Friday, July 16, 2021

Low Energy

 NY Hospital: Anna is about to discover MikeSon when a Nurse stops her and asks if she can help.  Looks like MikeSon might recognize her voice. Then Lenny comes in. Not good news. Cancer. 

Valentin tells Phyllis that Nina is his exwife. Phyllis doesn't like him LOL "she's doing fine on her own". She mentions Mike. Anna finds Val. They leave. Phyllis goes to see Lenny. It's Pancreatic Cancer and she breaks down. 

Q's: Ned calls the lawyers. They will do their own DNA test. They bitch about Austin. Michael says they should try to 'win Austin over"

GH: Monica catches Austin looking at the photo wall. She wonders if he's trying to pull one over on the family like his dad did back in the day. Oh, he asks if she liked any Qs. She says Lila and AnnaBelle. AHAHA the dog!! 

Pool: Dante is mad Rocco is doing cannon balls, tells Chase to arrest him LOL Dante asks how married life is.  Chase is like I CAN'T WALK. 

Brando and Sasha talk. Not about anything really. Then Sasha blurts out she wont' let Brando near the baby if he's in the mob scene. 

Metro: Carly and Jason talk about letting Brando in the biz. Sam walks up. Sees the ring. Asks to talk to Jason.  He says sorry you didn't hear it from me. Did you tell Danny? Shes' like NOPE--that's your department. She's like: yeah, you and Carly have a connection yada yada. THEN she talks to Carly, hold her hands and says: "If I can help with anything, let me know". DEAR GOD. Seriously? Ok, that was an EPIC letdown. 

Jason kisses Carly's cheek before he goes to GH to see Monica. She swoons a bit. 

Willow and Nina talk at the Gatehouse. Nina is waiting for Michael so she can take Wiley to the pool. Oh great, Carly comes around. :EYEROLL: 

MikeSon calls Nina and asks her to come "home" 


  1. Sounds like boring Friday episode

  2. Not not not gonna be happy if Carly falls in love with Jason. I LIKE them being best friends. I want a best friend like Jason. I read that helicopter pilot will identify Finn to Anna as being on roof.

    1. "mufasa says, Not not not gonna be happy if Carly falls in love with Jason."

      Carly has always been in love with Jason. That never has gone away.

  3. I found both Sam and Carly out of character today and it made for some wierd bland scenes.

  4. Spinoff - NYC Methodist hospital:

    Mike, Phyllis and Lenny: CANCER!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! :'( Lenny did hold his stomach. Di mentioned something yesterday about his spleen. So maybe the pancreatic cancer spread to his spleen!! He needs a cure!!! Go to GH where Monica can save him! We can't lose Lenny!!

    V.C. and Phyllis: V.C. remembers Phyllis's name! Great continuity! :)

    Vanna: Of course he is going to go with you Anna! Just to protect you. Awwwww. :) Sure you can protect yourself, but there is no harm in V.C. protecting you too. :)

    Metrocourt rooftop pool: Is it also a spa? I don't see anything about a spa. People swimming! YAY!

    Dante and Chase: My first thought was, is that Joey Novak? Oh it's Dante hahaha. Rocco doing cannon balls? Hahahaha. Arrest him? Hahahahaha. Glad Chase can move his toe!! That's a start! :)

    Brasha: Oh no! I don't want them to break up! I hope Brando doesn't work for Jarly!

    Metrocourt restaurant:


    *Jason kisses Carly on the cheek*

    Carly: HE KISSED ME ON THE CHEEK! I am never going to wash my cheek EVER again!!!

    Sam and Carly: HUH?!!??!!?!?!

    Maxie and Sam: Awwww look out after Spinny! Poor Spinny all alone. :(

    Q Gatehouse:

    Nina and Willow: Nina looks great in that little outfit and sarong! It's a sarong right? Carly?!?!! UGH! Why does Carly always have to be there when Nina visits with Wiley?!?! You don't want to intrude? Since when Carly?!

    Nina and Carly: I thought Carly was going to start with Nina! Glad she didn't.

    Q mansion:

    Ned, Brooky, and Michael: Ned! Brooky has a real good reason for being careful with Pawtucket Holtster. She wants to keep her secret from spilling out! And yes how could Edward cheat on Lila! Yes Brooky she was a saint!!!! A sweet caring lady!

    The hospital:

    Photo wall: I LOVE THE PHOTO WALL! :) Edward's picture should be next to Lila's picture!

    Monica and Pawtucket Holtster: ELQ is family! Family is ELQ! :) Monica wins the line of the day. Talking about Annabelle..

    Monica: She got knocked up by a mutt.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA. That cracked me up!

    Monica and Jason: Awww glad Jason wants to protect his mother. :)

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to 1979* Rick and Monica discuss the Kakorian Lawsuit with Howard.

  5. Willow and Chase are 'married'. There's a pool at the Q's. So why would the not walking Chase schlep all the way to the Metro Court pool?
    Has Dante forgotten that Lulu is not dead? Way too many flashbacks of scenes I didn't want to see in the first place.
    Anyone else Maxie needs to hold court with before leaving?

    1. Because there is a new set pool so they have to flaunt it.....

  6. "Zazu says, Has Dante forgotten that Lulu is not dead?"

    Yeah, but they are divorced.

    1. Oh right. Only because he turned into a cave man. But I did forget.

    2. And I mean no disrespect to those who suffer from PTSD. He just reminded me of a caveman.

    3. That was because of the hairy look. I hated that too.

  7. Major disappointment in how Sam interacted with Carly. But I should know better, because this is the QueenSnarly, anything Corinthos related, worship writing show. It's sickening and it needs to end.

    Great pool set...there, I said something positive.

    Have a great weekend everyone :)

    1. Exactly. Sam being like "let me know if I can help Carly" what's Sam going to do tell Carly what Jason likes in bed? WTF

    2. "lindie says, what's Sam going to do tell Carly what Jason likes in bed? WTF"

      HAHAHAHAHAHA. I wouldn't be surprised. :) Wait Carly already knows what Jason likes in bed. Unless Jason has new things that Sam could tell Carly! ROFL!

    3. She could teach Carly how to whisper. lol

  8. OH MY GAWD! it's happening! MO dyed his hair!! I'm watching now and just noticed! So you just know Sonny is coming back! 😂🤣😂

  9. Maybe Terry will be Lennys oncologist and that will bring him and Phyllis to Port Charles where they will find out all about Sonny.

  10. My thoughts: The path of Lenny's medical treatment will lead to a specialist at GH and to Port Charles. This medical journey will cause a plot point crisis crescendo for Nina and The Nina Secret reveal will lead to a fall out cascade. Carly and Jason wont marry and commit bigamy. Dr. O will be furious with Nina for needlessly breaking Britt's heart. Depending on Kristen Storms' real life recovery (or if there maybe a sub actor) Maxie and Brooklyn will realize the blowback on Nina for the keeping the Sonny secret might make her crack and tell the Louise/Bailey secret. Michael will be aghast at Nina's duplicitous actions and this will give him and Willow another round of angst about their lies toward Chase.
    HA HA and in the world of Soaps all these intricacies will make the coverup of Peter's death a nothing burger. Lets face it Peter was a villain and the staircase scuffle led to a 'good killing.'

  11. So, Lenny has pancreatic cancer. Are they going to "kill off" Lenny for this story line? They must be. This is not right.

    1. I'm hoping Nina pays his bills and he gets treatment.

    2. "Di says, I'm hoping Nina pays his bills and he gets treatment."

      Yes please!!!!

  12. I think Carly and Jason WILL marry-----then Sonny returns....more drama that way.. SEVEN months which I will repeat daily!!
    I am so disappointed that Lenny has pancreatic cancer - horrible cancer and he can't be cured - I wanted Lenny and Phyllis in PC and HAPPY! I don't wanna watch a storyline with Lenny and pancreatic cancer......

    1. I don't either mufasa. Especially when Sonny just watched his father die of Alzheimer's. Too depressing. And,I like Lenny. Rather they keep him than some of the others they keep around to take up air space.

    2. I don't know what stage Lenny's pancreatic cancer is, but it is almost always fatal i.e Patrick Swayze. I am sure like you say he will come to GH for treatment. I don't want to see Lenny die. I really like he and Phyllis

    3. I really like him and Phyllis too. But maybe the actor didn't want to continue in LA. Who knows. I hope we at least get Phyllis staying in P.C.


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