Tuesday, July 6, 2021


 Considering Britt and JAX hit the sheets I was going to SKIP TODAY but since I'm gone tomorrow for my mama's birthday, I thought I'd be good and show up. NOT HAPPY Tho. I mean, really? UGH. Can't even. I'm closing my eyes.

Everyone at Charlie's to have a surprise party for Chase. Jordan, Sam...Dante...Liz, Finn..Anna.. Violet.. Michael all in baseball uniforms. Sasha is not playing she's PG. They yell surprise!! They got them Bride and Groom baseball shirts. Everyone is happy but...Michael. THEN Sam overhears Michael talk about Carly and Jason getting married. She runs out of the bar and Liz runs after her. 

Liz took a bottle of vodka! They do shots and talk about how horrible Carly is and always wanted Jason. OMG Sam has a bag of Jason's stuff. SHE BURNS HIS JACKET-- dominos set and Springsteen Tickes they never used. Then she THROWS A GIANT BOTTLE OF TEQUILA ON IT!! AHAHHAH BOOM!! OMG then, the fire department calls DANTE and tells him they are down at the pier burning stuff. Finn goes with him. There's a fireman putting out the fire and Sam and Liz are shitfaced!! OMG! Dante tries not to laugh. Sam says it's her independence day. Great fun. 

Jax and Britt. No comment. LOL OMG BUT Britt totally tells him the story of BBQing Emma's baby doll! AHAHAHA TOO FUN. 

Jason and Carly are going to tell Joss they are getting married. Joss is happy. Of course she is. She's like well you are friends and who else are you going to marry? LOL. Jason gives Carly an aquamarine ring, blue like his eyes. Vincent Novak is at the Metro Court. Jason thinks it's to make peace. They are going there to watch fireworks and show him they are engaged. 


Trina and Spencer are at Pier 54. He's laying in the sun. Wants her to lay there too. Says "in your birthday suit".. She's like NO.. Come to the park with me (Joss texted her to go there because she has to take Avery with her). 

Cam is talking to Jake in the park. Jake is like "We cool" Cam is like "Um, I can tell you are still mad" .  They talk it through, end up crying. Awww. Trina comes over. Spencer says he's not ready to "meet" Cameron and Joss. Oh, Trina calls him Victor. I missed that yesterday.  When Spencer doesn't show up, Trina gets sad and goes to watch the fireworks with her mom. Cam tells Joss he thinks there's more to their relationship than a kiss. 

At the Qs, Monica is suspicious of Maxie always coming over. She asks Maxie where Georgie and James are. Maxie says with her Mom and Mac. Brook tells her to stop coming over to see Bailey after Monica leaves. Maxie is like This is the last time. Brook doesn't believe her.  Then Brook goes to change and Maxie is talking to Louise and Monica hears her!! 

Valentin texts Anna to come over. She comes over and they do sparklers. THEY KISS and it's so nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VANNA!!! 



  1. hmmmm I didn't see Avery at the park.

    But it wasn't bad today. I was glad Britt told the story of Emma's doll. lol She is such an animated character. I wish she wasn't with Jax too. I'm sure Carly will warn him off as she has to be the center of everyone's world.

    "Victor" actually looked a little sad that he couldn't go with Trina. First time he looked like a kid.

    I think someone is going to have to tell Monica about the baby or Maxie is going to be banned from the house.

    I'm hoping Sonny turns up soon.

  2. I repeat-----do Nicholas and Laura not have an APP on their phone to track Spencer AND where in the world does his money come from? BEYOND ridiculous.
    AND the writers have again ruined Maxie - she has TWO other children with whom she spends no time (and Felicia isn't mentioned much-just today)…….I have no sympathy for her....
    Hope Monica REALLY did hear and knows the whole story.
    Sam needs to go - don't care about nu-Drew and Sam.....
    finally, not sure what storyline the kids can have in a dorm????

    1. No one spends time with their kids on this show. Its the writing.
      When did we last see Donna? Aiden? James? Rocco? Scout?

    2. Ooo. That is good. Charlotte too.

    3. I think most of the kids' parents didn't want them working during the pandemic. They were safer at home with just their immediate family, not on a set with a very wide circle of possible contacts. I would have kept my kid home if I was a parent of one of the young actors.

  3. Carson home:

    Jarly and Joss: Joss wins the line of the day.

    Joss: I mean who else would you marry?


    Britch's hotel room:

    Britch and Jax: UGH!

    Charlie's bar and restaurant: YAY! Party for Chase!! :) Little V awwwww. :) Sam's face when she hears that Jarly are getting married! Hahahahaha. She looks like she is going to throw up! :)


    Trina and Spencer: Man he doesn't feel like Spencer to me. I'll call him Chad.. He is lookin good. :) I checked his age.. In real life he is 21.. So we won't get in trouble for checkin him out. :)

    Sam and Liz: Great scene!!!!! Cleansing their love away in the fire! Love that Sam threw that tequila in the fire!!! Love that explosion! :)

    Sam, Liz, Finchy, Dante, and firefighters: Oh damn! Sam and Liz should have done this at the park! Geez people the fire didn't spread! Chill out! :)

    The park:

    Cam and Jake: Awwww it broke my heart. :( Oh Jake!!! :'(

    Trina and Chad: Awww that's sweet that Trina wants Chad or as he is referring himself, Victor to meet Jam! :) But uh no no... Not yet. :)

    Cam and Joss: Oh kiss already!!! I want my Jam!

    The metrocourt:

    Jarly and Mr. Novak: Yes yes show your new ring!!! :) And yes it's blue like Jason's blue eyes.. *Drool* :)

    Q home:

    Brooky and Maxie:

    Maxie: Okay why was Monica being weird?

    Oh Maxie!!!! Sometimes you can be so stupid and oblivious!!! *Facepalm*

    V.C. and Anna: V.C. can't stop thinking about the almost kiss with Anna. :) Oh hi Anna! :) Awww he invited her. :)

    V.C.: It's 4th of July. You're British. You don't have to be bitter and alone.

    Hahahahahaha. Adorable! :)


    Sidenote: I wonder where Pawtucket Holtster is celebrating the 4th of July.

  4. I loved Monica asking Maxie where Georgie and James were! The Liz/Sam scenes were fun. The Willow/Chase thing is ridiculous and boring to me.

    1. LOL... same with Monica's comment. It was great!

  5. At least Britt has someone to bounce her humor off of in Jax. They are part of the recent trend of couples that should not be. Finn/Liz; Chase/Willow; Nina/Mike; Jason/Carly.
    Yes, Maxie is back to being an ass.
    How long will we watch nuSpencer stalk around PC?

  6. Graduation and then next day is 4th of July?

  7. That is too funny isn't it mufasa. Graduation on July 3rd. Oh well. It is COVID. My sons graduation was in July. Lol

  8. Karen, when Britt was telling Jax about the doll episode, I laughed and thought of you. Britt saved the scenes with Jax, I think KellyT makes any scene watchable.

    Loved Liz and Sam getting trashed and burning Jason out of Sam's life. I wish they would have them more on as fremines. I like it when Liz brings out her naughty side.

    I have a couple of questions. 1) How are Carly and Jason going to explain not sharing a bedroom or are they going to share a bed? 2) Will Cam or Joss recognize Spencer when they finally see him?

  9. I didn't mind Jax and Britt. At least she is having some fun and it will get Carly annoyed. Liz and Sam were great as were Anna and Valentine.

    1. Nina could get a little annoyed too, but maybe not.

    2. I like britt and jax together. they seem like fun

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