-basement of Helena's lab.  Jason says he'll make it go away.  Jason goes to GH and is on the phone telling Spinelli to turn off the cameras. Then he runs into Britt. She tells him she spent money on an electric toothbrush or something. Anyway, he has to get to the basement. He finds the freezer. 

Anna and Finn. He wonders why she's dragging her feet. She says because it's led her to a place she doesn't want to be.  Then she tells him what the pilot said about Peter being on the roof but not alone. She says she has a theory that the person did something they regret; and they can't tell because it would endanger their lives and the people they love. OOOOOOOO!! OMG Then LIZ barges in "FINN!! I just talked to......." Then Finn tells Anna he'll show her what happened to Peter. 

Monica has narrowed the COS down to Terry or Britt. OMG they are co-chiefs!! AHAHHA. Britt is pissed, she stomps off.  Monica tells Terry they have to accept together or no deal. She goes off to talk Britt into it. 


Finn says he'll show Anna what happened to Peter...they head to the basement.  They get there and Jason is gone. BUT Finn doesn't open the freezer yet. So we don't know if Jason moved it or not. 

Monica is told someone tampered with the cameras, they put a silent alarm on if someone over-road them. 

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Sunday Surgery: Under Pressure


Oh what a week. I had to watch three shows in one day on Hulu. Which by the way, is a good way to go!! No commercials and I swear the show flows better. 

This WILL be short and sweet..I'm only hitting the high-low lights. 

Went to an Amish bakery yesterday. Mistake. I'm in carbs for DAYS 

Friday, July 23, 2021

Jail Blues



Sam and Alexis..Alexis is going to a minimal security prison. She's happy but it's still prison. 

Shawn needs to talk to Jordan ...and then Alexis to tell her he's a free man. The Gov also got the judge to resign and is going to look into all her convictions to see what she did wrong. 

Alexis is in her 'swank' prison... fruit bowl too! Cereal!! 

Shawn asks Sam to find the real Hayden shooter. 

Nik and Spencer at the pool Nik runs into Ava (looking fabulous). They give each other googly-eyes. She walks by. Trina says Spencer owes her one for keeping his secret about being in town longer. She wants to get Ava and Nikolas back together!!! ahahaa. Spencer is like: NO. She says she'll do it on her own then. She sends a drink to Ava from Nik and to Nik from Ava lol . They find out from Spencer it was Trina that sent them. Trina doesn't tell on Spencer about him staying in town so long. 

Britt daydreams about Jason; turns around and he's there at the nurses' station. She tells him she doesn't need him. Austin cracks a joke about them being cousins LOL . Britt then asks Austin to back her for COS since she hired him. He asks what he'll get in return. She says she'll sign off on whatever he needs. He smiles. 

Jason tells Monica that Spinelli vetted Austin and he checks out. Monica wants to talk to him about his engagement. She tells him that it's been hard for her after AJ. She says Carly was the one that always brought AJ down trying to get to him. He says he wouldn't be there if it wasn't for Carly. (barf)  YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS SCENE, IT'S PERFECTION and I can't do it justice. It's amazing. Loved it. 

Finn and Liz talk about Peter; Terry overhears. Terry says that she wishes someone would just Kill Peter ahahahhaa. They leave and walk outside. Liz tries to talk him into telling Jason about the body. He's like NO..Liz talks about why he's a good one to do it and JASON HEARS HER!! OOOOPPAH!!! Finn leaves and Jason steps out "Elizabeth"!!! 

Anna is at the Qs talking to Val about Peter. They discuss the "roof man" . She starts crying a bit. Val says "it's Finnnnn".. yep. So sad. She said she knew it when she talked to him at the hospital yesterday; it was all there...the body language, everything. They discuss if he could have killed him. 

NIXON FALLS: Lenny is going to Llandview for exploratory surgery. Nina's back. She and MikeSon hug. Lenny talks to her about helping him out so much. He wants her to help Phyllis let him go when the time comes. 

Terry and Britt tangle about COS. Monica says she wants to see them both in her office. 


Alexis sees someone in a wheelchair--IT'S RYAN!!!!!!!!!!!

Jason says he'll help Liz get rid of Peter

Monica is going to make her recommendation for COS

Anna goes to see Finn. 


Thursday, July 22, 2021

Thursday is I'm Back DAY!


SHARK GIRL!! This is in Buffalo on The CanalWalk. You know I had to see her and get a photo!! :) I love going to explore cities, even if they are close. You always find things you don't know about. 

Stella and Jordan. It's so weird Stella is rooting for Jordan now.  She makes a good argument. Jordan still hasn't signed the papers yet. Says to go to the Savoy and talk to Curtis. 

SAVOY OPENING:  Portia came!! Terry is all dressed up too. Oh does she like the bartender N'neka ?? Portia wants to get she and Curtis' relationship right-- and she's just talking too much LOL. I don't think these 2 have chem. AT. ALL. They kiss and Jordan sees it. :eyeroll: Jordan runs crying. 

Gladys is at the Metro. Talking to Olivia about how se can get Carly to help Brando be a mobber. She leaves and Olivia tells Sam that Austin is a Q. 

Sasha and Brando. She's at the POOL ..after it's closed I think? Anyway, he's going to tell her he's not going to do crime. He says he chooses her and the baby. Gladys hears this.  Brando says he's turning down any job from Jason/Carly. 

Dante and Anna. She tells him about the pilot and him seeing someone on the roof! wow, didn't think she would. They talk about the case. 

Anna is looking for records of everyone that were there at the hospital the night Peter disappeared. (the staff). 

Valentin and Brook. He can't wait to see Bailey. Awww. She asks about Anna... he gives a short history. 

Olivia suspects something between Sam and Dante 

Anna realizes something is up with Finn/Liz because they act guilty AF lol 

Watch the Hands, TOWNIE!



Ok, there's something to be said about watching it on Hulu. So much less interrupted and I don't get cranky LOL 
The dialog really has been great. BUT I'll talk all about that in Sunday Surgery. 

I do like Lenny and Phyllis--but.. man, such a separate story. Maurice plays sad the best of everything in my opinion so that's good too. 

Loved that the guy that drove the chopper was Marie's brother!! 

And...Shirley Temples? One clunky dialog.. no teen drinks those!! LOL Should have been Blue Lagoons or Strawberry Daiquiris. 

I hate Spencer like I'm supposed to--in a good soapy way. YEAH!! He's smarmy and conniving. 

Willow is just a nothing character. I can't even. 


Shawn's out and hits the POOL! 

Glad TJ and Molly are out and about! 

Anna realizes who was on the roof. 

Aww, Aiden made the cupcakes for Violet's game. 

Gov CUOMO came through for Shawn? Niceee LOL 

Opening of the Savoy!! 

Good three days. Nothing HUGE HUGE happened but good dialog and such. 

Ok, on to the today--I'm going to make a new blog for it !! 

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Wednesday July 21

 Today is National Junk Food Day. 

By now you should have guessed what your task for the day is. 
As you comment on today's show,
please mention what your favorite junk food is. 

Mine is...

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The next live blog will be on Thursday.
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Tuesday, July 20, 2021


I decided to interview the WubQueen to get a little background of her life with General Hospital. This is only the first part. The second part will be compiled with YOUR questions for her. So enjoy Karen's answers to these questions and please write a few for her in the comments and we will do it again. 

1. What got you to start watching GH? Do you remember the first scene/show??  

Oh boy.. dating myself here but I remember when my Mom watched it back when it started. They had an abuse storyline on with Dr. Hardy and it was big-stuff for the time. I really began watching when Genie Francis came on in  1977 as we are the same age and she was so "cool" LOL. 

2. What other soaps have you watched over the years?  

I'm an ABC Gal. Watched Day one of All My Children. Saw it in Patty Andolina's basement. We thought it was just the best thing ever. Tara/Phil...Erica. It was also the one show my mother and I watched together all through the years. Even if we weren't getting along, we'd watch AMC together at some point! LOL.  One Life To Live came on when I got out of school and I'd watch before GH. I got into the whole Karen/prostitute storyline. Saw her courtroom reveal in real time. Great stuff. Ryan's Hope was also in there as was Loving and The City, Night Shift and Port Charles.  guess I watched a lot of Daytime TV back in the day!

3. So many musical numbers from the Nurses’ Balls. Do you have a favorite?

Edward, Emily in 1997. Doing a "Together at Last" From Annie. The Ward House Kids were also included. 

4. Do you have a favorite storyline? One that stands above the rest either negatively or positively

So many storylines, so little time!! I think the most important and timely was the Stone HIV/AIDS Storyline. It was very novel for the time and enlightened on a subject many wouldn't touch. Well written and poignant. Great acting as well. Can't beat that. 

Now, I have to admit that it was Luke and Laura that hooked me. Not appropriate now but back then? It was everything. Hot-Hot and so romantical. Soapy and it just made me run home to watch. 

5.  What do you want to see happen over the next year or so? What is needed 

to spark the storylines and the ratings?

I think GH has been on a good track with bringing back the Q family. Remember that a few years ago there was just nothing. Now, there's life in that house again just like it should be! The Nixon Falls Saga time is overdue, that's for sure. The teens set is being buffed up with Spencer. I actually like the couple shake up. The show has to keep going in the direction of the younger characters if they hope to attract some more audience. 

6.  A soap opera staple is when someone isn't who they say they are and then revealed. (different name, different history, romantic past not mentioned). 

Can you see any character today who would benefit from being an imposter?

The one character that could lend themselves to that would be Dante. The Turks could have absolutely switched him out. It would give some life to his story! 

7. You have made it clear that the cast is bloated and that there are some characters 

that are expendable. What 5 characters are so essential to the entire show that they 

should be there on the last episode?

Putting me ON THE SPOT OR WHAT!! LOL... Let me see if I can do this. Laura of course. She needs to be included. I need to represent old school GH and Elizabeth does that well. We also need a Quartermaine so I'm taking Ned. That leaves 2 more people. I wish there was a Ward. Let's go with Robert Scorpio and one youngin' from the Corinthos Clan. I pick Joss. 

8. When it eventually ends, how do you envision the final scene?

Probably a hell-scape type thing with the 5 characters setting off to find if anyone else survived the nuclear war or disease. "Last Soap On Earth". 

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Monday, July 19, 2021

Hey, don't you look familiar? (Monday)

This is one of those "fillers" we do that open a blog page for your comments on the days show, but have nothing to do with the show itself. I'm sure you are used to this by now, so here it goes...

Have you met a celebrity? I don't mean saw one on stage or in a distance. But actually face to face and said a few words. I have (this is Dave). 

Brooke Shields - I was a waiter at Chi Chi's in Princeton, NJ while she was attending the University. (Remember Chi Chi's?) She came in with 7 other people and they asked me and another woman to take care of the group. She is stunningly beautiful and so polite and genuine. 

Greg Louganis - He was starring in "Jeffrey" in NYC. After the show I did the stage door thing and got his autograph and said a few words.

Mark McGuire - When I lived in CA, we had the same optometrist. One day I was there at the counter, he came up to the counter and I said "Hi" and he patted me on the back. 

Halle Berry - In the lobby at the premiere of Wicked in LA in 2007. I turned around and she was right there. I said "Hi" and she said "Hi" and I said "Enjoy the show". She is very small and petite and really is one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Pia Zadora - Two years ago, on Mother's Day, she got a delivery from our company. I didnt know it was her until I got to the guard gate and they asked me for the resident's name. I looked on the ticket and saw her name. Due to social distancing, I stood a good 15 ft away and when she came out, I thanked her and wished her a happy mother's day and walked away. 

So today's question is pretty simple. If you ever met a celebrity, mention their name(s) before you start your comment. Of course, you dont have to participate but it can be fun. On with the show!

Here's Karen: 
I worked at Chi Chi's too--in Rochester! The biggest name we had come in was Foster Brooks. I'm actually pathetic when it comes to meeting celebs. Mine are all GH 

Nancy Lee Grahn- she has great get togethers. Saw her in Manhattan years ago. Really fun time. 

Lisa LoCicero, Dom Z--Toronto Canada. Great venue. I also met a fellow blogger that I knew for years so it was double fun. 

Vanessa Marcil, Maurice Benard-- Staten Island ... We went to Vanessa's charity event at her uncle's jewelry store. What a fun, funky night! One of the Mob Wives was there too. Maurice was charming and Vanessa was really personable and approachable. I also saw them out at a diner after the event. We were the only people in there. Vanessa's son Cassius ran into me when we started out the door.

Roger Howarth-- Syracuse NY.  Interesting venue; old theater. I actually met him in the parking lot when we both pulled up at the same time. He had driven from his NY home. Meet and greet was great and he was VERY funny during his talk. 

There will be no live blog today.
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Sunday, July 18, 2021

Sunday Surgery: Revealing

                                                                          Oh, CRAP. 

We had 3 reveals this week: Spencer 'came out'...Maxie told Nina the secret and we found that Austin is a Q. Unfortunately this chain of energy didn't extend to The Nixon Falls Spin-off which is basically what I wanted the most. BUT! Much history and fun so I'm all good. 

All in all a solid B+ week for me. I just got Panera's great cheese bagel. Have one with me? 

Saturday, July 17, 2021

Watch Charity and the Alan Jimmy Lee factor


Alan meets Charity when he goes to Pawtuck NY to escape his life. This clip also has Edward and Jimmy Lee. Also great clip of Anna and Burt discussing Alan's plane crash. Heh. Great little arc. SO MUCH "GONE GIRL"!!! 

This is Jimmy Lee and Charity. Also has explanations about his Quartermaine relationship. 

And Alan gets a letter from Charity when she left for him after she married Jimmy Lee...They went to Provo Utah. MONICA wants to BE FRIENDS!! SHE FRIENDZONED ALAN!! 

Friday, July 16, 2021

Low Energy

 NY Hospital: Anna is about to discover MikeSon when a Nurse stops her and asks if she can help.  Looks like MikeSon might recognize her voice. Then Lenny comes in. Not good news. Cancer. 

Valentin tells Phyllis that Nina is his exwife. Phyllis doesn't like him LOL "she's doing fine on her own". She mentions Mike. Anna finds Val. They leave. Phyllis goes to see Lenny. It's Pancreatic Cancer and she breaks down. 

Q's: Ned calls the lawyers. They will do their own DNA test. They bitch about Austin. Michael says they should try to 'win Austin over"

GH: Monica catches Austin looking at the photo wall. She wonders if he's trying to pull one over on the family like his dad did back in the day. Oh, he asks if she liked any Qs. She says Lila and AnnaBelle. AHAHA the dog!! 

Pool: Dante is mad Rocco is doing cannon balls, tells Chase to arrest him LOL Dante asks how married life is.  Chase is like I CAN'T WALK. 

Brando and Sasha talk. Not about anything really. Then Sasha blurts out she wont' let Brando near the baby if he's in the mob scene. 

Metro: Carly and Jason talk about letting Brando in the biz. Sam walks up. Sees the ring. Asks to talk to Jason.  He says sorry you didn't hear it from me. Did you tell Danny? Shes' like NOPE--that's your department. She's like: yeah, you and Carly have a connection yada yada. THEN she talks to Carly, hold her hands and says: "If I can help with anything, let me know". DEAR GOD. Seriously? Ok, that was an EPIC letdown. 

Jason kisses Carly's cheek before he goes to GH to see Monica. She swoons a bit. 

Willow and Nina talk at the Gatehouse. Nina is waiting for Michael so she can take Wiley to the pool. Oh great, Carly comes around. :EYEROLL: 

MikeSon calls Nina and asks her to come "home" 

Thursday, July 15, 2021


 Here we go! 

Pool Set being used, I Like it!! People even got "in" the pool. Oh, Gladys has nice new blonde hair. Wow she does look younger! She tells Brando that now there's a shake up at Corinthos' Coffee, he should jump in. Carly listens in. She tells Gladys she's not family. Then Joey Novak (the younger) walks in. 

Portia friendzoned Curtis. 

Bar set for NYC. Valentin says to Anna he found out what the "sing along" was in the back. "Some woman named Maeve is leading them in Danny Boy"!! OHHH Ryan's HOPE!! He says they have to Go to the hospital to talk to the chopper guy later (AH!! NY Methodist where Sonny is). and the bar reminds him of a Pub they went to in Dublin. They get a call that the guy is back in the hospital. 

ANOTHER SET---NY Methodist for Lenny. The doc comes out and Lenny goes in for tests. MikeSon says he might rememeber NYC but it could just be the movies he's seen. By the way a ton of people noticed he's not gray anymore LOL. He goes to talk to the doctor about Lenny and of course, VAnna just miss him . Because it's GH. 

Mike finds a cap in the hall that looks like Mike's old cap. The "hears" memories of talking to "Dad".

Valentin walks right into Phyllis. I think he knows her from when she was in PC to visit Nina? 

Ellie left Spinelli. He's drinking and talking to Jason. He says Ellie didn't like the direction their life is going and wanted to leave. Jason says Spin can always walk away from the business. Spin says he can't. He basically says since Jason came back he's "Jackal" Again and WUBS him LOL. GEESH

Maxie tells Sasha she's leaving PC.  They talk about Sasha being pregnant. Maxie has on a really heavy leather coat  LOL BLACK! 

THen Maxie tells Spinelli about going to Texas and wants he and Ellie to have Georgie the entire time she's gone. Spin says Georgie would love Texas. Maxie is sad he and Ellie are splitting up. 

Brook Lynn goes to Nina's... she tells Brook she knows her secret . Brook freaks out. Nina wants to know why she went through with the charade. Also, why she won't tell Valentin the truth because he'd agree to protect that baby at all costs. Brook Lynn says that's Maxie's call. AND they think if they tell Valentin the truth, he'll tell Charlotte. 

Val is chatting with Phyllis while she waits for MikeSon

Anna almost sees Sonny open the door. 

NOTE: Previews show neither Anna or Val see Sonny. 

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

WELP! Yesterday was a WHOPPER!! 

OMG So much going on today

Maxie tells Nina she would not snatch a baby that wasn't her's... DOH! THEN she says Can I tell you a secret??? SHE TELLS Her about the baby thing!! Wow..!!! She says "Bailey doesn't exist, that's my baby, Louise"!! She tells her EVERYTHING. Nina realizes that Valentin is bonding with the baby... Maxie says SO WHAT!! It's her life at stake! 

Monica tells everyone that Austin is Jimmy Lee Holt and Charity's son..ergo, Edward's grandson. Someone says: Who's Jimmy Lee? Olivia blurts: OH! Edward's bastard son with Blache LeSur! I read his book"! ahahahahahaa. Anyway, Scotty brought DNA, affidavits and birth cert to show he is who he is. Ned says so what, Jimmy Lee got cut out of the will by Edward. Austin says Jimmy Lee died 6 months ago. They argue. It boils down to Austin contesting Edward's will. Valentin says "Welp we can't vote yet, meeting adjourned".

Spencer says he loves to surprise people. He hugs Laura. He and Spencer make up and hug. Spencer is staying at the Metro. Ava bops in, see Spencer and stops cold. They banter. She says she's moving out. HE acts surprised. heh. Ava goes to pack her remaining things. 

Anna talks to a guy about finding the chopper pilot. He takes a picture with him. Finn asks what it's about. She says "Finding Peter". GULP. They talk about Violet. Finn flashes back to killing Peter. He's going to tell Anna but she's interrupted by the guy that knows who the pilot is. 

Nixon Falls: Lenny's heart is giving out. Sonny won't LET HIM DIE!! Phyllis goes to google to find a good cardiologist. I bet GH comes up! LOL  Lenny says they can't afford anything. Sonny says not to worry. 


Valentin and Anna are going to NYC to find the pilot

Phyllis finds someone in NYC Methodist Hospital 

Maxie is leaving PC (KS has a medical issue and had to leave the show for a bit). 

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Strange Energy IN This Town


Wyndemere, Nik is all upset as the movers take out Ava's stuff. Laura consoles him. Says the investigation might be ending soon. Tells him about the designer boot and print found. OH! Laura mentions SPENCER and he hasn't called Nik. She says he's off on some remote place. Nik says it's good because the "stalker" can't find him. 

Spencer is at the park..he and Trina talk in a tree lol (real tree). Then he calls her out for being on the phone. She says Joss doesn't think he's real "like Jan Brady and George Glass"--You don't watch classic sitcoms?? LOL He freaks when she tries to take a selfie.  She calls him a diva. Then she tells him they might be closer to catching the stalker because of the boot print and the size. He leaves quick! 

Spencer throws paint covered boots in the dumpster. 

Ava and Nina are in Ava's old Penthouse which she could get back I guess. Nina talks to MikeSon. He tells her to come back to Nixon Falls. She says not yet...but she thinks of him 'daily'. Oh, Ava is living with Nina. She asked her to move in. They talk about Nina and MikeSon. 

 Scotty and Austin. He wants free medical advice because when they do what they are doing, he'll be filthy rich.  Scotty says the town will probably hate him for what he's about to do to the Quartermaines and Michael.  "There's Strange Energy in this town"... 

Maxie is still yelling about her baby at the Q house. She says she has to move. Brook says she's too emotion to go right now. MONICA walks in: MAXIE! You're here again!! LOL Maxie says not to worry, she's leaving "Say goodbye to Bailey". 

Q House: ELQ Meeting Time! Val wonders who will get CEO...Ned or Michael. Michael says he doesn't want to have the job. He's busy with Wiley and Aurora. Says Ned is the best man for the job. Ned asks Olivia what she thinks. She says he should do it. And they should take it "one day at a time". Then the meeting gets called to order and Scotty says it can't start until all Quartermaines are present. 

Lenny is back at on the scene...his heart is good, he had a bunch of tests. I think he's going to end up at GH. I really do! You watch! Oh Dr. Ford comes in to talk to Lenny and Phil alone!! UT OH

Maxie goes to see Nina "I need help" she says. She wants to know if leaving PC helped Nina not think about Wiley as much. She tells Nina she wants to hold Bailey all the time. "you know she's not yours, right" Says Nina. NO I DON"T! says Maxie. She tells Nina she wouldn't steal her, she'd be bringing her home. 


WOWWWWW!! Spencer walks into Wyndemere "Father, I'm home"...AND AUSTIN says he's Austin Gaitlyn-HOLT!! Jimmy Lee's!! 

Monday, July 12, 2021

Austin's First Day

 We started outside the studio today !! Right in the entrance. Portia and Curtis. They talk about Aunt Stella trying to meddle. 

Austin sees Amy. She welcomes him to GH. He says he's going to have the time of his life. 

Alexis is in GH getting her wrist checked. Dante is in with her as part of the PCPD. Sam comes in and hugs her.  They talk. Then Austin comes in to examine ALexis. Sante are all: WHY YOU HERE? He tells them he's move to town. Sam isn't happy. (He never says his last name of course). Anyway, Sam wants Alexis' first doctor, Portia. Austin leaves, pages Portia. 

Britt dreams of Jason in her office then Jax walks in to check on her. Jax talks about their night together. Britt basically friendzoned him! Jax says that Carly is drawn to danger and he thought it was Sonny's fault but it's Carly.  Dr O comes in and Jax leaves. Dr. O is sad she told Britta to follow her heart only to get it trampled. 

Carly tells Jason she had a few things to say to Britt. He's like WHY? She says to let her know there was NO HOPE of them getting back together. She then says "Unless YOU want to"!! Jason tells her not to lie. "I ONLY LIED about BEING IN LOVE!! this is HARD FOR EVERYONE"!! He tells her not to talk to Britt. Heh. Walks away. 

Carly walks down the hall, runs into Austin. He asks her where the Corinthos wing is. It comes out that Michael is her son. He says he has big shoes to fill since Lucas LEFT GH? What? Did I miss that? Anyway, Austin wants to know all about the head of the board, Monica Q. 

Jordan tells TJ and Shawn that Molly is going to file a complaint against Judge Carson. They talk about what could happen to Shawn. He could get out with time served.  Curtis ends up coming in and getting the whole story from Jordan. 

Maxie runs to the Q house, tells Brook Lynn Austin is moving to PC. She's YELLING about Bailey being HER BABY! GOD! like YELLING!! Brook Lynn tells Maxie she's being too paranoid.  Maxie cries badly. Brook Lynn says that maybe they should stop the pretense. Maxie says no because Peter's still out there. Brook says that's why she has to stay away from the Q house. Maxie says she has to leave town (KS had surgery so I think that is the plan to have her gone for a bit). 

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Sunday Surgery: FIRESTORM


Did you just hear what I just heard??!!

What a week! I'll try to explain my happiness a little differently today. I'm not sure how many people read my blog that are on Twitter but this week, GH felt like a group experience again. The comments were flying!! People were loving/hating/laughing and just having a damn great time together watching the show. I had to miss a day and was really bummed. Not so much for the show (because I could watch on Hulu) but for the fact I wasn't live tweeting. Shared experience really can just make a show even that much better. 

Let's get rolling and have some hotdogs and apple pie in honor of the PC softball league! 
Photo thx to: @Gruhatesthings 

Friday, July 9, 2021


 TJ and Molly talk to Marty and Jordan about Judge Carson and her statements they taped. Jordan is sending them to the judicial review board. 

Liz and Finn talk again about Popsicle Pete. He doesn't want Jason's help. 

Terry wants Portia to back her for COS. Britt is all snotty, Terry is snotty back! LOL Portia tells Terry it's a hard job. Her Dad was COS and it was all politics and Paperwork. 

Curtis is angry that Stella talked to Portia about backing off.  

Maxie wonders why Austin is at GH. Later, Britt is welcoming him to the GH Staff! He says he has business in PC and wants to move there. 

Maxie and Anna go to the Metro Court. Anna tells Maxie she might know Austin (she flashes back to seeing the photo). Then they talk about Valentin. Maxie thinks Anna likes him. 

Alexis is having a fit about going back into solitary confinement. Shawn tries to calm her and the guard grabs her. She screams and falls. I think her wrist was broken before and she didn't get treatment. Shawn tells the guard and the guard is like "NICE TRY"! Shawn says he won't let the guard take Alexis. UT OH. The guard goes to hit Shawn and Jordan walks in to stop him! 

Carly says Monica will be pissed off about her marrying Jason. They go to talk to her at GH. (see below)

Monica talks to Valentin about living there and ruining her company at the same time. She tells him he can stay because she's put up with worse, mainly her sister in law !LOL and URI the bodyguard (who seems like a butler now) totally checks her out when she leaves!! Martin goes to see Val. They talk about ELQ. Martin thinks Michael might be willing to share power with him. Valentin can't listen right now, he's thinking about Anna. 

Carly chickens out about talking to Monica..makes Jason go alone LOL He tells Monica she's like DOH!! Then she says if he's happy, she's happy. 

OMG Carly totally lies to Britt and tells her that she and Jason admitted they loved each other right after Sonny's funeral-- and waited until now to act on the feelings. Making Britt believe that Jason never really cared for her!!  Carly said what she and Jason had was fleeting. And what THEY have is "forever"...oh, Jason overheard part and he's not happy! Britt storms off

Alexis hugs Molly; Shawn hugs TJ. They are at the PCPD now. 

Austin is on the GH Staff. 

Monica tells Liz and Finn the cameras are all fixed !! LOL So they can't sneak out Peter even if they wanted to!! 

Thursday, July 8, 2021

Two Days of GH FUN-FUN


NEW SET! IT's all over the net: POOL!! 

Yesterday's SHOW: 

Sam was a HOOT... Then she and Dante just fall in the water LOL!! They go watch the fireworks

Maxie was showing Monica how nuts she was !!

VAnna SO cute. Anna's pulling away .. they are such good friends IRL and I like this. 

Nina and Obrect: Glad they are friends.. Nina has Ava AND Lesil AND Maxie AND, nice. "Mike..Such and industrial name"! AHAHHAA. She tells her about Carly and Jason getting married. 

Carly talking about the bridge and Jason's all: OKAY AHAHAAHAHA. Britt and Jax...rubbing it in as much as they can!! "Jax liked my room too"!!! Carly goes out to be with Jax and yelled at him because it's ALL ABOUT HIM LOL  OMG Jax reads her so hard!! "You're as demented in this life as ever"!! WOW. 

Jason tells Britt he's not going to tell Carly about her Huntington's Disease and he'll be there for her. She tells him to just shove it. 

Cam and Joss... talking about their past. Nice scenes. I got some fluffy feels. 

Don't care about Nixon Falls but it didn't bother me today. 

THURSDAY'S SHOW:  Pretty dull after the last few days: 

Spencer sees Trina reading in the park. He brought her water. She's mad he ghosted her at the fireworks. They talk about art and France. 

Ava and Portia talk at Charlies. Mutual admiration camp. 

Stella and TJ have lunch together, Stella is talking about Curtis and Jordan. Looks like she wants them together and not Portia. WEIRD. 

Alexis and Shawn talk in the jail. She talks about solitary confinement--she's going stir crazy and the walls are moving in. She's starting to have a panic attack. She settles down then he tells her that he told Molly about the Judge Carson thing and she freaks out again. She knows Molly will charge in there for justice.. 

Curtis and Jordan talk at the PCPC about their divorce. She's been dragging her feet on signing the divorce papers. She says she's been busy. Then says she will do it asap. Puts her wedding photo in the drawer. 

Martin and Nik talk at the Metro about his divorce. Martin says they found "unique" boot prints at the gallery. 

Then Nikolas finds Ava at Charlie's and tell her he wants to run away with her. Wants to sail around the world until the stalker is caught. She won't take Avery away from PC. 

Molly has lunch with Judge Carson. OMG She immediately goes in with you give black people different sentences than you do others. WOW! She goes on and on. Martin interrupts and asks if there's a problem.  They go back and forth. Molly digs her heels in. I think Martin is trying to smooth things over with the judge but will help Molly. OMG She leaves and Marty is taking to her "I've known you for 20 years". She says she's even had 'black roommates'!! WOW.. and some people only respond to incarceration!!! WOWWWWWW 

Nikolas goes to Mike Corbin's grave... he's his grandfather. Courtney was his mom. I forgot that for a half minute. 


WOW!! Martin recorded the judge saying those things!! He takes it to Jordan and Molly and TJ are already there!! Ohhhhhhh good twist!! 

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

I Wanna Know


Well, today is my mom's birthday and I'm out of town. It's storming here which doesn't bode well. LOL 

Anyway, FUN show yesterday and I have some questions for you to answer!! 

Do you think it was a good idea for Sam and Liz to find out about Jason's marriage the way they did OR would you have liked to have had him tell them? I mean, I think he's father to one of their boys, right? 

Britt and Jax: Yeah...or throw-up? 

IF Sonny walks into the Jarly wedding: do you want it to be WITH his memory back or WITHOUT his memory back? 

NuSpencer first impressions: YEAH or NAY? 

That's it!! I'll see you all tomorrow. July is just rushing by compared to last year LOL. It seemed to crawl. Now our calendar is getting full again. Feels strange. 

Tuesday, July 6, 2021


 Considering Britt and JAX hit the sheets I was going to SKIP TODAY but since I'm gone tomorrow for my mama's birthday, I thought I'd be good and show up. NOT HAPPY Tho. I mean, really? UGH. Can't even. I'm closing my eyes.

Everyone at Charlie's to have a surprise party for Chase. Jordan, Sam...Dante...Liz, Finn..Anna.. Violet.. Michael all in baseball uniforms. Sasha is not playing she's PG. They yell surprise!! They got them Bride and Groom baseball shirts. Everyone is happy but...Michael. THEN Sam overhears Michael talk about Carly and Jason getting married. She runs out of the bar and Liz runs after her. 

Liz took a bottle of vodka! They do shots and talk about how horrible Carly is and always wanted Jason. OMG Sam has a bag of Jason's stuff. SHE BURNS HIS JACKET-- dominos set and Springsteen Tickes they never used. Then she THROWS A GIANT BOTTLE OF TEQUILA ON IT!! AHAHHAH BOOM!! OMG then, the fire department calls DANTE and tells him they are down at the pier burning stuff. Finn goes with him. There's a fireman putting out the fire and Sam and Liz are shitfaced!! OMG! Dante tries not to laugh. Sam says it's her independence day. Great fun. 

Jax and Britt. No comment. LOL OMG BUT Britt totally tells him the story of BBQing Emma's baby doll! AHAHAHA TOO FUN. 

Jason and Carly are going to tell Joss they are getting married. Joss is happy. Of course she is. She's like well you are friends and who else are you going to marry? LOL. Jason gives Carly an aquamarine ring, blue like his eyes. Vincent Novak is at the Metro Court. Jason thinks it's to make peace. They are going there to watch fireworks and show him they are engaged. 


Trina and Spencer are at Pier 54. He's laying in the sun. Wants her to lay there too. Says "in your birthday suit".. She's like NO.. Come to the park with me (Joss texted her to go there because she has to take Avery with her). 

Cam is talking to Jake in the park. Jake is like "We cool" Cam is like "Um, I can tell you are still mad" .  They talk it through, end up crying. Awww. Trina comes over. Spencer says he's not ready to "meet" Cameron and Joss. Oh, Trina calls him Victor. I missed that yesterday.  When Spencer doesn't show up, Trina gets sad and goes to watch the fireworks with her mom. Cam tells Joss he thinks there's more to their relationship than a kiss. 

At the Qs, Monica is suspicious of Maxie always coming over. She asks Maxie where Georgie and James are. Maxie says with her Mom and Mac. Brook tells her to stop coming over to see Bailey after Monica leaves. Maxie is like This is the last time. Brook doesn't believe her.  Then Brook goes to change and Maxie is talking to Louise and Monica hears her!! 

Valentin texts Anna to come over. She comes over and they do sparklers. THEY KISS and it's so nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VANNA!!! 


Monday, July 5, 2021



Not sure if I'll be here today for the show. Today seems like the 4th because everyone has it off. We may be going to our neighbors. SO!!!. I put this here for your placeholder and discussion board. 

 GH used to have GIANT 4th of July shows... picnics and such. It was a tradition with the show for sure. I guess graduation over-shadowed it .  

Hope you had a good day yesterday. I did lawn work--and am sore LOL. Going to be a hot one here. 

TODAY'S SHOW: I was here for 20 min!!

Spencer's real face came out!! Looks like a Cassadine. Looks like Nik's kid. He says Hi to Trina when she's all dressed up. She's like WHO are you???

Jax and Britt: NOPE GET OFF OF THIS ... NOPE NOPE. I LOVE Britt and Jax is just NOT FOR HER. 

Nikka the bartender!! Love her. 

Geesh,  Ava's gallery is sure sprayed all over. 

Alexis is talking to her lawyer self in solitary 

Sunday, July 4, 2021

Sunday Surgery: Sizzle or Fizzle?


Actually, a lot happened this week. I have a feeling everyone is at odds with what's going on. Good news is, GH Spiked in ratings with Peter's death so we have that to celebrate. I am thinking that things might just keep going well for the show given the storylines. Love them or hate them, I find the writing intriguing and dialog on-point! 

By the way? I vote: Sizzle !! 

Gee, a HAPPY WUBBY! What to do? Eat donuts of course!! Here we go! 

Saturday, July 3, 2021

Goodnight, Sweet Prince


Alan James Quartermaine

TV characters, for the most part can be one sided. A cop will be seen in the station and not always anywhere else. Same for firemen, detectives, teacher, etc. But the beauty of a soap opera character is that they hold many hats and many roles if they stay on the screen long enough. And Stuart Damon played many roles with just one character and he did it brilliantly. Son, Brother, Husband (more than once), Doctor, Patriarch, and more. He got to play the role in many different angles and it always brought something new to his performance. The show knew his strengths and played to them and let him shine in the role. And he did just that.

When looking back at his work, there are some scenes that will stand out more than others. Who hasn't seen the wedding to Lucy with the red dress? We want to remember some of his scenes where his performances may not have been the most popular, but were poignant and memorable nonetheless.

Alan's Drug Addiction

This was the storyline that gave him his Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor. Watching this scene, it is easy to see why. He nailed it. 

Revenge on Rick and Monica

Monica was having an affair with Rick. After Alan Jr. was born, Tracy was trying to convince him that Rick was the father. Out of anger, Alan was going to get revenge on them, but realizing that he would be the prime suspect, stopped the carnage. This is what they call "old school".

Alan and Bobbie

Now here is a scene you don't see every day. Who remembers that Alan and Bobbie almost got horizonal? Alan and Monica had some epic fights, and this one was really well done, mature and brought up some good points. Really good scene.

In the Land of Oz

This is Karen's favorite. And rightfully so. I so wish actors got to stretch there chops and have more fun once in awhile. Sure, we get the nurses ball, but its people singing into a microphone now. This was one of the best, hands down. 

His Final Bow

This would be Dave's favorite. I was spoiler-free for the 50th anniversary episode. I had no idea this was coming, and so glad it did. I suppose this was meant to be a little "closure" between Monica and Tracy, but it really would have skyrocketed if Lesley was there. It was great to see everyone again though, and as always, the acting was spot on and the best it could be. 

Thank you to Dave for putting this together!! WOW.. what a great trip down Alan Q lane!! He was such a character. The only thing I would add is a nice Lucy/Alan wedding photo: 

Note: There WILL be a tribute episode, it was announced on Twitter. Not sure when!! 

Luke's BDAY

  Michael and Kristina eat at Kelly's. He wants to tell her about Sonny.  He says the way he's acting he won't get custody but m...