Saturday, July 3, 2021

Goodnight, Sweet Prince


Alan James Quartermaine

TV characters, for the most part can be one sided. A cop will be seen in the station and not always anywhere else. Same for firemen, detectives, teacher, etc. But the beauty of a soap opera character is that they hold many hats and many roles if they stay on the screen long enough. And Stuart Damon played many roles with just one character and he did it brilliantly. Son, Brother, Husband (more than once), Doctor, Patriarch, and more. He got to play the role in many different angles and it always brought something new to his performance. The show knew his strengths and played to them and let him shine in the role. And he did just that.

When looking back at his work, there are some scenes that will stand out more than others. Who hasn't seen the wedding to Lucy with the red dress? We want to remember some of his scenes where his performances may not have been the most popular, but were poignant and memorable nonetheless.

Alan's Drug Addiction

This was the storyline that gave him his Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor. Watching this scene, it is easy to see why. He nailed it. 

Revenge on Rick and Monica

Monica was having an affair with Rick. After Alan Jr. was born, Tracy was trying to convince him that Rick was the father. Out of anger, Alan was going to get revenge on them, but realizing that he would be the prime suspect, stopped the carnage. This is what they call "old school".

Alan and Bobbie

Now here is a scene you don't see every day. Who remembers that Alan and Bobbie almost got horizonal? Alan and Monica had some epic fights, and this one was really well done, mature and brought up some good points. Really good scene.

In the Land of Oz

This is Karen's favorite. And rightfully so. I so wish actors got to stretch there chops and have more fun once in awhile. Sure, we get the nurses ball, but its people singing into a microphone now. This was one of the best, hands down. 

His Final Bow

This would be Dave's favorite. I was spoiler-free for the 50th anniversary episode. I had no idea this was coming, and so glad it did. I suppose this was meant to be a little "closure" between Monica and Tracy, but it really would have skyrocketed if Lesley was there. It was great to see everyone again though, and as always, the acting was spot on and the best it could be. 

Thank you to Dave for putting this together!! WOW.. what a great trip down Alan Q lane!! He was such a character. The only thing I would add is a nice Lucy/Alan wedding photo: 

Note: There WILL be a tribute episode, it was announced on Twitter. Not sure when!! 


  1. "What the hell is in that relish?". THANK YOU SO MUCH. Those are such wonderful clips. Brought back so many memories. Stuff I had forgotten too.

    That Wizard of Oz act for the Nurse's Ball has to be my absolute favorite I think. I have some others I have loved over the years, but I think that one is my favorite. I had forgotten it was Tony and Kevin with Alan and Emily. Amber Tamblyn can't really sing like the other 3 but it didn't even matter. Wow, huge huge talent.

    I had forgotten what a great job he did with the opioid addiction story line too. I didn't like Taggart back in the day, but I loved seeing him in that clip. I think I only didn't like him because I liked Sonny and Jason and he always harassed them.

    His wedding to Lucy was so funny. That big red hat.

  2. They need to have a HUGE tribute to Alan. I loved Sean Donnelly so much but Alan was on the show so much longer. I wish they had not killed him off when they did. That was wrong.

  3. Thank you for this. Was so great to see although made me a little sad being reminded how soaps have changed

  4. This was fantastic! Thank you for putting it together. It reminded me of why I have loved "GH" down through the years.

  5. Thank you for these videos!! Brought back such memories. He was so good in everything he did, but the addiction storyline had to be his best, IMHO. As for Taggart, he looked no different then than he does today. Thanks again for digging all these out.

  6. This is wonderful! A true reminder of the good old soapy days. I miss them. Thank you Dave.

  7. "Note: There WILL be a tribute episode, it was announced on Twitter. Not sure when!!"

    There will be?!?!!?! YAY! :)

  8. I'm so glad they are paying tribute! I wondered how that would work to an already dead character (where when they paid tribute to John Reilly's Sean was alive). I hope it's not just a "in loving memory" and that we actually get a really good 80s or 90s old episode to watch. ❤

    1. i have a really good idea about how they can pull it off.

  9. Thank you for all the memories with these clips. I remember them all. So nice to see them again.

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