Thursday, July 8, 2021

Two Days of GH FUN-FUN


NEW SET! IT's all over the net: POOL!! 

Yesterday's SHOW: 

Sam was a HOOT... Then she and Dante just fall in the water LOL!! They go watch the fireworks

Maxie was showing Monica how nuts she was !!

VAnna SO cute. Anna's pulling away .. they are such good friends IRL and I like this. 

Nina and Obrect: Glad they are friends.. Nina has Ava AND Lesil AND Maxie AND, nice. "Mike..Such and industrial name"! AHAHHAA. She tells her about Carly and Jason getting married. 

Carly talking about the bridge and Jason's all: OKAY AHAHAAHAHA. Britt and Jax...rubbing it in as much as they can!! "Jax liked my room too"!!! Carly goes out to be with Jax and yelled at him because it's ALL ABOUT HIM LOL  OMG Jax reads her so hard!! "You're as demented in this life as ever"!! WOW. 

Jason tells Britt he's not going to tell Carly about her Huntington's Disease and he'll be there for her. She tells him to just shove it. 

Cam and Joss... talking about their past. Nice scenes. I got some fluffy feels. 

Don't care about Nixon Falls but it didn't bother me today. 

THURSDAY'S SHOW:  Pretty dull after the last few days: 

Spencer sees Trina reading in the park. He brought her water. She's mad he ghosted her at the fireworks. They talk about art and France. 

Ava and Portia talk at Charlies. Mutual admiration camp. 

Stella and TJ have lunch together, Stella is talking about Curtis and Jordan. Looks like she wants them together and not Portia. WEIRD. 

Alexis and Shawn talk in the jail. She talks about solitary confinement--she's going stir crazy and the walls are moving in. She's starting to have a panic attack. She settles down then he tells her that he told Molly about the Judge Carson thing and she freaks out again. She knows Molly will charge in there for justice.. 

Curtis and Jordan talk at the PCPC about their divorce. She's been dragging her feet on signing the divorce papers. She says she's been busy. Then says she will do it asap. Puts her wedding photo in the drawer. 

Martin and Nik talk at the Metro about his divorce. Martin says they found "unique" boot prints at the gallery. 

Then Nikolas finds Ava at Charlie's and tell her he wants to run away with her. Wants to sail around the world until the stalker is caught. She won't take Avery away from PC. 

Molly has lunch with Judge Carson. OMG She immediately goes in with you give black people different sentences than you do others. WOW! She goes on and on. Martin interrupts and asks if there's a problem.  They go back and forth. Molly digs her heels in. I think Martin is trying to smooth things over with the judge but will help Molly. OMG She leaves and Marty is taking to her "I've known you for 20 years". She says she's even had 'black roommates'!! WOW.. and some people only respond to incarceration!!! WOWWWWWW 

Nikolas goes to Mike Corbin's grave... he's his grandfather. Courtney was his mom. I forgot that for a half minute. 


WOW!! Martin recorded the judge saying those things!! He takes it to Jordan and Molly and TJ are already there!! Ohhhhhhh good twist!! 


  1. Do you mean Spencer goes to Mike Corbin grave?
    Go Marty!

  2. haven't watched but several questions - so Molly told TJ she was going to work for the Judge (and I thought it would be long and drawn out) BUT now it's she asked Martin for help? So it's over quickly? (Kinda quickly) just weird to have 'caught her so fast'...
    can't wait for Shawn to get outta jail BUT Nicholas STILL bribed THAT judge to deny his parole--------have they forgotten that?
    Still stupid Father and Laura aren't tracking Spencer with his phone and his money....

    1. How old is Spencer supposed to be? 18? Stupid that he is in boarding school. Do they stay there for the summer too?

    2. I think either Laura or Nik mentioned that Spencer graduated.

  3. He just graduated from boarding school yep....

    1. Wonder what he's supposed to be doing then?? Supposed to be on his own living in Europe?

    2. and Laura didn't even go to his graduation which was also weird.

  4. The park:

    Trina and Chad (Spencer) Love how Trina gave him attitude for ghosting her. Good girl!!! :) Man Chad is very charming.. He talked about his mother. :( He is the ONLY one who is allowed to talk about her!!!! Not anybody else on the show, because she is his mother!

    Trina, Chad, and Portia: Portia inviting Chad for dinner!! Awwwwwwwwwwww. :)

    Trina and Portia: Hahahahahaha. Portia calls Chad hot! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Jail waiting area: Or wherever the hell they are.

    Shaun and Alexis: The guard wins the line of the day!

    Guard: Hey settle down.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAA. The way he said it, and the look on his face!!! Cracked me up! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh oh Alexis having a panic attack. :( Glad Shaun is there for her!

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Portia and Ava: I love that Portia said that Trina is no victim!!! :)

    Stella and TJ: Stella stirring the pot!!!!!

    Stella and Curtis: Stella stirring more of the pot!!! Glad he figured out that Stella is the one who talked to Portia.

    Nava: Nik wants to run run runaway!!!! :) The song popped in my head.

    Run, run, run away
    Lost, lost, lost my mind
    Want you to stay

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Molly and Judge Carson: Oh oh! Molly!!! Don't give away all that you know!!! Yikes!

    Marty, Molly, and Judge Carson: I really hoped that Marty was on Molly's side!!

    Judge Carson and Marty: Marty what are you doing!?!?!! So what? You know her for 20 years and you are on HER side?

    Mike Corbin's grave: Awwwwwwwwwww Chad. :( Now go visit your mama's grave. :(

    Jordan's office:

    Jordan and Curtis: Oh please Jordan!!! Stop making so many damn excuses and sign the damn divorce papers!!

    Marty, Tolly, and Jordan: :0 HOLY CRAP! WONDERFUL TWIST! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I was so happy and smiling away!!!! :) Molly you are one smart chicky! :) So happy Marty is on their side.

    Preview: Oh there is Pawtucket Holtster!!! I hope he had a good 4th of July. :)

    Throwback Thursday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to December 1999* Laison dancing.. I was a huge fan of theirs back then. It was always so frustrating that they couldn't be together! :(

    1. Oh Aunt Stella. Please go back to England. I did love the Molly twist. That was quick.

    2. "Paul773 says, Oh Aunt Stella. Please go back to England."

      Yeah I can't believe she wants Curtis and Jordan back together!

      "I did love the Molly twist. That was quick."

      Haha yeah! Really quick!

    3. It's so funny because Aunt Stella didn't like Jordan for the longest time.

  5. prison is supposed to reform. how does solitary confinement help? I thought NLG did an excellent job with the anxiety attack.

  6. Quick question: Did they ever explain why Trina's name is Trina Robinson and not Trina Taggert? I don't remember.

    1. oooh that is good - I think cause the writers decided to change history! LOL!

    2. The change history sounds right mufasa.

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