Wednesday, July 14, 2021

WELP! Yesterday was a WHOPPER!! 

OMG So much going on today

Maxie tells Nina she would not snatch a baby that wasn't her's... DOH! THEN she says Can I tell you a secret??? SHE TELLS Her about the baby thing!! Wow..!!! She says "Bailey doesn't exist, that's my baby, Louise"!! She tells her EVERYTHING. Nina realizes that Valentin is bonding with the baby... Maxie says SO WHAT!! It's her life at stake! 

Monica tells everyone that Austin is Jimmy Lee Holt and Charity's son..ergo, Edward's grandson. Someone says: Who's Jimmy Lee? Olivia blurts: OH! Edward's bastard son with Blache LeSur! I read his book"! ahahahahahaa. Anyway, Scotty brought DNA, affidavits and birth cert to show he is who he is. Ned says so what, Jimmy Lee got cut out of the will by Edward. Austin says Jimmy Lee died 6 months ago. They argue. It boils down to Austin contesting Edward's will. Valentin says "Welp we can't vote yet, meeting adjourned".

Spencer says he loves to surprise people. He hugs Laura. He and Spencer make up and hug. Spencer is staying at the Metro. Ava bops in, see Spencer and stops cold. They banter. She says she's moving out. HE acts surprised. heh. Ava goes to pack her remaining things. 

Anna talks to a guy about finding the chopper pilot. He takes a picture with him. Finn asks what it's about. She says "Finding Peter". GULP. They talk about Violet. Finn flashes back to killing Peter. He's going to tell Anna but she's interrupted by the guy that knows who the pilot is. 

Nixon Falls: Lenny's heart is giving out. Sonny won't LET HIM DIE!! Phyllis goes to google to find a good cardiologist. I bet GH comes up! LOL  Lenny says they can't afford anything. Sonny says not to worry. 


Valentin and Anna are going to NYC to find the pilot

Phyllis finds someone in NYC Methodist Hospital 

Maxie is leaving PC (KS has a medical issue and had to leave the show for a bit). 


  1. I think Mike will ask Nina to pay Lenny's medical expenses.......maybe Anna and Valentin will see them at the hospital ---------- OR Lucas, cause we have NO clue where he is!!!!!!!LOVE your tweets as you watch, Karen - VERY entertaining!

    1. I'm thinking maybe Sonny may see Valentine or Anna and begin to remember something, even if they don't see him.

      Asking Nina for the money for Mike is a really good possibility. I'm sure she'll say yes.

      And I'm sure that Brooklyn doesn't want valenine to know the truth yet as it will affect the ELQ stocks.

      And I don't see how someone can contest Edward's will this long after he died. He was in his right mind when he disowned Jimmy, and he had a good reason for it. Lots of people leave relatives out of their will. That's their right. We all chose our beneficiaries. He can be a descendent but still not be included in anyone's will.

    2. didnt his will over all children and grandchildren, then and in the future? i remember that someone was born or, in soap opera talk, was found to be a blood relative and all the percentages shifted. i need to go and watch the episode with the reading of the will because i think even though Jimmy Lee (RIP) is out, all living children and grandchildren are in. Not sure. you know how my blogs are filled with inaccuracies.

  2. If VAnna are going to NYC I hope we get some more sexy scenes.

  3. Yup if they are all going to NYC someone will see someone

  4. Nixon falls spinoff:

    Pennsylvania side of the river LanTANO mountain bar:

    Mike, Lenny, and Phyllis: Lenny don't give up!!!!! I don't want you to die!!!!

    Mike and Lenny: Lenny!! Come on!! She didn't sign up for this?!!?! YES SHE DID!!! You married for better or worse. Sickness and in health. To death do you part! And there is nothing wrong with hope!!! You keep hope alive until you die. And there is Phyllis.. Found a hospital. Yes yes Port Chuckles and with Monica. :) Wait what? NYC Methodist hospital?!?!! HUH?!?!!

    Port Chuckles:

    Q home: YES! Papa is Jimmy Lee Holt and mama is Charity Gaitlan! :) Wait is his last name Gaitlan Holt? I'm confused.. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIT A MINUTE!!! Jimmie Lee Holt is dead!?!!? For 6 months!?!!?! I'm still in shock!!! WHY WRITERS WHY?!?!!?!?! What did he die of?!?!! :0

    Olivia: What?! I read Edward's memoir. So sue me.

    ROFL! I'm glad Felicia wasn't around or we would have heard her say it very strangely. ROFL! Olivia would have won the line of the day, but Brooky wins it.

    Brooky: Enough about the pickles.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHA! If Lila were still alive she would be so sweet to Pawtucket Holtster and welcome him to the family. And I can't wait until he joins the Q family thanksgiving! :)

    Nina's home:

    Maxie and Nina: Good! I'm glad Maxie told Nina the truth. And no Nina, V.C. is not in on this. I WISH!!!!! Maxie listen to Nina! Tell people and they will fight for you!!!

    Wyndemere: YEAH AVA! You are the queen! You tell whoever you are on the phone with, who you are! :)

    Nik, Laura, Chad, and Ava: Awwwww. A sweet hug between Nik and Chad the half cat half human who likes to climb trees. Laura is so happy to see him. Come on guys! Put 2 and 2 together and figure out that Chad cat is the stalker!! I hope they show that tree again.. Beautiful tree! We can name it. I wonder, is it the same tree that Michael and Willow beat the crap out of and bruised?

    Nik and Chad: Crocodile tears hahahaha Oh Nik. :) Now figure out he is the stalker!

    The hospital:

    Anna and this Men in black guy: Oh! Nice choice to pick this guy for the WSB! :) He is perfect. Now Anna while you are at it, go find the Tribbles.

    Anna and Finchy: I'm glad they are going to be friends. :) Oh shoot. He was going to tell her about popsicle Hiney. So is that why Hiney is in the opening credits still? Because they will keep showing him in flashbacks falling down the stairs? THAT'S FINE BY ME! :)

    Anna, Finchy, and V.C.: OH! Anna and V.C. going to NYC?!?!! TOGETHER?!!?!?! Oh good! More kissing scenes? :) Wait they are going to NYC Methodist Hospital?????!?!?!?!?!?! :0

    1. Yes, Sonya. The hospital that the medivac pilot works at now is also the hospital with the best heart specialiast. Love the way the writers tied that together in a great big bow. lol

      And maybe he hyphenates his name, Gaitlan-Holt.

    2. "Di says, Yes, Sonya. The hospital that the medivac pilot works at now is also the hospital with the best heart specialiast. Love the way the writers tied that together in a great big bow. lol"

      Hahahaha. Yes a big red fat bow! :)

      "And maybe he hyphenates his name, Gaitlan-Holt."

      Oh! Could be!!! :)

    3. Lol, totally agree about the great big bow. NYC Methodist will be the 3rd GH spinoff. Everyone will be there! :)

    4. "Julie H says NYC Methodist will be the 3rd GH spinoff. Everyone will be there! :)"

      OH! YOU'RE RIGHT! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh boy how am I going to keep up!? ROFL! I wonder how long this spin off will be around! Hmmm the other spin off was the one in Canada with Jason and Britch right? :)

    5. Sonya, the 2nd spin-off is Nixon Falls....Tano-Land....the Sonny Show! :)

    6. "Julie H says, Sonya, the 2nd spin-off is Nixon Falls....Tano-Land....the Sonny Show! :)"

      Hahahaha yes I know, but you said 3 spin offs. :) So the 3rd one must be NYC Methodist hospital! :)

  5. Please tell me its not Nelle she finds NY...PLEASE NO......

  6. I KNOW it's a soap but another thing that irritates me - is Maxie NOT working for Deception? and Nina IS and is NOT running Crimson from Nixon Falls? People just leave and 'find themselves' and never worry about jobs or paying bills!

    1. What bothers me is when young people do it and people GIVE them places to stay and maybe even a shop or business to run. lol How many young people have ended up with a motorcycle shop in P.C.? Hve any of them ever been hungry on the streets. lol

    2. "How many young people have ended up with a motorcycle shop in P.C.?" ROFL

  7. Maybe it’s scruffy Drew in the hospital that. Ike recognizes. That would be TWO amensia men on a soap at the same time!!
    If it is Nelle, I am done.

  8. When is Cameron Mathison due to start?

  9. Few more things:
    So nice to see Monica so much
    Monica would have known his name when hiring Austin.
    And didn't Alan have affair with Austin's Mother Charity?

    1. Monica is chairwoman of the board. My guess is she's too far up the chain of command to get involved with HR matters. The Chief of Staff would, however, but I don't think Britt would recognize the name. Just a thought.

  10. I think the point of Maxie telling Nina the truth about the baby is Nina will keep the secret and then slowly realize the bind Valentin was in about not telling Nina the truth about HER baby. Nina will then forgive Valentin.

    So, I predict Anna will run into Mike in NYC. If she doesn't, I am going to scream and throw my shoe at the TV.

    1. Thumbs up on that, Kevin. I hope the writers thought that far ahead.

      And that's why I watch GH without my shoes on. lol


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