Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Strange Energy IN This Town


Wyndemere, Nik is all upset as the movers take out Ava's stuff. Laura consoles him. Says the investigation might be ending soon. Tells him about the designer boot and print found. OH! Laura mentions SPENCER and he hasn't called Nik. She says he's off on some remote place. Nik says it's good because the "stalker" can't find him. 

Spencer is at the park..he and Trina talk in a tree lol (real tree). Then he calls her out for being on the phone. She says Joss doesn't think he's real "like Jan Brady and George Glass"--You don't watch classic sitcoms?? LOL He freaks when she tries to take a selfie.  She calls him a diva. Then she tells him they might be closer to catching the stalker because of the boot print and the size. He leaves quick! 

Spencer throws paint covered boots in the dumpster. 

Ava and Nina are in Ava's old Penthouse which she could get back I guess. Nina talks to MikeSon. He tells her to come back to Nixon Falls. She says not yet...but she thinks of him 'daily'. Oh, Ava is living with Nina. She asked her to move in. They talk about Nina and MikeSon. 

 Scotty and Austin. He wants free medical advice because when they do what they are doing, he'll be filthy rich.  Scotty says the town will probably hate him for what he's about to do to the Quartermaines and Michael.  "There's Strange Energy in this town"... 

Maxie is still yelling about her baby at the Q house. She says she has to move. Brook says she's too emotion to go right now. MONICA walks in: MAXIE! You're here again!! LOL Maxie says not to worry, she's leaving "Say goodbye to Bailey". 

Q House: ELQ Meeting Time! Val wonders who will get CEO...Ned or Michael. Michael says he doesn't want to have the job. He's busy with Wiley and Aurora. Says Ned is the best man for the job. Ned asks Olivia what she thinks. She says he should do it. And they should take it "one day at a time". Then the meeting gets called to order and Scotty says it can't start until all Quartermaines are present. 

Lenny is back at on the scene...his heart is good, he had a bunch of tests. I think he's going to end up at GH. I really do! You watch! Oh Dr. Ford comes in to talk to Lenny and Phil alone!! UT OH

Maxie goes to see Nina "I need help" she says. She wants to know if leaving PC helped Nina not think about Wiley as much. She tells Nina she wants to hold Bailey all the time. "you know she's not yours, right" Says Nina. NO I DON"T! says Maxie. She tells Nina she wouldn't steal her, she'd be bringing her home. 


WOWWWWW!! Spencer walks into Wyndemere "Father, I'm home"...AND AUSTIN says he's Austin Gaitlyn-HOLT!! Jimmy Lee's!! 


  1. hmmmm Austin Gaitlin Holt. Yep. No surprise there. I'm thinking that once Allan accepted Jason as a Quartermaine, and Michael, the "must be legitimate" clause became null and void, and therefore Jimmy Lee's son would become the heir. (Michael is also an illegitimate grandson and Austin is older than him.)

    Maxie is going to have to tell Nina the truth or Nina is going to think she's had a breakdown.

    I'd hate to be in Spencer's shoes when Trina finds out the truth. And he's really not very bright. He THREW THE SHOES AWAY, with the paint still on them and he never wped them down? No gloves either.He should have had Liz and Sam show him how to light a dumpster fire. lol

    I think Lenny will probably need a transplant and they'll end up in Port Charles. More fireworks coming up there.

    Bring it on.!!

    1. "Di says, He should have had Liz and Sam show him how to light a dumpster fire. lol"

      HAHAHAHAHAHA. Yeah they are really good at it. :)

  2. The Nixon Falls spinoff:

    Pennsylvania side of the river LanTANO mountain bar:

    Lenny, Phyllis and Mike: Hmmm has Lenny lost weight? He looks so thin! I don't want Lenny to die! :(

    Lenny, Phyllis, and the doctor: OH COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tell us what is wrong with Lenny!!!!

    Port Chuckles:

    The hospital:

    Austin and Scotty: Austin is going to make enemies? What is Austin planning on doing?!?!! COME ON! TELL US ALREADY!!!

    The REAL park:

    Chad and Trina: Oh look. Chad is half cat. He likes to climb trees. Chad talking about his mother. :( No selfies? Awwww!

    Trina and Ava: Trina is so sweet!!! Portia brought her up right! Don't worry Trina, this "Victor" boy likes you. :) You will see him again. :)

    Nina's home:

    Nina and Ava: Ava's old home looks different. Oh yes Ava you should really meet "Mike" Hahahahaha!

    Maxie and Nina: Poor Maxie!!! Tell Nina the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Nik and Laura: Poor Nik. Losing his marriage and his son. :(

    Nik, Laura, and Chad: THERE YA GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOT WOOT WOOT WOOT! :) It's Nik's other son! ROFL! Does Chad know where the Tribbles are?

    Q home:

    Ned, Michael, and Olivia: YAY! Michael picks the perfect person for CEO of ELQ!!! :) This is where Ned belongs!

    Ned and Olivia: Awwww baby steps for mom and dad!!! :)

    Olivia and Monica:

    Monica: Forgiveness is sweet. Almost as sweet as love.

    Awwwwwwwwwwww! :) Listen to Monica!!!!!! :)

    Maxie and Brooky: I think it's a good idea to go out of town! Either that or tell the damn truth!!!

    Maxie, Brooky, and Monica: Monica wins the line of the day.

    Monica: Maxie. Well. You are here again.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Why yes she is Monica! :) Awwww Monica is worried about Maxie. :(

    The meeting:

    Austin: I'm Austin. Austin Gaitlan Holt.

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! *Mic drop* I had to go online and listen to what he said about the 2nd name.. I couldn't get it while watching.. Ohhhh his middle name.. Gaitlan!!! WELL THERE YA GO!!!!! :) WELCOME TO PORT CHUCKLES PAWTUCKET HOLTSTER! :)

    Sidenote: They didn't show Yuri today. :( I had to look up the actor playing him. His name is Cyrus Hobbi.. Cyrus? :) He is 28 years old. And wow he is very smart.. He went to the University of Southern California to study Drama on a full-ride football scholarship out of Scottsdale, Arizona. Cyrus also received his Masters degree in Communications Management from USC while playing football and acting. Impressive!!! :)

    1. Did the guy playing Yuri used to be on another soap? He looks so familiar

    2. On IMDB it says all of his info on what he was on.


      It also says,

      "For more information about Cyrus Hobbi and his resume contact him he is a friendly person."

      He is friendly? Awwww. :) I suppose we can contact him on twitter if he is on it.

    3. They re-wrote history again and now he's Jimmy Lee and Charity Gatlin's son I guess. I read that as of 2012 they didn't have children.

    4. Jimmy Lee is Edward Quartermaine's son with a mistress. Hence, making Austin Holt Edward's grandson. He would "trump" Micheal as Michael is the great grandson. Think I have that right. lol

    5. Yes he would have more shares the Michael on his own but Michael also has control of AJs shares.

    6. PAWTUCKET HOLTSTER, hahahah! And thanks to the commenters above for the family tree. I guess Austin does "trump" Michael! I agree with Di that Lenny will end up at GH. Oh boy will that be a mess!

      And Sonya, I'm really concerned about the Tribbles now. It's been way too long! :)

    7. "Julie H says, PAWTUCKET HOLTSTER, hahahah!"


      "I agree with Di that Lenny will end up at GH. Oh boy will that be a mess!"

      Yeah it would YIKES!

      "And Sonya, I'm really concerned about the Tribbles now. It's been way too long! :)"

      Yeah. :( Maybe Chad can go find them, or Yuri!!! Monica can go with Yuri and then have them bond more and then kiss. :)

  3. I'm glad you caught that Karen LOL! His last name all ran together, I was like, "who???" It was anti-climactic for me regardless. He's not even on the show. So....would have preferred someone else or Franco. Glad Spencer outed himself.

    1. I actually rewound my recording and put the close captioning option on. lol

    2. "His last name all ran together, I was like, "who???"

      YES IT DID! Hahahaha.

  4. NuSpencer seems too bland to be a stalker. Not a clever talker like oldSpencer. Heat least should wear glasses.
    Nina should be the one Maxie confides in. Both of them lying big time.
    I suppose old Q history is a good thing but I'm not sure if this is the way. RoHo is trying to give a serious edge to his new self. Anything he does is ok with me. How is he a Q? Can someone please remind me?

    1. Edit: He at least should wear glasses.

    2. Ya, guess he got contacts at boarding school

  5. I loved today's episode! All the actors did well and the pacing was great. Definitely looking forward to Austin interacting with the Qs. I think Di's theory above is absolutely correct. Should be fun to watch.

  6. I don't feel bad at all for Maxie she did the same thing with Georgie. Clearly she has not learned anything I hope that in the end Valentin gets sold custody of Bailey.

    1. Highly doubtful since there was no baby with Brooklyn. I get where you're coming from but without there ever being a pregnancy, prob far fetched. Should be interesting to see if the Q's turn on Brookie

  7. I’m gonna be so mad if when Valentin finds out about Bailey that he turns back into a horrible character. Please no!
    I think Judge Carson won’t be suspended - too many commented that it could be bad for Alexis and Shawn if she isn’t suspended. Sigh.
    Yep Lenny goes to General Hospital. Hope he doesn’t die!!!!! By the way Sonny supposedly died December 16. Can we all scream “Bring him home. This is beyond ridiculous!” Angry just thinking about it.

    1. I agree mufasa. If they turn Valentin bad again I am done. I want him to get mad, cry and have Anna help him through it.

    2. There will probably be some darkness. I too hope it won't be too much as I have loved the glory of this man being tender.

  8. "Mufasa says, By the way Sonny supposedly died December 16"

    Yup it's been 7 months since the spin off and since Sonny "died"

    1. I hope Mo enjoyed his side story line because I didn't like one thing about it. Pure waste

    2. "Julie H A very long 7 months. :)"

      Hahaha yeah.. It's fun to make fun of though. :) I mean a bar with nobody there. Mike cleaning the place all the time. The bar called the Tan-O. :) It's a bar where you can get a tan! :)

  9. The sub-story should have lasted maybe two months tops - not seven. And not intriguing to begin with. Good show yesterday. I hate Austin's hair - RoHo is not an attractive guy to begin with and this doesn't help. Maybe he needs a style to cover his ears a bit like Finn. His dad Jimmy Lee was gorgeous. Maxie could easily take her baby home and get some bodyguards instead of having a meltdown. At least Val has Charlotte but I hate to see him hurt.

    1. I don't remember ANY amnesia storyline lasting this long. If I didn't know better, I would think MB said, "get me away from LW for a while." LOL
      Not liking Austin's character at all - never cared about his family until NOW?

    2. I think that MB didn't want to be on set with all those people during the pandemic. He's probably filming his story in a space with limited crew, and only a couple of new cast members.He has a large family at home that he wants to keep safe. That's probably why some other cast members have been absent for a whilw too.

    3. I think you could be right Di. I think maybe COVID is keeping Kristina Wagner away??

    4. Di, that is excellent and makes more sense......wonder why he just won't say that?

  10. Will anyone explain to me about Edward's will???? Cause if EVERY grandchild and great-grandchild has a 'claim', then NOTHING will be left in 10 years-------did he actually write and ALL grandchildren and great-grandchildren? THIS is driving me nuts.

    1. I think you're reading too much into it. Its a soap. This is how they create these new characters by simply rewriting history (and even wills lol). the issue here is stop killing off Q's and you won't have to bring these weird newbies in. I love RH, but this one doesn't feel like its in his wheelhouse.

    2. The grandchidren may only have a couple of shares but if Austin is as wealthy as we're led to believe, he may have been buying up shares and is making a bid to take over the company, like Valentin did.


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